samertmWebbyIT: already fixed it ;D00:02
samertmalso I don't know how to assign bugs to myself00:02
WebbyITsamertm, there is a pencil under "Assigned to". Click on it and you can choose to assign it to yourself00:02
WebbyITLet me check the MR :)00:03
samertmWebbyIT: Okay, I have to head out.00:07
samertmthese hack days are really cool :D00:07
samertmsee you guys00:07
WebbyITsamertm, thanks for the fix :)00:08
WebbyITSee you :)00:08
samertm(oh god i'm such a noob)00:08
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WebbyITmzanetti, I'm a bit confused about enum, can you link me a good guide or, if you have some time, help me tomorrow? :-)00:11
mzanettiWebbyIT: yeah, can help you tomorrow00:11
WebbyITmzanetti, wow, you're always online :D00:11
WebbyITThanks, you are too kind :)00:12
mihir_popey: we are not continuing our meetings ?04:59
mihir_or it will be enabled after sprint ?05:00
borenHow to set up account in reminder-app on desktop?05:13
dholbachgood morning07:38
JamesTaitGood morning all; happy Freethinkers Day! :-D08:49
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dpmhi fginther, when you're up, could you trigger Jenkins for https://code.launchpad.net/~samer-f/ubuntu-calendar-app/fixes-1272625/+merge/203448 - it's an external contribution, so I think that's why it hasn't run10:32
popeydpm: he's in the uk10:33
WebbyITSame problem for the calc -> https://code.launchpad.net/~samer-f/ubuntu-calculator-app/fixes-1273555/+merge/20364210:33
dpmah, nice, forgot everyone is in London now! :)10:33
dpmthanks WebbyIT10:33
dpmSamer is rocking it10:34
WebbyITsamer-f is on fire :D10:34
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mivoligonik90: hi, I'm thinking on working on bug #1272628 if it's not taken already11:00
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1272628 in Ubuntu Clock App "Leading zero in time values is distracting" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127262811:00
nik90mivoligo: sure go ahead :)11:00
mivoligonik90: I need some guidance regarding bzr though11:01
nik90mivoligo: definitely. Do you have bzr installed and set up on your computer?11:02
mivoligonik90: yes, I even did bzr branch lp:ubuntu-clock-app11:03
mivoligowhat should I do now?11:03
nik90mivoligo: oh that's great11:03
nik90mivoligo: so now you make your code changes to fix the bug11:03
nik90mivoligo: once you do that, you can save those changes to bzr by committing them -> bzr commit -m "commit message here"11:03
mivoligonik90: should I make a special branch or something?11:04
nik90mivoligo: and then push those changes back to clock app project by -> bzr push lp:~launchpadid/ubuntu-clock-app/branch-name11:04
nik90mivoligo: when you push the changes to launchpad, that's where you create a branch11:04
nik90until then you are already working on your own local branch11:05
nik90mivoligo: Take a look at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/CoreApps/DevelopmentGuide?action=AttachFile&do=get&target=Development%2Bworkflow.png11:05
mivoligonik90: ok, looks clear11:07
nik90mivoligo: can you assign the bug to yourself before starting on it11:08
popeyyeah, i tend to do "bzr branch lp:ubuntu-clock-app" and then "bzr branch ubuntu-clock-app/ fix-1273555/11:08
popeythen do my fixes in fix-1273555/ and bzr -m commit "fixes 1273555"11:08
mivoligonik90: one more thing: is there any time frame I should finish the bug fix?11:08
popeythen bzr push lp:~popey/ubuntu-clock-app/fixes-127355511:08
nik90mivoligo: not really11:08
popeyworks well for me11:08
mivoligothanks popey11:08
nik90popey: why not bzr branch lp:ubuntu-clock-app fix-127355511:09
popeyi like having both on my machine11:09
nik90it will branch it to that folder name directly11:09
nik90oh ok11:09
popeybut that's just me not knowing bzr that well ☻11:09
nik90I use the qtcreator diff feature to see the code diff...it nicely puts it in green and red colors11:10
mivoligonik90: just assigned the bug to myself :)11:10
nik90mivoligo: nice :)11:13
mivoligonik90: in the Timer I can set “60:60” Is it a known bug?11:14
mivoligonik90: also I can set “30:30" for example, in the way where the hands are not aligned with each other or 30 mark: http://screencloud.net/v/qlHm11:18
nik90mivoligo: yup they are bugs11:19
mivoligonik90: ok11:20
WebbyITpopey, nik90, try qbzr, it's gui for bzr and works as bzr, but plus q. E.g: bzr qdiff for have a colored bzr diff, bzr qcommit to choose what commit, etc etc11:21
nik90WebbyIT: oh that's nice..11:21
mivoligonik90: I know you're working on setting alarm, so maybe I better do not change the code for that11:30
nik90mivoligo: feel free to change it if you want, I can always do a bzr merge and resolve the conflicts11:30
mivoligonik90: ok11:31
fgintherdpm, ah, sorry I missed your ping, looks like that MP is merged now11:32
WebbyITfginther, same problem on https://code.launchpad.net/~samer-f/ubuntu-calculator-app/fixes-1273555/+merge/20364211:47
WebbyITCould you verify please?11:47
fgintherWebbyIT, if you become a member of the app team, the tests will run automatically11:51
WebbyITfginther, the MR is not mine, I'm member of the team (rpadovani) and I've approved it11:52
fgintherWebbyIT, ah, in that case, if you top approve it, the tests will run11:53
