Unit193ochosi: the nil thing, remember?00:00
ochosiah right, well did you test the state of master when tabwin diverged?00:01
ochosithat would be cool if you could, just to see whether it was fixed in master00:01
ochosiUnit193: so let me know when you've tested that ^ ;)00:07
Unit193Hah, suuure.  I think merging into master will come first. :P00:07
ochosibluesabre: i think for the 1.8 release of the greeter, i'll include a example-greeter.css file00:07
knomephew, that took over 2 hours :)00:22
ochosibluesabre: updated http://smdavis.us/doku/doku.php?id=greeter-roadmap, in case you wanna add something there..00:22
bluesabreochosi: thanks00:23
ochosias you can see i postponed the settings ui00:23
ochosii really don't want that to hold us back00:23
ochosiand we'll have to find a different way for ppl to set the locking-timeout00:23
ochosiNoskcaj: any idea when whiskermenu will get into ubuntu?00:31
NoskcajIt's been there for two months00:31
knomestupid whiskermenu! :P00:32
ochosiweird, didn't find it befor00:32
ochosiquick question, is the fact that nm-applet doesn't use indicator-application in trusty a known issue already?00:51
ochosioh right, it is00:53
ochosisergio-br2: just another piece of feedback, places/96/user-desktop's shadow is a bit off00:57
sergio-br2hum, ok00:57
sergio-br2in the right?00:58
sergio-br2oh, that is00:59
knomeochosi, weren't you supposed to go to sleep? :P00:59
ochosisergio-br2: compare it to 128px, the shadow is a bit too pronounced01:00
ochosisergio-br2: better to move it up a few pc01:00
ochosiknome: yeah, empty promises...01:00
knomeas always01:00
* knome hides01:00
ochosiyup, basically01:01
sergio-br2hum, probably i forgot this01:01
sergio-br2fixed ochosi01:02
ochosiyup, much nicer01:03
ochosii think the apps/96/calculator icons could use a bit more detail on the buttons01:03
ochosias in: thinner lines for the shades of the buttons, or a more subtle gradient01:04
ochosilooks a bit clunky atm01:04
Unit193ochosi: Downgrade indicator-application and you're good.01:05
ochosisergio-br2: also the apps/32/calculator has very pronounced button shadows in comparison to 4801:06
ochosiUnit193: hmm, is it the upstart problem?01:06
sergio-br2seeing that01:06
Unit193Don't know, also a plus one to knome. :P01:06
sergio-br2ochosi, you mean, 2 px to 1 px in the shade (light) ?01:07
ochosisergio-br2: either that, or make it a gradient or something more subtle01:07
ochosiUnit193: there's only one version in trusty, downgrade to what?01:08
sergio-br2with 128 too ochosi?01:08
ochosior at least i don't seem to be able to force a lower version in synaptic01:08
ochosisergio-br2: yeah, 128px has the same problem01:09
Unit193ochosi: uts indicator-application  wget saucy one.01:09
ochosithis should really get fixed01:09
Unit193alias = uts,  https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/%s01:09
knomeochosi, put it on your todo list (:01:10
ochosiwait, *my* todo list? :)01:10
ochosii think we have to wait until tedg has released all indicator-upstart work01:11
ochosiso far, many bugreports only have "fix commited"01:11
Unit193So what's the point in getting sessions, then indicators in Upstart?01:12
ochosino idea01:13
knomeUnit193, you're asking in the wrong channel ;)01:13
Unit193Because doesn't upstart use dbus?  so try  sudo service dbus restart01:13
Unit193I guess I just don't get the big rush. :/01:14
bluesabrealrighty mugshot-0.2 seems to work completely in trusty now01:16
bluesabretime to test with debian01:16
sergio-br2ochosi, button shadow in calculator 32 means what?01:26
bluesabreprobably better to mention here...05:12
bluesabremugshot-0.2 released: https://launchpad.net/mugshot/0.2/0.205:12
bluesabrenight all05:15
Unit193Sleep well.05:16
Noskcajwow, valgrind finds a lot of issues in every program07:41
NoskcajI'm trying to triage bug 119995208:19
ubottubug 1199952 in xfce4-indicator-plugin (Ubuntu) "memory leak in xfce4-indicator-plugin" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/119995208:19
Noskcajbut i can't get valgrind to run for indicator-plugin08:20
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Guest77482hello, somebody notice the bug about the logins between users?08:51
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ali1234that memory leak certainly still seems to be a problem09:01
xubuntuseryesterday my logs gets gigasize O_o09:04
xubuntuserwhere I can send bugs xubuntu specific ?09:08
brainwashUnit193: http://git.xfce.org/xfce/xfdesktop/commit/?id=1516cb96c6ec9b20b63f05e7bcc4af8594d4312912:03
