Kilosmorning all04:51
Kiloshi hekkwan 06:35
Kilosmorning superfly 06:42
Kiloshi Xethron 07:19
theblazehenjoin #critterding07:29
Kiloshi theblazehen 07:29
theblazehenhey Kilos 07:29
magespawngood morning all07:45
theblazehenhey magespawn 07:53
magespawnhi theblazehen 07:53
magespawnhow are things/07:53
Kiloshi there magespawn 07:53
magespawnhey Kilos 07:54
theblazehenmagespawn, good and you?07:57
magespawngood thanks07:58
theblazehenmagespawn, what you been up to lately? How's that wifi rollout going?08:01
magespawngood got the one tower up and running about 2km away from our main camp08:02
magespawnnow i need to move a rocket m5 up to the other hill to connect the back gate and the reserve managers house08:03
theblazehennice :)08:03
magespawnthen to cover the lalapanzi camp in wifi08:03
theblazehenhey Golynx 08:04
GolynxHi theblazehen08:04
Kiloshi Golynx 08:06
Golynxhey Kilos08:06
Kilosforgot what i wanted to tell you08:22
Golynxanother trick ?08:22
Kiloswhat was the last one?08:23
Kiloshey magespawn i saw something new today08:24
Golynxthe boot password popup thing08:24
Kiloswhat about that?08:24
Kilosive forgotten08:24
Kiloswas it for something that wasnt working?08:25
Golynxnope, it was something that broke your side and gave to me just incase it happens to me08:26
Kilosmagespawn, got a m/board that i can get starting from the on off button. but after lotsa googling found this model actually has a start/stop and reset button on the m/board08:27
Kilosoh ya Golynx the gdm thing. it came up here after installing and trying to use wine08:28
GolynxYour words were "Sooner or later your gonna enter password when booting and it will keep going back to that popup..."08:28
Kilosya installing gdm fixes that08:28
Kilosare you settling into ubuntu?08:29
Golynxgood to know though08:29
GolynxYa the lappy is cool and quiet, that was my main issue08:30
Golynxbut love ubunut :)08:30
Kilosif you need it and can wait coupla months ill send you an xp cd08:30
Kilosthats good to hear08:30
GolynxThere are some things i still wana do in windows. Can i go online with that xp ?08:31
Golynxgood , will cross those bridges when i get there08:35
Kilosjust need to catch up first. been saving for pc stuff first and not getting meds08:36
GolynxYour life is more important than pc hardware though08:37
Kilosit wasnt till now. now i got a faster pc so can worry about meds again08:38
Golynxah thats good08:39
magespawnKilos do you mean a reset button on the board itself?08:48
magespawnhi Golynx 08:50
Kilosyeah magespawn weird hey the start stop one too08:52
Kilosnever seen that before08:53
Kilostiny little things though. look like pc board components08:53
magespawncool beans08:55
Kilosyeah 08:55
Kilosnow got a core2 quad running08:55
magespawngoing offline for a bit brb08:55
GolynxHi magespawn08:56
Kilosbasically a dual with 4 threads08:56
theblazehenhehe, I probably have the weirdest configuration here..09:00
theblazehenGot OS running on a VM, HDD on a virtual disk on a NAS, with me accessing it with a thin client program on my netbook09:01
Kiloswb hekkwan 09:04
magespawnhey all09:06
Kiloswb magespawn 09:06
theblazehenwb Maaz 09:06
theblazehenwb magespawn *09:07
theblazehenI need a better IRC client..09:07
magespawnbusy testing one of these http://www.engeniustech.com/business-networking/outdoor-access-points-client-bridges/9339-enh202-09:08
Golynxwb magespawn09:12
magespawni want to see what the real world conditions are when i connect to is from my tablet09:12
magespawngoing out side brb09:12
GolynxI like doing almost everything in one program. Opening just one app to use irc makes no sense to me09:14
Kilosthats your choice09:14
