Sarvattjcristau: all the nvidia drivers in sid except 96.xx work with it, but yeah fglrx is at least a month behind00:46
Sarvattnot sure how the blobs work in debian though, in ubuntu someone has to add the new abi and reupload them but the drivers actually do work00:47
jcristauSarvatt: all drivers in sid look like they already have xorg-video-abi-15 in their list of alternative dependencies (except 96xx)06:53
jcristaubut 96xx already doesn't support 1.1406:53
jcristaus/all/& nvidia/06:54
jcristauPrf_Jakob: is there a plan for a vmware ddx release some time soon?16:40
Prf_Jakobjcristau: there is a plan yes16:40
Prf_Jakobjcristau: just need QE to sign off.16:40
jcristauok, thanks16:40
alkisgHi, is vesafb.ko missing in Trusty? Should udev-fallback-graphics get updated to `modprobe uvesa`?17:23
alkisg$ grep vesa /etc/init/udev-fallback-graphics.conf 17:23
alkisg        modprobe -q -b vesafb17:23
alkisg$ ls /lib/modules/*/kernel/drivers/video/*vesa*17:23
alkisg /lib/modules/3.13.0-5-generic/kernel/drivers/video/uvesafb.ko17:23
alkisgAh, and v86d is not installed either... from its description and the output of `dmesg`, I'm guessing it's needed...17:43
alkisgAnyway, I think that the fallback graphics logic has been broken since 12.0417:55
mlankhorstuvesa is not meant to be used17:56
alkisgIn the 10.04 days, when the "appropriate driver" failed to initialize xorg, a switch to xvesa happened, and a dialog was displayed about starting a session with fallback graphics etc18:03
alkisgThis doesn't work in 12.04, 14.04 etc, xorg just restarts continuously...18:03
tjaaltonit never used vesafb18:14
alkisgThen I don't know what that "udev-fallback-graphics.conf" does, but the symptoms that I see are still there, i.e. no fallback graphics probably since we started using KMS.18:17
alkisgAnd someone should remove that udev-fallback-graphics service since vesafb isn't being shipped, it's just producing annoying messages in syslog...18:18
tjaaltonon what hw??18:22
tjaaltonif kms is used but it doesn't work, there's no way to fallback to anything aiui18:23
alkisgAaah ok that might be the reason then18:43
alkisgI've had reports from many schools here, I don't remember the graphics cards but I can note them down when needed, I think I remember some older sis ones...18:44
tjaaltonthey don't have kms18:48
alkisgThen maybe there's no fallback graphics logic anymore :)18:50
tjaaltonsure is18:50
tjaaltonif the xserver crashes18:50
tjaaltonit'll get loaded with a fallback conf18:50
alkisgHmm maybe we somehow accidentaly block that in LTSP, I haven't seen it since 10.0418:51
tjaaltoni mean if the xserver crashes when starting with default (no) conf18:52
alkisgIn LTSP by default we don't use a xorg.conf. But we don't use lightdm etc either, we have our own DM called ldm, and X is launched by that18:52
alkisgWe have about 500 schools here, I haven't seen the fallback graphics triggered in years...18:53
alkisgDo you happen to remember offhand what upstart job starts the fallback graphics?18:53
alkisgOr is that xorg?18:53
alkisgThank you, reading...18:56
tjaaltoni'd say it's a good thing you never saw it..18:57
alkisgI did see black screens that we had to work around with XSERVER=vesa though :)18:58
alkisgLots of them18:58
tjaaltoncrappy sis driver then18:58
tjaaltonit can't detect if you get no output18:58
alkisgIt's not only sis... we have a lot of old cards, a lot of xorg crashes etc18:58
tjaaltonor crappy drivers in general18:58
alkisgThe bad thing is that they worked fine up until 10.04, and they started having serious issues since 12.0418:59
alkisgAnd they're very very slow in gtk too *now*, maybe because of the switch to cairo instead of gdk...18:59
alkisgLike, needing 0.5 sec to draw one menu item in gnome-panel...18:59
tjaaltonno exa support then19:00
alkisg10 times slower than 10.04, at least19:00
