Cantidehey mazal04:44
mazalMorning everyone04:55
Cantideoh, Kilos is not here :/04:57
Kiloshi Cantide and others05:18
Cantidehey Kilos :)05:21
Cantidelong time no see05:21
Cantidehoe gaannit? ;P05:22
Kilosyeah you been gone. im nearly always here05:22
Kilosgoed dankie en self?05:22
Cantideook goed :) maar baie besig :/05:22
Cantidei have 2 jobs05:22
Cantideand no PC05:22
Kiloshi bduk1 05:23
Cantidejust this raspberry pi for now05:23
Kilosaw that sucks05:23
bduk1Morning everyone05:23
Cantideso yeah... kinda busy :p but i will earn some good money in a month or two and then certainly get a good pc :)05:23
nuvolario/ hello's 05:23
nuvolarihi oom Kilo, bduk1, Cantide 05:23
Kiloswell if you make lotsa bucks i can build you a custom box05:23
nuvolariand mazal 05:23
Kiloslo nuvolari 05:23
Kiloshi magespawn 05:24
nuvolariand magespawn 05:24
magespawngood morning05:24
Cantidei've been checking out the stuff here... might buy some cool parts online05:24
Cantideafternoon nuvolari :p05:24
* Kilos forgot you in korea05:27
Cantidethat's why i've been so scarce lately05:27
magespawnhow is it going there Cantide ?05:27
Cantidequite well :)05:27
Cantidebut working like a slave05:28
Kilosas long as they pay good all is well05:34
Kiloshow can it be slaving teaching peeps english05:35
Cantidei have 2 jobs05:36
Cantideand the hours suck05:36
Cantidewake up at 05:30 am and get home at 22:15 pm every day05:36
Kiloswhat is the second one?05:36
Cantidecheck out bandisoft.com05:36
Cantidei just started there, so i haven't done much work for them yet05:36
Cantidebut i'll be doing the English forum admin, checking the English on their programs' UIs05:37
Cantideand checking the English on  their websites05:37
Cantideand some other small tasks such as writing program descriptions and whatnot05:37
Cantideyeah, i do it from home during the day, or from my office at the school where i teach in between classes :p05:37
Kiloskeep it up05:38
Cantideand it's like R 5K a month05:38
Cantidejust for an hour or 2 of my time a day :p05:38
Kilossee if you can get super plenamins there05:38
Cantideso yeah, money in Korea is good :)05:38
Kilosza stopped importing them05:38
Kilosbest multivit ever made05:38
Kilossuper plenamins05:38
Cantidenot sure about that05:39
Cantidedifferent language means it's tough to find that kind of thing here05:39
Cantidemy shopping is usually the bare essentials05:39
Kilosgoogle them man05:39
Cantidei mean finding specific stuff here is hard unless you speak the language05:40
Kilosyou never get tired when on them05:40
Cantideor read it really well and know where to search05:40
Cantidesounds like drugs :p05:40
Cantidei've got to get back to work05:40
Cantidegonna swing by the bookstore on my way in05:40
Cantidejust stopped at my apartment for a rest between shifts :p05:40
Kilosthey work great , i used them many years ago when doing karate and running05:40
Kiloshave a good day lad05:41
Cantideyou, too :p05:41
Cantidejust 5 more hours of work and then i'm off until Monday :)05:41
Cantidesee ya~05:41
Kilosgo well05:41
Kilosjust remember why i prefer 32bit 12.04 t0 64bit. xchat dont have sound alerts on the 64bit05:54
Kiloswb magespawn 06:02
Kiloshi mazal 06:21
Kilosmorning ThatGraemeGuy 06:25
ThatGraemeGuymorning :-)06:27
SquirmMaaz: coffee please06:29
MaazSquirm: There isn't a pot on06:29
Kilosoh ya :-)06:29
SquirmMaaz: coffee on06:29
* Maaz puts the kettle on06:29
Kiloshi Squirm 06:29
SquirmMaaz: larger06:29
Maazinna bucket for you Squirm06:29
KilosMaaz, coffee please06:29
MaazKilos: Done06:29
KilosMaaz, largest06:31
MaazWhew do you want a bath full Kilos?06:31
MaazCoffee's ready for Squirm and Kilos!06:33
KilosMaaz, danke06:35
Squirmnow I want06:39
SquirmMaaz: coffee on06:40
* Maaz starts grinding coffee06:40
SquirmMaaz: largest!06:40
MaazWhew do you want a bath full Squirm?06:40
SquirmMaaz: yes!06:40
