infinityYokoZar: That's rather unfortunate. :/00:12
YokoZarinfinity: I find it unfortunate we've both missed the opportunity to make an epoch fail pun.00:13
hyperairw 102:58
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pittiGood morning05:25
pittistgraber: is lxc-* eventually supposed to work as user? ATM it only creates some files in ~/.local/share/lxc/ and then fails to chown them07:36
pittistgraber: per-user containers sounds cool, is the isolation robust/strong enough by now to allow that?07:37
dholbachgood morning07:38
darkxstLaney, can you add me to desktop-extras while you work on the ubuntu GNOME packageset?08:43
Sweetsharkwgrant infinity cjwatson: any hints of what went wrong here: https://launchpad.net/~bjoern-michaelsen/+archive/libreoffice-nattytest2/+build/5530899 ?09:02
Sweetshark"failed to build", no log, happened multiple times to me in recent days.09:03
wgrantSweetshark: Let me see09:04
wgrantThat usually means that your build is evil enough to kill the builder, but there were some issues witha buildd upgrade yesterday that might be relevant.09:04
seb128wgrant, that's libreoffice you are talking about, what could go wrong ;-)09:05
wgrantYeah, that was an upgrade issue. Retry should work.09:05
wgrantseb128: I wasn't going to say that, but yes :)09:05
Sweetsharkwgrant: of course my builds are evil enough to kill builders. but usually they are in a good mood and spare them.09:05
seb128wgrant, oh, btw, I uploaded a new gtk yesterday, translations got imported this time, https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/trusty/+source/gtk+3.0/+imports09:07
Sweetsharkwgrant: well a builder that shows up with to little discspace had it coming for him. That builder has nobody to blame but himself.09:07
seb128wgrant, should I just close the launchpad bug I had open?09:07
wgrantseb128: Unless you see it again, yeah09:08
seb128wgrant, ok, doing that then09:08
Laneydarkxst: righto09:12
stgraberpitti: https://www.stgraber.org/2014/01/17/lxc-1-0-unprivileged-containers/09:21
pittistgraber: bonjour -- oh, you are in London, I presume?09:22
stgraberpitti: and to answer your question, yes, it's safe because no code is actually running as root at all, well, except for a minimal setuid binary to setup the network device on the host (as the user isn't allowed to add a new device to the host)09:22
stgraberpitti: I am indeed, core sprint09:22
pittistgraber: ver nice!09:26
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shadeslayerdpm: any news on the intltool MR?09:33
seb128shrug, doko09:36
seb128that "build poppler with -O0 is wrong"09:37
seb128that "build poppler with -O0" is wrong09:37
dpmshadeslayer, not really, no. I'd suggest pinging danilo and dobey09:37
shadeslayerdobey: ping pign09:37
seb128stgraber, can you get doko on IRC? ;-)09:38
stgraberseb128: there you go ^09:41
seb128stgraber, thanks09:41
seb128doko, hey, is poppler blocking anything? why do we need to jump on a workaround, making our pdf rendering slower, rather than fixing the issue,09:42
seb128doko, I started looking at the issue yesterday, why can't it wait a day for us to fix it?09:42
dokoseb128, yes, it is blocking sensible results from the test rebuild09:43
pitticould we perhaps put the -O0 poppler into the test rebuild PPA only?09:43
seb128right, I was going to say09:44
dokopitti, why?09:44
dokoto hide the issue?09:44
seb128doko, because that's a workaround09:44
seb128you are hidding the issue by using -O009:44
seb128making our pdf rendering slower on the way09:44
pittidoko: well, -O0 is obviously not a solution, that hides the issue as well09:44
dokonow at least the rebuild did uncover a missing -fPIC09:44
pittiit was just an idea09:44
seb128doko, how did the rebuild uncover things when poppler isn't built/published yet?09:45
Laneybuild failure09:45
seb128it ftfbs09:45
seb128well done doko09:45
dokoseb128, you didn't listen. it happens with both versions09:45
seb128what changed?09:46
seb128poppler built some days ago09:46
dokopitti: yesterday I spent a day trying to make some progress with this issue. just to have to hear that "Not sure that's a poppler issue" without any futher evidence09:46
seb128doko, I tried to build gdb-doc in a trusty fresh pbuilder without proposed yesterday evening and I hit the same build issue09:47
seb128doko, you said the issue was new to the new poppler09:47
seb128so I'm not sure I understand your description of the issue anymore09:47
seb128doko, please revert the -O0 hack in the archive, we need to fix that bug properly09:48
darkxstLaney, thanks09:49