theblazehenGolynx, yeah, that's why I just open an xterm :)09:15
Golynxah thats good theblazehen :)09:16
theblazehenGolynx, what'd you use?09:16
GolynxOpera browser , got irc, email, fb chat, alot of stuff 09:18
theblazehenAh, yeah09:19
theblazehenused that like 5 years ago09:19
GolynxBut its the older 12.04 version . The new versions use webkit engine and dot have some of those features anymore09:19
theblazehenBut it's not FOSS :(09:19
theblazehenoh yeah, the opera blink or whatever09:19
theblazehentoo much vim.. ^W wont delete a word in IRC client.. :(09:20
theblazehenneed recommendations:  irssi vs weechat?09:22
KilosGolynx, i think it would be safe to upgrade to the later opera09:22
Kilosused weechat , not bad09:23
Kilosxchat better09:23
Kilosoh my09:23
Kilosnot free sucks09:24
theblazehenI'm on xchat :(09:24
Kilosi love xchat09:24
Kilosbest irc client09:24
Kilosthen comes konversation09:24
theblazehenYeah, I slightly prefer quassel, but Qt libs :(09:25
theblazehenand it has a GUI09:25
Kilosgui's are lekker for me09:26
theblazehenKilos, yeah, nice for some people09:27
Kilosquassel sound alerts suck09:27
theblazehenI use a GUI for my web browser, and IRC client atm09:27
theblazehenoh and my terminals09:27
Kilosquassel is good if you use the client and can then connect from fones and other pcs thereby09:27
theblazehenKilos, yeah, why I used to like it09:28
GolynxNot now Kilos, Opera uses the webkit rendering engine now. That uses extra background processes like chrome. Cant be wasting data like that. Maybe in a few months09:30
Kiloswell keep designing, maybe ill want a site sorted sometime09:31
Golynxwill do. I'm working on my portfolio site. Gona put lots of demo's there, plus wordpress,joomla templates i made. Maybe you will find something for your site. 09:33
Kiloswill look when im ready to publish it. too much other stuff now09:36
theblazehenGolynx, got a small data cap?09:36
Golynxnp Kilos take your time09:38
Golynxtheblazehen yes something like that09:38
theblazehenGolynx, if you can afford $11/year then I have an idea..09:39
theblazehenRent a cheap VPS, then set up a compressed SOCKS proxy09:39
Kilosstill gonna use data09:40
Kilos3g eats data09:40
theblazehenKilos, but will be reduced a LOT09:40
Golynxhmm i dunno how that works09:41
Kilosthe isp still uses the data09:41
theblazehenIt's probably system processes using some data, so send it all compressed to remote server , and recieve compressed data09:41
theblazehenso up to 50% less data used09:41
theblazehenFor things like browsing, IRC, etc09:42
theblazehenjnettop may help find out what's using data too09:42
Kilosso everything goes through there first?09:42
GolynxI think opera already does that theblazehen09:43
theblazehenKilos, yeah || Golynx yeah, but only old version09:43
GolynxIt goes through there compression server then get sent to the browser and uncompressed09:43
GolynxI am using the old version09:44
Golynxnp thanks anyway :009:44
GolynxMost of the time i work offline anyway. just when i need to upload to a server that i have to use alot of data09:47
GolynxBut i zip those then unzip on server09:47
theblazehenyeah, btw xz is more efficient09:48
theblazehenfscking xchat..09:48
theblazehenI <3 vim...09:49
magetabletHey all10:07
Kiloshaha it works10:07
magetabletI am now about 600m away from my office with trees and buildings in the way10:08
magetabletNow it getting very flaky10:09
magetabletAt about 65 mbps and -86 dbi on signal strength10:10
Kiloshow high up do you have that extender thing?10:10
magetablet2m off the ground10:11
magetabletThat is were the clearest line of sight is10:11
Kiloshigher will go further10:11
Kilosradio is tricky hey10:12
