rick_h_dammit, the inspector isn't a real view and doesn't have YUI events available to it. It can't this.fire or inspector.on()01:12
MakyoI hate this test :T AssertionError: expected 300 to equal 298.55273437502:22
rick_h_hah, JS match...you're drunk 02:22
rick_h_math that is02:22
hatchhows it going?03:25
rick_h_bed time, branch is pushed for the night03:25
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rick_h_benji: pushed another update to that branch per hatch's comments. 13:08
benjirick_h_: cool, I'll take a look13:08
=== gary_poster|away is now known as gary_poster
benjirick_h_: do you have any tips on diffing your branch and mine?  git diff auto-open-close..qa-auto-open-rick (with two or three dots) shows lots of things I wouldn't expect13:23
rick_h_benji: you should be able to diff hashes in line. Since I started with your branch13:52
rick_h_benji: git checkout qa-auto-open-rick13:52
rick_h_git log13:52
rick_h_find the merge point13:52
rick_h_and then diff $hash..HEAD?13:53
benjirick_h_: I'll give that a try.  I was hoping for something more direct.13:53
rick_h_benji: https://github.com/mitechie/juju-gui/compare/benji-york:auto-open-close...mitechie:auto-open-close13:56
rick_h_benji: hmm, crap we have different develop bases which is why things are there you don't expect13:56
rick_h_benji: so the key would be to get the common base point by updating develop and getting that into your branch13:57
hatchrick_h_ so is PR 91 still a WIP? I was looking at it last night and assumed so...14:40
rick_h_hatch: yea, it's got two failing tests still14:40
rick_h_hatch: but it was something to see if I could get the origin idea working based on benji's branch14:40
hatchcool lemme know when she's ready 14:41
rick_h_hatch: will do, thanks for the pre-review. It made me clean up a little bit of what I should have14:41
benjirick_h_: I'm looking at the two test failures14:45
rick_h_benji: it should just be another round of bootstraping all the stuff required to create an Inspector instance. None of the current tests run createServiceInspector or whatever that func is14:46
rick_h_benji: so that has to be called before testing the events14:46
benjirick_h_: ok14:46
rick_h_benji: so that you have a this.inspector.viewletManager 14:46
* rick_h_ thinks that's what it was thinking back to when he gave up last night14:46
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=== gary_poster|away is now known as gary_poster
gary_posterubuntu mouse stopping work14:55
gary_posterthat is, ubuntu mouse handling broke again and I had to log out/in14:55
gary_posterhey frankban, I spoke with jamespage about Ubuntu packaging and he requested that we put quickstart on PyPI so he has official releases to work with14:56
gary_posteris that something you could whip up quickly?14:56
frankbangary_poster: sounds good. I think so, what Pypi account am I supposed to use?14:56
gary_posterfrankban: I suggest yours, and then add everyone else on GUI with a PyPI acct as admin14:57
rick_h_frankban: you can use yours but I think you can grant access to other pypi users14:57
frankbangary_poster, rick_h_ cool14:57
rick_h_frankban: mitechie is my username here14:57
bacfrankban: i see that quickstart starts an ssh-agent whether one is running or not.  couldn't we check to see if one is alive and happy before clobbering the existing one?15:00
gary_posterfrankban on PyPI I am "gary" and benji is "benji".  I don't see bac or Makyo on a quick glance.15:01
gary_posteractually maybe you don't need to add me :-P15:01
frankbanbac: Makyo knows the details for SSH keys handling15:01
baccreating a new ssh-agent every run means i have to re-enter my passphase.15:01
frankbangary_poster: I'll add you! :-/15:02
gary_poster:-) k15:02
bacfrankban: add bac please15:04
hatchthe best part about OSX is coming across bugs, googling them, then seeing that people have had the same issue for 4 years15:26
