moreatimaps|work: also the channel is logged, see the /topic for the url00:13
maps|workahh thanks moreati00:32
maps|workdidnt even think of that, cheers00:32
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AzelphurMartijnVdS: IPv6 is now functional \o/02:42
Azelphuranyone awake to help me with network-manager not working?02:59
Azelphurthis ones a longstanding issue, it won't ever connect, always used dhclient eth0 as a workaround, but that doesn't work for IPv6 :(02:59
Azelphurhttp://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=wgcBK8Y7 looks like it might shed some light on the issue03:15
daftykinsthose logs read like both v4 and v6 are failing to get a timely response from your DHCP server for both03:19
Azelphurdaftykins, really? to me it looks like apparmor is denying the machine to even make a DHCP request03:21
Azelphurif I dhclient eth0 it comes straight up, so the routers DHCP is fine03:21
daftykinsoh yeah, i mean as a result potentially03:21
daftykinsi thought as you're here you'd have v4 working at least, do you run static instead?03:22
daftykinsyou and your setups ;) how can even DHCP be quirky XD03:22
AzelphurI'm on my laptop at the moment, my PC has had this problem for a while03:22
Azelphurbut dhclient eth0 works as a workaround, although no IPv6, and also annoying03:23
daftykinsno extra switches or what not with dhclient to query for both?03:23
daftykinsi've still had pretty much zero exposure to v6 sadly03:23
Azelphurnot that I know of, would prefer to fix it properly anyway03:23
Azelphurrunning dhclient every boot gets old03:24
daftykinsi take it the interfaces file is clean of eth0 references so as to not ruin NM's day?03:24
Azelphuryup, only loopback in there03:25
daftykinsdesktop always did it across clean installs, so trying a fresh user wouldn't help?03:25
Azelphurnah I imagine a clean install would help03:26
daftykinsor find the NM config and nuke it as a test i guess03:27
daftykinsanywho, must sleep :D03:27
daftykinssemi crazy o'clock reached03:27
daftykinsgl with it!03:27
ali1234i thought you weren't supposed to use dhcp with ipv6?03:43
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Azelphurali1234: seems to work now, https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/3832397/screenshots/2014/Jan/2014-01-26-041110_972x765_scrot.png04:20
Azelphurit was apparmor.04:20
mappsi had trouble getting ipv6 working..using a he.net tunnel..i could acces ipv6 www sites but not ipv6 irc08:07
mappsanyone got any ideas?08:10
MartijnVdSmapps: does ping6 work?09:57
MartijnVdSmapps: which IRC server are you using? is it up?09:58
brobostigongood morning everyone.10:10
TwistedLucidityUnpaid overtime. What's good about it? :-(10:11
MartijnVdSTwistedLucidity: for the employer? Free labour!10:14
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knightwisepopey: you awake ?10:45
knightwisemorning everyone :)10:45
* knightwise is looking for a minecraft player to write a guestblogpost on knightwise.com10:46
* brobostigon is a minecraft newbie.10:46
knightwisebrobostigon: its cross platform right ? i mean you can play it on mac/pc/linux10:50
brobostigonits java, yes.10:50
MartijnVdSit is10:50
* TwistedLucidity is wonderiny why the Lenovo support site doesn't work in FF on Kubuntu11:07
knightwiseanyone feeling interested to do a blogpost on it ?11:10
knightwisebecause I don't know anything about the game , it would be kinda idiotic for me to do a writeup11:10
knightwiseand I would hate to leave it out of our "game week" series11:11
TwistedLucidityknightwise: Minetest is a F/OSS version of Minecraft http://www.minetest.net/ I really can't comment much further as I've never played Minecraft.11:16
knightwisethanx TwistedLucidity i'll look at the link ! :)11:18
brobostigoni used to run a minetest server also.11:20
* TwistedLucidity has discovered that Lenovo uses Google Analytics for *every mouse click*. That explains why their site does not work here.11:33
