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joshuI just received an email notification saying that my fail2ban jails stopped. Then they restarted. Seems odd why they would stop. Any suggestions on how to check if this was malicious?16:37
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MoleManCould somebody provide instructions / a basic how-to for compiling SSH Server 6.2 for Ubuntu server 12.04, or even better provide a link to pre-compiled version please?19:41
Patrickdklet me guess19:42
Patrickdkpci compliance report?19:43
MoleManno, just want to use multiple auth function19:43
MoleManfor Google Auth 2 factor TOTP and SSH keys19:43
Patrickdkheh? I do that now19:44
Patrickdkit *just works*19:44
PatrickdkI'm doing it on openssh 5.3p119:45
Patrickdkthat is much much older than 12.04 ssh :)19:45
Patrickdkok, there it is19:46
Patrickdkman sshd_config19:46
Patrickdkand read the UsePAM section19:46
PatrickdkChallengeResponseAuthentication (otherwise, ask for token)19:46
MoleManoh yeah, I want to require 2 methods19:47
Patrickdkmine does19:47
PatrickdkI use password + token19:47
MoleManso SSH key, AND challengeResponse with PAM for the TOTP19:47
Patrickdkssh key will bypass password+token19:47
Patrickdkcause ssh key will bypass pam19:47
MoleManthats not what I want19:47
Patrickdkok, that, you might need 6.2 for :)19:47
MoleManI want to require SSH key and TOTP, which is a 6.2 feature with the 'AuthenticationMethods ' option19:48
Patrickdkit's in saucy19:48
Patrickdkit should be simple to download the saucy source, and resubmit it for precise19:49
Patrickdkor just compile it locally19:49
Patrickdkon the right, download source package, download all 319:49
Patrickdkthen, dpkg-source -x openssh_6.2p2-6ubuntu0.1.dsc19:49
Patrickdkthen dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc19:50
MoleMando the compressed files need extracting first or just leaving as they were downloaded?19:52
Patrickdkas is19:52
MoleManokay, thanks, I'll try that19:52
MoleMansounds a fair bit simpler than I was expecting :)19:52
Patrickdkthe issue your likely have, maybe, is dependencies19:53
MoleManwhich is why I was hoping someone had a PPA or something for it  :p19:53
Patrickdkbut that should be easy to fix19:53
PatrickdkI don't, but I could add it to mine in a few min :)19:53
PatrickdkI have lots of other things in there :)19:53
MoleManhehe :p19:54
MoleManjust discussing how easy it would be to upgrade the server completely not sure whether it's worth the hassle19:55
PatrickdkI personally wouldn't19:55
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Patrickdklooks like it, just works :)20:03
MoleManthe first command you gave works, the second is giving me errors trying to find a changelog though20:06
WilkimI have been trying to follow tutorials online on how to use LVM to test some stuff out on my OS, I understand very little and am a noob. when i set the OS up I just did the normal setup, how can i tell what my volume group is?20:07
Wilkimor the default voume group20:07
MoleMancan you remember if when you set it up, you told it to use LVM or not?20:07
MoleManWilkim: `sudo vgs` should list all volume groups20:10
Patrickdkyou need to be in the openssh-6.2p2 folder20:10
Patrickdkfor that second command20:10
Patrickdkit's building in my ppa currently20:10
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MoleManyou might need to run `sudo vgscan` to scan for volume groups first20:10
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Wilkimthank you! now i tried sudo lvcreate -L 4G -s -n initalconfig /dev/ubuntu-vg/initalconfid and i get back: Snapshot origin LV initalconfid not found in Volume group ubuntu-vg.20:11
Wilkimi corrected my spelling ther first time,20:12
Patrickdklooks like the ppa is going be 30min though20:12
Wilkimsudo lvcreate -L 4G -s -n initalconfig /dev/ubuntu-vg/initalconfig: Snapshot origin LV initalconfig not found in Volume group ubuntu-vg.20:12
MoleManjesus :p thats why I don't compile stuff then if it takes that long!20:13
Patrickdkno, it's the ppa20:13
Patrickdkit took me like 2min to compile20:13
MoleManah okay20:13
Patrickdkbut the ppa, is 11min till it gets to compile it, currently20:13
Patrickdkit will take the ppa like 10min to compile it or so20:14
Patrickdkthen another 5-10min for it to publish the results20:14
Patrickdkppa's are slow for this stuff, but good to distribute20:14
MoleManI don't know how PPAs work20:14
MoleManI just presumed compiling it would create a standard package or something, that could be distributed / added to a repo20:15
MoleMandidn't realise they were different20:15
Patrickdkit does20:15
Patrickdkbut the ppa first has to build a buildserver to compile it on20:15
Patrickdkand then it has to publish it to a repo when finished20:15
Patrickdkso, 30min turnaround time for a ppa is good20:16
MoleManah okay20:16
Patrickdksometimes it's so busy, it will say, 12hours till it has time to compile :(20:16
MoleManhmm, now getting unmet dependancy errors20:17
MoleManprobably not the best time to be doing this20:17
Patrickdkwell, I had them all, so you probably just don't have it installed for your version20:17
Patrickdkapt-get build-dep openssh-server20:17