WebbyITfginther, ah, ok, thanks :)11:53
fgintherWebbyIT, you're welcome. please let me know if it doesn't work as expected11:54
WebbyITfginther, sure, thanks! I approved it in this moment, I'll wait a couple of hours to see if Jenkins works11:54
dpmfginther, no worries, thanks! I did not know (or didn't remember) that top-approval would trigger the test, will bear it in mind for the next ones12:00
mivoligonik90: what's the proper commit message? Should it be a bug number?12:04
WebbyITmivoligo, there is no rule, I usually write "Fixed #123 - What I fix - Other changes"12:05
mivoligoWebbyIT: thanks12:06
mivoligonik90: I've pushed the code to lp and made a merge proposal :) I hope everything is ok, should I do something in the bug report?12:14
nik90mivoligo: can you attach the branch to the bug report? This way the bug report status will be automatically changed when the branch is merged in12:16
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nik90mivoligo: also you need to add a commit message to the MP itself12:16
nik90thats the message the jenkins bot uses to merge to trunk12:17
nik90brb soon12:17
nik90mivoligo: small fix needed..qtcreator's fault12:40
mivoligonik90: manifest file?12:40
nik90mivoligo: yeah it is present in the application's root folder..it is not shown in qtcreator12:41
nik90if you look at the code diff, you will notice it has been changed12:41
mivoligonik90: yep, I've noticed that12:41
mivoligonik90: it changed automagically without me knowing ;)12:43
nik90mivoligo: yeah qtcreator has this bug :/12:43
nik90I need to report it12:43
nik90mzanetti: when you have time, can you review the alarm face fix branch at https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/fix-alarm-analogue-format/+merge/20128212:44
nik90mzanetti: the feature you described (with automatic hour increment etc), I have reported them as bugs and will tackle it in the next MP. This alarm face fix MP has important fixes that need to land asap.12:45
ahayzentimp, zsombi, can any of u guys have a look at this merge proposal for me? https://code.launchpad.net/~andrew-hayzen/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/fix-swipe-delete-002/+merge/20217112:46
mzanettinik90: I'm really busy with unity and using the little time I have for the reminders-app. is there someone else who could do the review?12:46
mzanettiif noone can do it, I will.12:46
nik90mzanetti: yeah sure I will try to find someone else12:46
nik90WebbyIT: could I interest you in a MR review? :)12:47
mivoligonik90: I've pushed again. Is that all?12:49
mzanettinik90: I try to find some time today, ok?12:49
nik90mivoligo: most likely, just testing the patch now12:50
mzanettiright now in the middle of tweaking the right edge animation12:50
nik90mzanetti: no worries, I am more looking forward to the right edge animation :)12:50
nik90mivoligo: one same issue12:56
nik90mivoligo: http://imgur.com/2MdbqkW12:56
nik90mivoligo: the preset label text left indentation has messed up12:57
mivoligonik90: noticed that as well12:57
mivoligonik90: will look at that12:57
nik90mivoligo: it would be best to anchor the preset label to column rather than the presettimeLabel and give it a larger left margin to fix the issue12:57
nik90its a one liner fix12:58
mivoligonik90: ok, so go ahead ;)12:58
nik90mivoligo: I cant fix it in your branch, only u can :)12:59
mivoligonik90: ok ok13:00
WebbyITnik90, just finished the launch :-) Yeah, sure, link it to me :)13:12
nik90WebbyIT:  https://code.launchpad.net/~nik90/ubuntu-clock-app/fix-alarm-analogue-format/+merge/20128213:12
nik90WebbyIT: thnx13:13
mivoligonik90: what you think about doing it like World clock locations to be consequent?13:13
WebbyITnik90, yw. There is something phone-related or I can test it on emulator?13:14
nik90WebbyIT: think it should work on an emulator..not sure..it is the new alarm design13:14
nik90mivoligo: hmm actually thats a great idea13:15
nik90mivoligo: I believe the stopwatch page also uses that format13:15
mivoligonik90: will do that later, need to go pick up my wife from shops now ;)13:16
nik90mivoligo: no worries, take your time :)13:16
timp13:46:04 < ahayzen> timp, zsombi, can any of u guys have a look at this merge proposal for me?  https://code.launchpad.net/~andrew-hayzen/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/fix-swipe-delete-002/+merge/20217113:21
timprenato_: ^ could you review that? you are the most familiar with the swipe-to-delete13:22
renato_timp sure13:29
timprenato_: thanks!13:29
mivoligonik90: I've pushed the fix13:58
nik90mivoligo: testing13:59
renato_timp, approved. but  I can not top approve it14:00
renato_I do not have permission for that :D14:01
mivoligonik90: I guess one more thing to do would be to use “elide” for the preset name14:01
nik90mivoligo: approved14:01
nik90mivoligo: you want me to revert the approval?14:01
nik90mivoligo: actually nevermind14:02
nik90mivoligo: I will tackle all of the elide in clock, timer, stopwatch, alarm etc in another MP14:02
mivoligonik90: thanks14:02
mivoligonik90: my very first  official contribution to the core apps ;)14:03
nik90mivoligo: that's right :) Has a nice ring to it14:03
mivoligonik90: BTW is there a bug for hands positions I've mentioned before, or is it fixed in some branch?14:05