frankbangary_poster: could you please take a quick look at https://codereview.appspot.com/51790045 ? (quickstart update for PyPI)15:27
gary_posteron it15:27
gary_posterfrankban: LGTM'd :-)15:28
frankbangary_poster: thank you15:31
frankbanjujugui https://pypi.python.org/pypi/juju-quickstart15:43
frankbanbac: no "bac" user found on PyPI15:43
frankbanhatch, Makyo: what's your PyPI user name?15:44
gary_posterawesome thanks frankban15:44
hatchwtpi is pypi15:44
frankbanhatch: please go to https://pypi.python.org/pypi, register, give me your username and then enjoy the cheese15:45
hatchlol ok15:46
hatchsweet I got 'hatch' as a username15:47
hatchthat never happens15:47
gary_posterjujugui call in1015:50
=== mhall119_ is now known as mhall119
gary_posterjujgui call in 215:58
gary_posterMakyo: pingy16:01
MakyoSorry, SSO.16:02
bacfrankban: try bradcrittenden16:11
bacfor pypi16:11
frankbanbac: it worked16:11
hatchfrankban I'll ping you after my call :)16:20
frankbanhatch: ok16:20
rick_h_gary_poster: can you invite me or link me to the meeting please? 16:21
hatchgary_poster do you know PostreSQL? Linkedin wants to know...lol16:24
gary_posterhatch: but of course! ;-)16:24
hatchannnnd signing out to log back into linked in in another year16:26
frankbanhazmat: working on the feedback branch for the deployer, I should be able to propose it tomorrow morning16:27
hazmatfrankban, cool, thanks16:32
hazmathatch, pypi == npm16:32
hatchnot sure which website is worse pypi or npm though16:33
hazmatnot to be confused with pypy16:33
hazmator with pie pi 16:33
hazmatthe later of which is yummy and mind expanding :-) http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/d4/Pi_pie2.jpg16:34
Makyo<Obligatory Tau video> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jG7vhMMXagQ16:38
hatchfrankban still around?17:18
hatchI have no idea when your EOD is :)17:18
hatchrick_h_ are you available to guide me through this testing business?17:19
hatchpython testing that is17:19
rick_h_hatch: on a call but can in a bit17:19
hatchok cool np, ping when ready17:19
rick_h_might trade some help17:19
hatchright now my help is selling at a 2:1 help unit ratio17:20
hatchmarket conditions...17:20
frankbanhatch: I am here, EOD in 40 mins17:22
hatchoh ok cool, do you have time to guide me through the testing now?17:22
frankbanhatch: sure17:22
hatch^ frankban 17:25
frankbanhatch: joining17:25
bacfrankban: i get the following while doing QA on my branch.  https://pastebin.canonical.com/103823/17:43
frankbanbac: one minute, on call17:44
bacfrankban: quickstart terminates with juju-quickstart: error: bad API server response: state watcher was stopped17:44
bacfrankban: ok.  just curious if it looked familiar17:44
rick_h_bac: yes, that's supposed to be fixed in 0.17.117:48
bacjujugui: per frankban's message, anyone know if juju 0.17.1 is packaged anywhere or do i need to build by hand?18:12
hatchbac it's released already18:12
baci don't see it on trusty18:12
hatchhmm the email said it was available on trusty18:12
rick_h_bac: it's released today18:13
hatchat least I thought it did18:13
hatchjuju-core 1.17.1 is available for trusty and backported to earlier18:13
hatchseries in the following PPA:18:13
hatch  https://launchpad.net/~juju/+archive/devel18:13
rick_h_jujugui pita review, read the notes. Had to skip the notifier tests atm. It needs rework and adding as a new card. https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/8918:13
hatchi'll take one18:13
rick_h_hatch: thanks18:14
gary_posterhow many do you need rick_h_18:14
rick_h_gary_poster: 2 please. thought it's mostly mechanical so fine with just one18:14
rick_h_gary_poster: the main thing is the heads up on the notifier tests. 18:14
gary_posterrick_h_: ok, I'll leave it alone unless requested then :-)18:14
bacthanks hatch.  that ppa got disabled on upgrade to trusty and i failed to re-enable it18:15
hatchrick_h_ 44 files changed? lol18:25
rick_h_hatch: well, makeContainer is popular :)18:25
