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hannumanQUESTION: he online right now, or its a record?00:20
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mhall119jose: we're going to cancel today's UE update, too many people are away at a sprint17:36
josemhall119: no worries, then :)17:36
josepopey: PLEASE, again, PLEASE, let me know when you do an ubuntuonair session17:36
joseit's not just a matter of taking it over, we have a calendar and twitter feed and public that reads us17:37
mhall119jose: we really need to build a backend to support ubuntuonair.com17:44
joseI know, but we need someone who knows django :)17:45
mhall119that's easing, finding someone who knows django *and* has time to do the work, that's the hard part :)17:45
joseI could try and start learning django, but would take some time17:46
popeyjose: please can you document this?18:35
popeyjose: we have been doing these design hangouts for some time now.18:35
popeyjose: rather than beat me up afterwards ☹18:35
josepopey: yeah, you stopped them a while ago so they were not on the calendar18:42
josepopey: every wednesday at 14 UTC?18:42
popeyjose: every 2 weeks18:56
josepopey: scheduled, please confirm you see it at ubuntuonair.com/calendar19:07
joseif anyone else is going to be on the show, let me know their IRC nicks so AirBot can recognize them as speakers and they can fetch questions19:08
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