dokoseb128, no. the bug affects everything which is newly uploaded09:49
seb128doko, what bug are we talking about? the poppler/tex one? or the fPIC thing?09:50
seb128sorry I'm slightly confused09:50
dokoseb128, better spend some time why the Poppler-0.18.o is built without either -fPIC nor -fPIE09:50
seb128doko, what makes me say it's not poppler is that https://launchpadlibrarian.net/162010028/buildlog_ubuntu-trusty-i386.gdb-doc_7.6.1-1_UPLOADING.txt.gz09:51
seb128doko, that package used to build and it fails now in trusty with the exact same version09:52
seb128same binaries, there was no rebuild in between09:52
seb128libpoppler43 i386 0.24.3-0ubuntu1209:52
dokoyour analysis is flawed. take a step back and calm down please09:52
seb128how is it flawed?09:52
seb128poppler 0.24.3-0ubuntu12 on jan 08, gdb-doc built fine09:53
seb128poppler 0.24.3-0ubuntu12 on jan 28, gdb-doc fails to build09:54
seb128(tested in a fresh pbuilder yesterday as said)09:54
seb128how can it be poppler creating tex issues if poppler didn't change?09:54
seb128doko, ?09:56
slangasekseb128: is this not related to the poppler in trusty-proposed?09:57
seb128slangasek, no, as said to doko twice, I get the same issue rebuilding gdb-doc using a trusty fresh pbuilder without proposed09:57
slangasekseb128: ah09:57
seb128slangasek, using 0.24.3-0ubuntu12 which was used in the success rebuilds from jan 0809:58
* slangasek nods09:58
seb128slangasek, doko: that fPIC issue with today rebuild looks like it's probably a new issue due to gobject-instrospection (that got updated yesterday in trusty)09:58
seb128not a poppler bug imho, I fail to see how the -O0 hack would have lead to that09:59
seb128slangasek, please talk to doko, jumping on such hacks isn't helping us, we should fix the real issue with tex and not try to workaround build doing poppler -O0 rebuild hacks10:00
seb128that's just hiding issue and leaving us with performance regressions and hacks to clean up later10:00
slangasekright, I think that's clear10:00
pittiseb128: g-i is stuck in -proposed due to a transient amd64 VM failure; I take it I should NOT retry this for now, to keep it in -proposed until this is examined?10:04
Fudgehey guys, when I accidently hit enter on a tv show I am watching in Nautilus, it spawns a second movie player. Is that behaviour intentional?\10:04
pittiseb128: (I mean the failed umockdev autopkgtest on amd64)10:05
seb128pitti, well, I'm just random guessing there10:05
seb128pitti, but that seems a likely candidate, since the fPIC issue happens in g-i commands and the same poppler built less a week ago10:05
pittiseb128: ok; let's leave it in -proposed for now, it's not urgent10:06
seb128pitti, I doubt -O2 -> -O0 is creating that issue10:06
seb128pitti, danke10:06
pittiright, but I thought there were two different ones10:06
seb128"different ones"?10:06
seb128we have tex issues, that doko is blaming poppler for, he uploaded a poppler rebuild using -O0 to workaround those10:07
pittiI mean the missing -fPIC is unrelated to the -O0 bug (whatever that is, I didn't look into logs)10:07
seb128that rebuild is failing now though because of the g-i fPIC thing on arm*10:07
ypwongzyga, hi, is there any plan to update command-not-found? I'd like to see bug 1029204 fixed in trusty10:33
ubottubug 1029204 in command-not-found (Ubuntu) "locale.Error: unsupported locale setting" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/102920410:33
seb128doko, slangasek: Unpacking texlive-latex-recommended (2013.20131219-1) over (2013.20140123-1) ...10:33
seb128doko, that downgrade fixes the gdb-doc build in a trusty pbuilder for me10:33
zygaypwong: hey10:46
zygaypwong: hmm, that's a *very* good question10:46
zygaypwong: I'm okay with fixing trunk, I have no upload rights10:46
zygaypwong: and the project doesn't have releases upstream that get packaged, it was all handled by mvo before he left10:47
zygaypwong: I'd like to work together to fix issues somehow, just not sure how10:47
ypwongzyga, ah ok, I think we could use some help from ubuntu developers here?10:48
zygaypwong: indeed, I'm just unsure how10:48
zygaypwong: one thing that could be done is a entirely new upstream release10:48
zygaypwong: before it was all somehow fluid, without real releases10:49
pittithis is a native package, there's not really another upstream10:49
zygapitti: but I have no rights to upload it10:50
zygapitti: what would be your recommendation?10:50
pittiVcs-Bzr: doesn't exist any more either, so I suppose that tag should be dropped10:50
zygapitti: I was thinking about making it non-native10:50
