topoiwho's using 14.04?01:00
Poisoned_DragonBut I know nothing.01:01
topoime also v. little, but am noticing several bugs01:02
Poisoned_DragonIt's in Alpha release. Of course there is going to be bugs. Go report them. :)01:02
valorieI did the upgrade, but am mostly using 13.10 still01:02
valorieyes, we need the bug reports, topoi!01:03
Poisoned_Dragonshould have done a clean install01:03
topoiok, i've never submitted a bug report before01:03
valoriePoisoned_Dragon: I did the upgrade as a test, and reported my results01:04
Poisoned_DragonI haven't had too many issues.01:04
valorietopoi: any packaging errors or problems upgrading, etc. should be reported on launchpad, or using ubuntu-bug01:05
Poisoned_DragonMost issues were app related.01:05
topoianyone getting those lightbulbs instead of notifications?01:05
valorieif it's a KDE issue, then those bugs are reported on http://bugs.kde.org01:05
valoriethe lightbulb *is* a notification01:06
topoivalorie, should the these lightbulb notifications duplicate themselves, like, 7-8 times across the menu bar?01:07
valoriethat is def. a bug01:07
topoithought so01:07
valorietopoi: could it be this? https://www.kubuntuforums.net/archive/index.php/t-58458.html01:10
Poisoned_DragonOh... I remember that01:12
Poisoned_DragonI purge flash-installer01:12
topoivalorie: hmm not sure that applies01:12
valorieit is update-notifier I think01:13
valoriebut dinner, gotta go01:13
ubottuUbuntu bug 993672 in intltool-debian (Ubuntu) "Ships malformed interactive upgrade hook which causes translations to be shown in the dialog" [Medium,Confirmed]01:13
valoriecomment if you think that's your bug01:14
Poisoned_DragonThe lightbulb usually informs you that a package needs to download additional data in order to complete it's installation.01:14
Poisoned_DragonWhich is usually flash-installer.01:14
Poisoned_DragonEither run the download, or purge it.01:14
topoiit is an update, relates to ecryptfs (which i don't actually use)01:15
Poisoned_Dragonoh, huh01:16
topoiis it safe to purge ecryptfs?01:16
Poisoned_DragonMeh, download it anyway.01:17
Poisoned_DragonNever know if you have to mount an encrypted volume.01:17
LinnakIs it possible to change the color of the classic startmenu?01:24
Poisoned_DragonMy is different because I changed the theme.01:25
Poisoned_DragonI dunno if can be changed on it's own.01:25
LinnakPoisoned_Dragon: On every desktop theme and window decoration is the same gray.01:27
Poisoned_DragonSystem Settings; Workspace Appearance; Desktop Themes.01:32
Poisoned_DragonClick the Details tabs, and see if you can pick a different theme for Kickoff only.01:32
LinnakPoisoned_Dragon, I can but still gray.01:37
Poisoned_DragonI guess I'm not much help. It works on my end01:42
LinnakPoisoned_Dragon, ok. thanks01:43
bjrohanWhen I put an audio CD into my drive, then use dolphin to copy the files to my HDD (mp3), the files are larger on my HDD, plus it never finishes copying, even though it says 100%. When I close the copying dialog, I still can't open the MP3 on my hdd with VLC02:50
bjrohanany thoughts?02:51
Poisoned_DragonOh... wait.. I see it now.02:51
Poisoned_Dragonnever mind02:51
Poisoned_DragonI misunderstood. That's all.02:54
Poisoned_DragonI thought that the problem was simpler than it was. I see the light now.02:54
bjrohanTo me it is odd02:55
bjrohanHmm interesting that the files on my hdd are write protected when I try to delte them02:56
bjrohanEven though I am running Dolphin with no special permissions02:57
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valoriebjrohan: I've noticed the write-protect on stuff I've gotten through Dolphin as well, sometimes03:31
valorieI think it might have something to do with the original CD03:31
TheMontyChriststrange thing just happened03:53
TheMontyChristI rebooted03:53
TheMontyChristand now I can't login03:53
TheMontyChristthe login screen appears03:53
TheMontyChristtype in password03:53
TheMontyChristlooks like it's about to go to the desktop03:53
TheMontyChristand then it just goes back to the login screen.03:54
TheMontyChristcurrently using text more irssi03:54
TheMontyChristreally like to get my desktop back.03:54
