bmccoy11"sudo: gdisk: command not found"00:00
hitsujiTMObmccoy11: /dev/sda oringinally had a gpt partition, but when windows was installed, it never removed the old gpt table and just wrote a mbr table. Now when ubuntu sees it , its reading the old gpt table over the mbr table.00:00
hitsujiTMObmccoy11: to fix this there's a tool call fixparts.00:01
bmccoy11So, how do I fix it?00:01
bmccoy11Does it delete anything important?00:01
hitsujiTMObmccoy11: it just deletes the old gpt table00:01
bmccoy11Ahh, okay.00:01
bmccoy11Tell me the commands to run.00:01
hitsujiTMObmccoy11: sudo apt-get install gdisk00:02
hitsujiTMObmccoy11: sudo fixparts /dev/sda00:03
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bmccoy11Reboot now?00:03
hitsujiTMObmccoy11: did you run fixparts /dev/sda ?00:04
dupingping86how to create full ubuntu distribution without livecd?00:04
hitsujiTMObmccoy11: and chose [Y] then [w]00:04
bmccoy11I typed in "Y"00:04
dupingping86how to create full ubuntu distribution without livecd?00:05
bmccoy11"This will overwrite existing partitions"?00:05
hitsujiTMObmccoy11: can you rerun: sudo fdisk -l00:05
bmccoy11Will it wipe anything?00:05
bmccoy11I mean, gdisk w.00:05
hitsujiTMObmccoy11: fdisk no. rerun: sudo fdisk -l             see if you get any errors00:06
bmccoy11No need to run gdisk w?00:06
hitsujiTMOif you're still in the menu then yes00:06
bmccoy11Will it wipe anything?00:07
hitsujiTMObmccoy11: it will erase the olf gpt table00:07
bmccoy11So, Windows will still boot, right?00:07
bmccoy11Sorry about asking all these questions, I'm a noob.00:08
hitsujiTMObmccoy11: to be sure: use p and copy + paste the terminal to paste.ubuntu.com00:08
ncom0plHello ubuntu-ers. I'm on Ubuntu Server 12.04.4 and I'm having problems with audio(yes, I actually need to set up audio on a server). Looks like a permission problem to me, users don't seem to have permissions to use audio devices, I can only run audio applications sudoing them, otherwise it produces errors. Any hints?00:08
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bmccoy11Will it wipe Windows?00:09
hitsujiTMObmccoy11: no00:09
bmccoy11Oh. Derp00:09
vladisncom0pl, adding users in group "audio"?00:09
ikoniancom0pl: look at the device file permissions and the groups the users are in00:09
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ekristenanyone getting perl dependency issues when you try and install git on 12.10?00:11
hitsujiTMObmccoy11: and no error this time about gpt?00:11
ncom0plvladis: ikonia: Thanks, adding to 'audio' group did it.00:11
ikoniaekristen: have you got any 3rd party repos enabled ?00:11
ikoniaekristen: or ppa's00:11
ekristenjust universe and chris-lea/node.js00:12
ikoniaekristen: it's possible that's causing the dependency problems depending on what it's installed00:12
ikoniaekristen: also clear your apt cache and re-run apt-get update to get a current cache00:12
ikoniaekristen: check if the dependency it's looking for is actually in the core repos00:13
hitsujiTMObmccoy11: sweet. ok. now go back into. ok. now the installer should be able to see the partition table and ofc see windows then. best to downsize the windows partition in windows via administrative tools -> disk management    before running the installer00:13
bmccoy11Rebooting into the Live USB now.00:13
ekristenikonia: I did that, it might be the 12.10 image I’m using I suppose00:13
ikoniaerikj: 12.10 image ? what are you talking about00:14
bmccoy11Can I shrink the partition from the installer?00:14
DarkAceXtremeis ifconfig something I shouldn't show to just anyone?00:14
ikoniaDarkAceXtreme: up to you00:14
DarkAceXtremeif they already know my internet IP00:14
ikoniaDarkAceXtreme: up to you00:14
DarkAceXtremeI'm asking if it's a bad idea00:15
ikoniaDarkAceXtreme: it's up to you00:15
DarkAceXtremebecause I don't know if it is00:15
ikoniaDarkAceXtreme: it's your data00:15
bmccoy11Not really, but it's your choice.00:15
bmccoy11I mean, the worst thing that can happen is someone trolls you by sending a WOL packet.00:16
witheld9I'm having some trouble with SAMBA00:16
witheld9I'm trying to set it up so I can see workgroups from the file manager, open the workgroup, see shares, and open them00:16
bmccoy11It worked, hitsujiTMO!00:17
Jordan_UDarkAceXtreme: On a home system the only thing I can think of that they might find from ifconfig that's relevant to your security is whether or not you're using NAT, and the solution to that is to just make sure that you are using NAT (which 99.9% of home routers do by default).00:17
witheld9And while I've partially accomplished this, it only manages to load like 20% of the time00:17
witheld9most of the time it doesn't even see the workgroups00:17
hitsujiTMObmccoy11: sweeet. best to shrink the partition in windows. better to stick with the native tools when dealing with ntfs00:17
witheld9And then when it does, most of the time I can't actually load the workgrop and see shares00:17
bmccoy11Meh, I'm not that worried.00:18
witheld9and then when that works, I almost never actually manage to get any computers open00:18
witheld9any help?00:18
bmccoy11The worst thing that happens is I have to reinstall Windoze 8.00:18
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Jordan_Ubmccoy11: hitsujiTMO: I disagree, I think that ntfsresize is as reliable if not more so than Windows' own tools, and letting Ubuntu's installer do the resizing leaves less room for user error and is thus safer.00:19
SheroI have an atribute that has date and time for example "Jan. 28, 2015, 4:43 pm" and I need to get the time only in a different attribute, whenever I try to use the split function it gives me an error'datetime.datetime' object has no attribute 'split'00:20
bmccoy11I agree with Jordan_U.00:20
bmccoy11They both should be equally reliable.00:21
zedzdeadShould I delete my Windows 7 partition? Should I?00:23
bmccoy11Should you?00:24
bmccoy11Do you want to?00:24
bmccoy11If you want a fresh install, yes, delete it.00:25
k7jkznothing on a drive should be let to inhibit a fresh install00:27
bmccoy11I assume he is trying to make a fresh install.00:27
bmccoy11>waiting for ubuntu to install, queue the cricket noises00:29
zedzdeadNo I want to delete Windows because I don't use it. I used to game on Windows but I can game on xubuntu now so...00:31
bmccoy11Does Ubuntu automatically configure drivers on install for my AMD built-in-chipset, or do I need to install it myself?00:31
bmccoy11zedzdead: Delete the partition, for sure.00:32
hitsujiTMObmccoy11: chipset support is built into the kernel00:32
bmccoy11So, no need to install a proprietary driver?00:32
bmccoy11I want to use this PC for Minecraft, so I need the right drivers installed.00:33
hitsujiTMObmccoy11: nope. only propritary drivers you may ever need are typically just gpu in you're gaming or using gpu intensive work. but the open drivers are always catchinp up to then so they're becoming less and less necessary00:34
viderbitsorry, can I ask one specific question about the IRC servers here?00:35
bmccoy11Well, the Microsoft driver that comes with Windows is shit.00:35
hitsujiTMObmccoy11: for minecraft id test on the open driver first and then try the propritary00:35
IdleOnebmccoy11: Please keep the language clean00:35
Picividerbit: you may be better off asking in #freenode00:35
bmccoy11Launching minecraft should be a good enough way to test it.00:35
MarGulIf I have a desktop and a laptop and I just want to be able to ssh between them both over the network. Is it just to install ssh on them both and not open port 22 on my router? i.e I do not want the computers to be accessable from Internet. Only from inside my network00:37
prepangolinI have a problem.00:38
prepangolinWhich version(32bit, 64bit) of ubuntu install on the my macbook?00:40
bmccoy11How can I change the Ubuntu boot loader (GRUB) to Windows 8's boot selector?00:41
bmccoy11I like the looks of the Windows 8 selection tool.00:41
hitsujiTMObmccoy11: http://neosmart.net/EasyBCD/ is prob the easiest way to achieve that00:42
olabazhello everybody00:43
Jordan_UMarGul: You probably don't need to change anything on your router, most routers don't block ports within the LAN.00:43
prepangolinPlease help.00:44
MarGulJordan_U: Thanks, do I need to have a static IP address on both my laptop and my desktop00:44
prepangolinWhich version of ubuntu I use?00:45
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hitsujiTMOprepangolin: 64bir for a mac00:45
MarGulOr will it work with the ones the the router gives me? Because it really never changes, guess I should just set up static ip anyways. Easier00:45
prepangolinMy Macbook is Core duo?00:46
hitsujiTMOprepangolin: still 64bit00:46
prepangolinIs it right for it?00:46
olabazhey does anyone know a quick way to download files from a website when you get the directory tree?00:46
prepangolinOh thanks guy.00:47
hitsujiTMOolabaz: http://blog.spang.cc/posts/downloading_a_directory_via_HTTP_with_wget/00:48
olabazhitsujiTMO: ty I knew it was possible. I love you00:48
bmccoy11...small problem. EasyBCD doesn't work with Windows 8 professional.00:49
Temperwhy is wireless so annoying in linux?00:50
hitsujiTMObmccoy11: ahh, then you're out of luck till they update. its possible but its a rather dangerous task00:50
Temperis there a usb 802.11ac card that works in linux?00:50
Jordan_Ubmccoy11: You can theme grub to look nicer, like http://apebox.org/wordpress/linux/261/00:51
bmccoy11nah, I'll just install the cracked version for now, as I'm not using it for business purposes.00:52
kuhwallskeeI am having an issue with either my graphics driver or X config. My display is over saturated with green and displaying the wrong colors. It is a laptop with Intel 4400 graphics. After initially installing 13.10 and it was messed up, I also tried the the intel drivers and they installed fine, but still blurry and green. Not sure what else to try, resolution is correct, but not sure how to check color depth I'm currently running un00:52
Bashing-omkuhwallskee: How did you install the Intel driver ? Are you aware ->http://www.webupd8.org/2013/03/intel-releases-linux-graphics-drivers.html00:55
Temperseriosuly what is the best usb 802.11n card that supports master/ap mode?00:55
TemperI have the RT5370 and it does not work :(00:56
Temperi get kernel errors00:56
Temperand cannot get it to use the rt2800usb driver00:56
kuhwallskeeBashing-om, I instaleed from 01.org, the newest release for 13.10 just came out earlier this month.00:57
bmccoy11How do I configure EasyBCD to use the Windows 8 menu?00:58
Jordan_Ubmccoy11: That's really a Windows question. Try asking in ##windows.00:59
jeffrey_fUsing firefox on a video site, WIMP.COM, I'm getting Error # 2035.  I believe that JWPlayer is being used.  Chromium works fine.  Any ideas00:59
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kuhwallskeeBashing-om, Is there any additional configuration I need to do after the installer? Everything ran ok, no error messages, and it was the newest version. My concern is it may be something different as there was no change from before and after the driver install.01:02
Bashing-omkuhwallskee: Intel graphics configuration is not in my sphere of knowledge, so unable to advise on this.01:04
jarray52After a recent update, I can no longer print with my printer. I'm not sure exactly what happened. Any suggestions on diagnosing this. My printer is no longer listed as a printer option.01:04
FilyDear friends, I was able to install Xubuntu 12.04 on my virtual machine. The more modern versions are impossible to install. So i suppose i cannot test modern release of ubuntu on my laptop, isn't it?01:05
bmccoy11Well., EasyBCD doesn't install the Windows 8 style MBR for some reason. It's Windows 7 style instead01:07
callmeDarwinWhat's your folks preferred irc client?01:07
bmccoy11I followed this guide: http://www.maketecheasier.com/configure-the-boot-menu-windows-8/01:08
jarray52callmeDarwin: pidgin01:08
hhubrisquick question, i've had a ext4 fsck running for about 4 hours.  It's consuming a ton of CPU, but not displaying anything new, nothing new in dmesg.  Is there any way to be sure it's still running?01:09
bmccoy11 Never mind01:09
dupingping86give me MACOS style with GTK3+?01:10
Bashing-omFily: testing -> one way is d/l the .iso (verify md5sum) burn as an image to some medium, and boot it as a liveDVD -> try ubuntu. And see how it runs (??).01:10
dupingping86 give me MACOS style with GTK3+?01:11
dupingping86 give me MACOS style with GTK3+!01:11
dupingping86please give me!01:11
dupingping86hello everybody!01:11
bazhang!themes | dupingping86 look here01:11
ubottudupingping86 look here: Find your themes at: http://www.gnome-look.org - http://art.gnome.org - http://www.kde-look.org - http://kubuntu-art.org - http://themes.freecode.com/tags/theme - http://www.guistyles.com - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Artwork/ - Also see !changethemes and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuEyeCandy01:11
FilyBashing-om, consider that my laptop doesn't support release more modern than Ubuntu 11.10. If I try to install one of them I see all black01:12
bmccoy11How can I change the icon of Ubuntu in the Windows 8 boot switcher?01:13
Bashing-omFily: does your machine specification meet minimum requirements ? maybe is a graphics issue ?01:13
Jordan_Ubmccoy11: That is another Windows question. Please try ##windows.01:13
olskolircYou guys still trying to work out this dead beat no talent of a distro?01:14
bazhang!ot | olskolirc01:14
ubottuolskolirc: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:14
bmccoy11This is a Ubuntu related question, except I'm using the Windows MBR01:14
bmccoy11I just want to change Ubuntu's icon to this: http://design.ubuntu.com/wp-content/uploads/logo-ubuntu_st_no%C2%AE-black_orange-hex.png01:15
Bashing-omFily: In any event, Lubuntu is designed to run on older hardware, and can "fake" PAE if that is an issue.01:15
kuhwallskeeBashing-om, Is there a way to swap red and green?01:16
FilyBashing-om, http://pastebin.com/sT52z2Pr01:16
Temperwhy would i get " iwlist wlan0 scan01:16
Temperwlan0 Interface doesn't support scanning : Device or resource busy01:16
Temperi am using rt5370 on the rt2800usb driver01:17
Bashing-omkuhwallskee: On Intel, not that I know of, for that matter I know of no outside menas of any driver to switch the colors. But, there is a lot I do not know !01:18
bmccoy11This article is hilarious. http://betanews.com/2013/05/28/dear-linux-im-leaving-you-for-windows-8/01:18
Jordan_Ubmccoy11: It's a question about Windows's bootloader. Just because something is "related to Ubuntu" does not make it appropriate for this channel. Also, people in ##windows are more likely to know the answer to this question. Is there a reason you haven't even tried asking there?01:18
Bashing-omFily: gone to look at 2Pr.01:18
bmccoy11Nobody is answering.01:18
jotanplsI need help getting i3 to work on a minimal install01:19
jotanplsi3 won't open display01:19
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sensaeI'm trying to use Evolution to remind me when appointments come up. However, when Evolution reminds me on the desktop, it doesn't actually show what the event is. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/227643/evolution.png Anyone know what's going on / a setting isn't set?01:20
Bashing-omFily: that processor should run anything we can throw at it.. how much ram do you have installed ?01:21
jotanplsi3 won't open display01:23
FilyBashing, yes but it is my PC not the old laptop01:23
Kornywhat do you mean won't open display?01:24
jotanplsKorny: I installed it and it wont run, Xorg is also installed01:25
Kornyyou check the bios to make sure the IGP card is enabled?01:25
DragoneyeAny way to read the dimentions of a terminal?01:27
Bashing-omFily: In my opinion, download and burn Lubuntu, and see if it runs. see what it might take to make it run (??).01:28
jotanplsKorny: no, how do I go about doing that ?01:28
FilyBashing-om, on this PC i can run also Ubuntu 14.04 on virtual machine. I wanted to use the old laptop for testing new releases01:29
ethermonkwhat is this Ubuntu/Linaro im seeing in cat /proc/version?01:29
jarray52I can print using the cups (localhost:631) print test page, but I can't print in other applications. Any suggestions on fixing this issue?01:30
ethermonkmake sure that you have the printer as default, not the fax01:30
ethermonkwith my Canon Pixma printer, it always wants to set the fax machine as the default printer when installed (cheap Pixma that doesn't even have a fax modem)01:31
runvncHello.  Lenovo My IdeaPad Y560p has been consistently running about 70C for many months.  Generally 85-90C when playing a game or video01:33
runvncI have tried a lot of things.  What I think actually worked was before when I was able to boot to Windows01:34
ethermonkwhat ubuntu version are you running runvnc01:34
runvncand then came back01:34
runvncok don't shoot me but I have Mint 15 installed01:34
Bashing-omFily: totally confused, then what has the virtual machine got to do with the laptop ?01:34
jarray52ethermonk: I set the printer as default, but that didn't seem to help. I think the real problem is that some printer interface with gnome and kde (i have both installed) is broken.01:34
runvncbut the overheating was the same in ubuntu01:34
runvncwith every version I have had on this thing01:34
runvncalthough some things have made it slightly less bad I think01:35
FilyBashing-om, I installed Virtualbox also on my laptop. I wanted to test the releases there cause it is older tnat this one but I cannot01:35
jarray52runvnc: At that temperature... you can get one nasty burn... definitely not a LAP top.01:36
runvncyeah I am just worried that it might wear out01:36
jarray52runvnc: Yah... it will.01:36
runvncand the problem is I can't really fullscreen games or videos because around 92+ it starts to slow down the performance of the laptop01:36
runvnclike it is protecting itself01:36
jarray52runvnc: What graphics card?01:37
freerouteguys, I think I've found perhaps a bug. I just installed Ubuntu 13.10 "Saucy Salamander" Minimal CD 30MB (MD5: da3186327d8a040beadc3f7db0ff9302, SHA1: 6cd614b16b2e217233fec633eb21ef6388c3d84b) in a VM and I got a nopubkey error when trying to fetch from extras - http://nopub.kpaste.net/42e3c501:37
runvncit is radeon01:37
bmccoy11Can someone help me change the icon of Ubuntu in the Windows 8 MBR?01:38
runvncAdvanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI Madison [Mobility Radeon HD 5730 / 6570M]01:38
jarray52runvnc: CPU?01:39
runvncIntel(R) Core(TM) i7-2630QM CPU @ 2.00GHz01:39
runvncI think its 4 cores hyperthreaded01:40
Bashing-omFily: OK, you probably know more about the VM than i, but, you do know it takes lots of ram to run a VM, has the laptop got enough ram ?01:41
jarray52ethermonk: I believe there is a problem with system-config-printer, but I'm not sure.01:41
jarray52runvnc: Those CPUs run hot. Maximum operating temperature is 100C.01:43
runvncjarray but it runs 50C in windows01:43
runvncand the computer is shutting down if I play videos or games at high res fullscreen01:43
runvncbecause it gets up over 92-94 sometimes01:44
brycesenzhey guys.  I'm having some problems with RVM.  I got it to work in one shell, then nothing works in a new shell.  I keep getting messages like "The program 'ruby' can be found in the following packages:" when I try to run ruby -v.  It's like it can't find anything, even though .rvm/bin is in my $PATH variable.  Has that happened to anyone else?01:44
FilyBashing-om, I think 4 GB of ram but the problem is not the ram but the version of the release01:44
runvncI have been fighting this for months with different grub settings and switching from open source to proprietary graphics drivers01:45
runvncso now I am hoping that a laptop cooling pad will drop at least 10 degrees01:45
runvncunless you guys have an idea01:45
bmccoy11I want to change the icon of Ubuntu in Windows 8's MBR.01:46
jarray52runvnc: I just checked. I have the exact same processor.01:47
Yabbobrycesenz: do you have multiple RVM's installed?01:47
jarray52runvnc: You're right... that temperaure is too hot.01:47
runvncwhat other specs do you have jarray01:48
runvncwhat graphics01:48
jarray52runvnc: dmesg | grep i7-2630QM gives me01:48
jarray52runvnc: [    0.082544] CPU0: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2630QM CPU @ 2.00GHz stepping 0701:49
Bashing-omFily: so what the situation is, you want to install ubuntu onto the laptop and also run in ubuntu a Virtual Machine ?01:49
jarray52runvnc: and sensors gives roughly 52 C for every core.01:49
runvncmy sensors-detect never finds any fans01:49
runvncpwmconfig says there is nothing it can use01:50
runvncfancontrol cant start because there is no config01:50
jarray52runvnc: How do you know the temperature?01:50
runvnconly thing I get detected is something called coretemp01:50
runvncI get temps01:50
runvncbut no fan info01:51
runvncI am using something called psensor01:51
runvncto view temperature01:51
jarray52runvnc: I'm talking about coretemp-isa-0000 or something like that... that's what I see when running sensors.01:51
runvncmine is just called 'coretemp'01:51
runvncas far as I recall01:52
FilyBashing-om, in the laptop I have Ubuntu 11.10 and it works very well, without problems. On this PC i Have Ubuntu 13.10 and I don't have any problems. I wanted to test new releases and give my contribute to ubuntu community01:52
sensaeHow do I use Evolution to remind me that a specific event has occured?01:52
jarray52runvnc: Not sure. Does this happen after a fresh install?01:52
runvncyes I just recently got a samsung 840pro ssd and put mint 15 on it with a usb flash thing01:53
jarray52runvnc: Is this just Ubuntu or other distros too?01:53
runvncand before after upgrading between old ubuntu to newer ubuntu01:53
runvncsame problem01:53
runvncI have not tried any other distros besides mint01:53
runvncbut like 3 different kernels on different versions01:53
Bashing-omFily: VM environments are not a good test bed for development versions, nothing beats bare metal. Why not just install a version on the laptop and test away ?01:54
runvncif I have to use Red Hat or something it might be better to just kill myself01:54
jarray52runvnc: It could be a configuration setting. I would try checking the BIOS settings and then install another distro.01:54
runvnci have been in my shitty bios many times01:55
runvncit seems to have the minimum number of options possible for a bios01:55
runvncI will think about another distro01:55
runvncI need to run docker so I think that means I need to try red hat or something01:55
jarray52runvnc: One of those proprietary bioses... I see.01:55
FilyBashing-om, my laptop doesn't support version more moderna than 11.10. I don't think it supports development versions01:56
runvncIf I have to decide whether I would rather use Red Hat or watch my IdeaPad die an honorable death melting itself with a Debian-based system, I might choose an honorable death.01:56
jarray52runvnc: most bioses (except coreboot) are proprietary but sometimes laptop manufacturers further restrict the settings.01:56
Bashing-omFily: Then I really do not see how it could support later version in a virtual environment either, am I being dense ?01:57
jarray52runvnc: Do you have switcheable graphics?01:57
kuhwallskeehow can I verify what color depth I'm currently running at in KDE?01:58
runvncNot that I can tell jarray01:58
runvncalthough I think I read something that says it is supposed to have an integrated intel01:58
runvncbut I can't see it01:58
runvncor switch it01:58
runvncalthough I just read something about adding an integrated intel to the x config manually or something01:58
runvncwhich I dont even know if I physically have it.01:59
jarray52runvnc: What model computer?01:59
jarray52runvnc: we could bing it.01:59
runvncLenovo IdeaPad Y560p01:59
runvncdid you say bing01:59
jarray52runvnc: Also try lspci -vvv01:59
DragoneyeWhats the delay issue when using sound?  Its like it times out somehow so I cannot hear the beginning of the sound Im playing...  If I play it right after I hear everything, but after a while its like a second is gone in silence...01:59
millertiInteresting.  So I'm testing my new server out.  It has two 12-core Ivy Bridge Xeons at 2.7Ghz.  I'm using turbostat to look at actual frequency, where I've set mprime to load one hardware thread.  That core is reporting 3.5GHz.02:00
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jotanplsHi guys, I can't find Slim.conf anywhere, I've even lurked in midnight commander and it's nowhere to be found. Minimal install here, desktop02:00
millertiIt seems that core frequency is a function of package voltage, because all other cores (though idle) are reporting over 3GHz too, although slightly lower numbers.  I think that the reporting isn't very accurate because the other hyperthread on the same core is reporting a different frequency.02:01
FilyBashing-om, Yes it doesn't support later version in a v m environment. Instead I'm installing 14.04 on a vm in the PC not in the laptop02:01
jarray52I can print a test page using CUPS, but I can't seem to print in applications. When I select print, my printer is not listed. The only option is print to file. Any suggestions on how to determine the problem?02:02
runvncjarray http://blog.tremily.us/posts/Adding_a_network_printer_with_lpadmin/02:03
runvncmaybe this is all just a big understanding and the temperature readouts are giving me F instead of C02:05
runvncand confusing the laptop into thinking it needs to shutdown sometimes02:05
jarray52runvnc: lpinfo -v gives me the output: 'lpinfo: No route to host'.02:05
jarray52runvnc: Aren't they marked C or F?02:06
runvncyeah it says C02:06
runvncjust wish they were mistaken02:06
millertiWow.  When fully loaded my servers processors total about 225W.02:06
jotanplsI need help finding SLiM.conf02:08
Bashing-omfi[V]er: /win 402:11
Bashing-omfi[V]er: sorry, not pay attention !02:12
jotanplsI need help finding SLiM.conf02:13
somsipjotanpls: /etc/slim.conf02:15
suokunlongcould some one help with the Evince document viewer?02:15
suokunlongseems to be a critical bug, I can not open some PDF files, it crashes every time02:15
suokunlongtest files:02:16
suokunlongEvince open these PDF files with a crash, while I can open these pdfs OK with MUPDF in linux or Adobe Reader in windows02:18
jarray52I can print test pages with CUPS, but I cannot print pages from applications such as a web browser, evince, openoffice, etc. Any suggestions on diagnosing the issue?02:19
jarray52When I try to print, my printer is not listed as an option.02:19
BetaSoulDoes any one have an updated VGA switcheroo script?02:21
jotanplssomsip: do you know how I change what options are being provided in terms of sesssion ?02:22
Dragoneyehow do I read from the serialport?02:23
somsipjotanpls: no, I don't02:23
jotanplsdoes anyone know how to change what options are being provided in terms of sesssion ?02:24
jotanplstalking SLiM her02:24
runvncjarray I dont think your cups is set up right02:25
somsipjotanpls: what exactly do you mean? You mean which WMs are available? Did you read the conf? Did you read the file referred to in the conf about sessions?02:25
runvncdo you have a servername in /etc/cups/client.conf02:26
runvncdang there is no client.conf on ubuntu lol02:26
runvncsudo grep -R ServerName /etc/cups/* doesnt have a servername does it02:28
Dragoneyerunvnc:  touch client.conf02:28
Dragoneyenow there is!  :-p02:28
runvncdragoneye I was just trying to help jarray02:29
jotanplsok, only one question left. How do I allow my regular user to launch i3 ?02:29
runvnche said the lpinfo or whatever printer thing02:29
runvncsaid no route to host02:29
Dragoneyerunvnc: sry :-D02:29
runvncthen when I googled that it keeps saying people have ServerName in that conf file02:29
runvncand a wrong ServerName02:29
jarray52runvnc: I can goto http://localhost:631. Then, Administration. Then Manage Printers. On that page, I see one printer. I can click it. Then, I can hit print page. That works.02:30
jarray52runvnc: sudo grep -R ServerName /etc/cups/* gives a server name.02:30
runvncwhat is the servername it says in there02:30
runvnccan you find that line ServerName and change it to say localhost02:31
runvncis that ServerName specified found in /etc/hosts02:31
jarray52runvnc: I changed that ServerName to localhost. The previous serverName was not accessible via the network.02:33
runvncdoes the lpinfo or whatever it was work now02:33
=== NaStYdoG is now known as Guest6065
jarray52runvnc: Yes. Now it works.02:34
runvncthanks for mentioning that web admin thing I didnt know about that02:35