pittizyga: err, why?10:50
seb128pitti, you can unblock the g-i update, turned out that the poppler ftbfs was because the -O0 hack from doko was buggy and nuked the hardening flags from the build10:50
zygapitti: just because I know that workflow better, I might propose it to debian10:50
zygapitti: and really handle the software, not the distribution part10:51
pittizyga: c-n-f is also in Debian10:51
pittibut it's still a native package10:51
zygapitti: the same one or different?10:51
pitti(but Debian's is much older)10:51
pitti command-not-found | 0.3ubuntu8    | trusty         | source, all10:51
zygapitti: I see10:51
pitti command-not-found | 0.2.38-1 | sid     | source, all10:51
zyga(well suse has c-n-f but entirely different (just named the same)10:51
ypwongdebian one has not been updated since 2009..10:52
zygaone problem is that it's really tied to the archive so whoever really maintains it needs to have a loop that rebuilds the hint database basically, every week, and uploads on any change10:54
pittizyga: so I recommend branching off UDD, updating it, and proposing a merge, so that it'll go via the sponsoring queue10:54
pittiyeah, and it should be updated for trusty, too; I suppose that there's some command in it to do it10:54
zygapitti: it's non-trivial, I had several failed attempts to rewrite it entirely to make it easier to maintain but I never had enough time10:55
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slangasekseb128: right - though even though it was the tex upgrade that triggered the regression... how could rebuilding poppler with -O0 work around a tex bug?  The root bug must be in poppler or the compiler anyway, because a -O0 rebuild doesn't change any of the library interfaces10:58
seb128slangasek, right, -O0 working says compiler bug to me11:00
slangasekseb128: indeterminate; it could be either a compiler bug or a poppler bug11:00
seb128slangasek, right, in any case it's not a bug in the new poppler11:01
seb128it's already there in the 0.24.3 binaries11:01
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ogra_is anyone else getting a "Connection Refused" error from upload.ubuntu.com when dputting ?12:35
Laneyit's being upgraded, see #ubuntu-release12:38
ogra_Laney, yup, #is told me12:40
zygahmm, I'm trying to link to a copyright file on packages.ubuntu.com12:42
zygaspecifically to http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/changelogs/pool/main/p/python3.3/python3.3_3.3.1-1ubuntu5.2/python3.3.copyright12:42
zygabut it seems that all copyright files are 40412:42
zygais this expected?12:42
zygasimilar link works fine on packages.debian.org12:43
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sil2100doko: hello! Could you help me how to interpret this failure here? https://launchpadlibrarian.net/164023960/buildlog_ubuntu-trusty-i386.xorg-server_2%3A1.14.5-1ubuntu3_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz13:12
sil2100doko: it builds fine on all other architectures13:12
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xnoxbarry: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~xnox/autopilot/1.4+slow+rexec/view/head:/debian/rules#L3613:21
xnoxbarry: see changes to override_dh_install, line 39 onwards13:21
xnoxbarry: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6837865/13:37
dokosil2100, https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/126649213:55
ubottuUbuntu bug 1266492 in xorg-server (Ubuntu Trusty) "ld:i386 crashes with -static -fPIE -pie" [Critical,Triaged]13:55
sil2100doko: thanks!13:55
dokoI didn't look yet into his arguments about glibc13:55
dobeydpm, shadeslayer: you need to ping danilo to re-review13:57
dokosil2100, replied to the issue. I think sbeattie's proposed fixes are the right thing to do14:03
mitya57mlankhorst: re bug 1205643: why me? (apart from that I wanted to ask you about the status, but didn't)14:13
ubottubug 1205643 in xserver-xorg-video-openchrome (Ubuntu Saucy) "VIA P4M800 graphics broken in Lubuntu/Xubuntu Saucy & 12.04.4 candidate" [Low,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/120564314:13
mlankhorstmitya57: oh woops :P since you targeted it for saucy14:17
mlankhorstbut I'll set it to the person arguing for it14:18
mitya57Ah, I of course did.14:18
mlankhorstthere ya go14:18
mitya57I can help with paperwork, but I don't get it so can't test it and don't know impact14:19
mlankhorstnaw don't worry14:20
mlankhorstit's a test, alternative was closing it WONTFIX ;)14:20