MaazSquirm: Huh?06:40
SquirmMaaz: largest!06:40
MaazWhew do you want a bath full Squirm?06:40
KilosMaaz, yes06:41
MaazWell then Kilos Please be patient!06:41
MaazCoffee's ready for Squirm!06:44
Kilosvodacom sucks here 42kB/s downloads06:54
Kilosbut was a free 100m data from somewhere06:55
inetprogood evening07:32
GolynxMorning inetpro07:33
Kiloshi inetpro Golynx Vince-0 07:45
* Kilos was outside07:46
GolynxHi Kilos07:46
Kilosshame i didnt get to help parkerdo last night07:46
magespawnlater all got to go work 07:59
charl_good morning08:15
charl_Maaz: coffee on08:15
* Maaz flips the salt-timer08:15
MaazCoffee's ready for charl_!08:19
charl_Maaz: thanks08:40
Maazcharl_: Sure08:40
charl_hi Maaz 08:43
charl_hi mazal 08:44
charl_bah tab fail08:44
Kiloshi charl_ 08:44
Kilosyou ,issed a lekker meet08:44
Kilosho Golynx too08:46
GolynxHey Kilos v208:47
Kilosif someone wants to make lotsa money get design some antistaic stuff for inside pcs08:47
Golynxlol like hello version 2 08:47
GolynxWhat is that08:48
Kilosstops dust collecting08:48
Kilosive seen sprays for tvs08:48
Golynxoh ya 08:48
Kilosbut liquid not good inside a pc08:49
Kilosmaybe if one removes the heat sinks and sprays them it might work08:49
GolynxI used to put a metal arm band with a wire to a metal case on the floor when i worked with electronics08:50
GolynxYa might work08:50
Kilosya thats so you dont carry static08:50
Golynxic's are sesitive stuff08:51
Kilosyeah always good to earth yourself before touching them08:51
Golynxwish my room was as clean as where they make those silicon chips08:52
Kilosor build drives or formula one engines08:53
Kilosi got a corrupt bell.ogg file08:54
Golynxhaha ya , they will be driven dirty anyway08:54
Kilossounds like tv off channel08:54
Kilosya but in the engine and gearbox they are assembled in clinically clean rooms08:55
Kilossame as pc hdd's08:55
GolynxYa when you want maximum performance, all parts must be clean to the micron08:57
Kilosohi superfly 09:02
superflyhi Kilos09:04
Golynxhi superfly09:07
Golynxhi drussell09:07
drussellhey Golynx 09:08
* Kilos waves across the water to drussell 09:08
Golynxcool twitter profile avatar superfly09:08
Kilosyou tweet?09:09
Kilosfollow @ubuntuza09:09
Golynxnope saw on google09:09
Golynxforgot my twitter name and passw years ago09:10
Kiloshi psyatw 09:27
psyatwhi Kilos09:27
psyatwhi maiatoday09:28
Kiloshiya maiatoday 09:29
=== Xethron_ is now known as Xethron
charl_hi Kilos 09:50
charl_Kilos: i was there09:51
psyatwhi charl_09:51
charl_hi superfly, Golynx, psyatw09:51
superflyhi charl_09:51
psyatwcharl_, I´ve got a new job doing 2nd line Windows/Linux support starting in March09:52
psyatwhi Golynx09:52
Golynxhi charl_ and psyatw09:52
charl_psyatw: congrats! is that in NL or PL?09:52
psyatwcharl_, still in PL, but I´ll earn more money as well09:52
psyatwat Atos09:53
charl_psyatw: nice man, that's awesome :)09:53
psyatwcharl_, yeah :)09:53
psyatwand I believe they´ll have more opportunities for me in the future as well09:53
psyatwI already said I wanted to get certified for RHCE and OCA among others09:54
psyatwand maybe also the Java Developer program09:55
charl_ah, oracle database?09:55
charl_we use oracle here, can't say i get very happy from it09:56
psyatwmy uncle is OCP (Oracle Certified Professional)09:56
Kilosnice psyatw 09:56
charl_i think there are good job opportunities in that area though09:56
charl_SAP too actually09:56
charl_businessobjects for example09:56
psyatwcharl_, yes, that´s what I think too09:56
charl_actually BO's ETL aspect is really cool09:56
psyatwKilos, yeah, thanks09:56
charl_we use that too09:56
psyatwhmm, I should look into that later then09:57
psyatwbut you know what is also important?09:57
charl_BODI (business objects data integrator)09:57
psyatwI could continue my studies now, maybe through Open Universiteit09:57
