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pittiGood morning05:25
pittirbasak: so I ran all (but two) of our > 300 autopkgtests on ARM with --ephemeral, and do all my local tests with that, too07:07
pittirbasak: I never ran into any issues with it; would you mind much if I add a --clone and make --ephemeral the default?07:07
jibelGood morning07:43
pittiutlemming, rbasak: oh, to wrap up my "ancient container contents with trusty cloud images" issue, I didn't use the "daily" argument; that probably got me alpha-1 instead?08:05
jibelpitti, FTR, notifications for adt are working again08:19
pittijibel: yay08:19
pittiutlemming, rbasak: hm, I just tried that again with "daily" and that still gives me alpha-208:27
pittijibel: FYI, I just tried "sudo HTTP_PROXY=apt lxc-create -t ubuntu -n trusty -- -r trusty" on an ARM node08:40
pittijibel: that DTRT and creates a fully working container that will work with autopkgtest 2.7 and doesn't require any further setup08:40
pittijibel: and it's only 330 MB instead of the cloud image (640 MB), i. e. less stuff preinstalled which is good for testing08:41
jibelpitti, \o/ and it is smaller than a cloud image, right?08:41
pittistill takes much longer to build of course08:42
jibeland faster when packages are already cached08:42
pittibut we can do it on one node and rsync it to the other three08:42
pittijibel: perhaps we can sit down at the sprint and turn this into production?08:43
jibelpitti, sure. I hope that after the system apps project I'll have more time to spend on autopkgtest.08:44
pittijibel: at least you need to show me the britney setup; this stuff desperately needs some fixing, I'd like to help you out while you are working on apps08:45
pittijibel: so, we won't get bored at the sprint :)08:45
jibelpitti, I think we need to rethink this interface anyway.08:46
jibelpitti, it is not complicated but there are lot of case to consider08:47
veeberswho would I talk to regarding potential apparmor issues?08:48
pittiveebers: jdstrand and jjohansen08:49
pittiveebers: tyhicks, too08:49
veeberspitti: awesome, thanks08:49
rbasakpitti: the php5 dep8 test reliably fails using adt-virt-lxc and --ephemeral on our internal openstack deployment08:56
rbasakI have had a 100% success rate reproducing it.08:56
pittirbasak: yes, I know, but that seems to be the only one so far?08:56
rbasakIt has the biggest build tree that I know of. And is perhaps a little memory contrained08:57
pittirbasak: we can still run with --clone on openstack, but it seems for local use its an option which you always want08:57
rbasakI suspect it's a race to do with tar. It's because it's tar that I'm so sceptical about changing the default. Feels essential.08:57
pittior on our ARM nodes; cloning containers there is rather expensive08:57
pittithe ARM nodes survived the firefox and mysql-5.5 tests, which are rather sizable too08:58
rbasakI favour the default being the one least likely to trip you up first, and what people generally want interactively the second.08:58
pittirbasak: hmkay08:59
rbasakSo I'd prefer you to use --ephemeral if you want to do so on any automation, since there isn't really any cost to doing that.08:59
rbasakBut, I'm not precious about it. Change it if you feel appropriate - you have to deal with it probably more than I do, and you've been looking after it, so it's your decision. That's just my opinion.08:59
pittino, but it's an "always have to specify this" thing if you run it manually08:59
rbasakYeah, I don't like the "always have to specify this" thing either. But for me, less likely to trip you up is a higher priority.08:59
pittirbasak: btw, http://people.canonical.com/~pitti/tmp/autopkgtest-arm/adt-php5/09:00
pittirbasak: perhaps this trips up due to the "deeper" stack of precise -> KVM -> lxc?09:01
rbasakpitti: I believe you. It's just on openstack it happens. It's clearly some kind of race, possibly triggered by different memory/cache/buffer contention.09:01
pittirbasak: so if I make --ephemeral the default and add a suitable warning to it, would that be ok for you? I don't want to change it if you don't want09:02
