bradmhow do we make maas refresh what it knows about a server?  I have a node that's had memory added to it, and its still showing the old amount00:13
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bigjools_bradm: needs re-commissioning00:52
bigjools_bradm: let me check if there's a way to edit00:52
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bigjoolssadly no00:54
bigjoolsyou can cheat and use "maas shell"00:54
bradmbigjools: is that a destructive command, the re-commissioning?00:54
bradmbigjools: ie, I already have things deployed to it via juju, will that be left alone?00:55
bigjoolsbradm: well you can't do it if the node is in use00:55
bigjoolsneeds to be taken out of rotation00:55
bradmbigjools: ouch.00:55
bigjoolsbradm: as I said you can cheat and use maas shell00:55
* bigjools brb00:56
bradmbigjools: the use case I'm thinking of is that we've deployed something, found out we need more ram, and add it.  its not the end of the world to not have it updated, but seems like it'd be nice to have a simple way to do it.  I'll look into maas shell and see if that'll do what we need00:56
bigjoolsbradm: I'll pastebin an example00:58
bigjoolshang on00:58
bradmsure, no rush - this isn't a major issue, just something I've noticed while deploying something00:58
bigjoolsbradm: ok well it's all Python, so you can use "from maasserver.models import Node" and then Django filters to get the node object you want01:08
bradmbigjools: right.01:09
ginghow does setting a password for the default user work in maas ? the default sets passwd/user-password-crypted to password ! - i tried a few things with this but not with any luck but it takes me some time to keep retrying it, should i be able to set it to either string password or password md5hash ? ideally i'd rather set it with a hash if possible02:15
bigjoolsging: do not set a password, use ssh public key aith02:15
gingbigjools: i've not been having much luck with that at the moment, but also we are planning to use it to deploy ubuntu desktop to desktops, the IT department have insisted they have a local admin user they can login directly with which seems reasonable given the usage02:18
bigjoolsging: then use cloud-init to configure special users,  but02:18
bigjoolsif they want a password instead of ssh auth they're a bit mad02:18
bigjoolsging: let me know how you get on deploying ubuntu-desktop, since maas is designed to deploy server02:19
gingbigjools: we are planning on testing it on real desktops in 48hours02:21
gingbigjools: do you know if replacing the ! from the default value user-password-crypted with the hash out of the shadow file should work to enabled passworded login?02:28
gingi expected it would but it didn't but now i am wondering if i made a mistake rather than it not working02:29
bradmbigjools: fwiw, I don't think only ssh key auth is sufficient - what about the times when you need to log into a console to see whats going on?03:08
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gingi'm not sure how much of security advantage there is from having no local login at all, over having a local login with password with ssh restricted to key athentication03:33
bradmI'd agree, there are plenty of reasons why you might want to log into the console - even as simple as firmware updates you want to apply03:38
lifelessyou need a local OAUTH based user code created for all machines04:04
gingi've made it work now, by adding the hash where i thought it should go, but by default ssh passworded login is enabled, that is ok for my use at the moment, but would obviously not be for internet facing servers04:14
bigjoolsbradm: fair point04:47
gingcan someone explain what should happen when enrolling a node via cd? currently for me they just shutdown after selecting the maas server, and just boot back to the cd again when restarted nothing in the maas logs atall to show they even connected to the maas server05:01
bigjoolsging: not supported, don't do it that way.  It's getting removed in Trusty.05:02
bigjoolsas you can see it's broken :)05:03
bradmwow, how do I actually redeploy a node?  I've deleted it, recomissioned, and told juju to redeploy, and its _still_ the same old filesystem05:03
gingok thanks bigjools05:18
gingi think i am going to make some people cry when i tell them this05:24
ianousbradm: What do you mean it's the same old filesystem? Didn't it re-install everything from scratch?05:51
bradmianous: no, it did not06:02
ianousDo you have access to the machine to check if it's pxe-booting correctly?06:07
bradmyeah, its definately pxe-booting06:09
bradmit seems to go through the motions, but it must just be reinstalling on the same drive, without formatting06:09
bradmjust trying to remove the node completely and redo it06:11
ianousIt doesn't feel like something it should do...At least with the stock preseed_master mine wiped everying out.06:12
bigjoolsbradm: it means it didn't pxe boot and is local booting the old install06:26
bigjoolsbut I should read scrollback more06:26
bigjoolsreinstalling without formatting?  wtf!06:27
bigjoolsI've never seen that happen and I have done about a million redeployments06:27
ianousCan't you avoid that with some clever switch in the preseed?06:29