charl_yes! very nice09:57
psyatwthat was the reason I started looking for jobs in the first place in the Netherlands but they didn´t have anything, not even manual jobs ...09:58
charl_the job market here is looking terrible right now09:58
psyatwso I ended up applying here in Poland09:58
charl_i thought maybe it's just me but i had really bad luck while applying last year09:59
psyatwI´ve actually told my sister to apply in Poland09:59
charl_i sent out like 5 applications and only received 1 offer which i didn't want09:59
psyatwand I could help her out financially as well09:59
psyatwyeah, terrible indeed09:59
charl_but fortunately i got an extension on my current contract so i'm good for another year09:59
charl_realistically i will not immigrate to poland any time soon but i wonder what the job market is like in germany09:59
charl_i hear positive things but you always hear this and that...10:00
psyatwwell, actually jobs are being moved from France and Germany to Poland as well now10:00
psyatwin my new job I will be speaking English and German to people10:00
charl_well that's my thing, my english and german are not perfect but i can manage10:01
charl_polish on the other end... i'm not even starting on it :)10:01
psyatwI had an assessment of my levels of English and German10:01
psyatwI had to speak to some teacher from the language school for 15 minutes for each language10:02
psyatwand then the IT guy also interviewed me in German10:02
psyatwso you couldn´t fake it until you make it10:02
charl_my only problem is i don't really understand the north/east germans very well, their accent throws me off10:02
charl_i don't have much of a problem with the bavarians though10:03
charl_or the swiss i find generally quite easy to follow10:03
psyatwoh, I see10:03
psyatwwell, swiss german sounds like some twisted version of dutch10:03
charl_their accent is more like our accent10:03
charl_they also have that "g" that we have, they even step it up and pronounce a "k" like that10:04
charl_it's quite funny when they say "gartoffel" instead of "kartoffel" lol10:05
charl_i was like "sorry what?"10:05
psyatwI didn´t have too much trouble in Hamburg or Flensburg, but I had 5 years of German in school and took my final exam in it as well10:05
psyatwI can see how that can confuse indeed10:05
psyatwconfuse you*10:05
charl_ok back to work... ttyl all10:06
Kiloshi magespawn 11:38
psyatwhello magespawn11:49
magespawnhi psyatw Kilos 11:59
somaunnhi Guys12:22
somaunnhi Kilos12:22
somaunnhi nuvolari12:22
somaunnhi inetpro12:22
somaunnhi Squirm12:22
Kiloshi somaunn 12:22
somaunnKilos: please what's new on the desk12:23
Squirmhey somaunn 12:24
somaunni'm looking for method to write a script for users on my network12:25
somaunna registry script to be applied on windows machines12:25
ThatGraemeGuyI think you might have the wrong channel :-)12:28
somaunnThatGraemeGuy: hi 12:37
somaunnThatGraemeGuy: i know it's Ubuntu/linux channel but still the most skilled guys are here and not in another place12:37
ThatGraemeGuysometimes flattery won't get you anywhere :-)12:43
Kilossomaunn, do you know the script you want to write but need a tool to write it in?12:47
somaunnKilos: tool i will use gedit12:48
Kilosso what do you want to know then?12:48
Kiloswhats wrong with the win machines registries12:49
Kilosor do you want to make something go wrong with them?12:53
ThatGraemeGuyyou can usually just leave them be, and something will eventually go wrong :-)12:53
Kilosyeah. ccleaner fixes them lekker and its free12:54
Squirmsomaunn: you'll have to look at something like group policies12:59
Squirmotherwise write the registry entries to a file and put it in a directory all have access to. They will have to run it manually.13:00
somaunnSquirm: thanks a lot13:18
charl_good afternoon14:43
Kiloshi charl14:44
charl_hi Kilos 14:44