bacjujugui: i need to be afk for the rest of the day.  ttyl.18:25
rick_h_bac: c-ya18:25
rick_h_yay for the end of conference calls18:26
hatchrick_h_ you're gona hate me...18:27
rick_h_hatch: then stop18:28
rick_h_hatch: I'm already very angry after chasing down the stupid notifier test bugs18:28
hatchrick_h_ what's with the onboarding.js changes18:29
rick_h_hatch: it didn't clean up after itself18:29
rick_h_now it does18:29
rick_h_lots of tests are like this unfortunately. Creating objects that never die18:29
hatchwell when it's container gets destroyed it would remove it's children18:29
hatchwhich is all you're doing there....no?18:29
rick_h_no, it's got events bound and the tests never call destory on the object18:30
* rick_h_ pulls it back up18:30
hatchohh nm empty removes the events too18:31
rick_h_hatch: oh sorry, so this is that the object doesn't have a destructor itself. see the test_onboarding file that goes with it18:31
rick_h_matching changes18:31
* rick_h_ kicks self for missing this during review/helping getting onboarding landed. 18:31
rick_h_hatch: so what am I going to hate you for?18:34
hatchI am trying to figure out a way to avoid having to pass 'this' into makeContainer every time18:35
rick_h_hatch: good luck, it's stupid mocha scopes18:35
rick_h_hatch: everything has to be in the hook context to be visible unless I stick it on window. which I almost did...but that feels evil and wrong18:35
hatchthat's irritating18:36
rick_h_and there's no way to globally rebind the makeContainer function from the juju test utils scope since each test has it's own Hook context18:36
hatchyeah I just noticed that18:36
hatchhow fail is that :/18:36
rick_h_you'd have to loop throgh all the Suites, and down in there go through each Hook context of each, and they can nest and ...18:36
rick_h_I told you, I'm very cranky with Mocha, etc atm. This was a much bigger pita than it should be, but oh well. 18:37
rick_h_hatch: but trust me, I tried to make it not suck, if you find a better way I'll thank you for the insight and move alnog18:37
hatchwell their scoping is totally wako18:37
rick_h_yes...yes it is18:37
hatchit doesn't make any sense18:37
rick_h_sure it does, it's how the damn things works. It laods all the files, sticks all the tests in their own Hook contexts, and basically loops them18:38
rick_h_in a nested pita tree of SAuites18:38
hatchlol well ok it makes sense, it's just not very friendly 18:38
rick_h_but it makes it darn hard to monkey patch things 18:38
rick_h_or even trace/debug things18:38
rick_h_anyway, going to walk away and nuke some lunch. let me know if you have any ideas on improving. I'm definitely for it, but in the end I think that the api of needing to pass this isn't bad. I even catch/report an error that is hopefully clear 18:39
rick_h_hatch: the notifier stuff is noted in the pull request18:50
hatchyeah I replied again, guessing it didn't send another email for that :)18:51
rick_h_card added to fix it, but will be second card18:51
rick_h_ah, well email checks every so often so might not have it yet18:51
hatchrick_h_ what is the model of your laptop?18:54
rick_h_hatch: x24018:54
rick_h_rerr 23018:54
hatchguy is just asking what people use for linux laptop hardware18:58
rick_h_Makyo: heads up, test branch landed so watch out for conflicts19:34
rick_h_benji: ^ 19:34
rick_h_russian roulette, touched 44 files and was one of them yours?! bwuhahaha19:35
benjirick_h_: I think I have the test setup right for those two failing tests, but... the event the tests fire doesn't exist anywhere else in the codebase19:36
benjirick_h_: oh!  it's a typo19:36
rick_h_benji: yay19:36
rick_h_I kept mixing up the case last night19:37
rick_h_Takeover vs TakeOver19:37
benjitab completion19:37
rick_h_and such19:37
rick_h_nice, jcastro giving quickstart some <3 http://discourse.ubuntu.com/t/mangling-config-files-by-hand-pshawwww/143819:45
rick_h_purdy screenshots19:45