Kilosinteresting though10:12
magetabletYes for point to point but i am trying to cover as much area in 2.4ghz as possible, so people can connect  anywhere in the main lodge area10:13
Kilosthen hight is important magespawn 10:13
Kilosdoes that thing use a cable?10:14
Kilosor also wifi in and out10:14
magetabletYou see the people are on the ground,10:14
Kilosyou only want to cover the lodge area?10:14
magetabletWifi for people to and then cable to the main network10:14
magetabletAs much as possible10:15
Kilosthen lift it 2 metres and see10:15
Kilosim sure it will go further10:15
magetabletNo then the trees start getting in the way10:17
magetablet2m and under the tress are trimed up to that height10:18
Kiloshow big is the lodge  area anyway10:21
Kilos600 metres is far10:21
magetabletNot sure going to gps from the main hall to the rooms just now10:22
magetabletThis equipment works quite lekker10:31
magetabletLater all10:31
Private_Usergood day all11:15
Private_Useranybody know of any good network monitoring tools?11:15
Private_Userlooking for one for use with windows as well and hopefully works with ubuntu as well11:15
Private_UserI am trying to figure out which software maybe using bandwidth11:16
somaunnhi Kilos11:19
XethronHi Kilos :)11:19
somaunnhi Xethron11:20
somaunnhi inetpro11:20
somaunnhi nuvolari11:20
somaunnhi highvoltage11:20
Kiloshi somaunn 11:20
somaunnhi All11:20
somaunnhi Squirm11:20
somaunnwhat's on the desk11:20
Private_Userhi somaunn, Xethron 11:21
Private_Userhi Kilos11:21
Kilosbusy trying to sort a switch on prob11:21
somaunnhi Private_User11:21
Kiloshi Private_User 11:21
somaunnKilos: put the case on the desk11:22
somaunnwill be pleased to help 11:22
Kilosi have it open11:22
Kilosmoving wires around and gonna clear cmos11:22
Kilosseems it is a common prob with this board11:22
somaunnmade by ?11:23
Kiloson the front panel connector must the writing go to the outside?11:25
Kilosi have the manual open online and its a common thing in the troubleshooting section11:26
Kilosespecialy on new builds11:26
XethronKilos: Just sent the email :)11:26
Kiloscool Xethron 11:27
magespawnPrivate_User, what are you trying to track on the network?11:27
Kilosill see if its there now now11:27
GolynxHi all active members o/11:27
Kiloshi Golynx 11:27
Private_Userhi Golynx11:27
Kilosyip Xethron got it11:28
Xethrongreat :D Lets see if it gets a reply11:28
Kiloslets hope ya11:28
Kilosmaybe you should mail the ptalug as well11:29
Kilosbut dont ask me the addy11:29
Kilosno jhblug11:29
Private_Userhi magespawn, trying to figure out what software is using data cause sometimes I feel like there is more than usual network traffic but I do not have anything more running than I usually do11:29
Kilosos Private_User ?11:30
magespawni see, might you not be able to track that using task manager11:30
Private_Userfor windows vista cause the ubuntu machine is switched off11:30
magespawntask manager in windows will tell how much each program and process is using of system resources, and you can get general network graph as well11:32
GolynxI used network indicator thing in task manager on windows, to kill of the data hungry run32.dll process11:32
magespawnthere is a microsoft network scanner as well11:32
Private_Userok is free the ms network scanner preferable open source11:34
Private_Userthanks magespawn let me check it out11:34
magespawnalso Nagios and this lot http://www.gfi.com/blog/the-top-20-free-network-monitoring-and-analysis-tools-for-sys-admins/11:35
Private_Userthe issue I have is so many processes just state svchost and sometimes to check each one is a very long process and sometimes not very helpful cause it gives me no information  and I also I have an issue with memory being used up11:38
