hitsujiTMODF3D2: chroot /media/x/LUBUNTU\ 13.10/ /bin/sh -c "grub-install"00:00
hitsujiTMODF3D2: chroot /media/x/LUBUNTU\ 13.10/ /bin/sh -c "update-grub"00:01
DF3D2hitsujiTMO, thats after I do all the mounts right?00:01
hitsujiTMODF3D2: yup00:01
TJ-DF3D2: I'd be strongly tempted to put the path of the change chroot in a variable, and use the variable00:01
sonofrustuptwisthitsujiTMO: umount: /media/E47CDFA27CDF6DB4: device is busy.         (In some cases useful info about processes that use          the device is found by lsof(8) or fuser(1))00:01
DF3D2TJ-, i'm not an  advanced scripter :-D00:01
sh0thi guys can please someone help me with all this thing UEFI/Secureboot wINDOWS 8 and Ubuntu? I have installed disabling secureboot ubuntu on a partition next to Windows 8. Now I need to make it boot so I restarted a live usb ubuntu and from there i am running boot-repair which gets stuck on the initial phase when it says: Scanning systems(os-prober)....00:01
hitsujiTMOsonofrustuptwist: do you have any instances of nautilus open?00:02
sonofrustuptwisthitsujiTMO:  nautilus. i have no idea what that is. i did not open any programs on this laptop, it is only running the LiveCD to install, so only Terminal and Firefox are open (knowingly)00:03
DF3D2am I basically stuck doing this method since I copied all the files from one ubuntu install and used chroot etc to fix it so it will boot? I now want to dd an image of the bootable usb stick and then clone that to several other sticks. But I will face incorrect UUID's if I don't do this chroot method every time right ?00:03
antifa<sh0t> try with ubuntu boot repair live cd00:03
hitsujiTMODF3D2: this is how i install OS's https://github.com/hitsuji/steamos/blob/master/install.sh :P00:04
sh0tantifa, you mean that the problem could be the fact that I am trying from a live USB and not from a live CD?00:04
FevixHello, I'm trying to dd a .iso on my desktop onto a usb stick. What's the path to the desktop for use in commands?00:04
DF3D2hitsujiTMO, I surely don't need anything that complicated00:04
sonofrustuptwisthitsujiTMO:  where are we?00:05
hitsujiTMOsonofrustuptwist: nautilus is the file manager. in the all terminals run: cd ~00:05
FevixI've tried /home/<username>/desktop/filename.iso, I've tried /desktop/filename.iso, I've made absolute certain the filename is spelled right00:06
PiciFevix: typically the desktop folder is Desktop, not desktop.00:06
hitsujiTMOFevix: its Desktop not desktop00:06
bpromptFevix:    you  mean you dunno where the .iso is?00:06
sonofrustuptwisthitsujiTMO:  i had earlier looked at the drives on the windows side, so i guess that would explain that00:06
FevixhitsujiTMO: I just tried that, still errors.00:06
hitsujiTMOsonofrustuptwist: try this again: sudo umount /dev/sda{1,2,3,4}00:07
Fevixbprompt: I know exactly where the file is, it's sitting right on my desktop. I just don't know the path.00:07
antifa<sh0t> no ubuntu has a live cd tool for this kind of things https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair hope this helps00:07
sonofrustuptwisthitsujiTMO:  ok ran cd ~00:08
sonofrustuptwistno error messages00:08
TJ-DF3D2: here's an example: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6817420/00:08
hitsujiTMOsonofrustuptwist: try this again: sudo umount /dev/sda{1,2,3,4}00:08
sh0tah ok antifa ! I know about boot-repair the problem is that IT gets stuck00:08
sh0ton the initial phase when is running os-prober00:08
DF3D2TJ-, so /target is wherever the drive is mounted ?00:08
bpromptFevix:    right-click on it, and click on .... Properties I think, depends on your windows manager00:08
FevixLast failed command: sudo dd if=/home/Kimberly/Desktop/ubuntu-13.10-desktop-amd65.iso of=/dev/sdb100:09
FevixFails with "NO such file or directory: <Exactly what I typed for if=>00:09
antifa<sh0t> hm... I would tre putting it o a disk sometimes I get erros from live usb to00:09
sonofrustuptwisthitsujiTMO:  message /dev/sda1 (and 2,3) not mounted00:09
sonofrustuptwisthitsujiTMO: i abbreviated the message i hope you realize that00:09
antifa<sh0t> think it is worth to try00:10
hitsujiTMOsonofrustuptwist: ok. sudo fdisk -l /dev/sda | pastebinit00:10
TJ-DF3D2: yes... and you can change CHROOT two ways: either by doing "scriptname.sh /path/to/chroot" or "CHROOT=/path/to/chroot scriptname.sh"00:10
Fevixbprompt: I'm not getting anything about properties by right clicking on desktop00:10
DF3D2TJ-, oh wow thanks man00:10
sonofrustuptwisthitsujiTMO: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6817424/00:11
DF3D2TJ-, did you see my question earlier about if this was basically my only option?00:11
Fevixbprompt: Nevermind, I didn't realize you were telling me to do that to the file00:11
FevixTHanks, dd is working now00:11
DF3D2based on the circumstances of what im trying to do00:11
sh0tantifa, it seems that if i remove the usb stick while the live is executing and i run boot-repair it doesn't hang and it allows me to apply the changes that boot-repair suggests. Now the problem is that i still cannot boot Ubuntu but windows 8 boots instead00:11
hitsujiTMOsonofrustuptwist: sudo partprobe /dev/sda00:11
TJ-DF3D2: no, I've been away mostly... what are you trying to do?00:11
Fevix... I think. There's no activity.00:11
TJ-Fevix: dd reports nothing until it finishes, unless you send the process a USR1 signal00:12
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sonofrustuptwisthitsujiTMO:  done00:12
DF3D2TJ-, so basically I had an lubuntu install where I had gotten amd drivers + cgminer to work correctly -- i tried to do this again on another machine and could never get it to work and drove my self basically insane -- so I went back and copied all the files from the working ubuntu install to a USB stick and made it bootable ( you helped with that yesterday) I want to clone this usb stick to several other usb sticks but the UUIDS for gr00:12
DF3D2ub etc won't match if I just do that right?00:12
TJ-Fevix: In another terminal you can do "sudo kill -USR1 $(pidof dd)"00:12
bpromptFevix:     don't be mislead by "dd", it shows no progress bar per se... how big is the .iso ?00:13
Fevixbprompt: A bit under 1GB00:13
FevixIt's the 13.10 64 bit .iso.00:14
hitsujiTMOTJ-: which loop did you setup again? /dev/loop1 ?00:14
TJ-DF3D2: If you strictly 'cloned' the entire image the UUIDs would be identical, but if you created new file-systems and copied files into them, then the UUIDs would be different00:14
bpromptFevix:   anyhow, depending on hardware and size being written over, "dd" can take about 5mins or so... say for me it took 10mins to write a 4gbs image over to a 1.1 usb stick, it took about 5mins to a 2.0 usb stick00:14
sonofrustuptwisthitsujiTMO: ???00:14
TJ-hitsujiTMO: Yes (better do a "cat /proc/partitions" to ensure the kernel has accepted the revised MBR)00:14
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DF3D2TJ-, so basically my easiest option is to DD the image to the new usb sticks, run the chroot script and edit /etc/fstab to specify the correct UUID of the new device right?00:15
hitsujiTMOsonofrustuptwist: cat /proc/partitions00:15
hitsujiTMOsonofrustuptwist: cat /proc/partitions | pastebinit00:15
FevixTHis is a craptop right now, though. I tried the usb-creator-kde thing but that completely failed.00:15
bpromptFevix:    but "dd" has no progress bar per se, what I do is, I check the data transfers with somehing like "system monitor" and it shows that so much of this is being writtten over, plus I can tell too by looking at my cpu meter00:15
TJ-DF3D2: the UUIDs, if you cloned the entire file-systems, will be identical00:15
chuckycheesethis may not be the right place, I am looking for an offline translator,  I have a user manual in PDF that I need to translate to English,  Google Translate is not working00:16
DF3D2TJ-, but the UUID of the new usb sticks will be differen't won't they ?00:16
bpromptFevix:   ... really?   hmm I've used kde usb-creator many times, works for me00:16
DF3D2or will they be the same if it is the same model/brand/size stick ?00:16
DF3D2TJ-, as in grub will be looking for the wrong UUID ?00:16
TJ-DF3D2: the only thing that has a UUID is the file-systems, not the entire device or the physical device00:16
DF3D2OHHH thats right00:16
matachiWhat does the < mean in "< /dev/urandom tr -dc A-Za-z0-9"?00:16
DF3D2so i'm trying to fix a problem that doesn't exist00:16
DF3D2all I need to do is dd00:16
Redbanhi, can't run java applets in browser ..getting "security setting blockes application" ubuntu 12.0400:16
FevixWell it just finished. Here goes nothing, wish me luck00:17
TJ-DF3D2: It looks that way :)00:17
antifa<sh0t> have you tryed   grub-install /dev/hdx00:17
hitsujiTMOmatachi: pipe the output or whats on the right to "-" left of <00:17
DF3D2TJ-, I was over thinking it --- incorrectly thinking it more aptly -- I hadn't even tried to clone it yet since i'm currently running it on the first target machine and it's kind of production since it makes me a decent bit of cash a day mining :-D00:17
sh0tantifa, no but i am not sure that will work00:18
Fevixisolinux.bin missing or corrupt00:18
Fevix... SHould I be worried?00:18
TJ-DF3D2: It does make sense to change UUIDs in installed systems in case you ever need to connect one hard disk into another system that is also cloned, you can change UUIDs of file-systems - its quite a standard practice for managed landscapes with auto-deployment tools00:18
icerootwhich is the lightest webbrowser from the repos? (gui)00:18
DF3D2TJ-, these machines run off one USB stick only, so I don't think that will be a concern00:18
matachihitsujiTMO: But "/dev/urandom < tr -dc A-Za-z0-9" doesn't work? Shoudn't that use what's to the right as input?00:19
bpromptFevix:    I'd think it's just a misdowloaded file00:19
TJ-DF3D2: OK, so only if you plug 2 USB sticks into the same system... because then you'll have conflicting LABELs and UUIDs00:19
antifa<sh0t> sory dude this are the things I tried, donno what to advice u further00:19
hitsujiTMOmatachi: what are you trying to do?00:19
sonofrustuptwisthitsujiTMO: i think you need to PM these commands I cant see  with all the other activity going on - http://paste.ubuntu.com/6817473/00:19
DF3D2TJ-, ahh I follow you, yeah that will not be a concern they will never have 2 of them plugged in.00:19
CR1T1C4L718can I ask you guys a question00:20
littlejimHello. I hope some one may be able to assist. I have been trying to share a folder on my Ubuntu 12.04 PC over a home network to PCs running Win 8.1 - but no success. The Win machines can see the folder but can open it - permissions denied. I have tried everything in the support forums - inc modifying the config file in Samba. It is a permissions problem on the Ubuntu side I think. Most obliged for any thoughts.00:20
matachihitsujiTMO: "< /dev/urandom tr -dc A-Za-z0-9" works fine, I'm just trying to understand why < should be placed where it is00:20
antifa<sh0t> sory i sugest you repst ure question and wait00:20
sh0tit's ok man no problem ;) i forgive u you have a nice nickname00:20
hitsujiTMOsonofrustuptwist: cat /proc/partitions00:20
hitsujiTMOsonofrustuptwist: copy the output to paste.ubuntu.com00:20
Fevixbprompt: I'm losing more and more faith in Ubuntu. THis is going to be the 5th time in 3 days I've downloaded a ubuntu iso00:20
rawfodoghow do you use netflix on ubuntu ?00:20
DF3D2TJ-, what does the system do in that case though, kernel panic or ?00:20
TJ-matachi: "<" is the shell stdin redirection symbol... it is redirecting the stdout of the commands on the right, into the stdin of whatever is on the left00:21
DF3D2just fail to mount the second stick?00:21
TJ-DF3D2: if you're not booting from them, udev will just fail to create the symlinks for the second device.00:21
TJ-DF3D2: if you're booting from them, I'm not sure what grub would do... be an interesting experiment00:22
hitsujiTMOmatachi: because the output of the command to the right of < """/dev/urandom tr -dc A-Za-z0-9""" you are piping back in place of the "-" to left left of <          you seem to be not showing the full line of code00:22
DF3D2TJ-, haha yeah I wonder what grub would do my self, theoretically it would just pick one and boot from it I'd think? Since it technically can find the UUID it want00:22
TJ-DF3D2: but it won't know which UUID is correct.00:22
matachihitsujiTMO: "< /dev/urandom tr -dc A-Za-z0-9 | head -c 50; echo" is the full line of code00:23
TJ-DF3D2: If might read all file-systems and use the last one that matches; thats an easy algorithm to write00:23
sh0thi guys can please someone help me with all this thing UEFI/Secureboot wINDOWS 8 and Ubuntu? I have installed disabling secureboot ubuntu on a partition next to Windows 8. Now I need to make it boot so I restarted a live usb ubuntu and from there i am running boot-repair which gets stuck on the initial phase when it says: Scanning systems(os-prober)....I also noticed that if i remove the usb stick while the live is executing and then i run boot-repair IT doesn'00:23
sh0tt get stuck BUT the changes it applies are not effective in the sense that i am still no able to run Ubuntu from my hd.00:23
DF3D2TJ-, yeah00:23
hitsujiTMOmatachi: ahh i see sorry00:23
CR1T1C4L718hey who knows about VPN00:23
DF3D2TJ-, I might have to move all these machines to PXe boot eventually because i've heard USB sticks don't last forever as /00:23
sonofrustuptwisthitsujiTMO: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6817487/00:24
TJ-DF3D2: PXE is the way to go, much easier to maintain a central image and update it00:24
TJ-hitsujiTMO: sonofrustuptwist: Yay! Looking excellent there00:24
DF3D2TJ-, thing is, they don't have any updating to do really once they are set and working -- They will run the exact same image except slightly different config files for one program based on silicon lottery basically00:24
DF3D2TJ-, basically when mining each video card has a best core/mem clock ratio00:25
DF3D2and they are all slightly different00:25
hitsujiTMOsonofrustuptwist: now. to copy over the data00:25
TJ-DF3D2: But with a PXE with TFTP + NFS, you can update the images with bug and security fixes using your chroot and "apt-get upgrade" really easily, in fact you can script it.00:25
sonofrustuptwisthitsujiTMO: and i thought we were done, lol00:26
TJ-DF3D2: You can configure TFTP and NFS so each PC loads a slightly different configuration too00:26
sonofrustuptwisthitsujiTMO: brb bathroom break!!!!!00:26
hitsujiTMOsonofrustuptwist: cool00:26
DF3D2TJ-, yeah that part about a different image is handy -- as far as apt-get update I don't want to update them at all once they are working00:26
glitsj16rawfodog: how-to for netflix --> http://www.webupd8.org/2013/08/pipelight-use-silverlight-in-your-linux.html00:27
DF3D2TJ-, updating gives me no benefit for these machines -- they do exactly 1 task00:27
TJ-DF3D2: That's what I do here, I have a rack with mobos stacked in it of various types so I can test build and run kernels and core libraries automatically on a wide variety of hardware00:27
hitsujiTMOTJ-: you're happy with?: sudo dd if=/dev/loop1 bs=$((512 * 2048 * 100)) skip=4061 of=/dev/sda500:27
TJ-hitsujiTMO: no00:27
FevixI just want a single f***ing download of Ubuntu that doesn't give me problems the day I get it, is that too much to ask?00:27
DF3D2TJ-, I won't lie I've looked at some guides for PXE and it seems really complicated to me :-\ I know it isn't but I have a higher learning curve some times00:27
TJ-hitsujiTMO: If you're using the loopback device you don't need any skip00:28
TJ-hitsujiTMO: the start of the loopback device is the start of the FS so its just "sudo dd if=/dev/loop1 of=/dev/sda5"00:28
TJ-DF3D2: Shout me another day, I'll send you my scripts that set it all up00:29
hitsujiTMOTJ-: lol yup sorry00:29
DF3D2TJ-, I could try this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DisklessUbuntuHowto#Set_up_your_Server00:29
hitsujiTMOTJ-: I'm starting to get tired now aswell it seems00:29
jribFevix: i understand you're frustrated, but keep in mind people here are users too.  We're just trying to help one another with issues that come up.  So please take the random comments elsewhere and focus on actual support issues here00:29
TJ-hitsujiTMO: ;p00:30
sonofrustuptwisthitsujiTMO: back from the latrine00:31
TJ-DF3D2: I'd go for dnsmasq instead of dhcp3-server, it is much more lightweight and easier to configure00:31
hitsujiTMOsonofrustuptwist: sudo dd if=/dev/loop1 of=/dev/sda5 bs=$((512 * 2048 * 100))00:31
hitsujiTMOsonofrustuptwist: that should take about 23 mins roughly00:32
hitsujiTMO!ot | RaptorJesus00:32
DF3D2TJ-, are your scripts on github or something ?00:32
ubottuRaptorJesus: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:32
TJ-hitsujiTMO: enough time for a few whiskies :p00:32
hitsujiTMOTJ-: lol yup00:32
TJ-DF3D2: no, they're in my central /usr/local/bin/ :)00:32
user2does xterm support urgency hint?00:33
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DF3D2TJ-, can I trouble you for them :-D00:33
sonofrustuptwisthitsujiTMO:  how long will that take you think?00:33
rawfodogglitsj16, you rock00:33
hitsujiTMOsonofrustuptwist: 23 mins roughly given the first try00:33
glitsj16rawfodog: got it working?00:34
sonofrustuptwisthitsujiTMO:  and after that whats next?00:34
DF3D2TJ-, also, when you do PXE boot does the client pc continually need data from the host or does it load everything in to ram ?00:34
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hitsujiTMOsonofrustuptwist: then you should be able to install ubuntu00:35
TJ-DF3D2: It can be done several ways, but the normal way is to boot using BOOTP/TFTP to get the kernels, and then the root FS is over NFS00:35
qwerty2What printers are fully supported by Ubuntu without any issues reported and proper testing?00:35
DF3D2TJ-, ahh00:35
TJ-DF3D2: the local node can then either mount a read-write FS locally, or use a read-write NFS mount00:35
sonofrustuptwisthitsujiTMO:  thats great cause i gotta get some sleep, gotta be at work in 2.5 hours00:35
xangua!printer | qwerty200:35
ubottuqwerty2: Printing in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkPrintingWithUbuntu00:35
hitsujiTMOsonofrustuptwist: rofl00:35
TJ-DF3D2: with plenty of RAM you can have the client's use a tmpfs RAM-based file-system for read-write, which is lost on shutdown00:36
sonofrustuptwisthitsujiTMO:  im glad you can laugh, lol its 3.36 AM here00:36
DF3D2TJ-, yeah they are only going to have 1 8gb stick00:36
DF3D2TJ-, and the image is like 6gb or so00:36
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Guest14557hello. does anyone know how to make windows boot first over ubuntu?00:37
phil-nsGuest14557: install grub-customizer, that's an easy to use gui app to do exactly what you want.00:39
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sonofrustuptwistanyone know how to customize the chat settings in firfox for irc. need some color, variety in here00:40
heavyammoHey dudes, what would be the cheapest laptop with really good battery life that I could run Ubuntu / Xubuntu?  I am looking at the $200 Chromebook, but I don't really want to use Chrome OS, but Ubuntu00:40
hitsujiTMOsonofrustuptwist: can you pop into the other terminal tab and: sudo kill -USR1 $(pidof dd)00:40
bpromptGuest14557:   you mean, change the grub boot menu listing order?00:41
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Guest14557i have a dual boot system windows 7/ ubuntu 12.04 it loads to ubuntu after so many seconds and i want it to load to windows00:42
sonofrustuptwisthitsujiTMO: 20971520000 bytes (21 GB) copied, 557.786 s, 37.6 MB/s00:42
darkboxGuest14557: Do what phil-ns mentioned and install grub-customizer on ubuntu.00:42
hitsujiTMOsonofrustuptwist: sweet going as fast as earlier00:43
darkboxGuest14557: Piece of cake.00:43
bpromptGuest14557:   http://www.unixmen.com/grub-customizer-2-5-5-is-available-customize-grubburg-from-a-gui-interface/00:43
Guest14557ok its installed how do i use it?00:43
sonofrustuptwisthitsujiTMO:  how much is it supposed to copy 74gb again?00:43
Fevixdd failed me. I used Linux Live, like I have the past few times, and the download I already had is now loading on the computer, whereas before it failed with "isolinux.bin is missing or corrupted"00:44
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hitsujiTMOsonofrustuptwist: yes00:45
TJ-sonofrustuptwist: Yes, the entire file-system is being copied. We'll check it has arrived correctly when 'dd' has finished, and we'll also check that the free space on the disk shows up, then you'll be able to install Ubuntu00:45
sonofrustuptwistTJ-: ETC?00:46
Guest14557im not sure how to run this now00:46
ixyHi, I found little mistake in synaptics configuration file ('/usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/50-synaptics.conf') (Ubuntu 13.10)- there is comment in "touchpad catchall"  identifier's section, where is broken link. In comment is said exactly: "See the following link for details: http://who-t.blogspot.com/2010/11/how-to-ignore-configuration-errors.html"... It's not bug so I didn't reported it, but is there any other way to inform anybody about that?00:47
whoeverhi all, I am on 12.04 and when i run the update manager to update the packages(not the os version) and restart I am unable to get a GUi or00:47
hitsujiTMOFevix: if thats after a dd, then either the iso is corrupt, or you've a failing usb drive00:47
sonofrustuptwistTJ-:  how long do you think this will take?00:48
whoeveri get a tty login that when i login i am propted that the system will be checkec for errors on next reboot but that does not happen , can someone assist00:48
bpromptFevix:   "dd" only does rawdate writting..... works very reliably for me.... so, if someone went awry... I'd think it was either your command line or your hardware00:48
glitsj16heavyammo: you can have ubuntu on a Chromebook --> http://chromeos-cr48.blogspot.be/2013/10/chrubuntu-for-new-chromebooks-now-with.html00:48
bpromptrawdata rather00:48
TJ-sonofrustuptwist: I'd say another 15-20 minutes if the copy continues at the same rate00:49
FevixhitsujiTMO: Using dd, the USB stick was completely unable to boot thanks to that. Same USB stick, same ISO, but with Linux Live through WIndows 7, and I;m now staring at the Ubuntu desktop booted from the USB00:49
jeffrey_fgudenau: Just ask your question00:50
hitsujiTMOFevix: what was the exact command you used for dd?00:50
Fevixsudo dd if=/home/kimberly/Desktop/ubuntu-13.10-desktop-amd65.iso of=/dev/sdb100:51
hitsujiTMOFevix: /dev/sdb not /dev/sdb100:51
gudenauI have a large problem, I was installing Ubumtu 13 over 12 so I sellected the option "Uninstall Ubuntu 12.XX and install Ubuntu 13.XX". Now my Windows install is gone and as soon as I relized this I kill my computer and started using my tablet.00:51
FevixI got sdb1 from using df -h00:51
Fevixthere was no sdb00:52
bprompt[15:44] <bprompt> Fevix:     sudo dd if=/PATHHERE/YOURISOFILEHERE.iso  of=/dev/YOURDEVICEHERE, <---- say your device is loaded as say "sdb" with say 1 partition of say "sdb1" or so, then you'd do say  -> dd if=MYFILE.iso of=/dev/sdb  <--- no partition number, just the raw device name00:52
hitsujiTMOFevix: your writing it to the drive not the partition00:52
FevixWell now I feel stupif00:52
xxYES PING ME00:52
hitsujiTMOFevix: easy mistake00:53
bpromptyeap, happens often enough to all00:53
hitsujiTMOsonofrustuptwist: can you check once again: sudo kill -USR1 $(pidof dd)00:53
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=== [ is now known as gudenau
gudenau[ is taken. :/00:54
CR1T1C4L718can I get a little VPN help please?00:55
sonofrustuptwisthitsujiTMO: 461+0 records in 461+0 records out 48339353600 bytes (48 GB) copied, 1313.73 s, 36.8 MB/s00:55
gudenauSo, can I get some help?00:55
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gudenausudo dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/null00:56
sonofrustuptwisthitsujiTMO: did u get it?00:57
heavyammoglitsj16, great thanks. Do you also mean by saying this that yes Chromebook would be the cheapest option00:57
hitsujiTMOsonofrustuptwist: yup nearly there00:57
FireStormsI ran a Java .jar file that set up a proxy, I killed the process, but I am now concerned that the file has left settings on my computer so that my network traffic gets routed through the proxy. Is there anyway I can check I'm not being "spied" on?00:57
whoevercan someone assist with a 12.04 update , resulting in no GUI00:58
Beldargudenau, You need to make a precise description of the help you need and the details of the overall picture, if a user here knows an answer they will probably reply.00:58
Beldar!details | whoever00:59
ubottuwhoever: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."00:59
gudenauThought I gave a good description.00:59
gudenau(gudenau) I have a large problem, I was installing Ubumtu 13 over 12 so I sellected the option "Uninstall Ubuntu 12.XX and install Ubuntu 13.XX". Now my Windows install is gone and as soon as I relized this I kill my computer and started using my tablet.00:59
gudenauOops, hit enter instrad of backspace...00:59
sh0thi guys can please someone help me with all this thing UEFI/Secureboot wINDOWS 8 and Ubuntu? I have installed disabling secureboot ubuntu on a partition next to Windows 8. Now I need to make it boot so I restarted a live usb ubuntu and from there i am running boot-repair which gets stuck on the initial phase when it says: Scanning systems(os-prober)....I also noticed that if i remove the usb stick while the live is executing and then i run boot-repair IT doesn'01:00
sh0tt get stuck BUT the changes it applies are not effective in the sense that i am still no able to run Ubuntu from my hd.01:00
Beldargudenau, and what is your end goal?01:00
gudenauTo fix my Windows 7 install and have Ubuntu 13.01:00
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Fevixgudenau: I'm not sure, but I think that option formats the disk, regardless of the state of other OS's, not just uninstalling other Ubuntu installs.01:01
Beldargudenau, What tools do you have related to W7, an install disk? Have you looked closely with a live ubuntu cd to make sure it is really gone?01:01
Guest13490i was recomened to download a grub editor forget what its called but i downloaded it restarted and it still loads ubutnu first01:01
gaffaI agree boot up from a live cd and see if the partition is still there.01:01
Beldargudenau, Be sure to use nicks here, you can tab complete them.01:02
gudenauThe only partiotions are a small fat32 one, a ~1Tb part with ubuntu and the swap.01:02
gudenauI also have the install disk.01:02
gudenauBelder, I can not use tab, android.01:02
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cwagedoes anyone know why gnupg2 shipped in ubuntu 12.10 doesn't support ECC?01:03
cwageis there a build somewhere that does?01:03
Guest13490i just want to make windows 7 boot before ubuntu 12.0401:03
gudenauEdit grub' config.01:03
FevixGuest13490: Can't you just press like, f8 or something during the boot process to select an OS?01:04
FevixOr edit the bios options to select the partition with Windows?01:04
Guest13490i want it to automatically pick windows over ubuntu01:05
hitsujiTMOcwage: this should explain it: http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/gnupg/users/6271401:05
FevixBoth these options should set it permanantly until done again to switch back to Ubuntu, unless your BIOS is different01:05
cwageah i see. i didn't realize it was only in 2.101:06
FevixALl that said, I have an issue: Trying to install 64-bit Ubuntu over a 32-bit, I selected the option that let me preserve files, and it's been stuck on "Saving installed packages" for ~15 minutes. Should I reboot and do a full reinstall?01:06
hitsujiTMOsonofrustuptwist: can you check once again: sudo kill -USR1 $(pidof dd)01:07
antifaso strange things hapen to my laptop :) ubuntu 13.10 can only see cd's when I enter a dvd nothing hapens, I tried it with blanks, writen dvd's dvd rom unit does not mount, any ideas ?01:07
loki_hey guys.  to partition off a drive after the OS is installed so that the main stuff is on one part of the HDD and the rest of the free space is used for data, what steps are required?  just partition it in gparted and done? or is there something else involved?01:07
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loki_I suppose it would functionally be like this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowtoPartition/ExtendedPartition01:11
daftykinsloki_: what did you do so far? installed to x GB?01:12
loki_daftykins: nothing at this point.  right now this is for research purposes.01:12
daftykinsFevix: yes you really want to format / in that case01:12
sonofrustuptwistdd: writing `/dev/sda5': No space left on device 708+0 records in 707+0 records out 74175217664 bytes (74 GB) copied, 2078.19 s, 35.7 MB/s01:12
daftykinsloki_: what scenario would you be in where you'd only setup things partially from install though?01:13
sonofrustuptwisthitsujiTMO: ???01:13
hitsujiTMOsonofrustuptwist: thats cool. its done01:14
loki_daftykins: to provide more background, I am going to be using greyhole for storage pooling, but the unit where I am installing my OS to only has 4 drive bays.  I would like to make the most of those bays.  So I would like take the 1TB drive the OS is currently installed on, shrink the OS partition down to something like 60-100GB, then use the remaining free space for the storage pool.01:14
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sonofrustuptwisthitsujiTMO:  so i can install ubuntu now? and sleep for an hour b4 work?01:15
Thor446I managed to get ubuntu's wifi working, and then it just stopped. It keeps turning wireless hotspot ON, and prevents me from turning it off (I switch to off and it just crashes the window). Any idea how to fix that?01:15
hitsujiTMOsonofrustuptwist: now we should verify it: sudo blkid /dev/sda501:15
Medoes xterm support urgency hints?01:15
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loki_daftykins: sorry, dropped out of the room for a sec.  did you see what I typed?01:15
hitsujiTMOsonofrustuptwist: one more tiny thing needs to be done01:15
daftykinsloki_: yep, so resize, add partition, edit /etc/fstab and add the new volume, add/edit mountpoints as appropriate and move/copy data01:16
Thor446The first time I got it working I had to connect with a wire, turn off hotspot, then install the drivers; then it just randomly turned on hotspot again now01:16
hitsujiTMOsonofrustuptwist: can you open gparted01:17
loki_daftykins: sounds simple enough.  need to figure out how to add it to the greyhole storage pool, but that is beyond the scope of this room.  thanks!01:17
daftykinsnp :)01:17
hitsujiTMOsonofrustuptwist: this should only take < 60 seconds at least01:17
sonofrustuptwisthitsujiTMO: /dev/sda5: UUID="E47CDFA27CDF6DB4" TYPE="ntfs"01:18
hitsujiTMOsonofrustuptwist: open gparted01:18
sonofrustuptwisthitsujiTMO:  how?01:18
hitsujiTMOsonofrustuptwist: from the dash01:18
loki_next question: how can I rip blu rays from ubuntu?  what I would like to do is rip them down to m4v files.  I am not concerned about how large the files are, just want to know how to accomplish this.  I gave it a try earlier with handbrake, but handbrake wasn't giving me the behavior I would expect.  certain movies don't rip well and it requires handbrake to parse an entire directory, but when I tried that handbrake wouldn't find any movie 01:18
loki_any ideas guys?01:18
hitsujiTMOsonofrustuptwist: or: alt + f2     then type gparted01:19
sonofrustuptwisthitsujiTMO:ok done01:19
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hitsujiTMOsonofrustuptwist: once in. right-click on /dev/sda4 (extended)                     choose: resize/move01:20
hitsujiTMOsonofrustuptwist: Change "Free space Following (MiB):" to 001:20
hitsujiTMOsonofrustuptwist: hit "Resize/Move"01:21
hitsujiTMOsonofrustuptwist: hit the green tick in the top01:21
daftykinsloki_: look into makemkv01:21
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hitsujiTMOsonofrustuptwist: then "apply"01:21
manlinhi all. trying to install youtube-dl from a ppa but i get 404 when apt-get update01:21
hitsujiTMOmanlin: that ppa is clearly broken then01:22
DF3D2TJ-, you around ?01:22
sonofrustuptwisthitsujiTMO:  ok done01:22
manlinhitsujiTMO: most google search hits show the same ppa webupd801:22
heavyammoHey dudes, what would be the cheapest laptop with really good battery life that I could run Ubuntu / Xubuntu?  I am looking at the $200 Chromebook, but I don't really want to use Chrome OS, but Ubuntu01:22
manlinbut 40401:23
hitsujiTMOsonofrustuptwist: right. now. shut down. go to sleep. get up. have a shower. get dressed. go to work. come back, install ubuntu.01:23
ixyHi, I found little mistake in synaptics configuration file ('/usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/50-synaptics.conf') (Ubuntu 13.10)- there is comment in "touchpad catchall"  identifier's section, where is broken link. In comment is said exactly: "See the following link for details: http://who-t.blogspot.com/2010/11/how-to-ignore-configuration-errors.html"... It's not bug so I didn't reported it, but is there any other way to inform anybody about that?01:23