bradmbigjools: yeah, I definately saw pxebooting, and it didn't seem to format the disk, but I definately saw package installs06:29
bradmI've removed the node, booted from pxe, which added it back in, and set it going again, seems fine now06:29
bigjoolsbradm: using d-i or curtin?06:29
bradmbigjools: it looks like standard d-i to me, I didn't set this maas server up06:30
bigjoolsbradm: well that's mad!06:35
bradmbigjools: I see you triaged my bug as wishlist :)06:35
bigjoolsis this a bug in d-i?06:35
bigjoolsyeah I'm being realistic06:36
bradmfor sure, I have no issues with that06:36
bradmand its not a hugely important issue either, really.06:36
bradmjust wanted it documented06:36
bradmwhat I'm seeing now after removing the node isn't the same as the d-i screens I'm seeing, so I'm not 100% sure on what was going on06:37
ianouswhic reminds me...has anyone lost the api commands from maas-cli?06:37
bradmbigjools: its also possible I did something in the wrong order or something, this is my first real lot of MaaS deploys06:38
bigjoolsbradm: honestly no idea.  the only reason I can think of for seeing the same filesystem as before is that something local booted.  It is possible to do that after pxe booting, maas can tell it to local boot.06:39
bigjoolsd-i really should wipe things06:40
bradmbigjools: I feel fairly comfortable that it is, it wasn't d-i I saw before06:40
bradmbigjools: if this works I'm happy to say I was just doing something wrong, basically trying to redeploy without deleting the node06:40
bigjoolsok. you had me worried06:41
bradmI definately saw some kind of apt install happening in the past, but it wasn't from d-i06:41
bigjoolsdo you have the fast installer turned on?06:44
bradmbigjools: I don't think so06:44
bigjoolscloud-init does do a lot of installations06:45
bigjoolsmaybe you saw its console output06:45
bradmyeah, could be, its hard to say06:45
bradmthis is looking much nicer, definately a fresh fs06:45
bradmand juju is deploying as expected06:45
bradmalthough I have old units for the machine hanging around dying.06:45
ianousbradm: I had that annoying thingie... At juju 1.16 you can destroy-machine --force to get rid of it06:47
bradmianous: I did hear something about that, but the help didn't say06:47
ianouswhen I couldn't see it I just lacked the right version06:48
bradmianous: it doesn't work with juju 1.16.006:48
ianous1.16.5 then06:48
ianous(I had to double-check it)06:48
bradmI'll likely be redeploying this environment once I'm all sorted with it anyway06:49
bradmbigjools: aha, I redid the delete node thing, I think I was just seeing part of the enlisting process07:18
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rvbajtv: time for a review? https://code.launchpad.net/~rvb/maas/multiple-dhcp-intf2/+merge/20370310:57
jtvrvba: branch reviewed.  I have a WIP here: https://code.launchpad.net/~jtv/maas/allow-multiple-managed-interfaces/+merge/20370811:03
jtvI still want to add one or two integration tests though.11:03
jtvI'll take a break first, but that branch should get us there.11:04
tomixxxhi, @jtv: yesterday, after re-install the maas-server, i was able to add one node to the server. the node is "ready" now :-)13:27
jtvtomixxx: glad to hear it!13:31
tomixxxty, ty for your help :-)13:31
tomixxxjtv: There is only one question left: How do the node get access to internet? Because I have observed that the node was not able to download various packages while booting.13:32
jtvThey download through a proxy that's running on the region controller.13:33
jtvIt's squid-deb-proxy.13:33
tomixxxSo, you mean the nodes do not need access to the internet?13:33
jtvThat's right.13:33
jtvUnless you want them to do internetty work, of course!13:34
tomixxxNext step, i want to deploy juju and openstack.13:34
tomixxxTheoretically spoken, how is it possible to connect the nodes to the internet?13:35
jtvSeveral ways, actually.13:35
tomixxxThe easiest? :D13:36
jtvEasiest?  Hook up all the nodes to an additional network, which is securely isolated from all the netbooting and stuff, and gets routed to the internet.13:36
jtvThen there's cheapest.  :)13:36
jtvCheapest is to give the MAAS network a route to the internet.13:36
tomixxxMy maas server has access to the internet through another network interface13:38
jtvRight.  So one thing you can do is set up forwarding in your server's firewall.13:38
tomixxxSo a kind of "bridging" ?13:39
jtvYup.  NAT would probably make the most sense — also makes it a bit harder for an attacker to get at the power management.13:39
jtvYou probably don't want strangers shutting down systems remotely just for the fun of it.  :-)13:39
jtvI haven't set this up in a long time, so I'd probably be a bad person to ask.  At the time I managed it with iptables, but there's probably much easier ways now.13:40
tomixxxkk, one thing i wounder about: at the end of the boot, the node printed a list and most of the items were "succeed" but one item "failed". And, i guess the node was not able to download some packages... is this normal?13:42
jtvIf it really was a package install, no, that's not normal and you might want to dig up some proxy logs on the server to see if anything is amiss.13:43
tomixxxdunno exactly but it was sth with archive.ubuntu.com13:43
