starratsgood evening everyone!00:28
belkinsaEvening starrats, how are you?00:29
starratsdoing better than earlier, little under the weather, the cold creeping in00:29
starratshow are you belkinsa?00:30
belkinsaI feel ya.  I'm under the weather and I'm still trying to work done.00:30
starratsis that school work?00:32
starratsah okay00:32
belkinsaDid you get the Code of Conduct signed yet, starrats/00:40
* Visigoth gets caught by belkinsa 00:42
starratsI'm back, had to leave to help GF with FB big glich a lot of missing photos01:07
starratswb belkinsa01:09
belkinsaThanks, I need to stop mis-clicking01:09
starrats.wx 4424001:11
jenniCover: Clear ☼, Temp: -2.2°F (-19.0°C), Dew Point: -14.8°F (-26.0°C), Windchill: -15.7°F (-26.5°C), Pressure: 30.24in (1021.16mb), Wind: Light breeze 6.0kt (↑) - KAKR, 00:54Z01:11
paultag.wx 4411801:12
jenniCover: Clear ☼, Temp: 3.2°F (-16.0°C), Dew Point: -11.2°F (-24.0°C), Windchill: -13.1°F (-25.1°C), Pressure: 30.27in (1022.17mb), Wind: Gentle breeze 10.0kt (↑) - KBKL, 00:53Z01:12
belkinsa.wx 4506901:12
jenniNo ICAO code found, sorry.01:12
paultag.wx 0248101:12
jenniCover: Scattered, Temp: 17.6°F (-8.0°C), Dew Point: -5.8°F (-21.0°C), Windchill: 9.3°F (-12.6°C), Pressure: 30.29in (1022.85mb), Wind: Light breeze 5.0kt (↑) - KOWD, 00:53Z01:12
belkinsa.wx 4506901:12
jenniNo ICAO code found, sorry.01:12
* belkinsa slaps jenni01:13
belkinsaAnd I shouldn't of done that.  It's skellat's thing.01:13
Unit193Temp: -5 F (-21 C) ~ Clear ~ Windchill: -22 F (-30 C) ~ Humidity: 62% ~ Alert: Wind Chill Warning ~ Observed: Tue 28, 19:5201:14
starratsit's 4F in yourneck of the woods belkinsa01:15
belkinsaYeah, I know.01:15
Visigoth.wx 4530501:25
jenniCover: Clear ☼, Temp: 1.4°F (-17.0°C), Dew Point: -11.2°F (-24.0°C), Pressure: 30.29in (1022.85mb), Wind: Calm 0.0kt (↑) - KMGY, 00:53Z01:25
belkinsaWhat was the other weather command that jenni has?01:26
belkinsa.wx 4056901:26
jenniNo ICAO code found, sorry.01:26
belkinsa.wx 4506901:26
jenniNo ICAO code found, sorry.01:26
starrats.wx 4424001:26
Visigoth.wz 4530501:26
jenniCover: Clear ☼, Temp: -2.2°F (-19.0°C), Dew Point: -14.8°F (-26.0°C), Windchill: -15.7°F (-26.5°C), Pressure: 30.24in (1021.16mb), Wind: Light breeze 6.0kt (↑) - KAKR, 00:54Z01:26
belkinsaVisigoth, you new to the team?01:27
belkinsaAre you*01:27
VisigothNo, I've been around for a long time.01:27
belkinsaI guess I never noticed you.01:28
VisigothIts been a while since I joined the channel. Posted to the mailing list before.01:28
belkinsaI see, who are you on the list?01:29
belkinsaor at least your LP username01:29
VisigothBradley Claghorn01:29
VisigothAh, looks like it comes to bradley.claghorn@gmail.com01:30
belkinsaMy belkinsa@ubuntusense.com goes to my Yahoo e-mail adress.01:30
belkinsastarrats = https://launchpad.net/~ajborkowski1031?01:32
jenni[ Andrew J. Borkowski in Launchpad ] - https://j.mp/1aG8IMw01:32
Unit193Visigoth: So do I know you from the older days perhaps?01:32
Unit193I know your nick...01:33
VisigothAh, lp id is just bclaghorn01:33
Visigothperhaps Unit193, I'm pretty quiet however.01:34
VisigothJoined April of 201201:35
VisigothSo not too old I guess.01:35
starratsbelkinsa why did you send me the launchpad link?01:40
starratsjust curious01:40
belkinsaI wondering if that is you.02:08
starratsthat's not me I have my own but I cannot figure out how to get my pgp key02:09
belkinsaWith Xubuntu?02:09
starratsyes with xubuntu not ubuntu02:10
belkinsaCan't you use command line?02:10
starratsbrb going downstairs for a minute or two02:10
starratsyes i can02:10
belkinsaAllow me to find how to do it02:10
Unit193gpg --list-secret-keys02:12
