Noskcajjarkko, yep00:00
valorieyes, or apt-get00:01
jarkkohave you tried it?00:03
jarkkothat it works and dont break x00:03
ahoneybunjarkko: I installed Ubuntu then Kubuntu-desktop package and I;m fine00:04
jarkkowell i am happy with kde, but i would like to it to start a bit faster00:05
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ahoneybunyofel: what did lintain tell us?01:51
yofeloh sorry, got distracted :/01:51
yofelok, lets see where we left off01:51
ahoneybunthats ok01:51
yofelnow that we have the built package, lintian can not only check for common errors in the source, but also in the finished package01:53
yofelyou can find the explenation of the tags on lintian.debian.org, e.g. http://lintian.debian.org/tags/copyright-refers-to-deprecated-bsd-license-file.html01:53
yofelfor now we'll leave lintian, and check for the next script output01:54
ahoneybunthere is nothing there01:55
yofelthat tells whether there are any files that are not in any deb 01:55
yofelin this case, it's empty, so all files are installed and we're good01:55
yofelfor library packages this would be the point where you would check for symbol diffs in the log, but here we don't have any so we're done looking at the log for now01:57
yofelso we see all debs are built01:57
yofelthe result folder also has the build log in it should you want to take another look at it later01:58
ahoneybunno 32 bit build?01:59
yofelwe only did one pbuilder build, and that defaults to the host architecture. You could build for 32bit too, but that would require another build and a 32bit pbuilder chroot01:59
yofeleasy to do, but normally checking just one arch is fine02:00
ahoneybunas it would build for both for sure02:00
yofelpbuilder doesn't make a difference between the packages it builds on specific archs like launchpad does02:00
yofelit always builds everything02:00
yofelas the package built fine, the package is done from a technical standpoint02:02
yofelwhat we still have to do is update the copyright information in debian/copyright and fix the lintian warnings that are fixable02:03
yofelupdating the copyright information is possibly the most boring and tricky thing to do for a package02:04
yofellets take a look at the current file02:04
yofelin the file you see a small header, then every file is listed with it's respective license and the copyright holders02:05
yofelat the bottom of the file you find the short descriptions of the licenses with references to the full ones, or if a license doesn't have a short form then you see the whole license there02:06
ahoneybunI see02:07
yofelthere is sadly no fully automated way of updating the information02:07
ahoneybunso what magic script tells us what has changed lol02:07
yofelso what I usually do is take the file, and check whether the information is still correct by combinding licensecheck, grep, cut and some shell magic02:08
yofelI think there's a bit easier way to do it, but that's how I do it02:08
ahoneybunoh ok then 02:09
yofelat this point: a small lesson in byobu: You can create shell tabs with F2 and switch with F3/F402:09
yofelit would be nice if it was that easy :S02:10
yofelI'll show you how licensecheck works02:10
yofelso, licensecheck nicely shows us under which license a file is02:11
yofelit can also show what copyright it has, but at least to me that's of limited use as it's hard to filter02:13
yofelnice for small packages, but for something as large as tomahawk.. not really02:13
yofelso I usually go and filter by license (as that's how the copyright file is grouped)02:14
yofelthe full syntax of the debian/copyright file is documented on http://dep.debian.net/deps/dep5/ btw.02:14
ahoneybunso we do that on for both packages? and then change as neeeded?02:14
yofelboth packages? You only need to update the new one02:15
ahoneybunwell you need to see what it was before 02:15
yofelthat's already documented in the copyright file02:16
yofelyou *could* ofc. make a full source diff of 0.6 to 0.7 and parse the changed copyright information out of that02:16
yofelI'll show you how I usually do it02:17
ahoneybunwhere does it say that a license is different02:17
yofelwell, we have nothing that can compare that, so finding that out is up to you02:18
yofelmaking a diff will show the license as changed02:18
yofelor you could go and essentially re-create the copyright file which is kinda what I do02:18
yofelyou can ask the others too how they do it, maybe they have a better procedure ^^02:19
