shapowrsalveti ogra_: any news?01:04
Michael87alright. I am tryying to help my cousins kid by testing a linux boot on usb on this maylong android laptop. The wifi adapter is not connecting right and I am wandering if its the hardware  or the software at fault. But I cannot access the bios on this sucker. Can anyone help?01:32
FuLgOrEhello. I would like to know if the sound issue on the hammerhead image is fixed already. does anybody know more about that, or is everybody already on the way to london? :D02:53
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stochasticHi, just curious if any work has been done toward getting a Nexus 5 to run ubuntu touch07:19
ogra_stochastic, yes, see the mailing list07:27
FuLgOrEdid anybody work on fixing the sound issue on hammerhead?07:27
stochasticogra_, maillist says it's still at the bootstrap phase.  That was at the beginning of November.  Are we still there with it?07:42
FuLgOrEstochastic: just take a look in the irc logs from 25th07:57
FuLgOrEstochastic: you will see that there is an image for N5 available since yesterday. it works, but sound doesn't work. that was the reason why I ask have hour before if this issue is fixed already. I also would like to flash my N5/hammerhead with ubuntu touch, but I need sound07:58
ogra_stochastic, Subject: "Call for testing: experimental 4.4.2 based images"08:00
ogra_FuLgOrE, given the images are less than 24h old and given the N5 isnt a supported arch ... no, nobody from the community has sent fixes yet08:01
FuLgOrEogra_: I don't want to push anybody. I just can't wait ;-)08:02
ogra_well, find someone with the hardware who understands alsa and ucm08:03
FuLgOrEwhat is ucm?08:04
ogra_alsas use-case-manager ... the thing defining how channels are initialized and routed on mobile devices08:05
FuLgOrEthx, ok08:05
FuLgOrEI'm at GMT+8, so I would only have limited matching time to work with somebody in this channel togehter. I'm not able to fix that problem by myself. I'm just a user. I'll wait until next friday. From next firday to tuesday I will have some days off due to chinese new year party. Than I will flash Ubuntu Touch with, or without sound :) Than I have time to hang around in this channel in the right time :D08:08
TassadarDoes anybody know why would bootchart look like this? It seems to me it is doing nothing for like 30s - http://tasemnice.eu/bordel/ubuntu-phablet-trusty-19700302-3.png12:44
Tassadarthere is also no output in dmesg in that period, and when I run upstart with --verbose, the first line it outputs is "init: Handling startup event" after those 30s12:44
Tassadarlol, found it - it's trying to write something into serial console, and it hangs if it is not connected to anything12:55
ybonwhat I need now is an app to send SMS from my desktop when my Ubuntu Phone is plugged in14:04
Tassadarcwayne_: hi! I might have found the reason why Touch boot takes soo long on N5, can you please tell me if there is like 30s period with no logs in your dmesg, between roughly 5 and 40 seconds since start? (or just show me your dmesg)15:00
cwayne_Tassadar, sure, i cant get it right now but im happy to mail it to you later15:01
Tassadarcool, thanks15:02
ybonpopey: I'm tracking here issues for a 0.1.0 release https://launchpad.net/osmtouch/+milestone/0.1.015:06
popeyybon: awesome15:06
ybonI've pushed everything that we talked about yesterday night and seemed to me to be needed in 0.1.015:06
ybonI've also added a slider to choose the radius of the search15:06
ybonPlease raise any issue you see that need to be included in this first release ever15:07
popeyybon: will do15:09
ybonthanks :)15:10
ybonAdded "cuisine" value for restaurant when available :)15:18
popeyybon: "keith"?15:21
ybonJarrett :p15:22
ybonWas just listeing him yesterday when fill in the form to create the milestone15:23
ybonAdded wheelchair access key in popover15:23
popeyjust fyi, #ubuntu-app-devel might be a better place for out app dev type discussions.15:24
ybonah, nice, didn't know :)15:24
ybonJoined :)15:24
harrisHey where is the page for nexus 7 201316:49
harrisAnyone here17:11
k1l!topic | harris17:26
ubot5harris: Please read the channel topic whenever you enter, as it contains important information. To view it at any time after joining, simply type /topic17:27
harrisNexus 7 is not on that status page 2013 edition17:27
varunbhatHello, i needed some help in porting note 2 cyanogenmod to ubuntu-touch17:51
varunbhatIs there anyone who can help with porting?17:52
harrisdo youknow when ububntu touch comes to nexus 7 201317:52
varunbhatIs there anyone who can help with porting devices to ubuntu-touch?17:54
varunbhatwhat are the changes in the cyanogenmod makefiles that are needed to be done in order to port a device to ubuntu-touch?17:57
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varunbhatIs there anyone who could help with porting?18:00
ajalkaneHeh, the Ubuntu Touch Emulator is "kind of" slow inside virtualized environment :P18:47
ajalkaneBut nice to finally see how it looks in practice - and it does look good18:47
harrisWhen does nexus 7 2013 get it18:48
popeyharris: "soon"18:53
harrisWithin month two month how son18:53
cwayneharris, next week or two most likely18:58
varunbhatHello,  is there anyone who can help with porting cyanogenmod to ubuntu touch?19:04
ajalkanevarunbhat: what'd be the benefit of that? Ubuntu is not Android19:05
varunbhatYes,  but I need the boot.Img for my device in order to run Ubuntu touch right19:07
varunbhatSo we need to compile the cus19:08
harrisIs it worth risking bricking device formubuntu touch19:08
cwayneit's very difficult to actually brick a device19:09
varunbhatThere is the option to revert back the original firmware in case something goes wrong19:09