ogra_can someone bump teh build score of lxc-android-config ... seems to sit since ages in "needs build"14:44
cjwatsonogra_: done14:45
ogra_thanks :)14:45
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sil2100RAOF, mlankhorst: hi guys, I need someone that's a xorg-server maintainer15:07
dobeyhow does one register URL handlers now?15:08
mlankhorstsil2100: ¿15:08
sil2100mlankhorst: so, there is this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/binutils/+bug/126649215:09
ubottuUbuntu bug 1266492 in xorg-server (Ubuntu Trusty) "ld:i386 crashes with -static -fPIE -pie" [Critical,Triaged]15:09
sil2100mlankhorst: we needed to rebuild xorg-server for the Mir release, but it fails to build from source for i386 because of this problem15:09
sil2100mlankhorst: you can see the failure here: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/164023960/buildlog_ubuntu-trusty-i386.xorg-server_2%3A1.14.5-1ubuntu3_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz15:10
sil2100mlankhorst: doko recommended to use the fix from the bug report mentioned, but I think it first needs to be discussed with you guys15:12
dobeypitti: any idea why the retracer would mark my bug as a dup of another one, when the "StacktraceTop" is different?15:26
smagounHi, do we have automated tests for the precise+LTS HWE stack-to-trusty upgrade?15:26
seb128dobey, how different is the stacktrace? the signature is only on a few functions15:27
seb128dobey, is the top of the bt identical?15:27
pittidobey: hm, does the bug has a DuplicateSignature: field, or an identical StacktraceAddressSignature:15:28
dobeyseb128: no, the first two functions in the trace are from a different library15:28
mlankhorstsmagoun: what do you want to test? :P15:28
pittidobey: or, easier question, what's the dup and master bug?15:28
seb128dobey, is that an abort() bug?15:28
dobeyseb128: i don't know if my bug was in an abort()15:29
seb128dobey, what pitti said I guess, bug number would be useful15:29
dobeypitti: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/evolution/+bug/1273920 and https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/evolution/+bug/115336515:29
ubottuUbuntu bug 1153365 in evolution (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #1273920 evolution crashed with SIGABRT in mem_error()" [Medium,Confirmed]15:29
smagounmlankhorst: I have a system with 12.04 + the -lts-quantal stack, and I want to upgrade to 14.04. Update Manager says that it can't do that due to dependency problems. I was going to look at the test results (if they exist) to see if that's a known issue15:29
ubottuUbuntu bug 1153365 in evolution (Ubuntu) "evolution crashed with SIGABRT in mem_error()" [Medium,Confirmed]15:29
pittidobey: need to run out for a bit, but I'll have a look later15:29
seb128dobey, it is, the title states sigabrt15:29
dobeyoh yeah, it is an abrt15:29
mlankhorstsmagoun: do you have 32-bits libs by any chance?15:30
smagounmlankhorst: I might, let me check15:30
dobeyseb128: but the bug it was marked a dup of is against evo 3.6 on 13.04 (which is now EOL, so that bug will probably just be closed anyway), and i never had this problem when i was on 13.04 :(15:30
mlankhorstsmagoun: hm can't upgrade to 14.04 for now, all the lts-packages need to  be uninstalled manually15:30
dobeyor even on 13.1015:31
smagounmlankhorst: yep, lots of 32-bit libs15:31
dobeyonly very recently on trusty15:31
seb128dobey, I think it's matching abort messages, which is wrong in that case15:31
smagounmlankhorst: uninstalled manually? that sounds painful. Do you know if there is a plan to create an upgrade path that does not require uninstalling?15:32
mlankhorstI need to add a whole bunch of transitional packages to 'xorg' for that to work. :P15:32
smagounmlankhorst: what sort of bribe do you require for that? beer? testing? something else? :)15:32
seb128dobey, one way to "workaround" it is to tag the old bug "apport-request-retrace" to get a new retrace, submit again, then undup and point to the new retrace output15:33
LaneyThey don't necessarily have to be in that package15:33
mlankhorstsmagoun: hm some ass kicking probably15:33
diwicmlankhorst, fyi, 14.04 already have -lts-quantal|raring|saucy packages for kernel15:33
Laneyif you want to keep xorg clean-ish, introduce -lts-whatever packages that are transitional15:33
mlankhorstLaney: yeah that's the plan15:33
smagounmlankhorst: ok, I will ask jasoncwarner to kick your ass for you :P15:33
dokomlankhorst, can't you just add the proper solution suggested by sbeattie and sil2100 ?15:33
dobeyseb128: request? or needs?15:34
