Unit193Eh, considering this is the Ohio channel, may as well mention it.  If you use Ohiolink: http://sigma.unit193.net/plugins/ohiolink.xml and if you use OSU: http://sigma.unit193.net/plugins/osu.xml01:29
starratshello everyone01:49
belkinsaWelcome back, starrats.01:54
starratsthank you, been on the comp but elsewhere, looking for a good and free partition tool01:54
belkinsaFor Windows?  or Linux?01:55
starratsI'm not going to let myself or windows beat me, lol01:55
Unit193Winders has one built in, not sure how good it is.  Normally, I just use gparted.01:55
starratswell I would have tro use windows due to the fact I would be leary of using it on VB01:56
belkinsaCan you burn a Ultimate Boot CD for Windows?01:56
starratsdon't know belkinsa01:56
jenni[ UBCD for Windows ] - https://j.mp/1mYTeWG01:56
belkinsaIf you can, I know it has tools for what you need to do.01:57
starratsand I did download gparted on here meaning VB but can't seem to find it, lol01:57
belkinsaIsn't gparted pre-installed?01:57
starratsno it's not belkinsa or I can't find it and I have gone thru the apps01:59
Unit193Live only.01:59
starratsit's cool I'll find it soon01:59
belkinsaDid you apt-get install gparted01:59
starratsI tried that I believe02:03
starratssays Ive installed it02:05
jenni[ GParted - Community Ubuntu Documentation ] - https://j.mp/1mYX6ak02:13
belkinsa"However, managing partitions on your hard drive intrinsically changes your hard drive. If you accidentally change the partition of the OS to which you have installed the package, you might corrupt your hard drive and your system might become unusable. It is always best to have a GParted LiveCD available for emergencies. "02:13
starratsthis is true belkinsa I have used gparted in the past, like I have said I'm a little rusty on things of this nature, I bookmarked it and will the reading and then I have to get to the store and buy more dvd's02:16
starratsI bought a pack of 10 and 4 were bad, lol02:17
starratsand the other 6 have stuff on them, I just bought dvd-r and not dvdrw02:18
starratsbeen thinking also to buy an ext hd or a thumbdrive to download and install from02:19
starratsbut I have to wait until beginning of February to get my pension02:19
starratsgood morning everyone11:16
starrats.wx 4424011:34
jenniCover: Clear ☼, Temp: 3.2°F (-16.0°C), Dew Point: -2.2°F (-19.0°C), Windchill: -12.3°F (-24.6°C), Pressure: 29.76in (1004.95mb), Wind: Gentle breeze 9.0kt (↑) - KAKR, 10:54Z11:34
starratsgood morning again everyone!16:46
starratsgood afternoon everyone!19:36
starratshello  unit19319:39
starratssorry GF had a comp. prob I had to take care of19:43
starratsI'm back, I hope, lol21:23
starratsgood evening belkinsa22:02
belkinsaHey there, starrats.22:15
belkinsaHey there, starrats.  How are you?22:16
starratsI'm doing okay how are you?22:18
* starrats is getting hungry, some hot soup for supper tonight22:19
belkinsaI'm trying to get work done for tomorrow.22:19
starratsah okay22:19
belkinsaMore like a bunch is due at 11:59 PM.22:19
starratsis this for the group or where you work on the job.22:19
belkinsaNo, school.  I'm a biology major and I should of stated that last night or whenever i said it.22:20
starratsah cool22:22
starratsany specialty or just biology in general?22:23
belkinsaMolecular Biology.  I want to do something with DNA and maybe microbes.22:24
belkinsaBut I also want to tie in my hobby (the FOSS/Ubuntu Linux) skills that I have gained.22:25
belkinsaIf I didn't show you this before: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/belkinsa That's who I am in the Ubuntu Community.22:26
starratswell maybe you'll write a program that will benefit your field of science22:26
jenni[ belkinsa - Ubuntu Wiki ] - https://j.mp/1eqs1VA22:26
belkinsaIf I knew how to code.22:26
belkinsaMost of my skills are MoinMoin wiki work and just community work trying to make a community to grow.22:27
belkinsaAnd wordpress skills.22:27
starratsnice resume22:28
starratsif you want to learn code writing on my channel, if you remember the nick 'netdaemon' and on the #tuxhacker channel there quite a few folks that write code for a living22:30
starratsespecially on the #tuxhacker channel, you can learn a lot that's where I get a lot of my ?'s answered22:32
starratsbbl time for some dinner.22:34
starratsgood evening everyone!23:57

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