runvncmaybe I can use for the printers I have to configure on my clients server again02:35
runnyspoti created an xorg.conf with uxa as the accel to test. deleted the xorg in order to switch back to the sna default and now im getting bad graphical corruption. any suggestions on other files that might have changed or some sort of cache that i can maybe delete? 13.1002:35
jarray52runvnc: Thanks for pointing out that ServerName thing... I never would have figured that out.02:36
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=== matt__ is now known as parkilla
blockyhi, i have a new portable 2gb hard drive and when i insert it the system mounts it as root so the user can't copy files to it... how can i change this behavior?>02:39
dupingping86may I use printer that is shared a printer from remote windows prite server.02:40
dupingping86I haven't the driver of printer.02:41
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bravezilongHello everybody!02:41
dupingping86Hi bravezilong!02:41
=== paddy_ is now known as Guest31450
jarray52runvnc: I followed the steps here http://blog.tremily.us/posts/Adding_a_network_printer_with_lpadmin/ but still don't get the printer option when I try to print something.02:43
dupingping86I can use printer that remote printer from windows server? and I have no driver of printer02:43
Ubuntu1Hi, I am using Ubuntu 12.04 --upon update I get this " You have to configure "localepurge".....help please, not good with commands so need exact command02:44
jarray52runvnc:can the socket be anything? I used socket:// in the lpadmin command.02:44
runvncwhen you run lpinfo or whatever02:46
runvncdoes it list the new printer02:46
sammyanyone ever had any success with apt-cdrom?02:46
runvncmaybe you can just use the web admin now02:46
runvncon the web admin under adding printers and classes it has server settings on the right02:47
runvncI checked off allow printing from the internet02:47
runvncnot sure that matters02:47
runvncmight be very bad02:47
jarray52runvnc: lpinfo -v gives the following...  https://dpaste.de/02:47
jarray52forgot to paste.02:47
runvnctry the web admin now02:48
runvncalso try restarting whatever application you were looking for the printer to show up in02:48
sammyrunvnc: lol nice nick.02:48
dupingping86 I can use printer that remote printer from windows server? and I have no driver of printer02:49
jarray52runvnc: Now, it seems to work. Thanks.02:52
runvncdupingping86 http://blog.tremily.us/posts/Adding_a_network_printer_with_lpadmin/02:52
runvncif you want to do it the hard way dupingping02:52
runvncand you know the IP address of the windows printer02:52
runvncand the name of the printer model02:52
runvncyou can follow the steps in that link02:52
runvncnp jarray02:52
jarray52runvnc: Thanks.02:52
runvncdupingping86 see link above02:52
runvncblog.tremily.us ...02:53
jarray52runvnc: Do you have a serial number on your laptop?02:53
runvncyeah I hope so02:53
jarray52runvnc: Let me see if I can help with this overheating issue.02:53
Ubuntu1can someone explain to me how to use "local purge"? I have it open in terminal but I dont know what language to choose02:53
dupingping86see you02:53
runvncyou want a serial number or model #02:53
jarray52model# maybe.02:54
jarray52I want to determine if you have switcheable graphics.02:54
runvncno it doesnt have switachable02:54
runvncit should02:54
runvncbut some aspect of the hardware config doesnt allow that02:54
runvncaccording to an article or two I read02:54
runvncit doesnt show up in the output of that command you gave me02:55
runvncjust the ati shows02:55
runvncthis laptop just doesnt have it02:55
mariannehi guys... 12.04 64 bit and I can't get some of the options in Compiz to work - desktop cube / rotating cube / snapping windows/ wobbly windows..02:55
runvncIts a lenovo y560p02:55
runvncanyway I am going to the store for awhile02:55
tochtlix96hello everyone02:55
jarray52runvnc: Linux has issues with switcheable. I know that. I want to know what hardware you have.02:55
runvncis lenovo y560p specific enough02:56
dupingping86I don't want to know the driver of printer. The driver of printer is known on Windows.02:56
runvncor should I unplug it and take it in the other room to look on the bottom02:56
dupingping86runvnc: I don't want to know the driver of printer. The driver of printer is known on Windows.02:56
jarray52runvnc: some lenovo y560p have switcheable... some don't.02:56
runvncwhat I read is that the hardware doesnt do switchable02:56
=== Pebbe|Away is now known as Pebbe
jarray52runvnc: You have to have two graphics cards to switch.02:57
dupingping86and windows share the printer.02:57
runvncthere is no indication anywhere that I have looked that there are two graphics cards02:57
dupingping86 runvnc: I don't want to know the driver of printer. The driver of printer is known on Windows. and windows share the printer.02:57
runvncI looked very hard for that02:57
jarray52runvnc: After that, drivers handle the switching.02:57
runvncwanted it to be there02:57
jarray52runvnc: It is also a cause of overheating.02:57
runvncit is not there as far as I can tell02:57
runvncwhat is the model of the printer02:57
runvncthat article shows the command you can use02:57
tropicalpapayawhere can i look up how big the ubuntu repositories are if i want to create a mirror?02:57
runvncfor example if you know it is a Laserjet you can search for that02:58
dupingping86If I haven't linux driver of this printer.02:58
dupingping86only windows driver02:58
runvncjarray yeah I wanted to switch to intel integrated couldnt find any evidence that was available on this laptop02:58
runvncread the article02:58
runvnclpinfo --make-and-model 'LaserJet 4240' -m02:58
runvncreplace laserjet 4240 with the make and model of your actual printer02:59
glitsj16runvnc: run .. lspci -nnk | grep VGA -A 2 to confirm what GPU you have02:59
runvncglits its the ati. no intel listed02:59
runvncVGA compatible controller [0300]: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI Madison [Mobility Radeon HD 5730 / 6570M] [1002:68c0]03:00
runvncKernel driver in use: fglrx_pci03:00
runvnclast time I tried the open source driver the overheating was worse03:00
glitsj16runvnc: well than your system only sees that one03:00
runvncyeah and I wanted to believe somewhere the intel integrated was in there but just hiding but then I read an article that said it wasnt included on y560p at all03:00
runvncalthough jarray says some do03:01
runvncmaybe mine has it and it is hiding from linux03:01
glitsj16runvnc: only other thing is BIOS settings, but you've already checked that i suppose03:01
runvncmy BIOS is a piece of shit03:01
runvncI keep wondering if there is a secret key to get to the REAL bios settings03:02
runvncthe one I have lets me change like 3 things03:02
glitsj16runvnc: that's minimalism at it's worst03:02
jarray52runvnc: Vendors typically lock the BIOS.03:02
marianneok I figured out I'm running Unity -2D, i want to run regular unity so all the cool stuff works03:03
jarray52runvnc: There are 3 BIOS manufacturers, and those vendors provide their customers with ways to lock the BIOS if they desire.03:03
jarray52runvnc: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SensorInstallHowto Use that to get the sensor temperature to make sure you're getting accurate readings.03:03
runvncI think its phoenix if I remember03:04
jarray52runvnc: You won't be able to unlock it.03:04
runvncjarray I tried all the stuff on that page03:04
runvncsensors-detect couldnt find much except coretemp03:05
runvncno fans03:05
runvncand module-init-tools is an unrecognized service03:05
jarray52runvnc: Did you allow it to scan everything?03:06
runvncyes I did it like three times03:06
glitsj16marianne: open a terminal and run .. /usr/lib/nux/unity_support_test -p .. to check hardware is capable to run unity, paste output on http://paste.ubuntu.com or some other paste service you use and show us the url03:06
runvncthats the best I can get for sensors output03:07
runvncafter trying a bunch of detecting and stuff from that page and similar ones03:07
runvnc67 is like a record low for me03:07
runvncwell I mean it does get that low sometimes if I dont use flash or any graphics for awhile03:07
jarray52runvnc: did you type YES or hit enter?03:07
runvncI typed YES03:08
marianneglitsj16: Xlib:  extension "GLX" missing on display ":0".03:08
marianneError: GLX is not available on the system03:08
marianneglitsj16: that was all it returned ...so how do I fix it03:09
JordanJ2Is Ubuntu good for a VM?03:10
glitsj16marianne: are you in a unity-2D session now?03:10
marianneglitsj16: yes03:10
runvncmy var/log/kern.log has interesting junk in it https://gist.github.com/ithkuil/868110803:11
glitsj16marianne: can you find the Additional Drivers tool on your ubuntu? through the system settings > software sources? if so check what you have in there and if you can activate a driver03:12
meister_Hey guys, I am having some help installing Ubuntu Minimal on my netbook03:13
meister_having some trouble03:13
marianneglitsj16: 3 options03:13
runvncI will be back later03:13
glitsj16marianne: can you paste those options somewhere on the net and give us the URL, also please add output of 'cat /etc/issue'03:14
marianneglitsj16: having trouble with the screen shot03:17
=== aarcane_ is now known as aarcane
glitsj16marianne: no problem, let's identify your hardware first .. lspci -nnk | grep VGA -A 203:19
marianneglitsj16: 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: NVIDIA Corporation GK208 [GeForce GT 630 Rev. 2] [10de:1284] (rev a1)03:20
marianneSubsystem: ASUSTeK Computer Inc. Device [1043:8461]03:20
marianneKernel modules: nvidia_331_updates, nvidia_304, nouveau, nvidiafb03:20
glitsj16marianne: whow, you have too many nvidia drivers installed :)03:20
glitsj16marianne: is this a 13.10 ubuntu?03:21
marianneglitsj16: 12.04 64 bit03:21
marianneglitsj16: got rid of one of the drivers and made sure the one activated was for 3D unity03:22
marianneglitsj16: brb --reboot03:23
glitsj16marianne: ok03:23
jotanplsI can't install firefox aurora03:24
JordanJ2Hey all, while trying to install htop I am getting "-bash: htop: command not found."03:25
jotanplssudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubuntu-mozilla-daily/firefox-aurora won't work03:25
Korny*sudo apt-get install htop03:25
JordanJ2Also, unable to locate htop03:25
JordanJ2While using that03:25
marianneglitsj16: I'm back03:27
glitsj16marianne: run the lspci -nnk | grep VGA -A 2 command again and show us the driver in use part03:28
marianneglitsj16: 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: NVIDIA Corporation GK208 [GeForce GT 630 Rev. 2] [10de:1284] (rev a1)03:29
marianneSubsystem: ASUSTeK Computer Inc. Device [1043:8461]03:29
marianneKernel modules: nvidia_304, nouveau, nvidiafb03:29
marianneglitsj16: still 2d03:30
glitsj16marianne: still weird, nvidia and nouveau can't be loaded together .. no surprise there, we need to get you sorted out, hang on a sec03:30
glitsj16marianne: i suggest purging all nvidia packages and install the 331: sudo apt-get purge nvidia* && sudo apt-get install nvidia-33103:32
Bashing-omJordanJ2:  ->Korny gave the advise,, htop is not installed by default, to install -> sudo apt-get install htop .03:32
glitsj16jotanpls: any errors when you run the command to add that aurora PPA?03:33
marianneglitsj16: when I run those commands will i lose the display or will I be fine?03:33
glitsj16marianne: as long as you don't reboot yet you should be fine03:33
jotanplsglitsj16: sorted it out, now I have another problem :/03:34
marianneglitsj16: ok03:34
glitsj16marianne: that command can take a while, kernel modules are going to be removed and dkms will need to rebuild .. just let the command run and if errors, report03:35
marianneglitsj16: it's doing it's thing03:35
glitsj16marianne: good, just don't reboot too soon after it's done, we can check a few things before doing so03:36
marianneglitsj16: oh trust me, I'm not going to reboot until we confirm stuff03:37
JordanJ2Yes Bashing-om, I had the problem which it wasn't installing when I was using that. Resolved.03:38
glitsj16marianne: deal :) .. i don't understand why you had both nouveau and nvidia modules loaded .. we need to check 2 things: dkms status to see if the 331 module is installed and the blacklisting of nouveau .. just so we're on the same page :)03:39
Bashing-omJordanJ2: Good deal, All's well that ends well.03:40
marianneglitsj16: ok, you have to give me the command line stuff03:42
glitsj16marianne: the apt-get command showed no errors?03:42
marianneglitsj16: its only at 20%, we're going to be here a while03:43
glitsj16marianne: no rush, i'm slooow anyway03:43
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=== d is now known as joshtau
marianneglitsj16: when i ran the purge and add it just prompted me to say yes to both of them03:43
marianneglitsj16: hasn't been a good computer day for me, my iMac took a poop too. sending it back for a new one03:44
glitsj16marianne: good decision, we'll have to wait untill it's finished03:44
marianneglitsj16: 41%03:45
glitsj16marianne: we'll try to get the ubuntu going, i saw you were going for the compiz cube etc earlier heh03:46
marianneglitsj16: yeah, rotating cube is so much nicer than the other way to switch screens... love the wobbly windows too03:47
=== megabitdragon is now known as zz_megabitdragon
glitsj16marianne: in that case i assume you know your way around ccsm to set things up as you prefer03:53
Anton2dI need small help about this situation: https://codeo.me/3Kc03:53
marianneglitsj16: yup... this was running before and it's only recently that i noticed it wasn't working, haven't had time to sit down and try to fix it (hate when work gets in the way)03:54
Anton2dDevice /dev/loop0 was connected for 'sudo losetup -fv "file"'03:54
TheMontyChristI just rebooted my machine and now I can't get past the login screen03:54
TheMontyChristjust switch to kubuntu a day via apt-get.03:55
TheMontyChristtechincally this is the first time my machine rebooted into kubuntu03:55
TheMontyChristwhen I type in my password. the screen blanks & looks like it's about to display the desktop03:55
JordanJ2Hello, I am running Ubuntu on a 126MB VPS, should I choose x64 or x86?03:55
TheMontyChristonly to return to the login screen03:55
TheMontyChristplease halp!03:56
Anton2dhow i can disconnect file from /dev/loop0 ?03:56
hansheyy guys03:57
hitsujiTMOAnton2d: how did you create it?03:57
Anton2d'sudo losetup -fv "file"'03:58
hanscann anyone help me fix my grub : (03:58
hitsujiTMOAnton2d: and its not being released with sudo umount /dev/loop0 ?03:58
marianneglitsj16: done, unpacked and installed03:59
Anton2dits not mounted anywhere03:59
Anton2d└──▶ sudo umount /dev/loop003:59
Anton2dumount: /dev/loop0: not mounted03:59
hitsujiTMOAnton2d: try using losetup -d03:59
hitsujiTMOAnton2d: try using losetup -d /dev/loop0      that is03:59
glitsj16marianne: cool, let's check .. sudo dkms status .. can you paste the ouptput?04:00
marianneglitsj16: nvidia-331, 331.20, 3.8.0-35-generic, x86_64: installed04:01
Anton2dloop: can't delete device /dev/loop0: Device or resource busy04:01
hitsujiTMOAnton2d: whats the output of: losetup -a04:01
Anton2d└──▶ sudo losetup -a04:02
Anton2d /dev/loop0: [0826]:13 (/media/33_backups/systems/20130129ssd.img)04:02
glitsj16marianne: is that the only kernel you have installed currently? if not you'll have to manually install the nvidia-331 for the other ones .. but we can check later .. next: ls -lh /etc/modprobe.d04:02
fatihI'm creating a .deb package and using dh_installinit with --upstart-only option04:03
fatihit creates .debhelper files and a "tmp" dir with my upstart script04:03
fatihwhen I create the .deb package, and invoke "dpkg -c" the upstart scripts are not shown04:03
fatihdo I need to do something here?04:03
marianneglitsj16: ls: cannot access /ect/modprobe.d: No such file or directory04:04
marianneglitsj16: typo on my part04:04
glitsj16marianne: you had my heart jumping there for a sec04:04
hitsujiTMOAnton2d: sudo fuser -c /dev/loop0 && sudo fuser -d /dev/loop0 && sudo fuser -f /dev/loop004:05
glitsj16marianne: use http://paste.ubuntu.com to show the output or the floodbots will add to your bad enough day04:06
boberbotwith my WD external not showing up04:06
boberbotcan anyone help me04:06
marianneglitsj16: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6835780/04:06
glitsj16marianne: looking good, one last thing before attempting reboot .. paste output of .. cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf04:08
Anton2dhitsujiTMO, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6835784/04:08
Ben64boberbot: pastebin "sudo blkid;sudo parted -l"04:09
Bashing-omboberbot: I think this says it all "(sdc): error: unable to read superblock" ->http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1245536.html04:10
glitsj16marianne: minimalistic but clean .. go for another reboot04:11
marianneglitsj16:if I don't come back it means .. well you know04:11
hitsujiTMOAnton2d: sorry, -d should not have been there: sudo fuser -f /dev/loop004:12
Anton2dsudo fuser -f /dev/loop0 - always output nothing04:12
hitsujiTMOAnton2d: ps ax | grep 3089204:13
Anton2d31617 pts/0    R+     0:00 grep --color=auto 3089204:13
Anton2d└──▶ ps aux | grep loo04:14
Anton2droot     18496  0.0  0.0      0     0 ?        S<   09:29   0:03 [loop0]04:14
Ben64Anton2d: why not reboot04:14
boberbotBen64: https://pad.riseup.net/p/2OTUM4o2hIVj04:15
boberbotupdated with last commands04:15
hitsujiTMOAnton2d: sudo fuser -c /dev/loop0      is a list of pid's that have some sort of interaction with the loop device. one of them is causing the problem, maybe start from the end and work back till you find which one it is04:15
Anton2dok, i try see all process04:16
Ben64boberbot: looks like you've got a broken drive04:16
fatihdh_installinit installs to debian/tmp04:16
fatihdo I need move it manually ?04:16
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boberbotben64 how do i fix it04:17
boberbotits lights seem to flash04:17
boberbotand it doesnt make any scary noises04:17
Ben64boberbot: thats more a question for ##hardware04:17
vaneaMorning :)04:18
vaneaHow do I create subdirectories "one" and "two" only for directories "10x15" and "15x20" in one line: mkdir -p {10x15,15x20,20x30,30x40}-jpg/{one,two}  ?04:18
vaneaIs it even possible?04:18
hitsujiTMOvanea: more suitable for #bash04:18
Bashing-omboberbot:  // Ben64  could this not be that the superblock is bad, and spare it off ??04:19
Ben64it'd still show up in blkid and/or parted04:19
vaneahitsujiTMO: I know but there everybody sleep :D04:19
Bashing-omBen64: OK .. thanks for the advise.04:20
return0Anyone know of a personal planner app for ubuntu? Right now I just have a text document but a scheduler would be useful04:20
hitsujiTMOvanea: mkdir -p {10x15,15x20,20x30,30x40}-jpg && mkdir -p {10x15,15x20}-jpg/{one,two}04:21
marianne_glitsj16: I'm back04:21
glitsj16marianne_: so what's the verdict?04:21
vaneahitsujiTMO: Thanks a lot. I actually thought that there could be a digit that will indicate the first two folders (10x15 and 15x20) for which those subfolders could be created04:22
marianne_glitsj16: the verdict is that you are made of awesomeness! wobbly windows and a rotating cube!04:22
glitsj16lol :p04:23
SchrodingersScatreturn0: owncloud?04:23
hitsujiTMOvanea: nothing i'm aware of, but maybe there is. is this some sort of college exercise?04:24
marianne_glitsj16: thank you very much for all your help04:24
glitsj16marianne_: sweet .. one more thing, currently you only have nvidia kernel module for the 3.8.0-5-generic04:24
vaneahitsujiTMO: No, it is just for me :)04:24
return0SchrodingersScat: That's kinda the most monsterous way possible to have as organizer04:24
marianne_glitsj16: do I need to do anything else or can I just leave it alone04:25
glitsj16marianne_: you're welcome, give the wobblys a good shake .. you can build/install it in dkms for your other kernels manually, i don't know how many you have or use04:25
hitsujiTMOvanea: then my advice is don't try to over engineer a problem. keep it simple.04:25
glitsj16marianne_: as long as you don't boot into a lower kernel you're fine, a future kernel update will build automatically04:26
marianne_glitsj16: ok, then I should be good...04:26
=== xubuntu is now known as Guest61730
glitsj16marianne_: sudo dkms build -m nvidia-331 -v 331.20 -k <kernel version> .. and sudo dkms install -m nvidia-331 -v 331.20 -k <kernel version> .. for each kernel you have installed .. no need to do that now04:26
marianne_glitsj16: ok. going to copy that for later04:27
vaneahitsujiTMO:  I guess you are right :)04:27
glitsj16marianne_: enjoy the machine04:27
marianne_glitsj16: :-)04:27
Ruler2112Hello.  I am having a small problem and hope somebody can give me a pointer.  I'm not a newbie to linux, but my knowledge is intermittent.04:28
Ruler2112My laptop (Ubuntu 12.04 LTS) apparently has the delete key (which is standard to get into the BIOS) set to restore the windoze 8 partition.  Thankfully, it didn't erase anything and the ext4 partition still exists and appears to be intact.  (I was able to pull files off of it using the system rescue CD livecd.)  The problem now is that every time I boot from the hard drive, it tries to repair windoze, fails, and reboots, repeating a04:29
Ruler2112I found directions on how to use something called boot-repair (I'm guessing to simply reinstall GRUB in the MBR), but it requires a GUI and booting from the install CD does not provide a GUI; startx produces the infamous 'no screens found'.  Xorg -reconfigure fails because it's a read-only (DVD) file system.  Any ideas or suggestions?04:29
Psil0Cybinhey guys If i am trying to run a shell script and it says permission denied , is the best way to chmod it using "sudo chmod u+x filename?" or what would be the proper permissions?04:29
Ben64Psil0Cybin: very unlikely you need the sudo04:30
juzemackPsil0Cybin: if you are already root you can usermod or chmod whatever.04:30
Psil0Cybinokay soryr silly me, if I dont even run it as root04:31
Psil0Cybinwould I chmod it to u+x?04:31
Ben64if you like04:31
juzemackyou can try04:31
Psil0Cybinwell what is the best method for shell scripts..04:31
Psil0Cybinor what is the best file permission04:31
hitsujiTMOPsil0Cybin: just for the owner. so if you're not the owner the u+x will not give you execute permission04:31
Ben64there is no "best", it need executable bit set to be executable.04:31
Psil0CybinI am the owner,04:31
Psil0Cybinokay so your saying Ben64 any chmod that allows it to be executable, is fine, just my preferences for other permissions is my choice?04:32
Psil0Cybintype thing04:32
hitsujiTMOPsil0Cybin: what file system is the script on?04:32
Psil0CybinhitsujiTMO: in what sense i just put it in /home/scripts04:32
Psil0Cybinits just for me to learn how to use shell scripts04:32
Ruler2112If you invoke a script using the interpreter it's meant to run under ( perl myscript ), it does not need to be executable.  If you want to run it by itself ( ./myscript ) it needs the executable flag04:32
Psil0Cybinthey are own codes :D04:32
hitsujiTMOPsil0Cybin: ok so you're not getting the error after chmodding?04:33
Psil0Cybinnow it runs fine04:33
Psil0Cybinwith u+x04:33
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juzemackesentially u=rwx04:33
Psil0Cybinso what is the x?04:33
hanshey can someone give me some advice on reinstalling grub pretty please04:33
juzemackx = execute04:33
return0hans: grup update04:34
return0grub update*04:34
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juzemackyour options are ugo = user:group:others04:34
Ruler2112How would one reinstall grub when booting from the ubuntu dvd?04:34
Ruler2112same thing?04:34
nocturnal_Any idea why I can hear sound in Unity but not in Fluxbox? I checked in alsamixer and nothing is muted and volume is turned up but I still have no luck.04:34
hitsujiTMOPsil0Cybin: ok. well depending on what you want, chmod u+x only if and you alone are to execute, but in general its usuall faily safe to chmod +x it. the files/apps its calling and their permissions should prevent any misuse04:34
return0Ruler2112: I think updating on a live is different04:35
Psil0CybinhitsujiTMO: thanks :D04:35
Psil0Cybinthat really answered my question04:35
Ruler2112Booting from the hard drive takes me into an endless windoze 8 repair/reboot/retry cycle. :-(04:35
return0Ruler2112: If I remember you mount the drives then run grub-install04:35
Psil0CybinhitsujiTMO: thanks again you are a really big help!04:35
Stonegatedoes anyone know how i can import a .CSV file into a mysql database and just UPDATE a few rows within the table ?04:36
nocturnal_Any idea why I can hear sound in Unity but not in Fluxbox? I checked in alsamixer and nothing is muted and volume is turned up but I still have no luck.04:36
hitsujiTMOPsil0Cybin: and if you want g-x or o-x then it would be best to g-r or o-r too.04:37
hansokay grub update wasnt a valid command but i did apt-get install grub04:37
juzemackStonegate: what version of SQl you using04:37
hanswhen i boot it goes to the grub rescue screen04:37
Stonegatejuze: 5.0.22 (doh) :)04:37
Ruler2112return0: just tried it and no-go.04:38
juzemackStonegate: there is a way to load a local file to a table04:39
juzemackwhat are you needing specifically?04:39
Ruler2112I miss lilo - knew what I was doing in it. :-/04:40
hitsujiTMOStonegate: if you are using phpmyadmin i believe it has a facility for that as long as the table already exists04:41
Ruler2112nocturnal: you might want to check OSS and pulseaudio.  IIRC, one of them was screwing with my sound when I first set up ubuntu04:42
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nocturnal_Ruler2112: thanks ill give it a look04:43
Stonegateyes, the table exists and the csv is a previous dump i´ve made from that table.. The Table Dump was processed in Excel (containing telephone numbers and email adresses) .. i changed some numbers in excel and now i want to reimport the .CSV file to update my sql database04:43
Ruler2112nocturnal: hope one of them is the source of your problem or that you find it while looking at them04:43
Stonegatethe tables name is: buddies - the rows i need to replace/update are "phone" and "email" .. The database is named "adressbook"04:44
nocturnal_Ruler2112: Were you using Unity?04:44
Ruler2112nocturnal: at the time, yes.  Since moved on to LXDE - less annoying interface IMO.04:45
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juzemackStonegate: http://www.convertcsvtomysql.com/04:46
nocturnal_Ruler2112: How is your sound? I may just switch to that for my laptop.04:46
subuntuok, so i have ubuntu studio running live off this usb -- but the install launcher is not working --- what could be the case?04:46
Ruler2112nocturnal: the only problem I have with sound is that whenever I plug in my external speakers, the system sound mutes and I have to manually unmute it.  Not a big deal, but annoying.  There's an automute option in alsa, but that just controls whether the internal speakers mute when you plug in speakers, not whether the system sound mutes when this happens.04:48
nocturnal_Ruler2112: Id rather have some sound than no sound. my laptop isnt strong enough to run unity so ive been running fluxbox but i cant watch netflix with no sound04:49
eossis there a way to edit cronjobs..adding and removing specific cronjobs programmaticly ?04:49
eosshave a program look at all the current cronjobs...find one based off a specific ID and then remove it04:50
Ruler2112nocturnal: Sure you can - just make up the plot yourself as you watch - makes it more interesting anyways... ;-)04:50
somsipeoss: you could pipe crontab -l through sed to do this04:51
dupingping86I made ubuntu12.04 usb installation for macbook. I goodbye mac and after restarting,entering ubuntu by usb stick. As a result, black screen. I don't know what's going on? Please help!!!04:51
subuntuanybody available to help with an installation quirk?04:51
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nocturnal_Ruler2112: it felt that way last night when i was trying to solve this.04:52
nocturnal_Ruler2112: I GOT IT! Thanks!04:52
dupingping86How did you do?04:52
Ruler2112nocturnal: as long as I leave the speakers plugged in, there's no problem.  Unfortunately, the genius' who designed the laptop made the power plug and audio plug come out of opposite sides, so I can't put it on a shelf without unplugging one or the other.04:53
eosssomsip: thanks, i just am confused on how to do that, i just watched some sed tutorials but it didnt make it that clear, is there a resource I can go to study on how to do this specifically with sed?04:53
Ruler2112nocturnal: Great!  What was the problem?04:53