TheMontyChristperhap switching back to unity could help?03:54
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valorieTheMontyChrist: what did you do before rebooting?04:01
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cillo551kubuntu dont see my mobile broadband usb stick at first , it only shows up when I take it off from usb port and put it back , how can fix it that shows it from the first time07:48
lordievaderGood morning.08:52
opiwahnhello. I am using Kubuntu 13.10. If have two possiblities to get Launcher-Icons to the the panel: 1st I can choose "add to panel" . 2nd is (and its the "newer option") to choose "Add a launcher to panel when not running" when the program ist running, right? How can I change the icon-size of the 2nd thing?08:57
opiwahnI think its called "QUICKLAUNCH"09:11
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BluesKajHey all11:28
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riano|afkHello BluesKaj11:30
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BluesKajHi riano11:30
ovidiu-florinIf I may, Kmail users, please vote if you agree: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=33053311:44
ubottuKDE bug 330533 in folders "There should be a global setting for Keep replies in the folder of the message being replied to" [Wishlist,Unconfirmed]11:44
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duckdiveI need to implement a communication with a externel Hardware (FPGA) which is connected over an external memory bus.14:55
duckdiveSorry wrong channel ;)14:56
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geniiduckdive: Might want to try ##hardware or #edev ;)15:05
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rberganybody know what the run bar at the of the screen is called? the one you get when you hit atl-f2?, mine is stuck and I want to kill it17:04
jussirberg: krunner17:09
rbergthats it! thanks17:10
rbergI wonder what caused it to get stuck with a 1/2 typed word17:10
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lonepalm24Newbie to linux. I've tried out KDE and Gnome and prefer Gnome, but I like KDE's chat (telepathy?) better. Any way I can integrate that into gnome instead of using empathy?19:08
W8KWA_Charlesyes, but it means bringing in a lot of KDE dependancies19:09
lonepalm24is that a bad thing?19:10
W8KWA_CharlesDepends on your system19:10
W8KWA_CharlesThink of it as partialy loading KDE in order to run it, meanns more system memory19:11
lonepalm24essentially anything empathy is used for in gnome I would want to change it out for KDE's chat client. I believe I have plenty of power to be able to do that.19:11
lonepalm248gb ram, plenty of HDD19:12
W8KWA_Charlesthen yeah, I think you can yank out empathy ok, but telepathy wont intergrate specificly into that drop down list19:13
lonepalm24i was a little foolish in thinking I could just install it...it worked ok, but when I tried to join group chats it would use empathy...I removed empathy and I was getting all sorts of crashes from telepathy...19:14
W8KWA_Charlesit will probably end up with an extra icon19:14
W8KWA_CharlesIt probaly yanked out a few files telepathy was useing19:14
W8KWA_Charlespurge telepathy, then re-install it19:14
lonepalm24do i need to purge empathy first at all or anything?19:15
W8KWA_CharlesYou could try sure you want to get rid of empathy anyways19:16
lonepalm24ok, so battle plan is to purge empathy and telepathy...then just install telepathy again? It just won't completely integrate into the menu or anything right19:17
lonepalm24ok great. thank you. i will give it a shot19:17
psyentologisthi ya'll... when i installed kubuntu inside of ubuntu, i don19:18
psyentologistt have a wireless icon like i do on the dashboard of ubuntu19:18
psyentologisti have like a speaker icin, this little i witha  circle around it , the time etc... but no wifi icon.. can someone tell  me how to get it on there?19:19
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W8KWA_Charlesshould be a network plug on your task bar19:24
psyentologista network plug?19:25
psyentologisti dont see it ..19:25