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mlankhorstdoko: the 'proper solution' is fixing ld not to crash, debian's binutils don't, I didn't chase it down but it seems to be one of the ubuntu patches15:34
seb128dobey, "requests"15:34
seb128dobey, it means "next time a duplicate is retraced, attach the result there rather than cleaning it"15:34
dokomlankhorst, you are plain wrong.15:34
seb128dobey, the needs is "needs to be retraced" (e.g didn't get picked yet)15:35
dokodebian's binutils does behave the same way once glibc 2.18 is installed15:35
dokomlankhorst, so please don't paper over the issue, and fix it properly15:35
mlankhorstbut I don't want to debug binutils15:35
dokonow you even have the recipy posted in the bug report15:36
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mlankhorstdoko: I want to share the solution with debian's xorg-server and keep the delta small, they made it clear they don't want hardening-wrapper as build-dep15:38
dokomlankhorst, sure, I do understand, but the way how they introudce pie support is wrong15:43
dokoand it will break there too once glibc from experimental is uploaded to unstable15:43
seb128doko, "please don't paper over the issue, and fix it properly" ... can you apply that to poppler as well? ;-)15:44
doko(and I didn't look if the current i386 in ftbfs is caused by your workaraound)15:44
Laneyjibel: could you please look into why these are fake-RUNNING http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/proposed-migration/update_excuses.html#poppler ?15:46
jibelLaney, looking15:46
dokoseb128, feel free to fix it properly, *iff* you know how to fix it properly. until then a quick-fix which is correct but maybe slow sounds like the reight short-term solution15:47
seb128doko, I'm not sure downgrading performance of our default pdf renderer to fix a few build issues is "correct"15:48
seb128doko, I would say that those ftbfs don't create any issue atm, we don't need to rebuild today any of the packages that are failing to build in the archive rebuild15:48
mlankhorstdoko: oh yeah, grabbing binutils from debian and stuffing it in trusty crashes too15:49
dokomlankhorst, see https://sourceware.org/ml/binutils/2014-01/msg00080.html and the upstream report for some background15:51
ubottusourceware.org bug 2014 in translator "cannot use backslash for escape sequences" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]15:51
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jibelLaney, last run of britney was at 11:28:17 and results for poppler have been published at 11:43:58 so they've not been collected yet.15:52
Laneyjibel: aha15:52
LaneyI didn't check the timestamp15:52
seb128how often are those running?15:52
Laneyit's probably because of the precise upgrade15:53
ogra_yeah, seems everything is a bit slow today15:53
dokomlankhorst, so if debian just wants to use pie, it should maybe introduced in the upstream build infrastructure explicitly.15:54
mlankhorstit's some autotools silliness anyway15:54
jibelcjwatson, do you know why britney didn't run since 11:30 today?15:55
jibelthat's the timestamp of the most recent log file15:55
dokomlankhorst, you could build with --disable-static maybe15:56
mlankhorstwe already do, that's why it's autotools silliness15:56
Laneyjibel: The archive master is being dist-upgraded to precise today15:58
Laneycf. #ubuntu-release backlog15:58
jibelLaney, ack, thanks15:59
mlankhorstdoko: and from that bug report, ld -static -pie is perfectly fine. glibc might not handle it correctly but -static (to ld) merely causes it to look for libfoo.a instead of libfoo.so15:59
LaneyI forgot to check britney's timestamp15:59
dokomlankhorst, well, that's one opinion, ld.gold behaves differently16:00
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cjwatsonjibel: right, it's been upgraded, but the apt-ftparchive db format has changed so it's very slowly rebuilding all its caches16:30
cjwatsonit'll get there ... eventually16:31
cjwatsonmy guess would be an ETA of about 40-50 mins until this publisher run finishes16:32
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mitya57Mirv: will you be able to upload my pyqt5 patch to your ppa today (to see how it goes)?16:35
mitya57I will be offline for a couple of days starting tomorrow evening, to I would like to get the fix uploaded to archive tomorrow morning.16:36
* mitya57 has fired up his qemu armhf pbuilder to test with 5.0, but that's going to take the whole night to build16:37
mitya57Mirv: also, adding 1: epoch in recipe build is going to break upgrades for people using your PPA :)16:38
