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attraperevesHi, when downloading a torrent, my networking seems to die after a few minutes. I am unable to ping my router.02:13
attraperevesAlthough ifconfig shows an ip address02:13
BluesKajHiyas all13:45
penguin42Hey BK13:59
BluesKajhi penguin4214:07
FilyDear friends, i'd liko to launch ubuntu 14.04 second alpha versio, as suggested in the mail written by Jonathan Riddel. Do you think it's better to download it on USB or to launch it from a virtual machine??14:26
penguin42well trying it in a virtual machine does no harm14:26
Filypenguin42, I would like to launch one of this ISO on an old laptop which I don't use anymore14:29
penguin42Fily: Oh sure - then try it on a USB stick14:29
Filypenguin42, I vave never saved an ISO un a USB. I don't know the process14:30
lucaWhy when I launch the ISO 14.04 I use QEMU and not VIRTUAL MACHINE as Nicholas Skaggs suggested to us?17:23
Beldarluca, You have to set up a virtual to use one.17:26
penguin42luca: qemu is one part of the virtual-machine system qemu/kvm17:27
Beldardepends I guess on what virtual you want to use17:27
lucaBeldar, the problem is that instead of opening Virtual Machine my laptop opens QEMU17:28
Beldarluca, My virtual experience is in using virtualbox is all.17:29
lucapenguin42, now QEMU tells to me BUG: soft lockup - CPU#1 stuck for 22s!17:29
penguin42luca: Yeh I've seen that a few times - it shouldn't generally happen17:30
lucaBeldar, the problem is that i cannot launch the ISO on Virtual Machine but only on QEMU and I cannot uninstall QEMU17:30
Beldarluca, I have no knowledge of Virtual Machine, so not sure of the issue. I use vbox and launch the iso or install from it.17:31
lucapenguin42: now on QEMU I see "Code: a lot of numbers and letters"17:31
lucaBeldar: How can I use only vbox and not QEMU17:32
Beldarluca, Download it make a machine and use it, pretty straight forward.17:32
penguin42luca: vbox is just a different virtual machine system17:33
lucaBeldar: I downloaded it and I am able to open virtual machine but when I launch the ISO my laptop opens QEMU17:34
lucapenguin42, the problem is that i cannot follow the video of nicholas17:35
Beldarluca, downloaded what, this is not vbox right? if it is I can help, otherwise not really. Virtual environments are in some sense similar, learning how to use any one takes a bit of effort, so trying vbox will have the same learning time as any other.17:36
lucaBeldar, I downloaded VirtualBox and installed it17:36
Beldarluca, Did you make a machine and link the iso to it, and launch the iso from the vbox gui?17:37
lucaBeldar, I'd like to unistall and QEMU but I cannot because I don't know how to uninstall it17:37
lucaBeldar, I'm using TestDrive as Nicholas sussested in his video17:38
lucaBeldar, I clicked on Ubuntu Desktop - (Trusty)17:39
Beldarluca, I would not just uninstall it as a response to it being defaulted to at the moment, but figure out what the correct use of whatever virtual you want.17:39
lucaBeldar, Nicholas clicked on Launch button on the testdrive17:40
Beldarluca, Can you give us the link to that video.17:40
lucaBeldar, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGZF6UHhl4I17:40
Beldarluca, So what is your end goal here?17:42
lucaBeldar, I want to ask you why my laptop opens QEMU and not virtual box as in that video. Are you seeing the video?17:44
Beldarluca, I have never used testdisk so I have no idea, personally I just do a full install of the development and run it. Looks kinda complex, I would would suggest you ask yourself what is the final goal as is this the easiest methodology.17:46
Beldarand is*17:46
lucaBeldar, it' snot testdisk but testdrive. How can you do a full install of the development? Do you install on USB?17:47
lucaBeldar, I want to test ISO of Ubuntu and contribute to the tester group17:48
Beldarluca, Yeah I use a usb, I have 3 versions of ubuntu and W8.1 on my SSD, I'm a longterm multibooter17:48
lucaBeldar. so you think that it's better to use USB than QEMU or virtualbox?17:49