nik90mivoligo: I think there is a bug for it..not sure...14:06
* nik90 checks14:06
mivoligonik90: I've found this one: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-clock-app/+bug/1217902 where it's mentioned in the bug description14:08
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1217902 in Ubuntu Clock App "[Clock app] Clock view needs to match design" [Undecided,Incomplete]14:08
nik90mivoligo: yup that's the one. I just need to edit the bug to make it about just one issue14:09
mivoligonik90: is someone working on the fix already?14:09
timprenato_: thank you14:09
nik90mivoligo: hey I got a question. In zeegaree, the app width is not allowed to go below a certain limit. How did you do that?14:09
timprenato_: I'll run the autopilot tests on device and take care of the top-approval14:09
nik90mivoligo: as for your question, nope no one is working on it yet14:09
mivoligonik90: it's handled in the python file14:09
mivoligonik90: there's no way to set min width in pure QML14:10
ahayzentimp, renato_, thanks guys :)14:10
nik90mivoligo: ah :/ too bad14:10
mivoligonik90: you have to believe in people's common sense :D14:15
nik90mivoligo: ?14:15
mivoligonik90: that they do not shrink their windows to much14:16
nik90mivoligo: ah ...yes I suppose14:16
timpahayzen: I'm flashing a new image on my device now, it will take a bit of time but I try to happrove it later today14:18
ahayzentimp, thanks14:21
ahayzentimp, should then be able to move the music-app onto the SDK swipedelete :)14:21
timpcool :)14:21
mivoligonik90: I've tried bug #1272470 but StateSaver does not work for me, I'm on Ubuntu 12.0414:24
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1272470 in Ubuntu Clock App "Clock app should remember the app width and height in desktop mode" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127247014:24
timpahayzen: wow, that app looks very different from the last time I tried it on desktop :)14:24
ahayzentimp, wht the music-app?14:25
timpahayzen: yes14:25
ahayzentimp, by the way to test the swipe delete use this branch...14:25
ahayzentimp, https://code.launchpad.net/~andrew-hayzen/music-app/reorder-support-001/+merge/20217214:25
timpand I like the transitions when I click next song button14:25
nik90mivoligo: oh yeah ..I think the fix hasn't been backported to 12.04 :/14:25
ahayzentimp, yeah we have been working on convergence stuff recently14:25
ahayzenrenato_, did u do the swipedelete in the SDK?14:26
renato_ahayzen, yes14:26
ahayzenrenato_, do u mind answering a few questions?14:26
ahayzenrenato_, basically before with our own implementation we had 'Clear' instead of 'Delete' and we had this with a transparent background14:27
timpahayzen: looks good :) and it may be one of the first apps doing that for desktop14:28
ahayzenrenato_, the issue with the one in the SDK is i can't see how to change the text. I tried putting a label in the background indicator, but then as we have a transparent colour u can see the default one behind :/14:28
ahayzentimp, thanks14:29
timpahayzen: why "clear"? Do you mean "remove" from the list (but not delete the song)?14:30
renato_ahayzen, I do not remember exactly how this was implemented I need to take a look to remember it, but have you tried to put a rectangle with a label14:30
ahayzentimp, when we were doing design it felt like 'delete' was too permanent for removing an item from the track queue14:31
timpahayzen, renato_ currently the text is hard-code in a Label in an internal component. No way to change it for apps14:31
ahayzentimp, so yes Clear/Remove would be preferred but the point was more how do u change it14:31
timpahayzen: I prefer "Remove" :)14:31
ahayzentimp, renato_, there is a backgroundIndicator property u use to change the background, u can put a label inside tht but then as it is transparent it shows through14:32
ahayzentimp, renato_, furthermore we wanted to change the colour of the text so it is easier to read on dark backgrounds14:32
renato_ahayzen, what I am saying is to you to use a rectangle instead a label14:32
timprenato_, ahayzen what do you think of another MR for Empty.qml in uitk that adds an alias removeText: removeLabel.text ?14:33
ahayzenrenato_, but ur label shows through because we have transparent background, unless i'm not understanding wht u mean?14:33
ahayzentimp, it would probably be useful to be able to set the colour of the text as well14:34
timpahayzen: then another option is property alias removeLabel: removeLabel14:34
renato_ahayzen, you can set a rectangle on the backgroundIndicator and use a label inside of your rectangle14:34
timpahayzen: then you can set removeLabel { text: "Remove/Clear", color: "red" }14:34
ahayzenrenato_, thats wht we did14:35
timp^that would only set the text color, not the background color14:35
ahayzenrenato_, but then as the Rectangle { opacity: .6 } ur label could be seen14:35
ahayzentimp, yeah thts wht we want :)14:35
renato_ahayzen, ok14:35
renato_now I understand14:35
ahayzenrenato_, sorry difficult to explain14:36
renato_we should make the indicator visible: false if a backgroundIndicator was set14:36
ahayzenrenato_, tht would probably be the simplest option and wht i 'expected' to happen when i tried it14:36