PatrickdkI had already customized the 12.04 openssh server, so I had them already installed20:18
Patrickdkit was if they changed from 12.04 to 13.10 I was worried about20:18
MoleManof fun, adding all the clutter to my AWS instance :p20:21
Patrickdkheh, I have one vm I use to package stuff on20:22
Patrickdkkeeps all the mess there, or really keeps it clean of non-build stuff20:22
MoleManprobably should, but I'm lazy20:23
MoleManI've not compiled anything in as long as I can remember20:25
MoleManwell, I lie, I know I compiled /something/ at /somepoint/ no idea what or when though20:25
WilkimAnyone know why when I try this: "sudo lvcreate -L 4G -s -n initalconfig /dev/ubuntu-vg/initalconfig" I get this as an error: Snapshot origin LV initalconfig not found in Volume group ubuntu-vg.20:26
PatrickdkWilkim, try a valid command?20:27
WilkimPatrickdk what do you mean, sorry20:28
Patrickdkwell, what are you attempting to snapshot?20:28
Wilkimjust my whole os the way it is20:29
Patrickdkok, and it's name?20:29
Wilkimhonestly, I dont know lol, im new to linux20:29
Patrickdklearn to use, lvs20:29
Patrickdkthat is not in lvs20:31
Patrickdkpastebin the output of lvs20:31
Patrickdkor better20:32
Patrickdkthe output of vgs and lvs20:32
Wilkimah sorry, ty20:32
Patrickdklvcreate -L 4G -s -n root-initalconfig ubuntu-vg/root20:33
Wilkimthank you!20:34
Wilkimhow can i list all snapshots? :s20:37
Patrickdka snapshot shows up as a normal entry, makes it alittle confusing20:37
Patrickdkwhy I put the root- in front20:37
Wilkimits ok thank you, when i try to run the command it says:  Volume group "ubuntu-vg" has insufficient free space (13 extents): 1024 required.20:38
Patrickdkthat is cause root has it all20:38
Patrickdkyour volume is only 37gigs20:38
Patrickdkand it's all used up, between root and swap20:39
WilkimI see, meh I didnt know i had to reduce "root" in order to use lvm =/20:39
Patrickdkwell, you need emptyspace to create new stuff20:40
Wilkimah its ok, ill re-create the os, i havnt really done much new stuff20:41
Wilkimmuch stuff to it * ty20:42
Patrickdkno need20:42
Patrickdkresize2fs to make it smaller20:42
Patrickdkthen use lvresize to adjust the lvm smaller20:42
Wilkimwow theres a lot you can do in linux eh20:43
WilkimI am a windows guru but such a noob in linux20:43
bekksPeople calling themselves "gurus" arent gurus at all, to my experience. :>20:43
Wilkimresize2fs makes the partition smaller?20:44
Patrickdkboth smaller and larger20:44
bekksresize2fs resizes filesystems - depending on the options and the filesystem you are using, it may even work online.20:44
WilkimWell I am not a guru, but IT techs at work come to me for questions about windows when they need somthing lol20:44
Patrickdkto make smaller, I don't think it can do it online20:44
Patrickdkfor that I like to reboot using the sysrescd iso20:45
bekksshrinking filesystems doesnt work online.20:45
Wilkimthank you Patrickdk thank you i will try to do all that in a little, gotta take care of something20:45
Patrickdkheh, easier than my last 7 hours on the phone with vmware20:45
Wilkimthats a long time on the phone lol20:47
WilkimI hope everything works out for you20:47
Patrickdkya, back where I started before the call :)20:47
Wilkimthats how it goes for me usually lol20:47
WilkimSo, for when I do this, all i did out of the box of ubuntu-server is setup a static ip and installed dnsmasq, so its like 5 mins to re-do that20:48
Wilkimif i reinstall ubuntu-server, do I just not want to use some space to use it for snapshots? :s20:48
Patrickdkya, but your going get into lots of lvm fun, to setup custom partitioning20:49
Patrickdkcause it will always go maxsize by default20:49
Wilkimmeh, ill deal20:49
Wilkimthank you!20:49
Patrickdkya, it's deal with that install interface to do it, or do it afterwards :)20:50
PatrickdkI feel afterwards is quicker, requires less thought too :)20:50
MoleManPatrickdk: can you compile for i386 on an amd64 platform?20:53
Patrickdkonly amd64 :)20:53
Patrickdkbut the ppa is compiling now20:53
MoleManI just though fuck it, use the ppa20:54
MoleManI may just replace my AWS instance to 13.10 to keep the crap off it20:54
MoleManbut PPA will be useful for my home server for the next few weeks until I finish replacing it at least :p thanks :)20:55
Patrickdkoh, i386 is done20:57
MoleManthanks :) I think I trust you not to have done anything dodgy with it ;)20:57
Patrickdkwhy the source is included20:58
Patrickdkamd64 done20:58
Patrickdkjust have to wait for publish now20:58
PatrickdkI did leave that nsa patch in it20:58
MoleManhaha :)20:59
Patrickdkok, the ppa is ready to be used21:06
KarlthaneAnyone have any experience with Zarafa?21:43
bekks!anyone | Karlthane21:44
ubottuKarlthane: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.21:44
jrwren_what is zarafa?22:24
jrwren_oh, email and groupware http://www.zarafa.com/22:25
CappyTHi everyone, I have a big problem with samba... When I create a user for samba DC (i use samba4 as domain controller) with samba-tool, user is created but I can't add that user to a samba share, because is not also a system user...23:32
jrwren_CappyT: yes. that is true.23:54

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