subuntudupingping86: i'm not an expert -- had assistance from someone in the last couple days fixing a similar problem -- i think its a grub issue ... hopefully someone will be along to assist you shortly04:53
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nocturnal_Ruler2112: I used pavucontrol and had to change the configuration profile to Analog Stereo Output instead of Digital Stereo (IEC958) Output04:54
dupingping86subuntu, Where and how can I find that method?04:55
Ruler2112nocturnal: wow - I was right about it being OSS or pulse... that doesn't happen very often! ;)04:55
somsipeoss: this gives you an idea on how I use it, but you'd need to adapt it http://paste.ubuntu.com/6835942/04:56
subuntudupingping86: i'm afraid i'm not the one to help you, i don't understand the issues well enough -- just want you to know that the odds are that your hardware is not broken, and you will resolve the issue with some assistance from someone more knowledgeable than i04:57
dupingping86Anyhow thanks.04:57
Ben64!nomodeset | dupingping86 try this04:57
ubottudupingping86 try this: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter04:57
Ruler2112Still trying to get my machine to boot from the HD - anybody know how to reinstall the grub/MBR from the install CD without reinstalling entirely?04:59
sudormrf|otherhey guys.  anyone around to help me out with a path issue with a cron job?05:00
somsipsudormrf|other: paste the crontab using paste.ubuntu.com05:01
sudormrf|othersomsip: ok.05:01
somsipsudormrf|other: and what's the issue?05:03
m000gleThis may seem like a silly question, but is there any way to abort a wget download? ... I always assumed Ctrl-C canceled the download, but just noticed my network usage continued at above 1mb/s download until I ran the command "killall wget"05:03
sudormrf|otherI think the issue is related to a variable that needs to be added to PATH, but I am not certain.  I have tried running the job that is causing problems using the path to the program to run and that doesn't work.  tried using cd and changed to the directory where the program lives prior to the command running, nothing seems to be working.05:04
somsipsudormrf|other: what is the job that is causing the problem?05:04
Ben64m000gle: ctrl+c does stop it05:05
m000gleBen64: Let me test it once more ... brb05:05
sudormrf|othersomsip: I am trying to run greyhole checksums on a schedule, but it doesn't run.  it fails with an error about tempparm or something like that05:05
sudormrf|othercan't remember the error off the top of my head05:05
somsipsudormrf|other: so where is the command you are running in that crontab you pasted?05:06
m000gleBen64: Strange... It must have been a glicth that once, as it just worked as expected =/05:07
sudormrf|othersomsip: oh crap lol.  pasted the wrong crontab.  hang on.05:07
sudormrf|othersomsip: actually, I am not sure why the entires are not showing in the crontab.  I am using gnome-schedule to set them (this is my first time using crontab).05:08
eosssomsip: thanks what does this part do? | crontab -05:09
somsipeoss: pipes the output of the previous commands as a 'file' expected by crontab IIRC05:10
Bashing-omRuler2112: IF Windows/UEFI is not a factor, I can direct you to (re-)install grub, do you know where your /boot is located ?05:10
sudormrf|othersomsip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6835979/05:10
sudormrf|otherthere you go05:10
sudormrf|othersomsip: command in question is line 605:10
Ruler2112Bashing: that would be perfect!  Yes, I know where everything from the linux install is located05:11
Ruler2112bashing: and at this point, I'd be happy if I never saw a windoze screen again!05:11
Bashing-omRuler2112: so confirm '/' is 1st hard drive's 1st partition ?05:11
Ruler2112Bashing-on: / is actually on /dev/sda405:12
Bashing-omRuler2112: OK, I can cope, and there is no separate /boot partition ?05:12
Ruler2112Bashing-om: I foolishly left the restore partitions intact when installing ubuntu in case I wanted to sell the laptop and/or go back.05:12
somsipsudormrf|other: examples on github suggest using the full path to greyhole https://github.com/gboudreau/Greyhole/blob/master/greyhole.cron.weekly05:13
Ruler2112Bashing-om: That is correct - /boot is on /dev/sda405:13
eosssomsip: thanks for this, i have one more question if you dont mind: is there a way to give names to particular cronjobs?  I need to be able to remove specific cronjobs from the list05:13
sudormrf|othersomsip: I tried /usr/bin/greyhole --fsck --checksums but that failed too.05:13
somsipeoss: you could add a comment to the job I suppose, eg: 0 7 * * * #job1; /usr/local/bin/backup.sh05:14
somsipsudormrf|other: in what way is it failing?05:15
sudormrf|othersomsip: let me paste the error05:15
eossthanks somsip05:15
smegJust installed Ubuntu Studio05:16
darkangeljust curious as a ubuntu Tester does 1 have to install all the packages that is in the "new Respository" in the Synaptic Package Manager?05:17
Bashing-omRuler2112: Boot the liveDVD terminal codes: sudo mkdir /mnt/work , sudo mount /dev/sda4 /mnt/work , sudo grub-install /dev/sda , sudo umount /mnt/work , reboot for effect.05:17
Ruler2112Bashing-om: I don't need to chroot to the mounted file system?05:18
sudormrf|othersomsip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6835994/ keep in mind that the entry that it says doesn't exist, does.  and is spelled correctly.  and it is referenced in the greyhole.conf file.05:18
Ruler2112Bashing-on: (I've done it with lilo before, but never grub.)05:18
Bashing-omRuler2112:  nope .. not to install grub.05:18
leichtgewichtHello ubuntu team.05:18
somsipsudormrf|other: so the greyhole.conf isn't setup right...05:18
sudormrf|othersomsip: how so?05:19
leichtgewichtI am having problems with getting my crontab to run on restart.05:19
somsipsudormrf|other: well, that's the error. No idea. I've never heard of greyhole05:19
somsipleichtgewicht: paste your crontab to past.ubuntu.com05:19
Ruler2112Bashing-om: Got an error from grub-probe - cannot find a device for /boot/grub (is /dev mounted?)05:19
Ruler2112bashing-om: anything to worry about?05:19
leichtgewichtsomsip: awesome typo: the world misses this domain :D05:20
sudormrf|othersomsip: I am not sure that is so.  http://paste.ubuntu.com/6836004/05:21
somsipsudormrf|other: I don't know anything about greyhole. I can help with crontab issues, but I can't make your confs right05:21
Bashing-omRuler2112:  thinking,, I don't see where/dev should have come into play, all we are doing is mounting the root to access the MBR .. There is another alternative we can try , still not chrooting though.05:21
leichtgewichthere is my crontap i am using http://paste.ubuntu.com/6836005/05:21
sudormrf|othersomsip: no worries :).  I think this may be something I have to work with the greyhole dev on.  :).05:22
sudormrf|othersomsip: thanks though! :D05:22
leichtgewichtwhen i start with sudo shutdown -r now then it seems like the script doesn't run05:23
leichtgewicht(no .log file is being created)05:23
somsipleichtgewicht: is the process running?05:24
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Ruler2112bashing-om: I found a gui tool that purports to do it automagically at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair but I can't get into a GUI when booted from the DVD.  (Actually, the installer boots into a GUI, but startx when started from the 'try ubuntu' menu option chokes.)05:24
leichtgewichtsomsip: no05:26
somsipleichtgewicht: does it run correctly when started manually?05:26
leichtgewichtOh: I should maybe mention: I use crontab -e -u <myuser>05:26
leichtgewichtyes: it works when i start it manually.05:27
somsipleichtgewicht: oh. Didn't you have this problem about a week ago? I recognise it now I see it's a nodejs thing...05:28
leichtgewichtmore like three weeks ago :)05:28
Ruler2112bashing-om: hold on... think I might've just figured out why it's not working.  The drive came with a GPT partition table and so I have to use parted to view it - /dev/sda2 (fat32) is set as bootable.  I bet that the accidental triggering of the windoze restore procedure set this partition active05:28
leichtgewichtYes: I thought it worked but it seems it didn't.05:28
somsipleichtgewicht: ok. I didn't recognise your name but vaguely remember the issue.05:28
somsipleichtgewicht: And from memory I said before that maybe binami needs access to the node executable, and that is not added to the path as I see it05:29
leichtgewichtsomsip: yes05:30
Bashing-omRuler2112: umount /mnt/work , sudo mount /dev/sda4 /mnt ,sudo  grub-install  --boot-directory=/mnt/boot /dev/sda , sudo umount /mnt .. and waiting about GPT .. this is a different horse now !05:30
somsipleichtgewicht: so why is that not in path?05:30
leichtgewichtsomsip: Even more puzzling: Why is no log file being generated?05:31
leichtgewichtEven a error message should go into the log file, shouldn't it?05:31
somsipleichtgewicht: not if there is no output05:32
Bashing-omRuler2112: Do we now realy need to look now at the partitioning and formats ? Like I said, if Windows is involved ,, I run away !05:32
sudormrf|othersomsip: back.  so I did a test using the following command as a cron job "testparm -s '/etc/samba/smb.conf' 2> /dev/null > /tmp/testparm.out" just to see what I would get.  the output I received was "ERROR: You must specify both a machine name and an IP address"05:32
sudormrf|othersomsip: mind you, this command executes fine if I initiate it myself from the command line.  it only errors out when doing it with cron.05:33
leichtgewichtis there a way to output all log statements of crontab.05:33
Ruler2112Bashing-om: If I lose the ability to boot windoze, I really don't care.  I was stupid for leaving the partition there when I installed to begin with.  Just something I saw while waiting.  Trying installing grub specifying the boot partition now...05:33
Bashing-omRuler2112:  IF that disk is GPT partitioned a SEPARATE partition IS required .. do we need to look !!!!!!05:37
Ruler2112bashing-om: /dev/sda2 is set to fat32 and is flagged as bootable.  The drive is indeed GPT.05:38
Bashing-omRuler2112: Then they above will not work .. as that installs grub to the MBR not correct for GPT . Honestly I have no experience in GPT/grub. Others will have to assist. less ya want to wait for me in my AM .. it is past my thinking time.05:40
Ruler2112Bashing-om: Got an error about crossblocks when trying to install specifying the last command.  Mounted /dev/sda2 and it has 2 directories - EFI and Temp.  EFI has Boot, Microsoft,....05:40
Ruler2112bashing-om: Thanks for your help.05:41
Ruler2112bashing-om: I miss the days when a partition table was a partition table...05:41
sudormrf|otheris this a host file issue?05:41
Bashing-omRuler2112: Not any help presently, there is I know a means to install grub to the boot partiton, and I can research and find it. but I have never had the ocassion to do so.05:42
sudormrf|otheranyone? :D05:43
leichtgewichtsomsip: for the sake of testing I added @reboot echo 'hi' >> /var/log/project_startup.log and it gave no output05:43
Ruler2112bashing-om: I can hunt for it - it's my problem after all.  No need for you to spend your time on it; I appreciate your trying.05:43
Bashing-omRuler2112: Let me tell you I am old school, and I am having my difficulties adjusting to all the changes progress is making !05:43
Ruler2112bashing-om: I hear ya there - feel the same way myself at times05:44
Bashing-omRuler2112: GPT and UEFI will be a good and great thing .. it is here to stay, may as well learn it now as later, huh ??05:45
sudormrf|othersomsip: if you are still around, I am wondering if this is a host file issue? seeing that error about specifying a hostname and ip address?05:45
Ruler2112bashing-om: or just say screw it and become either a professional fisherman or woodworker. ;) ;)05:45
somsipsudormrf|other: sorry - I really have to get on with some work05:46
sudormrf|othersomsip: no worries05:46
Bashing-omRuler2112:  LOL, I am where I could, but here I am pounding on a keyboard - for hours ! Do I not love it !05:46
sudormrf|othercan anyone else help out with an issue with a cron job I am having?05:48
redsquarehow to set vlc to default video player /05:52
redsquarehow to set vlc to default video player ?05:54
darkangelgo to system settings -> then details -> then ull see a Video thing that u can can click then ull be able to choose the default video u wish to use05:55
redsquarethanks darkangel :)05:55
redsquareI am getting problem wid flash player in youtube .05:59
redsquareI hav dwnloaded flash-plugin i386.rpm05:59
redsquarebut unable to install..05:59
darkangelyou can install "restricked Extras" in the software center and it will have flash player and other plugins with it06:01
redsquareI will try ...06:01
sudormrf|otheranyone around to help me with an issue with a cronjob?  it involves testparm.06:01
trader122Hello everyone. I tried looking online to seek an answer without any real answers. I have a dual monitor set up and would like to set up different workspaces on each of the monitor. How would I go by doing that? Thanks!06:02
Ruler2112bashing-om: If I can't figure this out tonight, I'm going to download/install lubuntu tomorrow.  Would there be any down-side to disable EFI in my bios and creating a regular partition table in your opinion?  (Saw a discussion about this online, but you seem to know what you're talking about.)06:02
glitsj16redsquare: rpm packages are not made to be used on ubuntu/debian distros06:03
redsquareglitsj16 : I am installing now restricted extras ...It should work...06:04
glitsj16redsquare: yes, was just a fyi, so you don't download rpm's in the future06:05
sudormrf|otherhave to part.06:05
redsquareglitsj16 : ok :)06:05
Ruler2112Have a good evening everybody06:06
Bashing-omRuler2112: Well, in the long term GPT has the advantage, But for a simple system I find no fault with remaining with the msdos partitioning and putting grub to the Master Boot Record. This would require that you (re-)partition that drive.06:17
Bashing-omRuler2112: in addition, repartitioning would preclude ever installing Windows again .. !06:18
silidanhi, im using the bluez package on ubuntu 12.04 and ubuntu 13.10, i got 2 usb bluetooth 3.0 + hs wifi combo dongles and i can transfer files between 2 machines with them. its just very slow (<200kByte/s) how do i need to configure the wifi /bluetooth part for higher speeds? (in win 7 these 2 dongles achieve >1 MByte/s)06:19
darkangelwhats the diffrents between Ubuntu Gnome and Ubuntu Unity?06:19
silidandarkangel: the desktop environment06:20
Ruler2112bashing-om: I just feel like I'd know what I'm doing/talking about with a regular partition table.  I have discovered something interesting.  Playing around in the recovery partition options, it gave me the ability to boot from a device, one of which was labeled ubuntu.  I'm now in my ubuntu install, but every single time I reboot, I have to go through a 3-reboot process to get into it.  I *think* all I need to do is to figure out h06:20
rwwdarkangel: one comes with Unity, one comes with GNOME06:20
Ruler2112bashing-om: with the little I've used windoze 8, that would be a good thing.06:20
Ruler2112If it weren't for classic shell, a fishing buddy of mine said he would've thrown his new laptop into saginaw bay06:21
Bashing-omRuler2112: Like I say, Grub can be installed to the EFI partition, and what is termed a "shim" to boot Windows. I am not familiar with the procedure. I just know it can be done !06:22
Ruler2112bashing-om: lol - pretty much anything can be done.  It's just a matter of figuring out how.06:24
Bashing-omRuler2112: I see it all the time, of people being too hasty to forsake Windows. There are some things in Windows that there is no alternatives. But the choice is yours. We can make both bootable. Windows just is not in my field of interest.06:24
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SolidSmegHow would one install the Debian grub over the Ubuntu Grub?06:25
somsipSolidSmeg: that's a question for #debian06:27
nZacI am really struggling to get the firewall setup for access to a MySQL machine.  Anyone have any advice.  I asked over in #mysql to no avail.06:27
nZacThe problem is, that I bind the MySQL server to and then try to reset the firewall (ufw) to allow connections on 3306 however telnet from a remote machine fails.06:28
somsipnZac: how about a connection using mysql client?06:29
nZacsomsip: no lunch06:29
somsipnZac: no, i had some earlier. So what about the error message with mysql?06:29
nZacsomsip: I get a connection refused (or incorect password)06:30
nZacIt times out.06:30
somsipnZac: you have restart mysql service?06:32
Ruler2112bashing-om: FYI, the boot-repair software (which I was able to use after figuring out how to get into ubuntu) fixed the problem!  I now have a grub menu pop up with the various partitions (windoze, linux, recovery, etc) as options06:32
nZacsomsip: I can try that again...06:32
somsipnZac: my other suggestion would be to turn off ufw and test so you can see if the binding is correct, or if it's a ufw issue06:34
nZacsomsip: Let me give that a shot06:34
somsipnZac: and make sure your user access permissions are correct06:34
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nZacsomsip: If I log into the VM, I can connect to the mysql client with the credentials, so that isn't the issue06:35
Bashing-omRuler2112: Yeah I too have been "looking" and saw references to Boot-Repair" that it can fix it ! .. Glad we are over this hurdle !06:36
somsipnZac: did you know that user permissions are associated with domains in mysql?06:36
nZacsomsip: EUREKA!!!!!!!06:36
somsipnZac: eg root@localhost might be allowed but root@ might not06:37
nZacsomsip: The issue was the IP I thought the "host" machine was at was not actually that IP... so I was giving permissions to the wrong IP, therefore breaking the whole thing.06:37
nZacsomsip: 3 days... I have been working on this for 3 day!06:37
Ruler2112bashing-om: so am I... sucked having to compile kernel modules to get my wifi working and wasn't looking forward to having to do it again.  Feel inept having to resort to a GUI tool to do what probably amounts to a few simple commands...06:38
somsipnZac: k - sorted06:38
nZacsomsip: thanks for the help!06:38
Bashing-omRuler2112: I feel the same. The reason I am where I am is I too prefer the CLI and KNOW what is taking place. Terminal will never go away .06:39
Ruler2112bashing-om: Out of curiosity, where are you?  (In above context)06:40
Bashing-omRuler2112: OH mercy, 40 years++ of messing with computers, and ubuntu is my operating system of choice, I know my way around ubuntu, and have a lot more to learn.06:42
Ruler2112bashing-om: you got me on experience - I've only been alive 37 years. ;)   My first memory of a computer is my older brother bringing home a lab machine from HS and playing Quest and Zork upstairs when he wasn't home.  Then I somehow got into a DOS shell and haven't stopped learning since...06:44
Ruler2112bashing-om: While I like ubuntu, I don't know if I prefer it or freebsd.  (If BSD would make the ports tree stable and stop breaking stuff every other day, it'd be less difficult to choose.)06:46
Bashing-omRuler2112: One thing for sure, one will never quit learning when it comes to operating systems, and it is evolving so rapidly, there is no way to keep up with it all.06:46
Ruler2112basing-om: yeah - that's true.  Regardless, I feel stupid for not being able to keep up.06:47
Guest34635how about getting rid of the stuff the gets on the desk top by aim06:47
Bashing-omRuler2112: I have been open source most of my life, and the support structure of ubuntu committed me to this operating system.06:48
sensaeHow do I use Evolution to remind me that a specific event has occured?06:49
SolidSmeg#Joschiii what's up06:50
SolidSmegHow do you reply to someone on here?06:51
Ruler2112bashing-om: Thanks again for your time & help - appreciate it.06:51
Ruler2112Now I can go fight with a windows box... ubuntu can't use the TV capture dongle, so I had to set up an XP machine strictly to capture with. :(06:52
Bashing-omRuler2112: No Problem, This too is my little bit for ubuntu as a whole. Believe me, ubuntu and we are all in this together.06:52
ndrofthelinehi all, i'm trying to install a newer version of rkward, a ui for r07:03
ndrofthelinei'm running 12.04 - can i force apt-get to install from a less-stable branch to get a newer version of rkward?07:04
Gandihi, my grub2 does not display boot choices anymore, how can i change that?07:06
glitsj16ndroftheline: you might have to look for a PPA that offers the rkward version you need for 12.0407:06
leichtgewichtToo funnyt :somsip: The script but working file but the user didn't have rights to write the log file in that directory ...07:08
* leichtgewicht .oO( Wow: my english is broken ... where is the patch?)07:08
nocturnal_Anyone know how to change the terminal that Alt+F1 opens?07:09
ndrofthelineglitsj16: there's no way to install a package from an unstable branch?07:12
glitsj16ndroftheline: ubuntu doesn't have unstable branch technically, unlike debian07:14
k1lndroftheline: look out for a PPA07:15
k1l!ppa | ndroftheline07:15
ubottundroftheline: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge07:15
glitsj16ndroftheline: you'd probably face an ordeal trying to cope with dependencies, that's why PPA's are your best option07:15
=== jus_ is now known as jus
amelhey guys can anybody help me? ive been trying to install my nvidia gtx 660m drivers on ubuntu 13.10 but with no success. i tried from the official nvidia web site and ive tried synpatic package manager.07:20
ndrofthelineok got it thanks07:20
ndrofthelineand yes a ppa does happen to exist for the package i need07:20
=== Belial is now known as Guest183
michaelmichaelHey guys. Just wanted to ask if anybody experiences this problem with Ubuntu 13.10 and maybe has a solution: After every reboot my microphone is muted. The only way to unmute it is to go to alsamixer and make "Internal Mic Boost" higher.07:24
amelseems like a bug to me07:25
amelcan anyone help me with my gfx driver issue?07:26
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=== Tempers is now known as Temper
nrdbhow do I tell what speed an interface (e.g. eth1) is working at?08:11
somsipnrdb: sudo lshw -C network will tell you the capacity of the device.08:16
duane_i need to rip music onto a blank cd, whats the quickest way. must i download an application08:21
nrdbsomsip, thanks08:22
cfhowlettduane_, brasero08:22
subhojit777I am trying to scp a file between two remote servers. It says `ssh: connect to host xxx.xx.xxx.xx port 22: Connection timed out`. I cannot also do `ping google.com`. Any idea?08:29
Kartagischeck your /etc/resolv.conf08:30
subhojit777what I need to check there?08:30
ikoniaKartagis: why would resolv.conf help an IP address08:30
subhojit777I am beginner in networking configurations08:31
Kartagisikonia: because of `ping google.com`08:31
ikoniaKartagis: he can't connect to an IP address....08:31
ikoniacannot connect to host  to host xxx.xx.xxx.xx08:31
Kartagisikonia: he also said he can't ping google.com08:32
subhojit777shall I diable ufw (firewall)?08:32
ikoniaKartagis: and as resolv.conf doesn't actually list the dns servers any more08:32
ikoniaKartagis: again, why would resolv.conf have an impact on that08:32
Kartagisikonia: it does on mine08:32
ikoniaKartagis: then you're not using ubuntu08:32
KartagisI am,08:33
ericPanybody whine here about nvidia-settings passing a bad value to serial 688 error_code 2 request_code 139 minor_code 25?08:33
ikoniaresolv.conf is generated by the dynamic dns daemon08:33
ericPand if so, did they figoure out a workaround?08:33
JoshuaPwhy is there wiki.ubottu.com with no data?08:37
ikoniaJoshuaP: because there is no entries at this time08:37
JoshuaPwhat supybot plugin does ubottu use to 'answer' people's questions08:37
somsip!bot | JoshuaP08:37
ubottuJoshuaP: Hi! I'm #ubuntu's favorite infobot, you can search my brain yourself at http://ubottu.com/factoids.cgi | Usage info: http://ubottu.com/devel/wiki/Plugins | Bot channels and general info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Bots08:37
JoshuaP.. so then why is ubottu.com/devel/wiki not wiki.ubottu.com?08:38
=== KingPin1 is now known as KingPin
hitsujiTMOJoshuaP: who knows? who cares? off topic since its not really ubuntu related08:39
=== thomas is now known as Guest90188
JoshuaPthat means a lot, considering you guys like to use him to answer questions that two thousand people seem to be too lazy to do so more effectively...08:45
BlueMintHi there, i am trying to install razercfg (razer mouse driver) but am getting this error when "make install"08:48
BlueMintmake: *** No rule to make target `install'.  Stop.08:48
AlbinoGeekSo uhh, why does Ubuntu refuse to support standards, such as VirtIO SCSI , etc?  https://db.tt/q13qFcnh  Note the complete lack of disks found.08:48
ikoniahave you read the install instructions ?08:48
BlueMintikonia, following them character by character, yes08:48
AlbinoGeekGG Ubuntu : https://db.tt/s6kPHYnh 8.4 MB disk08:50
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: don't need a comentary08:50
ikoniaBlueMint: let me take a look08:50
BlueMintikonia, nevermind. Give me 5 more minutes08:50
ikoniaBlueMint: ok, so you've downloaded the source, what's the first thing you did08:50
BlueMintI think i came here too prematurely08:50
BlueMintikonia, cmake08:50
AlbinoGeekikonia: Well, I'd love some advise on how to make Ubuntu not suck at being in a VM.08:50
BlueMintthen make08:50
ikoniaBlueMint: ok, did that complete, did you get any warnings/errors08:51
AlbinoGeekSince it obviously doesn't support VirtIO SCSI, or even VirtIO IDE.08:51
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: it's running in a vm here just fine08:51
BlueMintikonia, nope. Got the CMake files in the directory after that08:51
AlbinoGeekikonia: Alright, and what disk controller are you using?08:51
BlueMintikonia, then make gives no output08:51
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: one moment and I'll tell you08:51
BlueMintthen I sudo make install08:51
ikoniaBlueMint: ok, so if make gave no output it's unlikley it run08:52
ikoniaBlueMint: in which case that would explain why there is no target for make install08:52
AlbinoGeekUbuntu refuses to find any disks when the controller is either the VirtIO_SCSI or VirtIO, if I make it plain IDE passthru, the performance is absolutely trash; but it detects the disk.08:52
expertUbuntu/linux newbie here. I installed Ubuntu 12.04 LTS a few days ago. For some reason, my keyboard's caps lock is working the other way around. When switched ON, it types in lower case and vice versa08:52
AlbinoGeekAnd by absolutely trash, I mean the host gets 400Mb/sec on conv=fdatasync , VM gets 20Mb/sec .08:52
BlueMintikonia, I'll keep trying I guess08:53
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: one moment and I'll get you my info08:53
AlbinoGeekikonia: Right ,thanks.08:53
AlbinoGeekNow, why my SERVER installer requires a keyboard layout detector, network autoconfigure, __A GUI__ and a full slew of games, I'll never know.08:55
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: 00:06.0 SCSI storage controller: Red Hat, Inc Virtio block device08:55
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: that's the disk controller my ubuntu guest is using08:56
AlbinoGeekikonia: How did you get VirtIO in yours, or are you running something newer than 12.04 ?08:56
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: ahhh sorry yes, 13.10 box.08:56
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: are you using 12.04.4 or earlier ?08:56
AlbinoGeekikonia: 12.04.3 ; the latest version on the site.08:56
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: hang on a moment then please.08:56
AlbinoGeekThe ONLY one shown when you click on "Server"08:57
cfhowlettAlbinoGeek, latest is 12.04.4   - perhaps upgrading might fix08:57
AlbinoGeekcfhowlett: Why is 12.04.3 the one on the main site then :/.08:57
ikoniacfhowlett: site is still offering 12.04.3 as the download </slow hand clap>08:57
AlbinoGeekLiterally http://www.ubuntu.com/download/server08:57
ikoniaso it's understanable why08:57
hitsujiTMOcfhowlett: 12.04.4 iso isn't out till 6th afaik08:58
cfhowlettAlbinoGeek, whaaaaaaaaaat?  I'm on 12.04.4 ... - desktop?08:58
ikoniacfhowlett: many people have reported this, it appears to be.....a mess08:58
ikoniain terms of "I'm on 12.04.4, why ? it's not out yet"08:58
=== mulder_ is now known as Guest2839
hitsujiTMOcfhowlett: 12.04.3 will pull the saucy stack from the repos08:58
AlbinoGeekAlso, while I'm here;08:59