timpbackground color would be something to go into a style/theme, not a property of the list item.14:37
timpI think.. unless there are good reasons to have different background colors in a single app14:37
renato_ahayzen, this is very simple to implement, could you add a bug for that14:37
* timp bbl14:37
ahayzentimp, thanks for ur help see u later14:38
ahayzenrenato_, yep will do :) thanks14:38
ahayzenrenato_, something like this, i couldn't think wht to call it https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/+bug/127414014:43
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1274140 in Ubuntu UI Toolkit "Swipe delete labels should not be visible when background indicator is set" [Undecided,New]14:43
renato_ahayzen, this is ok, thanks14:56
ahayzenrenato_, np14:57
mzanettiWebbyIT: ping15:11
ahayzendpm, dpm_, was a resolution to the issue of the music-app not appearing in the software license list?15:15
WebbyITmzanetti, pong15:19
mzanettiWebbyIT: hey, just discovered that your commit introduces a quite bad bug15:20
WebbyITmzanetti, sounds bad :/ What happens?15:20
mzanettiWebbyIT: if you open an existing note, click edit and then press return, it will delete the note15:20
mzanettiWebbyIT: I'd say we just revert your commit for now and drop the back button in edit note15:21
WebbyITmzanetti, ok, sounds veeeeery bad, I'll try to found a solution asap15:21
mzanettiWebbyIT: so you always have to save (which is exactly like evernote works)15:21
WebbyITmzanetti, do you have some time now to explain how enum works with QML? I tried to read on internet, but my knowledge is too poor15:22
mzanettiWebbyIT: sure15:22
mzanettiso, do you have the enum in c++ already=15:23
WebbyITmzanetti, yap, I added in enmldocument.h and I modified all functions to accept EnmlDocument::Format format15:23
mzanettiwait, I need to check the code... gimme a moment15:24
WebbyITmzanetti, I haven't pushed it15:24
mzanettiyeah... I meant the existing code15:24
WebbyITah ok :)15:24
mzanettiWebbyIT: ok... so there is one issue: qml doesn't know anything about the EnmlDocument class15:26
mzanettiWebbyIT: qml can only know about classes inheriting from QObject (where "public QObject" is at the end of the class definition)15:26
mzanettinow, I don't want to make EnmlDocument a QObject for various reasons15:27
mzanettiI need a few minutes to figure something15:27
dpm_hi ahayzen, I didn't follow up further, sorry, but I'll send an e-mail to the phone mailing list15:28
ahayzendpm_, thanks15:29
popeyahayzen: do we have a bug for it?15:29
ahayzenpopey, i don't think so, dpm_?15:29
popeylets get a bug first15:29
ahayzendpm_, popey, does it affect all click apps?15:30
* popey looks15:30
dpmahayzen, I don't know, I'd start reporting it for music, and then we can add the others to the same bug if they're affected15:30
ahayzendpm_, popey, i'll add a bug report for the music app :)15:30
dpmI should probably rejoice more on bugs fixed, rather than filed :)15:31
dpmbut we need both!15:31
popeyi dont see any core apps in the list15:31
popeyonly debs15:32
popeyno click packages15:32
popeyso that isnt a music app bug, thats a system settings one imo15:32
ahayzenpopey, dpm, https://bugs.launchpad.net/music-app/+bug/127415415:32
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1274154 in Ubuntu Music App "Music app doesn't appear in software licenses list" [Low,New]15:32
dpmawesome, thanks a lot ahayzen15:32
ahayzendpm, popey, shall i add that we suspect all click apps are affected?15:33
* popey has15:33
ahayzenpopey, thanks15:33
dpmI added a bug task for system settings15:34
dpmyay team effort :)15:34
* popey tickles Laney 15:34
* popey tickles laney with bug 127415415:35
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1274154 in ubuntu-system-settings (Ubuntu) "Music app doesn't appear in software licenses list" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127415415:35
popeywe spoke about this before if I recall.15:35
LaneyWe get emailed about bugs15:35
Laneythere is no need to ping15:35
popeythat wasn't my intention, i wanted to ask a question15:35
popeyhey ho15:35
seb128popey, the licences don't list clicks15:35
Laneyit's because it only lists apt packages currently15:36
seb128popey, are click providing a copyright file/license text in a standard location?15:36
seb128popey, click list --manifest doesn't seem to include license info15:37
popeyseb128: I think you're right15:38
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* popey rummages15:38
LaneyI'll just add a click task there15:38
seb128Laney, thanks15:38
seb128I added a comment already asking for how to get the info15:39
seb128we didn't do it by then because there was no way to get those details15:39
popeyIt's interesting because I don't think the store or click obligates developers to add a license to their app.15:40
popeybut anyway, low priority, sorry for interrupting you Laney / seb12815:40
seb128then we can't list one...15:40
Laneysounds dubious, but NMP15:40
seb128popey, no worry, you might want to talk to the click team about that15:40
seb128what Laney said :p15:40
seb128we are happy to add those to the list if click provides the info we need15:41
seb128until then, not a lot we can do15:41
Laneythanks for filing it15:41
