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benonsoftwareAll and welcome to "Finding Support for Ubuntu"00:01
benonsoftwareIn this session I'll show and explain the different avenues of support you can find for Ubuntu.00:02
benonsoftwareIf during the seesion you have any questions, type then in #ubuntu-classroom-chat making sure your question has "QUESTION:" added to the start of it.00:03
benonsoftwareNow let's get started with it! :)00:04
benonsoftwareThe community helps many userswith many different problems that come up with Ubuntu.00:04
benonsoftwareI'm going to first explain about the Ubuntu documentation00:06
benonsoftwarehttps://help.ubuntu.com/ is where the "Offical Ubuntu Documentation" likes to live00:06
benonsoftwarehttps://help.ubuntu.com/13.10/ubuntu-help/index.html is the desktop guide for the latest Ubuntu release at the moment. (13.10)00:07
benonsoftwareThere it provides information on installing, upgrading Ubuntu, hardware issues, installing software, accessibility and many more00:08
benonsoftwareIf you're new to Ubuntu, or just want a refreasher, I highly recommend you read this.00:09
benonsoftwareNext up is the Coomunity Help Wiki, which is at https://help.ubuntu.com/community00:10
benonsoftwareOther Ubuntu community members and users help edit and maintain this wiki. Meaning anyone can help fix it or add things.00:11
benonsoftwareThis wiki has even more pages on installing Ubuntu and other software, switching from another OS, Hardware and other pages on a range of software.00:12
benonsoftwareNow, the next support resource is AskUbuntu, which the website is http://askubuntu.com00:13
benonsoftwareAskUbuntu is part of the Stack Exchange network of Quesion & Answer sites (http://stackexchange.com/sites)00:14
benonsoftwareAskUbuntu allows you to ask your question and other users can up and down-vote your question and answer it aswell.00:15
benonsoftwareQuickly going back to the Community Help Wiki, if you're not sure what you need to find, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/TitleIndex lists all of the wiki pages, but be warned it is a big page. ;)00:16
benonsoftwareAskUbuntu is really hopefully if you have a detailed question and you have all of the info already and just have to ask it.00:17
benonsoftwarehelpful rather then hopefully00:17
benonsoftwareAnother support system is the Launchpad Answers system https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu00:18
benonsoftwareIt is slightly like AskUbuntu however it doesn'thave the upvoting features.00:19
benonsoftwareNext up is IRC00:20
ClassBotrww asked: which of these resources are translated into other languages and/or have active non-English communities?00:21
benonsoftwareI'll answer this first :)00:21
benonsoftwareMany LoCo (Local Community) teams provide support in local languages00:22
benonsoftwareIf you have a look on http://www.ubuntu.com/support/community/local-language you will see many teams have forums in the local language for you to ask questions and find support for Ubuntu.00:23
benonsoftwareNow IRC :)00:24
benonsoftwareIRC is real-time chat00:24
benonsoftwareEveryone that's in here at the moment is using IRC :P00:25
benonsoftwareThe main Ubuntu IRC support channel is #ubuntu00:25
benonsoftwareHowever there are many other channels where you can find help00:25
benonsoftwareFor example, Spanish speaking users can join #ubuntu-es, French users can find help in #ubuntu-fr, German users tryig to find support can try #ubuntu-de00:26
benonsoftwareAnd there are many other local channels you can join where you can speak in the native language to try and find support00:27
benonsoftwarehttp://www.ubuntu.com/support/community/local-language also lists the IRC channels you can join to find support.00:27
benonsoftwareNedxt is the Ubuntu Forum, http://ubuntuforum.org00:29
benonsoftwareUbuntu Forums can help with many issues00:31
benonsoftwarehttp://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=327 is where the general support sub-forum00:32
benonsoftwareThere are also many threads in the forum where you can find great how-to articles.00:32
benonsoftwareMany LoCo teams also have their own forum hosted over there, which you can find at http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=18300:34
benonsoftwareAnother place to find help at is Ubuntu Discourse which lives in http://ubuntu-discourse.org/00:37
benonsoftwareDiscourse is sort of like Ubuntu Forums but slightly different00:37
benonsoftware(Sorry I can't like to much on it at the moment, it appears not to be loading for me)00:38
benonsoftwareIf you're using an Ubuntu flavour you can also get support for it00:39
benonsoftwareBack to discourse again sorry00:40
benonsoftwareThanks to toddc18, I realised I used the wrong link00:41
benonsoftwareThe proper one is http://discourse.ubuntu.com/00:41
benonsoftwareNow, back with flavours :)00:42
benonsoftwareEach flavour has their own IRC channel and website00:42
benonsoftwareEdubuntu - #edubuntu http://edubuntu.org/00:42
benonsoftwareKubuntu - #kubuntu http://kubuntu.org/00:43
benonsoftwareUbuntu GNOME - #ubuntu-gnome http://ubuntugnome.org/00:43
benonsoftwareLubuntu - #lubuntu http://lubuntu.org/00:43
benonsoftwareXubuntu - #xubuntu http://xubuntu.org/00:44
benonsoftwareMany flavours also have links to their own docs on their websites00:45
benonsoftwareAnother great way to find support is through the mailing lists00:47
benonsoftwareThere's many different lists for your needs and what you need help with00:47
benonsoftwareLoCos usually provide help with Ubuntu through their lists00:48
benonsoftwareThere's a general ubuntu-users listalso00:48
benonsoftwareFlavours also have their own support list, xubuntu-users, lubuntu-users, kubuntu-users, edubuntu-users and many more00:49
benonsoftwareYou can check out the users lists at https://lists.ubuntu.com/#Community+Support00:49
benonsoftwareAnd the LoCo lists at https://lists.ubuntu.com/#Ubuntu+Worldwide+LoCo+Teams00:49
ClassBotThere are 10 minutes remaining in the current session.00:50
benonsoftwareI believe I've covered most of the support areas00:52
benonsoftwareIf anyone has any questions, just ask. :)00:52
ClassBotThere are 5 minutes remaining in the current session.00:55
benonsoftwareI hope everyone has enjoyed the Ubuntu User Days for the saucy cycle.00:57
benonsoftwareAnd a big thank you to all of the other instructors.00:57
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