Private_Usernot even sure which application is suddenly eating the memory11:38
Private_Usercause I am running the applications I used to run with no issues previously so not sure if something new was suddenly installed11:38
Private_Usertried looking but cannot find anything that was nit installed by me11:39
magespawnsometimes updates can cause problems, but you can try switching off the programs one by one11:40
GolynxYou can also look at which processes are using the cpu while the system is at idle11:42
Private_Userthanks guys have tried that and found that its just the normal applications that was there when there were no issues like anti-virus etc but many svchost and not sure what each one is11:44
Private_UserI am wondering if maybe an update may have cause memory leaks on any of the software, you guys think that could also cause high memory usage?11:45
GolynxI used to get alot of svchost processes , but just left it and went away after a while. Its an imortant windows process i think11:46
Golynxrun32.dll process usually caused the most problems, just kept downloading stuff, but its safe to end that process 11:47
Kilosnuvolari, ping12:03
Kiloswhy would a motherboard have 2 pcie slots?12:32
Kilosand 2 pcie16x?12:33
magespawnto use two pcie cards?12:37
Kilosfor 2 screen magespawn ?12:38
Kilosand whats them pcie16x ones for12:38
Kilosthey small slots12:39
magespawnpcie is not just for screens they take other cards12:40
Kilosoh ty12:40
Kiloswill investigate them sometime12:40
Kilosneed to rest now12:40
Kilosbally time12:40
magespawncool beans12:44
Kiloshmm... tara came online in mxit and my pc hung12:52
Kiloscant take women anywhere12:52
Kilossorry ladies12:52
magespawnPrivate_User, maybe this will help, not sure though http://is.gd/0vHbEe12:53
magespawnOkay I am off home later all.13:00
GolynxHi jhb_hacker13:49
GolynxHi maiatoday13:50
Kiloshiya maiatoday 13:52
maiatodayhi Kilos13:52
Kilosdont forget meeting on tuesday at 20.30 hey13:52
maiatodayand everyone else13:52
maiatoday:) I have it on my calendar13:53
Kilosgood girl. we missed you13:53
GolynxKilos , so its maiatoday that i would've probably got a ubuntu disk from 13:55
Kilosthats it Golynx 13:56
Golynxah cool, i like her art 13:56
Kilosshe used to do all the ordering and importing and customs hassles for us13:56
Kilosthen life grabbed hold of her13:56
Kiloswb somaunn 13:57
Kilosshe also was one of those that helped me when i was more noob than you13:57
GolynxNice , so it was great having maiatoday around back then13:57
Golynxhey somaunn13:57
Kilosyeah im happy13:57
GolynxThats good ,  alot of helpful people here13:58
maiatodayyeah sorry Golynx, I should have sent that parcel to you14:03
Kilosi sent him one maiatoday 14:04
Kilosremastersys version14:04
Kilosunity is a bit heavy for his old lappy but he added xubuntu-desktop14:05
maiatodayok great14:05
GolynxThanks maiatoday. I got one from Kilos works great :)14:05
maiatodaythe official disks are only the unity ones14:06
maiatodayso you need xubuntu loaded after anyway if that's what you want to run14:06
Kiloshi smile 14:07
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smile4Hi Kilos :D14:08
=== smile4 is now known as smile
GolynxHey smile14:08
Golynxmaiatoday is one busy bee lol14:10
smileHow're you, Golynx ? :)14:10
Kilosyeah she is a tireless worker14:10
GolynxGood and you smile14:10
smileI'm fine too :)14:10
Kilosdid lotsa organizing in ct area14:10
smileDon't let her work too much, Golynx :p14:10
Golynxlol Kilos tireless ?14:10
Kilosdont get tired14:11
GolynxSorry that sounded a bit like car tire :)14:11
