tc1100Im relatively new to linux in general and ive never used xubuntu before00:53
tc1100i have a pretty basic question here00:54
tc1100my wifi is protected by wpa2-psk[AES] with a 15 character passphrase00:54
tc1100in the password dialogue in xubuntu for the wifi, the "connect" button becomes unavailable after i type out the whole password, though it becomes available at various points throughout it00:55
tc1100im assuming that xubuntu believes my password shouldnt be that length, but it works fine with my windows computers00:55
tc1100so how do i get xubuntu to accept the 15 character password00:56
bazhangsounds like you are mistyping it. check the kb repeat rate00:56
knomeor that networkmanager is expecting a hex value00:57
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AzelphurHey folks, ethernets not working on my PC, hasn't been for a while. dhclient eth0 works as a workaround, heres my syslog for networkmanager http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=wgcBK8Y7 any ideas?03:14
ethermonkdoes your ISP support ipv6?03:16
ethermonkdhcp is enabled in the router? not static address?03:17
Azelphurethermonk, everything router side is working. I'm talking to you through my laptop, connected to the router, which is on ethernet.03:17
Azelphuralso, yes my ISP supports ipv6 and that works on the laptop too :)03:18
Azelphurthat's actually why I'm not just continuing to dhclient, I want my IPv6 to work on my PC :)03:19
Azelphurethermonk, from that log it seems like network manager is failing to send a DHCP request03:20
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ncom0plMy network and sound applets are gone from the panel after a kernel upgrade, how do I add them back?06:42
TheSheepncom0pl: add the indicator applet back to your panel06:49
ncom0plncom0pl: Couldn't find it in the add menu.06:51
ncom0plTheSheep: Couldn't find it in the add menu.06:51
ncom0plI've installed network-manager-gnome and got network back.06:52
TheSheepthen make sure the xfce4-indicator-plugin is installed06:52
ncom0plTheSheep: Okay, it wasn't there. I installed it, but now when I add it, it kinda adds a thin, empty applet to the panel.07:00
TheSheepI don't use it myself, but I think that the idea is that it displays only the icons that are not already displayed by other means07:02
TheSheeppersonally I prefer to use the xfce4-mixer for the speaker icon07:03
TheSheepby the way, how could a kernel upgrade have uninstalled the indicator plugin?07:04
TheSheepmaybe you also uninstalled some other important things :907:05
Unit193I am using volumeicon right now as pulse gives such a fit right now on a computer.07:06
ncom0plTheSheep: I have no idea how that could happen, weird to me too.07:06
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ethermonkjust installed unity-greeter and cinnamon.  reboot and not seeing any way to choose sessions in Unity greeter login. how to loginto Cinnamon without making it my default?09:54
Sysiethermonk: there should be a logo of the default session on top of the passwd box, click it09:55
ethermonki see a round circle that is grey, click and nothing happens09:56
ncom0plethermonk: Maybe try lightdm if you're ok with that.09:58
Sysiunity-greeter is a theme (engine) for lightdm09:58
ethermonkblah.  nah i wanted to pair it with unity-greeter09:58
ncom0plSorry I wanted to say MDM :).09:59
ethermonkwell lighdm is what xubu uses by default, im just looking to have a pretty login screen like ubuntu09:59
ethermonkjust going for eye candy  :P10:00
Sysiethermonk: you should probably ask from cinnamon or mainbuntu gyus, because xubuntu has neither parts of your problem setup10:02
ethermonkgot no response in #ubuntu. ill ask again later10:03
Sysiyeah, stick around here too in case somebody uses it and responds later10:04
xubuntu140buongiorno qualcuno sa spiegarmi come far funzionare playonlinux10:51
knome!it | xubuntu14010:53
ubottuxubuntu140: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)10:53
xubuntu555Hi there...12:51
xubuntu555Any help from any Voyager 13.10 expert?12:51
Myrttiwell, since this is a Xubuntu IRC channel...12:52
Myrttihave you tried their channels?12:52
xubuntu555Get that, but Voyager 13.10 has xubuntu as the whole base...12:53
xubuntu555They have inside their own links this channel for support...12:53
brainwashyour issue might be voyager specific, so tell us your problem and lets pretend you are using xubuntu12:54
SysiI've seen several vouager users here with problems that don't exist on xubuntu, but you can try12:57
