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EvclidisIs there a way to install only the gdm locker on kubuntu?01:32
jackyEvclidis: afaik, you can make the default02:04
jackybut the package 'kubuntu-desktop' depends on either 'lightdm' or 'kdm'02:04
jackyso no02:05
jackymaking gdm the default would be the most approriate route02:05
rcw2 what are all the things i need to do to ensure my alarm clock in kubuntu will function in the morning?   is the power saving mode screen the only thing?03:26
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lordievaderGood morning.08:57
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lolnoob(16:38:08) tamerlanchiques-pol: Hi. I have a problem with windows Steam. I successfully download 100 mb of updates and pass to login screen.  Next I type my log and pass and press "login". Steam require to paste verification code that sent to my email. I paste it and press OK. Further, nothing happens. .  verification window just disappears12:42
lolnoobI use "play on linux" , bot on clear wine it doesn't woring too12:43
fkmlolnoob: Windows Steam? Wine? You do know that there's a native Linux version of Steam?13:05
BluesKajHiyas all13:45
hollyfirst of all kubuntu sucks13:54
hollyubuntu is ok13:54
hollybut kubuntu?13:54
hollythat is the absolute joke13:54
hollyi mean really?13:55
FloodBotK1holly: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:55
hollyas i waas saying, ubuntu is ok, but kubuntu? who uses that first of all, any human being?13:55
hollyis kubuntu even coherent to a normal non com;uter gek person?13:56
hollyyou guys need to go out and get some pussy13:56
hollyfucking faggots pussy brits14:06
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Guest42927hi too all14:22
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fkmHi there. I have an authentication issue with my Samba shares on Kubuntu. I have a directory which I share for guests and allow read-access for everyone (through the properties dialog). But for some reason I'm prompted for a password. I couldn't find the same issue on Google which suggests to me that I'm missing something trivial :-\15:19
fkmDoes someone has a pointer for me as to where to look to find more information to this kind of problem?15:20
fkmAddendum: When I add full access to my user and try to log in with the respective credentials, the prompt reappears as if my input was wrong :-\15:28
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killobuenas tardes17:32
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monty_hallis there a way to get rid of screen tearing on an nvidia video card?18:28
monty_hallgtx 46018:28
monty_hallthe nvidia control panel has sync to blank checked18:29
monty_hallvblank I mean18:29
monty_hallyet I see tearing when I'm watchin a video18:30
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zorgborghey does anyone know how to hide the 'new activity' icon in the top right corner on kde desktop?21:54
bprompthmm that'd be a kwin setting...   I use lxde21:58
zorgborgbprompt: a kwin setting? wouldn't it be a plasma setting? doubt it has anything to do with kwin22:02
bprompthmmm maybe, yes22:02
zorgborgbprompt: should i have a browse in .~/.config or ~/.kde etc?22:03
bpromptzorgborg:    I'd think it'd be in ~/.kde/22:05
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zorgborgbprompt: think ive found the associated rc file, its a desktop file, do you know how I can comment out the right bit?22:08
bpromptzorgborg:     I'd try a bash comment...    # same line comment22:09
bpromptmost config use the same syntax22:09
zorgborgbprompt: yeh thanks was thinking that :)22:10
zorgborgbprompt: hashed it out, not sure if it will work, just tried to set the changes with 'source plasma-desktoprc', just gonna try logging in and out22:12
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zorgborgbprompt: nope22:21
bpromptzorgborg:    http://pastie.org/867016322:31
zorgborgbprompt: im not seeing whatever it is im supposed to?22:39
bpromptzorgborg: .... hmm dunno..22:41
zorgborgbprompt: sorry i mean the link works fine and everything im justn ot sure how it was relevant22:42
bpromptzorgborg:    hehe.... did you read it?22:42
zorgborgbprompt: scanned it, something about resetting plasma to how it is on a fresh install or something22:43
bpromptzorgborg:    is just a posting... the posting is a bit long, the url is pasted there too if you want it, so I just cut only the relevant post from it22:43
zorgborgbprompt: yeh i read the bit you'd cut out22:43
bpromptzorgborg:    I see, you clicked on the url in the pastebin posting,   well, the url is there as the source, the relevant article is in the pastebin below the url22:43
zorgborgbprompt: yeh sorry that's what i meant i have looked over the relevant bit in the pastebin page22:45
zorgborgbprompt: is deleting ~/.kde/share/config/plasma* supposed to reset it and the resetting will remove the new activity panel?22:47
bpromptzorgborg:     so... there,  you delete those files, start anew with "activities"22:47
zorgborgbprompt: cos i don't believe that seeing as with a fresh kubuntu install the new activity bar is there from the beginnnign22:47
bpromptzorgborg:   it won't remove the activities panel, the activities bit will remain there, you can only click on the "stop" button on any activity22:48
zorgborgbprompt: nah I'm not wanting an activities panel either, doesn't matter, I can live with it :)22:49
bpromptnow and then I go and use kwin, and plasma loads, but I don't recall that "activities" part =), as I said, I use lxde22:51
zorgborgbprompt: no probs, thanks anyways :)22:52

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