rbasakpitti: in my opinion, we shouldn't change the default. Perhaps we could make it easier, like a one-letter option to do common things that you might want to do? However, if you want to change it anyway, then I'm fine with that. It's not a strong objection.09:03
rbasakpitti: for example, in rsync, -P is a shortcut for --partial --progress.09:03
pittirbasak: ok; I'll add an -e for it at least09:04
rbasakSure. That sounds like a good idea.09:04
slickymastermorning all09:46
pittijibel: oh, we could even use lxc-create -t download to use stgraber's daily pre-built ARM trusty images (if we can access images.linuxcontainers.org, or shovel it to the lab in another fashion)10:15
jibelpitti, I didn't know this template. The lab doesn't have access to this site, but if we can allow it or find a way to pull images into the lab, that should be really fast.10:20
pittijibel: well, the 10 mins of building it ourselves per day won't kill us either, but I just read about it and found it very interesting and useful10:21
jibelright, as you suggested we could as well create a base container on one of the node and sync it to the others10:21
pittijibel: it seems the nodes can't currently IP each other, but I guess that can be fixed somehow10:30
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pittijibel: ah, I'm finally getting adt mail again11:55
pittimeh, wazn's VMs drive me crazy11:56
* pitti rebuilds the amd64 VM and disables wazn-adt for the time being11:56
pittiok, VMs work again, wazn-adt reenabled12:08
elfymmm - long time since I had anything to do with an LTS - anyone know if it's normal to set the notify of new version to For Any New Version when upgrading from LTS to LTS12:25
elopiogood morning14:07
elopioping rhuddie. Tell me where should I start with the browser today.14:08
rhuddiehey elopio, I was taking a look at ChromeDriver14:09
rhuddieelopio, don't know if you have any experience with it already?14:09
elopiorhuddie: yes, plenty. That's selenium, what we used on SST and the ubuntu one web servers.14:10
elopiorhuddie: but is it available while using oxide?14:10
rhuddieelopio, well that is what I was trying to establish...14:11
elopiorhuddie: I'd just ask the devs.14:12
elopiorhuddie: where is osomon on IRC?14:12
rhuddieelopio, I was talking to to him yesterday on #qa14:13
elopiorhuddie: I think #ubuntu-touch would be better. I'll ping him.14:14
elopiorhuddie: sorry. That was a long standup in unity, with many followup questions.15:29
rhuddieelopio, hey no problem15:30
fully_humanNot sure if this is a little off topic, but I was wondering how to use autopilot with PyGObject? It seems as though autopilot translates all Glade objects to Gtk2 (since glade is Gtk2) and I can't seem to find a way to "translate" them into pygobject (since my python code is pygobject and not pygtk2).15:30
elopioso, osomon said he will check about the web driver.15:30
elopioah, crap, and he has just left, I was going to continue asking.15:30
balloonsfully_human, I'm a little confused by your question. But perhaps pitti could shed some light here15:31
elopiorhuddie: do you have time on friday to meet with thomas strehl? at 14:00 UTC15:31
rhuddieelopio, yes that time is fine15:32
elopiojfunk: and you? ^15:32
balloonsfully_human, if you launch your app does in introspect with autopilot properly?15:32
elopioand jibel ^15:32
jfunkelopio: in meeting -- will catch up on backscroll later15:32
jfunkmgr meeting15:32
jibelelopio, yes it is fine15:34
fully_humanballoons, I've created an interface using glade and am using python as my code base (with pygobject as the library). I'm trying to test using autopilot but the problem I run into is that the objects are all PyGTK2 objects, and not PyGObjects ("Gtk.Window" vs. "GtkWindow"). Not only that, but it's using C's type name (meaning, without the ".").15:35
fully_humanThe application *launches* just fine but I have to call select_many with the C Gtk type name and not the PyGObject type name. (select_many('GtkWindow') works while select_many('Gtk.Window') does not)15:37