Laneyonce this is done, we should require that all preinstalled applications are ubuntu-free and marked as such imho15:44
seb128Laney, "ubuntu-free"?15:46
mardymzanetti: hi! I'm having a look at the evernote account plugin, and trying to figure out how to obtain the username15:50
mzanettimardy: we need to merge the plugin code into lp:reminders-app for that15:50
ybonI've a ListView inside a DefaultSheet opened in popup mode, the flick event on the listview is propagated to the mainview (i.e. a map in my case), I guess I'm doing something wrong but can't find what. If anyone feel to have any hint (code here: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~yohanboniface/osmtouch/trunk/view/head:/components/PoiSheet.qml) Thanks :)15:51
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mardymzanetti: but if the plugin will do "import Evernote 0.1", will it be able to resolve the plugin? I doubt it, if it's part of a click package15:51
ybonI've tried to set explicitally "modal: true" but same15:52
mzanettimardy: yeah.. that's why... we need to ship the evernote plugin with the account plugin too15:52
mzanettimardy: in the end we'll have it twice on the system :/15:52
mzanettibut that's how click works15:52
mardymzanetti: right15:52
mardymzanetti: I was wondering, is the evernote SDK open source? can we see how the UserStore class works, and just replicate it in QML/JS in the account plugin?15:53
dpmmardy, also you asked me this earlier: so the evernote SDK is open source, yes, and all the documentation is public. They've got an "SDK" for each language binding you can use the API for. They've not got a REST API, so you're using it natively with your language of choice. And the bindings themselves are auto-generated by Thrift. In our case we could only use C++15:53
mzanettimardy: have fun with that :D15:53
mzanettimardy: its generated code using libthrift15:53
mardymzanetti: no idea what that is :-) Have you looked at it? You make it sound difficult :-)15:54
dpmmardy, and you can't use their JS SDK from QML due to JS features they use which are not supported by Qt's JS engine15:54
mzanettimardy: lets say its one of the the most masochistic c++ codebases I've seen so far15:54
dpmmardy, please, don't get mzanetti started talking about thrifht! :-)15:55
mardydpm: which exactly? the JS engine in QML changed with Qt 5.2, maybe now it works (though I seriously doubt, as the new engine is probably simpler)15:55
mzanettimardy: but for maintenance I think its best if we use the existing plugin nevertheless15:55
mzanettimardy: instead of having 2 different plugins15:55
mardymzanetti: mmm... libevernoteplugin.so seems to be 22 megs :-O15:57
ybonhumm, still the same if I try to set the ListView as dismissArea15:57
mzanettimardy: ^15:57
mardymzanetti: :-)15:57
mardymzanetti: OK, I see why you dislike it :-)15:57
mzanettimardy: it'll get smaller in release builds tho15:57
mardyI need to go now, will get back at it tomorrow15:57
mzanettimardy: and no... this is really not the reason I dislike it :D15:58
dpmmardy, see points 1) and 2) to answer the question on JS here -> http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6838544/ it's from an e-mail I sent a while ago to someone asking about why we weren't using the JS SDK15:58
mzanettimardy: its more the fact that it throws exception like crazy, uses boost just for the sake of using it, and well, it's api really feels like generated code too15:58
renato_nik90, https://code.launchpad.net/~renatofilho/qtorganizer5-eds/fix-1272333/+merge/20377716:05
renato_could you help me to test it?16:05
mzanettiWebbyIT: https://code.launchpad.net/~mzanetti/reminders-app/textformat-enum/+merge/20377916:05
mzanettiWebbyIT: please merge this into your branch. if it works for you, approve this merge16:08
mzanettiWebbyIT: you should be able to use the enum like this:16:08
mzanettiin QML: TextFormat.Bold, TextFormat.Italic etc. You can even define flags like "TextFormat.Bold | TextFormat.Italic"16:09
WebbyITmzanetti, ok, thanks. Can I assign to it a value?16:09
mzanettiin C++: TextFormat::Bold, TextFormat::Italic. if you want to have the flags you can use "format.testFlag(TextFormat::Bold)" to test if it is set for example16:10
mzanettiWebbyIT: yeah, in the note, create a function like this:16:10
mzanettiQ_INVOKABLE void format(int start, int end, TextFormat::Formats);16:10
mzanettiWebbyIT: then you can call it from qml like this: "note.format(5, 10, TextFormat.Bold | TextFormat.Italic)"16:11
mzanettito make 5 to 10 bold and italic in one call16:11
mzanettiWebbyIT: in c++, you need to include textformat.h wherever you want to use it16:11
WebbyITmzanetti, and if start positions aren't the same?16:12
mzanettiformat(5, 5, flags) ?16:12
mzanettialtough I'm not sure this makes any sense16:12
WebbyITmzanetti, eg italic from 5 to 10, bold from 7 to 1016:12
mzanettiah. in that case you need 2 calls16:13
mzanettiformat(5, 10, TextFormat.Bold)16:13
mzanettiformat(7, 10, TextFormat.Italic)16:13
mzanettiwell, the other way round16:13
mzanettiWebbyIT: let me know if you have troubles.16:14
mzanettior also if it works, so we can merge my textformat branch16:14
WebbyITmzanetti, ok, I'm going to try it, thanks for the support :)16:15
mzanettino problem16:15