geniipsyentologist: At the end of the panel on the right is a semi-circle. If you hover over it a opup says something like "Panel Tool Box". Click it, a new bar appears. From the new bar, choose Add Widgets. The new bar should now have a selection of widgets from which you can drag the one called "Network Management" onto your bottom panel.19:25
psyentologistoooohh,, genii THANKYOU Very MUCH!! I'll go look now! :) Thankyouthankyou!! :) :)19:26
genii( you may need to scroll the other widgets over to get to that one )19:26
psyentologistPhew! I got it. genii Thanks (AGAIN) LOL! See I've been having to log into gnome 1st,  find a wireless network from there, connect and THEN I can use it when i log back into Kubuntu19:29
psyentologistwhat a pain it was. Now i got that little wifi icon next to my clock and speakers and stuff.. very good19:29
geniipsyentologist: Glad to assist.19:30
psyentologisti don't get why it's not automatically on there by default, i didn't even know it was a widget either. i thought it was part of the system19:30
psyentologisti messed around with the widgets too. I put a spell checker and power button on my system tray from the widget list but i never did notice network stuff on there... lol!19:31
psyentologistnow all i need to do is figure out a way to play quakelive from linux ... i hate that it's not playable in the web browser anymore :(19:31
W8KWA_CharlesIts also in the 'System Settings' too from the menu19:32
geniipsyentologist: There could be a couple things. A small up-arrow next to those icons shows other ones which may be hidden. Right-click on that arrow also brings up "System Try Settings" which if selected, you can check which are shown and which are hidden, etc19:32
geniiSystem Tray Settings, rather, not Try ;)19:33
geniipsyentologist: There could be a couple things. A small up-arrow next to those icons shows other ones which may be hidden. Right-click on that arrow also brings up "System Tray Settings" which if selected, you can check which are shown and which are hidden, etc19:33
geniiSorry to everyone else for the twice but they left before I hit Enter earlier :)19:34
psyentologistgenii:  Oh wow! I just saw the option for it and so i checked it. So I can remove  that network management widget now i presume.19:35
psyentologisti don't need both of the wifi icons19:35
geniipsyentologist: There you go, now you know a couple different ways to navigate the bar :)19:36
psyentologistYep! Very awesome19:36
psyentologistsay genii, do you get people who pay you like bitcoins or something to stay on here and answer questions like that ?19:37
geniipsyentologist: Just curious... you are using something like xnest or xephyr?19:38
psyentologisti've never heard of xnest or xephyr, i dont think I've got them running19:38
geniipsyentologist: Nah, i just do it for humanitarian reasons19:38
psyentologisti don't even know what they are19:38
psyentologistgenii:  that's nice for you to spend the time to help people out. it's greatly appreciated to those of us whom are poor and struggling such as myself19:39
psyentologistso what's xnest and xephr?19:39
geniipsyentologist: They allow you to run a different X session inside your current one.19:39
geniipsyentologist: So I guess instead you are running Kubuntu inside a VM19:40
psyentologistNo. i'm running exclusive Kubuntu19:40
geniipsyentologist: Ah, OK. your comment earlier of "hi ya'll... when i installed kubuntu inside of ubuntu"  ... I must have misinterpreted then :)19:42
psyentologistgenii:  After I installed Ubuntu a couple days ago (i broke something  in it so i had to reinstall it) I typed "sudo apt-get -install kubuntu-desktop" from the dos prompt, and it added the kde too19:42
psyentologistooh okay lol19:42
psyentologisti think i can switch users and open up the guest account and theoretically have two sessions running simotaneously though19:43
psyentologisti've had linux for what seems like forever, but I really know very little about it.. i'm on the microsoft research panel and I get to try out free copies of windows all the time19:43
W8KWA_CharlesSounds messy to me19:43
geniipsyentologist: We won't hold that against you ;)19:44