hitsujiTMOcfhowlett: so its 12.04.4 after install08:59
AlbinoGeekWhy does "Ubuntu Server Minimal" load out 15GB of crap ?08:59
cfhowletthitsujiTMO, I can see why so many get so confused ...08:59
AlbinoGeekAnd yet my CentOS-65-x86_64.tgz is only 209 MB ...?08:59
Ben64Feb 6th is 12.04.4 date08:59
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: look - grow up, if you want to talk about a problem, talk about it, but if you want to be stupid about it with vague complaints "why does it load crap" then don't bother08:59
AlbinoGeekikonia: What, I'm literally asking what packages Ubuntu feels are so important, it must include.08:59
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: ok, so you're saying an ubuntu server minimal install installs a 15GB install ?09:00
AlbinoGeekIt's not really that vage, I asked what makes the "Minimal" install 15 GB.09:00
Ben64and you compared it to a tgz? i'm not following at all09:00
ikoniaBen64: it appears to just be a stupid rant09:00
AlbinoGeekBen64: Both were created as qcow2 format KVM templates.09:01
ikoniarather than an actual problem / discussion09:01
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: errr that could include allocated but unused space09:01
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: do a proper minimal install from the cd and test it09:01
ikoniaas I'm about to do now09:01
AlbinoGeekMight help if I mention the only reason I'm using Ubuntu is at the moment is because customers want to be able to deploy Ubuntu images, and I need to make the template for it.09:01
duane_i nedd to write music, which is the best app09:01
ubottuduane_,: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.09:02
cfhowlettduane_, see #opensourcemusicians09:02
AlbinoGeekikonia: That's what I'm doing at the moment; using the IDE disk controller so the installer at least picks up the disks, can switch it out once I figure out what I have to install / compile to make virtio function in 12.0409:02
cillo551kubuntu dont see my mobile broadband usb stick at first , it only shows up when I take it off from usb port and put it back , how can fix it that shows it from the first time , in #kubuntu everyone seems to be busy when i asked this, can you help me with this ,  Windows 8 sees my mobile broadband usb stick for the first time in this  same computer09:02
AlbinoGeekikonia: Odd, I didn't get a package selection; it went straight from partitioning -> installing.09:03
cfhowlettAlbinoGeek, that is NOT normal behavior and makes me highly suspect of your source ISO ...09:04
=== JoshuaP is now known as JoshuaP-afk
AlbinoGeekcfhowlett: Source ISO : http://mirror.clibre.uqam.ca/ubuntu-releases//precise/ubuntu-12.04.3-server-amd64.iso09:05
RoryQuick question: Is today the day when we are supposed to stop supporting 13.04?09:05
AlbinoGeekcfhowlett: From http://www.ubuntu.com/download/server09:05
cfhowlettRory, end of life is today ...09:05
cfhowlettAlbinoGeek, right.09:05
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: hang on for a few minutes09:06
AlbinoGeekmd5sum 2cbe868812a871242cdcdd8f2fd6feb9  matches.09:06
AlbinoGeekISO seems fine :/.09:06
kalkwhere do u guys look for root exploits?09:08
ikoniawhat do you mean where do we look ?09:08
hitsujiTMOthe darknet :P09:08
cfhowlettAlbinoGeek, got cats/kids/fat fingers near the keyboard?  cuz there's a keypress or something that should have happened before installing09:08
kalki need a root exploit to test a custom patch09:09
cfhowlettAlbinoGeek, at least there is on 12.0409:09
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: install almost done, took a few minutes to download 12.04 and install09:09
AlbinoGeekcfhowlett: I finally got package selection 400MB into the "base system".  Removing useless packages now through the... odd blue screen package manager.09:09
hitsujiTMOkalk maybe try a security channel. such topic are not covered here09:09
Bray90820So I can't add my credit card info to ubuntu one because of Fraud Suspicion09:09
kalkhitsujiTMO: can u suggest me some?09:09
hitsujiTMO!alis | kalk09:10
ubottukalk: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*09:10
Bray90820So I can't add my credit card info to ubuntu one because of Fraud Suspicion How can i get around that09:11
hitsujiTMOBray90820: contact your bank09:12
hitsujiTMOBray90820: nothing we can really suggest here as that would a canonical issue, where as this is community support09:12
OerHeksBray90820, do you use a proxy ?09:13
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: still there ?09:13
Bray90820der_kleene: no proxi09:13
Bray90820coudl it be that i entered it 7 times with an error?09:13
AlbinoGeekikonia: Yeah, still sitting at this unintuitive interface, wondering why me smashing the + key on my keyboard doesn't add that package to the list to be installed; as per the manpage / help page showing it should :/.09:13
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: ok, here is my default ubuntu 12.04.3 server install09:13
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: /dev/vda1       8.8G  961M  7.4G  12% /09:13
Agamemnoncould somebody help me to install linux ubuntu 13.10?09:14
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: default install 961 meg - on a vda1 disk09:14
cfhowlettBray90820, not our issue.  ask canonical or and/or your bank09:14
hitsujiTMOBray90820: that would rprob do it:P check with your bank. they've prob put a hold on the card09:14
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: 00:06.0 SCSI storage controller: Red Hat, Inc Virtio block device09:14
AlbinoGeekikonia: That's a lot better than what I got last time, nice.09:14
ikoniaLinux u1204test 3.8.0-29-generic #42~precise1-Ubuntu SMP Wed Aug 14 16:19:23 UTC 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux09:14
ActionParsnipAgamemnon: download ISO, burn ISO to CD or transfer to USB using unetbootin. Boot to media09:14
AgamemnonI have shared my hard disk in three partitions09:14
AlbinoGeekikonia: Yeah, there we go.  You're using the VirtIO IDE controller; vda , you'd be sda if using the VirtIO SCSI controller.09:14
Bray90820I will wait tillt tomorrow and see if it is still happining09:14
Agamemnonone for windows, one for macintosh and one for linux09:14
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: it's not sda for virtuo scsi09:15
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: so totally stock, 12.04.3 install09:15
Agamemnonafter the macintosh and windows installation ,when I finish with linux ubuntu I can't get in windows and I don't know why09:15
cfhowlettAgamemnon, is this a mac?09:15
Agamemnonno cfhowlett09:15
cfhowlettAgamemnon, so a hackintosh.  expect pain.09:15
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: re-check the hardware it's on09:16
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: 00:06.0 SCSI storage controller: Red Hat, Inc Virtio block device09:16
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: SCSI virtio09:16
Agamemnonno I think with a little lucky you are perfect, cfhowlett09:16
Agamemnonbut I wonder why I meet this problem09:16
AlbinoGeekikonia: Yeah, I don't get that.  What performance degredation do you get from the host -> guest ?09:16
AlbinoGeek(disk wise)09:16
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: as in transfering files ?09:17
ikoniaor just generic09:17
cfhowlettAgamemnon, dude.  I've done it.  it's a nice science experiment but totally not worth the trouble IMHO.  see the hackintosh forums because it's beyond what we can do here.09:17
Agamemnonwhat I did wrong?09:17
AlbinoGeekikonia: dd if=/dev/zero of=iotest bs=64k count=16k conv=fdatasync    /     ioping -c 1009:17
Agamemnonthanks for your answer, cfhowlett but I don't have so much time to search09:18
AgamemnonI need a help and immediately09:18
Agamemnoncould you or somebody else help me?09:18
cfhowlettAgamemnon, so sorry.  no.  go to hackintosh for support.09:18
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: just testing a transfer one moment09:18
AlbinoGeekFor me, Host (CentOS 6.5, RAID10 H/W; deadline scheduler): 418 MB/s   ; Guest (Ubuntu 12.04.3, noop scheduler): 26 MB/s09:18
Agamemnonwhy after the linux ubuntu installation on the third partition  I can't get in windows?09:18
Agamemnonwhat I did wrong?09:19
Agamemnonthe format?09:19
Agamemnonthe swap?09:19
FloodBot1Agamemnon: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.09:19
cfhowlettAgamemnon, no hackintosh support on this channel.  go back to the source of your tutorial.09:19
AgamemnonI am not so expert on linux ubuntu09:19
Agamemnoncfhowlett where I can go to ask about it?09:20
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: just transfered the fedora-iso (biggest file I could find on my machine) from host to guest09:20
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: Fedora-19-x86_64-DVD.iso                      100% 4239MB  59.7MB/s   01:1109:20
cfhowlettAgamemnon, google09:20
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: so 4GB over the virtual network to the virtual disk i n70 seconds09:20
AlbinoGeekikonia: That's not too bad, but what's the degredation host -> guest ?09:20
AlbinoGeekAs you saw with mine, it was 20x worse.09:20
Agamemnonwhat google? Google has millions or trillions answers09:20
Ben64ikonia, AlbinoGeek: for what its worth, my 12.04 minimal server install just finished, 915MB09:20
Agamemnonit is a tube without stop09:20
Agamemnontell me something else09:21
AlbinoGeekAgamemnon: You should only need the first page, unless you don't know the question to ask it.09:21
AlbinoGeekAgamemnon: If you don't know the question to ask it, then you should start there.09:21
junkainstall windows and stay there09:21
Agamemnonwhat command I have to type here to go to another chat room related with llinux?09:21
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: can you give me a test that you are doing that performs poor, that I can run on my guest to compare09:21
AlbinoGeekAgamemnon: You might get some audience in ##linux , if someone's bored.09:21
AlbinoGeekikonia: dd if=/dev/zero of=iotest bs=64k count=16k conv=fdatasync    performs 400+ MB/s on the host, ~30MB/s on the guest.09:22
Ben64Agamemnon: what you're experiencing is probably a hackintosh problem, not a linux problem09:22
AlbinoGeekThat's a 1G artificial I/o test.09:22
ikonia1073741824 bytes (1.1 GB) copied, 0.670653 s, 1.6 GB/s09:22
ikoniathat's on the guest09:22
AgamemnonI didn't understand why the chatrooms exist ,only for sex and talks for nothing worth?09:22
AlbinoGeekAs per mine... I managed to reboot and get stuck here : https://db.tt/pRDHpzMM  , it hasn't moved in a few minutes.09:22
cfhowlettikonia, +109:23
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: you're just getting random here - you complained that your default install was 15 GB - I've just proved it's not, you complained you couldn't get Virto SCSI support, I just proved you could, you complained your IO was poor, I just proved mines good, now randomly you get a boot problem09:23
AlbinoGeekHumm, what's the boot step immediately following where I'm stuck; that it's frozen on, I wonder..09:23
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: do you not think you may be the common factor here09:24
AlbinoGeekikonia: Yes, I know; I am the one that gets random issues.09:24
AlbinoGeekIt's why I'm the QA over here :/.09:24
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: you don't sound like a good QA as your setup is wrong09:24
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: if your setup was right you'd get the same consistant results as everything else, the only different factor appears to be the guy at the keyboard09:24
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: you complain that things are "wrong" then each time I prove they are good you move to another complaint tha tyou've not mentioned before09:25
AlbinoGeekikonia: Not entirely sure, it's an Ubuntu 12.04.3 with almost all default options, the host machine is 4x 1TB / LSI MegaRAID 9271-4i w/ CacheVault ; Dual E5-2620 v2 ; guest has 24 cores and 8G of RAM assigned.  I'm not entirely sure why I'm having any of these issues.09:25
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: I'd suggest a big part of this will be user error / lack of understanding09:25
AlbinoGeekikonia: Well, the 15 GB issue isn't an issue anymore.  Obviously there was something messy with the template I'd had, as the fresh install here is much smaller, if I could get it to boot.09:26
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: eg: you claimed the default install is 15GB - it's not, we've just proven it, the only way it's not is if you hve done something wrong09:26
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: you complained you can't get virto support - I just proved it09:26
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: you then complained that it was IDE - even after I showed you it was on a scsi controller09:26
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: it appears your attention to detail isn't super09:26
ikoniaso I'd expect that there will be mistakes in your setup09:26
ikoniaor your expectations are not really valid09:26
AlbinoGeekikonia: No, it never has been; I have pretty low vision.  My thing though, is that your disk should have shown up as sda* if it were the VirtIO SCSI host disk controller, which I've shown Ubuntu 12.04 can't find the disk with (in the installer at least.)09:27
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: no it shouldn't09:27
AlbinoGeekMine does in every other (non deb/ubu) distro :/.09:27
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: the virto controller displays it as vda09:27
AlbinoGeekikonia: https://db.tt/OF1Opfu7  ; sadly I can't copy-paste out of VNC09:28
AlbinoGeekikonia: That's on 13.10 , which has VirtIO SCSI host controller support.09:29
=== barry__ is now known as barry
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: lets pull up the docs rather than just guessing/assuming, one moment09:29
AlbinoGeekikonia: Sure.  I'm using specifically the KVM option : -device virtio-scsi-pci,id=scsi0,bus=pci.0,addr=0x4 -drive file=/var/lib/one//datastores/0/127/disk.0,if=none,id=drive-scsi0-0-0-0,format=raw,cache=none09:31
=== Xethron_ is now known as Xethron
AlbinoGeekWhich works in 13.10 and other distros, but fails to boot Ubuntu 12.0409:31
ActionParsnipAlbinoGeek: if you use a lighter desktop like LXDE instead of Gnome it will run pretty well if you are VMing.09:31
AlbinoGeekIn 12.04 , I'm forced to use the older -device piix3-usb-uhci,id=usb,bus=pci.0,addr=0x1.0x2 -drive file=/var/lib/one//datastores/0/133/disk.0,if=none,id=drive-virtio-disk0,format=raw,cache=none09:32
AlbinoGeekActionParsnip: I'm not using any GUI on either installation ?09:32
ActionParsnipAlbinoGeek: then that will be fine :)09:32
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: can you give me the full line you're using and I'll use exactly that but with the modifications for my env09:32
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: the full exact command09:32
AlbinoGeekikonia: Sure, it's a bit long though ; let me drop it in a pastebin.  Do you have a prefered ?09:32
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: any pastebin you want09:32
expertUbuntu/linux newbie here. I installed Ubuntu 12.04 LTS a few days ago. For some reason, my keyboard's caps lock is working the other way around. When switched ON, it types in lower case and vice versa09:33
ActionParsnipexpert: I've seen this, gimme a sec09:33
AlbinoGeekikonia: This is specifically the one I use for CentOS 65 / ArchLinux / Gentoo / BSD / Ubuntu 13.10 : http://paste.linuxassist.net/view/2d5c585309:34
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: ok, I'm just reading this http://www.linux-kvm.org/page/Virtio09:34
johannes_hi everyone, I just installed Ubuntu and I have a problem with my cd/dvd drive09:35
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: this official doc suggests that all virtio devices will be "vd$"09:35
johannes_If I insert a dvd, I can not open die dvd09:35
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johannes_what is the problme?09:35
AlbinoGeekikonia: Here's the one I use for 12.04 http://paste.linuxassist.net/view/242326f7 ; as the other doesn't boot.09:35
expertActionParsnip, thank you. i am waiting09:35
fidel_johannes_: is the disk displayed in nautilus?09:36
AlbinoGeekikonia: Not sure, honestly; as all my other distros display sda*  https://db.tt/2b2zQiIX09:37
ActionParsnipexpert: http://forums.debian.net/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=6479709:37
fidel_johannes_: is it a movie dvd or does it just contain classic data you want to browser?09:37
ActionParsnipexpert: if you run that bash script, does it start behaving?09:37
ActionParsnipexpert: if so, we can make it run at boot and make the caps lock behave09:38
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: I think I may see the issue09:38
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: -device scsi-hd,bus=scsi0.0,channel=0,scsi-id=0,lun=0,drive=drive-scsi0-0-0-0,id=scsi0-0-0-009:38
* ActionParsnip hates caps lock keys09:38
OerHeksjohannes_, install restricted extras, and install libdvdread4 and perform the install-css script >> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs09:38
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: you're actually not specifying the virtio device there, you're actually saying "scsi"09:38
expertActionParsnip, I have to run a bash script to correct caps lock behavior on a linux system?09:39
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: I can see earlier you load the virtio scsi - which is fine, but then you're telling the device to use the scsi module, not the virtio one09:39
johannes_ok I am goining to try this09:39
ActionParsnipexpert: its one fix...09:39
AlbinoGeekikonia: So, the issue is that Ubuntu doesn't support the "SCSI" controller as specified, or as KVM displays it?  (at least, not in 12.04.3) ; it's rather confusing that everywhere I look at it, it's virtio.09:39
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: which sort of lines up with what I'm seeing on my hosts and that official document09:39
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: I think the confusion is the device and the module thats using it09:40
AlbinoGeekikonia: I tell it to use the SCSI controller, as the "virtio" alone does not support hotplugging.  I can't just "add onto" that disk, resize it live, etc.09:40
expertActionParsnip, why do we even need a fix? why is it a problem? one keyboard!09:40
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: are you sure virtio doesn't support hot plugging I just added a virio device to my running machine and it appeared09:40
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: I really believe this line is key09:41
ikoniaDisk will show up as /dev/vd[a-z][1-9], if you migrate you need to change "root=" in Lilo/GRUB config09:41
ikoniathe official doc shows it as vda, and that ties in with what I'm seeing from my installs and my understanding of your command line09:41
AlbinoGeekikonia: Yeah see; if I add a new "vd" target device (ex: vdb) , it does not show in my /dev/ in any distro tested (Ubuntu 12.04.3 , CentOS 65; at the moment.)  Even with a rescan.09:41
AlbinoGeekikonia: If I restart the guest, it picks it up; but not before (for me at least.)09:42
AlbinoGeekYet where with the SCSI, instantly the VNC is flooded with dmesg lines about it being attached, configured, etc.09:42
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: let me just confirm that and make sure I've not tricked myself09:42
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: but I think you're adding the virtio scsi contoller, (great) but then adding a sci disk, rather than the virtio disk09:42
AlbinoGeekikonia: I add a VirtIO SCSI controller, then explicitly add SCSI disks to the controller; so that they're picked up immediately in the guest.09:43
AlbinoGeekikonia: If I specify:  DEV_PREFIX=vd TARGET=vda   on my hotattach request, the disk is not picked up in the guest until I reboot it.09:44
AlbinoGeekIf I instead specify:  DEV_PREFIX=sd TARGET=sdb   it is picked up immediately.09:44
ubottuBangla te Ubuntu bishoyok alochonar jonno #ubuntu-bd te ashun. Dhonnobad!09:44
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: yeah, I see the limitations of attaching to a running machine09:45
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: ok, so I think we see the problem here, the problem is your lack of understanding/expectations09:45
AlbinoGeekikonia: Yeah :(  Which in a cloud platform, basically makes it useless as a distro to offer.09:45
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: you're complaining that virtio disks are not sd$ - but you're adding scsi disks, not virtio disks09:45
AlbinoGeek13.10 supports it, so that's fine.09:45
ikoniawhich is not an unreasonable mistake to make09:46
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: ok, so perhaps in future, less ranting and bashing the distro, more so when it turns out it's your lack of understanding/research, next time, just explain the problem and people will work it through with you09:46
AlbinoGeekikonia: Well, I'm a cloud services provider.  12.04 not support hotplugging disks means I literally cannot use it.  It's nice that 13.10 does; so at least I can say it's a versioning issue and not just discount Ubuntu entirely; but yeah.09:47
jaaahello anyone know how in ubuntu 13.10 i can install rar ?09:47
AlbinoGeekikonia: And yeah, I always resort to ranting by default when it comes to Ubuntu, as I've had far too much bad experience in the past with stupid things (like Unity, but I'm sure you guys hear enough about that already.)09:47
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: cloud servicing provider.....perhaps a little more research....09:48
jaaasudo apt-get install rar -> E: Package 'rar' has no installation candidate09:48
ActionParsnip!info rar09:48
AlbinoGeekjaaa: unrar , librar  ; or download the rar linux tgz / tar from http://rarlabs.com/09:48
ubotturar (source: rar): Archiver for .rar files. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 2:4.2.0-1 (saucy), package size 610 kB, installed size 1270 kB (Only available for i386; amd64)09:48
AlbinoGeekikonia: Oh well, thanks for the help.09:49
jaaauname -a -> #1 SMP Mon Dec 16 18:16:56 MSK 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux09:49
AlbinoGeekikonia: Shame that Debian branches don't support it for some reason, still not sure why exactly that is.09:49
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: no problem, happy to help if you're clear on a problem willing to work it through, where as I'd have just switched off if you'd have carried on ranting09:49
AlbinoGeekThe "SCSI_DEBUG" driver shows a 8.4 MB drive, still not sure why that is.09:49
AlbinoGeekTried all the other "scsi*" options of drivers suggested at the installer too, none even find the drive.09:50
jaaacan pls anyone point me which to download ? http://rarlabs.com/download.htm "RAR 5.01 for Linux x64" ? thx09:50
AlbinoGeekikonia: Any idea what package might add this support post-install?  I couldn't find virtio* in Apitul (or w/e that semi-graphical one in the installer was.)09:50
ikoniajaaa: that's not the output of uname -a09:50
ikoniajaaa: please show us the output of uname -a please09:50
jaaaLinux vps10673 2.6.32-042stab084.14 #1 SMP Mon Dec 16 18:16:56 MSK 2013 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux09:51
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: an interesting question, I'd have expected it to be just the kenrel.09:51
ikoniajaaa: ok, so that's not an ubuntu install09:51
ikoniajaaa: that's a VPS bastardised install09:51
jaaaso is there a way to insatll rar ?09:51
ikoniajaaa: what OS are you running ?09:52
jaaaubuntu 13.1009:52
ActionParsnipjaaa: do you have the multiverse repo enabled?09:52
ikoniajaaa: ok, so it should be in the repos already however your host maybe stopping you install it,09:52
jaaahow to ?09:52
jaaathat multiverse09:52
AlbinoGeekHeh... does ubuntu have one of those nice ` /etc/*-release ` files ?09:52
ActionParsnipjaaa: use software centre09:52
ActionParsnipAlbinoGeek: /etc/issue09:52
ikoniaAlbinoGeek: can't really trust them, same as any virtual platform09:52
AlbinoGeekikonia: True.09:53
jaaabut how to do it in ssh ?09:53
snadgeduke nukem 3d megaton edition just got released on steam.. and it doesn't work on 64bit ubuntu.. this is majorly concerning ;)09:53
ikoniasnadge: talk to steam then09:53
snadgeis anyone here aware of this issue, and most importantly, what can be done to resolve it?09:53
ActionParsnipjaaa: you can run:   sudo nano /etc/apt/sources.list   and uncomment the multiverse repo09:53
jaaagoin try thx09:53
ActionParsnipsnadge: do other 3D games work ok?09:53
AlbinoGeeksnadge: It's not that great a game anyways, but you'd be best complaining to Steam / Valve about it.09:53
ActionParsnipsnadge: I'd ask in #ubuntu-steam then09:54
jaaadeb http://ubuntu.mirrors.ovh.net/ftp.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ saucy main restricted universe deb http://ubuntu.mirrors.ovh.net/ftp.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/ saucy-updates main restricted universe deb http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu saucy-security main restricted universe multiverse09:54
snadgeand at this time I am talking to some steam support people.. i will try this channel also09:54
jaaanothing more09:54
snadgeim in #steamlug at the moment09:54
AlbinoGeekHohohohoho OVH09:54
jaaayep :D09:54
jaaathere is really nothing to "uncomment"09:55
ActionParsnipjaaa: any line that starts with 'deb' and has 'multiverse' on it, uncomment it, save the new file and run:  sudo apt-get install unp rar unrar p7zip-rar p7zip-full09:55
ActionParsnipjaaa: after:  sudo apt-get update09:55
jaaak thx goin try again09:55
jaaaReading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done E: Unable to locate package unp E: Unable to locate package rar E: Unable to locate package unrar E: Unable to locate package p7zip-rar E: Unable to locate package p7zip-full09:56
jaaaE: Package 'rar' has no installation candidate E: Package 'unrar' has no installation candidate E: Package 'p7zip-rar' has no installation candidate09:57
Ben64jaaa: you've got a really weird setup there, does not seem very ubuntu09:58
jaaaubuntu 13.10 64bit09:58
Ben64ubuntu 13.10 doesn't come with 2.6.32-042stab084.1409:59
jaaajust as stated when choosing system09:59
jaaabut thats on vps, doe it depend on ?09:59
jaaaor can i install from source ?10:00
Agamemnoncould somebody help me ?10:01
cfhowlettAgamemnon, no help for hackintosh here and you were kicked for bad behavior ...10:01
Agamemnonoh, sorry I used different chat box and I didn't know that I connected in the  previous chat room10:02
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jaaafound a way here http://packages.ubuntu.com/saucy/amd64/rar/download10:03
jaaaadded deb http://cz.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu saucy main multiverse and install rar fine :)10:03
expertmy ubuntu's hostname is ubuntu but i can't ping the hostname from a windows box. i can ping the ip but not the hostname. how could i fix this?10:04
ActionParsnipexpert: there is a file to edit here, i've seen this issue10:05
ActionParsnipexpert: very annoying10:05
ActionParsnipexpert: open /etc/dhcp/dhclient.conf    and change: send host-name "<hostname>";   to   send host-name "ubuntu";10:06
ActionParsnipexpert: in Trusty it's set to:   send host-name = gethostname();   but not sure if it would work in earlier releases10:07
vladisexpert, add an entry in you C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts10:11
vladis(wow, i've used _that_word_ here!)10:12
expertfixed using ActionParsnip tip10:12
expertthank you ActionParsnip10:12
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troyaHi ALl10:19
troyaanyone know how to give specify ip address on network connection sharing "Shared to other computer" ?10:19
troyai get on my ubuntu which be server10:20
troyathen on client10:20
troyais possible to specify that ip address ?10:20
ActionParsniptroya: you will need to set it, there is no DHCP server10:20
ActionParsniptroya: so, as long as it is in a different subnet to the other network, it will work10:21
ActionParsnipexpert: the system wasnt reporting the hostname to the DHCP server10:21
troyaActionParsnip: that is work fine on me10:21
troyai never configure dhcp server before10:21
troyabut client connected as well to server10:21
troyais possible to change that ip address ?10:22