jtvBut it's not abnormal for some other things to "fail" during a normal boot IIRC.13:43
jtvIf it was archive.ubuntu.com then yes, that's probably a package download that failed.13:44
jtvIt's possible that it just gets retried though, so if you see it again, it might be worth noting the package name and seeing later if it ended up OK.13:45
tomixxxOk, when i processed through the installation guide (http://maas.ubuntu.com/docs/install.html), I had to download the images, but the command $ maas-cli maas node-groups import-boot-images did not work. So i did sudo maas-import-pxe-files13:46
tomixxxThis worked but maybe this is the reason why some package downloads failed or is everyhting ok so far? ^^13:46
jtvShouldn't be...  IIRC the only difference is that if you ran the script by hand, it would be a direct download, not using the proxy.13:48
jtvBut the images and the packages are very much separate things.13:48
jtvWhen you commission a node, it runs from an image that it downloads from the cluster controller — it'll install just 2 packages or so from the archive.13:48
jtvThen, when you deploy, it runs an installer image which it also downloads from the cluster controller; and then it downloads more packages from the archive.13:49
tomixxxhmm ok13:49
jtvThose package downloads go through the proxy.13:49
tomixxxthe proxy is the maas-server?13:49
jtvRuns there, yes.  So that you get a bit of cache re-use between downloads.13:50
jtvFor example, every cluster controller needs to download images — but as long as they all do that through the same proxy, it's not so bad.13:50
tomixxxI understand.13:50
tomixxxSo, maybe everything just work :-)13:52
jtvHals— und Beinbruch.  :)13:52
tomixxxty :-)13:53
jtvNo worries.  I'll enjoy seeing this come to life!13:54
tomixxxok, adding 2nd node now :D13:58
jtvOnce that works, the world's your oyster.  :)13:59
jtvrvba: my "allow" branch is up for review now.  I think I'll call it a night.13:59
tomixxxHere i can see: failed to fetch http://security.ubuntu.com/buntunt/dists/precise-security/RElease.gpg Temporary failure resolving "security.ubuntu.com"14:00
jtvSo... DNS trouble.14:01
tomixxxAnd then: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.14:01
jtvThat means that you're probably not getting (some?) security updates.  I can resolve that hostname without problems, so there may be a problem with your DNS.14:02
jtv(My internet is probably not as good as yours :)14:02
tomixxxyou mean the DNS of the maas-server?14:02
jtvI think this gets resolved at the proxy, in which case I think it wouldn't be the DNS server that MAAS itself runs, but the "upstream" one.14:03
jtvBut it could be set up either way, and I don't know off the top of my head which it is.  :/14:03
tomixxxhmm, in my luster controller i set "Manage DHCP and DNS"14:04
tomixxxhowever, the node is declared "ready" - like the oder node14:04
jtvWhich is good news.14:05
tomixxxyeah, iam just a little bit worried because of these download failures...14:06
jtvThe setting means that the region controller runs a DNS server, but I don't know off the top of my head if the proxy running on the region controller will use that for its own DNS lookups.  I'm guessing not.14:06
jtvYes, that failure suggests that you're running a slightly outdated version of the OS.14:06
tomixxxso an old image?14:06
jtvNo, just old packages.14:07
jtvThe hostname that failed to resolve is for the archive that provides the latest updates.14:07
jtv(Strictly no new features, just urgent bug fixes).14:07
jtvBut AFAIK the system will periodically download the indexes again and install any such updates.14:08
tomixxxhow can i uninstall juju completely? want to re-install it too14:21
jtvtomixxx: about the most complete you can do is uninstall the package along with all its configuration, using "apt-get --purge remove <package>"14:23
tomixxxjtv: ty14:23
jtvNote that for more complex pieces of software, you may have to remove multiple packages.14:23
jtvAfter that, the command may tell you that some packages no longer have any use (as far as it knows) on your system.  If so, you can consider whether those need the same treatment.14:24
jtvTime to go... Good night!14:25
tomixxxdo i have to install juju on the maas-server or on a node?14:48
tomixxxah ok it is definitely doing sth on one of my nodes so i guess it works14:49
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tickinghey is there any information on what could cause "Can not apply stage final, no datasource found! Likely bad things to come!"16:31
tickingI just upgraded to the latest cloud-tools maas and my setup no longer works (worked fine with the latest 2013 release)16:32
tickingI have to admit, maas has been incredibly frustrating16:44
smoserticking, hm..18:06
smoserwhat did you upgrade from ?18:06
tickingsmoser: I think the october or november version18:06
smoserand was that on a deploye'd system (or enlistment)18:06
tickingsmoser: as in production use? or in configured with juju?18:08
tickingsorry, sloppy internet connectin18:10
tickingI'm currently reloading all pxe images, maybe this will fix it18:10
tickingit seems that the problem is with invalid rabbit credentials18:11
tickingmaybe they will get corrected with this :/18:11
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