psyentologisti'm really good about messing up my installs of linux cuz I like to poke and prod around into things that I probably shouldn't be messing with ! LOL! and sure enough, i mess it all up19:44
psyentologistAwww !! Thanks genii19:44
* bprompt sets mode psyentologist +prodder +poker19:45
* W8KWA_Charles yanked my ubuntu off a few days ago too, installed Kubuntu, just running it as a desktop now. Been years since I used kde19:45
psyentologisthehehe lol! :)19:45
psyentologistSo anyways, now I'm going to figure out the new quakelive standalone client and try and get it running decently in linux ....  thanks again fellas! :)19:48
geniipsyentologist: Good luck, and of course you know where we are if you require further assistance19:49
psyentologistgenii:  Absolutley! Take care! :)19:49
bpromptpsyentologist:    no worries, <tone value="tony-soprano">   fogetaboutit </tone>19:50
lynn_Can anyone see this?20:05
W8KWA_Charlesyes lynn_20:05
lynn_Great.  I'm curious to know if Kubuntu can be upgraded online as regular Ubuntu can be.20:06
W8KWA_Charlesas in pagages, or full distro20:07
W8KWA_Charlespackages even20:07
lynn_Can anyone see this?20:10
geniilynn_: Yes indeed :)20:10
lynn_Great.  I'm curious to know if Kubuntu can be upgraded online as regular Ubuntu can be.20:11
geniilynn_: As W8KWA_Charles remarked, yes.20:11
lynn_So, within Kubuntu's software upgrading utility, I can click whatever word is has for upgrading to the next version online, right?20:12
lynn_I know I'm repeating myself.  I'm asking for verification because Kubuntu is maintained separately from Ubuntu even though it's based on Ubuntu.  Its maintainers have to keep KDE & all its apps up to date.  So, I'm wondering if regular Ubuntu's upgrading utility allows that.20:13
lynn_I haven't seen the answer to this anywhere in Kubuntu's site.20:15
geniilynn_: If a new version of Kubuntu becomes available for you to upgrade to, it will automatically appear as an option for you to choose.20:21
geniilynn_: As for regular software upgrades, you should also be automatically notified when they are available20:22
lynn_Thank you.  That's exactly what I wanted to know.  Can you tell me what server provides the upgrade?  Is it one from the regular Ubuntu site?  If so, how is it that it can provide the upgrade to Kubuntu, with its KDE & apps?20:24
lynn_Btw, I assumed that the regular software updates could be made online.  I assumed that the Kubuntu site provided those.20:25
geniilynn_: The main Ubuntu mirrors also are where the Kubuntu-specific packages are at, they don't come from some other place :)20:31
genii( unless you're using PPAs or something)20:31
lynn_Thanks, Genii.  Does that mean that the regular Ubuntu upgrade servers keep contain all the KDE & its apps software, too?20:43
geniilynn_: Yes20:43
lynn_Wow.  I'm amazed.  They must have the same, then, for the other DEs, except, perhaps, for Cinnamon and Mate, right?20:44
lynn_If Shuttleworth doesn't want to support Kubuntu, why would he maintain the KDE suite in his servers?20:47
geniilynn_: All the different distributions use the same mirrors, it is just up to each to decide for themselves what support and development they want to do. So all Kubuntu, Xubuntu are on the regular mirrors. Also even if the Kubuntu people and Canonical people have philosophical diffferences about Mir/Wayland or so on, it's not a large enough reason to be mean about it.20:52
geniiOh, I almost forgot to include Lubuntu in the mix there too :)20:53
lynn_Put me back in.20:57
lynn_I wasn't thinking of their being mean about it, only simply not supporting the DE, esp. KDE, and the other graphical rendering engine, Wayland.20:59
lynn_So, I gather that you're saying that the Ubuntu servers support Wayland, too, right?21:00
geniilynn_: Whatever packages the Kubuntu devs provide ( whether that is based on Wayland or anything else) that are a part of the most current Kubuntu release will always be in the regular mirrors. There are of course also official Kubuntu PPA which have other stuff like later KDE versions or so on21:10