hitsujiTMOmanlin: can you pastebin the output of: sudo apt-get update01:24
jonsparksI can't connect to ssh at all, it's throwing this: http://pastebin.ca/258907401:24
jonsparksTried reinstalling openssh-server to no avail01:24
manlinhitsujiTMO: yeah will do. got rid of that ppa. will grab it again now01:24
sonofrustuptwisthitsujiTMO:  true that. THANKS A BUNCH. take it easy01:25
hitsujiTMOsonofrustuptwist: no problems01:25
sonofrustuptwisthitsujiTMO:  though i might hit install now and let it run during my catnap01:26
hitsujiTMOsonofrustuptwist: lol01:27
hitsujiTMOsonofrustuptwist: its only takes a few mins to install. not gonna save much time01:27
hitsujiTMOsonofrustuptwist: wait till you're back from work01:27
glitsj16ixy: for me that link works just fine .. or isn't that the broken one?01:27
Michael87alright. I am tryying to help my cousins kid by testing a linux boot on usb on this maylong android laptop. The wifi adapter is not connecting right and I am wandering if its the hardware  or the software at fault. But I cannot access the bios on this sucker. Can anyone help?01:27
TJ-jonsparks: Did you recently upgrade  openssh-server on the server? Usually that is caused by an upgrade issue. See e.g. http://www.howtoforge.com/debian-ubuntu-unable-to-make-backup-link-of-usr-bin-sshd-before-installing-new-version-operation-not-permitted01:28
mikubuntuheavyammo: you might want to ask in #hardware about good battery life -- ubuntu will run on almost any computer with at least 256 of ram, the more the better naturally. buy three older matching laptops and keep 2 extra batteries charged at all times for more battery time.  got a couple old dells for $25 each01:28
BeldarMichael87, There are images for android devices, not all androids are compatible #ubuntu-touch is the channel you need.01:29
jonsparksnope, but I did try that and it didn't work01:29
TJ-jonsparks: Besides ssh, do you have console access to the server?01:29
manlinhitsujiTMO: apt-get update with 404. Have a look http://paste.debian.net/78381/01:29
BeldarMichael87, I have not see a live session however just install options.01:29
Michael87Beldar, its a netbook not a tablet. so I figure I should be able to boot into the bios01:29
jonsparksyeah, I've got vnc access to it01:29
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TJ-jonsparks: check the size and permissions of the /usr/sbin/sshd01:30
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hitsujiTMOmanlin: that ppa is for ubuntu not debian.01:31
BeldarMichael87, On the channel I gave you there is info on a dualboot setup for android and ubuntu as well.01:31
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manlinhitsujiTMO: ahhh. slightly confused. I got crunchbang and thought i can use whatever is made for Ubuntu01:32
Michael87Beldar, thank you01:32
manlinhitsujiTMO: i might sound silly :)01:32
hitsujiTMOmanlin: you can also just get the latest from upstream  http://rg3.github.io/youtube-dl/01:32
manlinhitsujiTMO: thank you. let me try that01:32
hitsujiTMOmanlin: its a python binary so will work01:32
jonsparksit looks fine01:32
manlincool thanks01:33
hitsujiTMOmanlin: https://yt-dl.org/downloads/2014.01.23.4/youtube-dl01:33
BeldarMichael87, No problem, hope you get this resolved.01:33
TJ-jonsparks: can you ssh in as a non-root user?01:34
jonsparkshmm yeah01:35
xyzaffa1r     01:36
TJ-jonsparks: OK, I think an upgrade is the issue... but the /usr/bin/ssh and /usr/sbin/sshd files have attributes that mean the files can't be replaced. Can you do "lsattr /usr/{s,}bin/ssh* | pastebinit"01:37
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TJ-jonsparks: You see that /usr/bin/ssh has the "undeletable" flag set?01:41
TJ-jonsparks: "sudo su" from a user account that has sudo privs, then do "chattr -u /usr/bin/ssh" then try "apt-get --reinstall install openssh-client openssh-server"01:42
ixyglitsj16: oh, already got it... i opened link from terminal, and browser didn't loaded 'www.' prefix... so the page is OK... thanks01:42
jonsparksstill does it01:43
jonsparksI updated the paste with the new permissions01:43
hewhomustany 3.1001:44
TJ-jonsparks: From a non-ssh session, have you done "sudo service ssh restart"01:45
Fudgewhat is the package called providing appearance in gnome-control-center01:45
jonsparksyeah, I'll try it after it reboots01:45
TJ-jonsparks: reboot should be good enough!01:45
TJ-jonsparks: the point was to stop using the sshd that was in memory01:45
jonsparkshopefully :p01:45
jonsparksTJ-: it worked!01:49
TJ-jonsparks: You seem surprised :D01:49
jonsparksA bit :P01:49
black_angelhey, guys, my laptop is Thinkpad E430, and there's a wireless device on it, but it works not very well, I use 'iwconfig' and 'ifconfig' command, but can not find 'wlan0'01:51
jhquestDual booting Mac and Saucy, need to pick a r/w file system for a shared partition. Ext4, un-journalled HFS+ or NTFS? Any suggestions?01:52
black_angelso i use 'sudo lshw -class network' to get more information, it shows me the vendor is 'Broadcom Corporation'01:53
carl_hello? Can anybody see this?01:54
black_angelI think i need a wireless driver, any suggestion, where i can get my wireless driver.01:54
carl_What kind of wireless card do you have?01:55
carl_Are you using an hp laptop?01:55
hitsujiTMO!bcw | black_angel01:56
black_angelcarl_: I'm using Thinkpad E43001:56
hitsujiTMO!bcm | black_angel01:56
ubottublack_angel: Help with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx01:56
jhquestchances are the proprietary broadcom driver in the repo will work for you01:56
hewhomustjhquest: if mac can read ext4 then use that ext401:57
EVCLIDISblack_angel: software and updates, drivers section. Find appropriate driver automatically.01:58
black_angelubottu: thx man01:58
jhquestext4 support on mac is 39 usd with paragon, don't really want to pay01:59
black_angelEVCLIDIS: i've no idea whether it's broken or not.02:00
jhquesthowever not sure if un-journalled hfs+ is safe enough02:00
bhldevlol 39 bucks for ext4?02:00
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EVCLIDISIs there a way to install gdm locker into kde?02:01
hewhomustjhquest,  use hfs then02:03
jhquestDual booting Mac and Saucy, need to pick a r/w file system for a shared partition. Ext4, un-journalled HFS+ or NTFS? Anyone?02:03
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jhquestis un-journalled hfs+ safe? anyone has any experience with this?02:04
jhquestubuntu cannot do read access to journalled hfs+02:04
jhquestwrite access02:04
chaotixhi...   is installing evolution and syncing my calendars through it the only way to have my appointments show up when i click the clock/calendar indicator on the top panel in ubuntu?  or is there another way now02:04
daftykinsjhquest: OS X doesn't write to NTFS as default02:04
EVCLIDISHtbrdd: Just for filesystem, in ubuntu, I suggest ext4..02:04
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awkHow can i use 'awk' to start from line 80 and then print the columns?02:05
jhquestEVCLIDIS, ext4 support on mac is atrocious02:05
awki just need to know how to start from specific line02:05
jhquestHFS+ it is then02:05
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TJ-awk: "awk 'NR>= 80 { print} /path/to/file'   "02:07
black_angelyes, actually i can find out 'Broadcom BTA wireless driver' in Additional Drivers02:09
Slade-hmm any idea why linux-image-generic would be held back during an apt-get upgrade?02:09
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glitchany one know how to keep xbmc from messing with overscan settings ( tv is pos and doesn't have setting to adjust overscan)02:09
EVCLIDISblack_angel: Exactly..02:10
TJ-Slade-: new kernel version, try "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade"02:11
Slade-guess i dont want to do that unless i plan on rebooting02:11
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jeffrey_fSlade-:  you can reboot at any time....I haven't had a forced reboot in quite a while02:12
TJ-Slade-: installing a new kernel doesn't imply you have to use it now :)02:13
Slade-TJ-: ah normally i found the release upgrades mses with my nginx and other things :)02:13
TJ-Slade-: the only upgrades that require that are things like eglibc (libc6)02:13
Slade-i guess i could get around doing it02:14
loki_so...blu-ray ripping in ubuntu?  handbrake doesn't have the expected behavior.02:14
kirkhi ... everybody... :)02:14
black_angelhey, i know how to umount my usb external disk driver, but question, anybody has idea to 'eject' a usb wireless device?02:14
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EVCLIDISblack_angel: 'eject /media/dev'02:15
black_angelwhen 'lsusb', it shows me 'Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8188CUS 802.11n WLAN'02:16
black_angelEVCLIDIS: but there's nothing on '/media' dir02:16
glitchblack_angel, rfkill02:16
EVCLIDISblack_angel: I think you cannot eject it. You can just deactivate.. r02:17
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DF3D2having a problem where I setup a PXE folder, but I want to delete it and put something else in it's place but i'm not allowed to delete it even as root ?02:18
mikubuntudoes anybody know what might be the cause of the screen jumping around when i click on a link, or into a text box with this new install? its a quirky thing, that drives you crazy02:20
Ben64DF3D2: explain more02:20
DF3D2mikubuntu, is it a laptop ?02:20
glitchDF3D2, check it with lsattr02:20
glitchDF3D2, and reply  with output02:21
mikubuntuDF3D2: yes, hp dv7 series02:21
DF3D2Ben64, I ran this earlier as root : chroot /miners/1 mount /proc02:21
DF3D2mikubuntu, try to disable tapping in pointing devices02:21
DF3D2Ben64, what is the proper way to unmount this so I can delete it02:22
mikubuntuDF3D2: hmmm, where would that be?02:22
DF3D2mikubuntu, not sure I use lubuntu...02:22
DF3D2mikubuntu, look for touchpad settings somewhere02:22
mikubuntuDF3D2: ok02:23
DF3D2glitch, lsattr: Inappropriate ioctl for device While reading flags on 1/proc02:23
Ben64DF3D2: reboot would be easy02:23
DF3D2Ben64, k trying that02:23
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DF3D2Ben64, that worked :-D02:25
Ben64DF3D2: :) not sure how to un-chroot... there might be a better way02:25
DF3D2Ben64, meh reboot worked well enough :-D02:26
xompAnyone here available to help me with my email issue? Postfix says the mail was delivered to mailbox but the message never arrives in the users mailbox.02:26
xompI'm using Google Apps with my domain for Email02:27
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chaotixxomp, i am too02:30
mikubuntuDF3D2: k, i think i fixed the pointer jumping thing -- now theres this menu of icons that shows up at the bottom of the page here with trash, file mgr, term, etc i'm actually having to type underneath it to where my words are obscured because the webchat textarea is at the bottom of the screen. anybody know how to disable this?02:30
Slade-do they spy on that email too?02:30
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xompchaotix, you have the same issue as I?02:31
chaotixxomp, i dont know what issue you mean...  i just use gmail with my domain02:31
chaotixoh i see now02:31
xompchaotix, oh, my issue is postfix says it delivered the message, but the message is never received.02:31
chaotixnah i dont have that prob02:31
puppylinux2chaotix: hello02:31
chaotixhey pup02:32
DF3D2mikubuntu, can't help you on that one, but you found the disable tapping thing ?02:32
DF3D2mikubuntu, when I got this new laptop I thought it was broken because of that tapping stuff lol02:32
puppylinux2ubuntu's channel is always busy, i think its one of the busiest irc channe02:32
xompperhaps running a webserver on a VPS isn't a good idea then, can anyone suggest a good shared webhost then?02:32
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puppylinux2chaotix:ubuntu's channel is always busy, i think its one of the busiest irc channe02:33
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mikubuntuDF3D2: yes, thx found the settings for touchpad -- slowed down the mouse and pointer speeds and sensitivity and seems better02:33
=== lyk0s is now known as derp
loki_can anyone help me with either a question about blu-ray ripping or a question about creating a certain type of field in libreoffice?02:33
puppylinux2loki_: u can use help menu in libreoffice. its very vast and well documented.02:34
chaotixloki_, also, best thing you can do is just ask the question and if someone knows they will answer  :)02:35
loki_puppylinux2: I will have a look.  The problem is I don't know what it would be called in libreoffice.  each program seems to use different terminology and that ends up making finding exactly what I am looking for quite difficult.02:35
mikubuntusince this session began, my fan has been intermittently turning on and off -- usually its 'always on' -- wonder whats up with that02:35
loki_chaotix: aye, that I did.  about an hour ago or so.  so I was just sort of bumping it :D02:35
chaotixloki_, i see....  there are diff people herre now though, who wont know what question your bumbing02:36
chaotixmy rule of thumb is to ask every 15 minutes02:36
puppylinux2loki_: open libreoffice and press F1 key to open help menu, and type about ur topic.02:36
loki_so my question is, what is the easiest way to rip a blu-ray movie to m4v in Ubuntu?02:36
puppylinux2give it a try.02:36
loki_puppylinux2: will give it a go.  I may have found the answer elsewhere :D02:37
chaotixloki_, you can always convert it after you rip it with ffmpeg i think02:37
loki_chaotix: you mean rip to ISO first?02:37
chaotixi have never ripped a blu ray02:37
chaotixlet me look02:37
puppylinux2loki_ u can try the openshot for doing such tasks.02:38
loki_chaotix: oh.  here is what I typically do.  In windows I have anydvd HD.  I rip the blu ray with that.  I then pass it through handbrake and rip it to an m4v with the settings I want.02:38
puppylinux2loki_ do u have openshot editor.02:38
loki_puppylinux2: I thought openshot was designed for authoring blu-rays from video files you took with a video camera, etc.?02:39
loki_I do.02:39
puppylinux2loki_ u can use openshot in many ways, joining,cutting, merging all type of works.02:40
puppylinux2may be it supports ripping feature also, the newer version.02:40
chaotixmakemkv looks like it can rip the blu ray for you02:40
loki_puppylinux2: I have never heard of anyone using openshot to take a blu-ray movie and turn it in to an M4V for local streaming.  I will have a look.02:40
loki_chaotix: won't that rip it to an MKV that would then need to be remuxed with handbrake?02:41
chaotixcant you do the converting after you rip it?  why does it have to be in one shot, loki_ ?02:41
chaotixloki_, rip it using whatever02:42
puppylinux2loki_ : the openshot can do conversion work also, may be it can help you. it can do any type of conversion.02:42
chaotixwhen you are done, use:02:42
chaotixavconv -i input.mkv -c copy output.m4v02:42
=== zz_megabitdragon is now known as megabitdragon
loki_chaotix: I currently do that.  I rip about 7 or 8 of my movies to an external HDD, then I add them all the the handbrake queue.  the problem comes about when certain movies don't really rip well.  disney movies come to mind.  they put a bunch of junk in the BDMV folder.02:43
chaotixsorry puppylinux202:43
chaotixi didnt see your answet02:43
chaotixi just switched windows and pasted without looking02:43
philri have a question concerning network connectivity for 1210desktop running in win hyper-v client, is this a good place to ask it?02:43
puppylinux2no problem.02:43
loki_chaotix: will look in to it.02:43
loki_puppylinux2: I will look at using openshot.02:43
daftykinsphilr: yeah just ask02:43
loki_I may be able to use openshot for something else that has been causing me grief.02:43
loki_heh :D02:43
chaotixas i have never ripped blu ray before, puppy should know better than i02:44
chaotixi would listen to his suggestion first02:44
loki_I will try it and see what happens.  I will end up doing a test run to see how it works out.02:45
loki_not right away, but soon.02:45
puppylinux2loki_:openshot it great conversion tool too, it an all rounder software.02:46
=== gmachine_24_ is now known as gmachine_24
DF3D2Can someone who is good with setting up PXE help me? can't seem to get tftp to find the file02:48
philrk i am trying to establish a shared connection to the internet, windows is connected to a router and i have installed a virtual switch in hyper-v, this is where i get lost.... i have read a bunch of different things ranging from needing to install a "legacy adapter" or no adapter to just leaving everything at default02:49
philrthe end result is always that i am not connected to the internet in ubuntu02:50
puppylinux2philr:u can use sakis3g to connect to the internet using a 3g modem.02:51
philr3g? as in mobile communication service? i have a local wifi connection02:52
philrim pretty new to linux is general so please forgive my ignorance02:52
puppylinux2philr:3g means 3rd generation mobile communication . 3g dongle i mean.02:53
puppylinux2philr: for wifi u need to configure network settings in ubuntu settings manager.02:53
philralright, i spent a lot of time there earlier but couldnt get it to work02:54
=== matt_ is now known as Guest40445
philrare there any sites you can point me to so i can read up on how to configure ubuntus network settings, dont mean to waste your time02:54
puppylinux2philr: ubuntu needs wifi drivers sometimes. which unbuntu version are you using?02:55
philr1210 lts desktop02:55
puppylinux2ok i give u a link.02:55
philror, actually, i think its 12.04, and i just learned that you guys call it by animal names so, precise pangolin (see im learning)02:56
philrthanks a bunch ill be checking that out02:56
puppylinux2this is the video02:57
puppylinux2anyways what brand of router are you using?02:57
Ubuntu1hi, I am running ubunt12.04 and my CPU is running at 98 to 100 percent all the time, can someone tell me why?02:57
puppylinux2Ubuntu1: check if ur running mutiple apps in background.02:58
Ubuntu1the only thing running is the net with 4 open tabs and this chat02:58
puppylinux2Ubuntu1: open htop and see what it show.02:58
Ubuntu1puppy: in terminal?02:59
puppylinux2ubuntu1: yes02:59
puppylinux2type htop03:00
Ubuntu1puppy:  hang on , I think I may need to install that03:00
puppylinux2its installed by defaut in ubuntu?03:00
tewardpuppylinux2, no, htop isn't.  top is though03:00
JoshuaPpopcorn linux03:00
krzanyone using ubuntu on a the latest macbook pro retina 15'?03:01
olabazhey, I am dual booting windows7/ubuntu 12.04 and I have static ip set on windows7 to be and I do not have anything set on ubuntu but everytime i logon to my computer on ubuntu I get that static ip. is there a way to have it be dynamic?03:02
puppylinux2i don't think u can boot ubuntu on a new macbook machine. or maybe u can03:02
krzpuppylinux2: how useful is that comment03:03
puppylinux2Krz: dont't get you?03:03
spispopdubuntu works on macbooks03:05
daftykinsolabaz: sounds like your router is setting the same IP given the same MAC address of the interface perhaps03:05
ethermonkattempting to enable hibernation on 1 box.   /etc/polkit-1/localauthority/50-local.d/ is empty. is this normal? should i just save the code from http://askubuntu.com/questions/94754/how-to-enable-hibernation as a file named "com.ubuntu.enable-hibernate.pkla"  This is all the code i need correct? ubuntu isn't going to break because there is code missing from the file it is expecting?03:05
puppylinux2spispopd:ubuntu wroks on UEFI?03:05
puppylinux2Krz: ur also on archlinux channel?03:06
krzpuppylinux2: yes03:06
olabazdaftykins: maybe but I'm pretty sure I took that off.  Do you think having the static ip for windows will mess with my internet connection because every now and again I get disconnected03:06
daftykinsolabaz: what kind of disconnection?03:07
FireStormsHow does google know where I am and how to stop them knowing. Go to Google and type: "where am I?"03:07
daftykinsolabaz: depends if you're setting it statically in Windows settings or via DHCP reservation on the router03:07
daftykinsFireStorms: GeoIP.03:08
=== administrator is now known as Guest61421
=== zz_megabitdragon is now known as megabitdragon
olabazdaftykins: i had both of them on but I recently took off the router one and left the windows up. not sure if i restarted the router after i did that though.03:08
Ubuntu1puppylinux: ok got it installed03:08
olabazdaftykins: it's like when you're maxed on download speed and everything is really slow but i checked nethogs and everything seems fine03:08
daftykinsolabaz: yeah you'd probably want to restart the router to clear that out03:09
Ubuntu1puppylinux: what am I looking for?03:09
max3 im trying to cross compile from linux to windows and i get this error /usr/bin/x86_64-w64-mingw32-ld: cannot find -lGL. can someone tell me where that library is so i can point mingw to it03:10
olabazdaftykins: yeah i'll give that a shot. thanks for the help03:12
=== hub is now known as Guest40273
Ubuntu1puppylinux: yu still here?03:13
daftykinsolabaz: np03:13
AndroidLoverInSFon my w520, it takes frecking 2 hours to transcode/render a 20min video into x264, 2mb/sec, 720p, 30 frames/sec mp4 video. using openshot in ubuntu 12.0403:14
AndroidLoverInSFon the 2013 macbook pro i use for work, it takes like 9 minutes to do the same thing. the w540 should be as powerful as a 2013 macbook pro right? maybe its linux, or openshot thats causing it to be slow03:14
AndroidLoverInSFwhy do you guys think its such a big difference? is it linux or openshot or my w52003:14
daftykinsAndroidLoverInSF: what's a W520?03:15
=== zz_megabitdragon is now known as megabitdragon
Ubuntu1need help with why my cpu is running at 100 percent with nothing running03:16
Ubuntu1ubuntu 12.0403:16
=== JoshuaP is now known as JoshuaP-afk
daftykinsAndroidLoverInSF: depending on the age of the hardware, it could be using intel quicksync on the MBP03:16
puppylinux2ubuntu1: u installed it?03:18
Ubuntu1puppy: yes and running it now03:18
puppylinux2Ubuntu1: which app is consuming highest memory according to htop?03:19
puppylinux2which process03:19
Ubuntu1puppy: firefox03:19
puppylinux2close the firefox and see does it decreases?03:19
puppylinux2any reduction in cpur usage?03:20
Ubuntu1puppy:  dropped to 5 percent03:20
puppylinux2now which process it utilizing the highest cpu usage in htop,03:21
puppylinux2check it03:21
Ubuntu1puppy: hang on03:21
Ubuntu1puppy: user/bin/x :003:22
puppylinux2something is wrong with bin folder03:23
puppylinux2have u installed any recent apps.03:23
puppylinux2any extra packages?03:23
funkyI delet .pid he comes again? I checked via ps aux soft daemon not running03:23
DF3D2can someone help me with a pxe problem ?03:23
Ubuntu1puppy: scribus03:23
funky'is there any more ways to check by name if such and such soft running or not?03:24
BeldarDF3D2, tell the problem to the channel for help.03:24
=== JoshuaP-afk is now known as JoshuaP
DF3D2tftp says it can't find the file when i boot the client03:24
puppylinux2Ubuntu: desktop publishing app?03:24
DF3D2I cant seem to figure out why03:24
Ubuntu1puppy"  um yes, doing page layouts and such03:24
ethermonkPXE has never been much more than a gimmick. getting it to work is a pain and in some cases, depending on the hardware, it will never work03:24
gordonjcpethermonk: [citation needed]03:25
puppylinux2Ubuntu1: 12.10 version is having some isseus with high cpu usage, some bug in ubuntu i think, pubishing apps also take some ram.03:25
gordonjcpethermonk: you obviously don't work with clusters03:25
ethermonk15 years in embedded systems03:25
DF3D2would someone be willing to help me figure out why?03:25
gordonjcpethermonk: uh-huh, not large server farms then03:26
DF3D2I cant seem to find a tftpd-hpa log03:26
puppylinux2ethermonk: are you an IT professional?03:26
JoshuaPhow would one explain a sudden static on the screen and inability to do anything until you force shutdown?03:26
DF3D2that might help pinpoint the problem03:26
gordonjcpDF3D2: I think it logs to syslog?03:26
Ubuntu1puppy: guess I just have to deal with it than, thanks03:26
ethermonkin a cluster enviornment, you wouldnt be using the consumer grade hardware DF3D2 is likely using03:26
gordonjcpyou'd be surprised03:27
DF3D2i don't think my hardware is the issue man03:27
puppylinux2Ubuntu1: install the latest ubuntu version , quantal qatzal is is having resource problems.03:27
DF3D2it's some config problem03:27
gordonjcpUbuntu1: sounds like some script running off on a webpage.  Bet you've got facebook open ;-)03:27
Ubuntu1puppy: ubuntu 13?03:28
=== root is now known as Yahooooo
=== Chili is now known as Guest16233
gordonjcpDF3D2: can you run a TFTP client on another machine, or even the same machine, and see if you can "manually" pull down the file?03:28
puppylinux2Ubuntu1: u can try it. newer ones can be better than older sometimes.03:28
Ubuntu1gordon, browser is closed03:28
gordonjcpUbuntu1: CPU still at 100%?03:29
puppylinux2Ubuntu1: if a bug arises u can tell about in ubuntu forums , so it can be corrected.03:29
AzelphurHi folks, having issues with network-manager, seems like apparmor is breaking it? http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=wgcBK8Y703:29
Ubuntu1gordon: when I launch firefox it will be03:29
puppylinux2Ubuntu1: its a problem with Ubuntu bin folder and working.03:29
DF3D2gordonjcp, doing that now03:30
puppylinux2Ubuntu1: what is your kernel version?03:30
Ubuntu1puppy: dont know how to check that03:31
Guest16233hey someone I need a hand, I was playing around installing desktop environments on my 13.10 install, now it won't get past the login screen03:31
puppylinux2Ubuntu1: type uname -r in terminal.03:31
Guest16233it doesnt show a loading icon or anything03:31
=== saurabh is now known as Guest56665
Guest16233not even the icon to pick a desktop environment, the thing is, I can't get to the desktop03:31
DF3D2gordonjcp, im connected from another machine, using /get/path/file /local/file/name03:32
Guest16233I dont want to format the partition, and yes, I am more or less new to linux, I know only basic stuff03:32
DF3D2gordonjcp, the file exists on the server, but it says it can't be found on the client ?03:32
DF3D2gordonjcp, get /path/file03:32
Ubuntu1puppy: command not working03:33
gordonjcpDF3D2: so you can pull the file from the server?03:33
DF3D2gordonjcp, no03:33
DF3D2it is saying not found and i don't know why03:33
puppylinux2Ubuntu1: it must be working, type uname -r simpe03:33
gordonjcpDF3D2: it's a bit late here so if you're around in GMT daytime try asking again and I'll compare it with what I have03:33
puppylinux2it works in every distro03:33
puppylinux2uname -r03:33
BeldarGuest16233, Did you try to remove any desktops, and what ones did you add and how?03:33
gordonjcpDF3D2: possibly the TFTP server isn't serving up what you think it's serving03:33
funkyroot     13400  0.0  0.0   9452   912 pts/0    S+   22:33   0:00 grep --color=auto xxxsoft how do I kill it?03:34
funkyI tried kill saying no such process03:34
funkysame kill a03:34
GnarlyHello there, I am a recent ubuntu convert and was wondering that i need to transfer files from my windows pc. Using my external hard drive should I use FAT32 or use EXT2 with the windows driver for transferring the files to the external hdd?03:34
Guest16233Thanks Beldar, I googled and purged some stuff, now it won't let me chose a DE.03:34
Ubuntu1puppy: command not found03:34
tewardfunky, did you try to kill the pid with sudo?03:34
funkyI am root03:34
BeldarGuest16233, Here specifics are the best, "some stuff" means nothing.03:35
Guest16233I don't remember what I typed to be honest03:35
funkyso yes does not work03:35
funkythere was some command to do it03:35
puppylinux2Beldar: uname -r command works with Ubuntu?03:35
funkyit traces proccess to pid and kills03:35
DF3D2gordonjcp, i don't get it the file is definitely there03:36
BeldarGuest16233, Ah, well getting this fixed may be possible anything is, however without out details the time taken may exceed what a fresh install might just be better doing.03:36
Guest16233Alright, I was thinking about that too.03:37
puppylinux2Ubuntu1: ur making any typing mistake ? uname -r should work03:37
Beldarpuppylinux2, This channel is not a ask anyone your question, state an issue and converse with thise that may respond.03:37
puppylinux2Ubuntu1: that a stable kernel, the problem is with ubuntu .03:38
puppylinux2Ubuntu1: install the newest ubuntu, less bugs.03:38
lollerHello can someone help me installing vmware workstation in the latest ubuntu 3.11-0 rc503:38
Guest16233can I restore just using the Ubuntu Gnome 800MB iso? I would love to save some time03:38
ubottuError: Gnome bug 800 could not be found03:38
BeldarGuest16233, The only restore in ubuntu is a install.03:39
Ubuntu1can I upgrade to 13 from 12.04 without affecting my home folder and programs?03:39
BeldarGuest16233, And not a restore.03:39
Guest16233So it doesn't matter if I use the gnome flavor right03:39
Guest16233cool, thanks a lot Beldar.03:39
lollerI need help installing vmware workstation in the latest stable kernel03:40
lollercan someone help me plz03:40
puppylinux2Ubuntu1: i am not sure about it , i think u need to completely wipe all the files and software and it need a fresh install.03:40
Ubuntu1puppy: thanks,  good night03:40
BeldarGuest16233, An install overwrites what is there if the same partition nothing is saved, you would use a format option.03:40
lollerSomeone plz answer my que03:40
puppylinux2Ubuntu1: no problem.03:41
puppylinux2loller: hello03:41
lollerI need help installing vmware workstation with working NET modules in latest stable kernel03:41
lollerI have searched for patches but03:42
lollerNone are working03:42
puppylinux2loller : i give u a link03:42
lollerOk thank~03:42
lollerI am using 13.1003:42
lollerthank i will try with these installed03:44
Guest16233Cool, thanks Beldar03:45
lollerAlso, my laptop is being remote shutdownn03:45
lollerBy the usa gov i believe03:45
lollerThis is only possible when it is plugged into the power03:45
lollerI will get remote shutdown complete poweroff03:45
lollerwhen my laptop is plugged into power occasionally03:45
lollerwhenever the gov feels like03:45
lollerany way to avoid this03:45
lolleri feel a backdoor is built into the bios03:46
lollerit happens offline or online03:46
puppylinux2loller: ur laptop hardware is ok?03:46
lollerit just does a complete poweroff at inopportune times03:46
lollerobviously done on purpose03:46
lollerby usa gov03:46
puppylinux2loller: hardware , like power cord, adapter, batteries?03:46
lolleranything i can do03:46
lollerno im sure its a remote03:46
FloodBot1loller: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:46
lollerThe gov uses microwave hearing to let me know .03:46
lollerthey are doing a remote shutdown on my laptop.03:47
lollerso anything i can do at the kernel level for this03:47
lollerits extremely oppressive.03:47
llrHello all03:47
lollerThe hardware is all good.  Its just when its plugged into a wall, the computer can be completely shut down at any time.03:48
lollerI havent experienced it yet since disabling all unneeded modules.  is this the extent of what i can do?03:48
puppylinux2loller: are your wall electric plugs all ok, any power surge can do that.03:48
lollerTotally sure.03:48
lollerLets say even if its natural to try to diagnose a hardware problem, if there was a backdoor in the computer that connected it to some government intranet03:49
puppylinux2loller: in computers even a small change in electricity can affect the motherboard which causes such things.03:49
lollerWell,  let's just imagine that the laptop is connecting to a gov network wirelessly03:50
lollerat bios boot03:50
lollerWhat could i do in my linux installation03:50
lollerto prevent them gaining control?03:50
puppylinux2loller: at bios ur wifi does not works , it works when it boots into os.03:50
Vivekanandawhat is a good pdf reader with highlighting for ubuntu. Any new ones out there for 12.0403:50
lollerIm aware of that.03:50
lollerI feel that there is extra hardware03:51
queondaSo i installed a new OS on my Lenovo X1 Carbon (Mint Petra). Now i keep getting asked for a admin password to enable boot from USB. is there any way I can install an OS over the current one without access to the bios? (I had previously installed Elementary OS, based on ubuntu, which did not lock my bios this way)03:51
NoiroCan someone tell me why my downloads folder is not showing latest downloads, but if I search for the name, it will show up? Gnome-shell. It started a couple of weeks ago03:52
puppylinux2loller: if it some extra hardware, u can check it with ur hardinfo tool, it in unbunt it can tell u about it.03:52
lolleraside from turning off all unneded modules, how can i prevent the bios from touching ubuntu03:52