ahoneybunthis is a bit over my head I have a headache lol02:19
yofellicensing is always headache material. Sometimes you could really use a lawyer for this -.-02:20
ahoneybunjust this altogether I mean02:21
ahoneybunnot something I'm used too02:21
yofelyou'll get used to it, it takes some practice though ^^02:21
ahoneybunheck I don't even understand what your writing02:21
yofelin the shell you see what I usually do: get the licenses, filter files by license, then get just the filename from the list, grep for copyright in those files, then filter by user02:22
ahoneybunwhat is happening02:22
yofelit's magic :P02:22
ahoneybuna script doing this for you is magic02:23
ahoneybunthis is something that can't be said over irc02:23
yofelwell, there have been attempts, haven't really seen a good working one for dep5 though02:23
yofelnor do I really remember where they are02:23
yofelso at this point, I would check the output whether the copyright information for that user is still correct02:25
yofelin this case, just make sure all copyright years are documented02:25
yofelwhich is ok, so now I go and filter that user out02:26
yofeland filter for the next user02:26
yofelnow repeat that for every user, and every license, and at some point you're done02:27
yofelif one would like to do it the diff way, I guess it would go like this02:28
yofelso make a diff, then look for added/removed/changed copyrights and update the file accordingly02:29
yofelnow you can try yourself at this a bit if you want to02:29
yofelas I'll have to sign off for today02:30
yofelit's 3:30AM and i'm slowly falling asleep :/02:30
ahoneybunoh ok then ll02:34
ahoneybunyou have to sleep02:34
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lordievaderGood morning.08:57
BluesKajHiyas all13:45
tester56I think I have figured out my first patch for kdelibs (in kdelibs/kio/kfile/kpropertiesdialog.cpp)18:32
tester56but I have no experience with compiling such large stuff ... is it possible to compile kpropertiesdialog standalone?18:33
tester56or is it necessary to compile whole kdelibs?18:36
Peace-tester56:you need to compile everything 18:48
tester56Peace: okay, and how do I test? do I really have to replace the system files?18:48
Peace-tester56: i have tried a patch for dolphin for example 18:49
Peace-tester56: and i have compiled it again with my modifications => http://nowardev.wordpress.com/2013/11/18/automatic-video-audio-preview-with-dolphin-kde-hovering-a-file/18:49
Peace-tester56: try to figure out reading how i have compiled it ...18:49
Peace-tester56: read this step THIRD STEP : COMPILE DOLPHIN AND INSTALL IT18:50
Peace-tester56: in that tutorial you get a debian pacakge18:50
Peace-tester56: so if someting goes wrong just reinstall the default debian pacakge and you are done 18:51
tester56i want to check out if the bug i have found is already fixed in frameworks, where can I find kio in neon?19:04
tester56Peace: thanks, I will try it 19:04
tester56kio is not listed here: https://launchpad.net/~neon/+archive/kf519:06
tester56is it part of any of the listed packages?19:07
yofeltester56: project-neon5-kio19:10
tester56yofel: yeah i am an idiot, i was not able to go to page 2 19:11
yofeleasy to miss on launchpad :P19:11
tester56yofel: could you say me how to get it with bzr? I seems to be too stupid for that too ...19:15
tester56because i need the code and not the package ...19:18
yofeltester56: I don't think we have bzr imports for those, use:19:19
yofelgit clone git://anongit.kde.org/kio19:19
tester56yofel: thanks 19:20
Riddellvalorie: how did it go?19:21
jussiwhat state is 14.04 in right now? 19:29
tester56when i simply run cmake when compiling kdelibs, the install directory is the default one, meaning it will replace system files, right?19:42
tester56(when running make install)19:42
yofelno, it should default to /usr/local/19:44
yofelyou could simply replace the lib you want to test if you know which one it is19:44
yofel /usr/local/ should be hiding the system libs when installed though, just remember to make uninstall them later19:45
tester56so when i make install, the newly compiled ones will be used?19:46
yofeljussi: usable, mostly. My issues on my notebook are nvidia driver crashes somehow related to opengl, kernel sometimes not waking from suspend and for some reason virtuoso does nothing but crash on this one system19:46
yofelother than that it runs fine for me19:46
tester56yofel: and the path used by kubuntu is /usr ?19:50