troyabecause automatically ubuntu which be server have ip
troyai want to change it to another10:22
troyais there suggestion ?10:28
troyaany idea to configure specify ip address on network connection sharing on ubuntu ?10:30
toxzhi! why are some directories starting with a point? .cache for example10:31
DJonestoxz: That indicates that its a hidden folder10:31
OerHekstoxz, that . makes the file/folder hidden10:31
troyaHi Djones10:32
toxzahh - if i create a folder i just put a . in front and it is hidden?10:32
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daftykinstoxz: it's more just for application settings stored in ~/ so they don't look a mess beside all your actual personal data10:33
daftykinsthere's no 'security' element to hiding them of course10:34
troyaany idea to give specify ip address when i try to "shared to another computer" ?10:35
vladistoxz, "hidden" is the sense that "ls" is not printing them. "ls -a" and smth like "mc" does. so this is very good security10:35
cfhowlettLunar_LanderU, greetings10:35
toxzdaftykins: yeah i see. if i compare console view and "explorer" view :-)10:35
Lunar_LanderUI got a question about Lubuntu 13.10 on my ThinkPad T23 (installed with FakePAE and I put a hold on the Savage video driver to update to 13.10)10:35
JMT4Before I get to the desktop screen there's some flash of text as well as log-in via terminal, it wasn't there before when I had a fresh install of Xubuntu. Can someone assist with checking my logs and see if everything is working properly?10:35
toxzvladis: thanks for explanation10:36
Lunar_LanderUsince a few moments, I try to log in and then I get a black screen with some boxes, an E and so on on the command line, then I get dumped back at the login, when I enter the password again, I get the desktop10:36
Lunar_LanderUand I got a message about Xorg having crashed10:36
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Lunar_LanderUhm interesting, Lock Screen worked before, but upon entering the password, I would get a messed up desktop, this did not happen this time10:38
Lunar_LanderUlet my try a reboot again10:38
untakenhow do I get gedit to open files in a new tab, rather than a new window each time?10:39
Lunar_LanderUOK, upon starting I first get the tty1 terminal, then the graphic login screen comes on10:40
Lunar_LanderUOK people, seems to have solved by *itself*10:41
Lunar_LanderUthanks anyway :)10:42
shake`_hey there im using ubuntu 12.04LTS and tried to install openchange but at the point where i pipe the datas from /usr/local/samba/lib to /etc/ld.so.conf.d/samba4.conf i get permission denied. i used sudo to get root rights but still permission denied. do i've to log in with the "root" account or is there another way? and sorry im new to ubuntu10:45
hipitihopwhat is the preferred way to add a sources entry using cli10:52
hipitihope.g. I wish to add deb http://debian.slimdevices.com stable main10:53
OerHekshipitihop, use add-apt-repository > https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu#Adding_PPA_through_commandline10:57
hipitihopOerHeks, thanks, also found http://askubuntu.com/questions/197564/how-do-i-add-a-line-to-my-etc-apt-sources-list11:01
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Walexshake`_: 'sudo' does the full 'root' permissions, and it is very unlikely that results in "permission denied"11:12
Walexshake`_: unless the target is not on a local filesystem or it has some special capabilities.11:13
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest48403
shake`_huxley@vm-huxley-ubuntu:~$ sudo echo "/usr/local/samba/lib" > /etc/ld.so.conf.d/samba4.conf11:13
shake`_-bash: /etc/ld.so.conf.d/samba4.conf: Permission denied11:13
Walexshake`_: what makes you think that '>' is part of the command executed by 'sudo'>11:14
Walexshake`_: what makes you think that '>' is part of the command executed by 'sudo'???11:14
shake`_doesn't it ?11:15
Walexshake`_: to me it looks like part of the 'sudo' command line, not of the *argument* to 'sudo'11:15
Asusf3sè una chat italiana? non capisco come funziona ho istallato ubuntu studio e cerco qualcuno competente per aiutarmi con dei problemi.11:15
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)11:15
shake`_and how is it right then?11:15
Asusf3sgrazie wales dove lo devo scrivere ?11:16
WalexAsusf3s: dove scrivi i messaggi.11:16
Walexshake`_: depends on what you want to do :-). But probably something like: sudo sh -c 'echo "/usr/local/samba/lib" > /etc/ld.so.conf.d/samba4.conf11:17
Walexshake`_: depends on what you want to do :-). But probably something like: sudo sh -c 'echo "/usr/local/samba/lib" > /etc/ld.so.conf.d/samba4.conf'11:17
shake`_i try to do an dynamic linker11:18
Walexshake`_: if you are installing your own hand compiled Samba version perhaps you should be more familiar with how to use the shell...11:18
shake`_at least its stated out in the tutorial11:18
rigo88how to troubleshoot wlan connection problems? i cant connect to the wireless network. ssid pw ip static and ok. dmesg |grep tells: wlan0: authenticated, disabling ht as ...qos is not supported, associate with mac (try 1/3, associated, wlan becomes ready, and after this11:19
rigo88deauthenticating from mac by local choice (reason=3) what on earth is reason=3?11:19
hitsujiTMOrigo88: what chipset is it?11:24
Asusf3sHello, i don't speak Eng very well, i've istalled one week ago ubuntustudio on my asus f3s but, he give me every day graphicmistakes... all pixels fall down and stop me to view the monitor :S ...11:24
hitsujiTMOAsusf3s: what language do you speak?11:25
rigo88it worked perfect with another network before. just to prevent the pre-troubleshooting. no sw/hw change was made since then.11:25
hitsujiTMO!it | Asusf3s maybe it might be easier to describe in italian11:26
ubottuAsusf3s maybe it might be easier to describe in italian: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)11:26
rigo88so no hw/sw change at all. only moved from an appartment to another, and already modified  the network/interfaces file with the new network data. ifconfig wlan0 down -> up, service networking restart, nor reboot helped. checking dmesg right now.11:28
daftykinsrigo88: so you've had no system updates in the meantime?11:30
daftykinsrigo88: have a read of this arch thread for fun: https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=14605211:30
rigo88daftykins: i always choose "no automatic updates" when installing new system.11:31
hitsujiTMOrigo88: can you pastebin the output of: lspci -knn | grep Network -A211:31
rigo88daftykins: i saw this article but this is archlinux11:31
rigo88no not really since i dont have network connection.11:31
daftykinsput it in a text file then pastebin from another device11:31
daftykinsrigo88: yeah, doesn't make it 100% irrelevant though i'd expect11:32
OnkelTemHi all11:32
rigo88hitsujiTMO: is it about if the wlan card works or not?11:32
hitsujiTMOrigo88 i want to see what chipset it is and the driver in use11:33
OnkelTemHow to install Android Developer Tools on Ubuntu 12.04? I don't like the package from google as it does't respect FHS at all, containing everything in one directory11:33
daftykinsrigo88: i saw another comment elsewhere suggesting to kill all instances of wpa_supplicant then tell NM to reconnect11:35
ikoniaOnkelTem: there should be documentation on the project pages for install instructions11:35
cfhowlettOnkelTem, ask on xda-developers.com11:35
OnkelTemcfhowlett: you suggest asking on forums?11:35
rigo88if i turn the device off with 100% ok wlan, take the pc 300 meter to another appartment, change the relevant datas in the interfaces file reboot and it works not. annoying.11:35
ikoniaseems a pretty clear suggestion as well as checking the projects pages/documentation11:35
cfhowlettOnkelTem, they are pretty much the experts on android - unlike most of us here ...11:35
daftykinsrigo88: take a look in daemon.log also for further info11:35
rigo88amm... i'm on cli. no gui. only xbmc.11:36
daftykinsoh right11:36
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OnkelTemcfhowlett: pretty sure among 1736 nick some should definitely develop for android :)11:37
ikoniaOnkelTem: yes, and they will install it using official packages or methods personal to them11:37
rigo88are maybe any stored temporary network datas anywhere and a command to clean them? like in windows the "ipconfig /flushdns" and registerdns?11:37
OnkelTemikonia: or use proper PPA11:37
ikoniaOnkelTem: so a.) reading the doucmentation on the projects web page b.) asking other android developers would be the correct approach11:37
daftykinsrigo88: no11:37
ikoniaOnkelTem: sure, you can use a PPA too11:37
OnkelTemikonia: which one? :)11:37
ikoniaOnkelTem: search the PPA page11:37
=== mike is now known as Guest92072
OnkelTemikonia: that's what I started with. I found one actually, but doubt in it's quality. Anyway thanks for assistance11:39
ikoniaOnkelTem: right, so again, asking android developers in the android forums/irc channels would be the correct place11:39
rigo88hitsujiTMO: lspci sais: ar9285 wireless network adapter, subsystem: azurewave aw-me785 / aw-me785h 802.11bgn11:40
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rigo88and other stuff11:40
noiyuhello, I have a problem with python, gobject and ubiquity, which crashes: paste.ubuntu.com/683736511:40
Touhou11OnkelTem: You may be interested in this article about Android: http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/android-and-users-freedom.html11:40
BoreeasCan someone explain this error I get when compiling cockatrice: http://pastebin.com/rwyxDaFC?11:41
OerHeksBoreeas, nope, "This paste has been removed!"11:42
hitsujiTMOrigo88: what version of ubuntu are you on?11:42
DJonesOerHeks: Remove the ? from the end of the pastebin address11:42
hitsujiTMOrigo88: and what kernel: uname -r11:42
rigo8812.04 @ 3.6.311:42
OerHeksDJones, i found that out just yet, thanks11:42
OnkelTemTouhou11: thanks, reading11:43
hitsujiTMOrigo88: can you recheck that kernel? doesn't seem right unless you are using a custom kernel11:43
rigo88i installed the 12.04 and downloaded the 3.6.3 from http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/ dpkg -i *.deb it.11:43
noiyuanybody knows where to ask for my problem? I am on ubuntu 12.04 with saucy lts enablement stack11:44
=== jayd is now known as jayDs
hitsujiTMOrigo88: ahh. kk. can you try installing a later kernel? such as 3.8 from the repo?11:44
rigo88can this cause the prob?11:44
ubottunoiyu,: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/ - Support in #ubuntu-server11:45
hitsujiTMOrigo88: seems there are some issues with your adapter that seem to be fixed with a later kernel11:45
Touhou11Will hosting Apache on a port other than 80 cause problems in real-world use? (firewalls blocking etc.)11:45
rigo88(i help remotely my friend, what if the kernel upgrade crashes his whole htpc? :D travel 1000km to repair it? :D) i'm afraid to do that.11:45
cfhowlettrigo88, worst case: reboot and use the older kernel version.  *almost* always works11:46
rigo88and how you mean "from repo"? not from the kernel.ubuntu.com site?11:46
hitsujiTMOrigo88: you can install the kernel and retain the older one too. just choose the older one from grub if there's an issue11:46
hitsujiTMOrigo88: no unbuntu repo has 3.2 3.5 3.8 and 3.11 kernels11:47
daftykinsrigo88: not long until XBMC's new version anyway ;)11:47
rigo88than simply download from the site above and install it?11:48
rigo88daftykins: updates are disabled so i guess there will be no change on the machine after new xbmc release11:48
daftykinsrigo88: no automatic change, no11:48
ActionPa1sniphitsujiTMO: that is default, kernels are not autopmatically uninstalled11:48
=== mudo_ is now known as mudo
hitsujiTMOActionPa1snip: yes, he's worried that the newer kernel would prevent the system from booting . just pointing out that that's the behaviour so there's nothing to worry about11:50
noiyuAttributeError: 'gi.repository.GObject' object has no attribute 'constants'   anyone can help?11:54
redsquareplayonlinux cannot find convert(from ImageMagick)12:02
redsquareany soln?12:02
cfhowlettredsquare, playonlinux doesn't do image conversions.  what exactly are you attempting.12:03
redsquarecfhowlett:I just wanna run playonlinux..12:03
eajhi, I want cache requests from all my VMs, I was looking at Squid - does Squid cache also cache apt packages, php composer etc12:04
cfhowlettredsquare, seems your playonlinux things the launch app is imagemagick.  change the properties.12:04
redsquarecfhowlett:Change it to ?12:04
daftykinseaj: squid tends to cache files below a certain threshold size that you set12:05
cfhowlettredsquare, put playonlinux in a terminal and see if it launches12:05
redsquare$ ifconfig -a | grep HWaddr12:06
redsquareeth0  Link encap:Ethernet HWaddr 00:80:48:BA:d1:2012:06
redsquare[main] Message: PlayOnLinux (4.2.1) is starting12:06
redsquare[clean_tmp] Message: Cleaning temp directory12:06
redsquare[POL_System_CheckFS] Message: Checking filesystem for /home/redsquare/.PlayOnLinux/12:06
redsquare[main] Message: Filesystem is compatible12:06
FloodBot1redsquare: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.12:06
redsquareI apologise.12:07
cloneGhello I set up a proxy when I installed ubuntu at school but now that I want to use the same virtual machine at home cant find the proxy config file12:08
cloneGetc/environment is empty12:08
cloneGbut I am having problems updating system12:08
daftykinswhat is it, virtualbox and you copied the disk image?12:09
daftykinswhy not just install fresh?12:09
eaj@daftykins: oh I see, so does that mean I can increase the size to be bigger & it would then cache more?12:09
cloneGbecause it is a webserver I want to use as a DC installing samba412:09
cloneGhow do I remove the proxy config?¿12:10
daftykinseaj: yep, for example years ago when i used to use a transparent squid cache proxy on my LAN, i set it higher than the old winzip download installer, then it would serve me that over LAN if i went to get it again ;)12:10
eaj@daftykins: the issue is, I keep rebuilding lots of VMs locally all the time & it keeps downloading lots of packages from various sources (apt, composer, pear etc) each time12:10
eaj@daftykins: ok great, thanks12:10
daftykinseaj: sounds like it'd make more sense to run a local APT mirror instead of that12:10
Touhou11You can use an apt cache server12:10
daftykinsif you have a spare box + disk space12:10
eaj@dfatykins I thought of that, but it is not just for apt12:11
eaj@daftykins: apt is part of it, but there is php composer, js bower packages too ....etc12:11
daftykinscloneG: still failing to see why you don't clean install12:11
cloneGexternal disk space¿?12:12
cloneGI dont need another vm12:12
Touhou11Clean install takes time, defeats one of the advantages of using VMs12:12
cfhowlett!server|cloneG,  ask in the other channel maybe ...12:12
ubottucloneG,  ask in the other channel maybe ...: Ubuntu Server Edition is a release of Ubuntu designed especially for server environments, including a server specific !kernel and no !GUI. The install CD contains many server applications. Current !LTS version is !Precise (Precise Pangolin 12.04) - More info: http://www.ubuntu.com/products/whatisubuntu/serveredition - Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/12.04/serverguide/C/ - Support in #ubuntu-server12:12
daftykinscloneG: i don't understand your situation then. nevermind12:13
cloneGit is an ubuntu desktop12:13
k4vhi i would like to upgrade php in 12.04 to the latest php 5.3 available. could you recommend a ppa?12:13
ActionPa1snip!ppa | k4v have a search12:14
daftykinscloneG: what do you get from "echo $http_proxy" ?12:14
ubottuk4v have a search: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge12:14
daftykinsnothing i assume?12:14
k4vubottu: yes, i searched but cannot decide which ppa is good12:14
ubottuk4v: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)12:14
k4vah =)12:14
ubottuk4v,: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge12:14
ActionPa1snipk4v: they are all equally good12:14
cloneGno proxy???12:15
daftykinscloneG: none at command line anyway, but you say you're running desktop ;/ what's happening when you run "sudo apt-get update" then? can you pastebin it?12:15
ActionPa1snipcloneG: does:   grep -i proxy /etc/environment     output anything?12:15
k4vActionPa1snip: very helpful :/12:15
ActionPa1snipk4v: they are PPAs maintained by Joe Somebody out on the web12:16
cloneGetc/environment no proxy12:16
ActionPa1snipk4v: what more can I say?12:16
zero_coderi tried to run a game with wine , and now my scren resolution has changed12:16
zero_coderand screen is not properly visible. what should i Do?12:17
daftykinszero_coder: ##winehq12:17
Touhou11k4v: Check which optional extensions the PPAs support. Other than that one compiled version of PHP should be very similar to another12:17
zero_coderdaftykins, i am using ubuntu.. i have closed wine.12:17
daftykinszero_coder: restart didn't fix it?12:17
zero_coderdaftykins, nope12:17
noiyuAttributeError: 'gi.repository.GObject' object has no attribute 'constants'   anyone can help?12:17
daftykinszero_coder: what version?12:17
ActionPa1snipk4v: they are (P)ersonal (P)ackage (A)rchives, so they maintain them for themselves, hence it is personal, they just happen to also be publicly available but NONE of them hold any warranty or are guarunteed to function12:17
zero_coderdaftykins, 13.04 kde12:18
ActionPa1snipk4v: so how can one be 'better'?12:18
cfhowlettzero_coder, and 13.04 is end of life as of today ...12:18
k4vActionPa1snip: i get what you mean, thank you.12:18
daftykinszero_coder: ah, no experience with KDE. i take it you tried running a screen settings utility to increase resolution again?12:18
zero_codercfhowlett, ??12:18
ActionPa1snipk4v: try thinking rather than giving attitude12:18
daftykinscfhowlett: ooh brilliant news12:19
zero_coderdaftykins, nope. wine automatically adjusted it for the game.12:19
daftykinszero_coder: so you haven't tried that? do you maybe... want to give it a go?12:19
zero_coderdaftykins, okay.12:20
zero_coderdaftykins, how  to?12:20
zero_coderdaftykins, i cant even see half of my screen right now :P12:20
daftykinszero_coder: can you see lower left for the K menu?12:21
zero_coderdaftykins, yep .12:21
cloneGdaftykins: http://pastebin.com/K45tL10U12:21
g105bMy Ubuntu machine gives loads of lag to any wireless mouse, using any receiver (when mouse is wired, no lag). What could be causing this?12:21
daftykinscloneG: are you sure your network settings are correct for your internet connection?12:22
daftykinszero_coder: so there should be some kind of system settings / control panel program with display options in12:22
cloneGping to router ok12:22
hitsujiTMOcloneG: ping to google?12:22
cloneGping to ok12:22
yalchin-38Привет всем !12:23
hitsujiTMOcloneG: and google.com?12:23
mmarc57Hi, is there a torrent lens for ubuntu 13.10 ?12:23
zero_coderdaftykins,lemme see12:23
cloneGslow but ok12:23
cfhowlettmmarc57, not until 14.04 IIRC12:23
ubottuyalchin-38,: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.12:23
hitsujiTMOcloneG: check the apt config for a proxy there12:24
zero_coderdaftykins, thanks mate :)12:24
mmarc57ok ,thanks cfhowlett12:24
daftykinszero_coder: all good?12:24
zero_coderdaftykins, yep :).12:25
hitsujiTMOcloneG: /etc/apt/apt.conf || /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/*12:25
cloneGooooh thanks!!12:25
zero_coderthanks daftykins :)12:25
duelexwho can tell me how to join ubuntu-cn12:26
hitsujiTMO/join #ubuntu-cn12:26
DJonesduelex: type "/join #ubuntu-cn" without the quotes12:26
ubottuduelex,: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw12:27
cloneGonly this line in there: PT::Install-Recommends "true";12:28
daftykinscloneG: can you wget http://es.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/precise/Release.gpg ok?12:29
opalepatrickIs there anything that would trawl through all image files, say and catalogue them with preview? Need to keep files in individual directories but sometimes it would be useful to visually search for something.12:31
cloneGdaftykins yes12:31
daftykinscloneG: and what's 'Obj' in english?12:32
daftykinsand Des12:32
cloneGdaftkins Object?12:33
daftykinsi mean in the paste12:33
daftykinsnormally it says get/ignore in english12:33
llutz!ru | yalchin-3812:33
ubottuyalchin-38: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.12:33
cloneGdaftykins what do you mean?12:34
daftykins"Obj http://es..."12:34
cfhowlettRonie, greetings12:35
opalepatrickanswering my own question, gthumb might do it12:35
Roniehello cfhowlett.12:36
cfhowlettRonie, what is your ubuntu query12:36
Roniei have no querry, i have just joined .12:36
Touhou11opalepatrick: How do you mean "visual search", different to just searching on filename or exif info?12:38
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Guest72551any hot girls here?12:39
daftykinsGuest72551: either ask a support question or leave12:40
cfhowlettGuest72551, wrong channel.12:40
Guest72551i mean hot chicks,12:40
opalepatrickHi Touhou11 - just a thumbnail would do. gthumbs doesnt really do it, it replicates the directory structure. I would like to reference all in one place without moving the images from their directory12:40
rigo88yes. usually the ubuntu support chat is loaded with chix... chicks with dicks :D12:41
DJonesGuest72551: This channel is for Ubuntu support only12:41
cloneGdaftykins: http://pastebin.com/K9nD0uXs12:41
opalepatricksometimes it is useful whne you cant remember the image name but would identify it at a glance12:41
cfhowlettrigo88, you can stop such talk immediately12:41
rigo88or maybe leave. have "fun"...12:42
daftykinscloneG: lol you really shouldn't just put sudo in front of anything that doesn't work first time. i have no idea why you can't update, that seems very odd to me12:43
llutzcloneG: pastebin "LANG=C sudo apt-get update" please12:43
cloneGdaftykins I think I ll follow your first advice12:43
cloneGllutz this is taking ages...12:48
Minnenim having troubles compiling gedit ver 3.11, i get the following error after i run ./configure http://ftp.gnome.org/pub/GNOME/sources/gedit/ , i have installed as many dependencies i could find but it got me no where, im running out of options/ideas, Basic Specs - Ubuntu 13.10, Gnome 3 (session fallback), Ambiance theme, Faenza icons.12:49
Tom1i need help with ubuntu 12.1012:50
Tom1my ubuntu is crashing12:51
ActionPa1snipTom1: is there a pattern causing it to crash?12:51
Tom1its crashing randomly12:51
Minnenthis is the error output, sorry http://paste.ubuntu.com/6837608/12:52
=== JelleB is now known as AbyssOne
ActionPa1snipTom1: have you ran Memtest86+ from Grub to check your RAM health?12:52
cloneGat last! llutz daftykins http://pastebin.com/hRTwB9sU12:52
Tom1my ram is fine, i used memtest+ on it for about 2 hours, no problem with ram.12:52
llutzcloneG: LANG=C not lang12:52
pcnerdHi Channel, hoping for some help w/ a vpn client using terminal only.  Currently using pptp-linux and the connection appears fine however I suspect routes aren't auto configuring as they do using the same details on my windoze box.  Any thoughts on the debugging ?12:53
ActionPa1snipTom1: if you make a fresh user, is it the same?12:53
phil-nsMinnen: look at the "No package" lines, you need to install those packages before compiling...they are unmet dependencies.12:53
daftykinscloneG: you're going to want to "sudo rm /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/Release.gpg"12:53
Tom1didn;t get you?12:53
ActionPa1snippcnerd: does the command you use to connect have a verbose option12:53
ActionPa1snipTom1: yor OS can hold literally billions of users.12:53
=== AbyssOne__ is now known as a1|away
ActionPa1snipTom1: if you make a fresh Ubuntu user and log in as the new user, you will get vanilla configurations12:54
ActionPa1snipTom1: does the system crash as the new user?12:54
ActionPa1snip!test | bobq12:54
ubottubobq: Testing... Testing... 1. 2.. 3... ( by the way, remember that you can use /join #test )12:54
Tom1havent tried that yet12:54
Tom1it crashes with my me12:54
ActionPa1snipTom1: if the new user is ok, we know that the OS is fine and that some setting in your config is the issue12:55
llutzcloneG: "sudo rm /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/Release.gpg"  btw. don't do any testdownloads into system-directories12:55
Minnenphil-ns > i look for them in synaptic, USC and also in google but i couldnt find them12:55
Tom1ok i'll try that later , it means my configuration are wrong?12:55
atomxif I managed to set up a ppp connection with wvdial, is there a method to make the same connection manually ising pppd ?12:55
Minnenphil-ns > where can i look for them12:55
ActionPa1snipTom1: if the OS is fine then there is a screwy config someplace12:55
cloneGokay okay12:55
toxzhi! can you tell me what the colon means in this context for example:Ö  See :help 'backspace'.12:55
cloneGI ll be good this time I promisse12:56
Tom1seems like my fault , i'll check it12:56
ActionPa1sniptoxz: where are you seeing this? what application?12:56
ActionPa1snipTom1: its worth exploring, users are free12:56
toxzActionPa1snip: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/11560201/backspace-key-not-working-in-vim-vi for example12:56
Tom1it crashing when i am opening libreoffice and using pidgin sometimes.12:57
ActionPa1sniptoxz: then in command mode type ':help'  without the quotes12:57
hex20decHey people, I'm having an issue with my tty. When I try to switch to any tty, I get no signal from my monitor. I'm thinking it's the graphics driver?12:57
toxzActionPa1snip: if i do :help on the terminal - :help: coomand not found12:58
cloneGllutz daftykins fixed? that was it? to remove a file?12:58
llutztoxz: in vim, not in the shell12:58
llutzcloneG: no just a side-note12:58
ActionPa1sniptoxz: yes because you do it in vi / vim12:58
toxzthat makes sense12:58
pcnerdActionPa1snip:  what do you mean re. the command?  the pon <name> nodetach command?12:58
ActionPa1sniptoxz: the issue is in vi / vim, so you do it there .....12:58
Tom1like when i open libreoffice  presentation software, its crashes and everything freezes, then i have to hard boot the computer.12:58
ActionPa1snippcnerd: no idea about that one, sorry12:59
daftykinscloneG: no >_< that was the file you downloaded earlier when i asked you to test 'wget' but in your last pastebin link it shows an error for that file being there. so delete it.12:59
ActionPa1snipTom1: try a new user as a first step12:59
MichaelRarchitecture of the pc_12:59
Tom1will it work?12:59
ActionPa1snipTom1: no idea, try it12:59
Tom1ok thanks for the solution, i will try.13:00
hex20decHey, I'm having an issue with my tty. When I try to switch to any tty, I get no signal from my monitor. I'm thinking it's the graphics driver?13:01
cloneGllutz: http://pastebin.com/SrRjKtdM13:01
daftykinshex20dec: which driver?13:02
llutzcloneG: and your problem is what?13:02
hex20decVideo / graphic daftykins13:02
ActionPa1sniphex20dec: what is the output of:   cat /etc/issue13:03
daftykinshex20dec: yes... WHICH one are you using? :P13:03
hex20dec/etc/issue: Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS \n \l13:04
hex20declsmod: video                  19115  1 i91513:04
hex20decdaftykins, ActionPa1snip13:04
ActionPa1sniphex20dec: http://askubuntu.com/questions/96658/how-do-i-change-the-vga-resolution-for-the-non-graphical-ttys    or install boot repair: https://launchpad.net/~yannubuntu/+archive/boot-repair   and tick the out-of-range option   source: http://askubuntu.com/questions/132885/error-message-signal-out-of-range-92khz-58hz-when-starting-ubuntu-what-is13:05
dramasi have a sysload that is 14 at the moment and it seems to be a process that is hung on a volume i can't unmount (or rather, was forcibly unmounted but the kernel doesnt agree)13:05
hex20decActionPa1snip: Thank you, I'll check those out.13:05
dramasi cannot seem to get rid of the process, and the machine is ground to a halt13:06
Ben64dramas: reboot?13:06
daftykins^yeah, reset?13:07
ActionPa1snipdramas: try:  sudo nice -20 top13:07
cloneGhey its working...I thought I had a proxy config somewhere but now I am doubting it13:07
ActionPa1snipdramas: you can then use top to kill the process )as root)13:07
Ben64ActionPa1snip: you didn't read the pastebin. dramas is running as root13:08
ActionPa1snipBen64: oh, well it will still work the same :)13:08
Ben64not after the kill command in the pastebin didn't work already :|13:08
Ben64easy solution - reboot13:09
dramasi cannot reboot :(13:09
hex20decActionPa1snip: None of the links you provided seem to match my scenario. =\13:09
Ben64dramas: sure you can, 'reboot'13:09
