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UbuntuDroidHi guys I'm hoping someone can help me. I'm trying to install ubuntu touch dual boot on my phone but it says device not support when using the dual boot installer02:12
UbuntuDroidhttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/DualBootInstallation This is the guide I'm using02:12
cwayneUbuntuDroid, which device are you trying?02:12
UbuntuDroidTrying it one the Sprint Galaxy S4, it is in active development on the international S4 same processor though.02:13
UbuntuDroidI know the device is unsupported at current  but I would like to try building it as an alpha/tester hence why im trying to use dual boot02:14
UbuntuDroidHere is the current thread for the International S4 http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=229555702:15
UbuntuDroidAny ideas, on how to use the dualboot.sh script on an unsupported device?02:19
cwaynehmm, not sure02:20
cwayneit tries to pull the images from system-image, which wouldn't work on an unsupported device02:20
cwaynesorry :(02:20
UbuntuDroidIt works in the I9505 varient though http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=256418702:22
UbuntuDroidAnyone know how I could edit the script to install  on unsupported devices? i would be willing to contribute to the project as much as possible I just need to be able to dual boot.02:30
UbuntuDroidCan anyone help get the dualboot script working on unsupported devices????03:03
pablovidcomo estan03:09
pablovidcomo puedo instalar ubuntu en mi celular03:09
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compaqcan i ask?04:05
compaqi have a broken os android tablet smartphone04:05
compaqchina made04:05
compaqit failed boot or bootloop04:05
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compaqwhat i ask is... can i install ubuntu on that tablet that cannot boot to system04:09
cpatrick08I ran sudo phablet-flash ubuntu-system --channel trusty-proposed --bootstrap on my grouper tablet and I am stuck on CWM-based Recovery v6.0.2.8 and INFO:phablet-flash:Waiting for recovery image to boot05:22
UbuntuDroidHI guys anyone willing to try helping me get Ubuntu Touch installed dual boot on the Galaxy S4?06:00
FuLgOrErsalveti: any progress on the N5 image? especial sound would be great :)06:08
FuLgOrErsalveti: can I support somewhere? Do you need logfiles, or anything else? Regarding the wifi-interface issue (each reboot new mac address) I mounted the missing partition to /persist via fstab but I think it is mounted after it tries to set up wifi. so I still have that problem. If you need more information, just tell me.#06:10
UbuntuDroidDoes anyone have any idea how I can edit the dualboot.sh file to get it to work on non supported devices06:11
UbuntuDroidinstalling now on sprint s4!!!!06:44
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rsalvetimind checking https://code.launchpad.net/~rsalveti/powerd/adding_device_configs_flo_hammerhead/+merge/203644 ?09:15
rsalvetiogra_: just adding config for flo and hammerhead09:15
FuLgOrEhi rsalveti. any updates regarding the N5?09:15
FuLgOrErsalveti: is that related to the wifi-issue on N5?09:15
rsalvetiFuLgOrE: not yet, but one yesterday, so should be able to better debug it09:15
rsalvetiFuLgOrE: that's just for auto-brightness09:16
rsalvetiFuLgOrE: I know what is wrong with the wlan error, will try to push a fix later today09:16
FuLgOrErsalveti: ah, I see. If you need somebody to test it, I can do that later09:16
FuLgOrErsalveti: in around 3 hours I will be available for any N5 tests09:17
FuLgOrErsalveti: any infos about the sound problem?09:17
ogra_rsalveti, happroved09:17
rsalvetiFuLgOrE: not yet09:17
rsalvetiogra_: thanks09:17
FuLgOrE[22:05] <Tassadar> FuLgOrE: if you know how to change kernel command line in boot.img, you can also speed up the boot - replace "console=ttyHS0something" with "console=tty0"09:19
FuLgOrEthis is an info from yesterday. to change that should help to fix the long booting time09:20
FuLgOrEbut I'm not sure how to change kernel command line.09:20
rsalvetiright, will check09:25
ogra_mandel, http://ci.ubuntu.com/smokeng/trusty/touch/mako/151:20140129:20140115.1/6324/ see notes app09:31
FuLgOrErsalveti: I mounted the missing mmc-device via fstab to /persist. this didn't fix wifi issue. now the correct path is available but I think it is mounted to late.09:39
FuLgOrEI still get this error:09:41
FuLgOrE[    1.798620] bcm_wifi_get_mac_addr: Failed to get information from file /persist/wifi/.macaddr (-2)09:41
FuLgOrEand .macaddr exists09:41
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mandelogra_, read cpp => https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntu-download-manager/fix-cast/+merge/20369210:03
OrokuSakiSup fellas! Ogra.. stuff.. Can we use KitKat yet?10:21
OrokuSakiHP TOuchpad has a 3.0 kernel now with KitKat10:21
OrokuSaki@ogra beep =)10:26
ogra_OrokuSaki, there was a mail on the ML10:31
OrokuSakiOh... a mailing list10:31
OrokuSakiHow you been10:31
OrokuSakiHaven't talked to you since the saucy party10:32
ogra_busy indeed ...10:32
OrokuSakiI read kitkat was at the end of jan or something10:32
ogra_the core team is in london atm ... working on enabling hammerhead and flo devices10:32
OrokuSakiexus 510:32
ogra_(thought hammmerhead (N5) wont be supported)10:32
OrokuSakiOh well. I don't have Nexus stuff... Looking forward to KitKat porting10:33
OrokuSakiI am even making a crappy 10.1 rom with this 3.0 kernel.. it is really buggy.. but maybe I can use the graphic libs =)10:33
OrokuSakiYou think its possible to use hybris in Ubuntu Desktop armhf?10:34
ogra_techically yes, but it wont gain you much10:34
OrokuSakitake over the EGL with hybris.. configure lightdm for surface flinger...10:34
ogra_(X wont use it ... Mir only supports unity8 currently)10:34
OrokuSakiI am on Unity9 I think.. latest trusty desktop which is a pain10:35
OrokuSakilast armhf desktop image was 12 or something10:35
OrokuSakinot too bad of a pain.. NOT LIKE WRITING AN OS. =)10:35
OrokuSakiAnyways I thought I would see what happens10:36
OrokuSakiSee if it at least tries to run surface flinger with Mir10:36
ogra_they are mutually exclusive10:37
ogra_Mir replaces SF10:37
