callmeDarwinWhat the irc client you all prefer?01:02
rick_h_irssi + tmux01:02
callmeDarwinok checking it out01:08
cmaloneyI'm using weechat + tmux01:24
jrwrenweechat, i hear good things.02:45
callmeDarwinusing XChat now but looking around02:49
callmeDarwinI'll have to do some more research02:51
cmaloneyOh, the Pebble Steel actually looks like it wasn't beat senseless by the ugly stick12:18
cmaloneyI <3 "The Bad": "Some developers still think we want to type on our watches"12:20
rick_h_yea, I can't wait until mine ships12:30
rick_h_sad I ordered on annoucement day back at CES and missed the first batch12:30
cmaloneyrick_h_: Wow, that's some demand.12:50
cmaloneyalso: http://www.reddit.com/r/csbooks/comments/1wfoid/hey_guys_im_looking_for_modern_programming/12:50
cmaloneyI'm an ass, but that's really a dumb question.12:50
brouschTotally voting you up12:51
jrwrencmaloney: did you see what the subreddit description says?14:08
brouschAh, they only want free versions of books14:10
brouschcmaloney: I'm totally voting you down14:10
cmaloneyWell something tells me it's not released like that.14:50
jrwrenadd that do your comment and then the comment is good15:24
cmaloneyWhatever. I think she's just looking for free books, as is evidenced by her reply.15:27
jrwrenoh! a reply!15:28
rick_h_woot! with the latest user import crossed 70k bookmarks https://bmark.us/dashboard16:56
brouschWill you send everyone a tshirt when you pass 100k?16:58
rick_h_brousch: hah, no. I've got stickers though.16:58
widoxI think sending out a binder of everyones bookmarks when it reaches 100k is more appropriate :)17:05
widoxto save on ink, it could be the readable version17:05
cmaloneyrick_h_: Awesome!17:36
jrwreni hate taking python scripts and turning them into proper packages17:39
rick_h_jrwren: always start with either cookiecutter or modern-package-template and never have the problem17:39
cmaloneybrousch: It even starts in Grand Rapids17:42
cmaloneySo no excuses17:42
jrwrenrick_h_: yeah... easier said17:50
rick_h_jrwren: yea, I know but have to push. I hate scripts that aren't packagable17:51
jrwrenme too17:51
jrwreni'm making it happen here. its just work for what feels like little gain17:51
rick_h_yea, it's the kind of thing that once you start right you notice how nice life is17:51
rick_h_especially if the script has deps/etc17:52
rick_h_pita to have to go through a readme to use a script17:52
jrwrenwhen imp.find_module doesn't work. *rage*18:01
brouschcmaloney: My excuse is that Motley Crue sucks18:12
cmaloneybrousch: All I hear is just more reasons you should go18:20
rick_h_smoser: https://twitter.com/alex_gaynor/status/428592822912950272 ?18:21
smoserthat will be us eventually.18:26
smoserand the answer will probably be 'no'18:26
rick_h_smoser: cool, just ran into it and thought I'd mention18:27
smoserthe other answer is "its in the cloud image".18:27
smosercurrently docker maintains this tiny little ubuntu image.18:27
smoserwe're working towards them to use 'ubuntu core' more directly18:28
smoserand posibly to also offer ubuntu cloud image18:28
smoseralthough you can easily just use the ubutnu cloud image in docker too18:28
jrwrenca-certificates IS installed.18:29
jrwrenat least on the cloud-image I'm running18:30
rick_h_jrwren: right, that's what smoser is saying. It's in the cloud image, while Alex doesn't have it in the ubuntu docker image18:32
mathomastechFinally got my Raspberry Pi up and running, and externally accessible via SSH! Only took about 3 weeks :)18:38
brouschShould take 30 minutes at most!18:41
jrwrennew python issue - i'm having problems with imp.find_module. one case it finds it, another case it doesn't.18:43
mathomastechbrousch: First time installed and setting up arch, messing with port forwarding, setting up DNS records, learning ssh, scp, and screen. All in all a solid day's worth of research and learning. But I only did it may a half hour at a time.18:49
mathomastechIf I had to do it again, I could probably get it done in an hour or under :)18:50
brouschGood learnin18:51