=== gatox is now known as gatox_lunch
nik90renato_: I will be back in a few minutes to test it16:38
nik90renato_:  I am trying to install armf deb file on the phone16:55
nik90renato_: do you know how to convert your phone to a write image?16:55
ogra_nik90, touch /userdata/writable_image ... reboot17:02
ogra_nik90, touch /userdata/.writable_image ... reboot17:02
ogra_(missed the dot)17:02
nik90ogra_: I did adb shell touch /userdata/.writable_image && adb reboot17:02
nik90ogra_: I found my several month old readme file :)17:02
ogra_that should be enough to install a deb17:02
WebbyITmzanetti, mhh, I rewrite my code and I'm trying to launch the app, but I have an error in EditNotePage.qml17:09
WebbyITError is Error: Unknown method parameter type: TextFormat::Formats17:09
WebbyITand it refers to note.format(modifier.boldStartPosition, modifier.currentPosition, TextFormat.Bold);17:09
nik90renato_: As of testing it now, it works! However, this is something I need to test today and tomorrow to confirm that it fixed the issue.17:09
nik90renato_: Although it does create another bug :P17:09
nik90renato_: In the bug report, I attached a sample alarm app. Using that app, if you create a recurring alarm say for Mon, Tue and Wed. Then when the alarm is saved, the alarm list shows 3 alarms instead of one.17:10
nik90renato_: However, if you delete any one of them, it deletes all of them.17:11
renato_nik90, I need to discuss that with zsombi, this works that way because the calendar app17:14
mzanettiWebbyIT: did you merge my branch and rebuit?17:14
renato_but anyway this is a different bug17:14
WebbyITmzanetti, yap17:14
nik90renato_: okay, should I write this as a comment in your MR? so that we dont lose track of it17:14
mzanettiWebbyIT: hmm... should work if the page imports Evernote 0.117:14
renato_nik90, and probably need to be fixed on alarm API17:14
nik90renato_: ah okay17:15
renato_I think you should open a new bug17:15
nik90renato_: I will inform zsombi tomorrow morning of this issue.17:15
nik90renato_: okay will report it against the UITK Alarm API17:15
WebbyITmzanetti, I have no error in C++ code, so I think that import works, but I dont'understand why it doesn't work in qml17:15
nik90renato_: although it nicely fixes the other issue I had where the alarm status was reversed sometimes :)17:15
mzanettiWebbyIT: I jut tried it here... works fine17:16
mzanettiWebbyIT: please post the whole error17:16
mzanettiah... now I see17:16
* mzanetti tries17:17
=== gatox_lunch is now known as gatox
nik90mefrio: thnx for your fix to https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/127247017:17
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1272470 in Ubuntu Clock App "Clock app should remember the app width and height in desktop mode" [Wishlist,In progress]17:17
mefrionik90, you and the Ubuntu project are welcome! :)17:17
nik90mefrio: is it ready for a merge?17:18
mefrionik90, yes17:18
nik90mefrio: if yes you should propose a MR17:18
nik90this way I can review and give comments17:18
mefrionik90, yeah, I forgot the MR17:18
mefrionik90, here it is: https://code.launchpad.net/~mefrio-g/ubuntu-clock-app/fix-1272470/+merge/20379617:18
* nik90 is testing the MP17:19
nik90mefrio: in my testing the minimum width,height logic did not work17:21
nik90mefrio: it still opened with the same application size17:21
mefrionik90, I used 50/2 gu for the width and 75/2 gu for height17:22
mefrioit worked here...let me check17:22
nik90mefrio: yeah I reduced the application width to less than 10 gu units to check the condition, but it didnt work for me17:22
nik90mefrio: so I tried changing the logic condition to 50 gu and 75 gu for height..still didnt17:23
=== boiko_ is now known as boiko
mefrionik90, ouch! It's bugged :(17:24
mefrionik90, the problem is in the logic condition. It should be an OR17:25
mefrionot an AND17:25
nik90ah :)17:25
nik90mefrio: one more thing17:25
nik90mefrio: can you revert the manifest.json file change17:25
nik90mefrio: bzr revert -r revno manifest.json17:25
nik90for revno, enter 30817:25
mefrionik90, sure!17:26
nik90mefrio: and can you change the condition to 50 and 75 gu respectively. instead of 50/2 and 75/217:26
mefrionik90, when I opened the project with the SDK it automatically changed the manifest.json17:26
nik90since 50/2 is actually quite small17:26
mefriook no problems17:26
nik90mefrio: true, it is a qtcreator bug :/17:27
nik90so annoying bug17:27
nik90popey: who is the contact person for qtcreator plugin bugs?17:27
mefrionik90, ok I pushed the code17:28
mefrionik90, let me know if it works17:28
nik90will do17:28
nik90mefrio: yup works perfectly! nice work!17:30
mefrionik90, great! Thank you!17:30
=== bfiller is now known as bfiller_afk
mzanettiWebbyIT: hey17:58
WebbyITmzanetti, did you fix it? :-)17:59
mzanettiWebbyIT: its not working indeed and I can't really figure why17:59
mzanettiWebbyIT: as a temporary workaround, please change the parameter type of Note::format() to int instead of format17:59
mzanettiWebbyIT: you can still use the Nice enum value in qml17:59
mzanettias in call note.format(5, 10, TextFormat.Bold)18:00
mzanettiI'll continue trying figure what is wrong18:00
WebbyITmzanetti, I'l try, thansk18:01
samertmhey guys18:08