Kilosi forget spelling sometimes14:11
Golynxlol smile :)14:11
GolynxYa Kilos she seems great in the organizing area of things14:12
Kilosyeah did major work in spreading ubuntu in za14:12
Kiloshi captine 14:13
captineHi Kilos14:13
Kilosshe used to work at the labs in stellenbosch if im not mistaken14:13
somaunnhi Kilos14:13
somaunnhi Golynx14:13
GolynxKilos why not sell ubuntu dvd's aswell ?14:14
somaunnhi smile14:14
Golynxhu captine14:14
somaunnhi captine14:14
Kilosits against the policy to sell ubuntu14:14
captinehi Golynx and somaunn 14:14
Golynxoh ok14:14
KilosMaaz, google mark shuttleworth and ubuntu14:14
MaazKilos: "Mark Shuttleworth - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Shuttleworth :: "Mark Shuttleworth" http://www.markshuttleworth.com/ :: "About Ubuntu | Ubuntu" http://www.ubuntu.com/about/about-ubuntu :: "Ubuntu and founder Mark Shuttleworth win new awards | Ubuntu" http://www.ubuntu.com/news/newmedia :: "Mark Shuttleworth interview:14:14
MaazTaking Ubuntu beyond desktops - PC Pro" http://www.pcpro.co.uk/news/interviews/386080/ma…14:14
smileI created copyright file today to state the license of my program, WikiList :) http://hugsmile.eu/en/wikilist/ :p14:15
smileI'm trying to reduce the warning messages to zero :)14:15
Kilosubuntu will always be free14:15
Kilosyou just supply lotsa data14:15
Kilosbut 2g data is much cheaper than win714:16
Kilosi go fetch sheep14:17
smileKilos: good night ;)14:18
Golynxmodem light flashed green :)14:20
Golynxno its back to solid green14:20
Kilosnight smile sleep tight14:23
KilosGolynx, install minicom14:23
Kilosthen run it and setup modem14:24
Kilosspeed 115 something and then save14:24
smileKilos: I thought you were going to sleep14:24
Kilosseems to make things more stable14:24
Kilosno man fetch sheep14:24
Kilosyou know the things that go baaaa14:24
GolynxIts ok Kilos, dont wana tweak my primary weapon :)14:24
Golynxlol smile14:24
Kilosmake lekker chops14:25
smileKilos: lol :D I read sleep14:26
Golynxlove them beef jerky 14:26
Kilossmile, you need glasses14:28
Kilosi wear 2 pairs at times14:28
smilejust a bit tired :)14:28
Kilosgo sleep then or you make messups14:29
smileNot doing something important :)14:29
smileAnd I don't plan to drive :)14:30
smile(not today)14:30
smileCan you drive, Kilos ? :p14:36
Kilosbikes and cars14:37
* Golynx needs a license - how much ? :P14:38
Kilosthe legal way is cheaper14:38
GolynxYa 5Grand is too much14:39
Golynx+ jail time when caught14:39
smileyesterday I drove on very small roads :p14:45
smilefor one car14:45
smilewith two cars :DD14:45
smilethat was somewhat inconvenient ;)14:45
Kilosoh you guys have roads there?14:47
Kilosi thought you used canoes14:47
smilewe have (not so very dry) roads :p14:48
GolynxWhere is that Finland 14:56
Kiloswhere the dykes are14:58
Golynxhmm, dyke is slang for lesbian :/15:00
GolynxOh Singapore. 15:02
GolynxAnyway this is the kinda interface i want http://thefearlesspenguin.files.wordpress.com/2012/03/screenshot-voyager.jpg15:04
smileYou need Docky, Conky, Adwaita, Xfce and a beautiful wallpaper for that :)15:08
Kilosno man Golynx holland15:08
GolynxOh ok Kilos15:09
GolynxYa smile a guy in xubuntu channel told me to use nthe voyager theme15:09
GolynxI like that alot , and so much you can configure :)15:10
smileGolynx: yes, that might fit as well :)15:10
GolynxRight now productivity is more important than the looks, so xfce will have to do until i can switch to SteamOS15:12
* Golynx takes a powernap...15:15
Kilosinetpro, amper 20mm gistreaand15:15
smilenie baie nie :(15:23
Kilosvir ons is elke druppel baie nodig15:53
Kilosmethinks ill go to kde for a bit15:54