* TwistedLucidity thinks Lenovo are idiots for doing this11:33
MartijnVdSTwistedLucidity: probably management wanted more/spiffier graphs11:49
TwistedLucidityProbably, but they'll get mor sales the easier I can get at the parts list!11:50
TwistedLucidityAnd get this, genuine Lenovo screw & take kit is ~£30 from resellers but ~£5 direct from Lenovo.11:50
MartijnVdSsee, they're not making money on that11:50
MartijnVdSthey're making sure you use the resellers11:51
MartijnVdS\o popey11:51
popeyi am now knightwise11:51
MartijnVdSpopey: hi knightwise!11:51
TwistedLucidityAh, but I intend to buy more.11:51
Myrttipopey: did you order the herb salt?11:59
popeynot yet11:59
Myrttihttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PNLcwqUOXfQ <--12:00
Myrtti(not related)12:00
Myrtti(a lot)12:00
* popey wonders what whenever he visits a steam page it's in spanish12:45
MartijnVdSpopey: do you have cookies for their domain? Maybe it's set to spanish in there12:47
MartijnVdSpopey: maybe you can select the language in a preference screen and store it in your profile somehow?12:48
ali1234that happened to me before13:08
ali1234you just have to switch language back to en and it remembers13:08
ali1234happens if you follow a google search result that happens to link to another language page13:09
popeyproblem is, how do you change language when you're in a language you can't read ☻13:25
popeyin fact i see no option in http://steamcommunity.com/id/popeydc/edit13:26
popeyaha, found it under the top right menu13:27
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foobarryis nemo the fish meant to be disabled? one fin seems stunted14:25
MartijnVdSfoobarry: yes, it's mentioned in the movie several times14:26
MartijnVdShe has a weird fin14:26
foobarryYou can also use Inception to elevate privileges on (almost) any machine you have physical access to.14:32
Seeker`popey: why are you looking at a unicomp keyboard specifically14:35
* penguin42 removes a very clean 5p piece from the drier14:54
Laneyprobably worth about 10p now14:55
TwistedLuciditypenguin42: Has it shrunk, maybe it 10p before it went in the drier?14:55
penguin42haha cold have been14:55
* Laney knows someone who bought 10p for £1 because it was extremely shiny14:55
penguin42Laney: Please introduce me to them14:55
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foobarryi have some snake oil for them15:02
popeySeeker`: i want a keyboard which is clacky like the model m, but has a super key and a nipple15:03
penguin42'Excuse me, but can I buy your nipple?'15:03
popeyas I'm off to florida next week I may order one and get it shipped to co-worker who lives there15:03
penguin42popey: wth would you want a full size keyboard with a nipple?15:04
popeywhy would i not?15:04
Seeker`because you'd use a mouse instead? :P15:04
penguin42well the only point in nipples seems to be to provide a very compact pointing device on laptops where you don't have the room for a mouse15:04
popeymice are for losers15:04
popeyand gamers15:04
popeythat is not the case15:04
popeythere are multiple reasons why nipple > mouse15:05
popey(and some cases where mouse > nipple)15:05
* penguin42 has never liked nipples; always prefer the trackpads15:05
foobarrydell inverted ones are nice15:05
popeyI do have a mouse on both desktop and laptop but almost never use them15:05
popeyonly use mice for gaming, and even then rarely15:05
Seeker`I'm using a "Das Keyboard" which I love, but it does'nt have the nipple15:05
popeyhaving a middle button on a thinkpad keyboard also is a winner for scrolling15:06
penguin42(Note, don't bother phoning Lloyds at the moment - it's >10min wait for an adviser)15:06
shaunointeresting read foobarry.  I gotta admit to a little smugness reading that OSX already mitigates it15:10
penguin42it's odd, this story was doing the rounds a few years ago - I'd thought there was some basic fix that went in back then15:11