dramasdont be a jerk. that's a machine that a) i cannot get to if it doesnt come up clean and b) will not come up clean13:10
Ben64it's a bad idea to rely on a computer to be 100%13:10
dramasand yet we do this every day.13:10
dramashave you considered not actually discussing philosophy with me this morning?13:11
Ben64bottom line - you need to reboot13:11
Potato_hello there13:11
dramasis there no way i can get rid of the iowait?13:11
hex20decLol @ dramas13:11
ActionPa1sniphex20dec: you can use the boot fixer to set an option using the GUI, it will add a boot option to your OS and make the TTY disaplay13:13
daftykinsdramas: is it a physical box or VPS?13:13
dramasdaftykins: it is a machine in ec213:15
daftykinsah ok13:15
dramasdaftykins: the problem is a volume was unmounted via the aws console vs on the machine13:15
hex20decActionPa1snip: Should I use this? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair Or the link your provided?13:15
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hex20decActionPa1snip: Nevermind, installed it. Is there anything specific that you know I should set there to fix it?13:18
ActionPa1sniphex20dec: seems there is a magic tick box13:18
hex20decActionPa1snip: I'm in the advanced, should I use the simple mode and click the recommended repair?13:19
hex20decOh found it13:20
kkkkkkkkhi, all , i did some customisation to ubuntu and then created a bootable ISO image, using Remastersys, now, suppose i have 10 computers, connected with each other with local network, not internet. How do i install it simultaneously to all the computers.13:22
kkkkkkkkwith all my customisation and other settings13:23
daftykinsmake 10 CDs? :)13:23
kkkkkkkk10 computers may change to 100 computers, i really need some way to save time13:23
dramasi mean kickstart!13:23
daftykinskkkkkkkk: PXE then13:23
kkkkkkkkdaftykins: i am confused, please guide, i mean, there are pxe, netboot, parallel something,13:24
hex20decActionPa1snip: Didn't fix it! =[13:24
kkkkkkkkdaftykins: how to install using PXE on all computers, all at once13:24
Ben64you could install on one, image it to the others13:25
kkkkkkkkBen64: yes, i want the same, how to do that13:25
kkkkkkkkis there any need to have same hardware on all systems13:25
Ben64i've never done it, but in theory you could pxe boot some small linux client, and have them all use netcat to listen for the image, and have one act as the server and send the image out broadcast to all computers on the network, and they'd all write the image at once13:26
sh0tisn't it possible to use PXE on all the instances u want to install13:28
Ben64i suppose, if it doesn't require user input13:29
kkkkkkkkBen64: i am confused13:29
sh0tohhh Ben64 i didn't see that request he doesnt want to interact during installation13:29
Ben64well i'm guessing he doesn't, 100 computers would take a while13:30
kkkkkkkkBen64: i just want to install simulataneously on all computers, without installing it one by one to all13:30
kkkkkkkknow, what is the easiest way,except one by one to install13:31
sh0tyes but it's not clear what u mean by 'simoultaneously'13:31
Ben64i described how i would do it above13:31
kkkkkkkkit can take 2 hours. I will adjust. But install should be simultaneously to all13:32
hex20decTake apart the hdds and ghost them13:32
hex20decI mean, gather them all and then ghost them13:32
kkkkkkkkhex20dec: ghost will work on any type of hardware?13:33
kkkkkkkki never used ghost13:33
hex20decSince it's linux it would13:33
hitsujiTMOkkkkkkkk: sounds like you want to do a multicast ghost? only software i know of that does this is symantec ghost13:33
Ben64why not netcat like i already suggested? :|13:33
kkkkkkkkhex20dec: thanks, but symantec ghost is not free, i think13:33
wessmanis it possible to give a user root access without being forced to use sudo? i know its not recommended but I want to do it anyway13:34
jjavaholicis it possible to start nautilus without the sidebar.13:34
hex20decIf you're going to be doing it on100 pcs, you must make some money. I guess you can affort it, no?13:34
Ben64wessman: there is no good reason to not use sudo13:34
hitsujiTMOkkkkkkkk: 30 day trial for the ghost suite :P13:34
hex20decThere you go, kkkkkkkk ^13:35
kkkkkkkkhitsujiTMO: well, this is nice , one more question13:35
Ben64or, netcat.... installable on any linux system13:35
CarlFK1kkkkkkkk: I think you want pxe + preseed13:36
kkkkkkkkBen64: thanks, i will take a look at netcat and ghost13:36
CarlFK1kkkkkkkk: oh.. that kind of install.  look for clonezilla.13:36
wessmanBen64, I would like to create a temporary ftp account that has all rights to /var/www/ but I dont want the apache/www-group to have this. The easiest way I could come up with was a temp root account and use SSHFTP13:36
kkkkkkkkclonezilla, ghost, pxe, netcat, i am confused guys13:37
hex20decOh wow, I didn't know clonezilla has multicast13:37
hex20decI feel bad for kkkkkkkk. There are a lot of solutions, you'll need to do you homework and see what's best for you.13:37
Ben64clonezilla is good, i'd recommend against ghost, its non-free13:38
gordonjcpkkkkkkkk: what exactly are you trying to do?13:38
kkkkkkkki don't want to remove harddrive from each pc, since they are sealed and are under warranty13:38
hex20decI agree, clonezilla13:38
hex20deckkkkkkkk: You don't need to with multicasting13:38
gordonjcpkkkkkkkk: are you trying to install multiple machines?13:39
kkkkkkkkgordonjcp: i want to install custom ubuntu linux, simultaneously to all pcs13:39
hex20deckkkkkkkk: Read the first paragraph http://clonezilla.org/13:39
hex20decLast sentence clearly solves your problem13:39
kkkkkkkklet me see, hex20dec and thanks all13:40
kkkkkkkki was confused with so much solutions, i am still confused, but start with clonezilla13:40
hex20deckkkkkkkk: Sure =D, you may want to check the limitations as well.13:40
gordonjcpkkkkkkkk: simultaneously, or concurrently?13:40
hex20decYes, clonezilla is the way to go imo13:40
gordonjcpkkkkkkkk: do you care if they all finish at the same wallclock time?13:41
kkkkkkkkgordonjcp: yes, installation on all should finish at same time13:41
=== CarlFK1 is now known as CarlFK
gordonjcpkkkkkkkk: no idea, then13:44
gordonjcpkkkkkkkk: there's probably no real way to do that13:44
gordonjcpkkkkkkkk: setting up a PXE boot server and installing them off that will work13:45
gordonjcpkkkkkkkk: doing several at the same time will be slow13:45
kkkkkkkkgordonjcp: i think clonezilla is what i am looking for,13:45
kkkkkkkkand last line, in 10 minutes, they installed the same on 41 computers13:46
kkkkkkkkso, i will give it a try13:46
=== fred_ is now known as Guest15125
kkkkkkkki will move to pxe boot server , after that13:46
hitsujiTMOkkkkkkkk: only thing with multicast is to keep everything to a single broadcast domain/vlan. you don't want broadcasting throughout your entire network causing a ddos13:47
kkkkkkkkhitsujiTMO: thanks13:51
BobDillHey guys. How can I remove a block of text which begins with "[title]" and ands with a blank new line?13:51
BobDillwith the help of sed13:51
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BobDillKann jemand helfen?13:52
=== adamWork is now known as am0nrahx|work
llutz!de | BobDill13:52
ubottuBobDill: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!13:52
BobDillYeah is there somebody who can help?13:53
llutzBobDill: something like: sed '/[text]/,/^$/d' file13:53
SailorRealittyh3y h3y5 wu75 up13:54
wessmandoes anyone know how to make /var/www writable for a user without making the folder writable for the apache user (www-data)?13:54
SailorRealittyd035 3v3ry0n3 h3r3 h4v3 7h31r |337 f1|73r5 0n13:54
BobDillDon't I have to escape the square brackets?13:54
SailorRealitty1n c453 4ny w0m3n2 c0m3 by13:54
llutzSailorRealitty: repair your keyboard or check your attitude13:54
SailorRealitty||u72 my 47717ud3?13:54
ubottuCertain Ubuntu IRC channels are English only.  For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList13:54
SailorRealittyim speaking leet13:55
SailorRealitty175 574nd4rd 3ng|15h13:55
SlidingHornYou're speaking idiot13:55
xorredmy network uses squid with kerberos auth, I have joined ubuntu to the domain and now the Firefox browser can browse with kerberos auth through Squid, but the command line can't authenticate... what do I need to do to make it work?13:55
llutzSailorRealitty: stop it13:55
hitsujiTMO!1337 | SailorRealitty13:55
ubottuSailorRealitty: 1337 i5 nigh-inc0mpr3h3n5ib13 70 u5 n00bs, 4nd n0b0dy c4r35 if UR 4 1337 h4x0r. Giv3 i7 4 r357.13:55
SlidingHornthat's the one I was looking for13:55
SlidingHornbeen a long time...13:55
Touhou11wessman: Yes13:56
wessmanTouhou11, how? :)13:58
Touhou11wessman: Set the owner to the user with write permissions, set the group to the apache-user (in a new group if necessary) with read permissions14:01
asusf3scome entro nella chat italiana sto avendo problemi tecnici , sono in livesession da chiavetta perch[ il c [ semi morto anche la tastiera [ tutta sballata non riesco ad usarla per andare nella chat italiana ..14:07
Pici!it | asusf3s14:07
ubottuasusf3s: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)14:08
slushpuppyHi, I remember there is a command to grab sources from sources and compile em yourself, could someone assist here?14:15
slushpuppysources from repos*14:15
llutzslushpuppy: apt-get source packagename14:16
slushpuppythanks llutz!14:16
ohuyвсем привет14:18
hellknightI recently installed Ubuntu 13.10.. do I need to install the official Intel drivers from Intel site or the ones on the disc will do? I'm on Intel Core i5 4570 and HD460014:21
vladishellknight, the drivers on the site is more recent, the driber on the disk is probably older. it's up to you14:23
hellknightvladis: Thanks.. I was on Arch Linux before, I mean on the older system. They worked on Pentium Dual Core G2020.. I think that I will download the ones from Intel site.14:24
koiuI have a question: in ubuntu maverick, when I ran sudo, the password was somehow saved for some minutes, when I opened another terminal after say 3 minutes, I did not need to enter the password again.14:27
compdocthats normal14:27
compdocI dont know how long it takes to time out14:28
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koiuIn precise that does not work any more14:31
koiuI have to enter the password ALWAYS, which is frustrating14:31
casper_does anyone know the sound drivers for an LT4004u?14:32
zaitzevWhen I run a session of tmux with a name, and then another tmux session, with a different name, how come the latter does not show up on the process list, when I do ps -aux?14:38
zaitzevand if I then kill the latter process using tmux kill-session -t sessionname, all sessions are terminated :C14:40
deinspanjerIf I set my archive URLs in sources.list to the main "http://archive.ubuntu.com", will that automatically select a mirror or will it really hammer the main archive?14:41
deinspanjerThis is a VM, and I'd like to set it to a reasonable default, but the VM will be used in multiple countries.14:41
zaitzevactually, I can make it work, even though it's not showing at all in ps..14:43
duane_need to burn music onto a disc. any suggestions on an app14:43
somsip!info brasero | duane_14:43
ubottuduane_: brasero (source: brasero): CD/DVD burning application for GNOME. In component main, is optional. Version 3.8.0-1ubuntu3 (saucy), package size 148 kB, installed size 1048 kB14:43
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sansar122Ubuntu is running slow on my laptop acer 5050 what to do? any solution guys?14:52
compdocdid it ever run fast on it?14:53
deinspanjerIs it okay to point sources.list to archive.ubuntu.com, and if so, does it happen to automatically select an appropriate mirror?14:54
Picideinspanjer: yes and no.14:54
deinspanjerPici: thank you very much.  Does there happen to exist an easy way to get apt to automatically select a mirror in an unattended fashion?  I'm setting up a VM that provisions itself with puppet.14:55
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deinspanjerAnd one more question.  I am thinking of moving /var/cache/apt/archives out of the VM into a shared directory on the host so that packages used by provisioning won't have to be re-downloaded whenever the VM is rolled back.  Would a simple simlink be appropriate or is there some config setting that I should change instead?14:59
deinspanjers/simlink/symlink/  Not sure how I managed to typo that. :)15:01
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ActionPa1snipdeinspanjer: could mount a network share (nfs etc) to the same folder, should be ok in my eyes. I'd run a test box first to see how it goes15:03
Picideinspanjer: You might be more interested in using something like apt-cacher-ng or squid-deb-proxy or similar.15:03
deinspanjerPici: I read about that, but I didn't really want to bother setting up an apache endpoint.  This is a very specific and small need. I just want to persist downloaded packages between VM wipes.  I'm using Vagrant, so by default, I have a shared folder in the VM named /vagrant that maps back to the vagrant project directory on the host.  So I was just thinking about symlinking /var/cache/apt/archives to /vagrant/.cache15:07
poopuserHi. What modules need to be installed in order to use usb drives?15:10
Picideinspanjer: give it a shot then :)15:10
philinuxpoopuser;~ none at all just plug them in15:11
poopuserphilinux: I am using xubuntu. I just plugged my phone and nothing. I've noticed that even usb storage module was not loaded.15:11
jpdspoopuser: xubuntu uses the same kernel.15:12
philinuxpoopuser;~ with it plugged in open a terminal and use command lsusb15:12
philinuxpoopuser;~ thats a lower case L15:12
philinuxpoopuser;~ even better do this  , use copy and paste lsusb | pastebinit15:14
k1lpoopuser: mtp works with nautilus15:14
philinuxpoopuser;~ my galaxy s3 works in mpt or usb mode15:14
poopuserphilinux: lsusb does not lists the device15:20
philinuxpoopuser;~ which phone model?15:21
k1lpoopuser: which phone is it with which android? and is usb mode or mtp mode activated?15:21
poopuserphilinux: k1l sony ericsson something, rhel I've got on the another machine recognizes the storage without a problem15:26
k1lpoopuser: then pastebin the output of dmesg after you put that cable in, please15:27
poopuserk1l: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6838397/15:29
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k1lpoopuser: are you sure its plugged in?15:31
poopuserk1l: positive15:32
k1lthe paste doesnt think say so15:32
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relipseI have an ftp server and for some reason i try to transfer a file via ftp and it fails15:39
relipsewhat is the issue15:39
DammitJimmy 'apt-get update' is very slow15:40
DammitJimwhat should I do to speed it up?15:40
DammitJimsometimes it's fast, sometimes it's slow15:40
DammitJimI just added "mirrors" to my source.list, but it's still Waiting for Headers15:40
UchM0ndcheck your Internet connection speed15:41
DammitJimUchM0nd, internet connection is good according to speakeasy.net15:41
DammitJimand I just updated my Debian boxes15:41
DammitJimyou are right, though... I probably screwed something up15:42
philinuxDammitJim;~ try changing server to main15:42
hitsujiTMOor to ca15:42
DammitJimyou mean, remove the mirrors section I added15:42
DammitJimand then where do I put main?15:43
hitsujiTMODammitJim: can you pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list15:43
DammitJimthis is what I currently have15:43
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philinuxDammitJim;~ software and updates first tab "download from "15:44
hitsujiTMODammitJim: thats not how to set mirrors15:44
DammitJimthanks hitsujiTMO15:44
hitsujiTMODammitJim: remove the deb mirror: lines. change instances of us. to ca.    and try again15:45
DammitJimhow do I set them? That's what I followed from here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/37753/how-can-i-get-apt-to-use-a-mirror-close-to-me-or-choose-a-faster-mirror15:45
BoreeasCan someone explain this error I get when compiling cockatrice: http://pastebin.com/rwyxDaFC15:46
DammitJimok, I just removed those new lines I added with deb mirrors15:46
DammitJimand replaced anything us. to ca.15:46
mads-hehe, cock-atrice15:46
hitsujiTMODammitJim: try: sudo apt-get update now15:47
ubottuFunnyMoment: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».15:47
DammitJimw/o the word now of course, right?15:47
hitsujiTMOofc lol15:48
hitsujiTMODammitJim: to be clear, the deb mirror:// does work, but can cause problems with source parsers, and i've heard it can be a little unreliable with some isps, you also set deb mirror without the other entries for it to work propperly.15:50
DammitJimoh ok, thank you hitsujiTMO15:51
DammitJimweird, it's still slow15:51
hitsujiTMODammitJim: usually best to just specify a mirror selectively15:51
hitsujiTMODammitJim: you are in us right?15:51
DammitJimI"m getting Ign http://security.ubuntu.com precise-security Release and at 9% since you said to do apt-get update15:51
DammitJimyes, sir, Florida15:51
DammitJimso, it seems I'm not even hitting them, huh?15:52
DammitJimsince I'm getting an Ign15:52
DammitJimtelnet to ca.archive.ubuntu.com 80 responds, though15:53
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hitsujiTMODammitJim: can you try http://www.speedtest.net/ and see what speeds you are getting15:54
DammitJimI wish there was a command line test tool15:54
jribDammitJim: wget some file?15:54
DammitJimnot a bad idea15:55
DammitJimhhmmmm... let me see what file I can get15:55
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hitsujiTMODammitJim: try http://bhs.proof.ovh.net/files/10Mb.dat15:56
DammitJimHTTP request sent, awaiting response...15:57
DammitJiminteresting... maybe I Do have a network problem15:58
DammitJimit worked 30 minutes ago, so probably network latency?15:58
DammitJimservice unavailable15:58
DammitJimthat's purely HTTP, right?15:59
DammitJim'cause I want to make sure I don't have any type of firewall issues15:59
hitsujiTMOyup. i'm in ireland and i get that file in < 2 seconds15:59
DammitJimhitsujiTMO, I just got it on another machine that is on a different VLAN15:59
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UchM0ndbackup your source list file and regenerate it http://repogen.simplylinux.ch16:00
DammitJimUchM0nd, who are you talking to?16:00
UchM0ndDammitJim you16:01
DammitJimwhy would I want to do that?16:01
hitsujiTMOUchM0nd: i prefer http://source.hitsuji.eu/ :P16:01
daftykinshitsujiTMO: XD16:02
UchM0ndDammitJim i had similar problem and i resolve it with regenerating new one16:02
imghosthitsujiTMO, great :D16:02
DammitJimUchM0nd, if you read everything I said... I might be having a network problem16:02
hitsujiTMOdaftykins: imghost its what happens when i get bored :P16:03
imghostDammitJim, pastebin sudo lshw -C network16:03
UchM0ndif you hav network problems how you got here anyway :D16:03
imghosthitsujiTMO, +116:03
pietro10Hi. I added the VirtualBox repository from virtualbox.org. It specifies virtualbox-4.3 as16:04
pietro10Package: virtualbox-4.316:04
pietro10Version: 4.3.6-91406~Ubuntu~raring16:04
pietro10and the version in the repos right now are 4.3.016:04
pietro10however apt-get update doesn't recognize the version on the virtalbox website as newer16:05
DammitJimI actually added an entry in my /etc/network/interfaces to disable ipv616:05
DammitJimbut then I removed it16:05
pietro10it DOES recognize the repos, because it does provide a newer virtualbox 4.216:05
DammitJimwhen I call ifconfig, I don't see ipv6 addresses16:05
DammitJimI probably borked something16:05
pietro10how can I get the latest virtualbox-4.3?16:05
pietro10repo: http://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/debian/dists/saucy16:05
imghostDammitJim, ipv6???16:05
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hitsujiTMOpietro10: what was the line you added to sources.list?16:06
DammitJimyeah, I read http://www.bearfruit.org/2013/05/06/ubuntu-server-having-ipv6-probs-its-easy-to-disable/16:06
DammitJimand it suggested to do that16:06
imghostDammitJim, just for my info paste the output of sudo lshw -C network and sudo lsof -i16:07
llutzpietro10: sudo apt-get update && apt-cache policy virtualbox-4.3                  what version is shown as candidate?16:07
DammitJimimghost, what do you mean for your info?16:07
pietro10cmd: deb http://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/debian saucy non-free contrib16:08
pietro10cmd: # deb-src http://download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/debian saucy contrib16:08
pietro10@  hitsujiTMO16:08
hitsujiTMODammitJim: so he can be thorough in what he understands of your system before giving advice16:08
pietro10it was added with apt-add-repository; I put in non-free in an attempt to fix, but that didn't do anything16:08
pietro10llutz: getting; one moment16:09
imghostDammitJim, are you sure ipv6 is enabled?, please post the output of ifconfig16:09
pietro10llutz: http://sprunge.us/SDDJ16:10
pietro10oh I see the problem16:10
llutzpietro10: pinning, mint etc16:10
hitsujiTMO!mint | pietro1016:10
ubottupietro10: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org16:10
pietro10forgot it liked to replace packages on me16:10
imghostDammitJim, without seeing outputs how someone can help you?, hitsujiTMO asked you to check your internet speed16:10
pietro10I really really want to go back to vanilla ubuntu16:10
DammitJimimghost, yes sir. I will provide it after I check my internet speed16:11
DammitJimI'm not trying to figure out if it is just the server vs the actual network16:11
imghostDammitJim, atleast show us the output of ifconfig16:11
pietro10hitsujiTMO, llutz thanks; I'm not going to bother fixing this problem, and will finally chuck this thing this weekend16:12
pietro10last straw16:12
pietro10now to decide if I want vanilla kubuntu or ubuntu studio...16:12
DammitJimok, it seems to be just this one machine16:12
imghostDammitJim, also sudo lshw -C network so that we can see some information about your hardwares16:12
imghostDammitJim, ok cool i will not ask you ever again16:13
yottabytedoes ubuntu come with opengl?16:13
DammitJimthat's lshw -C network16:14
DammitJimwhat was the other one?16:14
imghostDammitJim, not intrested16:14
DammitJimthat's nice16:15
DammitJimimghost, I'm sorry... I don't know a ton about linux and I didn't know what information is sensitive or not16:16
hitsujiTMODammitJim: if you have a webserver running on the network, wget a file on that16:16
hitsujiTMODammitJim: pastebin output of: ifconfig16:16
DammitJimifconfig http://pastie.org/867906616:17
DammitJimweird... I had an ipv6 address there earlier before I messed around with sysctl.conf16:17
imghostDammitJim, as a friendly advice never do any experiments on your system for random websites16:17
DammitJimthanks imghost16:18
hitsujiTMODammitJim: dropped:24171 <- thats rather bad16:18
DammitJimI was doubting hitsujiTMO LOL16:18
DammitJimman, I don't have another web server internally16:18
TJ-DammitJim: hitsujiTMO Dropped RX packets would be expected if there is IPv6 traffic hitting the interface but IPv6 has been disabled16:20
imghostDammitJim, its just your internet connection is slow now so do test it at16:20
DammitJimok, I rebooted the server and this is what ifconfig says:16:20
DammitJimyeah... it freaked me out that the ipv6 line wasn't showing up16:21
DammitJimbut now it is16:21
hitsujiTMOTJ-: 50% of the packets tho?16:21
DammitJimdo test what, imghost ?16:21
TJ-hitsujiTMO: Depends on how much traffic there is, I've seen higher on IPv6 only interfaces16:21
DammitJimI was able to get the file from another server16:22
hitsujiTMOi guess so yeah16:22
DammitJimand I'm still getting Service unavailable16:22
imghostDammitJim, yes now it is enabled now go to speedtest,net and check ur net speed16:22
DammitJimimghost, I don't have a browser on this machine16:23
TJ-hitsujiTMO: I'd also expect to see dropped RX packets (IPv4 or IPv6) if the VLAN is misconfigured and routing packets to that interface that don't match its MAC address. I'd recommend tcpdump  to monitor it16:23
DammitJimhold on, I think I got lynx16:23
imghostok ok,16:23
linuxearthhello everyone16:23
x-warriorIm trying to install ubuntu 13.10 from a pendrive created on windows. I can boot it, select install... But it freezes with some messages on screen... Something related to syncronizing scsi cache. I have an ssd disk on notebook. What coukd be the problem?16:23
x-warriorDo i need any special parameters?16:24
sudormrfis anyone around to help me out with an issue with cron and possibly a testparm?16:25
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Tom1i need a shorthand typing software .16:25
Tom1can anyone help?16:26
x-warriorThis is what i see ... https://www.dropbox.com/sc/hzd1a5534vefqer/1XdgTTSaOB16:26
dupingping86hi everybody16:26
Tom1i need a shorthand typing software , can anyone help?16:27
hitsujiTMODammitJim: lets try what tj- suggested: sudo tcpdump                       let that run for 60 secs16:27
dupingping86you know a way to use printer that remote printer shared from windows server, without driver.16:27
daftykinsx-warrior: can you unplug as many unnecessary USB devices from the system as possible?16:28
dupingping86you know a way to use printer that remote printer shared from windows server, without driver?16:28
TJ-hitsujiTMO: DammitJim: can you pastebin the output of "ethtool -g eth0"16:28
x-warriorDaftykins i will try16:29
hitsujiTMODammitJim: or slightly better: sudo apt-get install pastebinit && sudo tcpdump 2>&1 | pastebinit                leave it run for 60 secs then ctrl + c16:29
DammitJimhold on, on the phone16:30
dupingping86 you know a way to use printer that remote printer shared from windows server, without driver.16:30
TJ-hitsujiTMO: For 'tcpdump' I'd recommend "tcpdump -ni eth0 ..." to prevent name-resolution attempts, and ignore localhost16:30
dupingping86 you know a way to use printer that remote printer shared from windows server, without driver?16:30
sesnf #hackerearth16:30
dupingping86 you know a way to use printer that remote printer shared from windows server, without driver?16:30
dupingping86 you know a way to use printer that remote printer shared from windows server, without driver?16:30
hitsujiTMOTJ-: sweet, will note for future16:30
sudormrfThe issue I am having is that I am trying to run a certain command using cron, however the command fails as a cronjob.  I can run it manually without issues.  I believe this may have something to do with the smb.conf and possibly information that testparm is looking for.  If anyone can help out, please let me know.16:30
dupingping86 you know a way to use printer that remote printer shared from windows server, without driver?16:30
Picidupingping86: stop repeating16:30
hitsujiTMO!patience | dupingping8616:30
ubottudupingping86: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/16:30
DammitJimhitsujiTMO, unable to locate package pastebininit16:30
hitsujiTMODammitJim: one in too many, pastebinit16:31
x-warriorDaftykins it still gets stucked but know the last messages are about sdc write protect is off, no caching mode page found, attached scsi removable disk...16:31
DammitJimone in too many what?16:32
Picidupingping86: its paste bin it not paste bin init16:32
hitsujiTMODammitJim: you wrote pastebininit not pastebinit16:32
daftykinsx-warrior: the trouble is those messages may not even be anything to do with what's causing it to stop16:32
dupingping86I have heavy eyes!16:33
DammitJimhitsujiTMO, you want me to run: sudo apt-get install pastebinit && sudo tcpdump 2>&116:33
DammitJimE: Unable to locate package pastebinit16:33
DammitJimI probably need to do an update first LOL16:34
DoomBoomI just installed VBA-M via dpkg, it required a a library called libgtkglext1:i386, now I wanted to install desmume, but it requires libgtkglext1, which conflicts with its 32-bit version. Will I never be able to have both programs installed because of this?16:34
DammitJimis the purpose of install pastebinit to just see what the system does?16:34
hitsujiTMODammitJim: pastebinit allows you to "pastebin" the text output from a command or file with ease16:35
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dupingping86you know a way to use printer that remote printer shared from windows server, without driver? help me!16:35
DammitJimso, what do we do now?16:35
hitsujiTMODammitJim: when you run sudo tcpdump 2>&1 add the -n flag so it would be : sudo tcpdump -n 2>&1 | pastebinit16:35
DammitJimweird... it doesn't know of ntpd either16:36
DammitJimok, I can't get pastebinit16:36
dupingping86you know a way to use printer that remote printer shared from windows server, without driver?16:36
dupingping86please help me. ASAP16:36