brainwashany idea when it will land in trusty?12:04
brainwashochosi: now that you are using trusty, can you reproduce the 1px extra space in the top panel to the right?12:14
brainwashI was not able to find a clean solution to remove it :/12:15
elfynice - have an unfindable item in parole's autosave playlist list and it segfauls13:40
Unit193Remove .config/parole ?13:44
Unit193Or, send it to them then remove?13:45
brainwashali1234: couldn't the monitor_root_pixmap check be made during runtime by passing a parameter to xfwm4?14:13
brainwashali1234: this way we could enable it for the xubuntu session only and offer a way to enable/disable it for non-xubuntu users who use xfwm414:17
brainwash...in ubuntu14:19
ali1234there is no reason to ever disable it14:21
brainwashali1234: so it can be made the default behavior?14:32
brainwashwhat is reason to disable it by default at compile time? lack of testing?14:37
ali1234ofourdan thinks it is dangerous14:39
ali1234it isn't though14:39
ali1234also you never see the background rendered by xfwm in xfce because xfdesktop covers it14:40
elfyUnit193: I did :) 14:40
ali1234you only see it during transitions14:40
ali1234people who use xfwm outside xfce ar emore likely to want it enabled14:41
brainwashali1234: but xfdesktop usually starts "too late"14:42
ali1234yes but you don't need to monitor root pixmap for that14:42
ali1234you only need to copy it once to handle the startup case14:42
ali1234after that, for most people, the desktop wallpaper will not change14:42
brainwashok, I understand14:43
brainwashso monitoring it all the time is not needed14:44
brainwashwhat about a timeout then to stop the monitoring?14:46
brainwashjust looking for a solution that does not require xfwm4 to be built specially for ubuntu14:47
ali1234send the patch to debian14:49
brainwashI'll do that, hopefully my idea actually makes sense14:53
knomebrainwash, let's not pretend anybody is using xubuntu when they are using voyager, please15:44
sergio-br2hey hello20:36
sergio-br2anyone knows if Parole plays h264 videos (mp4)?20:38
Noskcajsergio-br2, Should do20:38
sergio-br2i tried now, and it didn't work20:38
knomesergio-br2, this isn't the support channel though20:39
sergio-br2yeah, but i tested in trusty20:39
Noskcajsergio-br2, Perhaps check the current codecs installed. Or wait for parole 0.6.020:40
sergio-br2is it in proposed?20:41
NoskcajWaiting for corac to upload20:41
sergio-br2hum, ok20:42
knomehow can 0.6.0 wait for an upload while it hasn't been released yet?20:43
Noskcajit has20:43
sergio-br2so, the issue: try to play a video, it opens a window that ask you to install codec stuff, you install this, then you try to play again, and the window returns again. So, the user never will see a video... don't know if it is a issue in 0.6.020:44
Noskcajsergio-br2, have you got restricted-extras installed?20:45
NoskcajAnd can you find a video online with the issue so i can try and reproduce it20:45
knomei'm pretty sure this playback bug/problem hasn't got much to do with 0.620:45
sergio-br2yeah, xubuntu-restricted-extras20:46
brainwashsergio-br2: does it work with any other gstreamer based media player? gstreamer 0.10 or 1.020:46
sergio-br2i tried with vlc, works well20:46
brainwashI assume parole already uses 1.0 by default20:46
knomeNoskcaj, also:20:46
knome15:16  bluesabre: 01:29  Corsac: ochosi: does it makes sense that for a stable  parole release to depend on a libxfce4ui development release? :)20:46
sergio-br2the video was in a hard disk, not mine20:46
brainwashvlc does not utilize the gstreamer backend20:47
Noskcajknome, It's targeted to experimental currently, hopefully it will get an upload20:47
sergio-br2well, not tried with other gstreamer backend :)20:47
NoskcajAlso, my MOTU application is tomorrow, since applying by email doesn't work20:47
sergio-br2this codec install stuff, it's equal in totem?20:48
Unit193sergio-br2: What gstreamer packages do you have?  -ffmpg?20:48
sergio-br2hum, i'm not in the system now. Trying to reproduce this in a VM20:48
sergio-br2* i was trying to play a video in the Live section20:49
NoskcajTry installing: gstreamer0.10-plugins-ugly gstreamer0.10-plugins-bad gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg gnome-codec-install20:50
NoskcajThose are the Suggests for parole20:50
brainwashsergio-br2: what does "parole --gst-version" return?20:52
Noskcajbrainwash, it will be 0.10, since 1.0 isn't fully supported till parole 0.6.020:52
brainwashok, was just curious20:52
Noskcajbluesabre, You've got a lot of complaints about menulibre crashing so far. How long till the fix?20:53
