pvl1so what is it that drives us to use linux00:19
pvl1well ubuntu rather00:19
GuruPilgrimpvl1: do you mean in general? from another OS?01:19
pvl1GuruPilgrim: yeah, i mean thats our only other option, other than not using computers01:19
GuruPilgrimfor me, it's doing things. getting things done.01:21
pvl1but wht makes it anymore productive than other os's01:22
GuruPilgrimwhen i want to make something, design something, share something, i go to my big, open, Ubuntu studio.01:22
GuruPilgrimit's quicker, i don't have to worry about bluescreens, viruses, malware, popups...01:22
GuruPilgrimi can just go do things without waiting for the computer.01:23
GuruPilgrimi can leave it on for months at a time if need be without having to reboot.01:23
GuruPilgrimif the gui breaks, it's not the end of the world. i can jump into a virtual terminal and still do things.01:23
GuruPilgrimthere's less maintenance.01:24
GuruPilgrimapplications are easier to find.01:24
GuruPilgrimi mean, i could go on. lol. I support Windows 7 full time, so coming home to a bunch of Linux systems is very refreshing.01:25
pvl1i feel like explaining this to a person that hasnt used linux/ubuntu is damn near impossible01:26
pvl1i know of so many people who would be best of just using linux01:27
pvl1but theres such a learning curve, and people dont like change01:27
GuruPilgrimlearning curve?01:27
GuruPilgrimoh. the "but it's not Windows" learning curve....01:27
pvl1but the fact remains: no bluescreen of death (which imho only gamers encounter), no viruses(which everyone just says "oh i have symantic.norton, avg, spybot, and more BS running"), etc01:28
pvl1but then when you say hey, theres a solution... its always oh but its not windows01:28
pvl1there should be a system of *steps* to move from windows to ubuntu01:29
GuruPilgrim(bluescreens happen a lot actually... not just to gamers.)01:30
pvl1those that just use intel graphics (which is probably most)01:30
GuruPilgrimso, here's the problem. people think that Linux isn't an operating system. they think it's some foreign geeky thing that they'll never understand01:30
GuruPilgrimi mean, you can tell them, it's just like Windows, but they'll still feel like it's a world away01:31
GuruPilgrimstep one, a person has to come to a point where they're ready to approach a computer.01:31
GuruPilgrimsounds stupid simple, i know... but think about it.01:31
GuruPilgrimif they let go of all their pre-conceptions, and approach a computer with a desire to do things, they will likely choose Linux on their own.01:32
GuruPilgrimso how do you change their mind?01:33
GuruPilgrimunfortunately, too often, you won't01:33
GuruPilgrimmaybe there is more we can do.01:34
GuruPilgrimi mean, i'm trying to do more by being evangelistic about it, holding events that focus on new users etc. but that only goes so far.01:35
GuruPilgrimjust maybe, what we need is a single technical field to dominate.01:41
GuruPilgrimMac has designers. what if Ubuntu could really become the premier in a particular field?01:42
pvl1well, tbh while i absolutly hate unity, i think thats gonna be a potential winner there02:01
pvl1because the whole thing is that PC's are changing. were moving more into a touch focused world02:02
pvl1tablets, smart phones etc02:02
pvl1so an intuitive interface is key. and unity is pretty. its eyecandy that really does work02:02
teddy-dbearMorning peoples, dogs, turkeys, hamsters and everything else13:18
lazyPowermorning teddy13:24
InHisName1Uggghhh, ubuntu asked to restart.   Upon selecting normal ubuntu in grub, it power cycles and reboots.  What's going on ???14:20
JonathanDInHisName1: sounds broken.14:21
InHisName1Yes and you have a fix for me also ?14:21
JonathanDI don't.14:21
JonathanDI'd try booting single user and see if you can get anywhere.14:21
InHisName1It's been booting fine until this last update.14:21
InHisName1how to boot single user, its been a long time since i did that14:22
InHisName1Is it somewhere under 'ubuntu options' in grub ?14:23
JonathanDselect ubuntu in grub, hit e, add "single" end of the line that includes "ro quiet" or such14:25
jedijfeasier might be booting previous kernel ;)14:26
JonathanDoh, maybe :p14:27
InHisName1Tried x-35 and x-34 kernels both reg and recovery.  All power off.    I'll try the edit to single, now.14:29
InHisName1I had a phone plugged in to copy some pictures, unplugging it from USB did no change for subsequent reboot tries.14:31
InHisName1Nope. powers off with 'single' added after quiet14:33
jedijfstart to pull ram - one stick at a time and try last known working kernel14:38
InHisName1No beeps, does get to grub, select anything, 4 seconds later power is off.   Current kernel  ends with -35, prev ends with -34.  Both behave same way since last update from ubuntu.14:43