lollerthat is basically the question03:52
lolleri guess..03:52
gaffaloller; you could replace your bios with an open source one :)03:53
lollerThat sounds excellent03:53
puppylinux2loller: u can't do it , an os is always under the contrl of Bios, but Bios is always free of os.03:53
lollercould you link me some for laptops03:53
lollercould you link me some open source laptop bios03:53
lolleri see03:53
lollerI feel my bios has   a gov backdoor03:53
lolleri want to replace it ASAP03:53
gaffai don't know how far they are. you should google around. maybe check the gnu.org and fsf.org websites.03:54
puppylinux2loller: if u flash with the BIOS , or install incorrect BIOS , ur laptop will be dead, and only thing u can do after it is replacing the motherboard.03:54
Beldarqueonda, Mint has there own support is all.03:55
puppylinux2flashing a BIOS is critical job.03:55
lolleri feel using an open bios would be critical to removing gov backdoor to your commercial pc03:55
gaffawell, it can be saved.. it's not like it is short circuitet03:56
Beldarqueonda, I would check the md5sum that sounds wrong, and find there support.03:56
PandaPandaloller I'm not good with Ubuntu but I know it has native tools to report everything going on with your computer. U tried looking at one of those?03:56
vanishing-/join #minecraft03:56
gaffaloller; if you are concerned you should start out by monitoring wireless traffic on an second labtop03:56
puppylinux2gaffa: it can't , like in some samsung laptop , if u install linux mint , the laptop gets blocks , and becomes dead, not booting at all03:56
queondabeldar check the md5sum of what?03:56
lollerWell something interesting would be03:57
lollerthat the wireless witch is hardware disabled03:57
gaffapuppylinux2; I know.. you have to use other methods.03:57
lollerbut my Kali linux reports03:57
=== KindOne- is now known as KindOne
lollerthat it is actually indeed on03:57
puppylinux2loller: open bIOS is  not well tested.03:57
lollerwhen hardware switch is off03:57
FloodBot1loller: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.03:57
Beldarqueonda, The ISO, that is all I can offer here, more than I should.03:57
puppylinux2now computers are having UEFI , it has made installing linux on these machines a very hard task.03:58
lolleris anyone able to examine code of bios that comes with commercial pc03:59
lollerto check for gov backdoor03:59
jrib!ot | loller04:00
ubottuloller: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:00
puppylinux2loller: only an IT professional ir software  engineer can do that.04:00
lollerOh well they probably paid not to do that.04:00
puppylinux2loller: working with BIOS requires very speical attention, BIOS is something which is very critical.04:01
lollerCritical for gov backdoor also so they can see my pc offline and then harass me with microwave hearing / shock torture04:01
Unforgivenloller: beware, your gov has already implemented a chip in your body, to monitor your move04:01
lollerThey dont need a chip for that04:02
lollerHowever they  did abduct me04:02
Unforgivenloller: you can install TOR on your brain to anonymize it04:02
lollerThey implied i would hallucinate on dexedrine.04:02
lollerAnd forced and injection04:02
lollerafter which i blacked out04:03
loller~ 1 hour later04:03
lolleri awoke.04:03
gaffaIt's not like we need computers... turn it off and experience the real world :)04:03
lollerbut dexedrine causes sobriety.  anyway since then ive been getting microwaved.04:03
lollershocked and tortured for using linux04:03
lollersorry for changing topic please see remote neural monitoring04:04
lollerand electronic harassment04:04
lollerthank you for help with BIOS04:05
puppylinux2no problem04:05
lollerim still unable to access the vmware networking interface after installing open vm tools before install04:09
puppylinux2seems like some problem with software codes.04:10
lollerive been procrastinating building my own kernel04:10
lollerIf theres not an easy fix i guess i will04:10
KornyDoes the UEFI bios issue only affect OEM computers?04:10
* Korny hasn't run into issues with newer computers but hasn't bought an OEM computer in a long while04:11
Gallomimiaissue? i had no problems starting with uefi. are you talking about homebrewed kernels?04:12
puppylinux2Gallomimia: can you boot puppy linux on a UEFI computer?04:15
Gallomimiaum, this is #ubuntu right? i don't even know what puppy linux is04:15
puppylinux2well its derived from ubuntu only, u can say its a part of ubuntu.04:16
puppylinux2loller: how to boot puppy linux on a UEFI computer?04:17
Gallomimiaswitch to legacy mode?04:17
puppylinux2do you have to disabe secure boot too?04:17
puppylinux2it will work with any linux , i mean any linux can boot on uefi computer?04:18
lollerdisable the UEFI04:19
=== matt_ is now known as Guest12742
DF3D2im having an issue I can't transfer anything with tftp and I need it to work for pxe boot it just times out but namp says port is open04:21
DF3D2use tftpd-hpa04:21
rickbcan someone help hey everyone, i have a bunch of episodes on my plex server, they aren't named properly so plex isn't scanning them.. they are named "101 - episode name" any idea how i could turn 101 into S1E1 using some sort of mass renaming commandline magic :)04:27
user_Hi, guys, I have clean installed Lubuntu 13.10 onto an old desktop today. I can run everything except an online video like you tube. The videos are mostly moving colors. I have downloaded Adobe Flash Player from the software too. I can't set any settings there, because the settings are distorted in Adobe Flash Player.04:29
Beldaruser_, you installed the flash-plugin?04:30
user_yes from the software center04:31
user_at least it said I did. Is there a way to see if it's there?04:31
Beldaruser_, You might try the lubuntu-restricted-extras that install flash other codecs and ms fonts, you can turn down the fonts if you want.04:31
user_now, how do I get lubuntu-restricted-extras? Don't know linux too well.04:32
Beldaruser_, in the terminal sudo apt-get install lubuntu-restricted-extras04:33
user_o.k that's all?04:33
gr33n7007huser_,  try this sudo apt-get install flashplugin-nonfree && sudo update-flashplugin-nonfree --install04:33
Beldaruser_, To install yes, hard to say the exact problem but this is a good start.04:33
=== Jordan is now known as Guest92157
treeprogramHi, I'm trying to connect to my friend's SSH server. He has PasswordAuthentication set to 'yes', and I know his user password, but when I enter it, it gives me this error message: Permission denied (publickey,password).04:35
treeprogramany pointers?04:35
tewardtreeprogram, did you specify their username when you use SSL (i.e. USER@ADDRESS or similar methods?)04:36
user_o.k. will try both of those      thanks!04:36
treeprogramteward: yes, I put USER@ADDRESS, got a response: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6818309/04:38
=== Jan11 is now known as ON1
treeprogramteward so I think it's connecting to the right address. The password just fails for some reason04:38
puppylinux2Beldar: how to boot ubuntu in UEFI computer?04:39
nudogemy keyboard and mouse keep dying.  I think its the nVidia card on my dell laptop.  ubuntu 13.10 64-bit04:42
=== ponbiki is now known as Guest3765
hitsujiTMOnudoge: sudo apt-get install pastebinit && pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log04:45
=== devn_ is now known as devn
* Gallomimia wishes pastebinit was installed by default :(04:46
BeldarGallomimia, I believe it is after not sure which release.04:47
hitsujiTMOGallomimia: it is in xubuntu and edubuntu04:47
cody_how do I overclock GPU in ubuntu 12.0404:47
BeldarI was thinking of ppa-purge rather04:47
user_I put in "sudo apt-get install lubuntu-restricted-extras" into the terminal but still not good online video reception.04:48
Beldaruser_, Have you tried other videos are they all a problem? I wonder if the memory and chip is up for the task as well.04:49
anonee_mousesomeone told me that if you delete system32 it makes your computer faster, but `rm -rf /system32/` didn't work. what do?04:50
hitsujiTMOanonee_mouse: please troll elsewhere04:50
user_ya maybe the memory and chip is not up for the task.  I'll try other videos too. thanks.04:51
Beldaranonee_mouse, A more powerful computer is the answer generally, if there is not inherent problem.04:51
Gallomimiathere is no /system32 dir. that's from windows04:51
anonee_mouseso there is no possible way to delete the bloat in system32 in ubuntu?04:51
Gallomimiathere's no bloat there04:51
user_Is there a way to increase my computers memory?04:52
Beldarbloat ia a noob term it means nothing in details04:52
anonee_mouseoh wait, i just asked on another channel. it's actually just `/`. well i got the help i need, bye04:53
Beldaranonee_mouse / is rather important it is root do not rm rf it04:53
anonee_mouseuhh why is my computer freezing up04:53
Gallomimiado not feed the trolls :(04:53
hitsujiTMOuser_: buy more ram04:54
BeldarGallomimia, Please do not go to name calling.04:54
Gallomimiahehe. alright. just ask him to stop trolling then04:54
hitsujiTMOuser_: or increase the swap partition (not the best method if you are running out of ram frequently)04:54
anonee_mousehmm it just had a kernel panic, thanks #lunix for the advice!04:55
BeldarGallomimia, That is a projected opinion, keep it off the channel.04:55
anonee_mousewell never gonna go there again04:55
user_Increase the swap partition? I thought it was best to decrease swap for an older computer?04:55
Gallomimiaanonee_mouse: to be fair, they told you not to execute an rm -rf on / it's not healthy for any computer04:55
user_or is that what you're saying?04:55
Gallomimiaswap should be as big as you need it04:55
hitsujiTMOuser_: can you pastebin the output of: free -m04:56
Gallomimiauser_: did you view your memory allocation in top ?04:56
Gallomimiayes. free -m is good to pastebin04:56
anonee_mouseeven windows/dos computers?04:56
user_I forget how to pastebin.04:56
Gallomimia free -m | pastebinit04:56
DF3D2I can't seem to get nfs to show exports04:56
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.04:56
hitsujiTMOuser_: sudo apt-get install pastebinit && free -m | pastebinit04:57
DF3D2I can't seem to get nfs to show exports -- showmount ip    -- on client doesn't show anything but I have an /etc/exports setup04:57
hitsujiTMODF3D2: showmount -e ip04:57
DF3D2hitsujiTMO, clnt_create: RPC: Program not registered04:58
user_I forget where that vertical line is on the key board.04:58
hitsujiTMOuser_: beside 1 or z. but could be elsewhere04:59
Gallomimiait's usually shift backslash04:59
Gallomimiamine is left of enter right of quotes. i prefer when it's above enter right of square brackets04:59
apb1963How can I tell which libraries a program is using - and intends to update - prior to the update?05:00
DF3D2hitsujiTMO, something seems to be wrong with my nfs install05:00
Gallomimiaapb1963: usually all packages which are being updated will be listed when you use the command line version05:00
hitsujiTMODF3D2: thats a normal error if you dont specify any arguements.  hmmm05:00
apb1963Gallomimia: I'm using muon update manager to handle system updates05:02
user_I can't find the darn vertical line!05:02
bazhanguser_, right above enter05:02
DF3D2hitsujiTMO, showmount "ip" doesn't return anything even though ive got stuff exported05:02
DF3D2and nfs is running05:02
user_got it    I'll be back05:02
bazhanguser_, shift \ to get |05:02
jribapb1963: what do you mean by "the update"?05:03
bazhanguser_, its called 'pipe'05:03
hitsujiTMODF3D2: you need to add -e to see the exports. try restarting the nfsd on the server05:03
Gallomimiaah. i drastically hate the graphical update manager :/05:03
user_it's called pipe   o.k.05:03
DF3D2hitsujiTMO, I have restarted it :-(05:03
apb1963jrib: When the package manager tells me there are updates05:03
DF3D2hitsujiTMO, now it works all the sudden05:04
jribapb1963: does in not list the packages it wants to update?05:04
DF3D2rebooting it didnt seem to help but sudo exportfs -ra did05:04
DF3D2lets see if my pxe boot will work now... brb05:04
apb1963jrib: it does.  My question is what are the specific libraries it intends to update.05:06
jribapb1963: what do you want more than the package names?05:06
hitsujiTMOapb1963: the libs are listed in the updates.05:06
user_o.k. I  put in "sudo apt-get install pastebinit && free -m | pastebinit"  Now, what am I supposed to do? This is about online video distortion.05:07
hitsujiTMOapb1963: if there's no libs listed, there's no libs being updated05:07
hitsujiTMOuser_: that produces a url, write the url here05:07
user_o.k.         http://paste.ubuntu.com/6818353/05:08
hitsujiTMOuser_: might as well run: lspci -knn | pastebinit                    and give us the url for that too05:08
loki__hey guys, quick question.  suppose I have a directory with 10 zip files in it.  Is there a command I can run from the CLI that will allow me to unzip all those files without me having to type each file name?05:09
loki__basically I want the program to look in a directory and if it finds a zip file, unzip it.05:09
hitsujiTMOuser_: are you trying to play flash vids?05:09
Gallomimiauhm. help. my mouse cursor is invisible!05:09
jribloki__: use a for loop.  Here is an example: for file in *.zip; do echo "$file"; done05:09
Gallomimiai just rebooted my system after a nasty hang up. i was opening system prefs after changing my monitor's connection. my video card hates me :(05:10
user_ummm you know, like YouTube or Wimp, any online videos.05:10
hitsujiTMOloki__: unzip /path/to/dir/*.zip05:10
Gallomimiaif you computer is too slow to play youtube uninstall flash and rely upon html5 or use keepvid.com to download your videos and play them with mplayer or vlc or similar05:10
hypercube32glob works with unzip correct?05:10
Gallomimiainstead of keepvid.com there's many firefox plugins that do similar05:10
GallomimiaFlash Video Downloader at al05:11
jribhypercube32: no05:11
DF3D2okay so I can mount the NFS pxe root, but if I try to boot via PXE it says /dev/nfs doesn't exist...... Here is my command line05:11
Gallomimiahypercube32: what's that?05:11
DF3D2<DF3D2> rebooting it didnt seem to help but sudo exportfs -ra did05:11
DF3D2* zz_megabitdragon (~mbit@c-75-64-209-170.hsd1.tn.comcast.net) has joined #ubuntu05:11
DF3D2* zz_megabitdragon has quit (Client Quit)05:11
DF3D2<DF3D2> lets see if my pxe boot will work now... brb05:11
FloodBot1DF3D2: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:11
DF3D2 05:11
loki__hitsujiTMO: thanks05:12
hypercube32Gallomimia, http://www.linuxjournal.com/content/bash-extended-globbing05:12
hypercube32that can explain it better than i can05:12
jribloki__: I don't believe unzip accepts globs to multiple archives05:12
=== zz_megabitdragon is now known as megabitdragon
DF3D2lol sorry....05:12
DF3D2idk how that happened05:12
loki__jrib: yeah it didn't work.05:12
jribloki__: use a for loop05:12
hitsujiTMOuser_: cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep "model name"05:13
Gallomimiai'm interested in reading about youtube-dl but having trouble cause my mouse cursor is not visible!05:13
loki__jrib: as a script?05:13
Gallomimiaany help?05:13
jribloki__: just write a for loop in one line, on your prompt05:13
Gallomimiaargh. any suggestions to do with command line?05:13
Gallomimiacause clicking anything on screen is incredibly difficult05:13
hypercube32Gallomimia, oh sorry thought you ment globbing05:13
DF3D2anyway Im trying to PXE boot and I can mount my pxe NFS share just fine in ubuntu -- but when I go to pxe boot it says It can't find /dev/nfs -- here is my command line stuff DEFAULT vmlinuz-3.11.0-12-generic root=/dev/nfs initrd=initrd.img-3.11.0-12-generic nfsroot= ip=dhcp rw05:13
user_model name: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 2.66GHz05:14
Gallomimiajust going to shutdown and let the system cool for a minute05:14
hypercube32Gallomimia, http://rg3.github.io/youtube-dl/05:14
shreezbotIs there a good way to audit my home Ubuntu machine to see how secure it is?  I know there are tools you can buy for the Enterprise, but is there anything like it for home users?05:14
loki__jrib: for file in *.zip; do echo "$file"; done <- that was your example.  should $file be changed to something else?05:15
jribloki__: probably not05:15
hitsujiTMOuser_: i think its just your cpu/gpu mix can't candle the vid05:16
user_o.k. I think so. It's seems kinda old. Thanks for your time though!05:16
loki__jrib: so if I paste that, it should work as long as I am in the directory with the zip files?05:16
jribloki__: it will echo back the names of zip files in the current directory05:17
loki__that it did05:17
jribloki__: if you want to "unzip" instead of "echo" the file...05:18
loki__that's what I was just about to type.  you beat me to it :D05:18
Gallomimiathat's better05:18
mikubuntuso i installed compiz via software center, and something called compiz fusion, but i don't see any available effects appearing -- the only thing that appeared in the menu was a compiz fusion icon that does 'nothing' when clickd05:19
mikubuntuwhat happened to all the snazzy compiz features?05:19
hitsujiTMOmikubuntu: what desktop environment are you using?05:20
mikubuntui guess xfce, ubuntu-studio hitsujiTMO05:20
OerHeksyou might want the compiz-plugin-extra package05:21
Gallomimiasick. thanks hypercube3205:21
hitsujiTMOmikedevita: you need to install the compiz config control manager. by default compiz should come with a unity based configuration. so you'd need to activate what you need05:21
mikedevitaoh i do?05:21
mikedevitathat was random05:22
hitsujiTMOmikubuntu: ^^^^05:22
hitsujiTMOmikubuntu: its compizconfig-settings-manager05:22
hitsujiTMOmikedevita: sorry05:22
mikedevitahitsujiTMO: its okay lol, was funny :P05:22
zerkzerkzerkI've recently installed 12.04 and a weird error has come up. Whenever I log in, the background does this thing: http://www.marcofolio.net/images/stories/programming/webdesign/winxp_error/winxp_error_nostalgia.png05:25
loki__jrib: that worked.  thanks!05:26
mikubuntuso the software center saying that i have installed compizconfig-settings-manager hitsujiTMO05:26
mikubuntubut it doesn't appear in menus05:26
hitsujiTMOzerkzerkzerk: your background isn't getting rerendered. were you playing with compiz fusion?05:26
hitsujiTMOmikubuntu: run ccsm05:26
zerkzerkzerkThis problem occurred when some problems with encrypted swap cropped up. It was similar to the problem described here: http://punygeek.blogspot.com/2012/10/ubuntu-1204-how-to-solve-disk-drive-for.html05:27
zerkzerkzerkI had to add a sleep to /etc/rc.local before it stopped saying it couldn't mount the disk drive.05:28
zerkzerkzerkhitsujiTMO: I don't believe so.05:28
hitsujiTMOzerkzerkzerk: does the problem occur for other user accounts? such as guest?05:28
zerkzerkzerkhitsujiTMO: yes it does (just confirmed this)05:29
zerkzerkzerkLooking closely, it seems to be rerendering, just very slowly05:29
hitsujiTMOzerkzerkzerk: can you pastebin the contents of /var/log/Xorg.0.log05:29
StarOnDHi, my usb keyboard works intermittently. I got a message that someone may be eavesdropping on my ubuntu. any tips ?05:31
hitsujiTMOStarOnD: where did you get this message?05:32
StarOnDwhen I started my computer05:32
StarOnDin a pop up window05:32
hitsujiTMOStarOnD: reinstall ubuntu then05:33
StarOnDalso ,many a time when I type it repeats the letter being typed many times / it scrolls like crazy when I click on any mnu05:33
hitsujiTMOStarOnD: what was the exact message?05:34
StarOnDdont recall05:34
zerkzerkzerkhitsujiTMO: http://pastebin.com/AVWRPxJ605:34
hitsujiTMOStarOnD: sudo apt-get install pastebinit && top -n1 | pastebinit05:35
=== megabitdragon is now known as zz_megabitdragon
=== JoshuaP is now known as JoshuaP-afk
hitsujiTMOStarOnD: i see nothing overly suspicious. can you get up the exact wording of the message please05:43
StarOnDI dont know how to recreate it :(05:43
hitsujiTMOStarOnD: does it happen on every reboot?05:44
hitsujiTMOzerkzerkzerk: nothing there :( not sure which package is the cause05:45
StarOnDbut the usb keyboard being stuck happens each tmie05:45
zerkzerkzerkhitsujiTMO: How strange. Is there a package doctor of sorts I can run? Reset to default?05:46
zerkzerkzerkMy main fear is that something *worse* is going on as well but I don't know what it is and won't until it just stops working one day.05:46
=== hdevalence|away is now known as hdevalence
hitsujiTMOzerkzerkzerk: nope. you'd need to track down the package thats causing it. maybe look for errors in ~/.xsession-errors or /var/log/syslog05:47
ddelWhat causes screen flicker in Xwindows?05:47
hitsujiTMOStarOnD: only way to be sure is a reinstall05:48
StarOnDhow do I do that without deleting my data ?05:48
hitsujiTMOStarOnD: has anyone had access to your machine before this happened?05:49
zerkzerkzerkHuh. The line "(gnome-terminal:3081): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_object_add_weak_pointer: assertion `G_IS_OBJECT (object)' failed" shows up a lot in ~/.xsession-errors05:49
hitsujiTMOStarOnD: did you run any dodgy software or scripts?05:49
StarOnDI did sudo ufw enable 30 minutes ago05:49
StarOnDi dont know much about firewalls05:49
StarOnDno I dont think I did anything like that ( dodgy tools )05:50
hitsujiTMOzerkzerkzerk: thats a common error. can be safely ignored05:50
hitsujiTMOStarOnD: pastebinit /etc/apt/sources.list && cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/* | pastebinit05:51
DF3D2hitsujiTMO, I cant find anything that helps with this error nfs is correctly configured but still cant boot pxe, just says /dev/nfs not found05:51
zerkzerkzerkhitsujiTMO: Checked both xsession-errors and syslog. Nothing is jumping out. Damn.05:52
hitsujiTMODF3D2: how exactly did you install and setup nfs on the server?05:53
hitsujiTMODF3D2: you don't have a firewall blocking the ports do you?05:53
DF3D2hitsujiTMO, I know nfs works cause I can mount the share in regular ubuntu05:53
DF3D2just fine05:54
DF3D2no, no firewall05:54
zerkzerkzerkhitsujiTMO: How odd. If I have emacs running the background, it is fine and everything looks good. If it is just the empty desktop though, the space doesn't get rerendered.05:54
hitsujiTMOStarOnD: there should be a second url05:55
[HUN]bitvilagi need some help05:55
FloodBot1[HUN]bitvilag: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:55
hitsujiTMOzerkzerkzerk: is whats rendering the desktop is the issue, or something in the stack05:55
[HUN]bitvilagwell its actually with cisco phone05:56
demian[HUN]bitvilag, Iḿ calling 911. Where's the fire?05:56
[HUN]bitvilagits in hungary budapest hurry I cant hold on for long05:56
DF3D2hitsujiTMO, im seeing something about my kernel needing to be configged some how to use nfs as root05:56
[HUN]bitvilagso anyone with experince TFTP server and cisco05:57
hitsujiTMOStarOnD: i'd put my money on one of your ppas being the cause.05:57
zerkzerkzerkhitsujiTMO: What do you mean by stack? The only problem is that when something gets rendered to the desktop, an afterimage stays there. If I have emacs running as the "background" the screen looks totally fine without any problems. Empty screen with no windows though and there is a trail of windows and menus for a seconds behind everything I do.05:57
StarOnDhitsuji, so what can i do?05:58
demianHow does FloodBot1  figure one should use paste.ubuntu.com in an IRC channel?05:58
pvl1should i use the ubuntu kernel sources instead of kernel.org's?05:58
pvl1for compiling my own kernel05:58
StarOnDis there a reinstall ubuntu from CLI command?05:58
[HUN]bitvilagCISCO expert --> wake up:)05:59
hitsujiTMOStarOnD: no. you'd have to reinstall from a cd05:59
julian112how do i install latest gtk lib in ubuntu?05:59
Beldardemian, It is sentient05:59
StarOnDhmmm ok05:59
demianI know its a bot, but the info is flawed isnt it05:59
julian112please help?06:00
zerkzerkzerkhitsujiTMO: This is the weirdest shit. I changed my desktop background and it renders fine now.06:00
hitsujiTMOzerkzerkzerk: as in any app thats involved in the rendering process could be misconfigured06:00
pvl1julian112: apt-get install libgtk ?06:01
pvl1!gtk | julian11206:01
ubottujulian112: GTK is the !GIMP toolkit, which forms the base of !GNOME and is used by many applications to provide a !GUI06:01
julian112pvll:ok thanks.06:01
DF3D2hitsujiTMO, I just did sudo apt-get install nfs-kernel-server and setup /etc/exports06:01
hitsujiTMOzerkzerkzerk: i guess that in essence reset the config for what was causing the problem06:01
zerkzerkzerkI'm going to guess that somehow ubuntu didn't actually have a background image or a default.06:01
=== brad_ is now known as Guest27276
zerkzerkzerkAnd so it was just a "clear" buffer. So whenever it was asked to rerender the desktop, nothing would happen because there was nothing to write.06:02
julian112pvll:it's not working..06:02
hitsujiTMODF3D2: hmm, that error that you were getting would suggest that the nfs server wasn't running.06:03
zerkzerkzerkStrange. Thanks for all the help!06:03
Beldardemian, think of the bot bas a teacher to rap your knuckles when misbehavior happens.06:03
DF3D2hitsujiTMO, it is though06:03
pvl1julian112: what makes u say that06:04
DF3D2hitsujiTMO, port 204906:04
DF3D2hitsujiTMO, like I said in ubuntu I can mount shares no problem06:04
hitsujiTMODF3D2: have you restarted nfs-kernel-server ?06:04
DF3D2hitsujiTMO, yes06:04
pvl1julian112: what are you trying to do06:05
hitsujiTMODF3D2: as in you can mount shares locally on the server or which?06:05
DF3D2hitsujiTMO, I can mount shares from the server on my laptop client06:05
DF3D2as in it seems to work fine06:05
hitsujiTMODF3D2: but you cant showmount -e ?06:05
DF3D2hitsujiTMO, I can06:06
free_lasagna i do sudo echo "deb [...] contrib non-free" >> /etc/apt/sources.list and i get "permission denied" even though i use sudo . anyone know why that is?06:06
DF3D2it works fine06:06
hitsujiTMODF3D2: then which isn't working now then?06:06
DF3D2hitsujiTMO, im trying to do a PXE boot06:06
DF3D2to setup some rigs, but it complains /dev/nfs doesn't exist06:07
pvl1oh god06:07
hitsujiTMODF3D2: ahh kk06:07
pvl1ive NEVER gotten pxr to fully work right06:07
DF3D2hitsujiTMO, but nfs IS working06:07
DF3D2so i dont get it06:07
demianHey guys. I removed Empathy from Synaptic package manager, and my status bar still shows that envelope icon with "Available, Away, Busy" stuff... How do I get rid of that? (But I like the xchat notification there)06:07
hitsujiTMODF3D2: whats the pxeconfig line?06:08
DF3D2hitsujiTMO, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6818551/ I just added the "boot=nfs" part cause someone said it helped them, havent tried it yet"06:08
DF3D2hitsujiTMO, gonna try this brb a sec06:09
pvl1the fabled pxe boot06:09
demianShould I delete empathy-common as well?06:09
pvl1actually, i lied, i got it to work, just not with a livecd06:10
hitsujiTMOfree_lasagna: debian support is in #debian06:11
longviewbitsIf you've created a udev rule, is simply restarting the udev service sufficient, for the new device to be recognized? or do you have to reboot the machine?06:11
hitsujiTMODF3D2: did it work?06:12
DF3D2that made it kernel panic06:12
hitsujiTMODF3D2: same serror?06:12
wrenny2can anyone help me get Ubuntu to detect my other display (HDTV on hdmi)06:12
pvl1wrenny2: xrandr06:12
DF3D2hitsujiTMO, this is stumping me06:13
DF3D2I know this kernel has nfs support06:13
wrenny2I'm a total noon to Ubuntu tho06:13
pvl1wrenny2: open a terminal and type randr and hit enter06:13
pvl1wrenny2: what is ur ultimate goal06:13
hitsujiTMODF3D2: and the nfs address is correct?06:13
wrenny2to see my PC on either or Monitor or TV06:14
pvl1wrenny2: what version ubuntu are you on06:14
wrenny2i think06:14
xtalmathI have an offline computer and copied the urls for the packages it tried to download. I downloaded them on an online computer. I transferred them with usb. how do I make apt-get use the downloaded packages from the commandline?06:14
pvl1uname -r in a terminal06:14
DF3D2hitsujiTMO, yes06:14
pvl1oops, wrenny2 i meant lsb-release -a06:15
pvl1boy im getting tired06:15
RobbieCan anyone here halp with a camera problem?06:15
pvl1wrenny2: run lsb-release -a in a terminal06:15
qin_xtalmath: sudo dpkg -i package_name.deb06:16
xtalmathqin_ one by one?06:16
xtalmathin which order?06:16
wrenny2forgot how to get to term  :(06:16
KI7MTCtrl+Alt+T && lsb_release -a06:16
pvl1thanks KI7MT06:17
ddelWhat causes screen flicker in Xwindows?What is the config file for the Xwin display?06:17
qin_xtalmath: well, since dpkg do not handle dependecies... what packages you have there and did you check if you have all dependencies sorted?06:18
wrenny2no ldb modules avail06:19
hitsujiTMOwrenny2: you forgot the -a flag06:19
xtalmathwell, the list of debs was generated by apt-get... now I did dpkg -i *.deb (so I specify all at once) it seemed to work06:19
allstarsnorks2Guys, what does 'Registered GHD80211 phy' mean?06:20
trollboyI'm building a test ubuntu server, is 13.10 dominate enough yet that I should choose that, or is 12.04 still what everyone's building off of these days?06:20
hitsujiTMOwrenny2: lsb_release -a06:20
pvl1wrenny2: sudo lsb_release -a06:20
pvl1not lsb-release06:20
hitsujiTMOwrenny2: cat /etc/issue06:21
allstarsnorks2I have message 'Registered GHD80211 phy' popping out for around 5 seconds during boot. What does it mean?06:21
gr33n7007hallstarsnorks2, looks like it's registered a wireless NIC06:22
gr33n7007hbut i maybe wrong06:22
allstarsnorks2Then there is the kdm: bios disabled message06:23
Ronieubuntu's channel is always very busy.06:23
allstarsnorks2No it's disabled by bios06:23
wrenny2no lsb modules found06:23
allstarsnorks2kdm: disabled by bios message06:23
hitsujiTMOallstarsnorks2: gr33n7007h is correct. its registered the mac of a wireless adapter06:24
hitsujiTMOwrenny2: cat /etc/issue06:24
allstarsnorks2Hmm. Okay.06:24
pvl1wrenny2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SQ_N-mQCmIc06:24
Thor446Im trying to uninstall Ubuntu, but it doesn't seem to exist in my BIOS anymore, and I can't format from windows (because it's ext4); would a debian install overwrite it?06:24
allstarsnorks2Props to Ubuntu devs for making Broadcom Legacy chips compatible06:24
allstarsnorks2I seem to have problems with internet speed on my Fujitsu Lifebook T4220 running Ubuntu 12.04.306:26
wrenny2that youtube aint my issue06:26
wrenny2I want to detect a 2nd display06:27
pvl1wrenny2: if hdmi cable is plugged in, that should see it. do u see it when you run randr06:27
wrenny2might I have to install some nvidia drivers?06:27
pvl1wrenny2: xrandr06:27
wrenny2whats the exact command06:27
hitsujiTMOwrenny2: can you pastebin the contents of /var/log/Xorg.0.log06:27
hitsujiTMOwrenny2: it should detect by default06:28
wrenny2paste here?06:28
pvl1!pastebin | wrenny206:29
ubottuwrenny2: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.06:29
abhinavmehtaI'm getting problem in installing uTorrent-Server on ubuntu06:30
abhinavmehtacan anyone help on this..06:30
wrenny2this ok?   http://pastebin.com/8Uf9jiMb06:30
hitsujiTMOwrenny2: can you pastebin the full contents of /var/log/Xorg.0.log06:31
abhinavmehta? :(06:31
wrenny2how do you copy text in xchat06:32
hitsujiTMOwrenny2: sudo apt-get install pastebinit && pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log06:32
pvl1wrenny2: is the cable connected?06:32
pvl1hitsujiTMO: xrandr doesnt recognize hdmi as connected06:32
wrenny2i use it in Windows daily06:32
wrenny2how do you copy text in xchat06:33
wrenny2cntrl c dont work06:33
hitsujiTMOpvl1: there maybe more info in the xorg log06:33
pvl1wrenny2: right click? might be ctrl+shift+c06:33
pvl1hitsujiTMO: aye, i hope so06:33
wrenny2nm i got it06:33
Beldarwrenny2, Highlight it, it goes to the clipboard to paste06:33
abhinavmehtahelp on installing utorrent-server on ubuntu, plz!06:34
hitsujiTMOabhinavmehta: why not use transmission or any other native torrent software?06:35
wrenny2pastebin installed i guess06:35
abhinavmehtahitsujiTMO: its on my server and can access using SSH only06:35
abhinavmehtano gui..06:35
hitsujiTMOabhinavmehta: transmission-daemon   has a lovely web interface06:36
abhinavmehtais it? lemme check than06:36
hitsujiTMOtransmission-cli if you want terminal only06:36
hitsujiTMOwrenny2: pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log06:37
abhinavmehtahitsujiTMO alright, I'll check out. Thanks06:37
wrenny2handy util06:39
=== linus_ is now known as DeepBlue
pvl1hes got xinerma06:39
pvl1hitsujiTMO: ^06:40
=== DeepBlue is now known as Guest79338
wrenny2well The vid card has 2 ports for hdmi maybe I have to connect it to the other one06:40
wrenny2i think it has 206:40
abhinavmehtahitsujiTMO: transmission-daemon runs on which port?06:40
wrenny2oh um I have 2 vid cards in SLI each with an HDMI port06:41
qin_abhinavmehta: rtorrent or deluge (deamon)06:41
wrenny2maybe Ubuntu lilkes only one of them?06:41
abhinavmehtaqin_: Now I'm on transmission-daemon, installed, started the daemon but don't know which port it would show up..06:42