fully_humanIs there a way to translate the C-type Gtk objects to python GObjects?15:38
fully_humanSorry, I feel like I'm not asking this correctly and confusing others and myself. :-\15:38
balloonsI think I understand now fully_human.. That said, I don't have an answer for you :-) thomi or pitti or veebers should know it, but none are around atm15:40
fully_humanballoons, Okay,t hanks. :-)15:41
balloonsfully_human, email works well for this stuff15:41
balloonsfully_human, I'd suggest sending something along to ubuntu-quality mailing list.15:43
fully_humanOkay, thanks.15:43
fully_humanIs this a quality question, though since it doesn't deal with the Ubuntu OS?15:43
fully_human(not yet, at least :-) )15:43
balloonsfully_human, there is also #ubuntu-autopilot. But sure :-)15:44
balloonsautopilot is a qa tool15:44
fully_humanI think I figured out most of my answer with the question "What is a Proxy Object?" in the docs.15:49
balloonsmm.. those work too :-)15:50
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pittifully_human: no, AP uses GI a little, but in any way autopilot-gtk *only* uses GTK316:28
pittifully_human: we don't support GTK2 at all16:28
pittiballoons: ^16:28
fully_humanAh, thanks.16:28
pittifully_human: so if your application uses PyGTK, then we don't support that with AP16:28
balloonsty pitti.. I missed that tidbit he mentioned :-)16:28
balloonsright pygtk = gtk216:28
pittifully_human: also, GTK 2 and pygtk have been abandoned years ago, you shouldn't write new stuff with it16:29
fully_humanpitti, Right...I'm using PyGObject. :)16:29
pittifully_human: oh - yes, the type name is still the Gtk name (GtkWindow), not the PyGObject transliteration16:29
fully_humanI discovered that autopilot got what's called a "proxy object."16:29
fully_humanMan, documentation is really helpful if you actually read it! :P16:29
pittifully_human: from the POV of autopilot it doesn't know in which language you wrote your app16:29
fully_humanAnd then doing more research I found that to get an object from a glade file I need to pass in the BuilderName argument to select_single.16:30
pittifully_human: Gtk.Object is just between pygobject and gobject-introspection, then everything is translated to the actual libgtk functions16:30
fully_humanAh, thanks.16:30
pittifully_human: yes, that's usually the best way to select an object: select_single(BuilderName="foo")16:30
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daz_Where is this API documented?16:40
elfyballoons: bu 127409617:34
elfybug 1274096 even17:34
ubot5bug 1274096 in Ubuntu Manual Tests "Upgrade tests ignore LTS" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127409617:34
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balloonselfy, we have upgrade tests I believe that we should toggle on17:47
balloonsoO, I see.. this might be different than what you are saying17:48
balloonslet's go look regardless17:48
elfyin that case we'd best toggle them on then - I started shouting for our lot too then17:48
balloonsyea.. 14.04 = lts17:48
elfyI did one today - left with Prompt=normal as well - so I'm not sure if something that needs turning on with upgrade manager hasn't happened yet17:49
elfyballoons: oic what you mean - I'm talking about the wording which doesn't check what you get left with after upgrading17:54
balloonsI can't login :-(17:55
elfyI hate sso ... :p17:55
balloonsyes.. I noticed that after reading the bug a bit17:55
balloonssomething about ff hates it17:55
balloonsyes, so I see the testsuite I was thinking of uses the same upgrade casse17:56
balloonsso yes you are correct17:56
elfyok - I'm half finished with that - I'll assign it etc and do mp17:57
elfybut - the other issue then is toggling the lts tests on?17:57
balloonsyes, we need to add one testsuite to test specifically for the upgrade from precise17:58
balloonswe've been in alpha mode, so it's fine to have left it alone for now17:58
balloonsso let's see17:58
elfyyea - I'm just quick off the mark :p17:58
elfyor really annoying :)17:58
