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MavKeni hope the ldapmyadmin bug gets resolved for 13.10 or for 14.0401:27
MavKenis there a best practice on where to store the .htpasswd file?02:47
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yolanda_jamespage, you there?09:52
jamespageyolanda_, yes09:52
yolanda_ok, looking at your mp comments09:52
yolanda_about creating a home directory for the user09:52
yolanda_looked at the charmhelpers call for the user09:53
yolanda_if no password is provided for the user, it doesn' create home directory09:53
yolanda_so that's why i created it directly on charm09:53
yolanda_what do you think is the best approach for it?09:53
yolanda_jamespage, sent comments on the mp10:05
jamespageyolanda_, ah10:11
jamespageyolanda_, OK - in that case I'd use the mkdir function from the core helper10:11
jamespageit does everthing you do in that function in one call10:12
yolanda_i just wrote some comments in general for the MP10:12
yolanda_also for the other topics10:12
jamespageyolanda_, ok responded10:20
yolanda_cool, i'll work on it10:21
shwaiiltrying to follow https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/openldap-server.html11:27
shwaiiland it says "During the install you were prompted to define administrative credentials"11:28
shwaiilbut that never happened  :i11:28
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rostamhi do I have to run "/etc/init.d/networking restart" anytime I modify the /etc/network/interfaces file? thx12:14
k4vhi i would like to update php in 12.04 to the latest php 5.3 could you recommend a ppa?12:15
cfhowlettk4v, suggest you look for a php channel and ask them12:16
andolrostam: If you want the changes to come into play, yes.12:19
rostamandol,  I heard that script is becoming deprecated...12:20
andolrostam: Well, at least that is the simple answer. Depending on the change you can also get around it by using ifup, ifdown, manually running ifconfig, etc12:20
andolrostam: I guess that is possible, source?12:21
rostamandol,  how I can make sure eth0 to be default route gateway?12:21
andolrostam: Aside from having it defined in /etc/network/interfaces? Well, you can always manually set (default) route using the route command.12:22
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rostamandol, do you the syntax on how to put the place it in that file please? thx12:23
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melterif i run "apt-get install apache2-mpm-prefork" on a fresh ubuntu server install, why does "apachectl -V" show the MPM as "event" and not "prefork"?14:01
mardraumbecause prefork is bad? :p14:02
LeMikehello. how do i prevent a user from leaving their home dir (like `cd / `) ?14:11
hitsujiTMOLeMike: http://allanfeid.com/content/creating-chroot-jail-ssh-access14:13
zuljamespage:  available for a quick review? https://code.launchpad.net/~zulcss/swift/1.12.0/+merge/20375114:16
jamespagezul +114:16
zuljamespage:  thanks14:18
LeMikehitsujiTMO: can is make the pattern for a whole group? https://gist.github.com/sourcerer-mike/53bc9fdf2200cf86c9d414:22
makarawe're looking for an alternative to Hyper-V?14:35
mardraummakara: I guess since you are asking here, you have a question about qemu/kvm ?14:37
makaramardraum, well it seems kvm isn't a solution14:37
makarait just runs in ubuntu server14:38
makarawhat's the difference between this and Proxmox, SolusVM, etc14:38
andolmakara: layers14:38
makaramardraum, I can't install KVM on bare metal14:38
mardraumyet you are looking for a hyperv alternative? you want some to run under windows?14:39
makarawe might need to run Windows machines, yes14:40
mardraumyou don't seem to know what you want.14:40
andolmakara: Well, if you want to be able to run Windows VMs you'd rather have something like KVM than OpenVZ (or LXC) in the bottom.14:41
makarabasically, every time I need to provision a service, I need to roll out an Ubuntu server14:41
makarawe've been doing that in Hyper-V, but various issues14:41
mardrauman ubuntu vm ?14:41
mardraumor a vm host14:42
makaraan ubuntu vm14:42
makarawhy would I need a vm host for every service?14:43
mardraumI give up. next time explain wtf you are trying to do.14:43
sander^workWhen doing an dist-upgrade of ubuntu 10.04.. should I choose yes when it prompts me to install grub2?14:44
andolsander^work: Unless you have a specific reason not to, yes.14:44
makarasander^work, yes, but you're better off doing a fresh install from such an old version14:44
sander^workandol, makara: I'm not upgrading the os version.. and how do I know if I already have grub2? Because thats one reason to not install it it seems.14:45
makarasander^work, then don't14:47
makarajust upgrade whatever you need upgraded14:47
sander^workmakara, so the safe bet is always to not install grub2?14:47
makarasander^work, you could haven't issues booting up14:48
sander^workmakara, Are you saying I could have issues booting up, if I install grub2?14:48
makaraactually I see it was available since 9.1014:48
sander^workmakara, the default choice is "no", to not install grub2.14:49