OrokuSakiWithout an lxc container... oh... I was wondering that.. I remember we switched10:37
OrokuSakiI will ping ya tomorrow when I get to that. =)10:37
ogra_without LXC container you dont need hybris10:37
ogra_it is the lib that hooks into the container10:37
OrokuSakioh.. so how does it know where surfaceflinger is?10:38
OrokuSakihard coaded?10:38
ogra_we dont use SF anymore10:38
OrokuSakiok ok10:38
ogra_and i think unity8 stopped supporting it10:38
ogra_(so you wouldnt get any UI)10:38
OrokuSakiI did get a test_gles working at some point.. See what happens.. I notice unity still supports SF.. I will try both.. Though how does Mir get its graphics driver without hybris?10:39
OrokuSakiOr maybe.. Mir has hybris stuff inside of it... strange10:40
rsalvetiogra_: still supports it, but it won't be supporting it for long anymore10:40
rsalvetiogra_: currently we just have a bug at the qtubuntu package that ricmm is going to fix10:40
ogra_rsalveti, hmm, i get a black screen in SF mode10:40
rsalvetiogra_: right, but that's build bug with qtubuntu10:40
OrokuSakiUbuntu Desktop would be neat with EGL drivers for tablets. =)10:41
OrokuSakiOr wait on freedreno I guess.10:41
ogra_the old unity7/compiz has support for EGL on the desktop (on arm at least)10:42
ogra_the pandaboard and netxus7 desktop images used it10:42
OrokuSakiGLES Unity7?10:42
OrokuSakino GLES with Unity8?10:43
ogra_unity8 is GLES only10:43
ogra_unity7 was Gl and GLES10:43
OrokuSakiAnd EGL offers GLES?10:43
OrokuSakiSay yes!10:44
ogra_EGL and GLES are kind of the same thing10:44
OrokuSakilol.. I should not ask questions I know I won't understand the answers to.. my bad =)10:44
FuLgOrEso, now I'm available to test something on N5, if somebody needs something tested10:48
timpogra_: egl is used to set up a gl(es) environment, so I think you can compare it to for example glx, not gles10:55
ogra_OrokuSaki, ^^10:56
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timphttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/EGL_(API) :)10:58
abtekkHey guys. Anyone knows when the 4.4.2 base sources are due to be pushed?11:07
rsalvetiabtekk: hopefully later today11:11
abtekkOh wow, thanks R.11:13
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loolrsalveti: could you confirm this kernel works with enough memory?  http://people.dooz.org/~lool/ubuntu-kernel11:19
loolrsalveti: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6837318/11:26
rsalvetilool: cool11:28
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xnoxrsalveti: where is kitkat trees? is it just phablet-trusty these days?11:53
xnoxi.e. how to do a repo checkout?11:53
ogra_xnox, not public yet11:54
rsalvetixnox: can't yet, will be uploading it later today11:54
xnoxrsalveti: ah ok.11:54
rsalvetiand it'll be with gerrit11:54
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mhr3didrocks, copied to destination == rdy to click "merge and clean"?12:19
FuLgOrEdo you guys also have the problem that you see the "empty battery" sign when the battery is fully charged?12:33
boikoLaney: hi, I have just approved your MR, but I didn't top approve it, feel free to do that once the other changes are ready to land12:37
Laneyboiko: yay, thanks12:37
rsalvetislangasek: hm, did you break the original grouper bootloader? maybe because of the partition changes?12:40
rsalvetislangasek: can't update the bootloader with the one from 4.412:40
davmor2FuLgOrE: I think it is  abug in the battery refresh, if it is low when you start charging it doesn't seem to update from the low level, if it is closer to being full when you put it on charge it only shows  a full battery with the charging icon.12:43
FuLgOrEI will keep an eye on it12:46
sil2100tvoss: hi!12:54
sil2100tvoss: could you take a look at this? https://launchpadlibrarian.net/164021289/buildlog_ubuntu-trusty-armhf.platform-api_0.20%2B14.04.20140129-0ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz12:55
Toxinao Ubuntu Phone é compatível com o samsung galaxy  ace GT-S5830L ??12:58
ubot5You can find the full list of devices, official images, community images, and works in progress at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Devices13:00
Toxinaobrigado !!13:01
tvosssil2100, wanna jump over real quick?13:02
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sil2100tvoss: https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/landing-00513:04
FuLgOrEis it possible to mount something earlier that it happens with fstab?13:09
FuLgOrEor is there another fstab in the bootloader?13:09
slangasekrsalveti: haha, um13:09
slangasekrsalveti: I don't remember if I ever changed the partitions on that one, *because* the partition table is so badly corrupted wrt the GPT standard13:10
slangasekrsalveti: so I'm pretty sure I didn't13:10
didrocksmhr3: no, I just changed the message to be more clear13:12
didrocksmhr3: it's "migrating to destination"13:12
didrocksmhr3: then, you click merge and clean once it's in the release pocket (otherwise, it will tell you it's not yet)13:12
didrocksmhr3: so, generally, a couple of hours should be fine13:12
mhr3didrocks, ah, why is that step manual again?13:13
didrocksmhr3: because we want you to own the landing and know exactly when stuff landed13:13
didrocksmhr3: also, there are a lot of cases where this can fails13:13
didrockslike, being blocked in NEW13:13
didrocksor UNAPPROVED13:13
didrocksor stuck in proposed13:13
didrocksso analyzing are needed in those cases13:14
mhr3didrocks, right, but once it does land in release it's safe to merge13:14
didrocksright, but being systematic will ensure you don't forget to look at the status13:14
didrocksand won't "fire build and forget"13:14
didrocks(and keep the lock if things are stuck)13:14
mhr3it would actually release the lock sooner for the cases where it succeeds, and for cases when it fails you need to be watching it eitherway13:16
didrocksmhr3: right, but you will then assume everything is always fine13:16
didrocks(what we saw with daily releases)13:16
didrocks(not you as *you*, of course)13:16
mhr3you won't, cause the new code won't get to trunk13:17
didrocksyeah, but if you look at trunk few days afterwards, it's already too late13:17
didrocksso better to be systematic and having one process13:17