samertmI'm new to Launchpad18:08
samertmis there a way to see all of the commits I've made that have been merged into the trunk?18:08
WebbyITsamertm, https://code.launchpad.net/~samer-f/ and choose "Any status"18:10
samertmWebbyIT: thanks!!18:11
WebbyITmzanetti, sorry, but I have not understand what I have to change18:16
* WebbyIT is so clumsy18:16
mzanettiWebbyIT: I just found the issue. gimme a minute and I'll update my branch18:17
WebbyITmzanetti, you rock \o/18:17
mzanettiWebbyIT: pushed18:27
wardaneI have a quick question. If you have multiple views of windows that you want to be in your application. How do you get the program to switch between the views when a button is pressed?18:32
popeynik90: someone on bzoltan's team18:35
nik90popey: erm like?18:36
popeynik90: i don't know, hence highlighting him ☻18:37
nik90timo perhaps?18:37
WebbyITsamertm, you're a great bugs hunter :D18:37
popeyno, timo looks after qt18:37
nik90ok :)18:37
samertmWebbyIT: thanks :) if I knew it was this easy to contribute I would have started ages ago18:37
samertmthe Ubuntu Core Apps Hack Days were all the push I needed18:38
popeysamertm: that's awesome to hear!18:39
WebbyITsamertm, nice to hear \o/18:39
mzanettisamertm: are we allowed to quote that in the interwebs?18:40
samertmmzanetti: sure :P18:40
mzanettipopey: ^ ;)18:40
mhall119mzanetti: \o/18:41
* mhall119 does a happy dance18:41
WebbyITmzanetti, your branch works as expected \o/18:48
mzanettiWebbyIT: nice18:49
WebbyITmzanetti, do I approve it on lp?18:49
mzanettiCI is failing... we need to land the cleanup branch first18:49
popeymzanetti: ☻18:51
ybonpopey: I've pushed some changes, like a marker on your position when GPS is enabled, a marker to show the exact position of a search, and mainly a fix on the ListView that was freezing (cf 1274150), feel free to run new tests :)18:54
ybonpopey: also, what do you think should be the next step to get more feedback: publishing the 0.1.0 click? sending an email on the ML?18:55
popeyboth ☻18:56
ybonhehe, okay :)18:56
popeyalso, blog, G+ in the app dev community18:56
popeymake lots of noise ☻18:56
ybonwell, that's not what I'm good at ;)18:56
ybonAnd I'm like better dead than on G+ :p18:57
popeythe mailing list is good, other people can pimp it elsewhere18:57
ybonyeah, will do that :)18:58
ybonalso, tell me if you test it and you feel it can be published as 0.1.0 :)18:58
popeyjust making dinner, will test shortly18:59
popeyybon: getting flickering on device19:08
popeyoh, might be my wifi19:09
popeyblack background while loading tiles. might be nice to have a background tile which is "Loading..." or an icon (no translation required) which implies loading19:09
ybonthat's true19:10
popeyybon: on desktop i get a blue dot on my location when i use "position" but not on the device19:10
ybonI'm gonna give a try on this19:10
ybonpopey: it displays it only if the location source is GPS19:10
ybonso not from IP19:10
ybon(unless on desktop)19:10
ybonthis is because GeoIP on mobile is very approximative19:11
bzoltannik90: popey:  that is me ... what is the problem?19:11
popeyybon: i get same location on both because wifi ip is same19:11
popey(i.e. not on 3g, so not got a random roaming ip)19:11
ybonok let me check that :)19:11
ybondo you agree that the marker make sense only if location is accute enough?19:11
bzoltannik90: popey: fire a bug here if you need something -> https://bugs.launchpad.net/qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu/+bugs?orderby=-datecreated&start=019:12
* popey hugs bzoltan 19:12
bzoltanIt is a love day :) I got hugs from many people19:13
popeywe're a very huggy company19:13
bzoltannik90: popey:  the manifest file handling is not the most used part of the QtC and I have received little if any feedback... so bugs are welcome! Just assign to me and ping me here19:14
ybongrr, I don't why, no way to put a Rectangle below the map and make it visible19:20
popeyybon: might want to change "Around me" to "Nearby" for when you are looking at a part of the map which isn't technically "around me"19:21
ybonsounds good, yep19:21
=== bfiller_afk is now known as bfiller
samertmbtw you guys19:28
samertmI've been exposed to a lot of the core apps in the last couple days19:28
samertmwho designed all these @_@ they look amazing19:29
qtrosHi guys!19:33
qtrosI have little trouble with my Ubuntu SDK - currently it says that there are no kits found. Can someone tell me where I should search? :)19:33
nik90bzoltan: sorry, I was in a call19:34
nik90bzoltan: yeah I had a bug where when you open qtcreator, it changes the manifest.json file19:35
nik90bzoltan: as a result, I need to keep reverting it before pushing to the core apps project19:35
nik90bzoltan: I will report a bug and let you know19:35
popeysamertm: it was a collaboration between the canonical design team and the community developers19:35
stefano92100Hello, I need someone to help me in a quick test. 1) Open clock-app; 2) go to Timer tab; 3) set the timer, so "Reset" button becomes visible; 4) click the "Reset" button; 5) Flickable will bounce and header will be hidden.19:36
stefano92100I need someone with Ubuntu 14.04 on his PC.  I've tried on tablet and this does not happen. I've tried then on Ubuntu 13.04, and there's no problem too.19:36