abhinavmehtadon't want to install mmap on my machine..06:42
qin_abhinavmehta: hm... netstat -tulp to see what is listening, or read (edit) config before starting service06:42
* pvl1 nods06:43
DiplomaticoHello, I used the mv command to a .iso file and now it shows as a .bin in the files manager!!06:43
evilfixdefault transmission web gui port is 9091 i believe06:43
pvl1Diplomatico: what was the command u used06:43
hitsujiTMOabhinavmehta: defined /etc/transmission-daemon/settings.json06:43
abhinavmehtaevilfix: thank you!06:43
abhinavmehtahitsujiTMO: ok..06:43
pvl1mv alone does nothing. i meant full command06:43
DiplomaticoOk, wait...06:43
gr33n7007h 06:44
hitsujiTMOpvl1: wrenny2 well i know nothing of Xinerama so i'll be of no help06:44
DiplomaticoI used a lot, but i think the one was:   mv backbox-3.13-i386.iso backbox06:44
pvl1does nvidia have to use xinerama? thats my point hitsujiTMO i think it should be disabled and should use randr06:44
DiplomaticoIs it possible, or I did something else wrong?06:44
pvl1Diplomatico: probably not. simply rename the file see if it works06:45
pvl1wrenny2: can you pastebin /etc/X11/xorg.conf06:45
DiplomaticoUsing rename command, isn't it?06:45
=== Guest79338 is now known as linuxator
wrenny2i got it to show up now that I connect to other card06:45
=== linuxator is now known as Guest79477
wrenny2I have to mess with it now06:46
wrenny2mirror or whatever06:46
wrenny2wonder if there's a key combo to swich displays like windows?06:46
Onixs_mhey, a quick Q…. how do you reverse  like "1234" to "3412". its easy if there are separators, but this one doesn't have it06:46
wrenny2pfft now how to get my wireless keyboard and mouse working  Logitech mouse and keys on that universal wireless stuff06:50
apb1963I apparently have four different versions of the libqtcore4 package installed.   I can't help but wonder if this is in any way normal?  http://ix.io/a7Z and if not, then how to correct?06:51
DiplomaticoThank you, pvl1, renaming solved it.But I find quite awkward that the mv command functions as a move and a rename command as well...06:52
DiplomaticoI just want to move the file to a directory...06:52
Gallomimiahi. i'm trying to remove wine1.6 package from my system. but it says it will remove a whole lot of other packages which are not okay to remove. how can i get it to skip some of those?06:52
qin_Onixs_: echo kayak | rev06:53
Onixs_qin_ that will reverse the whole string. look at my e.g.06:53
hitsujiTMOwrenny2: what exact keyboard is it, and what of it isn't working?06:53
wrenny2hm Logitech no support for Ubuntu I guess I'm screwed06:54
wrenny2Wireless Combo MK26006:54
wrenny2M/N: Y-R001506:54
wrenny2nothing works06:55
qin_Onixs_: you want to reverse, a word?06:55
Onixs_a number actually… change 1234 to 341206:56
qin_echo 1234567890 | rev06:56
wrenny2I'm reading there may be a plugin to make it work?06:56
Onixs_qin_ no06:57
=== omdreams1 is now known as omdreams^home
=== Guest92157 is now known as JordanJ2
gr33n7007hqin_, 3412 is not reversed06:58
Onixs_revers by two06:58
hitsujiTMOwrenny2: can you: dmesg | pastebinit06:58
Onixs_gr33n7007h how do you that if its not revers?06:58
gr33n7007hOnixs_, #bash will tell you06:59
qin_Onixs_, gr33n7007h, time to surrender...06:59
Onixs_thanks for the effort qin_  :)06:59
qin_I have completly missed 3412...06:59
=== onekt2 is now known as onekt
wrenny2yo hitsujiTMO07:00
wrenny2I changed to device to another usb port... working now  :)07:01
wrenny2didnt like it on the side of my monitor07:01
hitsujiTMOwrenny2: cool. was seeing a lot of: usb 1-6.3: device descriptor read/64, error -11007:01
hitsujiTMOwrenny2: and: hub 1-6:1.0: unable to enumerate USB device on port 307:02
hitsujiTMOwrenny2: prob an issue with that port/hub so07:02
wrenny2I'll paste it again with the device location changed07:03
liaiseanybody know of a guide to using two wireless NICs + ubuntu to act as a router?07:03
DureikenHi there, could someone help me to do a little daemon to start/stop/restart a service at launching ubuntu ? Thanks a lot :)07:04
wrenny2do I need to install Nvidia drivers or is that included when you do Ubuntu updates?07:05
DureikenhitsujiTMO : do you have some minutes to loose ? :p07:06
hitsujiTMODureiken: 'sup?07:06
Dureikenfine, begin to see the end of tunnel :p thanks to you a lot07:06
DureikenhitsujiTMO : I just would like to create a start/stop/restart daemon for my program07:07
hitsujiTMOwrenny2: usb 2-2: new full-speed USB device number 7 using ohci_hcd      that port is using a different usb host controller. how odd07:08
wrenny2I have an old floppy with usb on it07:08
hitsujiTMODureiken: 2 options. sys v script or an upstart config.07:08
wrenny2not connected though07:08
wrenny2and a usb cable run to my monitor07:09
DureikenhitsujiTMO : dunno both :p I remember I did some kind of stuff in init.d repertory07:09
hitsujiTMODureiken: what type of app? whats the command to launch it? what user does it need to run as?07:10
DureikenhitsujiTMO : it's a .sh scrypt, no root necessary and I just launch it by : ./lancer.sh07:11
Dureikenand it launch a screen -dmS07:11
hitsujiTMODureiken: minecraft server ?07:11
Dureikenmining server07:11
Dureikenminecraft ws 1 year ago ! :)07:11
Dureikenwas awesome07:12
hitsujiTMODureiken: ok. you'll prob need to run it as the same user07:12
hitsujiTMODureiken: how exactly do you stop it?07:12
DureikenI have to screen and make Q07:13
Dureikenbut I suppose a kill should be enought07:13
hitsujiTMODureiken: a kill wouldn't cause any damage?07:13
Onixs_gr33n7007h solved in #bash. Thanks man :)07:13
DureikenI would use stop only when necessary07:13
gr33n7007hOnixs_, np :)07:14
jellowis there a backup program / script that uses md5sums recursively to backup files , I have lots of files that are the same but they do not share the same directory tree. ?07:15
DureikenhitsujiTMO : http://pastebin.com/C6mFhA1a thats the scrypt on BAMT key but I don't like BAMT :)07:15
DureikenhitsujiTMO : but I would something simplier07:17
jellowis there a way to find files based on their md5sums not filenames?07:18
hitsujiTMODureiken: whats the full path to the script, and what user do you normally run it as?07:25
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest59544
DureikenhitsujiTMO : /home/Mining/cgkalroth/lancer_minage.sh07:25
Dureikenand screen name is mineur07:25
liaiseanybody know of a guide to using two wireless NICs + ubuntu to act as a router?07:25
Guest59544I have a weird issue? I have DHCP off in my router supposedly, but ubuntu is getting an IP address somehow.... in NETWORK CONNECTIONS it says it is set to use DHCP /etc/network/interfaces has no static ip set I don't understand this07:26
hitsujiTMODureiken: have you get it running now?07:26
hitsujiTMODureiken: can you: ps -ax | pastebinit07:27
=== Guest3765 is now known as ponbiki
Dureikeni'm installing pastebinit07:28
DureikenI did pastebin from my main computer07:28
apb1963Guest59544: DHCP in your router refers to your local area network.  If /etc/network/interfaces is set to use DHCP... and you're getting an IP address.... then you're good to go.07:28
Guest59544apb1963, I don't want it to work that way though07:29
Guest59544it doesn't even make sense07:29
apb1963Guest59544: what way do you want it to work?07:29
Guest59544it's supposed to be static07:29
Guest59544so i'd set an ip manually07:29
apb1963Guest59544: so change "dhcp" to "static" in the /etc/network/interfaces file.07:30
Guest59544if my router is set to turn dhcp off how is it pulling an ip anyway07:30
hitsujiTMOGuest59544: can you pastebin the contents of /etc/network/interfaces                 is this a server or desktop?07:30
apb1963Guest59544: I just explained it.07:31
Guest59544auto lo07:31
Guest59544iface lo inet loopback07:31
Guest59544idk what you think you explained but i'm on my local area network with dhcp off and I never told ubuntu an IP so how does it grab one?07:31
DureikenhitsujiTMO : ps -ax | pastebinit gives me nothing because I copied from my main computer07:32
=== hdevalence is now known as hdevalence|away
apb1963Guest59544: Once again...DHCP on your router refers to your LAN.  If you had multiple devices on your LAN that need to be allocated IPs... then you turn DHCP on your router on.07:32
apb1963Guest59544: If you do not have multiple devices then the setting has no effect.07:32
Guest59544I do have multiple devices07:33
hitsujiTMODureiken: what do you mean gives nothing?07:33
apb1963Guest59544: Then you need to provide them with static IPs if you have DHCP turned off on your router.07:33
Guest59544apparently not07:33
Guest59544maybe this router is just stupid because it shows them all as static -- but they all have ips I didnt assign07:33
DureikenhistujiTMO : on my ubuntu machine I didnt use pastebin07:33
hitsujiTMOGuest59544: is this a desktop or server?07:34
apb1963Guest59544: If all of your devices have IPs, then your ISP is probablyi allocating them.  Consider yourself lucky.  My ISP makes me pay $5 per extra IP.07:34
Guest59544it's not my isp they are LAN ip's07:34
hitsujiTMOGuest59544: then editing /etc/network/interfaces does nothing . network manager does it all. can you pastebin the output of: ifconfig07:35
hitsujiTMODureiken: can you run: ps -ax                and get me the full output somehow   from the mining system07:36
Guest59544I have a switch but that doesnt hand out ips07:36
hitsujiTMOGuest59544: now, what is ?   what device is that? is it the router?#07:36
Guest59544thats this machine07:37
hitsujiTMOGuest59544: doh07:37
hitsujiTMOGuest59544: i'm tired, sorry, should have asked for output of: ip route07:38
DureikenhitsujiTMO : http://pastebin.com/iWKj3QGv sorry I didn't understand07:38
Guest59544default via dev eth0  proto static07:38
Guest59544192.168.1.0/24 dev eth0  proto kernel  scope link  src  metric 107:38
hitsujiTMOGuest59544: so what device is ?07:40
Guest59544the router07:40
hitsujiTMOthen thats still giving out ips. you haven't disabled dhcp07:40
Guest59544well it claims it is disabled07:40
Guest59544and it even shows "static" in the config page07:40
apb1963Guest59544: screen print07:41
Guest59544let me try rebooting it brb07:42
gr33n7007hhitsujiTMO, Are you Irish?07:43
hitsujiTMODureiken: will this be the only instance of screen running?07:43
hitsujiTMOgr33n7007h: yessum07:43
hitsujiTMOgr33n7007h: why?07:43
DureikenhitsujiTMO : yes except in case of problem07:43
Dureikenmaybe a start should not launch it if theres already an instance07:44
hitsujiTMODureiken: can you pastebin the miner script. that will need some changes07:45
DureikenhitsujiTMO : pastebin.com/9L9JR4vR07:46
Dureikenthere may be more than 1 screen running07:46
Dureikenbut only one mining session07:47
Aslavillefuck mining07:47
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=== BurritoBazooka is now known as Burrito
jiridoHi can someone knowing say me whats wrong whith this: sudo mount -t hfsplus -o force,rw,exec,noatime /dev/sdb3 /home/jirido/flugan/ It refuses to mount r/w and the journaling is off07:59
jiridoi have commented the partition out in fstab.. do i need to restart something?08:00
DureikenHitsujiTMO : sorry file wasn't full : http://pastebin.com/d9nzsVD4 here is the good version08:02
jiridoOk -a i found it08:03
wrenny2The only thing I found that doesn't work in the wireless mouse is the center scroll wheel it won't responde to left/right  forward/back rocker...08:12
hitsujiTMODureiken: try this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6818918/08:13
DureikenhitsujiTMO : oh thanks a lot, I have to put it in init.d ?08:13
hitsujiTMODureiken: no. thats to replace lancer_minage.sh08:14
hitsujiTMODureiken: haven't gotten that far yet. need to test if that works08:14
hitsujiTMODureiken: so with that, you'd need to run: ./lancer_minage.sh start         or: ./lancer_minage.sh stop08:15
hitsujiTMODureiken: it should prevent more than 1 instance being run aswell08:16
Dureiken-bash: ./lancer_minage.sh: Permission denied08:16
hitsujiTMODureiken: chmod +x ir?08:16
Dureikenjust did it :p08:17
Dureikenbegin to learn :p08:17
hitsujiTMODureiken: that does a hard kill. you can pipe commands to the subshell, but that depends on if it the app will accept such commands to shut down cleanly08:18
DureikenHitsujiTMO : There is no screen to be attached matching mineur.08:18
Dureikenmaybe you want access to my ubuntu machine08:19
Dureikenwould be easier and there nothing on it08:19
guest-EXoHMItime, please.08:21
guest-EXoHMI? << i did that, not (.) << that08:21
guest-EXoHMImemory is a danger...08:22
guest-EXoHMIhow much phy?08:22
guest-EXoHMIphy has quantity, so, how much quantity?08:23
isoscelesi have no money08:23
isoscelesi'm a beggar08:23
guest-EXoHMIgood, me neither.08:23
wrenny2where do you see recently added apps or utils08:25
hitsujiTMODureiken: ok, so for what command do you get that error?08:26
DureikenHitsujiTMO : start :)08:28
wrenny2I just did:  sudo apt-get install easystroke08:28
wrenny2no how to config it?08:29
wrenny2or find it even08:29
Dureikenand stop doenst kill the screen I launched with previsou lancer_minage.sh08:29
DureikenhitsujiTMO : just to precise : there can be many screen session but just one miner session08:29
=== Devil is now known as Guest60013
hitsujiTMODureiken: weird. works for me ok. will you stop you existing screen session. then try the commands again08:35
Dureikennothing changes ?08:39
Dureikenthat : mineur@mineur-03:~/Mining/cgminer-3.7.2-kalroth$ ./lancer_minage.sh start08:40
Dureikenmineur@mineur-03:~/Mining/cgminer-3.7.2-kalroth$ screen -x mineur08:40
DureikenThere is no screen to be attached matching mineur.08:40
hitsujiTMODureiken: screen -ls08:40
DureikenhitsujiTMO : No Sockets found in /var/run/screen/S-mineur.08:41
DureikenhitsujiTMO : I think I understand : it misses export display08:44
hitsujiTMODureiken: ahh, so it doesn't run.08:44
hitsujiTMODureiken: not sure how it can miss it tho08:45
DureikenhistujiTMO : thats the only difference between old and new scrypt08:45
hitsujiTMODureiken: but that should be in08:45
hitsujiTMOhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/6818918/ was the script08:46
Dureikenoh yes it's in in fact08:46
Dureikenyeah I saw08:46
Dureikenwould you like to access my ubuntu machine ?08:46
wrenny2hitsujiTMO,  any idea how to get the tilt wheel working for forward/back functioning in a browser?08:46
wrenny2on this wireless mouse08:46
hitsujiTMOwrenny2: afraid not.08:46
hitsujiTMODureiken: lol, might make things easier08:47
Dureikena lot08:47
Dureikenyou have to accept PM for 5 minutes :p08:47
wrenny2trying to google, best I found was app called easystroke but doesnt work08:48
DureikenhitsujiTMO : I sent you a PM08:48
DF3D2what is the correct way to remove kernels from grub, or set the one I want to boot I have been failing08:52
DF3D2if I do sudo apt-get remove linux-image*name and sudo update-grub it doesn't work08:53
bekksDefine "doesnt work" please.08:53
bekks!details | DF3D208:53
ubottuDF3D2: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."08:53
DF3D2bekks,  I boot grub it complains about the kernels I have removed08:54
DF3D2I want .12 to be default since .13 .14 .15 I have no usb mouse/keyboard functionalit08:54
bekksSo whats the entire output of your kernel removal then?08:55
bekksDF3D2: Pastebin it please.08:55
DF3D2you mean what it says when I load grub or when I apt-get remove it?08:55
DF3D2it removes without error but says I might need to update grub basically08:55
DF3D2so I run sudo update-grub08:55
DF3D2but it still asks for them when i boot08:55
bekksDF3D2: Then pastebin the output of your kernel removal and update-grub.08:56
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cristian_cHow can I add a discussion group type account in Sylpheed?09:01
cristian_cAny ideas?09:01
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Koma-AFKma è giù facebook?09:31
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ethermonki've installed unity-greeter, how do i choose my login session? im not seeing an option to change sessions09:41
aeon-ltdethermonk: did you log out?09:41
ethermonkusing lightdm09:41
ethermonkand restarted after installing cinamon09:42
ethermonkgot it from the software center and i want to try it out09:42
ethermonknot seeing any way to login to cinnamon instead of xfce09:45
=== Guest13537 is now known as davlefou
tajamulofficial ubuntu 13.10 was not working on my system so i installed xubuntu should i continue with xubuntu or turn to kubuntu09:46
ethermonkthats up to you09:46
ethermonkthis isnt some ancient machine is it?09:47
ethermonkif so, go xubuntu, otherwise go with what you like09:47
tajamuli mean out of which environment i can  get maximum ubuntu experience09:47
ethermonkinstall ubuntu-desktop from software center09:48
tajamul992.8 MiB09:48
tajamulintel® Atom™ CPU D410 @ 1.66GHz × 209:48
tajamulIntel® IGD x86/MMX/SSE209:48
ethermonkon an atom you dont want kde. stick with xubuntu09:48
ethermonkxubuntu, lubuntu, or ubuntu studio09:49
tajamul313.9 GB09:49
tajamulubuntu 11.10 used to work fine i think the problem is with graphics09:49
bsdbanditgood morning all09:50
ethermonki prefur ubuntu studio but thats just me, it better suits my needs, which likely are nothing like your needs09:50
ethermonkkubuntu on an atom. lot of time wasted in tiny slices here and there because it just wont keep up09:51
tajamuli found some posts where it was written to edit  etc/environment file09:51
ethermonkstick with xubuntu09:52
ddelWhere is my X11 config file?09:54
henk_and now?09:59
henk_total noob here10:00
BlackDalekHow can I tell if a CD I burn is in Joliet format or not?10:00
BlackDalekHow can I tell if a CD I burn is in Joliet format or not?10:08
vishnuBest Login screen manager??10:09
nearstvishnu, all best. nothing special about it10:15
vishnuHow to install slim on my debian 7.2 gnome10:16
vishnuI can't change the gdm theme10:17
vishnuand i an trying for an alternative10:17
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Guest79260hey gay10:17
Guest79260i've a problem can someone help me?10:18
BlackDalekHow do I make sure a CD I burn is in "Joliet" format?10:19
Guest79260can someone please help?10:19
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gRAVItyI need to run this command on start up-    watch -n 300 "notify-send -t 10000 'Look Away'"10:27
gRAVItyhow can i do that?10:27
xlrg\join #ste||ar10:34
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Wiz_KeeDhey guys10:49
=== codercat is now known as nodejs
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Wiz_KeeDCan someone tell me why having a network card that is supposed to work on the n channel ca only download with max 3.6mb/s when with the old wireless card that croaked and the same router and internet connection I could download 5-6 easy10:50
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Filycould you give me some information about bugs?11:07
ubottuIf you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please file a bug using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.11:07
Filyin particular about open bugs, critical bugs and new bugs, thanks11:08
=== Guest87029 is now known as tero
SeveasFily: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bugs11:08
BlackDalekHELP! How do I make a CD burn in DAO mode?11:13
FilySeveas, the priority is to solve critical bugs?11:13
lotuspsychje!info cdrdao | BlackDalek11:14
ubottuBlackDalek: cdrdao (source: cdrdao): records CDs in Disk-At-Once (DAO) mode. In component universe, is extra. Version 1:1.2.3-2 (saucy), package size 460 kB, installed size 1210 kB (Only available for kfreebsd-any; linux-any)11:14
SeveasFily: the priority is whatever people see as important.11:15
lenaWelke opdracht moet ik gebruiken om alle beschikbare optie die nodig zijn om partities te beheren?11:15
FilySeveas, if i see a bug i can add it to the list?11:16
lenaGoede morgen trouwens11:16
SeveasFily: yes11:16
lotuspsychje!nl | lena11:16
ubottulena: Nederlandstalige ondersteuning voor Ubuntu (en vers gezette koffie) is te vinden in #ubuntu-nl11:16
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BlackDaleklotuspsychje, do I have to use command line to burn in dao? Is there no gui burner where I can configure for dao in settings?11:16
lenahaha oke11:16
lotuspsychjeBlackDalek: not sure mate, didnt use myself yet.. man cdrdao?11:16
FilySeveas, what is your advice for beginners like me?11:17
ncom0plHey guys, I'm on Mint 16 Petra(sorry for asking about different distro, but ubuntu and mint are still close relatives) and when I'm trying to boot it with a lowlatency kernel it freezes during the process. Do you have any advices how to troubleshoot it?11:19
SeveasFily: when you think you see a bug, ask in here or on askubuntu.com. If there is agreement that it's a bug, try to find it on launchpaaf. And if you can't find it, file a new bug.11:20
Seveas!mint | ncom0pl11:20
ubottuncom0pl: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org11:20
BlackDalekI am trying to burn some files to a CD-R in DAO mode. I have no toc-file or cue-file. How do I proceed?11:22
Seveas!repeat | BlackDalek11:22
ubottuBlackDalek: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/11:22
YamakasYanyone using preseed with the puppet repo ?11:22
FilySeveas, the problem is to understan clearly what is a bug11:23
lotuspsychjeBlackDalek: few examples howto use here: http://cdrdao.sourceforge.net/example.html11:23
BlackDalekSeveas... that was NOT a repeat question. That time I was asking about not having a toc or cue file11:23
ubottuPackages for bechmarking your system include bonnie++ (for drives), glmark2 (for 3D graphics), netperf (for networking), mbw (for memory) - For more, issue the !terminal command « apt-cache search benchmark » - See also !testing11:24
ubottuTo test your hardware, you can use the packages memtest86+ (for memory, can be started from the !GRUB boot menu), smartmontools (for hard drives), cpuburn (which MIGHT damage your processor if cooling is not adequate!). Additionally, lm-sensors can be useful to monitor temperatures and fan speeds - See also !benchmark11:24
lotuspsychjeWiz_KeeD: also try phoronix test suite11:24
SeveasFily: a bug is a when a part of ubuntu does not behave as it should. Of course "behaving as it should" is up for interpretation, so if you see behaviour that you think is wrong, check with others and maybe report it as a bug.11:24
Wiz_KeeDlotuspsychje, wanting to try my ssd read/write speed without killing it11:24
lotuspsychjeWiz_KeeD: pm me11:25
SeveasFily: e.g. refusing to boot after installing is clearly a bug, but the indexed causing massive disk i/o in its initial run is a feature.11:25
MarkShuttleworthAND I AM YOUR GOD11:30
MarkShuttleworthLET US NOT FORGET11:30
FloodBot1MarkShuttleworth: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:30
BlackDalekok, it seems like there is no way I can use cdrdao without first creating a toc-file... Can I do this in gedit?11:35
TJ-BlackDalek: "man cdrdao" then "/^TOC FILES" <Enter>11:37
L0j1kmark shuttleworth is a huge tool11:41
FourFireHello, in 12.04 is there some way to have nautilus synch folders?11:42
BlackDalekTJ-, thank you.11:43
FourFireor some special script for such a thing?11:43
SeveasFourFire: sync between what?11:43
FourFireI have an application of which I have multiple installs of and these require separate folder trees, but I want to use the same files for each version11:44
FourFireand not have to copy& paste them manually11:44
Seveasso, symlink them?11:44
FourFirenever heard of it, link?11:45
Wiz_KeeDGuys I have created two partitions for ubuntu, one mounted to / and one to /home, windows sees these partitions as empty and gives me the ability to format, can something be done to "hide" them?11:48
cfhowlettWiz_KeeD, odd - my windows NEVER sees my ubuntu.  are you dual booting or wubi?11:48
Wiz_KeeDcfhowlett, dual booting of course but no wubi11:49
TJ-Wiz_KeeD: Did you format them using NTFS or FAT32 ?11:49
Wiz_KeeDTJ-, I formated the SSD and used 80gb NTFS for windows and the rest I just used gparted and made two partitions ext4 mounted to / and /home and 4gigs or so linux-swap space11:49
Wiz_KeeDthat's it11:49
Wiz_KeeDand I see two damn drives in 8.1 in my computer there, and when I click is asks if I want to format, I can only assume it's the ubuntu partitions11:50
SeveasWiz_KeeD: install the ext4 driver for windows and you can use those partitions :)11:54
Wiz_KeeDSeveas, that a nice idea! :)) why not have access to them if they are visible11:55
Wiz_KeeDNow can someone pretty please help me with my wireless issue?:(11:57
BlackDalekin a toc-file, what is mode 1 tracks? Is that normal data tracks? e.g. -  "CD_ROM The  disc contains just mode 1 tracks or mode 1 and audio tracks" I am wanting to ultimately burn a data only CD (not audio).11:58
TJ-BlackDalek: mode-1 tracks are data tracks for a file-system, such as ISO-9660 or UDF, if I recall correctly12:01
tijsHey how can I compile evince? I get install: error: cannot  install `libpdfdocument.la' to a directory not ending in  /opt/lib/evince/4/backends12:08
Seveastijs: why compile it? apt-get install evince12:13
=== zz_whitenite is now known as whitenite
BrainBugHello, can anyone help me:  Ubuntu 13.10 x64 - Ati HD 3400 series running radeon (7.2.0) driver,  3.0 mesa 9.2.1, gallium 0.4  ; the cpu cooler going nuts and Dash very slow, due too no GPU acceleration. What can be causing this?12:14
tijsI want to take a look at the source (debugging, profiling, etc)12:15
aslayheuhelp me. emphaty on ubuntu 13.04 . requires authorisation12:15
Seveasaslayheu: what does? Installing it?12:18
Seveastijs: for that you don't need to install from source, just build from source and run out of the build directory.12:18
aslayheucannot connect to facebook account12:19
RenatoHello Guys, I have a quick question for you. I want to purchase a new laptop and I am bettwen 2 models: Dell XPS 13 L322X and Lenovo ThinkPad T60, do you use one of these models? It was ok regarding drivers compatibility with ubuntu? Or should I go for System76 models? Thank you12:21
Seveasaslayheu: seems to be an unsolved bug. http://askubuntu.com/questions/344239/empathy-facebook-account-requires-authorization-problem https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/telepathy-gabble/+bug/117083212:21
ubottuUbuntu bug 1170832 in telepathy-gabble (Ubuntu Raring) ""Facebook Requires Authorization" when already authorized" [Medium,Triaged]12:21
tijsSeveas: Indeed, that was exactly what I wanted to do, but with evince that did not work12:21
cfhowlettrenan_saddam, the sputnik drivers are customized and functional for that model.12:22
tijs./evince gives me: "(lt-evince:21300): EvinceDocument-WARNING **: Error opening directory '/opt/lib/evince/4/backends': No such file or directory12:22
Seveastijs: not even with liberal use of LD_LIBRARY_PATH?12:22
=== krux is now known as HyperSoNic
Seveaswell, then build on the ubuntu package: apt-get source evince; make whatever changes you want; dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot; dpkg -i ../evince*deb12:23
tijsI might have an idea..12:25
BoneYardis anyone here using Bodhi?12:29
ubottuBoneYard,: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.12:29
BoneYardany one12:29
tijsSeveas I just used make, I didn't know that debian could do that XO. Thanks for helping12:30
SeveasBoneYard: bodhi linux is offtopic here. try #bodhilinux12:30
=== fego_ is now known as fego
BoneYardhaving a small issue getting weather gadget to recognize my location, any help would be greatly appreciated :) "bodhi linux NON PAE on IMB Thinkpad R50e"12:31
cfhowlettBoneYard, bodhi IS NOT SUPPORTED HERE ... see #bodhilinux12:31
=== brandonj_ is now known as brandonj
BoneYardno worries, thanks :)12:32
jiangboi am using opensuse12:44
cfhowlettjiangbo, wrong channel.  not supported. here.  sorry.12:44
jiangboi know,i only try xchat12:45
=== xbyte is now known as Guest60383
matrixa1Hi all I have a question about bash. I'm writing an sh script and I'm calling a file like so: ./var/new/prgram but the executable never runs13:02
kongthapplease help, i created a symbolic link using "sudo ln -s ~/www/ajax /var/www/ajax" i'm trying to use "ls -la /var/www" i got this "ajax -> /home/kongthap/www/ajax" why i cannot use the browser to open http://localhost/ajax/index.php ???13:03
Random832matrixa1: relative paths are relative to the directory you're in when you run the script, not the directory the script is in13:03
matrixa1if I however go into the directory beforehand "cd /var/new/" then run ./prgram then it works13:03
yeatskongthap: check your apache logs13:04
matrixa1Random832, so I have to change /bin/bash to /bin/var ?13:04
kongthapyeats, can you please tell me where the log is ??13:04
matrixa1I mean /bin/bash to /var/new/ *13:04
yeatskongthap: you're using ubuntu, yes?13:05
blue112Hello !13:05
kongthapyeats, yes it's 13.0413:05
blue112Is there a fast way to extract a part of a binary file from a known byte position to a known byte position ?13:05
yeatskongthap: then it would be /var/log/apache213:05
matrixa1Random832, never mind, thank you! I've found it out13:06
kongthapyeats, it should be access.log right?13:06
yeatsblue112: 'cut' or 'awk' should do it - try 'man cut' or 'man awk' for syntax13:06
blue112yeats, it's *binary* and it's HUGE (14gb)13:07
HaferstrohHello, does anyone knows how to print a boarder around multipage prints?13:07
yeatskongthap: or error.log13:07
blue112I'm using dd currently, but it's too slow :/13:07
yeatsblue112: with a file that big anything will be slow13:08
kongthapyeats, please help me find out http://paste.ubuntu.com/6820101/13:10
LorenciHello Guys.13:12
linuxearthhello Lorenci13:13
linuxearthhow are you today?13:13
LorenciLinux Earth good thank you13:14
linuxearthmy pleasure dude13:14
LorenciCan you help me for something ?13:14
linuxearthBTW you from where...?13:14
linuxearthof course, if i know i can!13:14
=== Thorium220 is now known as Thor|Away
LorenciOk.Thank you.13:15
LorenciI have problem with charachter in Ubuntu 13.10 i want to make this charachter ë but when i try to do it with Alt+"+ e  he gives me this : é13:15
Lorenciwhat to do?13:15
linuxearthoh, are you trying in .odt format?13:15
LorenciBut the same results13:15
linuxearthBTW, dude, i don't know about it, did you google it?13:16
linuxearthtype in google and copy from there...then just reduce/set the size you wish to retain...;)-13:16
kongthapyeats, please help me find out this is what's in error.log http://paste.ubuntu.com/6820101/13:16
Lorencilinuxearth thank you.13:17
linuxearthi am new too!13:17
kongthapyeats, when i open the page from the browser there was no errors just empty page13:17
yeatskongthap: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5326531/php-warning-unknown-failed-to-open-stream - might help (found with a cursory google search of the error, btw)13:22
kongthapyeats, thanks13:23
jnx404hey guys! i'm thinking about buying this machine. should i expect any problems installing the latest LTS? http://www.ditech.at/item.do?kurzbez=MPCVS0113:23
jobriathHi all. I have a Monoprice 5543:0781 tablet. The digimend project tells my that my kernel and evdev driver are the right version to run it. xinput --text gives me coordinates and pressure readings. Only problem is that it doesn't drive the cursor, *unless* I reload the usbhid module with a quirk parameter; and then, it'll break again when I click something. Is there anyone online today who could give me some pointers?13:24
ubottujnx404,: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection13:24
jnx404ubottu: thx!13:24
cfhowlettcodephobic, greetings13:25
codephobicCould anyone recommend a really good site to learn about scripting/automating things in linux/ubuntu?13:25
codephobichi cfhowlett13:25
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal13:26
{Civil}Bash Quote: 419 (7) > http://www.bash.org/?41913:26
{Civil}<Islandx55> wtf is a-team13:26
yeats!abs | codephobic13:26
ubottucodephobic: Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide, obtainable with ${package-manager} install abs-guide, is a quick and comprehensive guide to bash (command line) scripting in *nix systems. It is also viewable via web at http://tldp.org/LDP/abs/html/13:26
codephobicthanks cfhowlett, yeats13:27
codephobicI'll read the advanced guide13:27
kongthapyeats, it's working now but this really confuses me, i wasn't working with greater file permission, but with less it's working, any advices from you???13:28
dimsenHey guys .. somebody from Germany here .. ??13:31
ubottudimsen,: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!13:31
dimsenThank you guys13:32
Aqua2Xubuntu 12.04 keeps hanging on retrieving file 52 of 102 for some time now13:44
Aqua2Just keep it going?13:44
cfhowlettAqua2, retrieving WHAT files?13:44
Aqua2Nl.archive.ubuntu.com precise-backports/universe translation13:47
cfhowlettAqua2, OK - that would be the repo.  What command did you execute to download, i.e. what exactly are you trying to do?13:48
