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ianousHello. Anyone here?04:57
thumperianous: kinda05:00
thumperbut just EODing05:00
thumperthere are others who are around though05:01
thumperjust ask your questions :)05:01
thumperor say hi05:01
ianousAt this hour...I'm suprised someone's actually here.05:01
lifelessianous: 6pm ?05:02
ianousIt's 7 am here...05:03
lifelessianous: welcome to the globe05:03
lifelessI know, right!05:03
ianousit's actually nice but I have no idea what timetables people are usually around here.05:03
ianousYou know..peak hours and sorts05:04
ianousAnyone knows btw about using private openstacks with juju? I"m trying to get behind the logic with generate-image and public puckets and all.05:05
ianousAnd I feel kinda lost05:05
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noodles775marcoceppi: Have you seen this error in amulet before? As if it's got the 2.x urllib module loaded... http://paste.ubuntu.com/6837138/11:04
marcoceppinoodles775: yes, this was an issue I think I patched in trunk11:08
noodles775marcoceppi: cool, I'll run with trunk again. Thanks.11:09
marcoceppinoodles775: yeah, sorry about that it'll be released with that patch this week11:10
mrammfrankban: you around?11:34
hazmatjamespage, i heard you mentioned that deployer is incompatible with 1.17 which isn't true afaics, what's that about?11:35
jamespagehazmat, "state watcher was stopped" ?11:35
jamespagehazmat, sometime during a deployment, the deployer exits11:36
hazmatjamespage, that's fixed in juju-core trunk11:36
jamespagewith that error message11:36
jamespagehazmat, ok - so is juju-deployer compatible with any released version of juju?11:36
Berethazmat, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6837352/11:36
frankbanmramm: yes I am11:36
hazmatjamespage, well that issue can appear with 1.17 .. 1.17.1 has the fix though.11:37
jamespagehazmat, ah - ok - nuding that through now11:37
mrammhazmat: ok11:37
hazmatand that issue can appear with 1.16.5.. i can try for a work-around.11:37
mrammhazmat: I that's the thing that was causing the relations not to be added on some of our demos11:37
mrammand why we have been pushing forward to 1.17.1 this morning11:38
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evmarcoceppi: is amulet breaking with include-base64 a problem you're aware of? We ran into this: https://code.launchpad.net/~doanac/ubuntu-ci-services-itself/amulet-unit-config-fix/+merge/20372914:17
marcoceppiev: I didn't know there was a base64 include option in deployer14:18
marcoceppiamulet has no idea about this feature, could you file a bug? I can probably get a fix out this week14:19
noodles775marcoceppi: Having trunk amulet on the pythonpath is enough for running tests manually, but not for running via juju test? Do you know what I need there? http://paste.ubuntu.com/6838092/14:31
marcoceppinoodles775: yeah, PYTHONPATH isn't pushed in to the testing environment. I'll add that to the whitelist good catch14:31
evmarcoceppi: Chris Johnston is on it now14:32
marcoceppinoodles775: I've got a patch for that landing in charm-tools now, but I'll have to roll a release of charm-tools for the new test14:35
marcoceppiproably won't land until later tonight14:35
noodles775marcoceppi: Great - thanks. No rush here, I can keep running tests manually :)14:35
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cjohnstonmarcoceppi: bug #127414215:02
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marcoceppicjohnston: ta!15:05
tomixxxhi is juju fully installed an a node if i can read : "cloud-init boot finished at Wed,...... +0000. Up 136.3 seconds" ?15:11
tomixxxplz help, i have now isntalled juju, do i have to deploy services on my maas-server or on the juju-node?15:19
tomixxxif i hit "juju deploy mysql" on the maas-server no answer is prompted from the terminal15:20
tomixxxon my node, i can see "cloud1 login:"15:20
tomixxxif i enter juju status it prints me nothing.... i get simply no terminal output...15:28