didrocks(and come on, you just have 2 buttons to press to push something and merge for the whole process)13:18
didrocksit's not like if you have to do 10 things for this13:18
mhr3yes, and one of them is extra :P13:18
didrocksnot extra, it's consistent13:18
didrocksimagine as well it's in the release pocket BUT we can't merge back13:18
didrocksbecause you pushed a conflict directly to trunk13:18
mardydpm: hi! I'm having a look at the Reminders app, to create a branch which uses the online accounts trusted helper13:18
didrockssame, won't be noticed until you look at trunk13:18
mhr3didrocks, ok, i thought that can't really happen13:19
mardydpm: should I build the debian package or the click one?13:19
didrocksmhr3: shouldn't, but… well, people happen to do mistakes (on purpose or not)13:19
mhr3didrocks, i'd just --overwrite :P13:19
didrocksbad bad mhr3 ;)13:20
didrocksmhr3: one case is launchpad translations13:20
didrocks(but that shouldn't conflict though)13:20
rsalvetislangasek: hm, interesting then13:28
rsalvetislangasek: fastboot just fails to update the bootloader13:28
Tassadaron n7?13:29
Tassadaranyway, rsalveti: is gerrit in here ready/is it going to be soon - code-review.phablet.ubuntu.com ?13:30
rsalvetiTassadar: yup, yeah, will announce it to the ml once the code is published13:34
Tassadarcool, thanks13:34
Tassadarif that bootloader issue is on the old N7, then the problem might be that bootloaders in google's factory images are invalid since 4.3 (I think)13:35
rsalvetiTassadar: yeah, just saw that13:36
rsalvetiwhich is annoying13:36
FuLgOrEone question about the volume buttons in UT. do they only control the volume or do they have an other function as well (zoom in the camera app e.g.)?13:36
rsalvetiI think currently they are only controlling the volume buttons13:36
FuLgOrEok. thats working on N5 :)13:37
chriswardHello all, I'm having some issues compiling, (http://pastie.org/private/h8mt5lwszcrom7btdj340g) it seems there are things in a few of the glib files which the compiler doesn't recognise. It is a freshly cloned repo yielding this error, any thoughts?13:50
sil2100tvoss: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/164027238/buildlog_ubuntu-trusty-armhf.platform-api_0.20%2B14.04.20140129.1-0ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz13:55
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tvosspitti, can you help here? https://launchpadlibrarian.net/164027238/buildlog_ubuntu-trusty-armhf.platform-api_0.20%2B14.04.20140129.1-0ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz13:57
dpmhi mardy, just came back from lunch. Awesome! Perhaps I'd say the click package, but either would work14:06
shiggitayrsalveti, hello if you're here14:09
* shiggitay pokes rsalveti in the eye14:10
rsalvetishiggitay: yup :-)14:11
shiggitayhahah yo14:11
shiggitayFuLgOrE was telling me of the advancements you've made with UT14:11
shiggitayI'mma restore my backup soon and then update to play with what's new :)14:11
shiggitayI'm here for a few hours before I go to bed if you're working on it at the moment with any changes.14:12
rsalvetiright, still didn't upload a new image, but will soon14:13
shiggitayFuLgOrE mentioined to me that MIR works now?14:14
shiggitayso smoother performance vs SF alone/14:14
FuLgOrEright :)14:14
FuLgOrEvery smooth14:14
elopiooSoMoN: ping. rhuddie and I want to start writing some tests for the webbrowser and the webcontainer. But we have some questions. Are you here?14:14
FuLgOrEthe preview work now, everything is more smooth than with SF and after an update (apt get) it looks more nice because the dpi is newly adjusted14:16
shiggitayonce my transcodes are done I'm all over it14:16
shiggitayHmm rsalveti question for ya:14:19
shiggitaysince my GPad 8.3 is also an ARM7 device, would these images work on it?14:19
shiggitaythat way I wouldn't have to mess with my phone14:19
shiggitaythough ultimately I'd want my phone to have UT on it too14:20
shiggitayit's basically an 8.3" version of my N5, but with a Snapdragon 600 vs my N5's SD 800 (same amount of RAM though)14:21
tvosspitti, you around?14:21
shiggitayARMv7.. sorry14:23
rsalvetiwell, you'd need to port it14:23
shiggitayokay so how it is right now I can't just use the starter image we used for the N5 and simply image it to the tablet?14:23
rsalvetinot from the binaries, you'd need to build the android side with the right changes that I'll be uploading later today14:24
shiggitayah cool14:24
pittitvoss: hey14:25
shiggitaywait, for generic ARMv7 devices, for the LG GPad 8.3 specifically? (re: what you'll upload later today)14:25
shiggitay@ rsalveti14:25
shiggitayor for*14:25
rsalvetifor the nexus devices, and generic if your device is android compatible as well14:25
rsalvetibut you'd need to do some basic porting as well14:26
shiggitaysomeone on the XDA forums is interested in porting to this tablet... sooo I'll let him know14:26
shiggitayskay or w/e14:26
shiggitayis his user14:26
davmor2shiggitay: you would need to port ubuntu touch to your tablet the images are specific per device.14:26
sil2100tvoss: https://launchpad.net/~ci-train-ppa-service/+archive/landing-005/+build/553415114:26
shiggitaythanks davmor2  :)14:26
davmor2shiggitay: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch/Porting14:27
shiggitayalso rsalveti would I just be able to flash the android bits, then boot and recovery and then boot into recovery and restore my backup so I can added the changes you made?14:28
shiggitaydavmor2, yeah I have that bookmarked I believe14:28
shiggitaywell android bits / system / boot / recovery14:28
shiggitayand davmor2 I'll be working with the dev / person interested in porting to the GPad hopefully soon... though my role is mostly going to be testing and so on.14:29
FuLgOrErsalveti: just one question regarding the wifi-bug in the N5 image. Do you know a way how to mount /persist early enough so that I can keep my mac address?14:29
ybonHumm, I've disabled Dash online search through settings, but now I'm enable to reactivate it again (blank screen in settings). Anyone know how to reactivate it from command line? Or how to get click applications available to install elsewhere?14:30
shiggitaymarried to our MAC address eh @ FuLgOrE14:30