tester56so setting path to /usr will override the right files?19:51
jussiyofel: ok, nice. might go ahead and do the update then... especially as I have intel on this machine...19:55
yofeltester56: yes, should be -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr I think. But I wouldn't really recommend that, if you can patching and rebuilding the package would be safer19:58
tester56yofel: btrfs snapshots should help in that case ;-)20:04
yofelagreed ^^20:04
tester56okay something went wrong ...20:15
tester56in CMakeLists.txt in kdelibs:20:16
tester56set (KDE_VERSION_MAJOR 4)20:16
tester56set (KDE_VERSION_MINOR 15)20:16
tester56set (KDE_VERSION_RELEASE 70)20:16
tester56so after installing, all kde applications should show 4.15.70 as version, right?20:17
tester56(in about KDE)20:17
yofelthey should show whatever kde4-config --version shows20:24
yofelI don't know where that comes from though20:24
tester56when i ran make install there are many of those entries: Installing: /usr/include/kio/jobclasses.h20:25
tester56why are source files installed?20:25
yofelthose are library headers20:25
yofelyou need those to build anything that uses the libs20:26
tester56yofel: but the install seems to have gone right: http://pastebin.com/Lkk649Fz  or?20:34
yofellooks right.. I think20:34
tester56yofel: okay i think i understand what i did wrong ...20:40
tester56yofel: if dolphin uses kdelibs/kio/kfile/kpropertiesdialog.cpp i have to compile dolphin against it, right?20:40
yofelnot if the so version of the lib that the code is in is still the same20:41
yofel /usr/lib/libkio.so.5 I guess?20:42
tester56yofel: not sure ...20:42
tester56yofel: I have changed something there but I do not see the changes applied ...20:43
tester56yofel: plasma is in kdelibs, right?20:46
yofelplasma is in kde-workspace20:46
yofellibplasma3 is part of kdelibs though20:47
tester56yofel: so you say it is not necessary to rebuild dolphin?20:49
yofelit shouldn't be, but if you're unsure you can always try to do that.20:50
yofelI'm not familiar enough with kdelibs and don't have enough time to take a close look at this to give a definite answer20:50
tester56yofel: okay thanks for your great help !20:51
tester56yofel: okay there seems to be somethin wrong20:58
tester56kmailservice -v outputs KDE Development Platform: 4.12.1                                                                                                     20:58
tester56in the build folder in bin it outputs KDE Development Platform: 4.15.7020:59
tester56 as expected20:59
tester56yofel: that means the systemfiles did no replaced20:59
yofeltry to reload the session? Some libs might still be loaded21:00
tester56i have rebooted after installing21:00
yofelif the install went ok then that's the only thing I can think of21:00
yofeldunno then, maybe #kde-devel knows more21:00
tester56yofel: i do not understand the world atm ... it installed /usr/bin/kmailservice according to the output ...21:03
tester56then i test the two binaries and they do not match ... WTF?21:03
tester56trying again now21:04
yofelit could be that an RPATH was set and it's loading libs from different locations21:05
yofelwild guess21:05
tester56yeah but i ran the path it installed it too and it did not match  ^^21:06
tester56i did a btrfs snapshot before installing though ...21:06
tester56could that be related?21:06
yofelunlikely... unless you're running the wrong snapshot or so21:07
tester56yofel: anyway building whole kdelibs now ... before I only build kio ...21:08
tester56yofel: there kde4-config is included now :-)21:11
ahoneybun_yofel: is that shared chroot running?21:16
yofelahoneybun_: should be21:16
ahoneybun_what is the key to remove a shell yofel?21:21
yofelahoneybun_: just close it with ctrl+d21:24
ahoneybun_look in debian/copyright correct?21:25
ahoneybun_for the licenses and such21:25
yofelright, that's where we left off21:26
ahoneybun_I have th 0.6 and 0.7 debian/copyright files open but see no difference21:32
yofelright, as I said yesterday, the 0.7 file is a copy of the 0.6 file21:33
yofelit now has to be updated with the 0.7 license information21:33
yofelthat is documented in the tomahawk source21:33
yofelthe debian/copyright file is essentially a documentation of all the copyright headers in the source21:33
yofelno, that's something else21:34
yofeldo you remember licensecheck?21:35
ahoneybun_does it matter where I run it?21:36