lynn_Ok.  Thank you.  You'be been the only one to answer me.  Thank you very much for that.  You've answered my concerns.  I'll be able to proceed w/ Kubuntu now.  Thanks, again.21:15
geniilynn_: You're welcome21:18
keithzgAnyone else having the problem of every second login a dual-monitor setup is stuck with mirrored displays, or know of a bug open in regards to it? Seeing it on two recent Intel-based PCs at work.22:42
Poisoned_DragonIntel based can mean anything. Is the GPU intel based?22:44
keithzgPoisoned_Dragon: Yeah, it's an all-Intel build, no discrete GPU.22:53
keithzgBoth show up in lspci as "Intel Corporation Xeon E3-1200 v3/4th Gen" VGA controllers.22:54
Poisoned_Dragonhmm... I don't do multi-monitor display. However, if your settings are misbehaving, you may have to add some conf files to /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/ to force the video tom comply.22:55
keithzg(specifically rev 06)22:55
keithzgYeah I was thinking that.22:56
keithzgMight have to brush off my rusty ol' xorg.conf knowledge, hope it has some vague application in this day and age ;)22:56
Poisoned_Dragonjust rememeber there is no single xorg.conf by default, unless you use nvidia or ati drivers.22:57
keithzgwell yeah, hence the xorg.conf.d22:57
* Poisoned_Dragon nods22:57
ubottuThe /etc/X11/xorg.conf file is deprecated, but sometimes may still be needed to pass values to specific drivers. Generic xorg.conf generation: http://ubottu.com/y/xorgconf - ATI/AMD ( fglrx driver ) specific: http://ubottu.com/y/atiamd - NVidia ( nvidia driver )specific: http://ubottu.com/y/nvidia man xorg.conf for file structure and syntax.22:57
Poisoned_DragonI have to do it to keep the gpu on this lappy in line22:57
keithzgalthough I remember when EVERYTHING was just xorg.conf. And having to edit it all the damn time.22:57
Poisoned_DragonYeah, the darker times.22:58
* genii sips and ponders x86config22:58
Poisoned_Dragonugh... that too.22:58
keithzgHmm. Is there any equivalent generators for Intel? One of the computers is a bit of a wonky setup, with a monitor rotated and the second monitor halfway up it to the right, which I imagine will make the config a bit ugly.22:59
Poisoned_Dragonsadly, the arch wiki has tons of info on xorg.conf.d22:59
Poisoned_Dragoneven have intel examples22:59
geniikeithzg: Probably want to use the generic one then, after changing the drivernames in there as appropriate22:59
Poisoned_Dragonyou can set each port individually23:00
Poisoned_Dragon*each display port23:00
keithzggenii: it just seems a bit crazy to me that these days it's all "it's all automatic, don't worry about it!" but there's no way to read out the automatic settings into a manual one that one can then tweak :(23:06
keithzgWhich of course is exactly what I did back in the day with NVIDIA all the time, I've always had asymmetrical xorg configs back when I was using TwinView, and of course I had to add special exceptions and nonsense just to get the binary blob drivers to work right anyways.23:07
geniikeithzg: If you use the generic method, it will do a "best-guess" scenario of your hardware23:07
keithzgPeople claimed the ATI drivers at the time were far worse, which fills me with horror, 'cause NVIDIA is a nightmare.23:07
keithzggenii: well, the driver at least seems reasonable...although I'd argue it's definitely got a bug! What's the best way to tell which driver it's using, do I have to just look in the Xorg.0.log file for what module it loads?23:08
apb1963I have a problem with virtual desktops... I have difficulty verbalizing the exact problem but basically an application will "take control", such that I can't use the mouse to left click and select other apps.  I can right click - but that gives me a menu associated with the application that has "stolen control".  I can eventually regain control, but I'm not 100% sure how I do it.  It has something to do with going back to the virtual desktop where I23:09
apb1963normally use the app.23:09
bpromptapb1963:     keep in mind that "focused object" is not equivalent to "active object", I get the same on my regular workspace 1, when I have windows "always on top" and switch about, but that's just a matter of making certain the focus is moved from the active window firstly23:12