makarajust do it14:49
makarait'll be a learning experience14:49
makarawhat you got running on the server?14:49
makarawill you be able to boot from a live CD if something goes wrong?14:50
makaraor ISO or network?14:50
sander^workmakara, I dont want neceserry downtime on it.14:50
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makaraok, so if I choose not to run anything other than linux distros, what are the pros and cons of OpenVZ vs KVM on Debian Wheezy?15:04
Picimakara: try #debian for that15:05
makaraI meant Ubuntu Server15:05
thebwtCan a ethernet device be specified in UFW directives?15:21
meltermardraum: bugzilla requires prefork apache15:30
mardraumtime to stop using bugzilla :P15:30
jdstrandthebwt: yes, with the extended syntax. eg 'sudo ufw allow in on eth0 to any port 22' (see man ufw for details)15:31
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zuljamespage:  i think the .testr.conf is misconfigured for neutron15:35
zuli have a test that im going to be trying out15:35
thebwtjdstrand: you da man, sorry for man-fail15:38
zuljamespage:  this is the theory http://paste.ubuntu.com/6838440/15:39
roadmrhello folks! is this the right place to ask about/report problems with one of the ubuntu cloud images? (saucy cloud image for vagrant is broken)15:41
rbasakroadmr: yes, this is the right place.15:43
roadmrrbasak: thanks! something seems wrong with the virtualbox guest modules on that image (http://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/vagrant/saucy/current/saucy-server-cloudimg-i386-vagrant-disk1.box). Attempts to access /vagrant once the VM is up result in kernel oopses and no access15:44
roadmrrbasak: FWIW, both raring and trusty images work fine15:44
roadmrrbasak: this is easy to reproduce using a simple vagrant file and, say, a trusty host system, I can file a bug with a repro case if needed15:45
rbasakutlemming: ^^15:46
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yolanda_jamespage, comments on https://code.launchpad.net/~yolanda.robla/charms/precise/rabbitmq-server/ha/+merge/20306216:46
ubottuusn is Please see http://www.ubuntu.com/usn for information about Ubuntu security updates.18:32
geniiAh, there it is.18:32
rostamHi I am setting up a local mirror using debmirror. There is a python pkg, autobhn which I install it manually using "pip install autobhn" How could I include that in my local mirror using debmirror? thx18:34
UchM0ndcan anyone give me good guide how to setup pptp server on ubuntu18:37
sarnoldrostam: debmirror will mirror just debian packages. if pip uses http to download the packages, you might be able to cache it with squid, but it wouldn't be a self-contained mirror ... you might also be able to find a pip mirroring tool18:38
UchM0ndaround 400 people here and no one can help me..18:44
sheptardUchM0nd: 0 results on google?18:44
roadmrUchM0nd: does this help? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PPTPServer18:45
UchM0nd:D no but i want really tested guide18:45
rostamsarnold, thank you18:45
UchM0ndok thnx18:45
sarnoldUchM0nd: I'm skeptical of the ms-dns lines in this thing, but here's a guide :) https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PPTPServer18:46
roadmrUchM0nd: you're welcome! I just googled "ubuntu pptp server", it was the first match. If you have specific questions feel free to ask here18:46
jrwrenI want a really tested guide too. Please write one for me. :p18:49
UchM0nd:P sorry i just realized it was pretty stupid question to ask :D18:52
sarnoldUchM0nd: it's true it would have been better if it had been followed with, ".. the one I found had funny instructions" or ".. I have trouble finding one recent enough to trust" or similar :D but oh well, hehe18:53
smoserhallyn, i sent a mail to lxc-devel. (lxc-ubuntu-cloud: various small changes)18:57
smoserlxc pretty much "just worked" on my ppc64el system.18:57
smoserthe only issue was cloud-image-utils wont install because qemu-utils not available yet18:58
hallynsmoser: ok.19:00
hallynjodh: say,19:01
hallynjodh: eh, nm, this is getting into dbus- rather than libnih- territory.19:01
hallynwell, i'lla sk anyway: jodh: do you know how to tell dbus to request negotiation of fd passing?19:01
jodhhallyn: no sorry.19:03
hallynsmoser: we don't see any email on the list yet...19:31
hallynsmoser: which list did you send it to?  the sf.net list no longer exists...19:31
smoserhallyn, there. that looks better.19:37
smosermy git send email19:37
smoserwas not updated19:37
smosershould get there now.19:37
zerickIs Apache 2.4 by default only accepting *.conf files for virtualhosts or is a customization of Ubuntu?19:38
hallynsmoser: thx;  we're walking out now, but will look later from my room19:42
smoserhallyn, k. should be simple enough19:49
smoser, 14 insertions(+), 28 deletions(-)19:50
jrwrenzerick: iirc it is a debian/ubuntu thing. see apache.conf instead of Include conf.d/* it says conf.d/*.conf20:03
zerickjrwren, since apache 2.4.6 is ignoring the include on apache2.conf20:05
jrwrenthat has not been my experience20:08
