nickoeIs it possible to fetch the package build dsc from a PPA?11:21
jtaylornickoe: click on view package details on the ppa page11:22
nickoejtaylor: I don't see a buildscript11:25
jtayloryou want to fetch a dsc during a package build? thats not possible11:25
* nickoe is not entirely familiar in building deb packages nor the ubuntu way of doing so11:26
jtaylorpackages are usually built in environments without network11:26
nickoeI just want to be able to create my own ppa by forking and fixing another ones. But I am not really on ubuntu, but I have a debian machine nearby.11:26
jtaylorbeyond the repository of course11:26
jtaylorso you just want to get the build files of the already existing ppa?11:27
nickoeHow can I acomplish that my objective?11:27
nickoejtaylor: yes, kind of.11:31
jtaylorthen view package details is what you want11:31
jtaylorget the dsc link and do: dget -ux <link>11:31
nickoeI have read some in the docs of setting up a PPA, but as I read you need to have the dsc file that as I understand it is like a PKGBUILD for debian stuff11:32
jtaylorno the dsc file is more a description of what a package contains11:33
jtaylorits used by dget to download what is needed11:33
jtaylorthe equivalent to PKGBUILD is debian/rules + a bunch of other files in debian711:33
nickoeJust trying to figure out what debian pkg contains dget11:34
jtaylorjust type it in a terminal and it will tell you11:34
nickoejtaylor: nah, not really, it did not suggest it, but yes, I am installing devscripts now11:35
nickoejtaylor: I can't figure out what the format of the link should be it is not ppa:username/ppaname  nor the ppa's sources list link.'11:46
jtaylorits the link of the dsc file in the details page of the ppa11:47
jtayloryou can expand the package with the little arrow11:47
jtaylorapt-get source works too if you have the ppa activated11:47
nickoeok, not it is downloading stuff11:48
nickoeI don't have the ppa activated here11:48
nickoeit contains too  old packages, so it was kind of useless to add it11:49
nickoejtaylor: To do like a testing ppa, does one need to upload from my workstation to the ppa every time or can lanuchpad auto fetch new sources and make a new debs?11:50
jtaylornickoe: you normally build locally until its right and then upload11:52
nickoeyes, that is true of course for initial setup. But can lp fetch new sourcs i.e weekly, or daily or when a new revision is pushed to a lp hosted project?11:53
jtaylorthat is a daily build recipe11:55
jtaylorunfortunately unless its original source is in bzr its inconvinient11:55
jtaylorand breaks form time to time, (which is why I'm here, mine is broken ...)11:55
nickoeThe original source is in bzr on lp11:56
jtaylorthats makes things easy11:56
nickoejtaylor: when did yours start to break?11:56
jtaylorwhen upstream added utf-8 filenames11:56
jtaylornickoe: see the recipe down there: https://code.launchpad.net/~jtaylor/+recipe/ipython-daily11:56
nickoehow long time ago was that?11:56
jtaylorthe jist is put in the upstream repo and merge your debian repo into it11:57
jtaylorgoogle should find docs for it11:57
nickoeBUt first I need to get this build with latest head11:58
nickoeSo in deb systems you dont have a single script that fetches the proper source and then runs the build commands?12:06
wgrantnickoe: Not quite.12:10
nickoewgrant: How on earth does people do package management then?12:11
wgrantA Debian sourc epackage is a .dsc plus the files that it references.12:11
wgrantNormally the .dsc references a *.debian.tar.* and a *.orig.tar.*12:11
wgrantThe orig.tar.* is usually the upstream source release tarball12:11
wgrantYou extract the .dsc with 'dpkg-source -x', which will give you the unpacked upstream source, with the debian.tar.* unpacked into debian/, and any patches from the debian.tar.* applied to the upstream source.12:12
wgrantyou reconstruct the debian.tar.* and .dsc with 'dpkg-buildpackage -S'12:13
wgrantPackages aren't allowed to reference external resources on the Internet, as that would then mean that a change to an external website could break the distro.12:14
nickoeBut I really just want to create my ppa, so it should refeerence a bzr on lp, and I guess I need to make a recipe on lp to fetch the soruces.12:20
nickoeSo locally, I guess I just use bzr branch lp:poject12:20
wgrantWhat do you want to put in your PPA?12:21
nickoeand then I set up the dsc stuff here?12:21