tomixxxdoes someone know what the problem is ? :(15:28
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marcoceppitomixxx: what does the output of juju status look like, please put it in paste.ubuntu.com15:37
tomixxxthere is nothing, only the black background after hitting "enter"15:38
tomixxxone of my nodes show me "cloud1 login:" but i dont know what username and passwort is need here...15:38
tomixxxdo i have to enter "juju status" on the maas-server-terminal or on the node?15:39
marcoceppitomixxx: you enter juju status from where you ran juju bootstrap15:40
tomixxxmarcoeppi: ok, that is the maas-server then15:40
marcoceppitomixxx: can you please run `juju version` then `juju status --debug` and add the outputs to paste.ubuntu.com?15:40
tomixxxmarcoceppi: ok15:41
marcoceppitomixxx: did you run sudo bootstrap or just bootstrap?15:48
marcoceppisudo juju bootstrap* or just juju bootstrap*15:48
tomixxxonly "juju  bootstrap"15:48
marcoceppitomixxx: okay, good15:48
marcoceppitomixxx: can you `ssh cloud1.master`15:49
marcoceppitomixxx: can you `ssh ubuntu@cloud1.master`15:50
tomixxxit says "could not resolve hostname cloud.master: name or service not known"15:50
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marcoceppitomixxx: do you have dns running on your maas node?15:57
marcoceppitomixxx: paste initctl list | grep maas15:57
tomixxxmarcoceppi: pastebin.ubuntu.com/683854715:58
tomixxxmarcoeppi: i have set the interface of the cluster-controller to be managed "dhcp and dns"15:59
tomixxxbtw, i have replaced the host name of the nodes from the suggested one (i guess it was or sth like that) to "cloud1", "cloud2" and so one16:00
tomixxxbut this should not be a problem, i guess16:01
marcoceppitomixxx: this sounds like a networking/dns issue with maas. Can you ssh direclty in to the ip address?16:01
tomixxxyou mean i should try "ssh ubuntu@"?16:02
marcoceppino,, if that's the IP address it's allocated16:02
tomixxxseems to work, it asks me "Are you sure you want to continue connecting (yes/no)?"16:02
tomixxxand in front it says "The authenticity of host '' cant be established. ECDSA key fingerprint is xx:xx:..16:03
tomixxxshould i say "yes" ?16:05
jcastrohey the queue doesn't look so bad today16:10
tomixxxwhen i open head in "resolv.conf.d" there is nothing in the file16:12
tomixxxthen i have a file called "original" with search ... and nameserver ... entries16:13
tomixxxmaybe, sometime in past, i have modified head for some reason?16:13
tomixxxcould this cause the problem?16:13
tomixxxmarcoceppi: are u still here?16:35
marcoceppitomixxx: yes, one second16:36
tomixxxmarcoceppi: i have to go now. But i will be here tomorrow again. if u have some hint for me, you can send me a private message. would appreciate it!16:50
roaksoaxhi all18:27
roaksoaxso I deployed a charm from the charm store18:27
roaksoaxand now I need to upgrade the charm from a local repository18:28
roaksoaxhow can I do that?18:28
roaksoaxmarcoceppi: thoughts?18:30
roaksoaxroaksoax@pursue:~/test$ juju upgrade-charm --repository . local:hacluster18:31
roaksoaxerror: invalid service name "local:hacluster"18:31
marcoceppiroaksoax: you can run --switch18:31
marcoceppijuju upgrade-charm --switch --repository . local:hacluster18:32
marcoceppiroaksoax: it's very hulk smashish in that it ignores revisions all together18:32
roaksoaxmarcoceppi: ok cool, thanks!18:36
roaksoaxmarcoceppi: roaksoax@pursue:~/test$ juju upgrade-charm --switch --repository . local:haclsuter18:36
roaksoaxerror: unrecognized args: ["local:haclsuter"]18:36
roaksoaxmarcoceppi: got it18:37
roaksoaxroaksoax@pursue:~/test$ juju upgrade-charm --switch local:hacluster hacluster18:38
jcastrohey lazyPower18:50
jcastroI saw you touching owncloud18:50
jcastroI think the install hook needs an update btw18:50
jcastrolast I checked the version was woefully out of date18:50
lazyPowerits not providing a version identifier18:51
lazyPowerAlready in my notes, currently on hold while i review OpenMRS18:51