shiggitaylol jk14:30
ogra_FuLgOrE, it is fixed in the archive already ... i'lll provide an updated zip with the fix soon14:31
FuLgOrEhey great14:31
FuLgOrEshiggitay: I prefer a fixed mac address, so yes, I'm maybe married to our mac address. If you prefer mac address on-boot-stand, just keep your image :D14:31
shiggitayI was really only kidding but ok :P14:32
shiggitayHmm I wonder if this'd make it easier to port UT to older devices like the HP TouchPad14:32
shiggitayanyone here know of jshafer817? He attempted to port UT to the HP TouchPad14:35
shiggitayhe was attempting to port 13.1014:36
tvosssil2100, can you ping me the ppa address?14:38
shiggitayAlso regarding the recovery stuff... can you possibly use TWRP Recovery vs ClockWorkMod?14:38
sil2100tvoss: yes, one moment14:39
sil2100tvoss: here's the PPA - I still didn't rebuild the location-service with the disabled tests though, want to do it all at once14:39
kenvandinebfiller, i proposed a branch against your gallery as click branch which adds the bits needed for the content-hub click hook14:43
kenvandinebfiller, however... i can't get gallery to run as a click package14:44
kenvandinebfiller, i removed gallery-app and installed the gallery click package14:45
kenvandineit doesn't show up in the shell and i can't start it with upstart-app-launch14:45
bfillerkenvandine: did you build it on armhf?14:45
kenvandineon the device14:45
bfillerkenvandine: I'll give it a try today, it was working last time I tried it14:46
kenvandineupstart-app-launch com.ubuntu.gallery_gallery_2.9.1.90814:46
kenvandinedoes nothing... and no logs14:46
kenvandinei don't know how to figure out why upstart is failing to start it14:47
rsalvetiFuLgOrE: we tried the change to mount it earlier during the boot, will test once the package gets published in the archive14:49
bfillerkenvandine: wasn't it working yesterday for you?14:50
kenvandinenot with gallery14:51
kenvandinei was using my hub-exporter as a test14:52
kenvandinethat works for the hub14:52
bfillerkenvandine: ok14:52
kenvandinei can't run gallery on it's own even, not just from the hub14:52
bfillerkenvandine: I will build the click and try it14:52
kenvandinei gotta step out for a bit, bbs14:52
bfillersergiusens: you have any time today to build the gallery click branch and test with content-hub branch that has click support?14:53
bfillersergiusens: I'm going to try as well but could another tester14:53
bfillerthen we can land this stuff14:53
FuLgOrErsalveti: sounds good. just tell me when it's published and I will try it directly!14:54
sergiusensbfiller, sure, sounds good14:54
bfillersergiusens: thanks14:54
shiggitayrsalveti, me too.. I'm about to restore my backup and then apply the new changes XD14:55
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ogra_everything but the MAC address stuff should be in the zip, i re-generated it this morning ...14:56
oSoMoNelopio, hey, I’m here14:56
ogra_just waiting for https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lxc-android-config/0.134/+build/553414714:56
elopiohey oSoMoN. First, we are wondering if now that we are using a lot of code from chromium, ins't their web driver available for us to use?14:57
shiggitayrsalveti and ogra_ let FuLgOrE and I know when we can apply those changes14:57
shiggitayand is it as simple as applying a zip from recovery?14:57
ogra_shiggitay, yes, as i said, i updated the zip already and will re-roll it once the package above is done and in the archive14:58
ogra_just flash the new zip and you should be fine14:58
FuLgOrEyou're great! :)14:59
shiggitayy'all rock14:59
shiggitayIs there a splash screen yet? or just a blank screen and then all of a sudden the UI?14:59
FuLgOrEjust a google logo until the "lockscreen" starts14:59
oSoMoNelopio, that’s a good question, I need to14:59
FuLgOrEas soon as the new image is out, I will again post log files. what exactly would you like to get (dmesg, logcat ifconfig -a, /var/log/, ...)?15:01
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FuLgOrEbtw. no splash, just the startup messages would look very nice :D15:02
shiggitayokay grabbing my phone15:03
shiggitaybacking up my current KK layout again15:05
FuLgOrEwhere should I put the zip-file to access to it via recovery? /sdcard doesn't exist right now15:05
FuLgOrEor maybe it exists, once i'm in the bootloader and I use adb push15:06
shiggitayFuLgOrE, haha15:08
FuLgOrEokay, building finished. where can we download it?15:11
shiggitaydamnit TWRP... backup faster lol15:12
FuLgOrEogra_: do you have a download link? building finished15:14
shiggitayok backup done15:14
ogra_FuLgOrE, heh, building finished doesnt mean it propagated to the archive15:14
ogra_patience :)15:14
FuLgOrE... that's hard... ;)15:14
shiggitaythat's not what she said15:14
ogra_FuLgOrE, the link is still the same, i'll just replace the zip you used too install initially15:15
FuLgOrEso that one:15:15
ogra_yeah, i'll ping once it is done15:15
FuLgOrEperfect :)15:15
cwaynemterry, ping15:17
mterrycwayne, hello15:17
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rsalvetididrocks: tvoss: https://code.launchpad.net/~rsalveti/platform-api/kitkat-porting/+merge/20259915:24
greyback_tedg: ping15:26
abtekkrsalveti, and word on a new 4.4 build from you?15:31
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elopiooSoMoN_: sorry, I was on a meeting.15:34
elopiowhat we need is a way to introspect the web page, to check things like dialogs.15:34
elopiothe web driver would be perfect, but in the mean time we could survive evaluating a javascript statement.15:35
oSoMoN_elopio, that’s already supported by oxide, you can have a look at the existing unit tests at http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~oxide-developers/oxide/oxide.trunk/files/head:/qt/tests/qmltests/api/15:36
tedggreyback_, Good morning!15:37
greyback_tedg: hey! By any chance, would you know what this message means: "initctl: Unable to connect to Upstart: Failed to connect to socket /com/ubuntu/upstart-session/32011/1322: Connection refused"15:38
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kenvandinebfiller, when you tested it before, did it show up in the apps scope in the shell?15:38
=== alan_g|tea is now known as alan_g
