thumperwaigani: hey, I'm just about to get on a call for a while21:00
waiganiah cool, I've got a few small questions for you, but they can wait21:01
waiganiI've ended up shacking up in the study center on Castle St btw - quite nice!21:01
waiganidoes anyone know how to get the lxc version?21:38
thumperwaigani: what are you wanting to know the version for?22:46
waiganithumper: https://codereview.appspot.com/56370043/22:46
* thumper looks22:47
waiganiI've found the command: lxc-version22:47
waiganijust wondering the correct way to parse that from within Juju22:47
thumperI'll respond to fwereade22:47
waiganioh, okay22:48
thumperwaigani: lp doesn't think the branch is pushed to...23:14
thumperfor some reason...23:14

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