penguin42but fundamentally the only fix is to need user confirm of any hot plug15:11
shaunoit seems apple's fix is to disable the functionality while the screen's locked, which seems like a sane compromise to me15:12
foobarryeven thru display port?15:16
foobarryid like to try this when i get well again/have time15:17
penguin42I think you mean thunderbolt not display port15:17
foobarryeither or15:18
penguin42in which case I suspect they'll disable firewire interface on it, but I doubt they'll stop a dma attack via pci-e15:18
penguin42foobarry: I don't think there's much nasty you can do on display prot15:18
shaunoit seems the CVE specifically addresses the firewire dma, so fw over tb should be the same; but no idea about pci-e dma15:21
penguin42I suspect the thunderbolt interfaces to have an iommu or the like, but not sure - e.g. if you hot plugged say something that pretended to be a SATA controller or a video card onto the thunderbolt port it might be able to DMA from anywhere15:22
penguin42but firewire is just so much easier because you can mount the attack from a laptop with firewire15:22
foobarrywhat about powered on machines with a boot loader password like truecypt?15:23
penguin42make no difference15:23
foobarryits pre boot15:23
penguin42preboot it's harder15:23
penguin42but I'd insert some extra code at that point that stores the passphrase entered and transmits it to the evil person15:24
penguin42then walk away and wait for the user to type their passphrase15:24
shaunoon mine it seems it's not available at that stage because I have a firmware password15:24
penguin42yeh that's a good thing to have15:24
shaunoI think on most machines there's little concern at that stage because there's no drivers loaded yet.  although efi can make that a bit murky (eg, I do have firewire drivers at efi)15:26
penguin42shauno: Still, an interesting question if it has enabled expresscard/thunderbolt/firewire at that point - I wouldn't be too surprised if it's initialised expresscard at that point15:26
shaunoit seems it's mostly interesting that you can use it to hit a system that's up, and leave it up.  that's quite sneaky15:29
penguin42machine left at screensaver or in powersave15:30
shaunoright - you open my laptop, you get a lock screen15:30
shaunohm, that civclicker .. zombies are kinda overpowered15:37
penguin42haha you must have gone on for a bit longer - after about 5 hours yesterday I got my life back15:39
shauno12 hour shifts beg for such distractions15:39
shaunobut as soon as I figured out that the 'underworld' religion lets you raise the dead and use them as regular workers - but they don't count towards housing or food costs15:40
shaunoI starved every last worker.  I now have a population of zero, with nearly 7 million zombies15:40
penguin42much more useful than cats15:41
shaunowhenever you need more workers, just send them to war against anyone.  win or lose, you'll still end up with enough corpses to make a net gain15:43
penguin42you might want to report that as a bug :-)15:43
shaunothe other catch that makes them overpowered is that the cost doesn't scale.  living workers get more expensive every time you buy them.  zombies are fixed at 100 piety15:45
shaunoit doesn't seem to count zombies against population though.  so I peaked at 'small town', and now have a 'thorp' (the smallest settlement size) with 7 million residents15:48
penguin42but are you 'overcrowded'?15:49
shaunonowhere close, that's buildings vs land size, not population15:49
shaunoand I have a whole tonne of land acquired from raiding15:50
shaunothe only downside I've found from this tactic, is that there's no such thing as a happy zombie, so you're capped at 'content'15:51
penguin42but does anything bad happen when your population is content?15:51
penguin42and I guess your zombies don't get ill so you don't need apothecaries15:51