kenvandinetedg, how can i debug a click app that isn't starting with upstart-app-launch?  it isn't even creating a log file for it15:39
tedggreyback_, Haven't seen that one before, but guessing that it's looking for the private connection to upstart.15:39
greyback_tedg: I'm running calendar-app tests on maguro, and it has happened that during test app launch this error happens, and then the remaining launches all fail15:39
bfillerkenvandine: yes, but I had to search for it and then reboot I think. it finally showed up15:39
kenvandinei rebooted15:39
kenvandinei didn't try a search15:39
tedggreyback_, You'll probably have to ping jodh on that one.15:39
greyback_tedg: ok, thanks15:40
tedggreyback_, I'm not sure howit could stop working (and the session not die)15:40
kenvandinebfiller, ok, it works from a search15:40
tedgkenvandine, How do you start a click app without UAL?15:40
greyback_jodh: ping :)15:41
kenvandinetedg, i don't :)15:41
tedgkenvandine, Oh, that you're trying to start, but isn't starting.15:41
kenvandineit wasn't starting with ual15:41
tedgkenvandine, So look in the application log file and it might have something.  Also turn on glib debug messages and it'll print more.15:41
barryKaleo: ping, re test failures in ubuntu-ui-toolkit15:42
bfillerkenvandine: yeah look in ~/.cache/upstart/application-click-gallery-app-xxxxxx for some hints maybe15:42
elopiooSoMoN: but how can I get getTestApi() from autopilot?15:42
kenvandinebfiller,  that wasn't getting created15:43
elopiohum, or maybe for now, we shouldn't test the internals of the web page with autopilot, just qttest.15:43
bfillerkenvandine: how did you install it?15:43
kenvandinealthought it is now, since i started it from the shell15:43
cwaynemterry, hey, i saw some talk about the welcome-wizard, just wanted to check in and see if what we have would be customizable?15:43
bfillerkenvandine: does click list show it correctly?15:44
mterrycwayne, not yet15:44
kenvandinebfiller, yes15:44
oSoMoNelopio, why would we need to access this at the autopilot level, if we already have unit tests that test the same things?15:44
mterrycwayne, Cimi and I are working on the welcome-wizard, but we both keep being pulled for other stuff15:44
kenvandinetedg, when starting it from the untrusted-helper, i get this http://paste.ubuntu.com/6838495/15:45
elopiooSoMoN: eventually, for testing things like a purchase from the scope. It will start as autopilot to search and open the scope preview, then a webview shows the payment details and we need to confirm there, and then we are back to autopilot.15:45
kenvandinetedg, i guess that APP_EXEC line is wrong?15:45
kenvandinedoes the untrusted-helper handle the APP_DIR properly?15:45
oSoMoNelopio, ok15:46
oSoMoNelopio, then we need to discuss how to expose this15:46
tedgkenvandine, It should, same exec code.  Why is it "./"?15:47
kenvandinei guess that's a bfiller question :)15:47
elopiooSoMoN: yes. That test case should be ready like a month from now, so no need to run, but it's important.15:47
tedgkenvandine, But it couldn't create the application instance, so that usually means Unity isn't ready for it.  Are you telling Unity that it's coming somehow?15:48
elopiofor our immediate testing purposes, qttest is perfect.15:48
kenvandinetedg, nope15:48
elopiorhuddie: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~oxide-developers/oxide/oxide.trunk/view/head:/qt/tests/qmltests/api/tst_WebView_title.qml15:48
tedgkenvandine, You'll need to do that :-)15:48
tedgkenvandine, So that it can group the sessions properly.15:48
elopiorhuddie: it makes sense to do this dialog tests as qttest.15:49
kenvandinetedg, well it doesn't handle that yet... right?15:49
oSoMoNelopio, you might want to join #oxide if you’re not there already, so we can have this sort of conversation there15:49
* tedg doesn't know, greyback_ ?15:49
kenvandinetedg, it worked fine using my hub-exporter example click15:49
kenvandinejust not working with gallery15:49
tedgSure, because you were using UAL and calling it an applications.  We handle it for applications.15:49
kenvandinetedg, what's different?15:50
kenvandinethey are both click packagines15:50
tedgkenvandine, The handshaking with Unity.15:50
tedgkenvandine, Unity rejects folks it doesn't know about.15:50
elopiooSoMoN: right, sorry.15:50
bfillertedg: that does seem wrong, sergiusens you know why the APP_EXEC of gallery click has ./gallery-app?15:50
kenvandinetedg, you are confusing me...15:50
oSoMoNelopio, no worries :)15:50
greyback_tedg: kenvandine: sorry I don't follow the above conversation, what's the issue?15:50
tedgkenvandine, More coffee :-)15:50
kenvandinetedg, what's different from the gallery click package than my hub-exporter click package?15:51
kenvandinei start them the same way15:51
tedggreyback_, kenvandine was asking if Unity had a way to tell it that an app will be nested in another app.  i.e. content picking.15:51
kenvandinei know that isn't there yet...15:51
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greyback_tedg: kenvandine: no it does not have that concept15:51
kenvandinetedg, it worked with my other example app... just appears as a separate instance15:52
tedgkenvandine, There's no difference in the package.  There's a difference in the way that they're starting.  One you're telling UAL is an application and it handshakes with Unity to make that okay.  The other you're saying is an untrusted helper, which means that you're in charge of it.15:52
kenvandinetedg, no... both are with the untrusted helper15:52
tedggreyback_, So do you know when that's on the plans?15:52
greyback_kenvandine: I'm only aware of the case when 1 app wants to invoke a trusted helper (which are written by us), and that trusted helper can invoke a 3rd party app. Unity will group those processes into one "app" visually for the user15:52
kenvandinethe untrusted helper started my hub-exporter app fine15:52
greyback_tedg: we've talked about it, there are some high-level docs, but nothing more as yet.15:53
kenvandinegreyback_, the trusted session stuff right?15:53
tedgkenvandine, The hub-exporter connect to Mir ?15:53
greyback_kenvandine: right15:53
kenvandinetedg, it starts fine and works15:53