jcastroI _love_ the "has errors" bit19:45
jcastroI totally didn't notice that the first time around19:45
rick_h_jcastro: yea, hopefully we can get it into main/universe https://launchpad.net/bugs/1273865 and make for an awesome getting started experience19:47
rick_h_I'd imagine it's gotta be cool for your on site classes19:47
jcastrooh hey, does the server team know about that bug?19:47
rick_h_jcastro: yea, we pinged james page on it and we're working on it19:47
jcastrothey're handling juju but I think we should make clear that juju without quickstart will be kind of lame19:48
jcastrook, nice!19:48
jcastrorick_h_, I showed it off at a class first actually19:48
hatchstupid power button20:13
hatchjujugui why is minor < 17 false when minor is 16 in python? 20:28
hatchdoes maths work in reverse in python? lol20:28
rick_h_hatch: code? maybe the types are off20:29
rick_h_is minor a string?20:29
gary_poster>>> "16" < 1720:29
gary_poster>>> 16 < 1720:29
rick_h_hatch: right, a version might be 16a20:30
rick_h_so it's a string ootb20:30
hazmatstrings to ints20:30
gary_posterone of imporvements in 3.3:20:30
gary_poster>>> "16" < 1720:30
gary_posterTraceback (most recent call last):20:30
gary_poster  File "<stdin>", line 1, in <module>20:30
gary_posterTypeError: unorderable types: str() < int()20:30
hatch>>> "1" >= 120:30
hatchI thought js was messed up lol20:30
rick_h_>>> ord("1")20:31
rick_h_49 > 1 :)20:31
rick_h_welcome to ascii or unicode as the python version you're using might be20:32
gary_posterbut yes, this is one of the warts that py 3 was made to fix20:32
rick_h_whoa, chrome update looks so much nicer yay!20:32
hatchok so int(minor) should fix ?20:32
hatchsorry I mean20:32
hatchis using int() the 'proper' way20:33
hatchand people rag on JS for having oddities haha20:34
hazmaterror catching on conversion is also nice20:34
rick_h_hatch: yea, toss a test for a version with a character in it and make sure it's caught and handled ok. 20:35
hatchit should have thrown by this point so that won't be necessary 20:35
rick_h_hatch: heh, the issue is JS magically casts it for you using its own rules and that leads to wat videos20:35
hatchwill do20:35
hatchhey THIS would have been a wat video too!20:35
hatchwell how resilient will I need to make this method? Is Juju switching form semver any time soon? haha20:36
Makyogary_poster, retcon on the feature flag :( I forgot about the remove relation dialog modifications I made.20:44
MakyoWould be >15min20:44
MakyoWe just have a pre-indicator now.20:45
gary_posterMakyo: ack, good 'nuff20:48
* gary_poster has to go and work offline. I will be on email.20:51
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hatchI think the python linter is more picky than the js one21:00
hatchjujugui does anyone know if quickstart uses lbox to propose?21:04
bachatch: yes.  you can tell by the .lbox files21:04
benjihatch: I believe it does.  If it has a .lbox file it almost certainly does21:04
hatchthanks, guess this vm is missing lbox and the gophers ppa heh21:06
benjimay apt-get have mercy on your soul21:07
MakyoThis also affects bundle visualizations.21:07
hatchumm this vm doesn't have a GUI21:07
hatchhow do I auth with launchpad21:08
MakyoUh, crap, I forgot.21:08
hatchMakyo didn't you run into this issue some time?21:08
rick_h_install links2 and update-alternatives?21:08
hatchthe lbox w/o a gui?21:08
hatchrick_h_ that really the only way?21:10
bachatch: doesn't it spit out a LP url for lplib auth?  if so, you could visit it in another browser. no?21:11
hatchbac it doesn't21:11
hatchat least here it's not21:12
bachatch: you can always just do a LP MP21:12
bacold skool21:12
hatchthat will skip reitveld though no?21:12
hatchyeah I think i'd much prefer someone to comment on my first mostly-solo python branch hah21:12
bachatch: still can do reviews on a launchpad merge proposal21:13
bacin fact, we insist21:13
hatchohh I didn't know that21:13