shaunodoesn't seem so.  I think there's a production bonus for being happier?  but I pretty much have a chinese labour market, I don't need production bonuses15:52
penguin42can you use zombies as clerics?15:52
shaunoyes.  I pretty much have to, since piety is required to raise more dead15:53
penguin42yeh that's what I was thinking15:53
shauno(although they also gain piety from deaths, so mass-murder is also a valid tactic)15:53
penguin42you should be a Daily Mail headline righter16:01
shaunothat actually crossed my mind during an attack.  the status log had "barbarians killed an unemployed"16:02
MyrttiI wonder if it's possible that my laptop wifi interferes with the wifi of my Nexus 5?16:20
foobarryrun wifi analyser16:40
foobarryto check how busy the channels are16:41
foobarryand have your neighbours had a baby recently?16:41
foobarryBletchley is currently in the throes of a bitter dispute, between owners who want to create a brand new visitors centre, and volunteers who have been working on the site for years.'16:46
penguin42who are the owners?16:48
foobarrydunno, haven't watched the bbc report16:49
foobarrythe people who raised 4M moneys16:49
foobarryto save it16:49
foobarrybtw... http://theinvisiblethings.blogspot.co.uk/2009/10/evil-maid-goes-after-truecrypt.html16:49
mappsah MartijnVdS i went to sleep sorry16:53
mapps<MartijnVdS> mapps: does ping6 work?16:53
mapps<MartijnVdS> mapps: which IRC server are you using? is it up?16:53
mappsbut no and no but i can nslookup an ipv6 host16:53
shaunoso if you, eg, "ping -c 1 2a03:2880:2110:df07:face:b00c:0:1" computer says no?16:55
mappsyea it says no16:55
mappsbut i can do like nslookup iov6.google.com ?16:55
mappsand it returns the ipv616:55
mappsthis is using an he.net ipv6 tunnel16:56
shaunoit sounds like you don't have v6 but your nameserver does16:56
mappsof course16:56
mappsbecause im using the google ns16:56
mappsthis was on windows7 too...and now its a bit of a mess not sure how to remove the tunnel etc and readd16:57
mappsmaybe i should leave that and try setting it up on my ubuntumachine16:57
brobostigonif i have 'hg clone' a repo, how do i update said clone for any changes?16:57
mappsno idea:D17:00
brobostigongit i know, but mercurial, not a clue.17:01
mappshey shauno  just remebered i can reach ipv6.google and the ipv6 test says im ipv6 enabled?17:01
mappsgeez how can people pay these rents..house few doors down £1725 a month17:02
penguin42mapps: For what size house?17:04
mappsfeels like a lot to me17:07
mappsi d struggle to pay it on my own17:07
shaunoI honestly wouldn't know where to start on windows.  especially since I think 7 should try to do toredo out-of-the-box, which will confuse me hugely17:07
penguin42mapps: a 1 bed flat is about 700 here I think, so a few people sharing would be cheaper than 3 of those - but probably less space than 3 1 bed flats?17:09
mappsim not sure its 4 bed with a dining room/lounge/kitchen and a really big garden17:09
mappswheres here17:09
mappsand i was on about paying it alone i dont wanna rent with others!17:10
mappsanyone watch Helix?17:15
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mappshi an0key_18:50
an0n432Ohi mapps18:56
mappspretty cold outside brrr!19:07
penguin421stay in this nice warm channel19:07
daftykinsit's going down to the nippy lows of 4 deg C on the island tonight!19:10
an0n432Oi thought iy would never get cold19:11
mappswell id rather it was a tad warme19:11
mappsgoing from inside-> outsides not nice19:11
an0n432Oit has been though, unusually19:11
mappsthe walk to work || walk to gym ==  walk as fast as possible19:11
an0n432Ou n/s?19:11
an0n432Oi had to get up at 6 and walk a mile19:12
an0n432Onorth/south uk?19:13
mappsmidlands now19:13
mappsfrom south originally19:13
an0n432O1/2 and 1/2 then but colder than here19:14
mappsoften get told how i sound 'posh' or 'gay' as some say one fool even said i put my accent on19:14