tedgkenvandine, But does it connect to Mir?15:53
kenvandineusing untrusted helper started with content-hub15:53
kenvandineyou mean is it displayed?15:53
kenvandineyes... it works... lets me pick a photo and all15:54
tedgSure, I'm saying the error you're getting is that Mir is saying "not a valid app"15:54
kenvandineit's just a simple qml app15:54
tedgWas gallery running at the time in another instance?15:54
tedgi.e. was that telling Mir that galleries were okay?15:54
kenvandinetedg, maybe... i had multiple instances of my hub-exporter running for testing15:55
kenvandinethat worked15:55
sergiusenstedg bfiller, yes, that was way before the upstart app launch fat package capability and it wasn't in path; all the packages in the store use this trick15:55
kenvandinetedg, i just confirmed... same error when it isn't already running15:56
bfillersergiusens: do we need it still?15:56
kenvandinemaybe it's because of the ./ ?15:56
tedgWe might need a UAL release.  Working on that with a migration "to the train".15:56
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bfillerkenvandine: try getting rid of the ./ and see if it works15:56
sergiusensbfiller, not necessarily; but we would need to install it in those locations tedg has in his new stuff15:57
kenvandineah... removing the ./ i get a new error15:57
kenvandine** (process:9386): WARNING **: Unable to exec 'echo Error': Permission denied15:57
paultagHey phone'ers. I've got my Nexus 7 sitting around. I've been using Debian on it for a while in a chroot; How's Ubuntu Phone coming along? Has anyone extracted the Netflix .so for talking it's DRM and got a Netflix app working?15:57
sergiusenskenvandine, do you launch with upstart app launch?15:57
paultag(really the only holdback)15:57
paultag(from the android app)15:58
kenvandinesergiusens, i was launching with the untrusted-helper15:58
sergiusenskenvandine, don;t know about that one15:58
tedgkenvandine, So I think I'm confused.  You're launching with untrusted-helper, which case does it work with untrusted-helper?15:58
popeypaultag: hey, don't think so15:58
paultagheyya popey15:58
paultagpopey: what's new, dude15:59
kenvandinetedg, my hub-exporter worked with the untrusted-helper15:59
FuLgOrEI'll go to bed now. I'll flash tomorrow. see you and good night (morning, or whatever is matching for you)15:59
tedgkenvandine, And your hub-exporter connected to Mir?15:59
rhuddieelopio, thanks, I'll take a look at that15:59
paultagpopey: do you happen to know how it boots? Is Ubuntu Phone using uboot?15:59
elopiorhuddie: also, join #oxide.15:59
paultagor is it using the standard android bootup chain16:00
tedgkenvandine, What AppID did it end up as?16:00
kenvandinetedg, let me do it again16:02
bfillerkenvandine, tedg : move the trusted helper meeting till tomorrow so tvoss can join16:02
bfillerI moved it rather16:02
shiggitayrsalveti_, where does active_ws_connection.conf go again?16:02
kenvandineok, thanks16:02
tedgbfiller, K16:03
rhuddieelopio, thanks, I'm there16:04
cwaynersalveti_, hey, is there a way to force portrait or landscape on flo16:04
ogra_cwayne, not yet16:04
=== mterry_ is now known as mterry
ogra_(afaik at least)16:06
shiggitayrsalveti_, ?16:06
rsalveti_shiggitay: /etc/NetworkManager/system-connections/16:07
rsalveti_cwayne: not yet16:07
kenvandinetedg, now i'm really confused... now my hub-exporter isn't working...16:07
rsalveti_cwayne: we need either a change in mir or unity8 to do the rotation16:07
shiggitayrsalveti_, Ahhhh thanks16:08
cwaynersalveti_, makes sense thanks.  jsut curious16:08
kenvandinetedg, so what is making Mir reject it?  what's the difference with starting it with the untrusted helper?16:08
Saviqrsalveti_, cwayne, we're planning to force it to landscape in unity-mir/unity8 yes16:08
ogra_Saviq, when is shell rotation support landing btw ?16:09
Saviqogra_, not before it's designed16:09
kenvandinethe only thing i'm using the untrusted helper for is to inject the INSTANCE_ID into the env16:09
ogra_Saviq, you mean it wasnt discussed on the design sprint ?!?16:10
Saviqogra_, so not for a few weeks at least16:10
barryelopio: perhaps you know about some build failures i'm seeing with the trusty version of ubuntu-ui-toolkit?16:10
Saviqogra_, sure it was discussed, but there's no concrete output yet16:10
ogra_ah, but we expect it for 14.0416:10
Saviqogra_, wouldn't hold my breath I'm afraid16:10
elopiobarry: maybe. Where are you looking at them?16:10
tedgkenvandine, Mir rejects everything, unless it's been told to accept it by unity-mir.  UAL's application side has handshaking logic with unity-mir to make sure that it's managed properly.16:10
Saviqogra_, too much is still in flux still16:10
barryelopio: local build of trusty package in an amd64 chroot16:11
ogra_thanks for landing the socket fix btw16:11
Saviqogra_, sure16:11
tedgkenvandine, So for content-hub you should set up the trusted session relationship with unity-mir, and then it'll know to accept it.16:11
ogra_mterry, i'll do a new attempt of landing nested tomorrow (fyi)16:11
kenvandinetedg, i'm using upstart_app_launch_start_application16:11
shiggitayrsalveti_, grr my N5 isn't grabbing the network connection even with that file in there16:12
elopiobarry: I don't have a chroot here, but I can start setting it up. Can you paste the errors?16:12
kenvandinetedg,  but we don't have the trusted session stuff yet...16:12
rsalveti_shiggitay: chmod 600 it16:12
tedgkenvandine, You need it :-)16:12
shiggitayoh duh16:12
barryelopio: yep, i'm running a quick rebuild here.  will paste momentarily16:12
tedgkenvandine, If nothing else you need a way to tell Unity to allow it, even if it doesn't do all the window management part.16:12
kenvandinetedg, so how is this different than when i was using upstart_app_launch_start_application ?16:12
mterryogra_, Oh...  So we'll need a mir release.  And the two AP new tests are still in process of landing (thought those were requirement for landing nested again)16:13
kenvandinei meant i am now using upstart_app_launch_start_multiple_helper16:13
ogra_mterry, oh, a mir release ?16:14
tedgkenvandine, So the application jobs do handshaking with unity-mir to tell Unity that a new application is starting, started, crashed, etc.  So that Unity can visually track their state as-well-as tell Mir to accept connections from them.16:14