jrwrenpython kinda sucks.19:27
jrwrenits hacks ontop of hacks in too many places19:27
rick_h_jrwren: yep19:27
jrwren.NET was/is sooooooooo good in that regard.19:28
rick_h_but let me show you ruby and its hacks :P19:28
jrwrenoh ruby is worse for sure.19:28
brouschSo go use Java!19:28
rick_h_hah, speaking of hacks19:28
jrwrenoracle is evil1!19:28
jrwrenimp.find_module just does not ork.19:30
jrwrenmaybe a mac thing?19:31
jrwren2.7.5 venv thing?19:31
jrwrenthis is driving me mad. can you tell?19:31
jrwreneven more troubling thing is that it works on antoher system.19:31
jrwrensomeday, I'll master packages and modules19:32
jrwrenwaht is the different between a.b and a/b when loading a module?19:33
brouschThis function does not handle hierarchical module names (names containing dots). In order to find P.M, that is, submodule M of package P, use find_module() and load_module() to find and load package P, and then use find_module()with the path argument set to P.__path__. When P itself has a dotted name, apply this recipe recursively.19:33
jrwrenbrousch: thanks!19:34
jrwrenwhich explains why a/b/c works on one system, but it doesn't explain why a/b/c doesn't work on antoher system.19:35
brouschOne system is superior19:35
brouschThe other is crap19:35
jrwrenagree, linux > osx19:36
brouschSorry. I don't have any actual useful advice19:36
jrwrenno, pointing that out was very helpful. I can attack the problem differently19:36
brouschThe docs have some system-specific wording, but it is not helpful19:37
jrwrenthis is actually better.19:38
jrwreni can specify path instead of searching sys.path19:38
jrwrenvery helpful brousch19:38
brouschNow I feel better19:38
jrwrennow I get an import error runnign find_module19:42
jrwrenNo frozen submodule named a/b.z19:42
jrwrenwhere I have find_module('z','a/b')19:42
jrwrenso weird!!!19:42
brouschWhat is the /?19:43
brouschOH, that's the path?19:44
greg-gjcastro: hey! I'm in the same hotel for a product owner training thingy that the '08 Google UDS was!19:47
jrwren6 yrs seems like yestreday19:47
jcastrogreg-g, !19:48
jcastrowas that the one with the pool in the lobby?19:48
jcastrolike one of those long pools with rocks in it?19:48
greg-gin crazy sprawl land of south bay19:49
greg-gwe had to walk like a mile to the nearest bar19:49
greg-gwhere you and I roomed :)19:49
cmaloneymy one regret is I never went to a physical UDS19:56
cmaloneywell, I have many regrets, but that's the most pertinent one at the moment.19:56
rick_h_lmorchard: widox waf trevlar cmaloney reminder it's early CHC tonight 7pm20:09
trevlarrick_h_: cool20:09
trevlarhey could I borrow that cabinet making book from you?20:10
rick_h_trevlar: sure, I'll bring a few books down if you'll be there and you can pick over them20:10
widoxrick_h_: blag, no CHC for me -- wife has the car in GR :(20:11
rick_h_widox: booo20:11
rick_h_widox: not up for a nice brisk walk? :P20:11
jrwrenbrousch: load_module directly instead of using find_module FTW!!!20:22
jrwrenmaybe python doesn't suck as bad I sometimes think <320:22
brouschIt is the greatest programming language and ecosystem ever created20:23
jrwrennext to C# and .NET20:25
jrwrenor wait... ecosystem.20:26
jrwrenI take it back.20:26
jrwrenYou are correct.20:26
rick_h_cmaloney: http://r.bmark.us/u/af045a9add9327 heads up21:07
rick_h_wtf? http://r.bmark.us/u/eb106a5127752121:15
rick_h_my phone is now a lenovo phone?!21:16
brouschIf it's a Motorola21:16
brouschWell, it could be worse21:17
brouschSome of the new Lenovo tablets are interesting21:17
jrwrenanyone have tips for multiple pakcage_dir ?21:22
brouschFor whowha?21:22
rick_h_jrwren: modern-package-template21:25
rick_h_it's got the setup for that ootb21:25
rick_h_which is one annoying thing because it's another dir level in the package and I've not needed it21:25
jrwreni can't.21:27
jrwreni'm WAY more complex than that.21:28
jrwreni guess if setuptools can't do what i want, that is an option :)21:28
rick_h_setuptools does it21:28
rick_h_I just mean that it's 'template' is setup for it21:28
