Logan__Jackson later01:01
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pvl1if i want to compile my own kernel, should i use ubuntu kernel source or can i use kernel.org's06:02
xnoxpvl1: #ubuntu-kernel is a better channel. BTW ubuntu-kernel team provides vanilla ubuntu kernel sources in a daily ppa, you can try those.06:07
pvl1thank you xnox06:07
xnoxpvl1: on wiki.ubuntu.com under kernel team there are instructions on how to compile / use both vanilla upstream and ubuntu-sauce kernels.06:08
xnoxpvl1: so depending what you need/want there are a few options of prebuild, or compile from source that you can use.06:08
pvl1oh wow06:09
pvl1google didnt bring that up06:09
pvl1rather the first two results06:09
pvl1thanks again xnox06:09
* Logan_ pokes infinity06:23
Logan_infinity: could you please look into why v-sim is still failing on ppc64el after an autoreconf at some point?06:25
xnoxLogan_: checking for netcdf 3 interface... yes06:42
xnoxconfigure: WARNING: "No 'netcdf.h' header file, libetsf.so will not be built."06:42
xnoxLogan_: seems like it all built, but one plugin.06:42
Logan_ugh, that netcdf issue is affecting so many packages06:42
Logan_I'd love to get to the root of that06:42
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Noskcajtumbleweed, Still no progress on my motu application?19:47
NoskcajI'd rather not have to try and be awake in time for the meeting tomorrow19:48
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phoenixcoderHi, new person here.  I notice there are people present, but not much chatter.  Just wondering whether there's a reason for that?22:33
jtaylorits often quit here during weekends22:36
phoenixcoderjtayler, thank you.  Just making sure I didn't have messages blocked.22:37
infinityLogan_: configure: WARNING: "No 'netcdf.h' header file, libetsf.so will not be built."22:38
Logan_infinity: netcdf-related issues are causing a number of ppc64el packages to FTBFS22:38
infinityLogan_: Curious.  libnetcdf-dev contains the right header.  But maybe the configure test breaks.22:42
Logan_yeah, I think that's the problem22:42
Logan_I'll try to pull up an FTBFS that has a configure.log22:42
Logan_pulling up my Ubuntu VM to get rbdeps22:43
Logan_infinity: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/162313053/buildlog_ubuntu-trusty-ppc64el.adios_1.5.0-1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz this one failed with undefined references22:44
Logan_well, most of them fail with undefined references22:46
infinityLogan_: Hrm.  Could be that netcdf on ppc64el got caught in the middle of some unrelated breakage and misbuilt.  I'll have to play with it in the morning.22:46
Logan_should I do a no-change rebuild and see if it fixes it?22:47
Logan_I guess I should probably do that locally, not in the repo22:47
Logan_although it wouldn't hurt22:47
infinityLogan_: I'd rather test a bit more scientifically.22:47
infinityBetter to understand the problem than just guess, IMO.22:47
infinityLogan_: What timezone do you live in?22:47
infinityLogan_: Ahh.  Well, I'm on London time now, and just spent the last day in airports.  Can you ping me in 8+ hours as a reminder? :)22:48
Logan_I'll be asleep probably22:48
Logan_but I can ping you when I wake up22:49
infinityLogan_: Works for me.22:49
phoenixcoderCan anyone offer advice on where to put the testing environment?  Right now I'm looking at running 13.10 on vbox vs TestDrive and Chroots based on online documentation.23:21

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