harrisOk and does the multirom manager work well installing and booting ubuntu touch19:10
ajalkaneIn any case I think it'd be more of case of porting  Ubuntu Touch to cyanogenmod than the other way around.19:10
varunbhatUbuntu touch is basically a scaled down version of cyanogenmod..19:11
harrisIf you dock ubuntu touch does it turn into computer19:12
ajalkaneSurely not at the moment19:13
varunbhatI'm not sure of that..19:13
ajalkaneBut that's the goal I guess19:13
harrisOnce 14.04 comes out can I use it as full time os on nexus 719:13
varunbhatI own a note 2 and I need to compile the boot images for Ubuntu touch.. So I needed to know what changes needs to be made in the makefiles19:14
ajalkaneI have no idea about what's the roadmap on that19:14
ajalkanevarunbhat: have you read this page https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting19:15
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varunbhatAjalkane: Yes I have read that page.. I have tried to install a pre built zip file along with Ubuntu 13.04 but the phone goes into boot loops.. And never turns on19:19
ajalkaneSorry I can't be much of help. Hopefully someone with porting experience sees your question and can help.19:20
varunbhatYa I've been waiting for quite some time. But no one here seems to respond..19:22
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silvynHi there, I have UT build 144 installed 2 days ago, and I try to get screen capture. Try the sh script but faild. Any help ?20:13
WebbyITsilvyn, you can use this -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/6822479/20:46
WebbyITI'm sorry, but I don't remember where original was hosted20:47
silvynI've found this : http://askubuntu.com/questions/272349/how-to-take-a-screenshot-on-ubuntu-touch/399481#39948120:47
WebbyITyap, it's the same :)20:48
silvynI've installed android-tools-adb  and imagemagick20:48
silvynbut when I launched it, I've : error: closed20:48
WebbyITsilvyn, how do you launch it?20:50
silvynI'm logged with ssh20:50
WebbyITahhh! No, you have to launch it on your PC20:51
silvynwith adb ?20:51
WebbyITno no, open a terminal, enter in the folder where you have the script, then ./scriptname imageName.png20:52
silvynwell, I' just think what do you mean.. I'll try ;)20:54
nik90WebbyIT: ermm, this script is actually now phablet-screenshot20:57
WebbyITnik90, mhhh, are you sure?20:57
nik90WebbyIT: so you can just do "phablet-screenshot filename.png"20:57
nik90WebbyIT: that's about it20:57
nik90WebbyIT: yup definitely..took some screenshots yesterday :)20:57
WebbyITnik90, doh, you're right :)20:58
nik90WebbyIT: I am just waiting on the devs to integrate this into qtcreator20:58
nik90WebbyIT: hey btw do you have some time to talk?20:59
WebbyITnik90, just queried you ;)20:59
silvynWebbyIT: I'll be back, I'have to reboot. Thanks for advices (nik90 too!)21:04
nik90silvyn: np21:05
rsajdokI am a programmer python Is it possible to contribute  in this language?21:08
YaMoonSunHai there, I was going to invest in this fancy little import, but will ubuntu be able to support it at all? Or am I limited to nexus phones? http://www.ahappydeal.com/product-171441.html21:10
YaMoonSunAlso, yes, python is supported I believe.21:11
silvynit works better ! \o/21:13
silvynand works too with phablet-screenshot filename.png21:13
YaMoonSunCurious whom you're talking to though.21:14
popeyrsajdok: its not one of our standard languages we recommend, but we do ship python on the device21:37
popeyYaMoonSun: silvyn was having a conversation before you arrived ☻21:38
popeyYaMoonSun: that phone looks interesting, but good luck getting the sources for it..21:38
YaMoonSunI'll need it..21:39
YaMoonSunApparently even the UK doesn't have an octacore yet? Fucking a, as a murkian I'll be top dog around here.21:39
YaMoonSunNo 4g support tho21:39
rsajdokpopey: I mean some kind of tests apps and something similar21:39
popeyrsajdok: friends is written in python (in part) I believe.21:57
popeyseems I lied21:57
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labsinanyone that wants to try an app on the phone?23:02
labsinI got no23:02
ybonlabsin: what app?23:03
nik90labsin: sure, which app and where can we find it?23:04
labsina TilEm port (Texas Instruments grafical calculator emulator)23:04
labsinI'm uploading a click package to U1 right now. I just tried to cross-compile and don't know how if it works23:06
labsinok, http://ubuntuone.com/3ZwHhHMsZ5TtOahJLMgRbC23:12
labsinedit: http://ubuntuone.com/2ECSspw1A5N1RwKdcTh1BM23:13
nik90labsin: How do I install the click on the phone? I know how to transfer it to my phone.23:15
labsinpkcon install-local <*.click>23:16
* nik90 tries23:16
popey(as phablet user)23:16
popeyi get a white screen here..23:17
* popey reboots23:17
labsinpopey, when trying?23:17
popeylaunching the app23:17
* popey looks23:17
labsinpopey, It works on trusty desktop when confiend23:18
nik90hmm I get an error while installing OSError: [Errno 30] Read-only file system: '/root/.cache'23:18
popeyfile:///opt/click.ubuntu.com/com.ubuntu.developer.labsin.tilem/0.1/TilEm.qml:5 module "Utils" is not installed23:19
nik90I think I better leave the testing to popey, I am currently working on the clock app digital mode wiki page.23:19
popeythat's from ~/.cache/upstart/application-click-com.ubuntu.developer.labsin.tilem_TilEm_0.1.log23:19
labsinpopey, there was a commit on the upstart job to unable fat packages (with libraries in the lib/<arch> dir) and it's working on the desktop. Maybe not jet on the phone?23:20
* popey updates phone23:21
popeyunlikely any update will fix this on my phone as I'm running the latest23:24
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