Aqua2Im just using the xubuntu 12.04 liveusb13:49
Aqua2To install it13:49
Aqua2Its been on that screen for about 1.5 hours now13:49
=== whitenite is now known as zz_whitenite
cfhowlettAqua2, got it.  well, you don't HAVE to be connected to the internet to install.  First install offline, then run your updates13:49
Aqua2Its not connected13:50
Aqua2Hm, it was connected13:50
cfhowlett!md5sum|Aqua2, then it's downloading from your source /usb - suspect that it's corrupted.  run the md5sum on your iso13:50
ubottuAqua2, then it's downloading from your source /usb - suspect that it's corrupted.  run the md5sum on your iso: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows13:50
Aqua2Didnt have connection to the internet though13:50
Aqua2I unplugged all13:50
Aqua2Now it continues13:50
jobriathA (final) repost in case anyone missed it: I have a Monoprice 5543:0781 graphics tablet. The digimend project tells my that my kernel and evdev driver are the right version to run it. xinput --text gives me coordinates and pressure readings. Only problem is that it doesn't drive the cursor, *unless* I reload the usbhid module with a quirk parameter; and then, it'll break again when I click something. Is there anyone online today who could gi13:53
jobriathve me some pointers? If not, I'll try again later.13:53
jobriathWahey, autosplitscript. I remember when we used to write those ourselves.13:53
jobriath...and now I'm becoming an Old Man On The Internet.13:54
demianhey guys13:57
hollyok so i want to re size a video, i have been running ubuntu for a year now and still can not figure out a single app that i can just simply re size a video from a sd card? is this astro physics or just over thinking on the part of the ubuntu geeks?13:57
demianCan someone help me out with some scripts for Xchat? #xchat seems to be dead13:57
hollydemian: konversation13:57
demianholly, do you mean xchat is not very tweakable?13:58
hollyavidemux is the single worst application i have ever seen and wtf is gtk or qt?13:58
hollywhy do we need to learn a new theory of the universe just to use a new ubuntu application?13:58
hollyis there any application that can simply and I really mean simply resize a simple video?13:59
hollyi mean who in this real world cares what gtk or qt means? why should we have to know that?14:00
hollyare the ubuntu devs gay?14:00
hollyare you all british guys not getting any good pussy?14:00
demianyeah i think they all get together on the weekends for a big orgy, no women allowed of course14:00
hollyjew loving zionist fags14:01
jobriathholly: Your strategy for asking for help leaves something to be desired.14:01
hollyfuck london14:01
=== mmoser is now known as Biznut
hollyjobriath: bye14:01
demianholly, thats implying zionist know of love. you funny!14:01
hollyjobriath: im going to go fuck my wife and boot into mac osx14:01
jobriathEnjoy both!14:01
hollyenjoy that poop shoot you call a pussy14:02
llutz!ops | holly language14:02
ubottuholly language: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, rww, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici,  jpds,  gnomefreak, bazhang,  Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, bkerensa, nhandler, Jordan_U, DJones or k1l!14:02
demianlol he be like I'm 9 ysr old I do what I want14:02
Myrttillutz: too late14:02
llutzgrr lag :( sry Myrtti14:02
jobriathI'll try an upgrade. Hopefully that'll kick my tablet into order. Have a good 'un, all.14:05
ukubuntuQuick question. If I want to make a live cd for running ubuntu on a macbook, do I need the standard 64bit download? are there no longer different images for ppc etc, and would a livecd I installd on my intel hp machine work in a macbook. Thanks14:10
TJ-!cn | soocheor14:10
ubottusoocheor: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw14:10
FilyI received tha mail from Jonathan Riddel on Secon Alpha of trusty Tahr (14.04 LTS). I'd like to test these ISO on a laptop. Is it better to launch ISO from DVD or on a Virtual Machine?? Thanks14:10
TJ-Fily: best testing coverage comes from trying it on the bare hardware14:11
FilyTJ, so you think it's better to write these ISO on a DVD??14:14
TJ-Fily: I'd write to a USB but DVD is sometimes useful to ensure the drive is re-mounted correctly in the /target14:14
FilyTJ, is it possible to download for instance Ubuntu GNOME Secon Alpha on USB? How can i  do this?14:16
ukubuntuSo no one knows the answer? Is it the same cd for macbook and windows and do I use a 32 OR 64 bit?14:16
VlanXTJ-: I belive that was korean14:20
=== sparty_ is now known as sparty
glitsj16Fily: you can download the ubuntu-gnome 14.04 alpha 2 from http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-gnome/releases/trusty/alpha-2/ .. fyi, support for 14.04 is next door in #ubuntu+114:21
VlanXso much silence...14:34
SerythShhh child.14:34
VlanXno problems anyone?14:34
VlanXok my turn14:34
VlanXI run a "rm -rf" on my root directory, what should I do now?14:34
llutzVlanX: be happy you haven't used sude14:35
overrrIs there any way to check whether I remember correct password to my id_rsa.pub file?14:35
llutzoverrr: ssh-keygen -y14:37
glitsj16VlanX: did you run that from a root terminal?14:38
DF3D2TJ-, you around ?14:39
MonkeyDustVlanX  don't run it14:40
MonkeyDustVlanX  use a chroot to know what it does, it's what i did14:40
TJ-DF3D2: I am, hacking on tianocore14:40
DF3D2speaking of chroots I can't get this to work at all14:40
DF3D2i keep getting this error14:40
DF3D2 usr/bin/lesspipe: 295: [: =: unexpected operator14:41
TJ-DF3D2: show me the script? Looks like there's a space missing in an if statement, between a "[" and the surrounding text14:41
DF3D2TJ-, im doing it by hand I had trouble with that script you wrote14:42
TJ-DF3D2: what command is causing that error, then?14:42
DF3D2TJ-, http://pastebin.com/bAh5frUe i get that error when I actually type chroot /media/usb14:42
DF3D2those are the commands im doing14:42
plut0is there a way to get nautilus to prompt for a password when trying to mount a cifs share from /etc/fstab ?14:43
TJ-DF3D2: when does the error occur? when you do 'update-grub' ?14:43
DF3D2TJ-, no when I type chroot /media/usb14:43
mikubuntuok, i have a long history of not backing things up -- most everything i save is from the internet. but now i need to clear this computer off and take my files to my new laptop. i haven't got a clue what to do. i thought i could drag and drop whole directories into a 16 gb usb, but it doesn't seem to be the case. anyone available to help me?14:43
DF3D2update grub runs but doesnt seem to actually work14:43
TJ-DF3D2: hmmm, and the USB file-system is already mounted to /media/usb/ ?14:44
DF3D2/dev/sdb1 on /media/usb type ext4 (rw)14:44
Linoronhi all, I have tried to make UEFI-bootable Live USB sticks for both Ubuntu and LinuxMint, but cannot seem to get any of them WRITEABLE and BOOTable in UEFI (secureboot is disabled). This USB live stick I use now, is read-only even if I made it by specifying 1GB of space for documents etc... Using ubuntu=startup-disk=creator or the gtk version, available from the default repositories.14:45
DF3D2TJ-, it's odd I have no idea what is going on14:46
Wiz_KeeDguys, my ubuntu won't boot anymore, it's getting stuck at Loading inital ramdisk, in recovery mode too14:46
Wiz_KeeDDoes it have to do with the fact that it's on a SSD?14:46
VlanXglitsj16, MonkeyDust: lol guys that was a joke, I think no one would be that stupid...14:46
VlanXI hope so...14:46
VlanXwait... I could try that on a VM just for the hell of it14:47
yeats!ot | VlanX14:48
ubottuVlanX: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:48
TJ-DF3D2: the "/bin/lesspipe" script is failing on line 29514:48
DF3D2TJ-,  if [ $BASENAME = $LESSFILE ]; then14:50
Aqua2I installed xubuntu14:50
FloodBot1Aqua2: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.14:50
Aqua2Fresh install14:50
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!14:50
Aqua2After updating and upgrading14:50
Aqua2I installed the propriarity drivers14:50
Aqua2After rebooting it keeps hanging on the loading screen14:51
Aqua2Its all frozen14:51
Aqua2Cant even ctrl alt f114:51
Aqua2Does anyone know how to fix?14:51
TJ-DF3D2: yes... the only way I can see that line failing is if either of the variables contains a string with spaces in it.14:51
Aqua2Oh im sorry ubpttu14:52
DF3D2TJ-, im at a loss this worked yesterday14:52
Aqua2ubottu: *14:52
TJ-DF3D2: To guard against such things we usually surround both in double-quotes... at the top of lesspipe it sets LESSFILE=lessfile, and BASENAME to the basename of the script14:52
DF3D2TJ-, so should those order of commands work or no?14:53
TJ-DF3D2: In the chroot, have you customised anything, especially shell scripts or includes?14:54
TJ-DF3D2: Because, as "man chroot" says... "If no command is given, run '${SHELL} -i' (default: '/bin/sh -i')" ... so /bin/sh is being run inside the chroot14:55
DF3D2TJ-, im getting that command when I do it manually and no I haven't customized anything14:56
=== xomp_ is now known as xomp
TJ-DF3D2: have you checked that "/media/usb/bin/sh" exists and looks the correct size etc?14:56
xompAnyone here available to help me with my email issue? Postfix says the mail was delivered to mailbox but the message never arrives in the users mailbox. I'm using Google Apps with my domain for Email.14:56
mikubuntuok, i am copying files from my desktop directory to a usb -- keep getting 'invalid filename' msgs (list) attributed mostly to screenshot .png files -- anybody know what the reason might be?14:59
=== hdevalence|away is now known as hdevalence
msdwhow are you copying the files <mikubuntu>15:01
msdwterminal or gyui15:01
DF3D2TJ-, it doesnt seem to exist !?15:01
mikubuntualso, i could not find a place to read the properties of the directory -- what will happen if the copy process fills the 16gb usb limit and still has more data?15:02
TJ-DF3D2: Are you sure the USB stick is mounted at /media/usb/ "mount | grep usb" ?15:02
DF3D2TJ-, lrwxrwxrwx 1 999 999       4 Jan  5 23:27 sh -> dash15:02
DF3D2i have that if I ls -l it15:02
msdw<mikubuntu> so you want to know how heavy it its???15:02
TJ-DF3D2: OK, that's a symlink to dash, which is normal15:02
DF3D2TJ-, /dev/sdc1 on /media/usb type ext4 (rw)15:03
mikubuntuis there a good file manager with a strong 'tagging' feature, rather than putting things into hundreds of folders?15:03
TJ-DF3D2: when the shell starts in interactive mode it reads various scripts ... one of those scripts is using 'lesspipe' which is resulting in that error.15:03
mikubuntufile management is a drag -- no wonder i've never paid much attention to it15:03
DF3D2TJ-, all i rly need to do is tell grub to use a different UUID, can I do that once grub is booted somehow?15:04
TJ-mikubuntu: So is keeping things organised in kitchen cupboards, but without it you'll have a hard time finding obscure things when you want them :)15:04
plut0is there a way to force nautilus to prompt for a password when trying to mount a cifs share from /etc/fstab ?15:04
DF3D2TJ-, I have a grub rescue prompt15:05
TJ-DF3D2: If you're seeing that error from the chroot it suggests that booting from that image could also be affected15:05
DF3D2im seeing it from booting it15:05
DF3D2i really need this fixed15:05
TJ-DF3D2: so there is something wrong with the images15:05
DF3D2hmm how so?15:06
mikubuntuTJ-: ok, ok, ok --- i get it. can you give me some tips on how to do it right/better? as i think about it, tagging seems to be a more effective way to identify files, but i don't see any such feature in my file manager (which i guess is thunar?)15:07
DF3D2TJ-, okay im gonna start over -- gonna copy the files from the working ubuntu install on to the usb from a live-usb, then ill try to chroot and install grub again from there15:08
=== andyfied_ is now known as andyfied
DF3D2http://pastebin.com/1wf5B2nz -- that is the correct order of commands?15:08
TJ-DF3D2: Why don't you use debootstrap to create the installs?15:08
DF3D2TJ-, I need the files from that working install idk what debootstrap is15:09
ShawnRiskHow come every process bar popup window (Update Cache, Install Driver - Openprinting and more) freezes in Ubuntu 13.10?15:09
TJ-mikubuntu: Operating system files are generally organised in a well-defined hierarchy; you can imagine the directory names as tags. User files is up to the user :)15:10
mikubuntuis it possible to stop the copy process (cancel) and then resume later? as i watch the progress, i'm seeing lots of files i don't need that i prolly should delete before resaving to a new computer15:10
mikubuntuTJ-: now you want me to imagine things15:10
DF3D2TJ-, is there a better method? I'd use dd but the source drive is much bigger15:11
TJ-mikubuntu: There may be a tagging file manager but I'm not aware of one, because I mostly work with files from a shell15:11
TJ-DF3D2: Your current approach ought to be OK if you're copying everything into the clone15:12
DF3D2TJ-, yeah im copying all the files15:13
MASbrohello im getting false readings when transfering files in ubuntu15:13
ShawnRiskany ideas on my problem?15:14
DF3D2TJ-, is there no way to use dd to clone from a larger drive to a smaller, like tell it to stop the image at a certain size ?15:14
TJ-DF3D2: I'm wondering if there's some USB corruption going on15:14
TJ-DF3D2: not in the way you want, no. 'dd' is for block device or single-file duplication15:15
MASbrou transfer lets say a gb file and it goes blazin fast according to the progress bar and done. open the file and its only partially copied or corrupted15:15
DF3D2TJ-, ok15:16
ShawnRiskHow come every process bar popup window (Update Cache, Install Driver - Openprinting and more) freezes in Ubuntu 13.10?15:16
yeatsMASbro: do the checksums match between the original and the copy?15:16
yeatsMASbro: and what method of transfer are you using?15:17
MASbrojust drag and drop from a folder to my flash disk. btw it only happens on a usb stick in fat32 or ntfs. no probs with an external hdd15:17
llutzMASbro: you copy files to a different filesystem? use "sync" mount-option to prevent this15:17
mikubuntui have a feeling this stick is going to overload -- just saw that i have at least one dvd os image in my desktop thats at least 2gb right there -- i should have deleted it. again anyone -- can i cancel the copy process, and then resume, or will i have to reformat and start all over?15:17
MASbrowell ubuntu is ext4 and my flash disk is either fat 32 or ntfs. it never happens on my external hdd which is ntfs15:18
TJ-mikubuntu: If you can identify the copying process you could TERMinate it15:19
yeatsMASbro: fat32 has some file transfer limitations you might be hitting against15:20
TJ-mikubuntu: If it is doing I/O then "sudo iotop" will show the busiest processes and their process IDs (PID), which you can use to do "sudo kill -TERM $PID"15:20
mikubuntuTJ-: ehhh, i gotta run out -- i'll see what it's done when i get back i guess -- ty, tj15:20
MASbroit has a limitation of 4gb. i never transfer anything 4gb or over.15:21
yeatsMASbro: I would try what llutz suggests15:21
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Beldarmikubuntu, Make sure any hidden trash folders...etc are not causing the usb to fill up completely.15:21
MASbrohow to use sync mount option.15:21
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ShawnRiskHow come every process bar popup window (Update Cache, Install Driver - Openprinting and more) freezes in Ubuntu 13.10?15:26
rustuptwistTJ-: what's up15:27
demianShawnRisk, dunno15:27
ShawnRiskdemian: anything I can check?15:27
demianI'm newb15:27
demianAnyone here with knowledge of xchat?15:29
ShawnRiskdemian: just ask15:29
demianOr should I just try a new IRC client with a better support base :p15:29
ShawnRiskdemian: did you try the xchat room?15:29
demianNew channels are always popping up in separate windows. I want them attached to a single main window and visible in the channels tree bar by default..15:30
demian#xchat is hopelessly idle15:30
TJ-rustuptwist: Are you done now?15:31
demianI kinda like the look and feel of Xchat so I prefer not to try out anything else..15:31
ShawnRiskI have used xchat years ago but not now so unsure15:32
TJ-demian: Settings > Preferences > Interface > Channel switcher > "Tabs or Windows" > "Open channels in:"15:33
ShawnRiskHow come every process bar popup window (Update Cache, Install Driver - Openprinting and more) freezes in Ubuntu 13.10?15:34
DF3D2TJ-, i ran your script but it complains that grub-install hasnt specified a device15:34
demianTJ-, thanks I can't see why I missed it :p15:34
TJ-DF3D2: that's because you have to give it a device!!15:34
DF3D2TJ-, in your script ?15:34
DF3D2TJ-, I thought it chroot to the correct dir and that would work15:35
TJ-DF3D2: you need to understand the commands you're using. The reason I don't put device names into script examples is so you can't accidentally destroy your own system by blind copying. Read "man grub-install"15:36
ShawnRiskTJ-: any ideas on my question?15:36
Wiz_KeeDI can no longer boot into my ubuntu (even in recovery mode it stops at Loading Ramdisk) and the usb live image does not start anymore when clicking "Try ubuntu without installing", what can I do?15:36
ShawnRiskdemian: that is nice TJ- was able to help you15:37
TJ-ShawnRisk: none15:37
ShawnRiskWiz_KeeD: wait someone will answer15:39
ShawnRiskWiz_KeeD: tried this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair15:40
Wiz_KeeDhow could I launch it if i cannot access live-cd or the ubuntu installation?15:40
rustuptwistTJ-:  compaq laptop is up and running (edubuntu 12.04.03) thanks to you and Hit... for the assist last night!15:40
TJ-Wiz_KeeD: "does not start anymore" is not going to help us help you. You need to specify the exact steps and the exact responses you see. For boot issues, have you edited the boot entry at start-up and removed "quiet splash" and added "nomodeset debug" so you can reveal more information15:41
TJ-rustuptwist: Well done :)15:41
Wiz_KeeDTJ-, no but I have tried in recovery mode where there is no splash and it stops at Loading Ramdisk, I have specified this15:41
Wiz_KeeDlive-cd just goes blank, and then I tried launching it in non-uefi mode and it failed loading the sound-card and the cd-rom (cd-rom isn't present since I have a hdd caddy installed)15:42
TJ-Wiz_KeeD: How about the live image, you can edit the options for that too. If both are failing doesn't that suggest a problem with the hardware itself? Have you made any BIOS/firmware configuration changes?15:42
ShawnRiskWiz_KeeD: read this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/129116/12-04-wont-boot-from-live-cd-or-usb15:42
rustuptwistTJ-:  i need to kinda do the same thing to my daughter HP. I need to know what I did wrong when I partitioned the drive(s) in windows disk manangement?15:42
Wiz_KeeDTJ-, i have not, windows loads fine, no updates, just a forced power-out because windows was hanging15:42
Wiz_KeeDAlso installed some drivers that let me access the ext4 drives of ubuntu in windows if that has any relevance15:43
DF3D2TJ-, im not getting it I have grub-install --target=/dev/device15:43
DF3D2but it's still trying to do the wrong device15:43
Balzyehi there, can someone quickly explain me how linux display a simple text shell, without gui? does it still use an Xserver?15:43
TJ-rustuptwist: You created the maximum number of "Primary" partitions in the Master Boot Record (MBR). In future, first you should create an "Extended partition" in the MBR, and then create subsequent partitions as "Logical" (which means they are placed in the Extended partition, not the MBR - which only has 4 slots.15:44
TJ-DF3D2: "grub-install /dev/sdX" is all you need15:44
ShawnRiskBalzy: why not try ctrl+alt+f1?15:44
DF3D2TJ-, ok15:44
ShawnRiskWiz_KeeD: did you read that link?15:44
Wiz_KeeDyes, I have dual-boot15:45
TJ-Wiz_KeeD: If the live image won't start then something is amiss... possible data corruption if that's a USB device, but can't be if it is a DVD15:45
DF3D2TJ-, doesnt work it still is trying the wrong device15:45
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Wiz_KeeDTJ-, yes, I also tried re-making the usb, same simptom15:46
Wiz_KeeDand it worked before without issue15:46
TJ-DF3D2: So specify the correct device. If you're aiming it at the USB device mounted at /media/usb/ then it's "grub-install /dev/sdc" isn't it?15:46
ShawnRiskWiz_KeeD: anything changed?15:46
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TJ-Wiz_KeeD: Hmm, could the power-out have caused the BIOS/firmware settings to change? I've seen that happen some years ago, and a simple BIOS "load defaults" solved it15:47
Wiz_KeeDNot that I can think of ShawnRisk, just the forced windows poweroff15:47
DF3D2TJ-, I did15:47
DF3D2TJ-, I edited the file but it still complains about /dev/sdd115:47
Wiz_KeeDI don't know what to say...15:47
Wiz_KeeDI'll try looking in bios idk15:47
acovrigIs it possible to connect host b->host a via a vpn and resolve thing backward through the tunnel (host a->host b) given host b can't be accessed directly from the internet?15:47
ShawnRiskWiz_KeeD: did you see this: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=216385415:48
TJ-DF3D2: I'm at a loss; you're obviously missing something15:48
DF3D2TJ-, no, it worked idk why it complained about /dev/sdd1 -- idk if your scrip worked but i ran it to mount everything then did the chroot and grub-install from the chroot and it seems to work now15:49
DF3D2TJ-, sorry I seem like a complete moron I know15:49
BalzyShawnRisk I know how to get a tty, I'd like to know how linux display it :P15:50
TJ-DF3D2: It's called learning... you only do it by failing, and wondering why!15:51
DF3D2TJ-, yeah but i've been at this for like 24 hrs lol15:51
llutzacovrig: set a route on host-a to host-b. different way could be to use a reverse ssh-tunnel15:51
DF3D2TJ-, and I had it working easily and didn't back up the usb lol15:51
TJ-DF3D2: You think I got this knowledgeable without failing? For every time I get it right, I've done it wrong 5 times, and figured out what I did wrong!15:51
Wiz_KeeDTJ-, wicked man, it worked, both live-usb and ubuntu work now!15:51
TJ-Wiz_KeeD: Yay :)15:52
Wiz_KeeDmany thank15:52
* Wiz_KeeD huggles15:52
ableThis box here has a BIOS that won't boot gpt disks, but couldnt an MBR-installed grub be used to overcome this issue?15:53
ShawnRiskWiz_KeeD: what did you do?15:53
Wiz_KeeDreset bios settings...15:53
Wiz_KeeDI think it has to do with that, there's no other explanation after 5 reboots didn't wookr15:53
Wiz_KeeDyet after restore bios settings, it did15:53
Wiz_KeeDthough I think I saw an error15:53
TJ-Wiz_KeeD: You may need to go through the BIOS settings and tune them again, there may have been some non-default settings15:54
ShawnRiskBalzy: does this help: http://www.ehow.com/facts_5571810_tty-stand-linux.html15:55
TJ-Wiz_KeeD: the obvious one is to select SATA AHCI mode if you've got Windows configured to use AHCI instead of IDE mode15:55
ShawnRiskWiz_KeeD: try to find error15:56
rustuptwistTJ-: so if I am in "Disk Management" in win7 and I want to make space/room to install Ubuntu what/how do I modify?15:56
Wiz_KeeDTJ-, it was set to ahci, but why would win boot but not ubuntu?15:57
Wiz_KeeDand it was set all along to ahci15:57
Wiz_KeeDShawnRisk, where can I access the boot log?15:57
TJ-Wiz_KeeD: I was referring to AHCI just in the context of after the "load defaults" step. No point trying to guess now what setting was preventing the boot15:58
BalzyShawnRisk thx, I'm reading it16:00
ShawnRiskBalzy: you're welcome16:00
ShawnRiskWiz_KeeD: try this in terminal if you get Ubuntu to load: dmesg | less16:01
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ShawnRiskWiz_KeeD: also look at this: /var/log/boot.log16:02
rustuptwistTJ-:  would it be easier to boot the win laptop with the LIveCD and use GParted to partition the drive for the Ubuntu install16:04
Wiz_KeeDhttp://pastie.org/8669172 all looking good I guess16:04
Wiz_KeeDThere's another thing that I really need help with that's more difficult16:04
Octerhi. someone in here who can help me with the new session in php 5.5`?16:05
ShawnRiskWiz_KeeD: go ahead16:05
TJ-rustuptwist: I'm not sure, if Windows can do it, there's no difference except for speed - if you're already in Windows its quicker to do16:05
ShawnRiskOcter: did you try in PHP room first?16:05
Octer#php is invite only16:05
ssh-newbiehello, I need help with my ssh known_hosts file, I need to see the most recents ip there but I do not know how to do it, and when I do ssh-keygen -h -F hostname it shows the help for ssh-keygen16:06
ssh-newbiesomebody can helpme?16:06
Wiz_KeeDI have a Asus R501VB that had a Atheros Wireless network card, after some time it started failing and I sent it to warranty for it to be replaced.When it came back I noticed I got an error when installing the windows driver and also noticed poorer signal strength as well as lower download speeds (3/3.5 mb/s)16:06
rustuptwistTJ-:  the instructions via canonical say 'just shrink the volume' using disk managment but that is what I did yesterday and look what happened16:06
bugs_buggerhi there. i need some help with a hp psc 2510: i installed it via wifi with cups 1.7 but now, simple-scan cant find any scanner device and i cant set anything in the options16:07
Wiz_KeeDWhen I looked closely I realised: Network controller: Ralink corp. RT5390 Wireless 802.11n 1T/1R PCIe16:07
Wiz_KeeDThey swaped it with one from another manufacturer, and it's much slower, I have sent a complaint to Asus since I don't think this is normal to replace standard parts with what's lieing around, but my question is WHY is it limited to that speed when it says it can run in N mode too?16:07
ShawnRiskOcter: ask away16:08
TJ-rustuptwist: Yes, someone didn't think about the case where the MBR is already fully populated, because that is unusual in a Windows installation, or used to me16:08
ShawnRiskOcter: wait did you try WEB room?16:08
ShawnRiskWiz_KeeD: are you 100% sure this can run in N mode?16:09
Wiz_KeeDHow can I benchmark, test, diagose my wireless card?16:09
Wiz_KeeDno I am not 100% sure16:09
Wiz_KeeDI just saw that somewhere I think16:09
TJ-Wiz_KeeD: If they did a shoddy job it makes me wonder if they reconnected the internal MIMO antennas correctly, which would surely lead to signal problems16:09
Wiz_KeeDYou think that's the case? couldn't it be just that it's an inferior part?16:10
TJ-Wiz_KeeD: whether or not it can do 802.11n, 3.5 mbps is slow16:10
ShawnRiskWiz_KeeD: look at these tools: http://www.hpl.hp.com/personal/Jean_Tourrilhes/Linux/Tools.html16:10
Wiz_KeeDWhat are my options here? diagnose, test? at least has some proof it's worse and start yelling and threatning or something16:10
llutzssh-newbie: "ssh-keygen -h -F hostname" is correct syntax and should give you the line and the key if it finds hostname, empty response if not16:10
TJ-Wiz_KeeD: 802.11g with a strong signal can push 23Mbps on empty airwaves16:10
Wiz_KeeDpfff Jesus that's a lot16:11
BeldarWiz_KeeD, You are not the only one with a slow speed with this card. http://askubuntu.com/search?q=RT539016:11
Wiz_KeeDthe intial one pushed even 6/716:11
Wiz_KeeDBeldar, also in windows as well!16:11
Wiz_KeeDWith the proper drivers installed in windows it could push up to 416:11
Wiz_KeeDbut that's still bad...16:11
TJ-Wiz_KeeD: I said "empty airwaves". If there are other 2.4GHz devices interferring then you'll get much less throughput16:11
ssh-newbiellutz: thank you, but when I do that I get "ssh-keygen: illegal option --" and it shows me the options list16:12
llutzssh-newbie: what is the exact command you use?16:12
ssh-newbieI must be doing something wrong16:12
ShawnRiskWiz_KeeD: look here: http://itsfoss.com/speed-up-slow-wifi-connection-ubuntu/16:12
schmock84_Hi, got myself in some trouble when installing ubuntu next to win8 - now neither is working and I am too bad with PC stuff to fix this myself /- could anybody help me out pls?16:13
ShawnRiskHow come every process bar popup window (Update Cache, Install Driver - Openprinting and more) freezes in Ubuntu 13.10?16:13
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schmock84_reposting: Hi, got myself in some trouble when installing ubuntu next to win8 - now neither is working and I am too bad with PC stuff to fix this myself /- could anybody help me out pls?16:15
Beldarschmock84_, One OS can be a complex fix, two can make it twice as hard, you will need to give details to the channel16:15
puppylinux2beldar: hello16:16
Wiz_KeeDShawnRisk, ok tried disabling ipv616:16
ShawnRiskschmock84_: what happens when you boot into Windows or Ubuntu?16:16
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schmock84_Beldar, thanks for reaction. :)16:16
puppylinux2Beldar: hello16:18
schmock84_Beldar, I had win 8.1 preinstalled and turned off fast boot and secure boot and went for installation of ubuntu 13.1016:18
ShawnRiskhere are errors on my problem: http://pastebin.com/kamfcgQ716:19
schmock84_@Beldar, ShawnRisk: Grub2 did not load on reboot and I went into live ubuntu to run boot repair16:19
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schmock84_@beldar, ShawnRisk: apparentlz by doing so, I killed my boot loader entirely and now I cannot boot into either WIN 8.1 nor Ubuntu 13.1016:20
Beldarschmock84_, I would address the channel at this point so the others realize I'm not actually helping, uefi is not my area of knowledge, and I generally link people to those who are if I can. For example the bootrepair kicks out a bootinfo summary post it here on the developers thread for focused help.16:20
Wiz_KeeDPff did not work16:21
Beldarschmock84_, here is the thread. http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?p=10871917#post1087191716:21
ShawnRiskback, sorry my connection died on me.  As for errors on my problem: http://pastebin.com/kamfcgQ716:21
schmock84_@Beldar: ok, understood16:22
Beldarschmock84_, Cool, just a few here can do uefi diagnostics, just a heads up is all, that thread however has several focused keenly on this area.16:23
schmock84_Generally, is there a more dedicated channel to helping noobs like me ruining their szstems?16:23
schmock84_@beldar: will certainly give it a shot right away16:23
BeldarAlex89, what do you need?16:24
ShawnRiskBeldar: did you see my issue?16:24
BeldarShawnRisk, Yeah, nothing I recognize in order to advise is all.16:25
ShawnRiskBeldar: did you see my original question?16:25
kenny1achernya: hi16:27
BeldarShawnRisk, I have read every post you have made, no idea what your problem is. ;)16:27
kenny1Dutn: hy man16:28
BeldarShawnRisk, If I was in your sistuation, I would make another account in users to see if this happens there, and or in the guest account or a live cd to check if it may be the account you are using and caused by tweaking it.16:30
ShawnRiskBeldar: okay16:30
BeldarShawnRisk, The user app can add and remove new accounts with a gui and they can be another admin with sudo access or a limited account.16:31
ShawnRiskBeldar: I will try again later.16:33
kenny1Why are amd so horrible on linux?16:33
=== kenny1 is now known as bhkenny
bhkennyAmd drivers suck on any distro16:34
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puppylinux2Beldar: hello16:40
internetcan office documents be directly printed without having to use openoffice/libreoffice?16:41
plibby2Good evening. Im searching for some help installing ubuntu server 12.04.3 on a system with hardware RAID. Can someone help me?16:44
DF3D2what is the correct way to run a bash .sh script on boot with lightdm? I have tried setting up ~/.xsession and ~/.xinitrc and even /etc/lightdm.conf  session-setup-script16:45
DF3D2I want it to run when xorg is up16:45
bugs_buggerinternet: you would have to pipe them through some programs that generate printable postscript from the openoffice XML format16:46
DF3D2why cant I seem to get a script to start on boot lol16:53
DF3D2err when xorg starts16:53
plibby2I've got some trouble installing ubuntu server. On which partition i have to install it if i use hardware raid? I get my 2 drives and a read-only RAIDraid1 entry.16:54
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jhutchin1plibby2: If it's hardware raid, it should present the array as a single drive to the OS, so partitioning doesn't really matter.16:56
jhutchin1plibby2: Depending on what you're using the system for, partitioning will usually end up with you running out of space on one partition while another has plenty of room.16:57
jhutchin1plibby2: I recommend one partition + swap unless you know where you're data is going to accumulate.16:57
hitsujiTMODF3D2: upstart/sys v init16:59
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plibby2jhutchin1: I configured RAID with the Intel Rapid Storage Technology. I converted the HDDs (3tb) to GPT and configured the RAID 1. When installing i got asked, if i like to activate serial ATA-Configured devices. If i click yes, i can only use 800 GB of my drive. Clicking no offer me the whole space and the three options. 'sda', 'sdb' and 'md126 (read-only)...' . What am i doing wrong?17:02
