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InHisNameMorning (again)11:47
GuruPilgrimI want to get involved with the PA LoCo. are there meetings in the York/Harrisburg area?11:49
jedijfthe pa loco is a virtual team - cplug would be your physical choice11:50
GuruPilgrimah. well that's interesting11:50
GuruPilgrimI'm the organizer of CPLUG11:50
GuruPilgrimseems like I should already know this :-P11:50
GuruPilgrimso it's just irc and the mailing list?11:50
jedijfgo to http://ubuntupennsylvania.org/ join launchpad team11:50
jedijfwe try to connect physical with virtual and provide a central place to do so11:51
jedijfmost active throughout the years /has/ been philly - get motivated - increase presence in central !!!11:51
GuruPilgrimshould I be pointing CPLUG people here that are into Ubuntu?11:53
jedijfyou should point all here - we are distro agnostic - we have the community - many here aren't strictly 'Ubuntu' users11:54
jedijfare you on the launchpad team?11:55
GuruPilgrimwill be in a minute11:56
GuruPilgrimjust joined the mailing list11:56
jedijfGuruPilgrim: awesome to have you around - mailing list and irc seem to be the best way - probably mailing list is *the* best - just holler at us via email or irc and let us know what we can do to help your area12:03
GuruPilgrimawesome! Thanks!12:04
jedijffeel free to use all of the LoCo resources to promote whatever you are doing in your area12:04
GuruPilgrimeven better!12:05
jedijfactually i should post about the makerfaire in allentown12:05
GuruPilgrimsomeone mentioned to me several months ago that you occasionally give out Ubuntu DVDs?12:08
GuruPilgrimi was just curious because i'm putting together a 'basic training' event and i'd like to put a packet together for people to take home.12:19
GuruPilgrimthere. now i've joined the launchpad :)12:29
jedijfGuruPilgrim: canonical is only doing lts runs, but sure, cplug will get some14:10
jedijfthere are conference packs too - they have to be approved, but that's why you should stay in touch14:11

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