WebbyITballoons, in calc app there are a lot of old bugs related to autopilot mark as triaged, do you have time to veirfy if they are still vaild? Or explain me how to verify it18:00
balloonsWebbyIT, link? and sure18:00
balloonsso I added the upgrade.. I suppose I should include both upgrade tests. I guess it should become it's own entry under upgrade18:01
WebbyITballoons, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-calculator-app/+bug/125686518:01
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1256865 in Ubuntu Calculator App "test_simple_page.TestSimplePage.test_three_negative_numbers_multiplication fails on #40 on mako" [Undecided,Triaged]18:01
WebbyITThanks :)18:01
WebbyITand bug 1256867 and bug 125686918:02
ubot5bug 1256867 in Ubuntu Calculator App "test_simple_page.TestSimplePage.test_sign_button fails on #40 on mako" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125686718:02
ubot5bug 1256869 in Ubuntu Calculator App "test_simple_page.TestSimplePage.test_one_negative_number_multiplication fails on #40 on mako" [Undecided,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125686918:02
balloonsyes, old stuff like this can be closed. We should have caught it when we fixed the bugs18:02
balloonsaka me.. since I commented on the cause :-18:02
WebbyITOk, thanks :)18:03
WebbyITI mark them as fix released18:03
balloonsI'm marking them as invalid actually18:03
balloonscalc didn't change, it was a bug in mir18:03
WebbyITI don't touch anything then :-)18:03
balloonsassuming i remember it correctly18:03
balloonsthanks for cleaning those up :-)18:04
WebbyITI'm doing some earlier spring clean :P18:04
elfyballoons: https://code.launchpad.net/~elfy/ubuntu-manual-tests/1274096/+merge/20380818:05
balloonselfy, so I'm adding "LTS Desktop Upgrade (Precise)" suite for trusty to upgrade tests for ubuntu18:09
balloonslike so: http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/milestones/308/builds/57251/testcases18:11
balloonsI don't want to automatically add it to all the flavors I don't think18:12
balloonsnot all will support lts -> lts (not all shipped lts)18:12
balloonselfy, can you explain this line a bit more in the test? <dd>Echoes Prompt=normal for non-LTS and Prompt=lts for LTS upgrades</dd>18:17
balloonscan we make it less confusing for folks?18:18
balloonsThat means more wordy18:18
balloonsAlso, it looks like spacing is a little off.. *twitch*18:18
elfyterminal echoes Prompt=normal or Prompt=lts18:24
balloonselfy something like "if you have installed an LTS release, then:"18:26
elfyI can make it as blatantly obvious and wordy as you want :p18:26
balloonselfy, lol.. yes, let's do that18:26
elfyokey doke if you're sure ...18:26
balloonsohh biy18:26
balloonsI'm not sure ,I'm not sure!18:26
elfyhad to lose 12000 word from my dissertation ...18:26
balloonsis it too late?18:26
elfyno - not done anything at all yet lol18:26
balloonsseriously though, yes I think a little more explaining would be good18:27
elfyI'm still prevaricating18:27
balloons*would be useful18:27
balloonslook at me bastardizing English again18:27
elfyI'll look a bit later - off to school - little one choosing options ...18:27
elfyI know - it is a S you keep mizzing out :p18:28
balloonscheers elfy ty18:28
elfyballoons: the 1310 upgrade is missing the "Proceed in your native language if you wish" bit - I'll add that as well18:39
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balloonsafternoon Letozaf_20:08
balloonsmorning veebers :-)20:08
Letozaf_balloons, hello20:08
veebersHi balloons o/20:08
elfyballoons: I'm back and it's pushed again20:10
Letozaf_balloons, do calendar app tests work ? what I mean is that on my PC I have 8 tests failing :O20:19
balloonselfy, ty20:19
balloonsLetozaf_, yes, they should be working20:19
Letozaf_balloons, :? maybe I've got something wrong on my PC20:20
balloonssorry if I'm a bit slow.. I just took a big hit to the head.. :-(20:20
Letozaf_balloons, :( ouch!20:20
Letozaf_balloons, for instance http://paste.ubuntu.com/6839921/20:21
balloonsLetozaf_, fully updated?20:21
Letozaf_balloons, yes20:22
Letozaf_balloons, let me check though20:22