xubuntu555Thanks... The only problem I got is that I am able to work with a dual monitor... When I tried my system is broken... Can't not use it only as the recovery mode. Like I am using it now (with recovery mode)12:59
xubuntu555Sorry... " ... I am not able to work with dual monitor......"12:59
koegsand what did you try?13:00
xubuntu555And I do need to work with dual monitor...13:00
xubuntu555To work through the system settings...13:01
Sysiand how is it broken?13:01
xubuntu555Also tried ARandR but also is not possible....13:02
xubuntu555The thing is that this only has happened to me with this distro...13:02
xubuntu555It goes to blank.....13:03
xubuntu555And I can do nothing....13:03
koegsxubuntu555: what exactly did you do and what happened?13:03
Sysi(what I said about voyager)13:03
xubuntu555The only thing I did was to connect my dual monitor... then tried to configure it and it goes blank.... it was totally blank and nothing I was able to do...13:04
xubuntu555then I reinstall it all and tried to work with dual monitor through ARandR... but also it was broken too... The same error... It goes blank... Nothing was able to do... Only was able to get into the system through the recovery mode again.13:06
xubuntuserhello, someone can try this ? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xubuntu-default-settings/+bug/127286913:12
ubottuUbuntu bug 1272869 in xubuntu-default-settings (Ubuntu) "Log out from any user account not let exchange user later" [Undecided,New]13:12
xubuntu555koegs, Sysi? still around?13:14
brainwashxubuntu555: is this your report? sadly I don't quite understand the problem13:15
brainwashxubuntuser: ^13:16
xubuntuserPerhaps I fail to explain it well. The menu option for exchange user stops of work if you made some log out13:16
xubuntu555brainwash, thanks... Yep.... Tried to use dual monitor (on Voyager 13.10, it is built completely with xubuntu 13.10) and it broken my system.13:17
xubuntuserbrainwash ^13:17
xubuntu555brainwash, can only get it back, shutting it down and then only through the recovery mode and nothing more.13:18
brainwashxubuntu555: usually you can check the system log files and look for error messages13:19
xubuntuserI log out for test again13:19
xubuntuserand the bug appears13:19
brainwashxubuntuser: ok, but xubuntu-default-settings is not the correct package to file the report against13:20
xubuntuserxfce-panel perhaps?13:20
brainwashmore likely13:20
SysiI normally recommend people to install xubuntu and set it up with voyager themes if they want13:21
brainwashdoes "dm-tool switch-to-greeter" redirect you to the login greeter screen?13:21
brainwashopen a terminal window and run this command please13:21
xubuntuserbrainwash its to me ? for me not do nothing13:22
brainwashno error message?13:22
xubuntuserno, in any way13:22
brainwashand is this a clean xubuntu 13.10 installation? or an upgrade from 13.04?13:23
brainwashoh, it's an upgrade according to the bug report13:23
xubuntuserits an upgrade from 13.04, yes, but I remember happen on a clean install also ,from 13.1013:23
xubuntusernobody use xubuntu here? in reality is easy bug to test13:24
xubuntuserbut always, from every install i made ( i had xubuntu on several pcs, hds, usb sticks, etc) happen the same on every of them13:25
brainwashlogin, logout and then try to switch the user via the panel menu?13:25
brainwashoh, missed a login after the logut :)13:26
xubuntuserits like follows : log out , log in, then try to switch user13:26
xubuntuserif you found the same problem, there is another fact about :13:27
brainwashmost likely it's something caused by lightdm and/or logind13:27
brainwashand not directly by Xfce13:27
xubuntuseri think the same13:28
xubuntusernow try this :13:28
ubottuUbuntu bug 1272902 in xubuntu-default-settings (Ubuntu) "Log out from any user account not let recover from suspend state" [Undecided,New]13:28
xubuntuseris related, of course13:28
brainwashyes, it is13:29
xubuntuserlubuntu uses the same login than xubuntu ?13:30
xubuntuserI remember this bug also using lubuntu and installing the xubuntu desktop later13:30
xubuntuserbut the login screen was from lubuntu13:30
brainwashit does, lightdm + logind for seat/session management13:31
brainwashsome log files might be helpful here13:31
xubuntuseromg so fun about that ... yesterday my /var/log/kernel goes gigasize yesterday13:32
xubuntuserbut that is another thing, i will search thats logs, thanks you13:33
brainwashtry ~/.cache/upstart13:33
brainwashand /var/log/lightdm13:33
xubuntu555Ooopssss.... I am totally lost about your conversation (brainwash and xubuntuser)....13:35
xubuntu555Sysi, thanks for the advise... about installing xubuntu and then trying Voyager Themes.13:36