tarpmancharles: hi, yesterday you rejected my MP to indicator-datetime; wondering whether you spotted my reply and branch update after that (https://code.launchpad.net/~rtandy/indicator-datetime/lp976100/+merge/200209) and whether a resubmit would be appropriate16:41
pittidobey: ah, apport doesn't use the original (poor) stack trace for duplication; it retraces it and then compares to the retraced one, i. e. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/evolution/+bug/1153365/comments/216:44
ubottuUbuntu bug 1153365 in evolution (Ubuntu) "evolution crashed with SIGABRT in mem_error()" [Medium,Confirmed]16:44
pittidobey: so apparently they were identical; is there evidence that it's a different bug?16:44
pittistgraber: lxc-create -t download → this is golden! many thanks for that16:57
cjwatson... publisher will take longer, we forgot about source17:08
cjwatson+40mins maybe?17:08
alkisgHi, is vesafb.ko missing in Trusty? Should udev-fallback-graphics get updated to `modprobe uvesa`?17:18
alkisg$ grep vesa /etc/init/udev-fallback-graphics.conf17:18
alkisg        modprobe -q -b vesafb17:18
alkisg$ ls /lib/modules/*/kernel/drivers/video/*vesa*17:18
sil2100pitti: hello!17:19
pittihey sil210017:19
sil2100pitti: so, it seems we're having armhf problems with your platform-api unit tests17:19
pittioh? last time I tried them they still ran fine17:19
sil2100pitti: didrocks, tvoss and lool tried to figure out what in the environment is causing the issue, but with no luck17:20
pittisil2100: I can try them on the current image, do they fail now?17:20
sil2100pitti: the problem is...17:20
sil2100pitti: they fail only on CI and the hardware builders17:20
didrockspitti: they didn't fail for tvoss on the current phone17:20
sil2100pitti: see here: https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/landing-005/+build/553415117:20
didrocksthey do in launchpad non virtualized builders17:20
didrocksand in CI17:21
sil2100pitti: so, we actually thought that something else, some dependency changed and suddenly made it fail for armhf, but after investigation made by didrocks and other guys, it seems it's just broken somehow17:22
sil2100pitti: it's blocking a lot of things right now ;)17:22
pittierr, sure that these are *non*virtualized builders?17:22
didrocks(even without code change)17:22
didrockspitti: yeah, it's the distro builders17:22
pittithat looks like qemu emulated builders17:22
didrocksthat are used in those ppa17:22
didrocksif so, we really have an issue17:22
pittiah, actually not17:22
Laneykishi are distro builders17:22
didrocksah, phew :)17:22
pittithe qemu failure was different17:22
pittiso, if tvoss already tried on the current phone, let me try on the porter box17:24
didrocksyeah, that would worth it17:24
pittitrying on my nexus 4 anyway17:25
pittimeh, shedir's porter schroot is awfully big17:26
Laneynot sure those things ever get cleaned up17:27
pittitemporary overlays would be much better17:29
LaneyDebian's new scheme is nice17:29
pittiyeah, indeed17:30
pittiI really like how Debian's current porter boxes work, no clutter + self-service17:30
Laneyyep, only trouble is that I often forget to clean up after myself17:31
Laneythis conversation reminded me to end a webkit session ...17:31
pittididrocks, sil2100: err, where did dbus-cpp-dev go? platform-api depends on it, but it's not in trusty any more17:33
dobeypitti: since the retracer isn't attaching the retraced data to my bug, i don't see a way to actually verify whether they are the same or not17:33
didrockspitti: IIRC, it's libdbus-cpp-dev17:34
sil2100pitti: hah, it got changed into libdbus-cpp-dev17:34
pittihm, that needs to be fixed in platform-api then17:34
sil2100pitti: we have merges for that, thomas prepared them and we want to release that17:34
sil2100pitti: yes, let me show it to you - but we can't release it becasue the unittests are failing17:34
pittiah :)17:35
sil2100pitti: you need this https://code.launchpad.net/~thomas-voss/platform-api/expose_accuracy_and_service_status_to_platform/+merge/203298 and location-service from here: https://code.launchpad.net/~thomas-voss/location-service/add_controller_and_service_configuration/+merge/19910517:35
pittianyway, building now in porter, my phone is still installing build deps17:35
sil2100pitti: I buy you a beer if you fix the platform-api test failures on those branches17:36
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sil2100pitti: if you manage to fix it, please send me an e-mail with the merge requests - we'll add those to the landing and get everything super fixed17:36
