xnoxslangasek: 3.13.0-4-generic is known to be buggy in a few ways. -1 or -5 are all fixed.05:58
pvl1if im going to compile a custom kernel, should i use the ubuntu kernel's instead of kernel.orgs?06:08
apwjarkko_, "hard patching" assuming you mean "is every ubuntu kernel patched relative to its mainline equivalent" then that is a yes12:06
jarkko_what those patches usually are? fixes or drivers?12:07
apwjarkko_, and we use ufw by default (for network security) which uses a simple "DENY everything EXCEPT" framework using iptables at the kernel level12:07
apwjarkko_, fixes which arn't yet upstream yet, extra drivers not yet upstream, that is about it, plus our own configs12:07
slangasekxnox: yah, that's what rtg tells me12:19
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