blurrorzHey guys, Where do i report a non working application in the software ceter for Lubuntu?00:13
Noskcajblurrorz, Define not working00:13
blurrorzHmmm installs fine, but when i click the Icon nothing happens...00:14
Unit193Try opening a terminal and typing the applications name, see if you get any interesting output.  What application?00:15
blurrorzTeamspeak 3 client00:15
blurrorzworks in the terminal!00:16
blurrorzbut its an outdated edition..00:17
Unit193So, look at /usr/share/applications/teamspeak3.desktop (or whatever) and see the difference.00:17
Noskcajblurrorz, It's a know issue. I don't think we can update teamspeak00:17
NoskcajIt's a shame, but it cannot be packaged00:17
NoskcajYou'll have to install it from their website00:18
blurrorzhmm ok i managed to get the newer version on the teamspeak website... but its not actually installing... only running from extracted folder...00:18
NoskcajUnit193, It's orphaned in debian and 3.0 has issues being packaged00:21
user_Is anybody home?04:26
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jarkko_anyone around?17:30
greeteri am17:30
jarkko_why did you choose lubuntu?17:30
greeteri chose lubuntu because i have a really old computer. it doesn't meet the minimum specifications for running regular ubuntu so i needed something light weight17:30
jarkko_well that makes a lot of  sens  e17:30
jarkko_are you doing some valuntary work?17:31
jarkko_for lubuntu17:31
greeterno. my only affiliation with the project is that i use the software17:35
jarkko_well i use kubuntu, it works pretty well. i just dont like the slow starting17:37
jarkko_does lubuntu use underhood xorg?17:38
greeterthat i don't know to tell you the truth. it seems to me that it does but i don't knowingly use xorg so i can't be certain17:45
rwwjarkko_: yes, Lubuntu uses xorg20:24
banzaiAnyone here?22:23
ianorlinhe left the channel22:40
trickyherolol wow22:43
banzaiI'm unable to remove an item from the Application Menu... What should I do?22:49
gomiboybanzai: is the application owning that menu entry installed? Because usually uninstall scripts take care of that...22:52
banzaigomiboy: Actually I had uninstalled it (epiphany-browser), but it sticked there. When I reinstalled epiphany-browser I had it twice then22:54
gomiboybanzai: mmm check under .local/share/applications/ in your home if you have a epiphany.desktop file, or something like that22:56
banzaigomiboy: Oh wow, I didn't know that folder existed. I thought it should have been in /usr/share/applications Thank you so much!22:59
gomiboynp :)22:59
banzaiIs there a Web browser built specifically for LXDE/Lubuntu?23:00
banzaiGnome has Epiphany, elementary OS has Midori23:00
banzaiA plain, simple, minimalist and light browser23:00
banzaiOh well, I got to go23:07
banzaiGoodbye and thank you!23:07

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