tjaaltonwhich 12.04?19:00
alkisgI've seen that with sis and older nvidia cards (pre-geforce), I haven't yet pinpointed it exactly19:00
alkisgWe use gnome-fallback with metacity19:00
alkisgI've tried with 3.2 kernel and xorg, and with the raring one19:01
tjaalton.3 has the raring stack19:01
alkisgsis crashes xorg with the saucy one19:01
tjaaltonand kernel19:01
alkisgBut the issue was there in both of the kernels/xorg combinations...19:02
tjaaltonso it was already 1.13 that dropped exa19:02
tjaaltonnot exa19:02
tjaaltonthe other one19:02
alkisgOK I got what you mean, I also don't remember it :)19:02
alkisgI tried gtkperf and I saw very big variations in some of its tests19:03
alkisgLike, two PCs having similar times everywhere, but in 2 tests, the first pc would need 50 seconds and the other one 5 seconds...19:03
alkisgAnd I thought it was because of some functions using software instead of hw acceleration, in some drivers...19:04
alkisg(and those software implementations being very bad... :-/)19:05
tjaaltonprobably that too19:07
tjaaltonin other parts19:07
alkisgWould it be possible to run a very old xorg in a recent ubuntu?19:08
alkisgE.g. 1.7.6 from Lucid, to Trusty?19:09
alkisgstart on stopped lightdm EXIT_STATUS=[!0] or stopped gdm EXIT_STATUS=[!0]19:13
alkisg...that's why it never gets triggered in LTSP, since we're using LDM...19:13
alkisgI'll check if we can emit a "stopped lightdm" signal even if we don't have lightdm installed...19:14
tjaaltonit might be possible to forward-port, yes19:14
tjaaltonand rebuild the drivers19:15
alkisgbrb, my i915 hangs every now and then in trusty... :-/19:20
tjaaltonthat's progres..19:21
bryceh_Sarvatt, done any displayport troubleshooting recently?  does this Xorg.0.log jog any ideas?22:46
bryceh_user has a usb-to-hdmi adapter to run an external monitor22:47
bryceh_adapter is http://www.amazon.com/Sabrent-1920x1080-1600x1200-DisplayLink-USB-HDMI/dp/B005UKG4KU/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top22:47
bryceh_er s/displayport/displaylink/ 22:47
bryceh_it seems the kernel driver is not exposing the EDID from the monitor22:48
bryceh_dmesg & xrandr:  http://paste.ubuntu.com/6840629/  http://paste.ubuntu.com/6840630/22:49
bryceh_the monitor lights up with VESA modes okay22:49
bryceh_we tried guessing a modeline to force it to 1920x1080, and it seems to work, but screen stays black22:50
bryceh_<guym> DVI-1-0 connected 1920x1080+1920+0 (0xfa) normal (normal left inverted right x axis y axis) 0mm x 0mm22:50
bryceh_<guym>         Identifier: 0xf322:50
bryceh_<guym>         Timestamp:  133189022:50
bryceh_<guym>         Subpixel:   unknown22:50
bryceh_<guym>         Gamma:      1.0:1.0:1.022:50
bryceh_<guym>         Brightness: 1.022:50
bryceh_<guym>         Clones:22:50
bryceh_<guym>         CRTC:       422:50
bryceh_<guym>         CRTCs:      422:50
bryceh_<guym>         Transform:  1.000000 0.000000 0.00000022:51
bryceh_I also had him try connecting to other CRTCs but he just gets errors for anything other than 422:51
RAOFbryceh_: Can you get the kernel to fake a 1920x1080 EDID for it?23:04
RAOFThat would be something like drm_kms_helper.edid_firmware=DVI-1-0:edid/1920x1080.bin23:05
bryceh_RAOF, I can give that a try, but shouldn't a forced modeline work around that?23:08
bryceh_I'm going to have him connect the monitor to a known good setup to collect the correct edid and modeline23:09
RAOFbryceh_: Depends; My LCD display with broken EDID hardware doesn't get detected as *connected* unless I force an edid.23:09
RAOFSo a modeline doesn't help for my display, but faking an edid does.23:09
bryceh_hmm, ok23:09
bryceh_one other weird thing is that he assures me this setup had been working up until recently, without need for modeline forcing23:10

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