sergio-br2GStreamer 0.10.3620:53
Noskcajbluesabre, Is there a command to stop the .pot file being regenerated in mugshot?21:00
NoskcajHow can i run indicator-plugin in a way valgrind will be able to test it?21:17
sergio-br2so, the mechanism for totem and parole search what codec is missing, is the same?22:03
sergio-br2there is an error in totem, it does not install the missing codec too. But i don't know what package i will report this issue.22:05
sergio-br2after install xubuntu-restricted-extra, totem plays a mp4 video. But Parole don't22:06
brainwashtry parole --gst-debug-level=222:07
brainwashto get some debug output in the terminal22:08
sergio-br2hum, ok22:08
brainwashyou should file the report against parole, maybe add gstreamer0.10 to the list of affected packages22:09
brainwashsergio-br2: totem already uses gstreamer 1.022:15
sergio-br2i don't know if it is 2 issues22:15
sergio-br21. Totem and Parole does not install the missing codecs22:16
sergio-br22. Parole does not play mp4 h264, but totem yes (after install xubuntu-restricted-extras)22:16
brainwashyou cannot compare totem and parole directly, totem uses the newer gstreamer backend22:17
sergio-br2does xubuntu-restricted-extras installs the gstreamer 0.1 that parole needs?22:19
brainwashit installs gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg22:20
brainwashand gstreamer1.0-libav22:20
sergio-br2there is no gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg in repo22:21
sergio-br2what i need to run h264? Is not package x264?22:21
brainwashI checked on saucy, maybe it has been renamed22:21
sergio-br2 gstreamer1.0-libav is installed22:22
brainwashx264 provides an encoder22:24
sergio-br2it seems it doesn't have in trusty22:27
brainwashbug 125307122:28
ubottubug 1253071 in mplayer (Ubuntu) "block migration & demote to proposed & decruft NBS libav/ffmpeg (removed from testing in Debian)" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125307122:28
brainwash"Remove completely gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg src+binaries, superseded by gstreamer1.0-libav"22:28
sergio-br2bug #127299422:29
ubottubug 1272994 in parole (Ubuntu) "Parole does not play mp4 video with h264 codec" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127299422:29
brainwashwell, just wait for parole 0.6.0 :)22:29
sergio-br2if it works in 0.6.0, i invalid this bug22:32
brainwashsergio-br2: please add the information about gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg + bug report link (1253071)22:40
sergio-br2i changed the description22:45
brainwashbtw did you already work on a high res version of the icon used by parole?22:45
sergio-br2high res = 128 px ?22:46
brainwashI think so, simply open parole's about dialog22:46
sergio-br2it's missing only 96 pixel22:46
sergio-br2hum, the icon is to small to about?22:47
brainwashit's bit blurry, isn't it?22:47
sergio-br2well, there is 128 px in my elementary branch22:47
sergio-br2blurry in the about window? no... just small... i'm in a VM22:48
brainwashok, I'll upload a screenshot22:50
brainwashmy bad, it's about the gtk3 build of parole22:52
sergio-br2yeah, here it gets small22:52
sergio-br2brainwash, the year is not wrong?23:03
sergio-br2in the about window23:03
sergio-br2it's 201323:04
knomewell if the last release is done in 2013..23:06
knomeor, the release you have23:07
brainwashso the new 0.6.0 release still shows -201323:08
knomeyyyeaah, poke bluesabre and ochosi 23:09
brainwashmajor flaw, release 0.6.1 asap23:10
ochosiyeah, we're not doing a point-release only for the about window :)23:14
ochosii added a 128px icon for the about dialog, so it should be ok, but i assumed you'd test that brainwash ?23:14
brainwashso it's not an elementary icon which gets displayed in the about dialog?23:15
knomeochosi, yeah but update git with 201423:15
ochosinah, we install that with parole23:15
ochosiknome: thanks for the advice, wouldn't have thought about that ;)23:15
knomeochosi, well obviously!23:15
brainwashnow that we got 0.6.0 I could actually test it :D23:16
brainwashgot a bit distracted by all the other bugs out there23:18
ochosiholy crap, the new gtk3-filechooser-dialog has a crazy sidebar23:19
brainwashyou mean these fancy monochrome icons?23:19
ochosiit's just ultra-long here...23:20
ochosithe symbolic icons are okayish23:20
ochosialthough they create some visual inconsistency with gtk2 apps23:20
ochosibut there's nothing we can do about that23:20

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