* keithzg figures that sounds like a job for "focus follows mouse" ;)23:13
apb1963bprompt: I like how you speak.  Talk more.  (Sorry, been watching Parks & Recreation... lol)23:13
apb1963bprompt: Seriously though....  Yes, I do think it has to do with "always on top"23:14
keithzgPerhaps changing the policy to "Click To Focus - Mouse Precedence" would help?23:14
apb1963keithzg: I have no idea what that means.... it might be useful, but... what does it mean in English?23:15
apb1963keithzg: Click to focus, ok I get that.. but isn't that default behavior?  What is mouse precedence exactly?  Precedence over what?  The keyboard?23:16
keithzgapb1963: There's a quick description in Window Behaviour -> Focus. There are some other options in there that might help.23:16
keithzg"If an active window has to be chosen by the system...the window under the mouse is the preferred candidate."23:17
keithzgThat's "Click To Focus - Mouse Precedence"23:17
apb1963keithzg: And that comment bprompt made... "focused object" is not equivalent to "active object".... that sounds relevant.23:18
Poisoned_Dragonkeithzg, the video driver should be intel i91523:18
keithzgPoisoned_Dragon: Oh, still? Well, fair enough. I remember that being the name back in 2006, that's getting to be quite the misnomer, heh.23:19
apb1963keithzg: where would I put this change?23:20
Poisoned_Dragonlol, I know.23:20
Poisoned_DragonWhen I was looking it up for my 82855 chipset,23:20
Poisoned_Dragoni found it was still relevant to newer chipsets and gpus23:20
* Poisoned_Dragon shrugs.23:21
keithzgapb1963: Again, in Window Behaviour -> Focus. It's in System Settings although you can easily find it in KRunner by just typing in "window behavior".23:21
apb1963keithzg: I don't see"Window Behavior"23:22
apb1963oh system settings23:22
apb1963I was right clicking on the window23:22
keithzgapb1963: It's a global setting, yeah.23:22
apb1963And going to window manager settings23:23
keithzgUmm if you do that it's also there.23:23
keithzgThe module you're actually looking at is "Focus", which you can definitely get to from right-click -> window manager settings.23:24
keithzgThis is KDE, you can do whatever you want to do in whatever way you want to ;)23:24
apb1963Yes, I can get to "Focus" from there... but there is no "Click To Focus - Mouse Precedence"23:24
keithzgYes there is.23:24
keithzgThe slider changes the policy.23:25
apb1963ok... it's already set to "click to focus"... but it says nothing about mouse precedence23:25
keithzgSo...slide it.23:25
apb1963Slide it where?23:25
apb1963to hover?23:26
apb1963I think a screenshot would help... gimme a minute23:26
apb1963keithzg: http://snag.gy/92sN6.jpg23:28
keithzgUmm, yes.23:28
apb1963so that's how it is and was23:29
apb1963I've changed nothing.23:29
keithzgIt's a slider. Far left is merely click, far right is merely hover; points inbetween are various compromises and variations between the two.23:29
apb1963ok, I didn't realize there were points in between... there's no indication of that...so I never even tried to move it... I thought it was just the two settings.23:31
keithzgWhy on earth would they make a long slider then? :P23:32
apb1963ok, i'll give that some time to see how it goes... thank you!23:32
keithzgHope it works! There are a few other options on that page that might help you too, but I'm not sure. Experimentation!23:32
apb1963The problem with experiementing if you don't know what you're doing is that you're never quite sure of what you've done.23:33
apb1963It took me literally weeks to figure out what was going on well enough to be able to verbalize it here.23:34
apb1963but thank you again :)23:34
keithzgNotice in the bottom left there's a button for "Defaults"? You can always just reset with that with each change if it doesn't solve anything :)23:34
keithzgI understand though, these kinds of problems are hard to pin down, even just terminology-wise! Best of luck.23:35