pittioh, it fails on amd64, too?17:37
pitti/usr/include/ubuntu-location-service-0/com/ubuntu/location/service/session/interface.h:28:40: fatal error: org/freedesktop/dbus/codec.h: No such file or directory17:37
sil2100pitti: no, just armhf - on our PPA it was failing because of location-service (nevermind that!)17:37
pitti #include <org/freedesktop/dbus/codec.h>17:37
pittiit doesn't even build in current trusty :(17:38
sil2100pitti: do you have the location-service I pointed out?17:38
sil2100(from the merge ;) )17:38
pittisil2100: no, I'm not testing any branch, I"m currently testing the trusty package17:38
pittithat certainly built at some point?17:38
sil2100pitti: yes, but dbus-cpp update broke it, and as I say - we want to fix it by releasing platform-api and location-service17:38
sil2100pitti: but we can't as the armhf unittests fail17:39
pittiah, so we landed dbus-cpp too early, or something like that?17:39
pittisil2100: i. e. I should install the debs from http://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/location-service-trusty-armhf-ci/27/artifact/work/output/*zip*/output.zip ?17:39
pitti(armhf debs from the location-service MP)17:39
sil2100pitti: yes, the 'rule' was that tvoss provides the fixes ASAP afterwards, but it took longer17:40
sil2100pitti: yes, this one and code from tvoss's branch17:41
pittiwow, that's a lot of variables to keep track of :)17:41
pittisil2100: i. e. I shouldn't build trusty's platform-api, but lp:~thomas-voss/platform-api/expose_accuracy_and_service_status_to_platform ?17:42
pitti(just to double-sure I understand everything)17:42
sil2100pitti: yes :) This is the branch that is fixed for dbus-cpp17:43
sil2100(the new one)17:43
sil2100pitti: sorry for the confusion, this was supposed to be landed already and in the archive ;)17:43
pittiI can't install .debs in a porter chroot17:47
pittionly apt-get install17:47
sil2100hmm, ok, give me a moment17:48
pittisil2100: so, I'll try on my phone, and I can also try on my shiny new toy on the calxeda node17:48
pittithere I have lxc and full root17:48
sil2100pitti: ppa:ci-train-ppa-service/landing-005 use this PPA and fetch location-service from there17:48
sil2100pitti: you can use it on your porter I guess? ;)17:48
pittisil2100: I can't add PPAs either; that's a plain trusty schroot17:48
sil2100pitti: uuuuu17:48
* pitti gives up on shedir and moves to the calxeda box17:49
sil2100pitti: just so you know - it fails all the time on the builders and our CI, but tvoss couldn't reproduce it on his phone, so strangeness17:49
* Mez rants and raves around the room17:50
pittisil2100: builders are also calxeda nodes, so chances are high17:50
MezI don't like the 9 month till EOL, btw.  Not when there's a showstopper for Saucy, and someone deletes the software from a PPA I was using.  Meaning I now have to host my own Apt repository somewhere.17:51
pitti"don't use saucy" (I'm 90% serious about that)17:52
pittiuse precise, or use trusty17:53
Mezpitti: has trusty switched to Mir ?18:04
pittinot on the desktop (won't happen for trusty)18:04
Mezpitti: I might try it then - but I have a feeling the same regression is going to be there (for non-3d machines()18:04
Mezand precise - well - wouldn't work for us - we need more up-to date than precise (and I don't want to have to backport everything again)18:05
loolsil2100: so my current suspicion is with locales18:05
loolsil2100: but we need a way to reproduce this error somehow18:05
loolsil2100: I dont understand where this weird float values would come from otherwise18:06
lool(cosmic rays perhaps)18:06
pittilool: you mean platform-api?18:06
pittiwell, they are by and large zero18:06
loolpitti: what is zero?18:07
loolpitti: numbers for the precision and min max are not zero18:07
loolit's like 0.5 expected and 0.1 found18:07
pittioh, right, I misread it as e-3118:07
pittiit's e3118:07
loolthere's an e31 right18:07
pittilool: I'm currently trying to reproduce https://launchpadlibrarian.net/164031765/buildlog_ubuntu-trusty-armhf.platform-api_0.20%2B14.04.20140129.1-0ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz18:07
pittilool: I guess that's the same error18:07
pittithat you are talking about?18:07
stgraberpitti: glad you like it :)18:08
pittiit's takes a while to install all those changed debs and branches, but building now18:08
pittilool, sil2100, didrocks: reproduces perfectly here18:10
sil2100pitti: by reproduces you mean, it fails?18:12
pittiyes, with pretty much exactly the same numbers AFAICS18:12