charl_did you know about the ubuntu font family http://font.ubuntu.com/14:44
charl_they even have their own license14:44
charl_you can use them on the web too, they are all on google fonts14:45
Kilosmy pc already full of fonts14:46
charl_just interesting to me14:46
charl_i don't actually plan on using them14:46
Kilosand all i use is that utf8 or something14:46
charl_that is encoding, not a font14:46
Kiloswhatever i do text only basically14:47
Kilosto change the text size i go to fonts14:47
charl_i think you're talkig about font styling, i'm talking about the actual fonts themselves14:48
Kilosi dont know what that is then14:48
Kilosi remember i had to accept some ms fonts for something14:49
Kilostt something14:49
magespawnlater all home time14:50
Kilostoods mage14:51
Private_Userhello all15:01
Kiloshi Private_User 15:01
Private_UserHi Kilos, sorry, I forgot about the meeting yesterday15:01
Private_Userbtw I went to the http://ubuntu-za.org/ web page and I get errors15:05
Private_Useris it only me or is there an issue with the webpage?15:05
Kiloslemme look15:05
Kiloswhat errors ? it opens fine here15:06
Private_Userok where can I paste the screenshot of what I get so you can view it?15:06
Kilossjoe i dunno where you paste them15:07
Kilosimageshack or something15:07
Kiloshave you cleaned out your buntu pc yet?15:09
Kilosand does dropbox do images?15:10
Private_Usernope not yet15:11
Kilosis that laziness or busyness15:11
Private_Userbtw I have a Toshiba laptop here which was used by my sis and she spilled soup on the keyboard and now many of the keys do not work. Any ideas from the guys here what I could use to clean if I do not have alcohol or is it damage and needs to be replaced?15:13
Private_Userwell a bit of both Kilos :D15:13
charl_whow talk about errors... that is a huge list15:13
charl_Private_User: that's impossible to know but using anything other than alcohol you risk damaging it further15:13
Kilosget servisol from a radio shop15:13
SquirmPrivate_User: you can actually get each key off to clean it, but with a laptop it's a mission15:14
Squirmdistilled water would probably work15:14
Kilosspanjaadt lubricating switch cleaner it half the price and just as good15:14
Squirmor something like clear meths15:14
Kilosno water near there or alcahol15:14
SquirmKilos: distilled water15:14
Squirmyes :/15:15
charl_i really do not think the water being distilled makes it better15:15
charl_and how are you gonna get soup off with water15:15
charl_you're just going to spread the dirt around15:15
Kilosthem switch cleaners clean remove mess and protect electronic circuitry15:15
charl_do you want *lubricating* switch cleaner though?15:16
Squirmdistilled water isn't a good conductor, if it conducts at all. Besides, if the laptop keyboard is unplugged/completely powerless, as long as it dries it should be find15:16
charl_that sounds terrible to me15:17
charl_Squirm: that is crazy because the minute it gets in touch with the mess on the keyboard it turns conductive again15:17
charl_Squirm: that makes no sense whatsoever15:17
Squirmcharl_: ok15:17
Squirmbut if there's no electricity to the keyboard, there is nothing to conduct15:17
charl_no, that's not the reason you don't want to use water15:18
Squirmyou can actually stick your desktop keyboard into a cold dishwasher. As long as it's bone dry before oyu connect it15:18
charl_the reason you don't want to use water is because it doesn't clean the mess up15:18
Private_Userthe laptop is a Toshiba Satellite C660-1E315:18
Squirmcharl_: ok15:18
charl_and i'm sorry kilos but to use lubricating switch cleaner sounds just as bad15:18
charl_you don't want lubricant in under your keyboard15:19
Kilosnope it works kiff on keys15:19
charl_alcohol is powerful for cleaning, doesn't conduct electricity, and disappears into the air quickly15:19
Kilosit doesnt leave a layer of oil there15:19