ogra_mterry, i thought the fix landed with the last mir16:14
mterryogra_, yeah, there is a fix in there for a crash that was affecting unity-system-compositor16:14
ogra_right, the double stop thing16:14
ogra_(or was it double start ?) ... (double ... something ...)16:15
mterryogra_, yeah, double start, but this is another one.  r135316:15
mterryogra_, will hit with 0.1.416:15
ogra_then i'll hold my feet stil16:16
mterryogra_, there were two AP tests wanted too.  One is a NM integration test in unity8 that will land today16:16
mterryogra_, the other is the u1 account signup test that elopio is working on.  Not sure of ETA on that16:16
kenvandinetedg, so before when i was using upstart_app_launch_start_application it was using the application-click job right?16:16
kenvandinewhich did that magic for me16:16
barryelopio: i needed to apply this small patch first: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6838622/16:16
jodhgreyback_: is the session init still running as pid 1322? If so, I suspect this is bug 1258098 which I have a fix for upstream but which has not yet been merged due to an outstanding review of the code.16:16
tedgkenvandine, correct16:16
ubot5bug 1258098 in upstart "D-Bus session bus address not serialised" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/125809816:16
barryelopio: and then got this build failure: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6838639/    (scroll to the bottom and search up for FAIL)16:16
kenvandineso switching to the untrusted helper broke that... sigh16:16
tedgkenvandine, It allowed you to have more control.  With power comes responsibility young jedi.16:17
elopiomterry: ETA is the end of this week. The account part is ready, but now I need to fake a successful download.16:17
kenvandinetedg, so there's no other way to start_multiple without a helper... right?  and no other way to get the INSTANCE_ID in the env?16:18
tedgkenvandine, There is no INSTANCE_ID for click packages.  They're all single instance.16:18
mterryelopio, cool, thanks!  ogra_ ^16:18
kenvandinetedg, which is what i'm needing to work around :)16:18
ogra_mterry, ok ... sad, i was hoping we could land it befoore end of the sprint, since manual testing with everyone at one table is faster and easier ... but next week it will be then16:20
mterryogra_, well, you can still test.  The new AP test shouldn't affect that16:20
elopiobarry: FAIL!  : components::DateUtilsAPI::test_daysInMonth(row 1) daysInMonth() failed for month 216:20
elopioI haven't seen that before, but the problem seems clear.16:20
elopioKaleo is the only SDK dev that remains late. Are you here?16:20
mterryogra_, only thing you'll need to test is latest mir16:20
ogra_right, mir will though16:20
shiggitayok so once the mir update is applied (doing that now) and I reboot, should I be able to boot to the 'lockscreen' ?16:21
mterryogra_, :(16:21
mterryogra_, things move slowly16:21
kenvandinetedg, could i just create another upstart job type for application-multiple-click ?16:21
kenvandineinstead of using the untrusted helper?16:21
* shiggitay pokes ogra_ 16:21
greyback_jodh: ok, yes session init still there. Ok I'll be patient for that to land so. Thanks16:22
jodhgreyback_: does your ps output for that process show '--state-fd' as one of the options?16:23
greyback_jodh: lemme see, am trying to reprodice it again16:23
tedgkenvandine, That doesn't really made sense...16:23
tedgkenvandine, I think you should talk greyback_ into giving you a simple temporary API for trusted sessions that right now, just allows them.16:24
kenvandinetedg, i didn't think i should... i guess i have to wait for the trusted session stuff16:24
kenvandinegreyback_, ^^ please :)16:24
tedgkenvandine, He's Irish, which means you can pay in beer, but it also means that payment form is expensive :-)16:25
greyback_I was never a cheap date ;)16:25
elopiobarry: oh, I can reproduce it here with trunk with just make check.16:25
kenvandinethere's always beer involved16:25
elopioI wonder how they could merge with that failure. I'll report the bug.16:25
ogra_shiggitay, yes ?16:26
kenvandinegreyback_, how hard would it be to give me some way to do that?16:26
kenvandineuntil we get proper trusted sessions?16:26
ogra_mterry, yeah, still trying to get used to it16:26
elopiobarry: https://code.launchpad.net/~zsombi/ubuntu-ui-toolkit/dateUtilsTestFix/+merge/20370016:27
barryelopio: nice.  thanks let me try that one here16:29
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cwaynemardy, ping16:32
shiggitayhmm so I tried to apt-get install xchat from my computer here via adb shell, and it installed without issue, but how do I run it?16:34
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ogra_shiggitay, you cant16:40
ogra_well, you can, but it wouldnt display anywhere16:40
shiggitaythat's odd that it allows the install to happen but it won't work16:40
ogra_(there is no X on the phone)16:40
ogra_the official images are readonly and only allow installation of click packages16:40
ogra_you are running a hacked together thing16:41
barryelopio: new failure: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6838771/16:41
shiggitaythis build with the new mir is running rather smooth though16:41
shiggitaycellular data on Sprint doesn't seem to work yet though16:43
elopiobarry: hum, I don't get that one with zsombi's branch.16:50
barryelopio: interesting.  and zsombi's branch is the only change from trusty?16:51
elopiobarry: I think so, yes. Trusty has the package from the 28th. The previous error was caused by today being 29th.16:54
elopioI don't really know what they are doing in that test, but it seems you are having a problem with QtQuick.LocalStorage16:57
elopioQWARN  : tst_MainView::testLocalStorage() QSqlQuery::prepare: database not open16:57
barryelopio: yep.  in a meeting now.17:00
shiggitayheh so there's some progress, but I'll flash back to UT once more is working :)17:05
cwaynestgraber, ping17:15
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boikofginther: hey, would you mind giving me some help to understand what is going on here: https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/autopilot-testrunner-otto-trusty/2365/17:25
