netritiouswho's mining BTC?15:59
twaynepricenetritious: It pretty much requires specialized hardware now.  :(16:54
twaynepriceI was only able to mine about 10,000.  Just kidding.  I wish.  :)16:55
wrsttwayneprice: you are my new best friend ;)17:19
netritioustwayneprice: yeah i am looking into investing in said specialized hw18:44
netritiouslooks like i might have missed my chance by about six months18:45
netritiousunless I want to lease out or go co-op18:48
twaynepricenetritious: you can mine dogecoin with standard hardware, I think.19:07
wrstnetritious: wish I had bought a lot of bitcoins when they first came out...19:10
netritiousThat's so sad...19:35
netritioustwayneprice: I'm ok with not using standard hardware if the payout is big enough. I mean, whatever crunches numbers best is what I'm interested in. From everything I've read, the new 20nm ASIC tech is going to mine a good bit.19:40
netritiousAt this point it's "go big or go home"19:40
netritiousI've also read that mining in a pool is better though.19:41
netritiousheck idk, was just trying to find out if it's fool's gold or not.19:53
twaynepricenetritious: I think basically you have to get the latest equipment and then it will be good enough for a couple of months and then you'll have to get more.  I think it makes only slightly better than the cost of electricity, etc.  Unless you can run an extension cord to your neighbors.  :)20:10
netritioustwayneprice: http://mining.thegenesisblock.com/ is pretty condemining. There aren't a whole lot of scenarios where solo mining provides a good ROI at least accoirding to that calculator.20:12
netritiousand *according lol20:13
twaynepricenetritious: yup.  Most join a group.  I think you can go solo and make about $20/day with dogecoin, though.20:35
wrstthe digital jesuit didn't see that coming twayneprice :)21:05
twaynepriceAh yes.  Father Robert.  :)21:15

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