yofelyes, as you need to tell it which files to check21:36
yofel-r *21:36
yofeldoes the trick if you're in the package root21:36
yofel* ?21:37
ahoneybun_I don't remember the use of grep and such though21:39
ahoneybun_to filter21:39
yofelok, I guess we'll do it my way21:40
yofelthat'll take a while though21:40
ahoneybun_well I don't know anyway but kinda yours21:40
yofelok, lets go back to the copyright file21:40
ahoneybun_I mean I can look though that long list21:40
ahoneybun_and compate21:40
yofelright... but that would probably take ages for tomahawk - would still work ofc. ^^21:41
yofelFiles: *21:41
ahoneybun_so you look though licensecheck and put each file in the right license in the copyright file?21:42
yofelmeans that we assume that all files that aren't specified in another section are 21:42
yofelLicense: GPL-3+21:42
yofelkinda. You need to document what files have what copyright, and who holds the copyright on that21:43
yofelso I usually update the file starting from the top21:44
ahoneybun_from the first license21:44
ahoneybun_I'm trying to see the command21:44
yofelok, so now I've filtered out all files that are GPL-3+21:45
ahoneybun_so just the license so options or anything21:45
yofelright, works better for me for filtering21:45
yofelas I need only the file list21:45
yofelnow some shell magic21:45
yofelthat'll cut the output apart on the colon and give me only the first part21:46
yofelnow some more magic21:46
yofelxargs will append the file list after the 'grep -i copyright'21:47
yofelthat way we can grep through all the listed files21:47
yofelyay, and it's listing all the copyright holders for the GPL-3+ files21:48
yofelnow we have tons of duplicates ofc. so I filter only one person out21:48
ahoneybun_after this we can just copy and paste no?21:48
yofelwell, we only need every person *once*21:48
yofelso we need to merge all the copyright years21:49
ahoneybun_oh boy21:49
yofelcurrently we have 2010-2012, so I'll filter for 2013 as that's the only thing that could've been added21:49
yofelnothing, great21:50
yofelso nothing to do for that person21:50
ahoneybun_hard part is to remember these command21:50
ahoneybun_and options21:50
yofelnow, as I'm done with him, I add -v to grep, which changes behaviour from 'filter for' to 'filter out'21:51
yofeljust to make sure we didn't have 2 christians ^^21:51
yofelahoneybun_: you can just copy the ~/.bash_history file later21:52
yofelthat should have most of the commands inside21:52
yofelnow to the next person21:52
yofelok, no update for leo either21:53
yofelahoneybun_: so, do you kinda see what I do?21:54
ahoneybun_yea let me try for a sex21:54
ahoneybun_nothing new from him21:55
yofelQuintasan: you were asking what  kinda weird shell magic I do to filter licenses, it looks like this :P21:56
yofellicensecheck -r * | grep GPL | grep v3 | grep later | cut -f 1 -d : | xargs grep -i copyright | grep -i -v christian | grep -i -v franchi | grep -i mitchell | grep 201321:56
Quintasanthat's magic allright21:57
ahoneybun_new things21:57
yofelso now you can change the year range to 2010-201321:57
yofelthat's why I like to only append grep 2013 in the second run22:02
ahoneybun_already updated22:02
yofelso I'm sure I did filter right in the first try22:02
ahoneybun_i see22:05
yofelthat's the packager coyprights, you won't find those anywhere22:07
yofelyou may add yourself there btw ;)22:07
ahoneybun_I don't really feel that I have done enough to earn that right22:07
yofelnobody cares about that ;P22:07
yofelas the list above was done, you should now check for new people22:08
ahoneybun_do I keep all these names for the next list?22:08
ahoneybun_I see I can't save22:09
yofelwhat's the shortcut for that?22:10
ahoneybun_crtl-s pops that message22:10
yofelaha, never saw that before ^^22:10
yofelbut then again, I don't use nano22:10
yofelnow give me a sec to check something22:10
ahoneybun_how did you check for new people?22:10
ahoneybun_see our changes did not save22:11
ahoneybun_seems it did22:12
yofeloh well, it saves on exit22:12
yofelhm, I wonder why nokia wasn't added22:14
yofelto check for anything new that's missing, just filter out everything we checked before, and look at the leftovers22:15
yofelwhich in this case is some code, nokia, and a copyright entry for a different license (that part of  FdoNotifyPlugin.cpp is GPL-2+)22:16
yofelIMO, nokia does belong into the copyright file, so can you please add it?22:17
yofelit's already open22:18
yofelahoneybun_: wait22:19