charl_ah ok15:19
SquirmKilos: then how is it lubricating?15:19
charl_yes that's what i also want to know15:19
Kiloslookup spanjaardt lubricating switch cleaner15:19
SquirmLubricates and cleans all electrical sliding15:20
Squirmswitches and contacts15:20
Kilosof off knops on radios that get scratchy when moved also get fixed with it15:20
Squirmso it'll go under the keys15:20
Kilosive cleaned everything on pcs with it15:21
SquirmI'd only use it to clean moving parts15:21
Kilosthats the plan to get it under the keys'15:21
Kilosyou prefer coffee there?15:21
Private_Userwhat about methlyted spirits?15:22
charl_Private_User: yes!15:22
charl_Private_User: rubbing alcohol, a.k.a. methylated spirits15:22
SquirmI've used clear meths to clean circuit boards before15:23
charl_oh sorry it turns out there is a difference between rubbing alcohol and methylated spirits15:23
Kilosnope spirits removed the coating over all the board then corrosion sets in15:24
SquirmI used it to remove corrosion :P15:25
Kiloswe used to use pure alcohol to remove flux after soldering on boards in the gpo15:25
Private_Userok cool thanks charl_ but now I have tried that and it worked with some keys, how I did it was remove the whole keyboard from the laptop, then remove the keys that do not work I used an ear bud to swab the area around the key15:26
Private_UserI am wondering if I need to go below but not sure how to get the liquid there or should I just soak the keyboard?15:27
charl_ooh that's a tricky one15:27
Kiloswe can argue all day15:27
charl_ah there you go15:28
charl_rubbing alcohol !15:28
charl_thanks Squirm :)15:28
Squirmstep by step how to15:28
charl_methylated spirits is just a more disgustig alternative that will leave you light-headed due to the poisonous compounds in it15:29
charl_so try and stay away from that and get regular rubbing alcohol15:29
Kilosyou get spanjaard without the lube in too just like servisol15:29
Kilosgoogle servisol switch cleaner15:29
Squirmcharl_: the word poisonous can be up for debate too ;)15:30
charl_it says that on the wikipedia, don't look at me :P15:30
charl_before a few mins ago i didn't even know the difference15:30
Squirmdinner time15:31
charl_ciao all15:31
Kilosyou dont drink the stuff15:31
Private_Userthanks Squirm, thats more or less what I did but wondering now if I need to go deeper like between the rubber button part and the actual circuit that it comes into contact with15:34
Private_Useror am I screwed and need to buy a new keyboard15:34
Kiloshi theblazehen 15:35
theblazehenHow's it going with all of you?15:36
Kilosok ty and you?15:36
Private_Userevening theblazehen 15:36
theblazehengood and you Kilos ?15:36
GolynxEvening people15:37
Kilosgood ty theblazehen hi Golynx 15:38
theblazehenhey Golynx 15:38
Private_UserEvening Golynx 15:39
theblazehenPrivate_User, been raining there by you?15:42
Kiloshi superfly http://ubuntu-za.org/ is sick15:44
Kilosoh wasnt it moved15:45
Kilossomeone said something about moving it the other day15:45
Kilosinetpro, fix it15:47
* Kilos ducks15:47
theblazehenKilos, whats broken? the site?15:47
Golynxoh my , that sites not looking good. Kinda the same like an electrician always have broken lightbulbs at his house lol15:48
Kilosstrict warning: Non-static method SimplePie_Misc::parse_url() should not be called statically, assuming $this from incompatible context in /srv/www.ubuntu-za.org/sites/all/modules/gcal_events/simplepie.inc on line 892615:48
theblazehenAnd WTF? 8926+ lines ?!15:48
GolynxThat would be a php framework with so many lines15:49
theblazehenGolynx, yeah, I know15:50
theblazehenBut why not multiple files though?!15:50
Private_Userbtw what do I get when I register on the site?15:50
Kilosyou become a tart of the za community15:51
Private_UserI mean like to I get access to more ZA resources and can become "officially" part of the ubuntu-za community?15:51
