bazhang<olskolirc> You guys still trying to work out this dead beat no talent of a distro?01:15
bazhangnobody is answering: elapsed time 87 seconds01:20
rwwolskolirc sounds familiar01:39
bazhangbeen around forever, since the days of Jucato01:48
phunyguySN3, can we help you with something?01:48
rwwSN3: since you are apparently incapable of human speech, I have taken the liberty of reading your mind. I have discovered that you are in here to enquire about your #ubuntu-offtopic ban from 10 months or so ago, and are very sorry for spamming /sysinfo output02:16
rwwSN3: since we are benevolent psychic dictators, I have now removed this ban02:17
rwwSN3: Please bear in mind our channel guidelines in the future, which amongst other things instruct you not to use talking scripts in #ubuntu-* channels02:17
rwwSN3: Also, please /part the channel after reading this. Thank you for flying #ubuntu-* :)02:17
rww!guidelines > SN302:17
ubottuSN3, please see my private message02:17
LjL-Hybridyou didnt specify "and dont rejoin"03:12
* phunyguy swats LjL-Hybrid03:21
rwwLjL-Hybrid: should have linked that "leave now, and never come back" smeagol clip03:22
cowtoethe #ubuntu-offtopic ban to persist 24 hour!08:12
cowtoedays later the ops on a re-ban tirade!08:12
ikoniacowtoe: ?08:29
knomeMyrtti, ta, just warned about him in -ops, maybe better to watch him12:07
knomei need to run ->12:07
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Picigenii: you might want to look at that link yourself.17:01
Piciactually, it just should be the next section.17:02
geniiPici: It was sort of an inside joke, since why would you want to have instructions on how to set up a Windows print server on an Ubuntu help page :)17:03
phunyguy@comment 59399 cowtoe is now calling me names in a PM.17:06
ubottuComment added.17:06
phunyguywelcome to op-hood, eh?17:07
LjL-Hybridbut i was calling you names before17:10
phunyguyyeah but these are pretty uncool.17:12
k1lphunyguy: yep.17:12
phunyguyit's k.  He is just trying to get to me.17:12
IdleOneEverybody loves me17:12
geniiIdleOne: What's not to love?17:19
IdleOneI KNOW RIGHT!17:20
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k1lSN3: hello19:13
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rwwi'ma banforward them to #ubuntu-offtopic next time20:17
ikoniaI was thinking ##unavailable20:18

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