lazyPoweri may tag it, and after the audit branch it and give it some upgrade lovin18:52
jcastrolazyPower, I have this thing where I wish all charms had version options in config19:05
lazyPowerThe picky part of that is if the charm installs from upstream, how do you validate the hash when someone chooses a newer version?19:07
lazyPowermbruzek and I are actually in a conversation about this as we speak19:07
jcastroin this case you could config the enterprise version19:08
jcastrothe .org stuff has an opensuse build system repo, so there's kind of like 3 options19:09
mbruzekHi jcastro I want more details on how you would implement a version option.19:11
mbruzekSo the 1.9.7 version of OpenMRS is current, I got a review comment that I need to cryptographically verify the file I download19:12
mbruzekAny newer version we would not be able to verify.  Is that OK?19:12
jcastroyeah that's a good question19:13
sarnoldwhy not?19:13
* jcastro sees what marco did in phpmyadmin19:13
lazyPowerhis comment at the top of the file is priceless19:14
* mbruzek is checking if there is a hash to verify against19:16
sarnoldoh jeeze; preg_replace(.../e)19:16
mbruzeksarnold, was that to me?19:17
lazyPowernope, for marco's parser19:17
lazyPowerline 1019:17
jcastrosarnold, the entire thing is glorious19:17
sarnoldmbruzek: it is my wailing, gnashing of teeth, and rending asunder my clothing19:17
sarnoldplease tell me we don't ship that19:18
jcastrolazyPower, wait until you start to find that there are plenty of upstreams that don't sign their releases at all, depressing.19:18
lazyPowersarnold, http://sideshowsito.com/hulk_smash_loki.gif19:18
sarnoldlazyPower: yes please :)19:18
lazyPoweri feel like that line is about as useful as goto, in specific contexts, very acceptable, but comes with such a stigma that most developers choose to stray away from it.19:19
lazyPowerand as much as it may be hated, its useful in this context19:19
sarnoldlazyPower: when the context appears to be "load random content from the internet and then proceed to execute it", it's hard for me to be too sympathetic19:20
jcastroanyone have issues with this?19:20
rick_h_jcastro: doing that will block ingestion19:21
jcastroso I was thinking maybe a good idea would be for config to pass along a URL to an upstream source?19:21
rick_h_jcastro: so any charm without a cateogry will not get updated until touched19:21
jcastrorick_h_, what do you mean?19:21
jcastrooh, as in, you use charm-tools as part of the ingestion process and that would break stuff19:21
rick_h_jcastro: if charm proof makes that an error, no charm without a category can get updated in the store. They'll go into an error state19:21
jcastrorick_h_, would doing this post-audit make more sense then?19:22
rick_h_jcastro: yes, in order for a charm to get past ingestion it needs to pass proof without errors19:22
rick_h_jcastro: +119:22
rick_h_jcastro: it's a warning and should be part of getting 'recommended' but not required as an error imo19:22
rick_h_policy vs proof basically19:22
jcastrorick_h_, I've updated the bug, feel free to add on19:23
rick_h_jcastro: cool19:23
lazyPowersarnold, ah, i was looking into attack vectors utilizing preg_replace, i see where you're coming from now19:25
evhazmat: does juju-deployer not support ;revno= in bzr branches? Doesn't seem to work19:41
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jcastrohey sinzui20:18
jcastroare there backport-for-12.04 plans for the 1.18.x series?20:18
sinzuijcastro, We make backports, but I don't know what the SRU policy will be.20:20
sinzuijcastro, there might be blockers such as switching juju to juju-monogo and gccgo20:21
jcastrook I will ask around20:21
hazmatev re deployer revision support.. syntax is   lp:bzr@revno20:23
hazmatev, also works for git repos20:23
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evhazmat: star! Thanks!21:52
perrito666fwereade: hi21:56
fwereadeperrito666, heyhey21:56
perrito666you caught me online :p21:56
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