smilewelcome back, Kilos 16:09
Kilosty smile im on konversation now16:13
Kilosand just left a tweet with choqok16:14
Kiloskuduntu rocks16:14
smileKilos: lol, you need fuduntu then :D16:16
smilehttp://sourceforge.net/projects/fuduntu/files/ :p16:16
smileIs has been discontinued :(16:17
Kilosactually now with a faster pc i should try tinycorelinux in a vm16:19
Kiloswas quite a lekker os16:19
Kilosvery tiny16:19
smilesuper fast :)16:20
smilebut not user friendly :)16:20
Kilosyeah , only prob was you needed cable connection to get the 3g files16:20
Kiloswhen i tried it there was a friendly guy on their irc channel that helped me16:21
* Golynx woke up from powernap... O_O16:23
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=== Guest31348 is now known as smile
Kiloscore2 quad sees 4g or ram as 3.25g17:28
Kilos2x2g same make17:28
Kiloswb Xethron 18:12
smileKilos: bug squeezing is cool ;)18:29
Kiloswhere are you squeezing bugs18:31
smileIn WikiList :p18:33
smileTesting it on Fedora now.. :p18:34
smileBut it doesn't seem to find perl18:34
Golynxlook out for the bug juice squirting in your eye smile O_-18:34
smileGolynx: I will ;)18:35
smilePerl was not installed, lol :D18:35
smileNeed to log that in Debug :D18:35
Golynxlol :D18:35
smileFixed :p18:36
smileIt works! :D18:37
* Golynx gives smile a biscuit :)18:38
smileGolynx: thank you, that's very kind of you :)18:38
Golynxnp :)18:39
smileAnother one pops up :o18:43
smileEnable built-in de-duplicate mode when No duplicates is enabled, Disable built-in de-duplicate mode and then sort disappears :D18:44
* Golynx puts biscuit back in pocket18:44
Golynxtake care guys .o/18:55
smileHmm, I need to fetch them back :p18:59
smileIt's fixed :p18:59
Kiloshi psydroid 19:08
Kilosor wb19:09
inetprogood evening19:11
inetproKilos: does that new mobo/processor of yours support VDI?19:12
Kilosi dunno what that is19:12
Kilosoh you mean this one not the i319:12
Kiloshow do i found out if it does19:13
inetproVirtual desktop infrastructure19:13
Kilosthis one must do all that19:13
Kilosit even has virtual stuff in bios19:13
psydroidhi Kilos 19:14
psydroidhi inetpro 19:14
Kilosinetpro: this pc is latest 1155 mobo in19:15
Kilosbut dual core cpu still19:15
Kiloswhen im richer ill get an i5 or i7 cpu for it19:16
inetprocan't remember what command it is but you can check whether it is VM enabled19:17
Kilosi have virt something installed19:19
inetproahh hang on19:20
inetproType the following command to verify that host cpu has support for Intel VT technology, enter:19:21
inetpro$ sudo grep --color vmx /proc/cpuinfo19:21
inetproif the output has the vmx flags, then Intel CPU host is capable of running hardware virtualization19:22
Kilosspanne stuff there19:24
inetproyep, looks good19:24
inetprohave you tried VirtualBox yet?19:25
Kilosneed to save now for an i5 cpu19:25
Kilosi ran virtualbox on the dualcore19:25
Kiloswas just slow but worked19:25
Kilosthis is 3 times as fast19:25
inetprotry it and see the difference19:26
Kilosbetween 2 and 3 anyway19:26
Kilosya but what to install there19:26
Kilosi love this new one19:26
inetproany other distro you can think of to experiment with19:27
Kilosgonna sell my kidneys for an i519:27
Kilosoh ok i can put unity xp win719:27
Kiloswhat made you bring this up?19:27
inetproanyway, me should have been sleeping by now19:28
Kilosi have xp on the i319:28
Kilossleep tight old man19:28
inetproKilos: good night19:28
smilebye :)19:44
Kilosbye smile19:45
somaunnhi Kilos20:04
Kiloshi somaunn 20:10
Kilosnight guys. sleep tight20:11
Kilossee you tomorrow if the sun comes up20:11
somaunnbye bye guys20:17

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