hatchin that case...21:13
bacpush your branch, go to it in the browser of your choice, select something that smells like "propose for merging"21:14
hatchyup typing it out now21:14
hatchjujugui lf quickstart review and qa https://code.launchpad.net/~hatch/juju-quickstart/no-more-sudo/+merge/203846 21:15
hatchhttp://shop.oreilly.com/product/0636920028154.do wow 1600 pages for learn python book hah21:25
MakyoOh hush.21:46
MakyoYou're nearing 'evangelism', but you work for a company that lists python as a core technology :P21:47
Makyo(Though juju in Node would certainly be interesting :D )21:48
hatcheveryone knows node is faster than python anyways 21:49
* hatch ducks and runs21:49
hatchseriously though, 1600 pages is a lot for any book haha21:50
hatchhey huwshimi22:06
hatchMakyo definitely like the emoticon in your PR22:09
hatchare those fish?22:09
MakyoThey're pennants.22:10
MakyoOur feature flags are now actual flags.22:10
MakyoBoo, build failed.  Investigating.22:10
MakyoDAMNIT.  I ran make prep >:/22:11
Makyoone commit ago.22:12
hatchhmm I am running juju 1.17.1 and it's requiring sudo for local22:12
huwshimihatch: This is the correct way to check if the viewport has changed right? Y.on('windowresize', function(e) {...22:17
hatchjust resize22:17
hatchY.on('resize', function(e) { ...22:17
hatchhuwshimi although there is a windowresize which normalizes the resize event across browsers22:19
hatchevent-resize I think22:19
huwshimihatch: Hmm.... neither seem to be firing22:19
hatchtry Y.config.doc.on('resize' ..22:19
hatchor Y.config.win22:19
hatchsec looking22:21
hatchhuwshimi you can probably just get away with Y.one('window').on('resize', ...22:22
huwshimihatch: config.doc and config.win don't exist22:22
hatchY.cfg? maybe22:22
hatchcrap now I gota go look22:22
hatchyeah it's Y.config.doc 22:23
hatchand Y.config.wion22:23
huwshimiY.one('window').on('resize' works22:23
hatchso there really is nothing in Y.config.doc?22:23
hatchin jujucharms.com there is22:23
hatchbut it's fine the Y.one('window') is ok, Y.one(Y.config.win) would be better though :)22:24
hatchif it actually exists22:24
hatchY.config.win/doc are supposed to be referenced to the 'actual' cached doc and windowreference 22:25
huwshimiAh, I mis-read the error: Uncaught TypeError: Object #<HTMLDocument> has no method 'on'22:25
hatchohh ok22:25
hatchso they changed that22:25
hatchyeah Y.one('Y.config.win).on('resize', ...22:25
hatchit used to be a Y.Node, they must have changed that for perf22:26
huwshimiAh ok22:26
huwshimihatch: Strangely though that seems to fire twice on every resize.22:27
hatchput a debugger before you attach your event, it's likely that you are attaching it twice22:28
hatchresize also fires periodically as the user is resizing so you 'may' also be seeing that22:28
huwshimihatch: It looks like the attachment only happens once, but the event fires twice22:30
hatchand the event objects passed into the callbacks are the same?22:31
huwshimihatch: I wonder if we only want to show this message once in a session?22:32
huwshimihatch: zooming in the browser fires a viewport resize event so it'll pop up a lot of messages while you're zooming22:33
hatchok load in the event-resize module (add it to the requires) and then listen on windowresize22:35
hatchthat debounces the resize events22:35
huwshimihatch: What does that do?22:36
hatchsorry debouncing means that every time something is fired it resets a time22:36
hatchonce that timer runs out it fires the event22:36
huwshimihatch: Do you happen to know what that time is?22:37
huwshimiActually we might not want a timer here22:37
hatch100ms http://yuilibrary.com/yui/docs/api/files/event_js_resize-window.js.html#l2722:38
huwshimiFor example if you're zooming back in after a few minutes you probably don't want to see the message again22:38
hatchohh right, I don't actually know what you're working on :)22:38

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