belkinsahttp://askubuntu.com/questions/100281/how-do-i-make-a-pgp-key Second answer and believe it or not, jrgifford asked this question.02:12
jenni[ openpgp - How do I make a PGP key? - Ask Ubuntu ] - https://j.mp/1dMm7Nr02:12
jenni[ GnuPrivacyGuardHowto - Community Ubuntu Documentation ] - https://j.mp/eVZdTA02:13
starratsokay I'm back02:17
starratsokay I understand what I have to do and will do it tomorrow02:32
starratstrying to set up pgp key and I get to the passphrase, thought I had a decent one but it wants me to create another 284 bytes10:42
starratswhy is this gpg key so important here?11:54
starratswell got my gpg key just waiting for my email to finish the process12:40
starratshello everyone!15:02
belkinsaHey there, starrats.  How are you this morning?15:11
starratsI'm frustrated, I got that long gpg key number, put in by hand, not copy and paste said I would receive an email to complete process and haven't rec'd email and then when I hit enter after I load number into that box the next screen i get a pink box saying I din't do it right or something like that15:17
starratsother than all that I'm okay, lol15:18
belkinsaOuch, did you not use the finger print and copy and pasted that?15:18
belkinsaGo to your LP profile15:19
belkinsaWait, no heree15:19
belkinsaIt's like this:15:20
belkinsaExample: 27E0 7815 B47C 0397 90D5  8589 27D9 A27B F3F9 605815:20
belkinsaThis page can help, https://launchpad.net/~[username]/+editpgpkeys15:20
starratsI got a number similar to that15:21
belkinsaDid you copy and paste that into that box on that page?15:21
starratsno I hand typed it in15:22
belkinsaYou don't need to do that, too much work.  You can simply C+P it.15:23
starratsokay I put that long number into the box, now what?15:27
belkinsaOne sec15:28
belkinsaClick "import Key" and you should get an e-mail in your inbox15:28
belkinsaIt's after "Next, Launchpad will send e-mail to you at belkinsa@ubuntusense.com with instructions on finishing the process."15:29
belkinsaRemove my e-mail in that.15:29
starratsokay will try but the last time I got another screen with a pink box saying something was wrong15:29
belkinsaWhat did it say?15:29
starratsdidn't get the pinkbox but it just recycled itself back to where ZI have to put the gpg key number inb15:30
starratssaid nothing15:30
belkinsaCheck inbox?15:31
starratsmy gmail inbox?15:31
belkinsaYes, or whatever your LP account is linked to.15:31
starratsno new email yet, it did say it might take a bit when i first read it15:33
starratstrust I have been looking15:33
belkinsaYeah, plus you need something in decrepit the e-mail.15:34
belkinsaWrong word15:35
belkinsaSince it's Encrypted.15:35
starratsah okay15:36
belkinsaThere is an add-on for Thunderbird that works these keys.15:36
starratsah okay, do not have a thunderbird acct15:36
belkinsaEn/de and sign e-mails.15:36
starratsjust gmail15:37
belkinsaYou don't need one!  It's an program made by the creators of Firebox,15:37
starratsah okay15:37
belkinsaIt's pre-installed with Ubuntu and maybe Xubuntu.15:37
starratsI'll keep working on this15:37
belkinsaI think it should be all on this page: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GnuPrivacyGuardHowto15:38
jenni[ GnuPrivacyGuardHowto - Community Ubuntu Documentation ] - https://j.mp/eVZdTA15:38
starratssince I'm totally lost on this whole gpg thing, it would be better if I left the group, not being able to understand, thank you for your help belkinsa and everyone else.  Will stick to the channels I can enjoy18:42
* Unit193 didn't do all that until a good while after being here.20:07

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