brainwashxubuntu555: by changing the screen setup via arandr you are not able to get to the login screen anymore?13:37
xubuntu555Yep... also not able... it also goes blank too... and can do nothing at all, just shutting it down and then login only by the recovery mode.13:39
xubuntu555Seems you are too busy. Thanks brainwash. Have to leave for domestic stuff.14:14
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starratsWhat is the best way to partition a hard drive that has windows 7 and I want to incorporate xubuntu 13-10 on to the HD, I have tried numersous times and just would like a simple answer to my predicament.  Thank you in adavance.  Oh by the way I have been using the win7 partitioning app.he17:14
starratsjust app at the end no .he17:14
elfystarrats: really depends on what the drive is set up like already, but if you want to use the win disk tool to shrink it - then when you boot the live dvd/usb - use something else in the partitioner and set / and swap up in there in the unallocated space17:21
elfythe win tool won't format it in any useful way17:21
starratsah okay elfy will be working on that17:22
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z4nD4RHi all, any tip to tune XFCE?18:59
Myrtti"don't add too many apps to autostart"19:00
z4nD4RI don't have problem with apps in autostart.. I thought something .. different.. coupled with look :)19:01
blockyis the xubuntu iso just regular ubuntu with xfce packages included and xfce set as default wm?19:14
koegsblocky: basically yes19:14
Myrttiblocky: and without Unity and Ubuntu Desktop default apps that aren't the same as Xubuntus, yes19:14
blockyMyrtti: those apps are not set as default or not included at all?19:15
Myrttinot included19:15
blockyah ok19:15
Myrttiie. firefox is included in both19:15
Myrttiif I'm not mistaken19:15
blockyi am thinking of installing the 14.04 alpha for fun19:15
MyrttiLibreOffice or Abiword is not19:15
Myrtti(ie Libre is in Ubuntu, Abi is in Xubuntu) again if I'm not mistaken19:16
blockyif i install the xubuntu alpha 1 can I just do apt-get update to make it essentially alpha 2?19:17
z4nD4Rdoes XFCE has some roadmap?19:21
brainwashz4nD4R: http://wiki.xfce.org/releng/4.12/roadmap (slightly outdated)19:23
brainwashand here is Xubuntu's roadmap for 14.04 https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Roadmap19:24
z4nD4Rbrainwash: I suppose the xubu roadmap ist the same like ubu roadmap.. I was wondering about news in 4.12 :)19:25
brainwashthe xubuntu roadmap is xubuntu specific19:26
brainwashsadly no new information regarding Xfce 4.1219:26
z4nD4Rbrainwash: but basicaly is the same like.. Ubu.. 14.04 will be LTS to, won't be? .. .. that's realy sad.19:27
brainwashdid you actually take a look at the roadmap?19:28
z4nD4Rbrainwash: no .. didn't .. w819:28
z4nD4Rbrainwash: I've done it already..the page links on Ubu roadmap.. however.. My qusetion is more coupled to XFCE, tune XFCE .. etc..19:43
brainwashz4nD4R: well, this is the #xubuntu channel, try asking in #xfce then19:44
z4nD4Rbrainwash: yes yes I know, but maybe you have some tip&tricks :) ie. some nice looking conky .. or..19:46
Sysiwhatever you think looks nice and suits your needs19:49
brainwashthis is a support channel, talking about non related topics like customizations should be done in #xubuntu-offtopic19:49
z4nD4RSysi: such a nice diplomatic answer.. :P19:50
z4nD4Rbrainwash: o sry .. I hope I didn't make such a OT19:50
brainwashdon't worry :)19:50
r0b-anyone running Xubuntu 13.10 with a newer ATI Graphics card?20:25
r0b-like HD5xxx or newer.20:25
* r0b- cant seem to get the Proprietary driver to work properly.20:27
r0b-it has to do with me running an Xorg version newer than 1.1320:40
TheSheepr0b-: well, report a bug to ATI, I guess20:50
TheSheepr0b-: be sure to ask them to finally open up their drivers too20:50
r0b-sigh that probably wont work.20:50
TheSheepalternatively, don't buy from producers who don't provide open source drivers, maybe that message will be cleaner20:51
r0b-well i found this guide http://wiki.cchtml.com/index.php/Ubuntu_Saucy_Installation_Guide20:52
rwwTheSheep: never heard of the 'radeon' driver :P?20:53
r0b-Or i will go back to Xubuntu 12.04.20:55
r0b-but i think xubuntu 12.04.3 is the same problem20:58
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aphtkHi...new Ubuntu user here!23:13
aphtkwould like to backup personal DVDs using acid rip ... but having region problems23:14
aphtkused to be libdvdcss was available23:14
aphtkis it still here?23:14
aphtkany help here ppl?23:16

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