Letozaf_balloons, never know20:22
Letozaf_balloons, to make it simplier I just re-branched ubuntu-calendar-app and got the same error20:25
Letozaf_balloons, If I wanted to cancel all the data and start from a pristine environment, wasn't the directory ~/.local/share//com.ubuntu.calendar/Databases the one to cancel ?20:27
Letozaf_balloons, I haven't got it :?20:29
balloonsLetozaf_, the directory is correct20:34
Letozaf_balloons, oO then how come I haven't got it :?20:35
* Letozaf_ thinks there's something weired on her PC20:35
Letozaf_balloons, it's not that I want the tests to run at any cost on my PC, but I was wondering if it's a locale problem, that error sounds familiar to me20:37
balloonsLetozaf_, it will be created when you ru nthe app20:38
balloonsif you don't have one20:38
balloonsLetozaf_, i agree that it seems like the locale error is still occuring20:38
Letozaf_balloons, I will try to run the tests on my notebook, just in case ...20:39
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Letozaf_balloons, same error also on my notebook20:49
knomestgraber, tracker visual updates? :)20:55
Letozaf_balloons, I have a bug I think https://plus.google.com/photos/110772571847074999454/albums/5974426967349405889?authkey=CJH6tpHdxICPXQ you cannot see the evernote account when you launch reminders app on a device21:14
balloonsLetozaf_, did you add it?21:16
balloonsor are you talking about the text going offscreen21:16
Letozaf_balloons, yes in settings, accounts21:17
balloonsbecause that's a bug too it seems :-)21:17
Letozaf_balloons, you cannot see the account label21:17
balloonsLetozaf_, turning the phone sideways help?21:17
Letozaf_balloons, but if you tap on it it enters the account21:17
Letozaf_balloons, should I report a bug or is it "too early" as it's a "new app"21:18
balloonsLetozaf_, no report it. .it's in the store and released21:20
balloonsare you running the newest image?21:20
balloonsand newest store release21:20
balloonsof the app that is21:20
Letozaf_balloons, I just updated the device I've got r15221:21
balloonsahh.. you are running proposed then or stable?21:21
balloonsI believe 152 would be proposed atm21:21
Letozaf_balloons, proposed21:22
knomeballoons, ping21:22
balloonshey knome21:22
knomewe need to look at QA logos21:22
balloonsthe check mark in the circle of friends?21:22
knome [knome] Help update the QA team logos to fit the Ubuntu Brand Guidelines: TODO21:23
balloonshmm.. indeed21:23
balloonsso first things would be how many and what logos do we have / use21:25
balloonsI can think of a few off the top.. and they do need updating21:25
knomewell one of them is the hideous old ubuntu logo with the green checkmark21:25
knomeif you remember, i even did a new logo for you earlier21:25
knomelet me dig it up and upload21:25
balloonsyes.. That logo should be appearing in places now21:31
balloonsfor instance; https://launchpad.net/ubuntu-manual-tests21:31
knomeone place i still see the old logo is https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-qa-website-devel21:31
balloonsalthough, I just noticed it's cut off a little21:31
balloonsugh.. that logo :-p21:32
knomei can't see that (cut off)21:32
knomehmm, go google21:33
* knome wrote: bugsuqs, google suggested "bugsquad"21:34
balloonsok, I'll change the branding on those21:34
knomepossibly want to extend to ~bugsquad too21:34
balloonsyes, ty21:34
balloonsso branding wants 14x14, 64x64 and 192x19221:35
knomewant me to exporT?21:35
balloonsyea, if you could.. that'd make it simple21:35
knomebtw, 192x192 is unused...21:35
balloonsheh.. I've not seen it21:35
balloonsmostly 64x64..21:35
balloonsnot sure I've seen the 14x14 much21:36
knomeit's used quite a lot21:37
knomeunder "member since"21:38
balloonsahh.. cool21:38
knomeoh bah, will take some time21:39
knomewill poke the icon size a bit, direct export is too fluffy21:39
balloonsknome, sorry I'll bbl. I'm not feeling so well atm21:43
knomeok, np21:43
knomei'll PM you the links21:44
knomeget well soon :)21:44

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