Private_Userok thanks Kilos15:52
Kilosim not sure wassup there. hang tight and someone will let us know15:52
Private_UserLOL @ becoming a tart of the za community15:52
theblazehenyeah, tasty lol15:52
GolynxThats what happens when dev's rush to get things done, the easiest solution is chosen first15:53
Kilosdunno how that happened p + t  are far apart15:53
Kilosmust be a short in the finger controller15:53
Golynxatleast its beyong f 15:53
Kilosits the controller between the ears that slips up at times15:55
theblazehenKilos, lol, yeah15:56
GolynxA good upgrade usually fixes that = sleep :) 15:56
Private_Useryou mean a PLBCK or PLBKC error15:56
Kilosi dunno these letter things15:57
Private_UserProblem Lies Between Chair & Keyboard or Problem Lies Between Keyboard & Chair15:57
Kilosi know wtf because its ugly15:57
Kilosya one of those15:58
Kilosand i look at each key i type15:58
Kiloswith one eye15:58
Kilostried touch typing but that is impossible15:59
Private_Useryou know I have been working with computers for so long but I still find it difficult to do that as well15:59
Kiloscpu cant compute anf fingers dont bent in them funny angles15:59
theblazehenKilos, yeah, I can only do certain amount of characters 15:59
theblazehenBut not prooper way16:00
theblazehenTry DVORAK keyboard maybe?16:00
GolynxWoman are the best at touch typing. Their brains works overtime all the time :)16:00
Kilosnope this one hard enough16:00
theblazehenKilos, lol16:01
theblazehenI find dvorak easier16:01
theblazehenjust need blank keyboard16:01
Kilosi even miss the enter key often and hit shift16:02
Kilosor \16:02
Kilosadds to the fun16:02
theblazehenHad same propblem on old KB16:02
Private_UserDVORAK Keyboard?16:04
Kilosprogrammers kb16:04
KilosMaaz, google CV16:04
MaazKilos: "Curriculum vitae - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Curriculum_vitae :: "CV - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CV :: "Curriculum Vitae Samples - Job Searching - About.com" http://jobsearch.about.com/od/cvsamples/a/blsamplecv.htm :: "Purdue OWL: Writing the Curriculum Vitae"16:04
Maazhttps://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/641/01/ :: "How to write a successful CV - University of Kent" http:/…16:04
Kilosmaa google DVORAK Keyboard16:05
KilosMaaz, google DVORAK Keyboard16:05
MaazKilos: "Dvorak Simplified Keyboard - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dvorak_Simplified_Keyboard :: "Introducing the Dvorak Keyboard" http://dvorak.mwbrooks.com/ :: "The Dvorak Keyboard - MIT" http://www.mit.edu/~jcb/Dvorak/ :: "Amazon.com: Dvorak Keyboard: The Ergonomically Designed ..." http://www.amazon.com/Dvorak-Keyboard-16:05
MaazErgonomically-Designed-American/sim/0935309101/2 :: "What is Dvorak keyboard? - A Word Definition …16:05
Private_Userif I had to change to that keyboard I will become a total newbie at computers with the time it would take me to type out stuff16:07
theblazehenPrivate_User, it gets better :)16:07
Kilosits a choice when you install ubuntu16:08
Private_Userhey guys btw I was wondering why don't we have an off-topic channel as well where we can talk about anything and everything which may not be ubuntu or ICT related?16:09
Private_Userthen we can start talking a little nonsense when we are all bored or have nothing to do or maybe even trying to procrastinate a bit ;)16:10
Private_Usernah just wondering unless the peeps in ZA are cool enough to allow a little off topic discussion here16:11
Kiloswe do everything ubuntu here16:11
Kilosubuntu-health ubuntu-farming etc16:11
Kiloswe also have an afrikaans channel16:12
Kilosand my channel for helping windows peeps16:12
Private_Userseriously, let me check the #ubuntu-afr16:13
Kilosvery quiet16:13
Private_Usertheres like almost nobody there16:14
Kilosya we used to chat there when this channel was busy helping someone sort a prob16:15
