steviemanI'm trying to setup Mythtv but I am getting an error when saying that it cannot connect to the database. I've setup the mysql user but not the table. I'm trying to connect to the same server. I made sure to bind mysqld to the 192 address and not localhost.02:29
houmsI am having issues with capture card. i get cannot open. not sure if it is permissions issue with /dev/dvb. this is new install17:42
qwebirc87410has anyone burned the release iso's to CD R18:18
qwebirc87410what software did you use to burn the iso successfully?18:18
houmsare you referring to mythbuntu 12.04?18:22
houmsqwebirc87410 is so it is too big for cd18:30
houmsuse dvd or usb18:30

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