popeyi suspect this is the OSK not appearing?19:37
nik90stefano92100: actually for me the header does hide19:37
nik90stefano92100: I have a fix in my alarm MP already, should land hopefully tonight19:38
stefano92100nik90: Awesome!19:38
stefano92100To report a wrong translation in an application, where have I to go? Just fill a bug as usual?19:39
nik90stefano92100: well if the translated string is wrong in a particular language, you do not need to report a bug19:40
nik90stefano92100: you can change the translation yourself through the launchpad website19:40
nik90stefano92100: I guess someone will review your translation and approve it19:41
qtrosGuys... Please, help me :) Qt Creator -> Options -> Build and Run -> Kits. Tell me paths, please ...19:41
samertmpopey: they did good work :P19:42
stefano92100nik90: ok, thanks. Now I have to think a good translation, because the problem is quite complex...19:42
nik90stefano92100: :)19:42
nik90qtros: let me check my comp19:42
qtrosnik90 thx!19:43
nik90qtros: http://i.imgur.com/aY1hNeQ.png19:44
nik90qtros: http://imgur.com/QYv37qL19:44
ybonpopey: done for "nearby", but  https://bugs.launchpad.net/osmtouch/+bug/1274262 :s19:44
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1274262 in OSMTouch "Add a "Loading..." message when tiles are loading" [Undecided,New]19:44
popeysamertm: that's really kind of you to say.19:46
samertmpopey: you should pass that along to the designers responsible :P19:47
popeywill do!19:48
nik90bzoltan: https://bugs.launchpad.net/qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu/+bug/127426519:49
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1274265 in qtcreator-plugin-ubuntu "manifest.json is changed when opening a project resulting in incorrect project maintainer" [Undecided,New]19:49
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nik90ybon: I fixed the world clock update bug you reported :)...just need to be reviewed and merged21:16
ybonnik90: have you tried OSMTouch yet? :)21:18
nik90ybon: I tried on my desktop few days back. Nice app21:18
ybonIt's time for you create bug reports for me, so ;)21:18
nik90ybon: looking forward to seeing it in the store.21:18
nik90ybon: ah :P..will do21:19
ybonOn its wya :)21:19
nik90ybon: may be I might even propose a fix :)21:19
=== seb128_ is now known as seb128
popeyybon: bounced the app back to you with one error21:54
ybonmay I say thanks? ;)21:55
* ybon running to see and fix it :)21:55
ybonahem, popey I'm not using emails in yohanboniface.me (only for my personal website), so maybe it's better to switch back to a more conventional com.ubuntu.developer.yohanboniface?21:57
ybon(which I think I can't do myself21:57
popeyyou might be able to submit a new app21:59
popeyi dont know21:59
ybonI also can configure an email in @yohanboniface.me if it's simpler21:59
popeyit would be easier, but it's up to you21:59
ybonokay, let's do that :)22:00
ybonwill I be able to resubmit only the click package?22:00
popeynot sure, I've not had to do this before22:01
ybonhehe ok22:02
popeyas it's only failing on the click package tests itself, not the metadata on the website22:02
ybonah, damn, the "me.yohanboniface" is attached to my account22:03
popeybeuno may be able to help you but I don't think he's around right now22:04
ybonahem, "You already have a Click Package with this package name."22:17
ybonI've deleted the first one, but seems stil alive somewhere :s22:18
popeyyeah, i think you need beuno or james_w to clean things up22:22
ybonokay, let's wait for the saviour, so :)22:23
james_wI don't have access to the admin to change that sort of thing, sorry22:35
ybonThe amount of potential saviours has been suddently divided by 222:36
nik90popey: do you agree to the following keyboard shortcuts -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/6840605/22:40
WebbyITmzanetti, actual approch it's wrong, there are a lot of corner case and problems. I have an idea, but I think I'll take a couple of day to implement it, also because tomorrow I have an exam22:57
WebbyITbut I use function you implemented today!22:59
* nik90 wishes WebbyIT all the best for his exam :)23:02
WebbyITthanks nik90 :) It's english exam, I'm not so good :-P23:02
popeynik90: two keys for lap seems odd. why not enter perhaps?23:09
popeyif I was timing something and wanted to bash a button to mark a lap, I'd want a big target to hit, as I may not be looking at the keyboard, but at the line where the player crosses the line23:09
nik90popey: it was in the convergence document23:09
nik90popey: but your reasoning makes sense23:10
nik90I will change it23:10
dakernik90: enter or space key23:18
nik90daker: space is used to start/stop the stopwatch23:18
nik90daker: so I suppose Enter key makes sense to create a lap23:18
dakerso enter23:19
nik90popey: done. will ask someone tomorrow to review it23:21
popeynice one23:21
popeythanks nik9023:21
popeyWebbyIT: good luck! your english is great ☻23:21
popey\o/ bed23:22
WebbyITpopey, too kind, thanks :-)23:22
WebbyITbed time also for me, see you soon o/23:22
=== samertm is now known as samertm_afk
MihirWebbyIT: best of luck :)23:45
=== samertm_afk is now known as samertm

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