Kiloswe helped some peeps learn afrikaans there too16:18
Kilossmile and a yank16:18
Private_Userok cool stuff16:18
Kilosyeah we not just pretty faces16:19
GolynxIt will be great if people can just go to a store, and get a stable ubuntu dvd, with almost everything added in. Then just pop it in their pc's. But thats not possible i guess :/16:19
Kilosnope you will always have to update/upgrade16:20
Private_Usernot impossible I would think but maybe go into a store and they make it for you as you wait perhaps?16:20
GolynxAnd need specific drivers 16:20
GolynxPrivate_User you have to take your pc with you then lol16:22
Kilosthe prob then is you pay that store IT prices16:22
Kilos500 bucks an hour or something16:23
Private_UserI wonder if you have to pay for that machine to have it installed and setup at a specific location? but I guess thats one way to go16:27
Kilosyou take cd or dvd with you16:27
Private_UserI mean the actual "toaster"16:28
Kilosthere are lots of them around the country16:28
Private_Userif you wanna set it up at your shop or something16:28
Kilosmostly varsties16:28
Kilosand csir etc16:28
Kilosi dunno16:28
Private_Userif I knew that existed I would have got this ubuntu sooner since my issue of getting it was bandwidth usage16:29
Kilosi went once when i just started, think it was all netbook remixes16:30
Kiloswould be ok now but then i was still super doff16:30
Private_Usernope not doff dude, just a newbie and a learner16:32
Kilosthat too ya16:32
Kiloslol you shoulda seen me back then16:32
theblazehenhey nlsthzn 16:32
nlsthznwow that was fast theblazehen 16:33
Kiloshi there neelsie16:33
theblazehenhehe yeah :)16:33
nlsthznhiya uncle Kilos 16:33
Golynxhaha a newbie always got a special kinda look 16:33
Golynxhi nlsthzn16:33
nlsthznhi Golynx 16:34
nlsthznyup I am pretty new 16:34
nlsthznwell pretty16:34
Kilosjoined the list for help and didnt get anywhere because they gave commands without the sudo in and nothing worked16:34
nlsthznhooked up a 32" TV for a screen... I think it might be a bit to much16:34
* nlsthzn goes for dinner16:34
Kilosthen the fly explained to me how to get here16:35
GolynxKilos , what is the average of woman to men in the channel ?16:36
Kilossometimes maia is here and mrs fly16:37
theblazehenKilos, lol, thought so :)16:37
theblazehenwell 31/016:37
Kilosoh and smilyborg16:37
theblazehenKilos, hey, was maia at SFD last year?16:37
Golynxoh their is a queen fly aswell16:37
Kilosoh ya and grubs16:38
Kilosbaby flies16:38
Golynxnlsthzn whats this human's gender, the "pretty" comment confused me lol16:39
Private_Userlol @ Kilos16:41
Kiloshe is married too with big daughter16:43
Kilosdunno if there are more16:43
Kiloshe is in the UAE16:43
Kilosliving on dates and camel milk16:43
Golynxoh sounds good, camel milk :p16:44
GolynxSince camels are mostly in the desert, their milk must be more sour than cow milk. Will have to try that16:45
theblazehenGolynx, sour milk? no thanks..16:46
Golynxtheblazehen lol , you will beg to differ if you find yourself stranded in the desert with a fresh glass of camel milk on top of a dune calling you 16:47
theblazehenGolynx, well sure16:48
Golynxlol, cow milk's the best :)16:48
Kiloswb somaunn 16:59
Golynxhey somaunn16:59
SquirmPrivate_User: with regards to your message to me, you're just going to have to try that first. See if it helps.17:01
somaunnhi Golynx17:05
somaunnhi Kilos17:05
somaunnwas really busy17:05
somaunnektik day today17:05
inetprosuperfly: I think if you remove that outdated calendar from the site everything should be fine again17:06
Kilosdid you win, thats what is important17:06
inetproKilos: me?17:06
inetprowith what?17:06
Kiloshi inetpro ya fix our site or tell us where it moved to17:07
inetproKilos: think it was tunbleweed who moved it to the new server17:07
Kilosoh ya 17:08