rick_h_run it in an empty dir and look21:28
jrwrentoo sipmle.21:28
jrwrengive me something moar complex than that.21:28
rick_h_virtualenv ~/tmp/test-package && cd ~/tmp/test-package && bin/pip install modern-package-template && bin/paster create -t modern-package testthingy21:29
rick_h_or something like that21:29
jrwrenyay, modern package template links to docs that don't exist anymore.21:29
rick_h_they're right there? https://pypi.python.org/pypi/modern-package-template21:30
jrwrenlinks to docs.21:30
brouschMPT does not have Python3 port, so it is deprecated21:31
jrwrenit links to http://packages.python.org/distribute/setuptools.html#namespace-packages21:31
jrwrenwhich is 40421:31
rick_h_jrwren: oic21:31
rick_h_brousch: right, cookiecutter is the new hotness21:32
rick_h_brousch: but I've not used it21:32
brouschI'll have to look at it. MPT was nice21:32
brouschNext GRPUG meeting is packaging and distribution21:33
rick_h_Works with Python 2.6, 2.7, 3.3, and PyPy.21:34
jrwreni learned this today: http://peak.telecommunity.com/DevCenter/PythonEggs#accessing-package-resources21:35
jrwrenwhich is pretty cool21:35
rick_h_yea, in theory you can package up a pyramid/etc app and if you access resources like that you just pip install package and can run it21:36
rick_h_I use from pkg_resources to get the version number within the package now as well which is handy21:36
rick_h_fewer places to update to get script --version to work21:37
brouschCome talk about it next month. I'll buy you a beer at the 3rd best beer bar in the world in Beer City USA (2 years running)21:39
jrwrenhaha, my use of open() and then load-module made it not zipsafe. hahah21:39
jrwreni'm veyr close here.21:39
jrwren2 packages was the key21:39
jrwrensomeday I'll get good at this :)21:40
rick_h_jcastro: yea, wtf22:35
rick_h_jcastro: /me is nervous with my motox now22:35
jcastrowasn't there an article on them cancelling nexus?22:36
jcastroI was like "oh that makes sense, they have Moto now."22:36
rick_h_yea, I saw something about that as they've not updated the N10 in a while22:38
jcastroThe Moto G in particular is a game changer22:38
rick_h_but that article was pointing at those devices in the store that are Play Edition22:39
jcastroI would think they didn't update the 10 because a) 7 is where it's at22:39
rick_h_so they're getting out of the devices and encouraging them to put out a Play Edition to be auto updated/etc22:39
* rick_h_ <3 my N1022:39
jcastroand b) The 10 was always performant, unlike the old 7, that _had_ to be updated22:39
rick_h_much nicer for things22:39
rick_h_yea, true. I don't feel like it's 'old' yet22:39
rick_h_they did a good job putting good orig hardware in it22:39
jcastroso let's see22:40
jcastroAndroid's turned into a near monopoly22:40
jcastroHTC is basically doomed22:40
jcastroMoto will take _another 2 years_ to figure out whatever they're doing22:40
rick_h_yea, :/22:40
rick_h_samsung is owning stuff22:40
jcastroYeah, and LG is a small player22:40
rick_h_yea, true22:41
rick_h_Google initially bought Motorola Mobility for $12.5 billion back in 201222:41
rick_h_:/ is that a 9B write off then?22:41
jcastroyeah but they sold off cable box division for like 2B22:41
rick_h_poor motorola, they were a game changer22:41
jcastroand moto had like 3B onhand cash22:41
rick_h_and sad to see them go down like that22:41
jcastrobut still, the leftover cash ... all for patents22:42
rick_h_yea? I guess. Still crazy to see "bought 12B" and sold for 3, even 8B22:42
jcastroimagine if that money would have been spent on R&D instead of patent potfolios22:42
rick_h_yea, the new phones are nice22:42
rick_h_they were just starting to get out and running and then sell it22:43
jcastroI don't have high hopes22:43
jcastroespecially after the new X1 Carbon22:43
rick_h_yea, me either22:43
jcastroDEATH SPIRAL22:43
rick_h_that was a blow22:43
rick_h_though I have to say I keep looking at that yoga222:44
jcastroThough what do I know ... maybe a $179 phone is why they kept losing money, heh22:44

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