boikofginther: according to the videos, dialer-app is freezing, and the only thing I found suspicious in the logs is that it says something about the com.canonical.pim owner being ''17:26
boikofginther: but there were no changes in dialer-app that could possibly cause that17:26
fgintherboiko, is a dependency responsible for com.canonical.pim? Has it been updated recently?17:28
boikofginther: that would be an indirect dependency, we rely on the address-book-app's QML plugin, which in turns depends on the address-book-service17:28
boikorenato_: were there any changes to the address-book-service lately? ^17:29
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renato_boiko, some small changes, but what is the problem?17:36
renato_I am not sure if this was already released17:36
boikorenato_: dialer-app is freezing in otto17:36
boikorenato_: and the only thing suspicious I found in the logs was this:17:37
boikorenato_: /var/local/autopilot/autopilot.log: QDBusConnection: name 'com.canonical.pim' had owner '' but we thought it was ':1.105'17:37
renato_boiko, I do not know what that means17:37
renato_boiko, try with memory backend17:38
boikorenato_: that's why I was asking if there was a way to force the memory backend without having to change dialer-app's code17:38
chrisccoulsonMirv, are we meant to be able to upgrade from https://launchpad.net/~canonical-qt5-edgers/+archive/qt5-beta2? i see this error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6839172/17:51
looltvoss: FYI, pitti reproduced the failure by reverting to the old packages IIUC; see #ubuntu-devel weblog for details  :-)18:19
looltvoss: the p-a tests failing that is18:19
loolpitti: well done18:19
loolpitti: so you created a chroot and downgraded the bdeps?18:19
lozohcumhey folks, does anyone know if I can port Ubuntu touch to device which has only CM11 and CM10?18:19
tvosslool, yup, chatting with him18:19
pittilool: yes, chatting  with tvoss18:19
pittilool: phone build from this morning + http://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/location-service-trusty-armhf-ci/27/artifact/work/output/*zip*/output.zip debs (that's the last CI run from https://code.launchpad.net/~thomas-voss/location-service/add_controller_and_service_configuration/+merge/199105)18:20
pittilool: and with that, build lp:~thomas-voss/platform-api/expose_accuracy_and_service_status_to_platform18:20
lozohcumthanks for ignoring18:21
loolcyphermox: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6839350/18:22
pittitvoss: FTR, exactly the same failure with the debs you mailed me18:23
pittitvoss: I take it they should be more or less the same as the ones in the MP?18:23
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kenvandinetedg, fyi... reverting UAL to what's in the daily build ppa fixes my problem of starting the click build of gallery from upstart-app-launch20:09
kenvandinetedg, i was running a local build from your untrusted-helper branch20:10
kenvandinetedg, with that branch i could launch from the shell, but on using the upstart-app-launch util20:10
tedgkenvandine, "but not using" ?20:11
kenvandineright... not actually using the untrusted helper20:12
kenvandinejust trying to run upstart-app-launch via ssh20:12
kenvandinesilently did nothing with bfiller's click build of gallery20:12
kenvandinedoesn't even create the log file in .cache/upstart/20:13
tedgHuh, okay.  Not sure what could be causing that.20:14
kenvandinei'll turn on G_DEBUG_MESSAGES and try your branch again20:14
kenvandinewould that log to .xsession-errors?20:15
tedgNo, that utility would gen on the command line.20:15
tedgThere's no X :-)20:15
kenvandineyeah... but stuff still logs there :)20:15
kenvandinetedg, well crap... now i installed the build from your branch again... and it works!20:21
tedgHah, okay.  I was about to write WFM :-)20:21
kenvandineall i did was switch back and forth between installed debs20:21
tedgDid you restart?20:22
tedgAt least Unity would need to reload the library.20:22
kenvandinenot this time20:23
kenvandinebut i did earlier... several times20:24
tedgkenvandine, Perhaps you accidentally deleted the click package hook link, and reinstalling caused click to regenerate those.20:37
tedgkenvandine, That'd for UAL to believe it's a legacy package and try to run that.20:37
tedgThat's cause...20:37
kenvandineah... perhaps20:37
stoeptegeldoes anyone know when canonical will release their ubuntu phone in the Netherlands?20:39
kenvandinebfiller, https://code.launchpad.net/~ken-vandine/content-hub/defaults_triplet/+merge/20384120:43
kenvandinebfiller, but we can't land that until the gallery click lands20:43
kenvandinewell we need both20:43
kenvandineoh, and of course UAL with the triplet_to_appid API20:44
kenvandinewhich is in trunk20:44
bfillerkenvandine: is the UAL problem resolved?20:44
kenvandinebfiller, apparently...20:45
kenvandineit's working for me now... with both trunk and the untrusted-helper branch20:45
bfillerkenvandine: what was issue?20:45
kenvandineso maybe the click hook was messed up and reinstalling the package fixed it20:45
kenvandinebfiller, so this branch really just changes the defaults to an array of the triplet which gets converted to an appid20:46
bfillerkenvandine: so to test I need your content-hub branch and UAL trunk? I will try on my device20:46
kenvandineand the gallery click20:47
bfilleryup, with your changes merged20:47
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kenvandinehopefully the debs will be in the MP soon20:47
popeystoeptegel: the goal is sometime this year20:52
stoeptegelinteresting. Thank you :)20:52
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DjMadnesswhich is the biggest phone for ubuntu touch (ie the "flagship" model), thats well supported22:21
popeyDjMadness: thats in flux right now. the current device is nexus 422:23
DjMadnessah okays, thanks :)22:25
* genii sips his coffee and procrastinates about repairing broken screen number 3 on his Nexus 4 22:26
DjMadnessyou broke your screen 3 times ? :O22:27
geniiDjMadness: Yup. Last two times was with a protector on it too.22:31
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