apb1963The problem with "Defaults" is that it was unclear to me if that button took my current settings and made them the defaults.... or if it did what you said....  plus, since it does do what you say.... what about all the other settings I have?  I don't want to lose the stuff that works!23:36
apb1963I've got autogroup policies and things I don't want to have to go back and redo... that was painful to setup.23:37
keithzgThat's only per-page defaults.23:37
apb1963ohhhhh ok.... more info :)23:37
bpromptapb1963:    a quick back up of ~/.kde folder should safeguard you well from any unwelcomed changes :)23:37
apb1963bprompt: didn't think of that either.  Thanks!23:37
keithzgSo if you have just "Focus" selected as the active module, then it'll only reset from there. But yeah, bprompt's point is a good one, backups of ~/.kde are your friend :)23:38
apb1963in fact... I was just about to explore "timeshift"... somebody mentioned it in the ubuntu channel, I thought I'd have a look and see.23:38
apb1963I'm gonna go make a copy of it right now :)23:39
* keithzg should probably just make a git repo of it, heh.23:40
apb1963sigh... I looked at git once several months ago.. I found it... challenging.23:40
apb1963My roots are in rcs23:41
keithzgThere's a lot to wrap your head around, but the basics, at least, are fairly simple.23:41
keithzgI found http://git-scm.com/book fairly helpful.23:41
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apb1963thanks, I'll add it to the reading list... but for now I'll just make a copy of .kde in case of disaster... though I should prolly upload it to a cloud like object somewhere. :)23:44
* apb1963 sighs again23:44
apb1963geeks work is never done23:45
keithzgI'd strongly recommend zipping/tarring it before uploading it to a cloud somewhere; lots and lots of tiny files23:45
keithzgyup yup23:45
apb1963ok, thanks for the thoughts :)23:46
bpromptapb1963:  heheh, I now and then do a quick -> zip -9ry <-- on my home folder, some kde apps do not use .kde for one, they make their own folder, I also have lots of material at .config and .local23:46
bpromptthe whole thing takes just about 5mins23:46
apb1963I have far too much on my home folder to zip the whole thing and drop it anywhere23:47
apb196337G to be precise23:47
apb1963it's why I haven't yet decided on a backup tool23:48
keithzgSolution: zip everything that starts with a dot ;)23:48
bpromptapb1963:    well, the files really where most settings are will be .kde .config and .local,  and maybe your browser's .mozilla or , and those don't take much space, I mean, you'd want to keep your bookmarks and addons/extensions too :P23:48
bprompt"37G to be precise23:49
apb1963.* is a good idea23:49
apb1963only 17M23:49
bprompt"37G to be precise"   <--- clear sign that home folder is 36gb too big :P23:50
keithzgAha, much more manageable.23:50
apb1963bprompt: where should I put the other 36G?23:50
bpromptapb1963:     dunno, I have a "dump" partition, is where I dump videos, audio, books and whatever else, I may download some things to home folder, but if I want to keep them, I moved them to either "dump" or my external drive23:51
apb19635.2G    Videos/Doctor Who Season 3 Complete Runaway Bride Included23:51
bpromptapb1963:    I used to have 3  dump partitions, about 150gbs each23:52
apb1963well, it's a good idea in theory... but I'm not too good at housekeeping23:52
bpromptcan't help if the issue is PEBKAC23:53
apb1963which is... ?23:53
bpromptwoopps, no alias =)23:53
valorieproblem is between keyboard and computer23:53
valorieso often my problem....23:54
apb1963pilot error23:54
bpromptapb1963:   http://fc08.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2010/118/5/a/PEBKAC_by_zStag.png23:54
keithzgYeah, I mean c'mon, the keyboard is between the user and the computer, get your acronyms' semantics right ;)23:55
* keithzg keeps forgetting that it's23:55
keithzg"keyboard and chair" and then wonders for an embarassing moment or two how that makes sense, heh.23:56
apb1963Yes well.. this is why we have applications... problem is there's just too much.  I need an application to manage my applications so that I can manage my applications23:56
apb1963mongo go back to work now.  Thanks again all :)23:57

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