greg-gcmaloney: you got that check-in email?04:46
cmaloneygreg-g: ?14:29
cmaloneyYeah, I got it.14:29
cmaloneyNot sure how to respond that isn't snarky.14:32
cmaloneyrick_h_: You've bbeen busy this afternoon20:28
rick_h_cmaloney: devin hits bugs I fix. And this cough is keeping me in the guest room anyway :/20:28
cmaloneyAh, lovely.20:29
cmaloneySo you're infirmed eh?20:29
rick_h_just as I go shovel the lovely snow that keeps falling I come back in dying and the wife is tired of hearing it20:30
cmaloneyProbably because you're making her think of "work". ;)20:30

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