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meebeyhow can I start juju with full debug logging? juju -vvv seems to be deprecated and doesnt show all log calls either15:39
meebeyfound it: --show-log --debug15:41
meebey"verbose is deprecated with the current meaning, use show-log" that was a bit confusing, I thought show-log is a subcommand of juju instead of parameter15:41
hazmatmeebey, https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/juju/2013-September/002998.html19:04
hazmatmeebey, debug-log is a the subcommand19:04
hazmatmeebey, the link has the config to enable verbose agent logging19:04
hazmatmeebey, for cli.. --debug does detailed looging, else -v for verbose19:05
thumperhazmat: please stop using -v for verbose19:34
thumperhazmat: the meaning of verbose is changing19:34
thumperhazmat: verbose will (RSN) mean 'show more output' and not be related to logging19:34
thumperuser output and developer logging are two different things19:35
hazmatthumper, -v for what then?19:42
hazmatthumper, yes dev log and user log distinction understood, how is that not embodied by --debug vs -v ?19:43
hazmatand if its not.. then that's a ux bug imo19:43
thumperhazmat: --debug says "show me the debug log and set logging to DEBUG"19:45
thumperhazmat: -v should mean "show me more user output"19:45
thumper-q should be "show me no user output"19:45
thumpershould, but isn't yet19:45
thumperit has been one of those annoying things I keep meaning to get around to fixing properly19:45
hazmatthumper, and that's exactly what i meant to convey19:46
hazmatre -v vs. --debug19:46
thumperhazmat: perhaps we should just file it as a bug :-)19:46
thumperat least it would then be tracked19:46
thumperhazmat: also, Hai!19:46
hazmatthumper, chairs on the deck imo.19:46
* thumper looks confused19:47
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hazmatthedac, also, Mauri ora! Kia ora!  :-)19:50
hazmatargh.. thumper ^19:50
rick_h_is there any hack/way to trick juju into letting me deploy a local charm without creating the directory structure for series? I git clone the charm and just want to deploy it, but it really wants that series directory.21:08
lazypowerrick_h_, i've tried that myself and have been unsuccessful22:24
lazypowerrick_h_, the workflow i've adopted is to to keep a "in dev" and a "production" series of directories to islate what i'm checking vs what i'm deploying - and alias those22:24
rick_h_lazypower: cool, guess as long as I'm not the only one that thinks it should work a bit differently22:27
lazypowerI've heard talks of the series going in metadata.yaml instead of being a forced portion of the dir structure22:28
lazypowerbut its not there yet22:28
rick_h_yea, that'll be a bit to settle out22:28
marcoceppirick_h_: symlinks22:48
marcoceppiotherwise, no22:48
rick_h_marcoceppi: yea, but it rejects symlinks because you're trying to reach something outside the dir22:50
rick_h_marcoceppi: is there a symlink pattern that does work?22:50

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