stevieman I'm trying to setup a backend but I'm being told it cannot connect to the server02:37
Kwisherstevieman: look in ~/.mythtv for a file called config.xml, find the db password and input it into the f/e setup02:39
Kwisheralso make sure you use the b/e ip address in the b/e setup02:40
Kornyhmmmm runnign 2 3tb rsync sessions on my backend and 3 recordings with comflagging, I have a system load of 35 27 27 :/02:42
* Korny whistles02:42
steviemanKwisher:brilliant, I thought I could change the password in the file. guess not. Set it back and it's good to go. THANKS02:43
Kwisherthe file in ~/.mythtv is linked to other files02:43
Kwisheri think there are actually 3 copies in various places02:44
kichigaiHey all.  I have a problem with my EPG data. I just replaced my antenna, and did a channel scan to reveal two new channels. I got an XMLTV ID, did a mythfilldatabase, and ended up with "NO DATA."05:58
kichigaiOn a hunch I nuked my setup for the channel listing, did a fresh scan, re-added all the data, and now I have no data for any channels. I'm running MythTV 0.25.2-1505:58
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