Beldarluca, Sure, contributing is a noble cause, again I would suggest you ask yourself do you have the actual skills to be effective. Myself a user of about 7 years, I started on open source don;t feel I have the skills to really contribute much to be honest, I just do support here on the areas I know.17:50
lucaBeldar, I only want to reproduce the video of nicholas but i cannot17:51
BeldarI can't really help there I have not used all the tools is all luca17:52
lucaBeldar, thanks anyway17:52
Beldarluca, No problem, you will figure it out. ;)17:53
lucaBeldar, Carla Sella suggested to me this video17:53
Beldarluca, no prb.17:54
lucaDear friends, could you give to me some advices to test ubuntu ISO for the first time? It is better to launch from DVD? Or from USB?18:17
lucapenguin42, which kind of USB? How many GB?18:27
penguin42luca: USB thumb drive, at least a bit bigger than the ISO you use18:28
lucapenguin42, the iso i want to launch are instable, like 14.04 i find them herehttp://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/308/builds/61829/testcases/1300/results18:34
lucapenguin42, i want to give my contribute to ubuntu testing new isos18:35
bekks14.04 is considered to be unstable, yet.18:36
bekkserm, still.18:37
lucabekks, the iso I want to launch is Alpha Second, do you know it?18:37
lucabekks, yes 14.0418:42
lucabekks, did you receive the mail by Jonathan Riddel??18:43
bekksIf I did, it went into my spam folder, since I dont know him.18:44
lucabekks, he is an important ubuntu developer http://jriddell.org/18:48
bekksI know he doesnt know me - why should he email me?18:50
bekksAnd what would he mail me? :)18:51
blockyare 'daily' images actually produced daily?19:20
blockyor just weekdays?19:20
bekksdaily :)19:20
bekksOtherwise they would be named "workdays" :)19:21
blockythese ones haven't been updated since friday http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily-live/current/19:21
bekksWhich isnt that tragically, isnt it?19:21
blockyhmm? I'm not complaining, just asking about process19:22
bekksNormally, they are built daily - but there always may be circumstances which do not allow building, seeding, etc.19:26
blockyokay thanks19:27
blockyis there an updated list of bugs or is that basically the mailing list?19:28
bekksI only use a current daily to install - and just used apt-get update / dist-upgrade, instead of reinstalling.19:30
blockyI'm going to attempt to install the jan24 amd64 iso on my laptop19:31
attraperevesHas anyone had problems with their network connection dying randomly?19:37
* penguin421 couldn't say today - I've been screwing around with my router19:37
attraperevesSometimes my wired connection will randomly die. Pinging anthing on the internet or on my local network does not work. Unplugging and replugging the ethernet cable does not work either.19:39
penguin421attrapereves: OK, so check whether you can ping your cable/dsl router by IP address19:39
attraperevesDoesn't work either. The only thing that fixes it is rebooting the computer.19:40
penguin421attrapereves: hmm ok, so I'd check with ifconfig or ip addr   to see whether the interface is up and has the right IP address19:40
penguin421wired or wireless?19:41
attrapereveswhen I check ifconfig, an ip address still shows beside the device.19:41
attraperevesAlso, when I click Disconnect in the notification area, nothing happens.19:43
penguin421attrapereves: difficult to know what to suggest, personally I'd get out tcpdump to see what's going on on the wire and check the logs for anything log19:44
attraperevesgoing through /var/log/syslog right now.19:50
attraperevesAny idea what this error message means?19:53
attraperevesNetworkManager[693]: <warn> nl_recvmsgs() error: (-33) Dump inconsistency detected, interrupted19:53
penguin421no, never seen that19:55
penguin421but it doesn't sound like actually network device19:56
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attraperevesThose of you who backup offsite, which service do you use?20:00
attraperevesI've been using Amazon S3, but might try something else.20:00