zerickup to this version, actually, in recognizes, only for new symlinks, the *.conf extensions, I see it preserves older links (which makes sense, though)20:11
semiosis[MIR] Glusterfs - https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/glusterfs/+bug/1274247 -- ping me if I can be of assistance20:20
LrdArchow can i set email forwarding with sendmail on webmin?20:24
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ubottuwebmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.20:33
semiosisalso fwiw if you're not already familiar with sendmail, you might want to try using postfix instead -- it's much nicer imho20:35
LrdArcbut i don't see postfix option on webmin20:36
semiosismy advice, drop webmin, drop sendmail.  postfix docs are good & the config files are easy enough to edit.20:37
LrdArcalso it's nice to have gui panel to control the server, is ubuntu server has another panel like webmin that is official supported?20:37
rewtrawanyone have experiance running a highly available iSCSI SAN on ubuntu/linux?20:42
rewtrawgluster is perfect, but mostly for NFS20:42
rewtrawneed iSCSI20:42
sheptardwonder if you could put drbd on the block device20:44
sheptardthen share it out via your favourite iscsi target20:45
sheptardhowever with some thinking that might be less than ideal20:45
rewtrawyeah, drbd seems to be the best option20:45
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geniiLrdArc: I believe the recommended one currently is Zentyal21:05
genii!info zentyal21:05
ubottuPackage zentyal does not exist in saucy21:05
genii!info ebox21:05
ubottuPackage ebox does not exist in saucy21:05
geniiDouble Hm.21:06
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pmatulis!info zentyal-common21:38
ubottuzentyal-common (source: zentyal-common): Zentyal - Common Library. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.3.9+quantal1 (saucy), package size 29 kB, installed size 203 kB21:38
pmatuliszentyal-* (users, dns, etc)21:38
Rick129Hi. I really don't understand the load average of htop. What counts towards the load average? On my 8 core, 32gb ram server I have sometimes >8 load average although cpu usage is only 40-50%. Why is that?21:42
PiciRick129: "System load averages is the average number of processes that are either in a runnable or  uninterruptable  state.   A process in a runnable state is either using the CPU or waiting to use the CPU.  A process in uninterruptable state is waiting for some I/O access, eg waiting for disk.  The averages are taken over the three time intervals.  Load  averages  are  not  normalized  for  the  number of CPUs in a system, so ...21:43
Pici... a load average of 1 means a single CPU system is loaded all the time while on a 4 CPU system it means it was idle 75% of the time."21:43
Picifrom `man uptime`21:43
Rick129Pici: thanks. So when only one 1 core is 100% and load is >5 this is most likely disk IO?21:44
PiciRick129: yes, high load usually points to some sort of IO issue.21:46
Picirather, when load > cores21:47
Rick129Pici: do you know how I can debug IO issues?21:50
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PiciRick129: Thats a pretty big question.  You can use things like iotop to help figure out where the bottlenecks are, but solving them can be tricky.21:52
Rick129Pici: thank you. I have 2 VMs via KVM running, but they should't use a lot of IO. Weird. Guess I have to do a little bit of research21:53
semiosisgeneral answer to "how do i solve io problems?" is "use SSD" imho ;)21:56
semiosisRick129: check the cpu wait time %wa in top -- that indicates processes waiting for io21:57
gkoh374υπάρχει κάποιος που μπορεί να με βοηθήσει?22:13
gkoh374υπάρχει κάποιος που μπορεί να με βοηθήσει?22:16
ubottu#ubuntu-gr και #kubuntu-gr για Έλληνες χρηστές  /  #ubuntu-gr kai #kubuntu-gr gia Ellhnes xrhstes22:16
gkoh374still can you help me with something?22:18
geniigkoh374: Just ask your question to the channel in general, someone may know the anser and assist you :)22:19
gkoh374i plugin the hdmi but there's "no signal" and ubuntu cant detect the tv22:23
gkoh374i searched all over the internet but i couldnt find a solution22:24
gkoh374i have updated, installed 3rd party repo22:24
gkoh374and i have 13.1022:25
gkoh374just ask for more infos because i dont know what else is relevant22:26
paco11hi folks!22:59
paco11in bind9, can i put in the same file any domains which have the same public ip? (public ip by a web hosting company). thanks!22:59
paco11so, if i have 10 differents domains, i'm able to create 10 db zone files?23:05
semiosispaco11: have you tried it?23:07
semiosisyou should try it23:07
paco11to create the 10 db zone files?23:07
semiosisor just two23:08
paco11i have to point to: test.com| test.net | test1.com | test1.net | exemple.com | exemple.net | etc...23:10
geniipaco11: Might want to consult https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BIND9ServerHowto for examples23:13
* genii checks to see if it's Beer O'Clock yet23:14
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