semekhello i have problem with conky infinity, how to make transparent background in unity ?17:03
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DF3D2hitsujiTMO, it seems coplicated I just want to run one script when x starts17:06
DF3D2and none of the usual things seems to work17:07
hitsujiTMODF3D2: then may add an entry for it in rc.local17:07
hitsujiTMODF3D2: ahh when x starts17:07
DF3D2hitsujiTMO, I tried putting sh /path/script in rc.local17:07
DF3D2and in ~/.xsession17:07
DF3D2and ~/.xinit17:07
hitsujiTMODF3D2: does the xserver need to be up?17:07
DF3D2and using lightdm17:07
DF3D2hitsujiTMO, yes it does17:07
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DF3D2xorg must be running17:08
hitsujiTMODF3D2: then in lightdm.conf under [SeatDefaults] add display-setup-script=/path/to/some/script17:09
Minnen[question] anyone knows a command that outputs the user list and their respective permissions?17:09
Wiz_KeeDAny other method to diagnose wireless card?17:09
DF3D2hitsujiTMO, I did that, lightdm never starts17:09
DF3D2it makes it hang17:09
hitsujiTMODF3D2: then fork it17:09
DF3D2it says it starts in kernel msgs, but it never does17:09
hitsujiTMOwith &17:09
DF3D2hitsujiTMO, /path/script & ?17:10
hitsujiTMODF3D2: yup17:10
DF3D2let me try..17:10
pvl1lol still working on pxe boot17:10
DF3D2I gave up on that shit17:10
pvl1what ur language bud17:10
hitsujiTMO!language | DF3D217:10
ubottuDF3D2: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.17:10
pvl1but what are you working on now17:10
DF3D2just trying to get something to start with x17:11
hitsujiTMOprog getting the mining app to start with x17:11
pvl1mining as in *coin mining?17:11
DF3D2i need these to be automated17:12
DF3D2since im gonna have like 10 rigs17:12
pvl1are you using gpu's to mine?17:12
pvl1if so i recommend u keep X off17:12
DF3D2x must be on17:12
DF3D2or it won't work17:12
pvl1thats not true17:12
pvl1i mine without x17:13
pvl1just ssh in17:13
DF3D2on what ?17:13
monoclithithis channel is nothing more then NOISE17:13
DF3D2for amd cards x must be running17:13
pvl1anything linux can run ssh and screen17:13
DF3D2im alrdy using ssh and screen17:13
DF3D2cgminer doesnt run without x17:13
hitsujiTMOmonoclithi: do you have an ubuntu support question?17:14
DF3D2hitsujiTMO, yeah that still doesn't work :-((((17:14
pvl1DF3D2: how do u know this17:14
monoclithisorry wrong window17:14
DF3D2pvl1, because i've tried ?17:14
pvl1i just asked on #cgminer17:14
DF3D2are you using amd cards17:15
DF3D2yes or not17:15
DF3D2like I said17:15
DF3D2for amd cards it must be running17:15
DF3D2or the driver doesn't work17:15
FloodBot1DF3D2: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:15
monoclithihitsujiTMO: you have a strange nick what does it stand for?17:15
k1l!ot | monoclithi17:15
ubottumonoclithi: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:15
DF3D2pvl1, I know what is required for it to run17:16
pvl1DF3D2: i just asked on #cgminer and they saying u dont need X17:16
pvl1if ur trying to overclock17:16
pvl1then yes dynamic overclocking requires Xserver to be running17:17
DF3D2right I am17:17
DF3D2hitsujiTMO, any ideas?17:18
DF3D2I like *need* this to work17:18
DF3D2forking it didn't help17:18
pvl1whats the error your getting17:18
DF3D2not getting one17:18
DF3D2lightdm says it will start but it never does17:18
DF3D2when I have a startup script setup17:18
DF3D2trying to run my cgminer startup script at boot17:19
sh0thi guys after an update Ubuntu 13.10 is giving me problems. Now after i login gnome doesn't load anymore (and it's the same with awesome)17:19
sh0tonly the mouse it shows17:19
pvl1well, do u have multiple sessions/de's/WM's u use? if not i recommend startx, with an xinitrc or what not17:19
DF3D2thats an idea17:19
k1lsh0t: see .xsession-errors17:19
pvl1DF3D2: is this just a mining rig? if so u dont need a session *AT ALL*17:19
sh0tok k1l17:19
DF3D2yeah cause i tried xinitrc and it didn't work17:19
DF3D2pvl1, so how do I go about setting this up?17:19
=== giuseppe is now known as Guest1136
pvl1DF3D2: just run xinit and amdcccle so you can run overdrive17:19
k1lsh0t: and make sure the video card driver moduls are build. so the linux-headers are installed17:20
DF3D2pvl1, cgminer sets my clocks17:20
pvl1DF3D2: then run just xinit so no window managers or anything loads up17:20
=== zan is now known as Guest28923
pvl1that would just slow down moning anyway17:20
lucaWhy when I launch the ISO 14.04 I use QEMU and not VIRTUAL MACHINE as Nicholas Skaggs suggested to us?17:20
DF3D2pvl1, hmm okay where do I want to put "xinit" /etc/rc.local ?17:21
DJonesluca: Probably best asking in the #ubuntu+1 which is the support channel for it at the moment, people there are probably most likely to be able to help17:22
morsnowski14.04 ?17:22
pvl1DF3D2: xinit is just the init for X, no config files needed. first see if that will load, then you can make a session script to load cgminer17:22
DF3D2pvl1, it loads17:22
DF3D2so I need to get xinit to run each time, and get rid of lightdm17:22
DF3D2without borking17:22
plibby2Creates the Intel Storage Technology a Software or a Hardware RAID?17:22
pvl1xinit = init X but put .xinitrc in ~ of whatever user will be mining/starting x17:23
lucaDJones, thanks17:23
DF3D2pvl1, yeah problem is cgminer runs but it doesn't seem to actually do anything17:23
pvl1DF3D2: exec cgminer17:23
DF3D2I wonder why17:23
pvl1DF3D2: are you on a mining pool, did u connect to one17:23
DF3D2pvl1, I have a shell startup script im calling in ~/xinitrc17:23
lucamorsnowski, yes it is a version not stable yet. I'd like to launch it on my old laptop17:24
DF3D2lol yes man I've got a config file and a startup scriot17:24
pvl1just making sure17:24
hitsujiTMODF3D2: ~/.xinitrc not ~/xinitrc17:24
sh0tk1l, how do i check that? and also i'd like to stress that the login form is provided to me on an X session but when it accepts the credentials it hangs somehow on a black screen where only the mous it showed. Anyway .xsession.errors says something like: xio: FATAL Io ERROR 11 (Resource temporarily unavailable) on X server ":0" after 4073 requests (4073 known processed) with 0 events remainig.17:24
DF3D2but cgminer seems to hang when I do it this way17:24
morsnowskioh ok17:24
DF3D2yeah ~/.xinitrc17:24
DF3D2its working -- but cgminer isnt17:24
pvl1either way, how long have u run cgminer before saying it dont work17:24
DF3D2just hangs17:24
pvl1DF3D2: can we take this off the support channel and PM17:24
hermacetHello, i'm kind of new with linux so forgive me if its a stupid question. I just installed Xubuntu, but is there any native support for some simple animations in XFCE or is it to lightweight for such?17:27
mikubuntuwonder why the copy process rejected these files http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6821404/17:30
skinuxThis may be dumb, but are there actually log files which store personal financial information (other than those of financial software)?17:31
WebbyIT'm trying to use valgrind function profiler inside Ubuntu SDK but when I start the app I receive this error:17:31
WebbyITError: "/usr/bin/valgrind" could not be started: No private key file given.17:31
WebbyITWhat can I do?17:31
mikubuntualso, wonder why some of these lib files are in my desktop dir http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6821404/17:32
=== peter is now known as Guest68061
hitsujiTMOmikubuntu: what are you trying to copy to?17:33
mikubuntuhitsujiTMO: to a 16gb usb17:33
Picimikubuntu: ntfs and fat32 do not allow colons in filenames17:34
mikubuntuhitsujiTMO: how do i view the properties of the usb now? to know how full it is, i mean.17:34
hitsujiTMOmikedevita: if its ntfs or fat32 then the file system doesn't support names with : or symlinks17:34
mikubuntuthx Pici17:34
hitsujiTMOmikubuntu: df -h17:35
mikubuntuhitsujiTMO: not sure i understand -- where is the reference to the usb?17:36
sh0tguys i can't execute gnome anymore17:36
sh0ti login and then X hangs showing me only the mouse on a black screen17:36
HALanon9000what ever happened to the android execution environment for Ubuntu. is it dead?17:36
hitsujiTMOMike9863: it will say the path to the usb under "mounted on"17:36
hitsujiTMOmikubuntu: ^17:37
mikubuntuhitsujiTMO: never mind, i see :P17:37
hitsujiTMOsh0t what did you do?17:37
=== GTB3NW is now known as GTB3NW_AWAY
hitsujiTMOsh0t: play with drivers? ccsm? kernel?17:37
sh0thitsujiTMO, after an update Ubuntu 13.1017:38
sh0tgave me this thing17:38
=== anmar is now known as zz_anmar
sh0t(i suspect it also fucked my wifi up)17:38
hitsujiTMOsh0t: can you get a terminal with: ctrl + alt + t?17:38
sh0tyes i can17:38
hitsujiTMOsh0t: dmesg | pastebinit17:38
sh0thitsujiTMO, as i said i have no internet either at the moment on that pc17:39
=== zz_anmar is now known as anmar
sh0ti mean i could go via eth but then how do i give u the link17:39
hitsujiTMOsh0t: type it. its like 6/7 numbers17:40
sh0tso give me 2/3 minutes17:40
=== anmar is now known as zz_anmar
sh0tok hitsujiTMO dmesg:    http://paste.ubuntu.com/6821485  .xsession.errors: http://paste.ubuntu .com/6821489    X.org.0.log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/682149617:45
=== wh0 is now known as wat
hitsujiTMOsh0t: nouveau E[  DEVICE][0000:01:00.0] unknown chipset, 0x108120a1 found it17:49
hitsujiTMOsh0t: are you using a ppa?17:49
sh0ti don't know what ppa is17:49
ubottuA Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge17:50
hitsujiTMOsh0t: is this an optimus laptop or which?17:50
sh0ton the terminal if i run startx /usr/bin/awesome :2 and press ctrl+c some times it then starts awesome -...crazy17:50
sh0tan optimus laptop?17:51
sh0tno it an hp laptop17:51
hitsujiTMOsh0t: do you have a hybrid nvidia gpu?17:51
=== zz_whitenite is now known as whitenite
sh0thitsujiTMO,  i have an nvidia geforce17:51
=== jack is now known as Guest57893
=== daftykin1 is now known as daftykins
ubottuTo disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html17:52
newuser_is this rooting guide good enough for my phone ?17:54
hitsujiTMOsh0t: lspci | pastebinit && dpkg --get-selections | pastebinit17:54
hitsujiTMO!ot | newuser_17:54
ubottunewuser_: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!17:54
newuser_ohh, sorry17:54
=== zz_anmar is now known as anmar
sh0thitsujiTMO,  http://paste.ubuntu.com/6821570 , http://paste.ubuntu.com/682157117:56
hitsujiTMOsh0t: what version of ubuntu?17:56
sh0thitsujiTMO, 13.1017:57
sh0tanyway if i run startx /usr/bin/gnome-session and then i press 3/4 times ctrl+c it starts a session of gnome i don't know if this helps17:57
sh0teven if run startx17:58
sh0tfrom root17:58
hitsujiTMOsh0t: sudo apt-get install dconf-tools17:58
sh0thitsujiTMO, ok17:58
hitsujiTMOsh0t: dconf reset -f /org/compiz/17:59
sh0twithout sudo?17:59
hitsujiTMOsh0t: yup, without sudo17:59
hitsujiTMOsh0t: setsid unity17:59
sh0twait hitsujiTMO18:00
sh0tthe dconf thing is not working18:00
hitsujiTMOsh0t: what error?18:00
sh0tid like to pastebinit it18:00
sh0tbut i can't18:00
hitsujiTMOsh0t: dconf reset -f /org/compiz/ | pastebinit18:01
sh0tyeah it doesn't work18:01
sh0tit doesn't pipe the processes18:01
hitsujiTMOsh0t: dconf reset -f /org/compiz/ 2>&1 | pastebinit18:01
=== DarkAce-Z is now known as DarkAceZ
sh0tok hitsujiTMO http://paste.ubuntu.com/682160118:03
hitsujiTMOsh0t you are running this in the windowed terminal opened with ctrl + alt + t    right?18:03
jhutchin1sh0t: See where it says "starting, but not ending, with /"?18:04
sh0thitsujiTMO, yes i am.18:04
jhutchin1sh0t: Does /org/compiz/ exist?18:04
sh0tjhutchin1, i am checking18:04
sh0tjhutchin1, there isn't even /org18:05
hitsujiTMOsh0t: you are using unity right?18:05
halfbeingmy webcam video is black when i use skype or cheese, and the light doesn't come on on the camera, but it works when i use guvcview. i used to get this problem intermittently and logging out of my gui session and logging back in again cured it, but now not even rebooting gets the video working again. can anyone help?18:05
sh0thitsujiTMO, yes i was18:06
hitsujiTMOshotits /org/ not /org18:06
=== whiskers75 is now known as wut
hitsujiTMOsh0t: /org/ not /org18:06
=== wut is now known as whiskers75
hitsujiTMOor /org/compiz/ not /org/compiz18:06
sh0thitsujiTMO, there is not /org in my filesystem18:07
benny_Did anybody tested powershell for linux?18:07
hitsujiTMOsh0t: its not a directory in the file system. its in dconf18:08
sh0tahhhhhhhhhh u mean in the dconf command before18:09
hitsujiTMObenny_: you mean pash?18:09
benny_@hitsujiTMO: yes18:10
sh0tok here is the output of dconf reset -f /org/compiz 2>&1 | pastebinit :  http://paste.ubuntu.com/682163818:10
hitsujiTMOsh0t: dconf reset -f /org/compiz/ # so yes /org/compiz/ not /org/compiz/18:10
hitsujiTMOsh0t: dconf reset -f /org/compiz/ # so yes /org/compiz/ not /org/compiz18:10
hitsujiTMOsh0t: you forgot the trailing /18:10
=== rmirajmbhkjzwktp is now known as qscquefkixmujekh
=== qscquefkixmujekh is now known as sepero
=== anmar is now known as zz_anmar
sh0thitsujiTMO, fuck! sorry18:11
hitsujiTMO!language | sh0t :P18:11
ubottush0t :P: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.18:11
sh0tok here is the output of dconf reset -f /org/compiz/ 2>&1 | pastebinit :  http://paste.ubuntu.com/682164618:12
sh0tsorry guys for my language18:12
hitsujiTMOsh0t: dconf list /org/ | pastebinit18:13
sh0tit says gnome/ and compiz/18:13
Minnen[question] anyone has a recommended site where i can read about terminal commands?18:14
sh0thitsujiTMO, it says: gnome/ and also compiz/18:15
hitsujiTMOsh0t: sorry, was on phone18:17
sh0tit's ok hitsujiTMO no problem18:17
sh0ti mean thanks for the help18:17
hitsujiTMOsh0t: dconf list /org/compiz/ | pastebinit18:18
jhutchin1Minnen: What do you want to control?18:18
sh0thitsujiTMO, it says profiles/18:18
Minneni just want to read about the commands, permissions, etc.18:19
hitsujiTMOsh0t: dconf list /org/compiz/profiles/ | pastebinit18:19
jhutchin1Minnen: http://tldp.org/HOWTO/DOS-Win-to-Linux-HOWTO.html http://www.linuxcommand.org/ https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicCommands http://www.macdevcenter.com/pub/a/mac/2005/05/20/terminal1.html http://www.ischool.berkeley.edu/~kevin/unix-tutorial/toc.html18:20
sh0thitsujiTMO, so after profiles there is Default/18:20
sh0tand after DEfault/ there is a plugin-with-set-keys18:20
sh0twithout trailing '/'18:20
hitsujiTMOsh0t: ok. relog18:20
Minnenjhutchin1 > thanks!18:20
=== jhutchin1 is now known as jhutchins
sh0thitsujiTMO, relog?18:21
hitsujiTMOsh0t: logout and log back in again18:21
=== dave is now known as Guest58352
sh0tman how can I be so idiot18:21
=== LjL is now known as LjL-Milan
sh0tdo u mean i logout and in in the terminal18:21
irvhowdy, i'm running 12.04 server and i want to install murmur1.2.4 which is in the "trusty" repo. is this possible to just add that repo for the one package/prereqs?18:22
hitsujiTMOsh0t: no. logout of your x session. or reboot even18:22
sh0to ki reboot18:22
irvhttp://packages.ubuntu.com/trusty/mumble is the package18:22
sh0ti don't have a workign x session18:22
irvo wait that's the client D:18:22
hitsujiTMOirv why do you want to install a beta server?18:23
jhutchinsirv: Mixing releases can cause a lot of problems, not usually recommended.18:24
zykotick9irv: others may disagree, but IMO, mixing repos is a BAD idea - and will probably lead to tears...18:24
sh0tok hitsujiTMO i rebooted18:25
monoclithiyou mean no ppas?18:25
sh0tnow i have the login screen18:25
sh0tit also says the wifi doen't work but that's another issue18:25
compaq|armadaHey there, I have one question regarding live CD. I have it running on an old PC using an usb stick and an old IDE drive i am able to access. Its amazing, a real treasure whats on it. I only have one problem, I just cant find the harddrive from terminal. I need access because my picturemap is unaccessable (i need to do a CHMOD 777). Can someone shed some light on this problem?18:26
hitsujiTMOsh0t: are you able to login?18:26
sh0ti didn't try yet but since nothing changed i guess not18:27
hitsujiTMOsh0t: please try18:27
sh0thitsujiTMO, jsut did18:27
=== RickyB98 is now known as rickyb98
sh0ti doesn't work18:27
hitsujiTMOsh0t: same black screen?18:27
sh0tdo u think reinstalling gnome could be something useful?18:27
=== Dureiken_ is now known as Dureiken
hitsujiTMOsh0t: gnome-session-quit --no-prompt18:28
hitsujiTMOsh0t: can you try and log into the guest or is that enabled? does the same issue occur with the guest if it is enabled?18:29
sh0thitsujiTMO, coudln't connect to session bus: unable to autolaunch a dbus-daemon without a $DISPLAY for X1118:30
jhutchinsPossibly add a new user.18:30
sh0thitsujiTMO, the guest works!18:30
sh0tmaybe it's something related do permissions18:30
hitsujiTMOsh0t: some its your user thats messed up.18:30
hitsujiTMOsh0t: log back into your user18:30
jhutchinssh0t: This sometimes happens if you run GUI apps as root.18:30
hitsujiTMOsh0t: sudo chown -R $USER:$USER $HOME18:31
hitsujiTMOsh0t: permissions would explain the oddities of the dconf errors18:31
jhutchinssh0t: chown -R <user>:<user> /home/<user> (as root or with sudo)18:31
sh0tjhutchins, it could be because i was also messing around with 2 wm at the same time (one of them executed by root)18:31
compaq|armadaHey there, I have one question regarding live CD. I have it running on an old PC using an usb stick and an old IDE drive i am able to access. Its amazing, a real treasure whats on it. I only have one problem, I just cant find the harddrive from terminal. I need access because my picturemap is unaccessable (i need to do a CHMOD 777). Can someone shed some light on this problem?18:31
morsnowskicompaq|armada: ls /media/18:32
hitsujiTMOcompaq|armada: lsblk18:33
jhutchinscompaq|armada: You can access it but you can't find it?  WHat's a picturemap?18:33
=== Dureiken_ is now known as Dureiken
compaq|armadaHi there18:33
compaq|armadaI will take a look.18:34
sh0thitsujiTMO, jhutchins THANKS!18:34
sh0tI now have to solve this thing with the wifi18:34
hitsujiTMOsh0t: lspci -knn | pastebinit18:35
sh0twait i will come chat from the other pc18:36
compaq|armadamorsnowski: in ls /media/ there only is the map cdrom and ubuntu18:36
=== lazers is now known as lazier
compaq|armadawait you guys!18:37
compaq|armadaI found it18:37
compaq|armadalsblk helped!18:37
FloodBot1compaq|armada: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.18:37
compaq|armadathanks morsnowski18:37
compaq|armadathanks hitsujiTMO18:38
compaq|armadathanks jhutchins18:38
jhutchinsNot sure what I contributed, but you're welcome.18:38
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience18:38
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:38
=== Dureiken_ is now known as Dureiken
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com18:39
sh0tok jhutchins :   sudo lspci -knn|pastebinit   ==> http://paste.ubuntu.com/6821822/18:39
tpw_rulesanybody know of anything like windows 7's math input panel? i've been hunting around but can't really get anything working18:41
an0n432Omath input?18:41
hitsujiTMOsh0t: rfkill list | pastebinit18:41
=== ExtreGhost is now known as Extreminador
sh0thitsujiTMO, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6821847/18:42
tpw_rulesan0n432O: it recognizes handwritten math equations18:42
an0n432Ono i dont sorry18:43
iqI've been googling for a while, trying to figure out how to disable an application from autostart. I'm using Ubuntu 12 LTS. The application I want to disable does not show up in "Startup Applications"18:43
sh0tjhutchins, that's the model of my wifi i gues it's a driver problem18:43
hitsujiTMOsh0t: dmesg | grep 103c:18ec | pastebinit18:43
jhutchinsShooterMG: rt2800pci driver, firmware required.18:43
=== Vampire0_ is now known as Vampire0
jhutchinsubottu used to be a lot better, I guess we need to work on him.18:44
ubottujhutchins: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:44
sh0thitsujiTMO, nothing it's showed by grep18:45
iqAny help to disable an application from auto start?18:46
=== andyfied_ is now known as andyfied
gmachine_24greetings earthlings. does ubuntu have a project such as owncloud or the like to help users build their own cloud server?18:46
sh0thitsujiTMO, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2104129 maybe this is for me?18:46
hitsujiTMOsh0t: did it work for you before, or are you just setting it up now?18:46
sh0tbefore it was working (before the update)18:47
jhutchinsiqwhat is the application?18:47
iqjhutchins: Its called Viber.18:47
hitsujiTMOsh0t: try rebuilding the driver: source is here if you don't have it already http://www.mediatek.com/_en/07_downloads/01_windows.php?sn=50118:48
hitsujiTMOsh0t: its the RT3290 PCIe one obviously18:49
sh0tyeah sure thanks18:49
hitsujiTMOiq: check in startup-applications18:49
jhutchinsiq: How did you install it?18:50
iqI downloaded the .deb file from viber.com18:51
VlanXIn there anything for linux in gereral that works like autocad?18:51
jhutchinsiq: You're going to have to find out from them how they're starting it.18:51
sh0tjhutchins, i get a bz2 file if decompress it i geta "POSIX tar archive" how do i do with that?18:51
jhutchinssh0t: bunzip18:52
bekkstar xvJf file.tar.bz218:52
solsTiCehi. why is there 2 entries in uefi booot menu for  ubuntu ? one called Ubuntu with a capital letter and one without any ? the first on does nothing and the second one gives you grub menu18:52
jhutchinssh0t: I'm not sure why the stock module wouldn't work, it's supported.18:52
mikubuntuit is with a bit of sadness that i will shortly be bidding this so-far trusty gateway laptop a fond adieu, as all my files have now been extracted, and this box will soon be possessed by the spirit of ubuntu studio, and passed into the care of another. i wish nothing but the best for the box and it's new owner, whomsoever that shall turn out to be.18:52
bekkstar xvjf file.tar.bz2  --- small caps j.18:52
jhutchinssh0t: I think it's more likely a problem with the firmware.18:52
hitsujiTMOVlanX: http://www.ribbonsoft.com/en/ http://sourceforge.net/projects/pythoncad/18:53
solsTiCeI had no problem booting a dvd whih was in uefi boot menu ut to boot a usb key it was weird. I had to switch to legacy boot rom ?18:53
sh0tyeah becks it's not a tar.bz218:53
neoromantiqueHow do I connect it correctly?18:53
mikubuntuwait a minute ... can i use unet to install the new os right on this box? or does it have to be first copied to a stick?18:54
bekkssh0t: Then what is it, exactly?18:54
sh0tok i renamed it in *.tar.bz218:54
bekkssh0t: do not rename it.18:54
bekkssh0t: Renaming will not change the filetype or content. Renaming is pointless, mostly.18:54
sh0tyeah bekks i can now decompress as u said it18:54
bekkssh0t: I never said that.18:55
daftykinsmikubuntu: i hope you zero'd the disk18:55
VlanXhitsujiTMO: thanks!18:55
sh0t<bekks> tar xvjf file.tar.bz2  --- small caps j.18:55
bekkssh0t: I told you the command to unpack a bzip2 compressed tar archive in one step.18:55
mikubuntudaftykins: what you mean -- boot and nuke?18:55
sh0tok ok sorry i misunderstood in any case i think i have to decompress this thing18:55
sh0tto get itworking18:55
bekkssh0t: After you said, it isnt a tar archive, obviously that command does not apply anymore :)18:55
bekkssh0t: So which file do you actually have then?18:56
daftykinsmikubuntu: zero fill it so whoever you're giving it to can't recover your data18:56
=== kat is now known as Guest6041
mikubuntudaftykins: darik's boot and nuke does that, doesn't it?18:56
gmachine_24aka dban18:57
mikubuntudaftykins: is there another way?18:57
redmaniachello, everyone18:57
=== DJ_Beardsquirt is now known as Bean
daftykinsmikubuntu: never used it, i just use dd under Linux18:57
sh0tbekks, the one i get here http://www.mediatek.com/_en/07_downloads/01-1_windowsDetail.php?sn=503318:58
gmachine_24sas wtf?18:58
mikubuntudaftykins: its going to mom or sis for now, and i don't have any particular secrets on it that i can recall ... lol18:58
bekkssh0t: Whatever that may be. I wont download it, not even just to check.18:58
=== Dureiken_ is now known as Dureiken
bekkssh0t: Provide the name of the file you downloaded please.18:58
daftykinsmikubuntu: fair enough18:58
Guest6041Guys, I have just installed Lubuntu 13.10 to an old desktop, and no matter and have installed flashplayer and java from the software center. I can't watch YouTube or Wimp.com videos very good. It is just moving blocks of color. I have tried a lot of things, even the restricted extras. How about I remove the firewall? How do I do that for a try?18:59
sh0tbekks, no worries i think i might get trough it by yself otherwise i'll ask with more info for you guys18:59
hitsujiTMOGuest6041: whats the output of: cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep "model name"18:59
gmachine_24Guest6041, I don't think a firewall or lack of one is th eproblem19:00
bekkssh0t: Just one more information: technically, there is no single "Linux" to be downloaded. "Linux" ist the kernel used in every "linux distribution".19:00
Guest6041Yes, this is me from last night, hitsujiTMO. Hang on.19:00
bekkssh0t: If you want to try Ubuntu, get your download from www.ubuntu.com19:00
sh0tbekks, that's the link for the driver/firmware19:01
bekkssh0t: For which driver/firmware for what exactly?19:01
compaq|armadalsblk helped!ls19:01
compaq|armadawow haha19:01
compaq|armadawhoops wrong terminal19:01
Linoronhi all, I have tried to make UEFI-bootable Live USB sticks for both Ubuntu and LinuxMint, but cannot seem to get any of them WRITEABLE and BOOTable in UEFI (secureboot is disabled). This USB live stick I use now, is read-only even if I made it by specifying 1GB of space for documents etc... Using ubuntu=startup-disk=creator or the gtk version, available from the default repositories.19:01
bekkssh0t: Stop downloading, and please read this complete post: http://askubuntu.com/questions/366610/wifi-not-working-in-ubuntu-13-10-with-ralink-rt329019:02
Guest6041Here's model name:     Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 2.66GHz19:03
Guest6041How about swappiness?19:03
sh0tyeah bekks that's where i am comign from19:04
bekksGuest6041: NEither your firewall not swappiness will create color blocks in videos.19:04
Guest6041oh, what do you think does that?19:04
Guest6041HOw about settings in Adobe Flash Player?19:04
bekksGuest6041: which flash plugin version do you use?19:05
=== satan is now known as sa`tan
Guest6041the one in the software for Lubuntu  it's not quite 12... It's 11 something19:05
bekkssh0t: And did you try all the solutions offered there?19:05
sh0tyeah i am doing it now :)19:05
bekksGuest6041: about:plugins will tell you exactly.19:05
Guest6041ohhh what should that tell me?19:06
=== Kitar|st_ is now known as Kitar|st
Guest6041what's missing and needed   o.k.19:06
bekksGuest6041: Put that into the URL field in your browser and tell us. :)19:06
Guest6041o.k. hang on19:06
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olabazhey, my internet keeps disconnecting and it only happens when I boot ubuntu on this computer any ideas?19:08
whoeverhi all, is there a way to speed apps up in wine ? safari(in wine ) takes about 15 minstes to load a page where nativly i can load a page in seconds19:08
hitsujiTMOGuest6041: the most you can do is: right click on a flash video -> settings      untick the enable hardware accel19:09
bekkswhoever: most likely, no.19:09
gmachine_24olabaz, please give more information. as in what are you running? what version of Ubuntu? what have you tried?19:10
gmachine_24olabaz, your request is vague19:10
whoeverbekks: thaught so, but wasn't sure if some one invented a way  its seems to generally be faster to just make a vm and run in  a vm as apossed to wine19:11
* whoever thinks by th time the page loads in safari he could had written the page 3 times over 19:11
Beldarwhoever, why bother with safari in linux?19:12
olabazgmachine_24: I'm running 12.04. I tried changing my local IP i've tried using nethogs but everything seems fine19:12
Linoronhi all, I have tried to make UEFI-bootable Live USB sticks for both Ubuntu and LinuxMint, but cannot seem to get any of them WRITEABLE and BOOTable in UEFI (secureboot is disabled). This USB live stick I use now, is read-only even if I made it by specifying 1GB of space for documents etc... Using ubuntu=startup-disk=creator or the gtk version, available from the default repositories.19:13
olabazgmachine_24: I can be using the internet fine and then all of a sudden it'll drop and nothing will load and then it'll come back up again19:13
gmachine_24olabaz, we still need more information. is it wireless? wired? what have you tried?19:13
olabazgmachine_24: It is wireless. I tried restarting router and modem but it's still happening19:13
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Guest6041guys, I have to go       sorry   thanks anyway   I'll be back again later probably.19:14
=== megabitdragon is now known as zz_megabitdragon
olabazgmachine_24: I am also connected to the wifi on my phone and while it's down on the computer it's working on my phone19:15
gmachine_24olabaz, is this a new problem? were you able to connect before with this machine using ubuntu/linux? or is it a fresh install.19:16
olabazit's a pretty recent install19:17
gmachine_24olabaz, but did it work before?19:17
=== ExtreGhost is now known as Extreminador
olabazgmachine_24: not sure because I only started using ubuntu seriously for about a week and i've had the issue since19:18
=== EminentDomain is now known as TangoM0nster
gmachine_24so, in your experience, has it ever worked on this machine?19:18
gmachine_24yes or no19:18
olabazgmachine_24: no19:19
gmachine_24see, was that so difficult?19:19
olabazgmachine_24: I got disconnected, sorry19:20
gmachine_24haha funny. ok so what happens when you do an $iwconfig19:20
olabazgmachine_24: let me paste19:22
gmachine_24olabaz, paste it in pastebin.ubuntu.com, right?19:22
olabazgmachine_24: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6822074/19:23
ericPif i installed enterprise architect under wine $(wine Downloads/easetup.exe), how do i know what program to run once the exe is installed?19:24
BeldarLinoron, read only, is a bit of a confusing at least to me variable. Does the usb have more than one partition and is it a flash drive?19:25
ericPi imagine it installed something in some virtual drive, but i have no idea what the name is or how to address it from the unix command line, as in $(wine ???)19:25
LinoronBeldar: I used the startup disk creator tool and let it reformat the drive and create it as default live usb stick, no extra partitions or anything19:26
LinoronBeldar: it asked me how much spacde I wanted for files, I increased the default setting, and therefore I was expecting to get a writeable sstick19:27
BeldarLinoron, Hmm, it should format as an fat32, not sure why you think it is read only.19:28
BeldarLinoron, So in other words the startup disk creator tool refuses to write to the stick?19:29
LinoronBeldar: when I reboot from the same stick, none of the environment changes I make to Ubuntu has been saved...19:29
BeldarLinoron, You have to have it persistent to have it save.19:30
LinoronI have to turn on the firewall again, set the wifi password again, etc. on each reboot, does not keep anything I do between boots19:30
LinoronBeldar: so is there a default setting that is set to NOT be persistent?19:30
Linoronhow do I do that?19:31
BeldarLinoron, Yes the default does not setup persistent in most usb loaders.19:31
BeldarLinoron, Been awhile since I used that app but I beleieve it is right on that gui you use to load the usb.19:31
harrisrhow can i change mac adress19:32
LinoronBeldar: my goodness, and where can that be changed, or do I have to re-make the usb?19:32
gmachine_24olabaz, what about when you do $lspci | grep -i wireless19:33
olabazgmachine_24: i don't get anything19:33
BeldarLinoron, Be sure to make the persistent big enough, and realize it is not cleanable and will fill up after awhile. If you have room for a second partition you can make it a persistent.19:33
OerHeksharrisr, open networkmanager, edit your  wired connection > add mac to cloned mac adress19:36
harrisri am on wireless19:36
OerHeksharrisr, oh, same thing, did you open networkmanager to find out?19:36
LinoronBeldar: I am quite sure that the place where I specify the size to keep documents and settings is the same as making it persistent, which is what I have done. No other settings in that window...19:36
gmachine_24olabaz, what about just lspci, post that in pastebin19:36
olabazgmachine_24: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6822161/19:36
harrisrOerHeks, \19:36
harrisrwhat do you mean19:36
Jordan_ULinoron: I highly recommend a normal installation to a USB drive over a "persistant liveusb".19:37
harrisrOerHeks, i want to change my mac adress so i can max out dropbox referalls19:37
harrisrwhat is the easiest way19:37