daftykinsi have my Guernsey voice and my England voice ;)19:14
mappsi just have my normal voice19:15
an0n432Owhats wrong with being gay? its 201419:15
mappsi couldnt manage to put on a fake accent and maintain it 24/7..thatd be pretty tough no?19:15
mappsto keep it up and not slip up19:15
an0n432Oyeah gurnsey is a bit posh19:15
mappsdidnt say there was an0n432O  but im not :)19:15
an0n432Oi know19:15
daftykinslol Guernsey's not posh19:15
an0n432Oi mean whoever says your gay19:16
an0n432Othe accent is i mean19:16
an0n432Owhats that?19:16
Myrttidaftykins: oi19:18
Myrttidaftykins: recommend me a reputable webshop for the blue jumpers19:18
Myrttisomething that sells products not knitted by tiny hands in Bangladesh19:19
an0n432Odirecthex, u a hex programmer? i just discovered i hate machine code and assembler19:20
directhexno. i like c# though19:20
an0n432Oi can cope with c. i just tried assembler, fuckin nasty19:20
mappsc/c++ is ok19:21
bigcalm!ohmy | an0n432O19:21
lubotu3an0n432O: Please remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.19:21
mappsassembler..hm i never find decent assembler guides/references19:21
an0n432Oyeah its ok19:21
an0n432Oits not really used anymore is it?19:22
mappswell uhh i guess not mainstream but sometimes itd be useful19:22
directhexinline assembly is used in plenty of c projects19:22
an0n432Oa happy medium between basic and assembler19:22
an0n432Othere just too much maths in it19:23
mappswhats that mean directhex  asm in c?!19:23
directhexmapps, yeah. C source with scraps of asm inside19:23
an0n432Oc is a higher level language than assembler19:23
directhexpretty common, especially in JITters and interpreters19:23
mappsasm is lower level of coz19:24
daftykinsMyrtti: err, me? not familiar with any i'm afraid :( unless i shipped you a true 'Guernsey' :D19:25
an0n432Oits a horrible language. adding/dividing,etc in 2's,4's and eights,etc19:26
an0n432Ousing registers for everything, writing lines of code just to add up 10 and 519:27
mappstvs so rubbish19:29
an0n432Oill stick to c and basic19:29
an0n432Oyeah, do c4 or bbc ever make any new programmes?19:29
mappsrubbish ones19:30
mappslike Miranda19:30
an0n432Oi reckon theyve gone skint cos no one pays a tv licence anymore, they just watch over the internet19:30
SuperEngineerbigcalm: just got out the bath [fwiw] - well done for the interception earlier on19:33
penguin421directhex: Although most JITs don't bother with the asm - they just spit machine code direct into memory19:36
daftykinsMyrtti: oh wait you actually did mean a real Guernsey19:36
daftykinsMyrtti: they're only locally made as it's a high skill job afaik19:36
daftykinsthere was a news item the other day about how high in demand they are, but so few people locally can make them19:36
mappswhats this?19:38
daftykinsa Guernsey19:38
an0n432Ocould anyone here recommend a super fast, super quiet server?19:38
MartijnVdSan0n432O: a CPS somewhere19:38
daftykinsany PC can be a server, depends what you want to run19:38
penguin421yeh, a server somewhere else is always the quietest :-)19:38
MartijnVdSwell, the host it runs on is probably *LOUD*, but you won't hear it from home ;)19:38
an0n432Oits for my room19:40
an0n432Oso i need to get some sleep19:40
an0n432Oi want a proper deicated server19:40
an0n432Owebhosting, etc19:40
MartijnVdSan0n432O: how powerful do you want it?19:40
MartijnVdSbecause fanless ones exist19:40
an0n432Oyes thats it19:41
MartijnVdSan0n432O: http://linitx.com/product/jetway-jbc362f362600-intel-atom-16ghz-barebone-system/1360719:41
MartijnVdSan0n432O: just add an SSD and some memory19:41
an0n432Ohow much?19:41
MartijnVdSit's an 1.6GHz atom, so it's not a speed monster.. but it should be fine for most home-server purposes19:41
MartijnVdSan0n432O: you can buy it on that site, or maybe you can find it cheaper somewhere lese19:42
* MartijnVdS hasn't checked19:42