Kilosthen we need the new link17:08
Kiloswhats the good of a site that dont work17:08
Kilosand you gotta change the topic too then17:09
inetpronee man17:09
inetprowhy change it?17:09
Kilosgo see17:09
Kilosthe site is horribly broken17:10
inetprojust one simple error that gets repeated17:10
inetpronothing that the fly can't fix17:10
inetprojust needs to spend a few minutes of time17:10
inetprocould also be as simple as installing a missing library17:11
nlsthznGolynx, was trying to say I am not new only pretty ;)17:11
inetproKilos: everything else is still working fine17:12
Golynxah yes ,good nlsthzn :)17:13
Golynxhi inetpro17:13
inetproGolynx: hi17:13
Kilosoh ty inetpro 17:14
Kilostake a break then if you cant fix it17:14
inetproyou guys can all help googling for a solution17:14
Kilosyou need clever peeps for that man17:15
Kiloslike you and nlsthzn and flyand weed17:15
KilosMaaz, google our site is sick17:16
MaazKilos: "Altitude Sickness-Topic Overview - WebMD" http://www.webmd.com/a-to-z-guides/altitude-sickness-topic-overview :: "Sickweather" http://www.sickweather.com/ :: "Website turns sick kids into superheroes - USA Today" http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2013/12/27/website-turns-sick-children-into-superheroes/4216687/ :: "Site turns sick kids into17:16
Maazsuperheroes | Cincinnati.com | cincinnati.com" http://news.cincinnati.com/article/20131226/NEWS/31…17:16
Golynxwhoever chose to use that php framework for the site must go dig in and fix it :)17:16
inetproGolynx: it is drupal17:17
Kilosno dont be cheeky17:17
Kilosask whoever to please fix it when he has a chance17:17
inetprothis is what often happens when you migrate an old site to a new server with a later version of OS, software and libraries17:18
Golynxya true inetpro17:20
inetprocan be very painful17:21
GolynxShould take at most 30minutes to fix17:24
* nlsthzn hooked PC up to 32" TV... it is a new experience... not sure if good or not ;p17:28
Kiloslotsa head movement17:28
nlsthznyup :p17:28
Kilossit far back17:29
nlsthzncause it is on the desk and to damn close17:29
somaunnhi nlsthzn17:29
somaunngood thing 17:29
Kilosturn your glasses around so they minimise17:29
somaunnhow do you feel it now17:29
somaunnnlsthzn: i persolany run my PC on x2 32" LED Samsung17:30
somaunnit's leker17:30
nlsthznnow that I put the sharpness to 0 the text looks very good 17:31
Private_Usernlsthzn: mount it on the wall then you have even more desktop space17:33
Golynxyou need bigger fonts lol17:33
somaunnGolynx: i've seen peoples runing windows machine with big big screen17:34
somaunnso what i did is that i bought myself x2 LED TV 32" and plugged to my PC with a dual out graphic card Nvidia17:35
nlsthznI suspect this is a temporary arrangement , now my wife has more motivation to actually use the TV :p17:36
somaunni can run terminal on one (big big terminal) and normal desktop on the second monitor17:36
nlsthznI can only imagine why one would need such a big terminal :p17:36
nlsthznand the fonts are bigger on this screen as it is the same resolution than my older smaller screen17:37
somaunni feel exited everytime i type a command in there17:37
Golynxah auto fit pixel dimentions17:37
Golynxleave some room for the tv too :)17:38
nlsthznI guys it makes compiling new software an epic event17:39
theblazeheninetpro, which OS it host on? Ubuntu?17:41
theblazehenknwo 13.x fucked up some PHP functions17:43
nlsthzngood night all... time for sleepy17:48
Kilossleep tight nlsthzn 17:48
GolynxFrogfoot Networks in Capetown hosts the site. Never heard of them though 17:50
Golynxi mean Verio Web Hosting (SME)17:53
theblazehenhi psydroid 17:56
psydroidhi theblazehen 17:56
Golynxhi psydroid17:58
psydroidhi Golynx 18:00
Kilosnight all. sleep tight18:09
theblazehennight Kilos 18:09

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