BeldarLinoron, Kind of a confusing description "the place where I specify the size to keep documents and settings" you would have used persistent named persistent if it is persistent. If this is another partition it is not persistent unless setup as.19:37
LinoronBeldar: that is the only option in the startup disk creator window...19:38
OerHeksharrisr, as i told you, edit your network connection, and add it19:38
BeldarLinoron, I have rarely used that app, and happen to be in windows at the moment so can't really be any more specific. .19:39
OerHeksharrisr, and please do NOT ask me to get more dropbox refferals,.19:39
gmachine_24olabaz, I don't suppose you know what kind of chipset the wireless is using?19:40
LinoronJordan_U: to do a normal installation to a usb stick, can that be done to a 4gb stick, or is that too small? Does such an installation also require normal partitioning, swap partition, etc.?19:40
harrisrOerHeks,  i typed the mac adrees in the clone why is the save button greyed out19:40
gmachine_24olabaz, it doesn't appear in those lists19:40
olabazgmachine_24: Realtek RTL818719:40
leblaaancif i change my hostname via the hostname and /etc/hostname what else do I need to do for that to "propagate" throughout my local network?19:40
OerHeksharrisr, maybe stop networking before editting ?19:40
leblaaanci tried service networking restart19:41
harrisrhow do i do that19:41
LinoronBeldar: ok19:41
MoleManCould somebody provide instructions / a basic how-to for compiling SSH Server 6.2 for Ubuntu server 12.04, or even better provide a link to pre-compiled version please?19:42
Jordan_ULinoron: 4 GiB will be tight on space, but should fit with some room left over (the installer will warn you if you don't have enough space). Swap is no more or less needed than with a persistant USB "install". If you don't need to hibernate you'll probably do fine without it.19:42
addicted$(AR) -x $(STFL_STATIC_LIB)19:43
Jordan_UMoleMan: What is your end goal?19:43
OerHeksMoleMan, saucy has 6.2, next trusty 6.419:43
BeldarLinoron, I am looking at a picture of the app, the persistent is the stored in reserved extra space, it has a slider, this is what you mean you set up correct?19:43
LinoronBeldar: got a url to that image?19:45
MoleManJordan_U: I want the multiple required auth methods for TOTP and SSH keys19:45
gmachine_24olabaz, if you know what version of the rtl8187 you have there are some linux drivers posted by realtek here http://www.realtek.com/downloads/downloadsView.aspx?Langid=1&PNid=1&PFid=1&Level=6&Conn=5&DownTypeID=3&GetDown=false&Downloads=true#RTL8185L19:45
LinoronBeldar: yes, that slider...19:46
olabazgmachine_24: yes I just downloaded one of them but I can't compile it19:46
konnorhello anyone know a app i can use to use my old laptop as a wifi repeater19:46
pers3uskonnor: I don't think thats possible19:46
gmachine_24olabaz, ok. I gave you the wrong link anyway....... you got one for the rtl8187 right?19:46
BeldarLinoron, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick  notice the discard button I assume this means clean that space when turned off, I am also assuming this is a persistent option, I have never really used this tool.19:46
LinoronBeldar: that is the one I chose and set to use 1gb, which I have got, but it does not keep the settings data there more than one siession at a time. When restarting, everything is back to default...19:46
olabazgmachine_24: yeah it's there if you scroll down here is my error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6822208/19:47
omega14How do I boot from external hard drive19:47
Paddy_NIIs there anything available for Ubuntu like Cerbere? https://launchpad.net/cerbere19:47
Jordan_Ukonnor: Does your laptop have two wireless cards?19:47
omega14How do I boot from external hard drive in grub19:48
Paddy_NICerbere is a sort of watchdog designed for Pantheon. It monitors a predefined list of processes (configurable through dconf) and relaunches them if they end. This is helpful to keep the panel, dock, and wallpaper running, even if they crash or are killed by another process.19:48
gmachine_24olabaz, that stuff is above my pay grade. perhaps another intrepid chat room person can tell you why it will not compile19:48
olabazgmachine_24: ok thanks for the help!19:49
MoleManOerHeks: server 12.04 only has openSSH server 5.9 ? I need 6.2 for the 'AuthenticationMethods ' option19:49
olabazhey, I cannot compile these drivers for my wireless card I get these errors http://paste.ubuntu.com/6822208/ any ideas?19:49
gmachine_24olabaz, you said this wireless connection works on windows, right? so you know the wireless hardware is good........??19:49
olabazgmachine_24:  yeah19:49
gmachine_24olabaz, ok. good to know.19:49
OerHeksMoleMan, upgrade to sausy then, and you will have no dependencie problems19:50
BeldarLinoron, 1 gig is rather small I would use the max allowed, and make sure you do not have the discard on shutdown ticked, If you do not have more space to make a persistent partition it seems a loading the usb again with a larger recovery and no discard is needed19:50
harrisrOerHeks,  how does dropbox know if it is the same computer19:50
MoleManOerHeks: yeah, this was the issue I didn't want to have to upgrade my whole server, unless there is a relatively easy way to upgrade from 12.04 to 13.10 and keep most stuff intact?19:51
OerHeksharrisr, please stop questions how to get more refferals on dropbox19:51
gmachine_24olabaz, I did read somewhere - but this was a post from a few years ago - that someone had success when they emailed realtek and god a driver that was not available on the Web site.19:51
LinoronBeldar: the discard on shutdown option is a radio button, not a tick box, so when using the slider, it is automatically deselected...19:51
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gmachine_24olabaz, got a driver as in realtek emailed them back19:52
olabazgmachine_24: Yeah, I'll try that if this doesn't work19:52
noradhey have a quastion for you guys how come you cant install vlc master branch ppa on ubuntu 12.04 when i do a dist upgrade it deletes the xorg display19:52
pers3usolabaz: Any particular reason it didn't compile?19:52
olabazpers3us: I have these errors http://paste.ubuntu.com/6822208/19:53
pers3usolabaz: and the driver isn't avialable via jockey?19:53
OerHeksMoleMan, maybe you can build it yourself > https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openssh  but there can be dependencie problems, so upgrade is the best way to get 6.219:53
olabazpers3us: didn't try jockey19:53
MoleManOerHeks: yeah, someone's just given me the info to compile myself in #ubuntu-server but I suppose if I could easily upgrade that would be the better option19:54
gmachine_24olabaz, here is some info from sourceforge http://sourceforge.net/p/rtl-wifi/discussion/652149/thread/0a48538e19:54
MoleManbut I have an AWS instance I'd need to be able to upgrade as well which could be more difficult19:54
BeldarLinoron, loading a usb has limitations you are adding a file of mods to a read only iso, a wifi password should be kept however if saved correctly. I use unetbootin at times mainly another multiloader, both have persistent options, it may be as simple as the size you set is just to small. This is not rocket science, I have never had persistent fail ever if set up correctly. ;)19:54
jcrzaI'm putting together a home server and I want it to be as secure as possible. What's a hardening guide you'd recommend?19:55
pers3usolabaz: Jockey as in extra (unsupported by ubuntu drivers) drivers that you can download from Additional Driver or whatever its called now.19:55
olabazpers3us: yeah I just ran it and nothing came up19:55
MoleManjcrza: never allow login as root19:55
VivekanandaHey everyone I am trying to figure if my computer supports harware acceleration. It has ubuntu 12.04 . Can someoen tell me how to find this out ?19:55
jcrzaMoleMan will do19:55
pers3usThere should be Realtek maintained driver over there. If not the compilation doesn't look like your problem. Something is wrong with the driver they have given you.19:56
MoleManSSH keys are better than passwords, if you can, multi factor auth is a good one19:56
douglVivekananda, what kind of video card?19:57
LinoronBeldar: yes, I have made many such live usb sticks myself, just not with the latest ubuntu versions since 2012, so I was wondiering if there was a difference from Lucid Lynx...19:57
MoleManie my server only allows password auth from the local network, SSH keys only from anything outside the local subnet, and I'm working on 2 factor auth using Google Auth time based one time passwords as well19:57
BeldarLinoron, In this area no.19:57
gmachine_24olabaz, I'm reading that recent Linux kernel supports the rtl818719:58
jcrzaMoleMan sounds pretty good!19:58
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FreewheelinFrankI keep getting a crash with nautilus, SIGSEGV19:59
olabazgmachine_24: yeah I think I'm having this problem: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=869369&p=5871563#post587156319:59
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=== solsTiCe is now known as Guest42851
gmachine_24olabaz, yeah that says it's solved but I can find out how20:01
Paddy_NII just downloaded "cerbere_0.2+r42-0+pkg13+r1~precise1_amd64.deb" and installed it instead. :-)20:01
HALanon9000need some help: sudo apt-get doesn't work . when it says reading package lists it says done as soon a i start the command, doesn't try to read them. building dependancy tree stays at zero, then nothing. no error messages in the terminal, however there is an error message in my status bar. says its usually caused by unmet dependancies. i run sudo apt-get check and it does the same thing. ubuntu software center crashes upon launc20:03
HALanon9000h. any help is greatly appreciated20:03
gmachine_24olabaz, did you try http://sourceforge.net/projects/rtl-wifi/20:04
olabazgmachine_24: yeah but I'm not sure what to do there20:04
BeldarHALanon9000, Have you changed anything in the sources.list?20:04
BeldarHALanon9000, are you using a update command IE sudo apt-get update20:05
gmachine_24olabaz, well, there's this http://sourceforge.net/p/rtl-wifi/code/HEAD/tree/20:06
HALanon9000i've used the sudo apt-add repository command, but i haven't edited since. i've had it working since my last edit. andi've tried a bunch of apt-get commands with the same results20:06
hitsujiTMOHALanon9000: can you pastebin the contents of /etc/apt/sources.list20:07
phibonacci_how do I automatically mount a second & third hard rive?20:07
phibonacci_please... :)20:07
Seveasphibonacci_: add them to /etc/fstab20:07
Seveas!fstab | phibonacci_20:07
ubottuphibonacci_: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions20:07
gmachine_24olabaz, that appears to be based on a usb dongle with that rtl chip....... :-)20:07
gmachine_24:-(, rather20:07
SeveasHALanon9000: pastebin the full output of an apt-get command that fails.20:07
phibonacci_excellent, thanks - fstab scares me by the way :)20:08
HALanon9000# deb cdrom:[Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS _Precise Pangolin_ - Release i386 (20130820.1)]/ precise main restricted20:08
HALanon9000# See http://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes for how to upgrade to20:08
HALanon9000# newer versions of the distribution.20:08
HALanon9000deb http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ precise main restricted20:08
HALanon9000deb-src http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ precise main restricted20:08
FloodBot1HALanon9000: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.20:08
HALanon9000## Major bug fix updates produced after the final release of the20:08
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BeldarHALanon9000,  Hmm, how about a plain apt-get update what happens, sounds like you have broken packages, if so this is something you have to fix when it happens to have use of all the updaters and upgraders20:08
hitsujiTMOHALanon9000: use paste.ubuntu.com20:08
Vivekanandadougl: hmm I have a lenovo T60 and it has one of the nvidia ( not the gaming one ) graphics. But I am not talking about gpu. I am trying ot run emulators ( android) on it and it is cpu hardware acceleration that I need help with ie something like this ---20:09
gmachine_24olabaz, I feel your pain; just built a home server to run headless and cannot get a usb wifi configured.... it's supported by ubuntu because I've plugged it in to other Ubuntu computers but (I guess) since the server install is minimal the drivers are not included20:09
olabazgmachine_24: yeah it's annoying20:10
HALanon9000i'm a dumby. i probably could have figured that out myself. sudo apt-get update fixed the problem20:10
Kornyrunnign a server over wifi..... I don't blame them for not including the drivers20:10
HALanon9000thanks guys20:10
gmachine_24olabaz, I don't want to spend more $$$ buying a wireless card as I know this usb device works well........ meanwhile I have a cable running across my living room...yes, annoying20:10
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BeldarHALanon9000, You might try these to commands. sudo dpkg --configure -a20:11
Beldarthen  sudo apt-get -f install20:11
BeldarHALanon9000, Ah I see the update got you going now, cool.20:11
gmachine_24greetings earthlings. does ubuntu have a project such as owncloud or the like to help users build their own cloud server?20:11
lifeformswhoops, what I meant was: how 'dangerous' is it to use apt-get dist-upgrade as a matter of course when running LTS?20:12
DJones!cloud | gmachine_2420:12
ubottugmachine_24: The Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC), powered by Eucalyptus, is highly configurable and customizable to a variety of environments. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEC20:12
SeveasDJones: that's an entirely different thing :)20:12
gmachine_24DJones, merci.20:12
Seveasgmachine_24: ubuntu ships owncloud packages20:13
HALanon9000error message went away too.20:13
Beldarlifeforms, I always do, just watch for any held packages you do not want to do a partial upgrade is all.20:13
Seveasgmachine_24: there's also 'ubuntu one' as a hosted solution20:13
DJonesgmachine_24: Perhaps a better starting page is https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuCloudInfrastructure20:13
HALanon9000once again ty20:13
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brewmaster619I've tried googling this, but pretty much can't find anything except people forgetting to do it with elevated privileges: I'm having trouble adding users.  Added one extra user (besides mine), but now am getting "useradd: existing lock file /etc/subuid.lock without a PID".  Using the graphical users app also errors, and just says exiting with error code 1.20:16
lifeformsBeldar: thanks :) I usually only see the kernel packages held back, I have a script that updates a box and I wonder if it would be prudent to add a 'apt-get dist-upgrade -fy linux-\*' to it...20:16
Seveasabcdev: that's going to be tricky if you don't say what you need help with :)20:18
gmachine_24I should have said: this is for a computer running the latest ubuntu server version 13.1020:18
brewmaster619I have rebooted, etc.  Ubuntu 13.10, upgraded from 13.0420:18
gmachine_24Seveas, yes, I know about Ubuntu one...just not a fan of storing 101011001 one someone else's computer20:18
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Seveasgmachine_24: then use owncloud :)20:19
Seveasbrewmaster619: what20:19
Seveasbrewmaster619: what's the output of 'fuser /etc/subuid.lock'20:19
Beldarlifeforms, Personally I want to see my updates upgrades, but that's just me.20:20
blockydoes installing my system to an extended partition change where I need to install the bootloader?20:25
=== JoshG is now known as Hasbro
Seveasblocky: you'll still want to install the bootloader to the mbr20:25
blockySeveas: the last time i installed a bootloader to a partition and not the mbr i think it was LILO and not grub, is that even still done?20:26
Seveasblocky: can't remember the last time I saw anyone use lilo20:29
Vivekanandaanyone care to comment on how to find out if my intel cpu supports hardware acceleration20:30
bekksVivekananda: Enter the make and model on ark.intel.com20:31
lifeformsBeldar: yeah, I'm thinking just the kernel might not be so problematic, I'll try it and if it breaks down horribly I've learned something :)20:31
bekksVivekananda: you can find the exact make and model using "cat /proc/cpuinfo"20:31
lifeformsBeldar: thanks again!20:31
Vivekananda Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU     T8100  @ 2.10GHz20:32
Vivekanandabekks I got that   Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU     T8100  @ 2.10GHz20:32
bekksVivekananda: Now enter that T8100 on ark.intel.com20:32
SeveasVivekananda: grep --color vmx /proc/cpuinfo20:33
bekksSeveas: that will result in false negatives if VT-x is disabled in the BIOS.20:34
Seveasbekks: true, but does any OEM do that?20:35
bekksSeveas: sure, pretty much do.20:35
Vivekanandabekks: Seveas this site  http://software.intel.com/en-us/android/articles/speeding-up-the-android-emulator-on-intel-architecture   tells me I need : intel VT-x, EM64T and Execute Disable(XD) Bit functionality enabled from the BIOS.    to get hardware acceleration. Now I see a yes for vt x but dont see anything about the other two20:35
Vivekanandabased on entering the cpu info on the ark site I mean20:36
Beldarlifeforms, No prob.20:37
bekksVivekananda: I dont know what you are reading - but ark.intel.com states that your CPU supports all three requirements.20:37
bekksVivekananda: "Intel® Virtualization Technology (VT-x): yes", "Intel 64: yes", "Execute disable bit: yes"20:38
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Vivekanandaooo okay thanks. I did not see the words EM64 T and XD anywhere so did not know what to look for an ddont know what they mean too. Also my current OS that is loaded is 32 bit linux 12.04 ( ubuntu) not the 64 bit20:39
Vivekanandadoes that affect things ?20:40
brewmaster619Seveas: the output of fuser /etc/subuid.lock is nothing;20:40
bekksVivekananda: No.20:40
bekksVivekananda: you can setup a vm as well, running 64bit.20:40
Vivekanandaso I have to just enabble the XD bios setting ( wherever that might be ) then ? I have a lenovo t6120:41
bekksVivekananda: does your "cat /proc/cpuinfo" output list "vmx"? If so, it is already enabled.20:43
Seveasbrewmaster619: and the output of ls -la /etc/subuid.lock ?20:46
brewmaster619Seveas: ls -la /etc/subuid.lock output is: -rw------- 1 root root 0 Nov 30 08:27 /etc/subuid.lock20:48
brewmaster619so maybe I shoudl just delete that file?20:49
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Seveasbrewmaster619: yeah, get rid of it20:53
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konnorbasicly is there a Connectify for linux...20:56
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mikubuntuafter i cleared/copied all files from my 'old' laptop to a usb -- i went to install ubuntustudio (also from a usb), but after starting to boot, the screen went completely black and the machine completely quiet -- no whirring of hdd, and of course the usb doesn't spin like a cd. but i didn't see any lights blinking or any indication that it was doing anything.20:57
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brewmaster619Seveas:  That seemed to do it; subgid.lock had the same problem; was locked by root at the same time the other files was; I must have had a system lock-up and did a forced shutdown that day or something.20:58
spoownHello to all, I have a simple question, does anyone known how can I transform one big line where each element is separated by ',' , into another file where each element is a line ? probably one command does it but don't remember !20:58
mikubuntui got flustered, and thought well, i'll try installing lubuntu instead from a disk, but the disk also, seemed to get to a particular point, and then go black and the computer silent -- no indication that it was writing to the hdd at all.20:59
andcanelonDoes anybody want to buy 500 monkeys with pants?20:59
r0b-does the ATI Proprietary driver work with Ubuntu 12.04.3? I know it does not work with 13.10.20:59
hitsujiTMOr0b-: what card?21:00
OerHeksr0b-, depends on your ati card21:00
Beldarandcanelon, Is that with or that21:00
r0b-nothing fancy but meh21:00
hitsujiTMOr0b- yes it works on 13.10 and 12.04.3/12.04.421:00
r0b-I cant get it to work with my Xubuntu 13.10.21:01
r0b-so i was thinking ill go back to 12.04 :)21:01
hitsujiTMOr0b-: did you generate a xorg.conf for it with: sudo aticonfig --initial             ?21:01
r0b-the desktop environment fails to load.21:02
hitsujiTMOr0b-: are you on a 13.10 now with the driver installed?21:02
r0b-I am using the OpenSource Driver currently.21:02
hitsujiTMOr0b-: how did you install fglrx?21:03
mikubuntuthe old installation had about 15 gigs of files i saved, plus it had another 25-30 gigs in code from all the apps that were on it --- is it possible that it was silent because it was quietly overwriting, or possible something is awry? i aborted, and am running dban now -- its been running 44 mins, and says remaining time is 9 hours and some.21:03
hitsujiTMOr0b-: if you had it running currently we could check the logs for the cause of the issue21:03
r0b-hitsujiTMO: right now i have a Ubuntu 12.04.3 USB booted scanning an unknown hard drive for errors.21:04
hitsujiTMOr0b-: can you pastebin the output of: dmesg21:05
YaMoonSunI want to buy an octacore android phone from china, will ubuntu phone offer more support anytime soon? Seems only nexus was worked on =/21:05
ulkeshspoown: vi <your file>   then   :%s/,/\n/g<ENTER>  then  :wq<ENTER>21:05
r0b-hitsujiTMO: I am currently just running a vanilla Ubuntu live USB.21:05
OerHeksYaMoonSun, wrong channel, this is ubuntu support only21:05
ubottuInformation about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch21:05
hitsujiTMOr0b-: in a terminal run: sudo apt0get update && sudo apt-get install pastebinit && dmesg | pastebinit21:06
hitsujiTMOr0b-: it should have a minimal effect on the scan21:06
YaMoonSunOh? A redirect would be lovel.y21:06
YaMoonSunIm dumb, nvm21:06
r0b-hitsujiTMO: i dont have the FGLRX driver installed righ now.21:06
hitsujiTMOr0b-: yes i know21:07
hitsujiTMOr0b-: gonna look for some other specifics21:07
user2Can somebody help me find the Xresources file on my Ubuntu 13.10 Server?21:07
r0b-and im not at that PC right now.21:07
hitsujiTMOr0b-: ahh. kk21:07
r0b-Not trying to be tough man :)21:08
ulkeshspoown: or if you need it in another file when done instead of :wq<ENTER>  do  :w <new file name><ENTER>  and then :q<ENTER>21:08
hitsujiTMOuser2: ~/.Xresources      it may not exist initally21:09
spoownulkesh,  so simple, shame on me :) thanks a lot, it's working :) I did it with sed21:09
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ulkeshspoown: ah, i never learned sed :)21:09
r0b-hitsujiTMO: i do remember the driver working fine on 12.04.3 so i may have to step back :)21:09
ulkeshspoown: although i suppose the syntax is similar in vi (the %s)21:10
hitsujiTMOr0b-: installing 12.04 now will put you on 12.04.4 ... the same stack as in saucy21:10
r0b-on my hard drive i have Xubuntu 13.10 64bit.21:10
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kriskropdI'm in a unique position of strictly ssh access to a machine I have sitting in front of me (xorg seg-faulted and left all my processes running while completely making my displays and mouse and keyboard unresponsive) - I'd like to copy the buffer of each urxvt process I have running to a text file named after the PID21:11
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r0b-well then21:11
kriskropddoes anyone know how to do that?21:11
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hitsujiTMOr0b-: relevant info here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack21:12
r0b-hitsujiTMO: could 64bit cause any issues?21:12
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spoownulkesh,  should have work in vi, but it is not actually, that's why I did it with sed ! that's why I did try with sed !21:12
spoownulkesh,  but excellent idea :)21:12
hitsujiTMOr0b-: nope. you should be using 64bit.21:12
ulkeshspoown: hmm, it definitely should work in vi :)  but ah well, still worked your way and was probably faster21:13
r0b-or 13.10 is to new :)21:13
hitsujiTMOr0b-: i'd presume it was some odd config issue with the newer stack. prob easily fixed21:13
spoownulkesh,  it did change the character in the file, but when you want to see afterwards the file, it is still in one line... but anyway it's working in sed , and yes your are right, it is faster with sed...21:14
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* r0b- will mess with it at some point21:16
r0b-i like Xubuntu because its the ONLY desktop environment that properly supports my 2 monitors.21:16
chris________hi all, unable to get to dashboard and have installed compiz settings. It wont allow me to select Unity Plugin. How can i fix this? I have no dash21:17
ulkeshspoown: maybe \r would've worked then, i never know the best one to use (or the combo of \r\n)21:17
nightlingoguys... I am running xubuntu 12.04  and I need libudev.so.121:19
aleza84hey, need help with RFID reader, its a HID simple reader, gots detected but does not read tags I got the dmesg and other logs21:19
nightlingowhen I apt-get install libudev1 it says package not found21:20
nightlingoI guess this is just for newer distros of ubuntu21:20
chris________anyone, please? Can you help , me with No dashboard?21:20
bekksnightlingo: apt-cache search libudev21:20
hitsujiTMO!info libudev121:20
TeraJLi have system load indicator, and it's set with "ondemand" but almost all times , even with nothing on, it is at 2.20Ghz(max), it only goes to minimal for less than a second and up again during a long time... is it normal? if it's not can someone help me to check why it's like this?.. i only have pidgin on at the moment21:20
ubottulibudev1 (source: systemd): libudev shared library. In component main, is required. Version 204-0ubuntu19.1 (saucy), package size 36 kB, installed size 121 kB (Only available for linux-any)21:20
Seveasnightlingo: on 12.04 it was probably still libudev0. Why do you suddenly need this file? You're most likely doing something wrong.21:20
hitsujiTMO!info libudev1 precise21:20
ubottuPackage libudev1 does not exist in precise21:20
nightlingothere  is a specific program I want to run21:20
hitsujiTMO!info libudev precise21:21
ubottuPackage libudev does not exist in precise21:21
nightlingothat requires libudev.so.121:21
Seveasnightlingo: then it won't work on 12.04.21:21
hitsujiTMO!find libudev.so.1 precise21:21
SeveashitsujiTMO: stop it.21:21
ubottuPackage/file libudev.so.1 does not exist in precise21:21
nightlingoI was thinking of not installing it.. just putting it in the local program's directory21:21
hitsujiTMOSeveas: sorry21:21
nightlingoubottu: yeah... it's not in the precise distro21:21
ubottunightlingo: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)21:21
bekksnightlingo: Which program do you try to run actually?21:22
nightlingobekks: it's cgminer21:22
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Seveasnightlingo: you could grab its sources from current ubuntu and compile it on your version. That may just work.21:22
nightlingoSeveas: yeah that would be my final solution21:23
spoownulkesh,  indeed, \r is working... it's better :) but sed is fatser :P21:23
nightlingoSeveas: but I thought I should try first just putting this file in the local dir21:23
Seveasnightlingo: bad idea.21:23
nightlingoSeveas: why ?21:23
Seveasusing a new libudev on an old ubuntu is not going to work21:23
k1lecht jetzt21:24
bekksnightlingo: It will not work most likely, because that library requires things that arent supported by your 12.0421:24
nightlingoI thought it was standalone21:24
bekksnightlingo: It isnt.21:24
Seveasnightlingo: a better option might be to update your Ubuntu install 12.04 is almost two years old.21:24
bekksnightlingo: Thats why it is a library, not a statically compiled pile of code.21:24
Seveaslooking at the dependencies for cgminer, I don't think it'll work on 12.0421:24
bekksSeveas: Waiting until 14.04 is more usefull.21:25
nightlingoSeveas: problem is that when I tried the latest ersion of xubuntu (13.X) it was constantly crashing on my 5-GPU machine21:25
Seveasbekks: meh, LTS is overrated on a desktop21:25
nightlingoSeveas: you mean building it ?21:25
Seveasnightlingo: try a 14.04 alpha21:25
bekksSeveas: For you, maybe. For others, it's pretty much what they want.21:26
bekksSeveas: And please dont suggest using alpha software.21:26
chris________AHi, sorry to be inpatient, but its getting late jere. I have no dash in 13.10. Can you help? I have tried the suggestions21:26
Seveasbekks: bullshit. most people want new software over stable but old. And trying an alpha from a live cd is just fine to see if it works on your machine.21:26
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hitsujiTMOnightlingo: seems many have gotten cgminer working on 12.04: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=189499.0 maybe look for specific tuts21:27
nightlingoI guess a test wouldn't hurt21:27
bekksSeveas: Please watch your language and please stop assuming all people want bleeding edge software over stable, tested software.21:27
Beldarchris________, This a fresh install, have you had a working desktop?21:27
chris________fresh install over windows21:27
chris________I have installed compizconf-settings-manager21:28
nightlingohitsujiTMO: I will take a look at it thanks!21:28
chris________I ran ccsm21:28
Seveasnightlingo: and cgminer will work from a live install too. If you do go for the backport route, you can grab the sources from latest Ubuntu, but you can't use dpkg-buildpackage as it uses a too new version of debhelper21:28
Beldarchris________, which release, and again has the desktop worked yeT?21:28
chris________it wont alow me to select unity plugin.  Not had it working yet...21:29
nightlingoSeveas: hmmm...  I guess I will just test it on 14.0 as you said, on a live usb21:29
Beldarchris________, I would try the unity compiz reset for that release is what I'm getting to then do a reboot and see if it's in order.21:29
nightlingoSeveas: and if it works there then I'll install it21:29
nightlingoSeveas: thanks!21:29
Seveasnightlingo: np, good luck!21:29
chris________it boots and I can get into shell and I have tried the reset option21:30
Jujuhola, mi hermana es un poco torpe buscando el gestor de software... ¿Alguien recuerda una WEB que tiene los enlaces apt?21:30
Jujues que ya no se como decirle donde está21:30
Seveas!es | Juju21:30
ubottuJuju: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.21:30
JujuOh!!! sorry21:30
Jujuhahaha i thought i was in the spanish room21:31
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Beldarchris________, Are you missing graphic drivers maybe, do you know what the card is?21:31
chris________I don't just a basic p421:31
JujuHello!! I am looking for that web where you can install like apt-get "software center"21:31
k1lJuju: you mean packages.ubuntu.com?21:32
Beldarchris________, You might just install a light desktop to have one going while you get unity running.21:32
bekksJuju: On Ubuntu, you normally use the software-center or apt-get for installing software, not some web page. :)21:32
chris________when I go into usr apps it brings up the apps etc inc terminal. I eve tried dconf  reset too21:32
chris________what command can I use to install a different OS?21:33
chris________i.e 12/0421:33
Myrttichris________: different os?21:33
Beldarchris________, Not a OS a desktop21:33
mikubuntuafter i cleared/copied all files from my 'old' laptop to a usb -- i went to install ubuntustudio (also from a usb), but after starting to boot, the screen went completely black and the machine completely quiet -- no whirring of hdd, and of course the usb doesn't spin like a cd. but i didn't see any lights blinking or any indication that it was doing anything.21:33
mikubuntui got flustered, and thought well, i'll try installing lubuntu instead from a disk, but the disk also, seemed to get to a particular point, and then go black and the computer silent -- no indication that it was writing to the hdd at all.21:34
edveneed any support with SNMP anyone out there knows how to configure the snmpd.conf file ?21:34
mikubuntuthe old installation had about 15 gigs of files i saved, plus it had another 25-30 gigs in code from all the apps that were on it --- is it possible that it was silent because it was quietly overwriting, or possible something is awry? i aborted, and am running dban now -- its been running 44 mins, and says remaining time is 9 hours and some.21:34
chris________ahh duuurr lol. a different version of ubuntu? Just to see if that works21:34
bekkschris________: No.21:34
bekkschris________: a different desktop, not a different Ubuntu version.21:34