tim`is there something you need to do in 14.04 to make all the fonts not look horrendous in gnome?20:18
Beldartim`, Have you modified them already, mine look fine in the shell.20:23
tim`no, actually i can only launch flashback gnome- im not sure whats going on with shell20:23
Beldartim`, How did you instal the flashback the commands for this and the shell have changed at times?20:25
tim`i had it on an older install - and used do-release-upgrade -d20:26
tim`flashback does work - it isnt pretty20:26
Beldartim`, So this is an upgrade from 13.10?20:26
tim`i think it was actually from 12.0420:27
tim`not sure though20:27
Beldartim`, Ah, I never upgrade so not sure, you might check that the upgrade installed all packages no errors, maybe run sudo apt-get -f install to check, did you modify the fonts in 12.04?20:28
tim`i had to run that a few times to get it to finish but apt-get is happy now - i dont think i modified fonts at all in 12.0420:29
blockyis this a problem?20:29
tim`its wierd its not like a font issue i guess - the background for all menus is just white which is very strange20:30
tim`and im not sure why shell wont start20:30
blocky(ubiquity:6846): dconf-CRITICAL **: unable to create directory '/root/.cache/dconf': Permission denied.  dconf will not work properly.20:30
Beldartim`, You might try the guest account and see if this is the same there or make a new user in users and check there as well to confirm whether it may be this account only20:30
tim`yeah thats a good idea lets see here20:30
Beldarblocky, Context?20:31
Beldartim`, If you loaded a graphic driver it will not follow a upgrade.20:31
tim`yeah i already fixed that20:32
tim`glxgears runs fine20:32
tim`and xv rendering20:32
blockyBeldar: just happened to notice it in the small terminal embedded in the installer while installing from livecd session20:32
tim`guest account behavior appears to be the same20:32
Beldarblocky, with a quick search I found this bug report, not sure if it is an answer though. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/98996820:35
ubottuUbuntu bug 989968 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Installer error: Unable to create '/root/cache/dconf'; dconf will not work properly." [Undecided,Confirmed]20:35
tim`ahhhhg - ok i think maybe i needed to add a apt gpg key and dist-upgrade another 1988 packages :}20:35
tim`do-release-upgrade did not add the 3B4FE6A.... key20:36
Beldartim`, These PPA's20:36
blockyBeldar: thanks, installation did not complain and seems to have booted correctly, so I won't worry too much20:39
tim`im kind of supprised i can launch gnome at all in this clusterfuck of a state lol20:41
lucaWhat do you need for testing ISO?20:50
bekks"testing" what exactly?20:50
lucaISO release of ubuntu20:51
lucafor instance 14.0420:52
bekksDefine "testing".20:52
bekksWhat do you want to "test"?20:52
lucabekks, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JGZF6UHhl4I20:53
bekksI'm not going to watch a video.20:53
lucaI want to reproduce this20:53
bekksThen describe "this" in one sentence please :)20:53
lucaHe is testing ubuntu release with testdrive and virtualbox20:54
bekksThen your question is answered. You need Virtualbox, you need to create a vm, and you need to install your vm using the ISO.20:54
lucaI installed testdrive and also virtualbox but my laptop open QEMU instead of vbox20:54
bekksThen start vbox, and not qemu and not testdrive.20:55
lucabekks, you can start vbox but when you launch the iso my laptop opens QEMU20:56
Beldarblocky, Yeah I would treat it the same.20:56
bekksluca: You never "launch an ISO".20:56
bekksluca: You start Virtualbox, you create a vm, you attach the ISO to your VM, and then you start the VM. No qemu or testdrive involved at all.20:56
lucabeeks, i clicked on button Launch on testdrive20:57
bekksluca: Did you read what I just wrote?20:57
lucabekks, where can i find how virtualbox works20:58
bekksluca: In the virtualbox documentation on www.virtualbox.org20:59

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