wgrantRecipes are a good solution to some problems, but they're rarely a good way to get started if you have no experience with Debian-style packaging.12:21
nickoedayli build or if possible build for each rev12:21
nickoeWell first I will have it build locally12:21
nickoeso now I have checked out the src from bzr here12:22
* nickoe is currently looking at https://wiki.debian.org/IntroDebianPackaging#Introduction_to_Debian_Packaging12:22
nickoewgrant: the dch --create gives my username@hostname as the user is this desired?12:27
wgrantnickoe: It'll use the DEBEMAIL envvar if it is set12:28
wgrantOr EMAIL, I think12:28
nickoeDEBEMAIL works12:29
jtaylorwhats this error about: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/163708425/buildlog.txt.gz12:34
jtaylorno support for utf-8 filenames?12:34
nickoewgrant: "The final file we need is debian/source/format, and it should contain the version number for the format of the source package, which is "3.0 (quilt)". "    What exactly does this mean?12:38
wgrantnickoe: The source format basically describes the files referenced by the .dsc12:39
nickoejust a specification for the way  we package the deb?12:39
wgrant3.0 (quilt) is what I described earlier, with an orig.tar.gz and a debian.tar.gz12:39
wgrant3.0 (native) is for packags where Debian is upstream, so there's just one tar.gz, not separate Debian and upstream files12:40
wgrant2.0 was never really a thing, and 1.0 is mostly obsolete.12:40
wgrant(the "quilt" in the name refers to the quilt patch system)12:40
nickoewgrant: trying to build, with magic debuild, http://dpaste.com/1570278/12:42
nickoeSo I should name my bzr checkout as kicad-ppa.orig?12:42
wgrantDaily builds are a slightly messy case12:42
wgrantBecause you're building form a VCS repository, there isn't an upstream release tarball.12:43
wgrantSo 3.0 (quilt) doesn't really make sense.12:43
wgrantPeople often use 3.0 (native) in that case12:43
wgrantAnyway, I've just come from 24 hours of planes, so I need to wander off for a bit.12:44
nickoeok, but for now I just want to build it locally anyway.12:44
wgrantRight ,but you can't build a 3.0 (quilt) without an upstream release tarball -- and one doesn't exist, since you're building from a VCS snapshot, not a release.12:45
nickoewgrant: I changed to 3.0 (native)12:46
nickoethe one ppa I try to fork uses just 1.0 in source/format12:46
nickoeNow it is building, lets see how it goes13:12
nickoethat will take quite some time on this shity processor13:13
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jtaylorwhats this error about: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/163708425/buildlog.txt.gz21:15
jtaylorno support for utf-8 filenames?21:15
nickoejtaylor: isn't it more like python that fails there?21:47
nickoeI remember that I had to specify encoding with a fancy string even to be able to use unicode in comments21:47
lifelessjtaylor: bzr supports utf8 filenames just fine21:48
nickoejtaylor: is lp running any python scrupts?21:48
lifelessjtaylor: problem there is the locale is set to C21:48
nickoeyes, bzr but not python21:48
jtaylorso how to fix?21:48
lifelessjtaylor: bzr also supports shift-JIS etc - it doesn't assume utf8 encoding for filenames, it looks for the locale defined encoding to use.21:48
lifelessjtaylor: set the right locale.21:48
jtaylorI see it not reaching anything I have control over21:48
jtaylorin the recipe?21:49
lifelessjtaylor: probably bug filing time then :)21:49
lifelesson launchpad itself, not bzr21:49
jtaylorthats why I'm here21:49
nickoethe python error for it is more like, SyntaxError: Non-ASCII character '\xc3' in file test.py on line 1, but no encoding declared; see http://www.python.org/peps/pep-0263.html for details    and that is only with python221:50
jtaylorso its a launchpad bug and not something I can change?21:50
nickoejtaylor: I dunno, I am not knowledagable in lp as such, you helped me earlier :)21:50
jtaylorI know the error you get it all the time with LANG=C, C.UTF-8 already everywhere in the debian/rules21:50
jtaylorhow likely is it this will even get fixed?21:54
jtaylorbecause if I have to ask upstream to rebase their tree, I'd rather do it now instead of waiting a few weeks in limbo21:55
lifelessjtaylor: I don't know, you'd need to ask an LP developer22:05
lifelesslike wgrant or cprov22:05
josewgrant: hey,a round?22:24

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