imghostdupingping86, better use websearch16:37
daftykinsdupingping86: impatience will only anger us16:37
hitsujiTMODammitJim: sudo tcpdump -n 2>&1 | curl -F 'sprunge=<-' http://sprunge.us16:37
Wh4tTheFvkPicture of my whore ex-girlfriend naked for your enjoyment: http://imgchili.net/show/43408/43408028_image.jpg16:38
Wh4tTheFvkPicture of my whore ex-girlfriend naked for your enjoyment: http://imgchili.net/show/43408/43408028_image.jpg16:38
dupingping86I'm anger, too.16:38
DammitJimhitsujiTMO, for how long do I run the last command?16:39
x-warriorDaftykins so how could i figure out what is going on? It is my first time installing ubuntu in this notebook16:39
DammitJimI'm going to see if I can upload a capture of tcpdump16:39
hitsujiTMODammitJim: about 30 - 60 secs16:39
FloodBot1dupingping86: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:39
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DammitJimhitsujiTMO, do I just stop it with ^C?16:40
daftykinsx-warrior: can you confirm the flash drive is good with another computer?16:41
DammitJimhitsujiTMO, what service can I use to upload a file16:41
dupingping86i am patience16:41
DammitJimok, it's done, hitsujiTMO16:41
dupingping86i'll patience16:41
hitsujiTMODammitJim: cat blarrrg | curl -F 'sprunge=<-' http://sprunge.us16:41
dupingping86I like to fast answer!16:42
DammitJimcat: blarrrg: No such file directory16:42
hitsujiTMODammitJim: by blarrrg i mean the dump file16:42
dupingping86you know a way to use printer that remote printer shared from windows server, without driver?16:42
maksim_kahi, is there a way to fix this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/php5/+bug/1241498 ?16:43
ubottuUbuntu bug 1241498 in php5 (Ubuntu) "package libapache2-mod-php5 5.5.3+dfsg-1ubuntu2 failed to install/upgrade: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Medium,Confirmed]16:43
dupingping86Hey everybody. look at me!16:43
maksim_kaI am unable to get libapache2-mod-php5 to get installed16:43
x-warriordaftykins i will have to wait my roomie, but yes... I will try that. Any other tip?16:43
DammitJimhitsujiTMO, from your command, what is the dump file name?16:43
daftykinsx-warrior: hmm, what did you use to make it up from Windows?16:44
hitsujiTMODammitJim: the tcp dump. did you dump that to a file?16:44
dupingping86Who does know about remote print?16:44
k1l!patience > dupingping8616:44
ubottudupingping86, please see my private message16:44
DammitJimhitsujiTMO, I ran this: sudo tcpdump -n 2>&1 | curl -F 'sprunge=<-' http://sprunge.us16:44
geniidupingping86: As much as you would like or demand a fast answer, please wait for someone to assist with your printing issue.16:44
hitsujiTMOmaksim_ka: cat /etc/issue16:44
k1ldupingping86: and when you ask a specific question people can give specific answers16:45
hitsujiTMODammitJim: ok, did that produce a url?16:45
Xuisce1hi all16:45
DammitJimno, when I hit ^C, it just exited16:46
DammitJimhitsujiTMO, check out the tempsend I put up, it has a capture16:46
maksim_kahitsujiTMO: ubuntu 12,04.4 LTS16:47
hitsujiTMODammitJim: ok, there does seem to be a reasonably large amount of ipv6 traffic16:47
geniidupingping86: If no one is taking your issue on, it is OK to occasionally re-state it perhaps every 10-15 minutes. But please don't spam.16:47
=== diablo_ is now known as [diablo]
DammitJimhitsujiTMO, I didn't mean that ipv6 was the problem16:48
DammitJimbut I did find that issue by googling it16:48
hitsujiTMODammitJim: no, that explains the dropped packets16:48
DammitJimoh ok16:48
DammitJimbut why the heck can I not hit the updates?16:49
DammitJimbtw, I have no browser on that machine with the problem16:50
DammitJimI'm purely ssh16:50
dupingping86hey decrib me chameleon(bootloader)!16:50
hitsujiTMOmaksim_ka: whats the output of: apt-cache policy libapache2-mod-php516:50
dupingping86who know chameleon?16:51
hitsujiTMO!ot | dupingping86 thats not ubuntu related16:51
ubottudupingping86 thats not ubuntu related: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!16:51
dupingping86ubuntu can be installed MACBOOK using usb stick!16:53
=== jack is now known as Guest97791
dupingping86ubuntu can be installed MACBOOK using usb stick?16:53
hitsujiTMO!mac | dupingping8616:54
ubottudupingping86: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages16:54
DammitJimI"m looking at my firewall logs to see what's going on with this machine16:54
dupingping86I already see that insrtuction16:54
dupingping86occur boot error on macbook16:55
hitsujiTMOdupingping86: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/How%20to%20install%20Ubuntu%20on%20MacBook%20using%20USB%20Stick16:55
TJ-DammitJim: In the tcpdump there is a *lot* of Windows WLBS (load-balancing service) packets ... is that supposed to be on that VLAN?16:55
dupingping86I saw "Boot error" at MacBook screen.16:55
DammitJimTJ, yes16:56
DammitJimI mean, I don't know if there are supposed to be so many load balancing packets16:56
DammitJimbut that is part of that VLAN16:56
TJ-DammitJim: that may account for the "dropped packets" count then, so we can discount it as part of the reason for bad connectivity16:56
dupingping86patience DammitJim16:56
dupingping86After me16:57
dupingping86I saw "Boot error" at MacBook screen.16:57
hans_how can i ficks my brightness problem for my laptop16:57
maksim_kahitsujiTMO: http://pastebin.com/TtYPd1Ft16:57
dupingping86patience hans_, after me.16:57
dupingping86I'm very busy.16:57
TJ-DammitJim: Can you do "ip route ls | pastebinit"16:58
dupingping86I'm sorry16:58
hitsujiTMOmaksim_ka: you'll have to contact the ppa maintainer about that one. ppas are unsupported16:58
maksim_kahitsujiTMO: is there any work around for this ?16:58
hitsujiTMO!details | hans_16:58
ubottuhans_: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."16:58
DammitJimcan't pastebinit16:59
dupingping86hey! gentlemans!16:59
hans_i have a acer v3 laptop after reboot my screen brightness is full16:59
dupingping86please help me!16:59
hitsujiTMO!patience | dupingping8616:59
ubottudupingping86: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/16:59
hans_i need to change it after every reboot17:00
DammitJimI Know what it is!17:00
DammitJimI don't have a NAT for it17:00
geniidupingping86: As for your printing issue, you may want to have a look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/NetworkPrintingWithUbuntu#Windows_print_server17:00
dupingping86please wait17:00
dupingping86ok genii17:00
dupingping86very much17:00
hans_i will ask it later17:01
=== cebor_ is now known as cebor
hans_i will eat first ok17:01
DammitJimpiece of crap17:01
DammitJimthank you imghost17:02
DammitJimthank you TJ-17:02
DammitJimand thank you hitsujiTMO17:02
FloodBot1DammitJim: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:02
geniidupingping86: And try to be patient :) There is a limited number of helpers in the channel, and often there is no one around who may know of a solution to your current problem. This is why to re-ask every 10-15 minutes to see if a new helper may have arrived who DOES know about the issue.17:02
Tresdcbfrvsome1 here use Psad ?17:02
vanishing!anyone | Tresdcbfrv17:02
ubottuTresdcbfrv: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.17:02
dupingping86genii: I see. Thank you very much!17:04
geniidupingping86: You're welcome!17:04
dupingping86I wish to call you my friend.17:04
dupingping86Are you login from time? to time?17:05
ubottuPlease give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."17:05
Wiz_KeeDGuys, I got a message from warranty saying that the wireless card installed (instead of the original one) is superior in terms of quality, yet the current one does not have nearly the same downloading power as the original, is there any way I can test?17:05
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.17:06
Tresdcbfrvwhere i can find the rules how to ask questions in this channel ?17:06
hitsujiTMO!guidelines | Tresdcbfrv17:07
ubottuTresdcbfrv: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines17:07
dupingping86genni: see your privacy chat17:07
DammitJimif I want to install ntpd, what package should I use?17:08
DammitJimI see openntpd17:08
DammitJimbut I thought there used to be a plain ntpd package?17:08
hitsujiTMODammitJim: ntp or openntpd17:08
DammitJimhitsujiTMO, doe ntp have ntpd service?17:09
selfishI need somebody to slap the dust off my brain...  I download the RTC build of Eclipse, extract the zip, cd to the client directory, ls shows the eclipse ELF.  When I ./eclipse  "no  such file or directory?  Perms are set properly, owner is me, java vm is set properly17:09
hitsujiTMO!find ntpd | DammitJim17:09
ubottuDammitJim: Found: ntpdate, cyrus-nntpd, cyrus-nntpd-2.2, cyrus-nntpd-2.4, openntpd17:09
selfishWhat am I missing?17:09
hitsujiTMODammitJim: bash-completion package also suggest ntp17:10
hitsujiTMOselfish: was it a zip or tar?17:12
hitsujiTMOselfish: whats the output of: file eclipse17:13
=== boom is now known as Guest94890
TJ-selfish: The file-system you extracted to doesn't have eXec permissions?17:15
selfishfile is an ELF, it came as a .zip and I used unzip to extract it17:15
hitsujiTMOselfish: did you chmod +x it?17:15
=== hdevalence is now known as hdevalence|away
DammitJimhitsujiTMO, what is bash completion package?17:16
selfishi did not, it came as 755 out of the zip17:16
hitsujiTMOselfish: is it 32bit? did you extract it to fat32 or ntfs file system?17:17
hitsujiTMODammitJim: should have said command-not-found package sorry17:17
whiskers75selfish: file thingy.elf17:18
selfishhitsujiTMO: it is 32b, fs type is EXT417:19
hitsujiTMOselfish: ldd eclipse17:19
selfish"not a dynamic executable"17:19
=== Pebbe is now known as Pebbe|Away
=== Pebbe|Away is now known as Pebbe
selfishhrmm, 32b elf not compiled to work on 64b?17:20
hitsujiTMOselfish: my presumption is you are missing dependencies17:21
selfishthat's possible, it came as one "working" zip file from IBM17:21
charlie_hello , I would like to know if it is possible to program a beaglebone black using C ?17:23
whiskers75charlie_: It is.17:24
whiskers75Install gcc, go wild17:24
charlie_ok thanks17:24
geniicharlie_: Might also want to visit #ubuntu-arm17:27
santanaalguem  fala portugues brazil?17:31
hitsujiTMO!pt | santana17:31
ubottusantana: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.17:31
santanagood nigth17:32
kalekip1Hey, does anybody how I can disable the ¨ character when pressing <SHIFT> + <'> twice?17:35
charlie_ /notice genii I will thx17:35
=== bfiller is now known as bfiller_afk
ironi cant see the OS select screen on boot.  I am holding the "Shift" key down also and still nothing.  Can someone help me please?17:37
geniiiron: Is it the Shift key on the left side only of your keyboard?17:38
ironno i have one on the right also17:39
ironbut i do use the one on the left17:39
geniiiron: If it's an older Grub, you may need to use the Esc key instead17:39
ironit;s the latest ubuntu17:40
ironi think my monitor doesn't support the resolution or something.  it says input signal out of range, monitor going to sleep17:40
bilzhi. anyone know if its possible to make a bootable ubuntu usb from windows 7 without admin rights somehow??17:41
daftykinswithout admin rights 0o17:42
hitsujiTMObilz: uefi one should work if you have a fat32 formatted usb17:42
daftykinsprobably not17:42
hitsujiTMObilz: mbr no tho17:42
ironi really want a dual boot system, ubuntu wont let me.17:42
ironi'll try the escape key and come back.17:43
bilzhitsujiTMO: dang... so there is no way to boot without mbr right? (soryr, not completely in know the know about this...)17:43
hitsujiTMObilz: no, you must have admin rights to install the bootstrap17:43
bilzcrap that sucks17:44
bilzwhat about some kinda of virtual box that doesnt need admin rights?17:44
bilzso i can install ubuntu, and then through that create a usb bootable drive?17:44
bilzwould need that without admin rights too though....17:44
=== snor2 is now known as snorlax
hitsujiTMObilz: you'd need admin rights to install the virtualisation software tho17:45
ironi'm back17:46
SonikkuAmericabilz: You can't escape an administrator-configured UAC if you didn't set it up, unless you're also an admin17:46
ironesc key does nothin on boot, it just freezes17:46
ironso can anyone else help me ?17:46
bilzdam it... work are busting my balls with this laptop. thanks17:46
ironi cant get OS select screen on boot.17:47
ironscreen just goes black, says input out of range, monitor going to sleep17:47
TJ-iron: By "OS select screen" I take it you mean the GRUB boot-loader menu?17:48
ironyes TJ17:48
ironhow do i get it back17:49
TJ-iron: earlier, you also said, I think that the system has 2 monitors, and 1 is OK but the primary is the one that goes 'out of range' ?17:49
ironno, I only have one monitor.  i said i had 2 shift keys17:49
TJ-iron: Ahhh, OK, I must have mixed your comments up with someone elses17:50
TJ-iron: What monitor is connected (make/model), and to what port (VGA, DVI, HDMI, etc?)17:50
ironhp vs1717:52
ironmy pc has ATI onboard graphics if that means anything17:54
TJ-iron: OK, so the monitor is capable of 1280×1024. Has this ever worked? If so, have you recently altered GRUB's GFX settings?17:54
ironi used this monitor on a much older version of ubuntu years ago. I tried altering the settings to get it to work and still dont work.  i even used an old boot repair disc just an hour ago and still nothing.17:56
Gandihi, thx, my ubuntu finally works:) how can i back it up this time?17:57
b0ximage it17:58
=== marc_ is now known as Guest25753
TJ-iron, so the PC has an existing Ubuntu installation that worked with another monitor?17:59
Gandib0x can you give me link to a manual that will explain that?17:59
SECCRETTJ-:  romanian ?17:59
SECCRETsomebody romanian here ?17:59
ironit had that 2 years ago on a different HDD17:59
TJ-iron: But how about now? What Ubuntu are you using now? It is, for example, an Ubuntu 13.10 Live DVD/USB ?18:00
subhojit777I was configuring port settings of a remote server, I was doing this at office, the port setiings were not working and I logged out from remote server. I am trying now at home and I cannot log into the remote server, it says connection timed out. I know I did something wrong by mistake. Is there any way to bypass this. Please help18:00
TJ-subhojit777: without a remote IPMI/net-KVM, or some VPN access, no18:01
ironi just downloaded it 2 days ago from the Ubuntu site.  it's the latest one.  it;s fully installed18:02
subhojit777TJ-, yes by the way I am using vpn host to connect to server. I have to login using anyconnect and do ssh18:03
geniisubhojit777: If you have external access to the router which is between the server and home, you can forward port 22 there for ssh and then see if you can login18:03
TJ-iron: OK, I'm beginning to understand it now. Does the PC have a BIOS or is it UEFI?18:03
subhojit777sorry, could you please provide some simple way, I am a beginner in networking :)18:04
subhojit777genii, no I do not have such access18:05
ironyes it has a bios. the pc I bought many years ago it is an HP a1310n and had Windows XP Media Center Edition installed on it.  I just put Windows XP on it and the latest ubuntu.18:05
geniisubhojit777: So unfortunately then, you must return to the office for more tinkering :(18:05
ironjust 2 OS's18:05
subhojit777I cannot even do ssh and login18:06
MonkeyDust!ro | SECCRET18:07
ubottuSECCRET: Daca doriti ajutor sau doriti sa discutati despre Ubuntu/Kubuntu/Xubuntu, intrati pe #ubuntu-ro18:07
SECCRETok MonkeyDust  10x18:07
SECCRETi find somebody to help me18:07
MonkeyDustSECCRET  then try to ask your question is english18:08
hans_where back18:08
TJ-iron: OK, so when Ubuntu was installed it would have installed grub-pc as the boot-loader, into an MBR partition table. If the Shift key isn't bringing up the grub boot menu it would suggest the boot-loader didn't get installed correctly.18:08
hans_can some one help me18:08
Tresdcbfrvis there here users who use Psad in ubuntu?18:09
MonkeyDusthans_  start with a question18:09
TJ-iron: Does the PC start into Windows?18:09
hans_i have a acer v3 laptop18:09
hans_i have in stall ubuntu 13.10 every time after reboot i must reinstall my brightness18:10
hans_how can i ficks it18:10
gatchilightspark was so workingfor me in firefox but now its only18:12
gatchikinda working18:12
gatchiits detecting and looks like its about to load and play a song, but then doesnt18:13
gatchilike its getting stuck18:13
ben14in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, my netbooks SD card readers wont detect memory cards but they do in Windows, how do I fix that18:16
ironi get no choice to boot into windows18:17
ironit just goes into Ubuntu18:18
atomxNow I noticed that Ubuntu does not use init, but replaced it with upstart18:18
atomxWho knows " upstart "?18:18
ben14is there any special drivers I need for SD card readers in Ubuntu 12.04?18:19
rustuptwistTJ-: you up and about18:19
atomxben14: for me the SD worked alone, no trouble18:20
eurythmiaatomx: I know that upstart is buggy as hell, and its only real claim to fame is that it's sysV init compatible.18:21
ben14hmm odd. I have no idea it wont work on ubuntu but it does in Windows18:21
ben14windows xp is what it had. it is the Acer Aspire one AOA150 from 200818:21
darius93anyon  know why when i type an application into unity dash that it doesnt show any applications at all?18:22
atomxit does not depend on hardware. a driver for SD is surely installed by default in ubuntu. more than that, I have no idea18:22
speaker1234trying to install smokeping package on 13.10 and it is failing18:23
speaker1234something is wrong with the url to file path translation18:24
gordonjcpeurythmia: the problem with systemd is that while everyone goes "ZOMG upstart is Ubuntu-only and no-one uses it", if you use systemd you have to allow Lennart Poettering sell processor time on your computer for meth18:24
=== bazhang_ is now known as bazhang
speaker1234what do I add to the apache log to show file path?18:25
ironyou still here TJ?18:25
ben14is there any security holes in Ubuntu that need to be fixed on first install of 12.04?18:26
eurythmiagordonjcp: no arguments here; my argument is that I don't know of a better general-purpose alternative18:30
eurythmia*to upstart18:30
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=== Neptunia is now known as Sora-kun
eurythmiaSonikkuAmerica: see gordonjcp's comment above.18:33
Gandicould anyone explain(link, man-page) to something that could make a new(ish) user understand http://paste.ubuntu.com/6839386/18:33
SonikkuAmericalol, meth18:34
AneironHello, my syste seems to begin spontaneously transmitting upload data with its maximum capacity without a network application being active, does anyone know what may be causing it and how to prevent it from happening?18:37
rustuptwistTJ-: you still able to help me with the disk partition/preparation for Ubuntu install?18:37
subhojit777Is there any other way to log into a remote server. I have accidentally messed up the port setting of the remote and now I cannot login18:39
Lowell20_list -h18:39
sudormrflooking for help with cron, tempparm and smb conf is anyone is around!18:39
=== Wheelman is now known as Centrino
subhojit777Lowell20, were you telling me?18:41
=== Thor|Away is now known as Thorium220
goganchiccan anybody suggest laptop with long battery life suitable for ubuntu?18:47
sudormrflooking for help with cron, tempparm and smb conf is anyone is around!18:48
DammitJimwhy is it that when I do a cat /etc/debian_version, it says wheezy/sid ?18:55
DammitJimI mean, why is there a debian_version file?18:56
DammitJimI mean, how do I find out what version of ubuntu I'm running?18:56
sudormrfDammitJim, uname -a18:57
PiciDammitJim: cat /etc/issue or lsb_release -a18:57
DammitJimthanks Pici18:57
DammitJimcat /etc/issue tells me Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS18:57
SonikkuAmericasudormrf: You do realize your nick is a little ... um...18:57
sudormrfSonikkuAmerica, yes :P18:57
DammitJimwhich is good 'cause I didn't remember the number from Precise18:57
sudormrfPici, thanks :D18:58
SonikkuAmerica(Mine tells me "Ubuntu 13.10 \n \l")18:58
SonikkuAmericaWhy the ESC sequences18:58
Strawbnobody knows about ubuntu here?18:59
antifahi guys how do I find out my Ktorrent version ?18:59
SonikkuAmerica!patience | Strawb19:01
ubottuStrawb: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com/ or http://ubuntuforums.org/ or http://askubuntu.com/19:01
rustuptwistany suggestions on programs I can download to get my windows 7 partitions (shrunk) ready for an ubuntu install. i have 4 partitions and need to shrink one. otherwise the LIveCD is only giving me option to boot ubuntu inside windows not alongside19:01
sudormrfSonikkuAmerica, yeah, I noticed those too.19:02
sudormrfStrawb, ask your question, someone will help out if they can.19:03
sudormrfhey guys, I am having a sort of complicated issue that involves cron, tempparm and possibly smb.conf.  If anyone in here can help out, I would appreciate it.19:03
SonikkuAmericarustuptwist: Use Windows Disk Management - hit Win+R and type "diskmgmt.msc" in the window19:03
param_i have a dell inspiron15 3521 lappie , i have installed ubuntu 12.04 in it,  its wi fi drivers are not installed19:04
rustuptwistSonikkuAmerica: done19:05
param_i have a dell inspiron15 3521 lappie , i have installed ubuntu 12.04 in it,  its wi fi drivers are not installed , how to fix this19:06
Oliver_Hey guys, I'm on 12.04 lts19:06
sudormrfrustuptwist, the other option would be gparted.19:06
SonikkuAmericarustuptwist: Next step: boot from the media you put Ubuntu on.19:06
Oliver_Is there a way to see the amount of ram in my notebook via terminal?19:06
SonikkuAmericaOliver_: [ free -m ]19:07
rustuptwistSonikkuAmerica: i need to choose shrink next?19:07
SonikkuAmericarustuptwist: Yeah19:07
Oliver_SonikkuAmerica: thx19:07
SonikkuAmericaOliver_: Look directly to the right of "Mem:" under "total"19:07
rustuptwistSonikkuAmerica: btw all four partitions are primary partitions. there are 4 of them already19:08
SonikkuAmericaOliver_: You'll see the amount of RAM in MB19:08
sudormrfOliver_, cat /proc/meminfo19:08
Oliver_So Total is 2006 for "mem", what is "swap" I have 2035 for that19:08
=== BalkM is now known as bMalum
SonikkuAmerica!swap | Oliver_19:09
ubottuOliver_: swap is used to move unused programs and data out of main memory to make your system faster. It can also be used as extra memory if you don't have enough. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq for more info19:09
SonikkuAmericaOliver_: If you've used Windows in the past, swap space is like virtual memeory19:09
=== dingus is now known as dannym
rustuptwistSonikkuAmerica: so my concern is, the last time i did it on my sons compaq i created too many partitions or something so someone here (TJ- ) had to help me make one logical or something that i still dont understand. Hoping to avoid that mess this time around19:10
Oliver_SonikkuAmerica: Ok.19:10
SonikkuAmericarustuptwist: You only need shrink one space and create another primary partition.19:11
rustuptwistSonikkuAmerica: all 4 existing space are primary currently19:11
lorenzohi! I've formatted an external hard drive with ext319:12
=== aaron is now known as Guest36938
lorenzobut I can't seem to write in it, it tells me I have no permission to do so19:12
lorenzothat's my mount output: /dev/sdb1 on /media/Backup type ext3 (rw,nosuid,nodev,uhelper=udisks)19:12
lorenzoany idea?19:12
lorenzoapparently it's being mounted as root19:13
=== Guest36938 is now known as whaledriver
tortuethat means your system don't find your device19:13
tortuedo your user is a sudoer?19:14
tortue@lorenzo do your user is a sudoer?19:14
lorenzoyes it is19:15
rustuptwistSonikkuAmerica: so again I am concerned about creating a problem where one doesnt exist. I am not debating or questioning your knowledge as i have none, just stating what took place previously doing what ( i think) you are describing19:15
SonikkuAmericarustuptwist: Do you need all the primary partitions you currently have?19:15
tortueok try that command19:16
tortuels /media19:16
tortuetell me the answer19:16
rustuptwistSonikkuAmerica: only the one that houses win7 as i want to keep win7 on the laptop and have ability to boot Ubuntu and or win719:16
sudormrfrustuptwist, I have a computer that is triple booting and has no issues.19:16
lorenzotortue, hold on I'm trying to reformat the drive19:17
sudormrfrustuptwist, linux, win 7 and win 8.  that means there are at least 4 partitions on that machine.19:17
SonikkuAmericarustuptwist: What do the other primary partitions have in them?19:17
=== snor2 is now known as snorlax
tortuelorenzo, your drive should not be mounted for reformating19:17
lorenzodrwxr-xr-x  3 root root 4096 gen 29 20:17 Backup19:18
lorenzofor some reason Ubuntu is mounting the drive as root19:18
rustuptwistsudormrf: the thing is the LiveCD will not allow an install 'alongside; win7 as it did on my sons hp pavilion dv2000. the text on this says 'inside' not alongside. we dont want that19:18
rustuptwistSonikkuAmerica: nothing to my knowledge. whatever win7 puts in them by default19:18
maujhsnDoes anybody have any idea why rofs take up so much disk space on ubuntu  liveUSB?19:19
maujhsnMy disk analyzer shows 100% usage!19:19
SonikkuAmericaProbably just MSRs or something then. Are they each about 350 MB in size?19:19
=== JoshuaP-afk is now known as JoshuaP
SonikkuAmericarustuptwist: ^19:19
tortuecause maybe the last time you used it on ubuntu you did with the sudo command @lorenzo19:19
=== arjun is now known as Guest63595
sudormrfrustuptwist, which version?19:19
sudormrfrustuptwist, of ubuntu, that is.19:19
=== Oliver_ is now known as Oliver_AFK
rustuptwistSonikkuAmerica: SYSTEM 199mb, C: 297.37gb, D: (recovery) 14.56gb, E: (HP TOOLS) 3.97GB (fat32) previous are all ntfs except E:19:20
lorenzotortue, I'm running chown to fix it19:20
sudormrfrustuptwist, http://www.linuxbsdos.com/2012/05/17/how-to-dual-boot-ubuntu-12-04-and-windows-7/19:20
rustuptwistsudormrf: 12.04.0319:20
sudormrfrustuptwist, that will tell you how to setup the partitions manually.19:20
tortuelorenzo, it is a good idea19:20
lorenzolorenzo@derrida:~$ sudo chown -R lorenzo /media/Backup/19:21
lorenzothis worked :D19:21
EnfoHi all. I've followed the Wiki article on how to set up a NFSv4 server on Ubuntu and created a "pseudo filesystem" under /export, but now I want to make some hardlinks between two of the "bind" mounts under /export. This apparently isn't working since the two bind mounts are seen as different filesystems: "Invalid cross-device link". Is there any other way around this? Details: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=3nft8WL419:21
tortueok, great19:21
rustuptwistsudormrf: while booted in win7 or ubuntu?19:21
SonikkuAmericarustuptwist: Probably inside Ubuntu.19:21
sudormrfrustuptwist, that page shows you everything you need.  I have used that guide more than once.19:21
sudormrfrustuptwist, from inside ubuntu19:22
=== bfiller_afk is now known as bfiller
tortueok, I have a HP_LaserJet_2035 at my office, I connect it to an ubuntu system and the installation was perfect but now when I try to print something, nothing happens19:23
=== GTB3NW_AWAY is now known as GTB3NW
janniksI have a question regarding the latest wallpaper contest - Can anybody help me?19:24
TJ-rustuptwist: Sorry I missed you, am busy with dinner currently19:25
amelhi can anyone help me please? i cant seem to install nvidia gtx 660m drivers on ubuntu 13.10 properly.19:26
oliverioolá pessoal19:26
oliveriotudo bem?19:26
SonikkuAmerica!pt | oliverio19:26
ubottuoliverio: Por favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigada.19:26
tortueamel, try the doc of ubuntu19:27
amelthe doc?19:27
k1lamel: what did you try and what went wrong?19:28
tortueok, I have a HP_LaserJet_2035 at my office, I connect it to an ubuntu system and the installation was perfect but now when I try to print something, nothing happens19:28
TJ-sudormrf: rustuptwist That guide - "How to dual-boot Ubuntu 12.04 and Windows 7" - is no good for rustuptwist's PC, since HP have configured it with all 4 primary MBR partitions in use.19:28
tortueok, I have a HP_LaserJet_2035 at my office, I connect it to an ubuntu system and the installation was perfect but now when I try to print something, nothing happens19:28
tortuecould somebody help me please19:28
tortueI've done all I know yet19:28
ameli tried installing from the official nvidia site.. that didnt work.. then i used the terminal to install the drivers. laptops seems to install them but after rebooting i get a black screen.19:29
tortuewith the lp command19:29
amelplus the nvidia x server isnt giving me ANY options19:29