bekkschris________: Like kde, gnome, unity, lxde, xfce - on the very same ubuntu version you are on.21:35
Jujubekks» i know, but a web with this possibilities exits21:35
k1lchris________: install the package: lubuntu-desktop. that will install lubuntu with lxde as desktop. that is more lightweight21:35
Seveasedve: what do you want to know about it?21:35
bekksJuju: Even if it does, it isnt recommended to use those websites.21:35
Jujuk1l» something like that, but with icons and a searcher... THANK YOU anyway21:36
glitsj16Juju: https://apps.ubuntu.com/cat/ perhaps?21:36
chris________trying to install the lxde option now21:36
Jujuglitsj16» YES!!21:36
edveSeveas : actually i'm trying only to set the community and allow any host on my network to snmpget and it dosnt seems to work :/21:36
Jujuthanks so so so so so much21:36
Jujuk1l» bekks and glistj16 THOUSANDS oF thanks!!21:36
Seveas 11 access monitor   ""      any       auth      exact   all    none   none21:37
glitsj16Juju: np21:37
Seveasedve: hmm, no, that's an snmpv3 user, one sec21:37
sh0they guys did anyone of you make the wifi card RT3290 work on Ubuntu 13.10? I am going crazy about it21:37
edveok ok !21:37
chris________back soon as I have installed lxde and I will reboot21:37
k1lchris________: no reboot needed21:38
Seveasedve: rocommunity yourcommunitynamehere21:38
mrakyHello yankees21:38
k1lchris________: just log out and choose lubuntu on login screen21:38
edveSeveas: and then ?21:39
nightlingo!info libudev1 quantal21:39
ubottuPackage libudev1 does not exist in quantal21:39
nightlingo!info libudev1 rarinh21:39
ubottu'rarinh' is not a valid distribution: extras, kubuntu-backports, kubuntu-experimental, kubuntu-updates, lucid, lucid-backports, lucid-proposed, partner, precise, precise-backports, precise-proposed, quantal, quantal-backports, quantal-proposed, raring, raring-backports, raring-proposed, saucy, saucy-backports, saucy-proposed, stable, testing, trusty, trusty-backports, trusty-proposed, unstable21:39
nightlingo!info libudev1 raring21:39
chris________how to i log out? I know it sounds daft, but i have no options avail other than ctrl+alt+T21:39
ubottulibudev1 (source: systemd): libudev shared library. In component main, is required. Version 198-0ubuntu11.2 (raring), package size 36 kB, installed size 112 kB (Only available for linux-any)21:39
Seveasedve: and then snmpwalk -v2c -vyourcommunitynamehere ip.address.here .21:39
sh0they guys did anyone of you make the wifi card RT3290 work on Ubuntu 13.10? I am going crazy about it i only get kernel panics using the guide on the forums21:39
Seveas(don't ignore the last .)21:39
hitsujiTMOchris________: gnome-session-quit --no-prompt21:40
kiwi_hi ... how can i capture embedded flash (.swf) videos. not the ones at youtube. the EMBEDDED ones. i assume they cant be downloaded, can they? at least there should be a way to capture the video stream using ffmpeg or something else. any idea?21:40
jjavaholicI'm currently experiencing this: http://askubuntu.com/questions/375972/unity-and-mouse-cursor-problems-13-1021:40
edveSeveas : i'll giving it a try right away21:40
bekkskiwi_: everything that can be watched on the internet can be downloaded as well.21:40
nightlingo!info libudev1 trusty21:40
ubottulibudev1 (source: systemd): libudev shared library. In component main, is required. Version 204-5ubuntu9 (trusty), package size 35 kB, installed size 133 kB (Only available for linux-any)21:40
kiwi_bekks, great. how? :-)21:41
bekksnightlingo: just use packages.ubuntu.com21:41
bekksnightlingo: you dont have to abuse the bot ;)21:41
mrakyLubuntu  is  very light..21:41
kiwi_bekks, those embedded videos dont tell the url of their source.21:41
hitsujiTMOjjavaholic: you'd have to contact the ppa maintainers for help. You've replaced core components with versions from the ppa21:42
nightlingobekks: sorry :)21:43
sidineyJamesNZ,  i check the logcat21:43
jjavaholicfor what?21:43
skinuxIs Screenlets official Ubuntu package or third party?21:43
jjavaholichow do I find the PPA?21:43
hitsujiTMOjjavaholic: what ppa did you install for gnome 3.10?21:43
skinuxIt's unwise to modify Windows partition using Linux, right?21:44
bekksskinux: correct.21:44
hitsujiTMOskinux: yes.21:44
jjavaholiccould you point me in the right direction to the bug which describes the problem?21:44
Seveasskinux: true, but that does not hold for files on those partitions21:44
skinuxI already work with files on Windows partition, but I meant changing partition size, that sort of thing.21:45
hitsujiTMOjjavaholic: its not a bug. you've simply replaced the core components that unity uses with a different version therefore breaking unity21:45
HALanon9000i just installed the cinnamon desktop enviroment on ubuntu 12.04, and now theres a bunch of icons missing. is there an easy fix to this? or do i have to fix them individually?21:45
TJ-Do we have any VGA text-mode x86 real-mode experts?21:45
Seveasskinux: and shrinking windows partitions from linux (especially from the installer) is generally safe. Backups are always advised though.21:45
jjavaholicI need to stop the bad habit of installing PPA to short term "resolve issues"21:46
BeldarHALanon9000, from a ppa right, if so not technically supported here is all.21:47
skinuxCool. I might use Windows to do it anyway since I don't have any good backups currently.21:47
hitsujiTMOjjavaholic: test in first in a virtual machine is always a good way to go21:47
jjavaholicvirtual machines takes up so much storage space  * cries a little inside * I might bite the bullet though anyway21:48
lucaDear friends, could you explain how to attach ISO to the virtual machine??21:49
Beldarjjavaholic, Hardly more than an install.21:49
bekksjjavaholic: Full blown testing vm with 4 different desktops take about 10G here. Thats not "much space".21:49
jjavaholicI used virctual box and set aside separate iso for each distro (windows) then I kinda realised years ago that I was needlessly using up that space and ditched them all.21:51
jjavaholicwhat was what seemed like years ago now though21:51
glitsj16sh0t: you're not crazy .. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1049466 .. mixed reports though on possible fixes21:52
ubottuUbuntu bug 1049466 in linux (Ubuntu) "Need support of Ralink RT3290 wifi support" [Medium,Confirmed]21:52
jjavaholicI have had a quick look and i'm pretty sure it was this outdated ppa: http://ppa.launchpad.net/gnome3-team/gnome3/ubuntu21:52
skinuxI'm not sure it's appropriate, but anyone know if I can install Windows 8.1 into VBox while it's still installed on it's own partition?21:53
bekksskinux: Sure.21:53
sh0tglitsj16, yeah! not sure how to proceed21:53
skinuxIsn't there a rule limiting how many installations can be had by one person using same key?21:54
bekksskinux: Yes, there is. But it is irrelevant to Ubuntu at all.21:54
jjavaholic2 I think21:55
jjavaholic2 or three21:55
skinuxSorry, I took a shot in this channel since Windows channel usually doesn't have a lot of "dual booters".21:55
skinuxThanks jjavaholic.21:55
blockydoes anyone know where a wallpaper is saved if you set it from firefox? i want to use the same wallpaper for my terminal background21:56
blockynvmhmm fasdf21:56
glitsj16sh0t: easiest would be installing the 3.12 or 3.13 kernel21:56
blockysorry. nevermind, just found it in my home directory21:56
harrisIn ubuntu virtual box keeps aborting when trying to run ubuntu21:57
sh0tyeah i glitsj16 i tried with 3.12 but it still was kernel panicking. A question: if i install 3.12 kernel do i also need to compile the driver i found on internet or does it support it natively?21:57
hitsujiTMOsh0t: it should be supported natively21:58
glitsj16sh0t: according to the bug report several people had succes without compiling anything21:58
sh0tthanks hitsujiTMO, glitsj16  i'll try so i download the image and the headers and in run dpkg -i on them then upgrade-grub and then reboot21:59
glitsj16sh0t: correct21:59
sh0tthanks glitsj1621:59
hitsujiTMOsh0t: installing the image will trigger update grub, but yup21:59
skinuxOh, something else I need is to give Ubuntu a SWAP partition. Somehow it vanished.21:59
sh0tanother question guys should i uninstall the driver i installed before?22:00
sh0twith a make uninstall?22:00
sh0tand removing it from /etc/modules22:00
dstar69ubuntu 12.04 unity - skype installed, recognises video in the settings menu, but not while ringing.22:00
sh0ti guess ?22:00
hitsujiTMOsh0t: that would be a good idea22:00
dstar69i can only find old (2012) fixes that don't seem to apply22:00
* skinux keeps wondering why Ubuntu removed "Application" and "System" menus.22:01
Beldardstar69, This skype from the ubuntu repos?22:01
sh0tthanks hitsujiTMO what about initramfs should i do something with that?22:01
hitsujiTMOsh0t: no that will be triggered22:01
sh0thitsujiTMO, ok thanks i am proceeding22:01
glitsj16skinux: you can install an indicator to get those back22:01
Beldarskinux, ubuntu did not remove them that was gnome 2 now end of life we now have gnome 322:02
dstar69beldar - no through skype website22:02
dstar69couldn't find it in repo22:02
Beldardstar69, The one from the repos is the recommended path, I would remove that one and try that22:03
dstar69do you have a path ahandy? i tried to search for it (but obviously couldn't find it) thanks22:03
Beldardstar69, It is in the partners repo is all you would make sure it is on, run a update then sudo apt-get install skyoe22:03
sh0thitsujiTMO, i rebooted with kernel 3.12 it seems it gets the signal even though it's not strong so i 'll try to navigate a bit and use the network22:04
dstar69Beldar - will try this now thanks.22:05
Beldarno prob22:06
sh0thitsujiTMO, glitsj16 it seems it's working now thanks guys22:07
glitsj16sh0t: you're welcome, good news22:07
ViaNocturna85anyone know how to set lightdm back as default login after Kubuntu install over Ubuntu (Saucy)? I tried dpkg-reconfigure lightdm, but still get default Kubuntu greeter22:07
monoclithione more convert22:07
k1lViaNocturna85: sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm22:08
ViaNocturna85k1l, I tried that multiple times, no difference22:09
MonkeyDustViaNocturna85  paste this line in a terminal screen      sudo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth22:09
sh0thitsujiTMO, glitsj16 just a simple question about you guys you can answer in pt if you want....but how does it work with you guys are u always online helping people with ubuntu?22:10
ViaNocturna85k1l, aaaah theres the issue22:10
hitsujiTMOsh0t: i've the net hooked to my brain22:10
ViaNocturna85k1l, thanks very much22:10
sh0thitsujiTMO, ahah very good you are the next Jhonny Mnemonic22:10
hitsujiTMOsh0t: :P but I access irc from everywhere so on constantly22:11
glitsj16sh0t: lol, i'm spending quite some time in here lately yes, due to some knee troubles i must rest and was getting bored out of the skull22:11
sh0ti understand guys. good to know...22:12
sh0t(not for your knee glitsj16 jsut that you hare helping .))22:12
glitsj16sh0t: :) np22:12
glitsj16sh0t: you mentioned weak signal, others on the bug report do so too .. you might give instructions on #116 a shot to see if it improves things while you're at it22:17
jpbates13Is there anyway I can get a version of ubuntu LOWER than 32bit?22:18
dstar69beldar - can't find skype - tried to put the command in the terminal regardless, says it can't find skype.22:18
jpbates13if i burn ubuntu to a disk and boot my computer to it...will it overwrite my previous OS?22:18
dstar69beldar - not 100% sure i have "partner repo" running22:18
Seveasjpbates13: that makes absolutely no sense. Nobody builds 16 bit CPU's with the power to run anything like ubuntu. Moreover, I'm not sure if linux actually runs on anything 16-bit.22:19
jpbates13Seveas: Just need it for a virtual machine22:19
dstar69@jpbates13 if you're running it from the dvd, it won't overwrite.22:19
Seveasjpbates13: it will only overwrite your installed os if you tell it to.22:19
jpbates13Seveas: for some reason my Virtual Machine gets a kernal error with the 64bit version22:20
skinuxI guess indicator-appmenu?22:20
jpbates13Seveas: I'm downloading the 32bit now22:20
jpbates13Seveas: But if THAT doesn't work...22:21
glitsj16skinux: for the applications menu old-style? no .. http://www.florian-diesch.de/software/classicmenu-indicator/22:21
demophobiaI have some old Ubuntu installation CD-Rs, e.g. Ubuntu 9.04 i386. What should I do with them? Is there a charity to which they could be donated, or are such old releases obsolete? Is there a good way to recycle or dispose of it, or should I try to use it as a coaster before putting it in a landfill?22:22
k1ldemophobia: that outdated releases are not help22:22
k1l*no help anymore22:22
SchrodingersScatdemophobia: sounds like you got some coasters22:23
kenny1I want amd drivers that I can mine crypto with22:25
=== kenny1 is now known as bhkenny
jerkface03What happened to the build-essentials package?22:30
jerkface03apt-get install build-essentials no longer finds it22:30
k1l!info build-essentials22:31
ubottuPackage build-essentials does not exist in saucy22:31
trismjerkface03: no s at the end22:31
jerkface03trism: Thanks.22:31
k1lyep. one s too much22:31
jerkface03working now.22:31
SchrodingersScatan s too far22:31
dstar69where can i find skype for ubuntu from the software centre22:31
demophobiaSchrodinger`Cat, thanks for your input ... Incidentally, why are CD-Rs one-use only? (unlike CD-RWs) ... another question I should search online? ...22:32
MonkeyDustdstar69  enable the 3rd party repo, or is it partner repo22:32
k1ldemophobia: that goes too much into offtopic now. please ask that in #ubuntu-offtopic22:32
SchrodingersScat!info skype | dstar6922:32
ubottudstar69: Package skype does not exist in saucy22:32
SchrodingersScathuh, weird22:32
k1lSchrodinger`Cat: partner repo22:33
dstar69ubottu /monkeydust - running 12.04 precise, can't find it nevertheless22:33
ubottudstar69: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)22:33
bpromptdstar69:     hmmm I'm running 12.04 64bit as well, just ran an apt-cache search, it shows up there22:33
dstar69how can i check i have 3rd party enabled22:33
dstar69running 32 bit22:34
k1ldstar69: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu#Adding_Canonical_Partner_Repositories22:34
SchrodingersScatdemophobia: just their nature.  Now I would recommend having a flashdrive to work with images like that.  Then you can update on the same memory and maybe even have multiple boot options.22:35
jhutchinsSchrodingersScat: You have to get skype from Microsoft now.22:36
demophobiaSchrodinger`Cat, i have done that with this ubuntu 12.04; i put it on a flash drive which i had to format for it -- which brings me to the question: How do I reformat the 16 Gb flash drive for storage purposes?22:36
ubottuTo install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga22:37
Schrodinger`Catdemophobia, ?22:37
Schrodinger`CatSchrodingersScat, meow !22:37
dstar69ubottu perfect. will read that.22:37
ubottudstar69: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)22:37
SchrodingersScatSchrodinger`Cat: tab confusion.22:37
Schrodinger`CatSchrodingersScat, too many undefined states here !22:38
jhutchinsdemophobia: What kind of storage?  Does it need to be readable by other systems (Windows)?22:38
SchrodingersScatSchrodinger`Cat: I don't know if I'm here or not.22:38
demophobiajhutchins, yes22:39
SchrodingersScatdemophobia: there are many options, gparted and gnome-disks are two, in windows there should be some kind of disk utility program for that, disk administration or something.22:42
Nothing_MuchI'm wondering if system76 will offer any AMD CPUs/GPUs at any time?22:42
SchrodingersScatNothing_Much: should request it, demand and supply.22:42
Nothing_MuchSchrodingersScat: Where do I request it? On the Ubuntu forums?22:43
k1lNothing_Much: just ask them. we in here cant help on that22:44
Nothing_Muchk1l: where though?22:44
SchrodingersScatNothing_Much: https://www.system76.com/contact/ you could even send them a fax.22:44
zatanhey is anyone seeing calendar on the input ? http://jsfiddle.net/Ezrv9/3/22:44
Nothing_MuchOh okay thanks22:44
jhutchinsdemophobia: you probably want to makefs -t vfat /dev/sr#22:46
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=== travis is now known as gotsole
gotsolegreetings programs22:47
loki_Hi guys.  I am trying to setup ssmtp to send nagios alerts to my gmail, but I am hitting a snag.  I am getting an error that it cannot connect to the mail hub.  is anyone around to help out?22:50
=== gotsole is now known as thor_
demophobiathank you22:51
=== thor_ is now known as thor_of_asgaurd
=== thor_of_asgaurd is now known as thor_of_asgard
thor_of_asgardI CANNOT HELP YOU BROTHER22:51
thor_of_asgardsrsly tho, not my area. Sorry m822:52
loki_well I got it working22:52
jhutchinsloki_: Are you trying to connect to a remote system or just on the same machine.22:52
jhutchinsloki_: Ok, good.22:52
loki_jhutchins: It ended up sending.  I had to send it as super user22:52
k1l!guidelines > thor_of_asgard please stick to the guidelines in here22:52
ubottuthor_of_asgard, please see my private message22:52
bonhoeffercrap -- on my linode (shared virtual host) i have 10.04 -- how hard is it to upgrade to 12.05 or some good LTS version22:53
bonhoefferi'll even go to 13 -- but do i have to rebuild the server?22:53
TJ-bonhoeffer: You can upgrade between LTS versions22:54
gordonjcpbonhoeffer: LTS-to-LTS is usually safe22:54
gordonjcpbonhoeffer: make a backup, maybe22:54
bonhoefferok --22:54
bonhoefferUbuntu 10.04.4 LTS is my exact version22:54
bonhoefferthe way to go: sudo apt-get install update-manager-core22:55
TJ-bonhoeffer: If you're enough storage space free, create a volume of equal size and then boot the Finnix recovery with both the current OS and the new volume mounted, and do a 'dd' clone, that way you have a local back-up.22:55
bonhoefferha -- not so easy on a virtual server22:56
TJ-bonhoeffer: Easy, I do it that way on my Linodes22:56
bonhoefferhmm . . i need to do some research22:56
TJ-bonhoeffer: there's a lot of Linode help on the OFTC network's #linode channel22:57
bonhoefferyeah -- i should hop over there22:58
james-ubcdoes anybody know why cmake would fail over ssh but not on the machine itself?23:03
pvl1env vars23:04
curiousxaloha all, anyone knows some equalizer preset for mplayer?23:06
curiousxjoin #mplayer?23:07
=== curiousx is now known as Chuck_Norris
loki_jhutchins: know of any way I can have nagios send a test alert? I just want to make sure it is working.23:08
mib_mibhi all - how can i make grep do a match 'once per line', for instance grep -E 'first|second|third' somefile.txt23:08
elico1_hello I have a user at the forums but it is very old and I want to use my account again.23:09
Jordan_Uelico1_: Try #ubuntuforums.23:09
demophobiaHow do I use the hotkey searching feature mentioned in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ubuntu_9.04#Ubuntu_12.04_LTS_.28Precise_Pangolin.29 ?23:10
k1ldemophobia: press the windows button?23:11
demophobiaOh, is that the heads-up display they mention? Thank you.23:11
k1lno, that is alt-key23:12
demophobiaoh, i had to hold the alt key for a moment. thanks.23:12
loki_is anyone around that can help me out with nagios alerts?  I setup ssmtp and am able to send from it from the command line and I just tried to simulate an alert condition in nagios, but I received no email.23:15
loki_I believe the issue may be related to ssmtp and not necessarily nagios, but I am not certain.23:16
hoodediceHello. I'm currently installing Xubuntu. I have 4 GB of RAM. Is a swap partition worth it with this amount of RAM?23:17
jhutchinshoodedice: Yes, it's still a good idea in case of a runaway process or something, or maybe an extra-large video file.23:18
Beldarhoodedice, If you want to hibernate yes, otherwise it's your call.23:18
jhutchinshoodedice: You also need swap if you're going to do suspend-to-disk.23:18
loki_never mind.  it is working.  just took a LLOONNNGG time to send.23:18
hoodediceOk. Thanks a lot. I'll get a 2 GB swap just in case.23:18
thor_of_asgardanyone into manjero in here?23:18
jhutchinshoodedice: Doesn't need to be more than 4G though, and 2G is probably enough.23:18
loki_thor_of_asgard: sorry brother, not this day.23:18
hoodediceThanks again.23:18
hitsujiTMO!ot | thor_of_asgard23:19
ubottuthor_of_asgard: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!23:19
thor_of_asgardThanks ubottu bot. Idk what i would do without you.23:20
sygi am having trouble logging into ubuntu anything but the console, when i startx the login always fails 13.10, i don't know what information to provide that would be useful, so please ask23:20
loki_jhutchins: in regards to ssmtp, I do have a quick question23:20
thor_of_asgardanyone have chrome issues after 13.x upgrade?23:20
jhutchinsloki_: Look at the mail logs, see if it tried to send.23:20
thor_of_asgardI had to roll back to beta23:20
loki_jhutchins: it's working.  it took forever to send is all.23:20
Beldarthor_of_asgard, There is a #manjaro channel23:20
jhutchinsloki_: Logs are good.23:21
thor_of_asgardty beldar. i will have to check that out23:21
hitsujiTMOsyg: do you get the lightdm screen?23:21
loki_jhutchins: yep.  that was what I did right after I wrote that question.  did a tail of the log and it said it sent.23:21
=== fredbarns_ is now known as fredbarns
loki_jhutchins: but I am curious about something in relation to ssmtp.  specifically I think this is going to be easy, but I would like it to show the from name as something other than the email address it came from.  is there a way to do this in ssmtp?23:21
syghitsuji, the gui login? yes, but it always fails there23:22
jhutchinsloki_: I'm not sure about ssmtp, but the mailx program allows you to specify the sender, and iirc Nagios has a configuration option for who the mail appears from.23:22
hitsujiTMOsyg: can you log into the guest account? or is it all accounts?23:22
loki_jhutchins: thanks.  I am doing some more digging now.23:22
sygjust tried guest, it works, interesting23:23
jhutchinssyg: Why are you using startx instead of a dm?23:23
sygold tutorial maybe?23:23
sygstart lightdm?23:23
hitsujiTMOsyg: have you at some stage run startx with sudo?23:23
sygi don't know the command23:23
jhutchinssyg: THis often happens if you run GUI programs as root.  Check ownership on the files under $HOME23:23
jhutchinssyg: chown -R $USER:$USER $HOME23:24
hitsujiTMOsyg: log into your account in the cli and run: sudo chown -R $USER:$USER $HOME23:24
=== megabitdragon is now known as zz_megabitdragon
k1lsyg: dont use startx, use lightdm (or any other dm). see .xsession-errors in your home for error messages23:25
sygwhat's the command k1l?23:26
k1lsudo lightdm start23:26
sygthe chown is taking forever with no foreseeable progress23:28
jhutchinssyg: What kind of stuff do you have in your home directory?23:29
jhutchinssyg: I wonder if there's a corrupt file or something.23:29
ejuanhey, I'm having problems getting my AMD R7 260X video card to work correctly, I have the FGLRX experimental drivers installed from the additional drivers menu but it says "this driver is activated but not currently in use". i get the same thing when the post-release driver is installed as well. running aticonfig from the term outputs "aticonfig: No supported adapters detected". what do?23:29
sygjhutchins, besides the typical stuff like documents and downloads, i do web development, and not everything in there is chowned to me23:30
sygsome is chowned to root, or WAS23:30
sygcommand finished23:30
hitsujiTMOejuan: whats the output of: cat /etc/issue23:31
gatchilooking for information on the "click" package23:31
ejuanhitsujiTMO, "Ubuntu 12.04.4 LTS \n \l"23:31
hitsujiTMOejuan: whats the output of: lspci -nn | grep VGA23:34
onltyAnybody can answer to this question?? http://askubuntu.com/questions/407752/xorg-uses-only-my-integrated-card-intel-and-ignores-my-discrete-radeon-card23:35
ejuanhitsujiTMO, "01:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Bonaire [1002:6658]"23:35
sygsuccess, it logged in23:35
onltyMy AMD/ATI card doesn't have the capability 'vga_controller'.23:35
pvl1onlty: did u install drivers23:35
onltypvl1, i am using radeon open-source driver, but if i install fglrx, direct rendering wont work23:36
loki_jhutchins: got it changed, now just need to get it to display something other than what it is displaying :D.  still working on it.23:36
hitsujiTMOejuan: which experimental did you install? 13?23:36
onltymy system did claim that card but it is not using that23:36
pvl1onlty: did u run aticonfig --initial23:36
=== larry is now known as Guest31795
onltypvl1, it says no supported adapters detected.23:36
onltybut i have the radeon mark on my notebook23:37
onltypvl1, and it is displayed as "DIsplay controller" not "VGA compatible controller"23:37
skinuxI installed indicator from that website, but I'm still not seeing how to access menu.23:37
onlty01:00.0 Display controller [0380]: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Mars [Radeon HD 8670A/8670M/8750M] [1002:6600]23:37
onlty00:02.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: Intel Corporation 3rd Gen Core processor Graphics Controller [8086:0166] (rev 09)23:37
pvl1onlty: what settings did u select in bios for graphics23:38
glitsj16skinux: did you relogin after installing it?23:38
=== zz_megabitdragon is now known as megabitdragon
ahmihey i'm trying to install ubuntu on virtualbox but i ran into a problem. it said i had an issue about 64 bit....blahzay blahzay. does anyone know what to do to fix this?23:38
onltypvl1, no such settings like that, my bios is "American Megatrands P13RAN with Aptio Settings Utility"23:38
MonkeyDustahmi  use 32bit to be sure23:39
onltyVery annoying that my BIOS settings utility has very few options like23:39
onltySecure boot23:39
pvl1onlty: the thing is that linux clearly sees the radeon card23:39
ahmiyou mean the initial download from ubuntu.com23:39
ejuanhitsujiTMO, I'm not sure, it doesn't say on the additional drivers page, catalyst control center shows driver package version 12.104-130328a-157784C-ATI23:39
MonkeyDustahmi  yes, the 32bit iso23:39
ahmiok. thank you man. i hope this works.23:39
onltypvl1, it does see the radeon card, and it is listed in xrandr --listproviders, but it does not use it23:39
onltyIf I force it to use the card via creating an xorg.conf file, it fails back to fallback.23:40
pvl1can you please pastebin /var/log/Xorg.log23:40
hitsujiTMOejuan: looks like you installed 12 which isn't compatible with that card. you need 1323:40
pvl1and /etc/X11/xorg.conf23:40
onltypvl1, I dont have xorg.conf because xorg -configure wont work23:40
hitsujiTMOejuan: to be sure: dpkg --get-selections | grep fglrx23:40
ejuanI had the post-release driver installed first I'm wondering if it never fully removed before the experimental got installed.23:40
pvl1onlty: why wont it work23:40
onltypvl1, i forced my card to be load by 'radeon' module or anything which lead me to fallback.23:41
glitsj16gatchi: anything specific on the 'click' package?23:41
onltyi even tried modesetting.23:41
loki_jhutchins: got it sorted :D23:41
pvl1onlty: so you lsmod radeon already23:41
ahmioh um...monkey dust if you're still there....should i get the latest version of ubuntu or the last one?23:42
onltypvl1, I have radeon module and heres the pastebin :23:42
ejuanhitsujiTMO, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6823371/23:43
hitsujiTMOejuan: ok you have 13 installed. thats good. lets look at the logs. pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log23:43
Roland-hello, the server version is the same as desktop, with graphs and stuff?23:43
pvl1Roland-: no23:44
gatchiglitsj16: well, anything would help, but specifically, im trying to figure out why its not marked "installable"23:44
pvl1!server | Roland-23:44
ubottuRoland-: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/ - Support in #ubuntu-server23:44
onltypvl1, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6823369/23:44
pvl1already reading it onlty23:44
k1lRoland-: its some sort of minimal install. but shares the whole packages, yes. the server install git some predefined server setups, too23:44
ejuanhitsujiTMO, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6823376/23:45
glitsj16gatchi: i never used it personally, but i know it is available since saucy (13.10) .. trouble installing it?23:45
k1lbtw, there is no server kernel anymore23:45
Roland-I was hoping for an minimal install23:47
gatchiglitsj16: yeah. added the repos for it, but cant find it.  and a dev package im trying to install requires it23:47
Roland-is that even posible?23:47
k1lRoland-: yes23:47
gatchiglitsj16: although.... i just recently updated my ubuntu install.  maybe i should try again.23:47
glitsj16gatchi: what version of ubuntu are trying to install it on?23:47
Roland-k1l any docs on it please?23:47
gatchiglitsj16: latest LTS, which i think is 12.0423:48
Roland-https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD gess?23:48
k1lRoland-: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD23:48
glitsj16gatchi: it's only in the 13.10 repos .. you mentioned adding the repos .. from a PPA?23:49
=== xubuntu is now known as home888
Roland-I see that but the server version seem to be missing23:49
gatchiglitsj16: yeah. you can still do upgrades from software manager, right? or do i need to redownload for that much of a jump?23:49
hitsujiTMOejuan: the driver does seem to be working.23:49
gatchiglitsj16: i dont think the repo was assuming id have 12.0423:50
=== cobolfoo_ is now known as cobolfoo2
gatchiglitsj16: er i mean, the walkthru23:50
onltypvl1, did you finish reading it?23:50
pvl1onlty: yeah im looking into it23:51
glitsj16gatchi: check on the launchpad page for the PPA if they offer it for 12.04 .. but apparently as you're not seeing it they wont23:51
hitsujiTMOejuan: sudo apt-get install mesa-utils && glxheads | pastebinit23:51
pvl1onlty: what kernel are you on and when did u install the opensource module23:52
onltypvl1, I have linux-3.11.0-15-generic23:52
onltyand the default opensource module23:52
glitsj16gatchi: you can jump easier in one go to the next LTS in April, to get at 13.10 from 12.04 i'd go for a re-install23:52
gatchiglitsj16: alright.  thanks for the info & advice23:53
onltyalso i have some weird, graphics artifacts (sometimes) that has horizontal short lines all over the screen and just disappears23:53
ejuanhitsujiTMO, a window popped up with a rendering of a triangle23:53
ejuanseems to be rendering ok..23:53
pvl1onlty: how did u install the module btw23:53
hitsujiTMOejuan: close the window23:53
onltypvl1, the radeon module and open source drivers were installed on ubuntu install23:54
glitsj16gatchi: perhaps you try to build it from source --> https://code.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/click23:54
onltyI had a fresh install a long ago23:54
pvl1radeon is open source, did u also install fglrx onlty23:54
ejuanhitsujiTMO, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6823426/23:54
onltypvl1, of course i did but it does not work at all23:54
pvl1onlty: remove the amd one, and reinstall xorg-video-radeon23:55
pvl1or w.e the package is23:55
onltypvl1, amd one is currently not installed23:55
gatchiglitsj16: definitely will at least bookmark it.  thanks.23:55
hitsujiTMOejuan: it does report that its rendering with the fglrx23:55
pvl1onlty: as long as you removed it. u said manually loading the radeon module causes you to drop to failsafe?23:56
onltyinstalling amd catalyst driver ***.run says that the graphics adapter is not supported blah blah blah.23:56
onltypvl1, manually setting radeon card as LVDS1 (my first monitor) in xorg.conf23:56
onltypvl1, if i install the fglrx module, direct render just turns off23:57
demophobiaIs there a keyboard shortcut to suspend ubuntu 12.04, rather than clicking the icon in top right corner?23:57
onltydemophobia, you can also manually set it in the preferences.23:58
demophobiaas described at http://www.absolutelytech.com/2010/10/17/howto-suspend-ubuntu-from-terminal-or-keyboard-shortcuts/ , onlty ?23:58
onltyDash is very useful23:58
pvl1onlty: when u set xorg.conf, do you also set Driver      "radeon"23:58
onltypvl1, i also tried Driver "fglrx"23:58
ejuanhitsujiTMO,  thanks for looking at it. my main problem is that i can't get cgminer to find the video card. when i try to build cgminer i get   OpenCL...............: Detection overrided. GPU mining support DISABLED23:58
pvl1well right now, lets deal with radeon23:59
onltyIt seems like I have two cards : intel(i915) and amd(radeon)23:59
ejuanwell thats when i do ./configure not build23:59
pvl1you do23:59
ejuanso i thought it was an issue with the video card drivers23:59
pvl1onlty: mobility graphics give u "control" of discrete graphics or full graphics. is their way of saving power23:59
ejuanbecause aticonfig couldn't find a supported card.23:59

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