penguin421an0n432O: I got an MSI C847MS  motherboard and put it in an old chassis; it's a dual core 1.1GHz celeron19:42
Myrttidaftykins: well, I suppose an article like this doesn't make it any easier ;-) http://www.taloussanomat.fi/harrastukset/2014/01/26/ma-seuduilla-nailla-oon-tunnettu-kalamiesneule/20141168/13919:43
penguin421an0n432O: It's fanless, and I put it in a case with a PSU that's got a temperature controlled fan that hardly ever goes around, and with an SSD it's almost always silent19:43
penguin421an0n432O: But, in the end it's only a 1.1GHz celeron19:43
brobostigonanyone built apache wave before?19:44
an0n432Olooks noisy19:45
an0n432Oid like a blade server19:45
SuperEngineerwhile every body's on the hardware part of their brain stores... anyone know if DDR2 RAM can still be got obtained [from a *reliable* source?]19:45
MartijnVdSSuperEngineer: sure19:45
penguin421an0n432O: Yeh but blade servers are normally only slightly quieter than a 747 engine19:45
penguin421SuperEngineer: Yeh19:45
an0n432Ono good then19:45
penguin421SuperEngineer: crucial.com has it19:46
an0n432Oid rather not build one19:46
MartijnVdSSuperEngineer: http://tweakers.net/categorie/545/geheugen-intern/producten/#filter:q1YqSExPDc6sSlWyMjQw0FEqKMpMTvXNzFOyAnKKC1KT3TJzSlKLipWsqpUMjc1BVFlijpJVtJKpUmxtbS0A19:46
MartijnVdSSuperEngineer: ;)19:46
an0n432Othat jetway looks noisy19:46
MartijnVdSan0n432O: it's fanless.19:46
* SuperEngineer checks out various links...19:46
an0n432Oid like something a bit more powerful though19:46
penguin421SuperEngineer: http://www.crucial.com/uk/store/listmodule/DDR2/list.html   or go to their motherboard/model checker thing19:46
MartijnVdSSuperEngineer: you need something like that tweakers.net/pricewatch for the UK ;)19:47
daftykinsMyrtti: seriously though do you want to buy one? :>19:47
Myrttidaftykins: mabbe19:47
SuperEngineerthanks MartijnVdS19:47
Myrttibut before anything I need pizza19:47
SuperEngineer& penguin42119:47
* Myrtti goes to microwave19:47
* penguin421 reckons a gehugen-intern is RAM19:47
MartijnVdSpenguin421: memory-internal19:48
MartijnVdSbut it lists mostly Dutch online stores19:48
penguin421MartijnVdS: The picture was better :-)19:48
penguin421MartijnVdS: There is a sight like that which lists many EU sites - but I can't remember it's name - it had 3 or 4 UK ones on but mostly German19:49
MartijnVdSpenguin421: http://uk.hardware.info/pricecomparer ?19:50
SuperEngineerMartijnVdS: I *do* like the way way crucial works.... thanks a mil19:52
SuperEngineer...though surprised at price... [£53 tax incl.]19:56
SuperEngineer[for 4GB]19:56
penguin421SuperEngineer: DDR2 is now more expensive19:57
SuperEngineerpenguin421: yup... just found out!  ;)19:57
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SuperEngineer... if only the "don't waste the planet" part of my brain would let me a new pooter :)19:59
SuperEngineer*let me buy19:59
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SuperEngineer[still that + graphics card upgrade is still a cheap option.... especially as current pooter only has a prob with *1* Steam game - rest of my pooter's world is a good 1]20:10
shaunough, try buying ecc ddr2.  that'll make you sadface.20:51
daftykinsECC D:21:02
bigcalmGood evening peeps :)21:27
popey 3283 root      20   0 8539064 5.377g 243172 S  12.9 34.6 326:31.88 Xorg21:36
diploStill having xorg issues then popey  :(21:49
popeyyeah, luckily it's reproduced by others so no just me21:56
popeySeems April 5 2010 was the last time my viglen was booted22:24
brobostigonello webpigeon22:30
webpigeonHello brobostigon :)22:31
bigcalmpopey: you got it booted, cor22:31
bigcalmpopey: now what? :P22:31
brobostigonwebpigeon: didnt know you hung out here, :)22:31
webpigeonbrobostigon: I'm about, I just don't talk much22:31
brobostigonwebpigeon: ah.22:31
popeybigcalm: reformat22:44
bigcalmpopey: ah, and then skip?22:52
popeyno, but it's not well.23:00

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