yofelwhat license are we checking?22:19
ahoneybun_I thought to add the file22:20
yofelwell, which license are we checking?22:20
ahoneybun_we just check gpl 3+22:21
yofelok, and what license is that section of the file for?22:21
yofel(see 2 lines below)22:21
ahoneybun_gpl 2+22:22
yofeland that's not GPL-3+22:22
yofelour GPL-3+ section was at the top of the file22:22
yofelthat's GPL-2+22:23
ahoneybun_I'm trying to add that nokia file22:23
yofelok, I'll do it22:23
yofelwe were checking GPL-3+22:23
yofeloh come on22:24
Riddellahoneybun_: getting into packaging?22:25
yofelhe is, tomahawk simply wasn't the best thing to start with. I'm trying to teach him how to do the copyright file22:26
yofeltomahawk is a licensing chaos :S22:26
ahoneybun_Riddell: mostly watching22:26
yofelsrc/libtomahawk/utils/StyleHelper.h (C) nokia gpl-3+22:27
yofelsrc/libtomahawk/utils/StyleHelper.cpp (C) nokia gpl-322:27
yofelno +22:27
ahoneybun_bbl crap22:28
valorieRiddell: went well23:08
valorieI might blog about it today23:08
yofelahoneybun_: wb23:12
yofelok, so lets do things strictly by handbook and add nokia 23:13
yofelas our first section is for any file, we don't need to add any23:13
yofelnow, annoyingly one file is only gpl-3, so lets add that23:14
yofeland add a new full section for the GPL-3, as that was missing23:17
yofelahoneybun_: so that concludes our work for GPL-3+23:18
yofelon to the next license..23:18
ahoneybun_ok then23:18
yofellicensecheck didn't find anything GPL-3-only, so that's fine too23:19
yofelnext one is GPL-2+23:19
yofelhere we now have a different license than the package default, so we need to list the affected files23:20
yofelfor GPL-3+, we just had "Files: *"23:20
yofelnow we have a list of files - that are GPL-2+, not GPL-3+23:20
yofelas in: all files in the package are GPL-3+, *except* ...23:21
ahoneybun_that works no?23:21
yofelit does, if it weren't for those 2 id3v2tag.* files23:22
yofelbetter :)23:22
yofelnow go by the pattern from before23:23
ahoneybun_? nothing new there23:30
yofelalways do a check whether any new people are there now23:31
ahoneybun_so that is how you do that23:31
ahoneybun_ok let me add them23:31
ahoneybun_cant copy and paste?23:33
yofelhm, should work..23:33
yofelthe files are already there though23:33
ahoneybun_I forgot shift23:33
yofelfirst 2 at least23:33
yofelwait, those are wildcards23:35
yofelno need for * if you put the full filename23:35
yofel* means 'any character 0 or unlimited times'23:35
yofelthe colons shouldn't be there 23:36
yofelthey're just part of the grep output23:36
yofelright intention23:38
yofelbut shortened too much23:39
yofel2002 wasn't in the list23:39
ahoneybun_I see23:39
yofelnow let me check something23:40
yofelok fine, I like looking at the headers themselves just to make sure it's not some weird combined license that licensecheck misunderstood23:41
yofelnot the case here )23:41
yofelok, we're done with the GPL section23:42
yofelnow to check if there's anything else GPL-like23:42
yofeloh yay, LGPL with kde clause23:43
yofelhm, now that's LGPL-2.1+, not LGPL-3+ as the copyright file says23:44
yofelas there is no LGPL-2.1+ explained at the bottom, we need to add that23:46
yofeland as there is no file with LGPL-3+ anymore we can remove that part23:47
yofelnow we're done with anything GPL (for now)23:48
yofelso lets look for any other licenses23:48
yofelor hm23:48
yofellets stay with the LGPL ones for now23:49
yofelkdsingleapplicationguard is a problem because it shows a limitation of licensecheck that doesn't fit with the real world23:51
yofelby default licensecheck only looks through source code files to find licenses23:51
yofelkdsingleapplicationguard does it... differently :/23:52
yofelahoneybun_: wait23:53
yofelahoneybun_: I was checking something for a sec, where are you now?23:54
ahoneybun_checking lgpl for kertz23:54
ahoneybun_that does not work23:55
yofelsee the output from before23:56
ahoneybun_just those23:56
yofellicensecheck doesn't understand the kde clause in the file, so can't tell the version23:56
ahoneybun_so check each file?23:56
yofelahoneybun_: tip: first grep for copyright, so you see which files are worth checking23:58
yofelmost in there have nothing in them23:58
ahoneybun_let me see23:58
ahoneybun_show me that please23:58
yofelso we see there's only one file with copyright information23:59
yofeland that's the part we're interested in23:59

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