pitti1: Value of: ua_sensors_accelerometer_get_min_value(s)18:12
pitti1:   Actual: 1.9283833e+3118:12
pitti1: Expected: 0.518:12
pittinow hte build on my phone finished as well18:12
pittisame failure18:13
sil2100So it seems tvoss had a golden phone18:13
sil2100pitti: if you would manage to fix it, as I said - could you send me an e-mail with the merge request? I'll add it to the landing and release it ASAP ;)18:14
sil2100pitti: thanks in advance!18:14
pittisil2100: yes, but probably not today any more, it's late18:14
sil2100pitti: let's connect tomorrow then18:15
pittibut for comparison I'll re-try the current trusty version and fish out the old dbus-cpp debs18:15
pittisil2100, lool, didrocks: fun that the really complicated tests (the events, which use the timers and so on) still succeed..18:26
pittisil2100, didrocks, lool: I have a hunch18:26
pittithis smells like something recently changed the float API?18:26
pittithat would explain the weird numbers18:26
didrockspitti: yeah, -1.xxxxx18:27
pittiricmm mentioned something like changing the platform-api to move from returning floats to something else18:28
pittididrocks: how do you mean -1.xxx?18:29
ricmmI havent changed it yet18:29
pittibut it's definitively the functions that return floats that now act up18:29
ogra_probably your thinking about it broke it already18:29
ricmmbut you arent going over hybris, so why would it break?18:29
pittiwell, AFAICS tvoss' branch still uses aapcs for both18:30
pittiso that should be fine18:30
ricmmeverything is still aapcs18:30
pittiok, my build of current trusty platform-api just finished, same result18:30
pittiso it's not due to new libdbus-cpp or https://code.launchpad.net/~thomas-voss/location-service/add_controller_and_service_configuration/+merge/19910518:31
didrockspitti: sorry, people try to ddos me with pings IRL and IRC it seems, can't find the link :)18:32
didrocks(with the weird float results)18:32
pittiis there a bug for this, BTW? (just in case I want to drop some notes)18:33
pittisee you tomorrow, need to call it a day now18:41
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didrockspitti: not that I know of20:22
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smoseranyone know how i can easily get -Zgzip passed throug to dpkg-deb when invoked as 'debuild' ?20:54
smoser(no, it wasn't a trick question).20:55
smoserthe answer is debuild -Zgzip.20:55
smoserhm.. maybe not. seems like it didn't actually change anything20:59
infinitysmoser: By altering debian/rules.21:03
smosermore hint ?21:03
infinityDepends on the rules. :P21:03
infinityBut dh_builddeb -- -Zgzip or similar seems likely.21:04
infinityIs there a reason you don't love xz?21:04
* Logan_ subtly pokes infinity again about netcdf21:05
infinityLogan_: Sorry, we're firefighting today.  Try again later? ;)21:05
Logan_also xz is wonderful21:05
Logan_damn it :P21:05
Logan_what happened?21:06
tarpmansmoser: debuild -Zgzip probably did something, but to dpkg-source rather than dpkg-deb21:06
infinityLogan_: We broke the archive a little bit, that's all.21:06
smosertarpman, yeah, you're right.21:06
smoserhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/6840144/ is why i don't like xz21:06
smosermy debian/rules == /usr/share/doc/debhelper/examples/rules.tiny21:07
tarpmansmoser: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6840152/ implements what infinity suggested above; works for me in lucid schroot21:10
smoseryeah. thanks tarpman. i had just come to that.21:11
GunnarHjslangasek: ping?21:26
Logan_infinity: were all i386 builds turned back over to the buildds or something?21:28
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slangasekGunnarHj: hi22:15
GunnarHjHi Steve!22:16
GunnarHjJust wondering if you have noticed Skype
GunnarHjslangasek: It's the latest Linux version on the Skype site.22:19
slangasekGunnarHj: the skype package is in partner; updates to it are made at the request of the partner in question22:20
GunnarHjslangasek: So you wouldn't just take the latest without Skype asking for it?22:21
slangasekGunnarHj: not generally22:21
GunnarHjslangasek: I see. This is the changelog: https://community.skype.com/t5/Linux/Skype-Linux-changelog/m-p/2878795/highlight/true#M866022:22
Logan_does anyone know how to force system libtool on a package that uses libtool.m4?22:44
cjwatsonLogan_: we retried everything that had gone into chrootwait.  but if you're asking about the huge i386 build queue, that's a test rebuild in a copy archive23:31
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