InHisName1I can run memtest before grub and see if it likes my memory....14:43
InHisName1wife wants me to shovel a neighbors drive, bbl8tr14:44
InHisNameI've booted, but didn't do a thing.   Not sure why it would not boot, or why it just did now.14:48
InHisNameI switched my KVM box back to main pc and power started back up so I tried to boot and it worked.14:49
InHisNameNormally I've pressed the switch on pwrsupply to off then back to on and restarted computer.14:49
InHisNameoff to shovel for now14:49
JonathanDI'm realizing my ubuntu is a little broken too15:06
JonathanDless than before15:08
JonathanDbut broken.15:08
MutantTurkeymy debian is now broken on my x22015:54
MutantTurkeywifi is super unreliable15:54
MutantTurkeyi try wicd and network manager and both are not functional15:54
pvl1I debootstrapped the standard install, got i3, wicd16:27
pvl1boots so fast16:27
MutantTurkeywhat's debootstrapped?16:41
MutantTurkeyis loveee i316:41
MutantTurkeyso if you guys were developing a site for a band, what backend would you use. Wordpress/Drupal or something so they can edit it?16:42
InHisNameedlin ?16:47
JonathanDMutantTurkey: probably wordpress unless it's an application site.17:12
MutantTurkeyyeah i think wordpress is what i'll use17:12
JonathanDkeeping drupal updated is a more technical thing.17:12
JonathanDI wouldn't hand that over.17:12
MutantTurkeyand upgrading is almost impossible to cleanly ude17:14
lazyPowerMutantTurkey, I've had good success with LocomotiveCMS17:21
lazyPowerbut its a fairly new contender in the CMS scene17:21
KyleYankani just use rherpad.17:22
KyleYankanbest CMS system around. ask JonathanD17:22
JonathanDoh, right.17:23
JonathanDMutantTurkey: use etherpad-cms17:23
JonathanDKyleYankan: I added templating to that.17:23
JonathanDheaders and footers and such17:23
KyleYankannice work17:24
JonathanDalso a way to do markdown17:24
JonathanDinstead of html17:24
waltmanI'm all about markdown these days.18:09
JonathanDBy the way, we facebook-announced fosscon 2014 today.18:09
JonathanDand the doctor has not liked it yet.18:09
JonathanDI'm very sad.18:09
JonathanDAlso I did a fresh install of ubuntu today and it's super snappy now.18:10
JonathanDwaltman: thanks :P18:11
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InHisNameso quiet this afteronefifteen20:41
MutantTurkey septa question - can i get a transfer on the subway for a bus?21:31
waltmanMutantTurkey: yes22:02
MutantTurkeyforgot my tokens of course22:03
pvl1bus tokens?22:03
waltmanI grew up in NE Philly. Coming home from the city I'd take the MFL->Rt. 66. You'd get the transfer on the bus going into the city, and the el going back home.22:04
waltmanAs long as you're in the city, buses, subways, trolleys and els are all the same wrt transfers.22:05
waltmanThe only exception being the places in center city where they have free transfers.22:06
MutantTurkeyjust hit the subway attendent?22:06
waltmanIf you give the attendent a token + money for the transfer, they'll give you the transfer.22:06
MutantTurkeywhen you go on?22:06
waltmangranted it's been a long time since I've needed a transfer, but I don't think they've changed the system.22:07
waltmanNow if you're going out into the burbs on something like the norristown high speed line, things get crazy.22:08
MutantTurkeyyeah i'd be going up to WG22:09
waltmanthere are zones and suchlike22:09
waltmanYou're taking a bus to Willow Grove?22:09
waltmandoesn't the train go out there?22:10
MutantTurkeyit's 5.75 one way i think22:11
MutantTurkeybus is 2.8022:11
waltmantrain is faster and more comfortable22:12
waltmanSo you'd be taking the BSL to Fern Rock and then a bus?22:12
MutantTurkeyfaster by 10 minutes22:12
MutantTurkeyto olney22:12
MutantTurkeyand, i have to walk home from the train22:12
MutantTurkeybus is right next to my parents (50 feet)22:13
waltmanah. how far is the train station?22:13
MutantTurkey1hour 2 minutes by train, 1 hour 12 minutes by bus/sub22:13
MutantTurkey.5 miles22:13
waltmanIt takes an hour to get from 30th st to willow grove?!22:13
MutantTurkeyit's like 25 minutes to temple22:14
MutantTurkeythat's the issue22:14
MutantTurkeyit's more like 45 + walking22:15
MutantTurkeyspeakin of gotta catch the train22:15
waltmanok, that I can see22:15
MutantTurkeycya and thanks!22:15
waltmangood luck22:15
waltmanwait, what I said only applies inside the city!22:15
waltmanI don't know from suburban buses!22:15
waltmanWait, can't you just fly there?22:16
pvl1token +  dollar = ride+ transferpass22:16
pvl1same thing in suburbia septa22:16
pvl1g2g later22:16

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