k1lamel: well make sure you remove the bad driver from the side first19:29
k1lamel: first was is always to try the ubuntu driver and not load stuff from any page. that is a bad windows habbit19:30
tortueamel, it will not work cause nvidia doesn't accept Linus's condition19:30
k1ltortue: stop that19:30
k1ltrotube helpful in here or be quiet19:30
whaledriverHello all.  This is my first time here.  I have been a win server administrator/network admin for years, but just starting to really get into linux/ubuntu.  I am trying to install an web application that runs on PHP, but it does not run, and I don't know what to do to figure out how to get it to go.19:30
tortueI'll make a search something for you wait a minute19:31
sudormrfTJ-, why wouldn't it work if he/she resized one of the partitions on the machine?19:31
whaledriverI am looking for help and/or in instructor to be able to get it to work and to teach me more about ubuntu.19:31
=== Thorium220 is now known as Thor|Away
TJ-sudormrf: Even if one partition is resized, there is no *free* slot to put an Extended partition.19:31
amelk1l i didnt first try downloading from the ofificial site.. and there were no ubuntu drivers :/19:32
k1l!nvidia | amel19:32
ubottuamel: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto19:32
tortueamel, do you have synaptic?19:32
amelwhen i used elementary os luna it actually found my gfx card.. but ubuntu doesnt seem too19:32
k1lamel: nvidia-current is the driver made working with ubuntu.19:32
amelare you saying that linux doesnt support my card?19:33
tortueyes it is19:33
zerickIs Apache 2.4 by default only accepting *.conf files for virtualhosts or is a customization of Ubuntu?19:33
k1lamel: no. i say use the nvidia-current driver19:33
TJ-sudormrf: Last week we had to fix a similar PC of rustuptwist's, which involved us copying an existing file-system into free-space at the end of the drive so we could delete a partition slot, insert an Extended, add a logical, and then copy the file-system back into the logical. This needs the same process, but is more complicated19:33
amelyeahi do have synpatic19:33
tortuecause nvidia don't want to deal with linux but you can find an issue19:33
amelsudo apt-get nvidia-current???19:33
BromDoes any one know of an updated hybrid graphics script?19:34
k1lamel: sudo apt-get install nvidia-current19:34
maujhsnwhaledriver this is a good forum but if you kinda want an ubuntu cheat sheet on issues search youtube!19:35
k1lamel: if that gives some errors use pastebin to show the errors to us. i am some minutes away from computer now19:35
amelk1l tried that already... all it did was install the nvidia x server but thats about it.. i dont have any options on the x server19:35
tortuego to the synaptic19:36
amelplus it shows no proprietary drivers19:36
tortuego to the synaptic and type nvidia in the searchbox19:37
maujhsnkil What does this command do? "!nvidia | amel"!19:37
amelmaujsn i dont think thats a command19:37
rustuptwistTJ-: got disco'ed you still there19:38
tortueit is not a command but you will find some packages that concern nvidia19:38
maujhsnk1l What does this command do? "!nvidia | amel"!19:38
tortuelike the nvidia-current19:38
TJ-rustuptwist: yes, but busy with dinner right now. Were you able, from Windows, to shrink the C volume?19:39
maujhsnOn old distros like "10.04" the new nvidia is a pain in the kneck!19:40
rustuptwistTJ-: no didnt try cause it was (supposdedly) DEFRAGGING for the last 24+ hours.19:40
rustuptwistTJ-: im back at that screen about to give it another go.19:40
maujhsnDoes anybody have any idea why rofs take up so much disk space on ubuntu liveUSB?19:40
maujhsnMy disk analyzer shows 100% usage!19:40
rustuptwistTJ-: i'll be here for a bit. Enjoy your dinner, him me up when your done19:41
TJ-rustuptwist: It sounds is if the Windows install on it has some problems, too! ... Do you have any external USB storage devices of 16GB or more?19:42
=== bogdan is now known as bogi-
tortueamel, I sent you a file that show how you can find a package for nvidia19:42
wrouesnelafter removing the r8168-dkms package, i'm finding that the r8169 module isn't been automatically loaded at boot up anymore. any ideas what would be causing this?19:42
=== aschro_ is now known as aschro
rustuptwistTJ-: no i dont19:43
tortuewrouesnel, try to reinstall the package you've been removed19:43
rustuptwistbut i can maybe get my son to pick one up on his way home. 16gb is enough?19:43
amelafter i installed sudo apt-get install nvidia-current it says current is already installed...  thanks im opening it up now.. hopefully it helps19:43
wrouesneltortue: that works, but r8168 has been causing issues so I want to try the kernel driver instead. but something evidently got switched around.19:44
TJ-rustuptwist: OK, looks like - if you can get the Windows C partition to shrink - that you'll have to do the same procedure as last week to back-up  one of the smaller recovery file-systems.19:44
TJ-rustuptwist: Actually, as "E: (HP TOOLS) 3.97GB (fat32)" a 4GB USB storage would be sufficient19:45
NuSueyanyone got an suggestion how can I solve this error (error while loading shared libraries: libudev.so.1: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory) .. im on 12.0419:45
TJ-rustuptwist: All you need is enough space to move the smallest file-system out of the way so you can create an extended partition19:45
tortueamel, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NVIDIA#Documentation_and_drivers19:45
rustuptwistTJ-:  i have a brand new 4gb and an 8gb19:45
rustuptwistTJ-: ok finish your dinner, i am here.19:46
TJ-rustuptwist: That's great, are you able to over-write one of those completely?19:46
bts``hello guys, I've just broken something with ccsm... now the window title doesn't want to integrate with this top-panel19:46
bts``is there any way to restore default configuration?19:46
TJ-rustuptwist: I'll ping you once I've finished dinner19:46
tortuein ubuntu?19:46
tortuewhat do you really want to do exactly? If I knew the history of you activity maybe I'd find an idea19:48
tortueNuSuey, yes19:48
=== zz_whitenite is now known as whitenite
NuSueytortue: I wanna run prismatik (http://lightpack.tv/downloads) .. but I get this error19:49
=== mnepton is now known as mneptok
ameltorture, so theres basically not much we can do now until nvidia realizes that the linux community is growing and well be a big part of gaming one day?19:49
amelfrom what ive read they only dropped us xorg... not the the officialdrivers.. correct me if im wrong19:50
tortueamel, verify if you have the nv package19:50
NuSueyah guess you werent talking to me then19:51
ameltorture, i have nvidia x server.. but thats about it19:51
ameltorture,no proprietary drivers are found tho19:51
tortueit supposed to be at /usr/lib/xorg/modules/drivers/nv_drv.so19:52
amelTorture, yeah i have nv_drv.so19:54
ameltorture, yeah i have nv_drv.so19:56
ameltortue, yeah i have nv_drv.so19:57
tortuewait a minute19:58
Subliminali have a question...witch is the best server mail on linux?20:00
Horse_how do I install Skype? On the skype webiste I can  only find versions for up to Ubuntu 12.0420:00
ameldownload the 12.04 version20:00
bekks!best | Subliminal20:00
ubottuSubliminal: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.20:00
amelitll direct u to the software center20:01
bekks!skype | Horse_20:01
ubottuHorse_: To install Skype on Ubuntu, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Skype - To record on Skype, check: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/SkypeRecordingHowto - Please use open protocols instead if you can, see !Ekiga20:01
k1lamel: again: show the output in a pastebin. we cant see what you see and cant just guess what is wrong with your system20:01
Horse_amel, It will work on 13.10?20:01
tortuegive me the answer of you uname -a commande20:02
amelhorse, yeah it will.. im using it on 13,1020:02
Subliminalmy best preference are : running on virtual machine and best storage mail20:02
bekksSubliminal: Whats "storage mail"?20:02
amelk1l how do i do that?20:02
k1l!paste | amel20:02
ubottuamel: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.20:02
Subliminalemail server storage incoming mail ?20:04
amelk1l, http://imagebin.org/28977620:05
k1lamel: no. i mean the terminal output20:06
amelone sec20:06
k1lamel: open a terminal and do a "uname -a", "lsb_release -a", "sudo apt-get install nvidia-current" and put the whole text into the text-pastebin20:06
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode20:09
=== mo is now known as Guest38436
ubottuTo verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows20:13
litropyUgh. Furthermore, it would be nice if nm could better handle multiple APs with the same SSID, but that's something I'll get into another day.20:15
amelamel@amel-G46VW:~$ sudo apt-get install-nvidia current20:15
amel[sudo] password for amel:20:15
amelE: Invalid operation install-nvidia20:15
amelamel@amel-G46VW:~$ "uname -a"20:15
ameluname -a: command not found20:15
amelamel@amel-G46VW:~$ sudo apt-get install nvidia-current20:15
FloodBot1amel: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.20:15
litropyIf anyone replied to me, I didn't get it, for I jumped to another AP (even though my physical position is static)20:15
amelk1l, http://paste.ubuntu.com/6839866/20:16
tortueamel the command is sudo apt-get install <package> but not sudo apt-get install-<package>20:16
litropyMy entire question got posted, right? First message started with, "My college network ..." and the last message started with, "Oh, and it uses ..."20:17
muessigbi just wanted to let you know: ubuntu is great, but the new desktop is pretty unhandy for developers20:17
k1lamel: ok, and now "uname -a" and "lsb_release -a" please20:17
MonkeyDustlitropy  then now put it one line and repeat every 15 minutes or so, until someone enters who can help20:18
amelk1l, im sorry can u explain to me how i do that?do i just type it in the terminal?20:19
k1lamel: yes20:19
lvmdoes anyone know if i can preserve my data on lvm if i am reinstalling ubuntu20:19
litropyMonkeyDust, good idea, thanks20:20
k1lamel: you can install the package "pastebinit" and then use "uname -a | pastebinit" and "lsb_release -a | pastebinit"20:20
TJ-rustuptwist: ping20:20
rustuptwistTJ-: pong20:21
tortuek1l what is the pastebinit ?20:21
rustuptwistTJ-: so i need to break out my new 4gb USB?20:21
lvmcan i reinstall ubuntu server on my box without wiping my data?20:22
k1l!pastebinit > tortue20:22
ubottutortue, please see my private message20:22
k1lamel: sorry, without the " "20:22
TJ-rustuptwist: before that, you need to conquer the shrinking of the Windows 279GB partition, either via Windows or using gparted from the Ubuntu installer20:22
k1lamel: that was just to show you that this part is the command20:22
ameloh lol ok20:22
rustuptwistTJ-: whichever you think is better, its your call.20:23
TJ-rustuptwist: If you can't create the space to install Ubuntu into, there's no point altering the partition table20:23
rustuptwistTJ-: ok i am in win7 disk mangmt right now. what should i attempt?20:23
TJ-rustuptwist: Since Win7's Disk Management failed you'd best try Ubuntu's gparted20:23
amelk1l http://paste.ubuntu.com/6839928/20:24
TJ-rustuptwist: Oh OK, if you're in Disk Management already, select the C volume, right-click, from the context menu choose "Shrink"20:24
TJ-rustuptwist: If it actually finishes 'querying the disk' this time, reduce the size to 179GB or as close to that as possible, which'll give you 100MB for Ubuntu20:25
k1lamel: ok, please show that: "dpkg -l |grep linux-"20:25
rustuptwistTJ-: ok waiting for the meantime20:25
TJ-rustuptwist: ping me when D.M. has shrunk the volume, or has failed20:26
SonikkuAmericaTJ-: 100 GB you mean...20:26
amelk1l http://paste.ubuntu.com/6839940/20:27
TJ-SonikkuAmerica: yeah :)20:27
rustuptwistTJ-: Ok will do20:27
HiddenDjinnhas anyone had issues with zsnes crashing as of late?20:27
lvmI have a rather simple question : can i reinstall ubuntu server on my box without wiping my data?20:27
SonikkuAmerica100 MB isn't enough for Ubuntu these days20:27
TJ-rustuptwist: just in case, that should be 100GB for Ubuntu, not MB!20:27
=== nsh_ is now known as nsh
rustuptwistTJ-:  i guess give it about 5 more minutes then quit and run ubuntu installer disc?20:28
k1lamel: make sure there is no typo in the command "dpkg -l | grep linux-"   the symbol in the middle is called pipe its a vertical line: |20:28
TJ-rustuptwist: Yes, you're having nothing but grief from those Windows PCs!20:28
HiddenDjinnwell, not so much crashing as hanging20:28
amelk1l http://paste.ubuntu.com/6839971/20:30
k1lhmmm, the headers are installed too. that is a common mistake.20:31
Abbotthi guys, I was wondering if you could help me with tunneling. I am using university internet so all of the ports are blocked when i check them with tools online, but I can obviously use the internet so I know there's SOME way to get to the web. I am trying to ssh into my machine from elsewhere so i'm trying to set up tunneling to go through a port that IS open. Has anyone had experience with this?20:31
amelk1l, what am i supposed to do?20:31
k1lamel: "pastebinit /var/log/apt/term.log"20:31
k1lamel: i am still on the search where the problem might be20:32
stoeptegeldoes anyone know when cannonical20:32
stoeptegeldoes anyone know when canonical will release their ubuntu phone?20:32
k1lstoeptegel: so far no date mentioned.20:33
MonkeyDustAbbott  what advice does the university admin have for you?20:33
TJ-k1l: Are you trying to figure out why NVidia X Settings isn't showing any configuration tabs?20:33
stoeptegelok, thank you :)20:33
MonkeyDust!phone | stoeptegel20:33
ubottustoeptegel: Information about the Ubuntu Touch platform for Phone and Tablet is available here https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Touch support and discussion in #ubuntu-touch20:33
litropyMy college network uses PEAP/MSCHAPv2 authentication without a certificate, and when I boot up to the login screen, it attempts to authenticate, something happens where it requests the password and subsequently asks to ignore the cert. All of these credentials are already specified and saved in nm's connections. If I can get my (ubuntu account) login typed fast enough, I can bypass this whole action, and network-manger authenticates using the crede20:34
litropyntials it already knows, without further input. Basically, I want to make it so that either nm waits until login to attempt authentication, or can access all needed credentials without account login, safely. Because otherwise, while I'm trying to type my account password, I get prompted for wifi login credentials, which is both annoying and unneeded.20:34
k1lTJ-: yes. i did look if the headers are installed and now if the package did install without any issue.20:34
amelk1l did u want me to also send the pastebinit /var/log etc...20:34
Wiz_KeeDanyone here good with wireless cards?20:34
k1lWiz_KeeD: come on. you were here often so you know that this questions dont help anyone20:35
TJ-k1l: According to the "dpkg -l nvidia*" pastebin, the versions are different: "nvidia-setting 331.38-0ubun..." versus 304 for the drivers20:35
k1l!details | Wiz_KeeD20:35
ubottuWiz_KeeD: Please give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."20:35
=== Guest92151 is now known as RickyB98
k1lTJ-: ah ok. the user mentioned he installed the nvidiawebsite driver first. so that is some left over20:36
TJ-amel: k1l: That's the standard Ubuntu package, probably from xorg-edgers20:37
amelTJ: you're right cause i did install from there20:37
rustuptwistTJ-:  select try ubuntu yes?20:37
TJ-rustuptwist: Yes.20:38
k1lamel: do a "sudo apt-get remove --purge nvidia-*" to remove all nvidia stuff. there is some mixeup from the different versions20:38
amelK1l: ok doing it now20:38
TJ-rustuptwist: I assume Windows refused to Shrink the volume?20:38
litropyI'm thinking it's an issue with there being no certificate, because nm logs into my home network using WPA at the account login screen just fine.20:39
rustuptwistTJ-: you got it :(20:39
k1lamel: after that do a "dpkg -l | grep nvidia" and show it again please20:39
TJ-rustuptwist: Grrrr! Let's hope the volume isn't too fragmented for gparted to be able to shrink it using the NTFS tools20:39
TJ-k1l: amel: might need to ensure the xorg-edgers PPA is removed, if that's not already been done20:40
rustuptwistTJ-: no i ran a program called defragger and it said it was 'good'20:40
k1lTJ-: he didnt say he used a ppa but loaded the driver direct from nvidia hp20:40
TJ-rustuptwist: OK ... that doesn't mean that all the fragments have been moved to the start of the file-system though, it only means there is minimal break-up of clusters20:40
ikoniadefragger ???20:40
TJ-k1l: yeah, bad communications the bane of remote support :)20:41
rustuptwistTJ-: ok in ubuntu desktop now20:41
amelok guys ill send it as soon as it finnishes20:41
TJ-rustuptwist: I'm trying to recall how we start it manually.... I think you need to press Alt+F2, then type "gksudo gparted"20:42
Wiz_KeeDHow do I test the limit of the wireless card itself, It seems much slower than my previous one and I don't know if it's because of the encoding or something else20:43
Wiz_KeeDI dont know where to start basically20:43
rustuptwistTJ-: ok gparted is showing 4 sda's and 1 unallocated (1mb)20:44
TJ-rustuptwist: Select the 279GB NTFS file-system and shrink it to 179GB if it will20:46
amelk1l dpkg -l | grep nvidia wont work20:46
amelnothing comes up20:46
k1lamel: ok20:46
TJ-Wiz_KeeD: Try some of these monitoring tools: http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/linux-find-out-wireless-network-speed-signal-strength.html20:46
Wiz_KeeDThank you TJ- !20:46
k1lamel: then install the "nvidia-current" again20:46
rustuptwistTJ-: USING resize/move under Partition menu?20:47
k1lamel: then "dpkg -l | grep nvidia" again to look if the versions do match to each other.20:47
k1lamel: i am away now for some time20:47
TJ-rustuptwist: You have eyes-on, I don't, and haven't used that in ages, so you'll need to figure that out20:47
amelk1l: TJ mentiond something about xorg edgers.. how should i know if its removed?20:47
TJ-rustuptwist: but that sounds correct20:47
apofisanybody has any idea what's the difference between packages nvidia-331-updates && nvidia-331 ?20:47
TJ-apofis: possibly minor version numbers?20:48
k1lamel: "ls -al /etc/apt/sources.list.d"20:48
amelthank you20:48
apofisTJ-: nah they provide same stuff, same version20:48
rustuptwistTJ-: align to: MIB or 'cylinder'20:50
TJ-rustuptwist: MiB ... aka Megabytes20:51
rwwmibibytes **20:51
rustuptwistTJ-: ok new size reads: 179070 Free space following: (MiB): 10700020:52
rustuptwistTJ-: confirm and i'll click resize/move button20:52
amelTJ: can you please check this http://paste.ubuntu.com/6840089/20:53
TJ-rustuptwist: Great! apply that change if you haven't already, and then you can exit from gparted20:53
Wiz_KeeDI got the data TJ-  but not many ideas on what to do with it, also I doesn't snoop around my  low speed to what I should get :(20:54
TJ-amel: Looks like you've managed to install them from xorg-edgers again, was that your intention? Because it has installed a different version of nvidia-settings once again20:54
=== Atlantic777 is now known as nesa962
rustuptwistTJ-: gparted says 1 operation pending...20:54
AbbottMonkeyDust I don't think we are allowed to have servers on campus so I doubt he would offer me advice20:54
amelTJ: No i just did what K1l told me to do :(20:54
TJ-Wiz_KeeD: focus on signal to noise ratio to being with, if the local radio waves are noisy that won't be so good, which is one reason for bad performance20:55
TJ-rustuptwist: Yes, you have to "Apply" the changes you 'queue up' - that's to prevent casual mistakes20:55
TJ-amel: OK, do you want the latest nvidia driver (331)? reasons for that would be a recent nvidia chipset, or to workaround bugs in older driver versions20:56
amelTJ: i want the most recent one or any that work please20:56
MonkeyDustAbbott  so you're asking for advice on how to do something that is not allowed20:57
rustuptwistTJ-: done20:57
TJ-amel: OK, to be safe, remove the v304 packages to begin with: "sudo apt-get --purge remove nvidia-304"20:58
TJ-rustuptwist: OK, exit gparted, then start a Terminal session (Alt+Ctrl+T)20:58
rustuptwistTJ-: ok done, ready20:59
amelTJ: i removed it, now what?20:59
muessigbhow can i install gcc, avr-gcc and avdude w/o bash21:00
TJ-Abbott: You'd need to set up a reverse-HTTP tunnel from your internal PC to an external PC, and the relay/proxy in from the external PC21:00
muessigbhow can i install gcc, avr-gcc and avrdude w/o bash21:00
TJ-rustuptwist: Insert the 8GB USB storage21:00
muessigbhello, anyone?21:00
ikoniawhy do you not have bash21:00
TJ-amel: "sudo apt-get install nvidia-331" and pastebin the results please21:00
ikoniawhat shell do you have ?21:00
muessigbi don't want to use bash, because i am familiar to the fedora packaging system and now moved to ubuntu.21:02
=== whitenite is now known as zz_whitenite
TJ-rustuptwist: let's find out what device node the USB is: "tail -n 200 /var/log/kern.log | grep sd?"21:02
ikoniabash is a shell - it's the same on fedora21:02
ikoniamuessigb: do you mean you want to use a gui ?21:02
muessigbi know it works with apt-get, but doesn't the software center include gcc...21:02
ikoniamuessigb: the software center has the same packages as apt - it's the same database21:02
muessigbknow my fault21:02
muessigbbut i cant find any c compilers in the software center21:03
TJ-rustuptwist: please pastebin the output of that command21:03
ikoniamuessigb: they are there21:03
amelTJ: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6840134/21:03
TJ-muessigb: "gcc" in the "devel" section21:03
muessigbi'm using ubuntu in virtual machine21:04
rustuptwistTJ-: gotta get net connection for it just a min21:04
ikoniamuessigb: that makes no difference21:04
TJ-amel: OK, check if the module has bee auto-loaded: "lsmod | grep nvidia"21:04
TJ-amel: OK, insert it: "sudo modprobe nvidia"21:05
TJ-amel: Then "sudo tail /var/log/kern.log" and you should messages that indicate the nvidia kernel module loaded21:05
muessigbok. the point is, that i wated to "make" a c bootloader for the atmega and that didn't worked on windows 7 so i tried linux. well when i search for gcc i only get messages viewer21:06
ikoniamuessigb: there is no point in that comment21:06
amelTJ: when i put lsmod | grep nvidia nothing comes out21:06
ikoniamuessigb: you want a c compiler you've just been told where it is21:06
AbbottTJ-, a reverse HTTP tunnel would mean an outgoing connection from my internal computer right? and would I only be able to access the server from a specific computer if I were to do it this way? I would like to be able to access my server from any computer with an internet connection21:07
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muessigboh... i left the softwarecenter window alone, and then 10 mins later it's displaying gnu c compiler :D21:07
TJ-amel: hmmm, it might be using a slightly different name: "sudo find /lib/modules/`uname -r` -type f -name 'nvidia*'  "21:08
muessigbthanks, anyways21:08
amelsorry about the clear lol21:08
TJ-Abbott: Yes, if the firewall prevents any other connections that's the only way. You can configure a VPS with the proxy/relay which you connect to from your roving PC21:09
TJ-amel: I think it will be "nvidia_331"21:09
AbbottI will start reading into it. Do you have any specific programs you would suggest I look at for setting this up?21:10
muessigbah well one more thing21:10
TJ-Abbott: "stunnel" would be the best bet, to set up a TLS tunnel on port 443 of your remote proxy/relay server that the internal PC connects out to.21:13
amelTJ: nothing comes up when i add sudo find /lib/modules/`uname -r` -type f -name 'nvidia*21:13
TJ-amel: "uname -r"21:13
TJ-amel: According to the installation output it installed to "/lib/modules/3.11.0-15-generic/updates/dkms/" so check that directory. Or take a punt on "sudo modprobe nvidia_331 && lsmod | grep nvidia"21:15
rustuptwisthow do i access this channel via a web browser?21:15
TJ-rustuptwist: Is the PC connected to the network now?21:15
rustuptwistTJ-: yes need channel address21:16
TJ-rustuptwist: Then you can install xchat with "sudo apt-get install xchat"21:16
vtreyntbyhello I got tis https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-intel/+bug/99318721:17
ubottuUbuntu bug 993187 in linux (Ubuntu Precise) "ubuntu 12.04 completely freezes frequently." [Critical,Fix released]21:17
vtreyntbyis it resolved?21:17
amelTJ: it is in the directory21:17
ameli see bbswitch.ko and nvidia_331.ko21:17
TJ-amel:  "sudo modprobe nvidia_331 && lsmod | grep nvidia"21:18
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rustuptwistTJ-: unable to locate package xcaht21:19
amelTJ: i did it now what21:19
TJ-amel: It is loaded, so start the display manager :)21:19
TJ-rustuptwist: Ahhh OK, it's in the universe repository... I thought that was enabled in the Live environment though21:20
TJ-rustuptwist: which version of Ubuntu is that? 12.04 ?21:20
amelTJ: sorry im a noob but how do i start the display manager... im not quiet sure i know what u mean21:20
TJ-amel: The display manager is the process that starts the GUI ... "sudo service lightdm start"21:21
rustuptwisthow do i acess this channel via the web21:21
=== Wheelman is now known as Centrino
amelTJ: its says job is already running: lightdm21:22
TJ-rustuptwist: Not sure, I think you'd need a Java applet, unless there's something in HTML5 + Javascript21:22
bpromptrustuptwist:    http://webchat.freenode.net/  <-- no need for java21:23
geniirustuptwist: http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=zipit21:23
TJ-amel: "sudo service lightdm restart"21:23
samertmhey all21:25
samertmon 13.10, when I start up21:25
samertmafter the ubuntu splash screen21:25
samertmit says "no suitable kernel module found [fail]"21:25
samertmand x shuts down21:25
samertmhas anyone run into this?21:25
rustuptwistedTJ-: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6840242/21:26
samertmit works in recovery mode21:26
TJ-rustuptwist: OK, so the USB is /dev/sdb ... it has a partition on it so lets get info on it: "sudo fdisk -l /dev/sdb"21:27
phil-nssamertm: while attempting to boot x, can you ALT F2 and get to a root terminal?21:27
samertm"No suitable module for running kernel found"21:27
samertmyes, I can get to the TTYs21:28
phil-nssamertm: mabye its grub, maybe it has no kernels listed21:28
phil-nscould try update-grub at the terminal21:28
samertmphil-ns: okay. from the tty or from the grub terminal?21:28
phil-nsfrom the tty21:29
rustuptwistedTJ-: Device Boot      Start         End      Blocks   Id  System /dev/sdb1   *         128    15390269     7695071    c  W95 FAT32 (LBA)21:29
phil-nswatch its output, see what kernels it lists21:29
samertmphil-ns: it lists "Found linux image: /boot/vmlinuz-3.11.0-15-generic \n Found initrd image: /boot/initrd.img-3.11.0-15-generic", and it also lists the kernel 3.11.0-12-generic21:30
TJ-rustuptwist: OK, "sudo dd if=/dev/sda4 of=/dev/sdb1 bs=100M"  .... and wait until it has finished copying21:30
Bray90820Is there any way to have a bash script run after a Bluetooth device connects21:31
phil-nssamertm: does that match what grub is showing you at boot?21:31
samertmphil-ns: yes21:31
samertmyah D:21:31
samertmthe weird part is that it sometimes works21:31
samertmlike, the 3.11.0-15 kernel never worked21:32
TJ-Bray90820: Yes, using udev... you'd want to add a script in "/etc/udev/rules.d/"21:32
samertmbut sometimes 3.11.0-12 worked21:32
samertmbut it isn't anymore21:32
samertmand yesterday I restarted a bunch of times using "sudo shutdown -r now"21:32
samertmand then 3.11.0-12 worked21:32
samertmbut I tried that today and it keeps crashing21:32
Bray90820TJ-: would i just ad the commands to that file21:32
phil-nssamertm: you can get X in recovery tho right?21:32
Tophon Ubuntu 13.10 I'm setting up a dual monitor system,, one monitor through my DVI port , the other through my serial port. The computer sees both monitor but only displays on the one through the serial port. Can I correct this?21:33
phil-nssamertm: if so, you could install and run boot-repair21:33
BetaSoulWith the opensource ATI graphics driver, how do I turn off the discrete(ATI) graphics chip? the fglrx driver crashes unity.21:33
samertmphil-ns: okay21:33
samertmthanks for the help :D21:33
Bray90820TJ-: it's a directory so then would i just add the file to the directory?21:33
TJ-Bray90820: No, you'd add a udev config file in that directory that matches the ID of the bluetooth device, and on the ADD event, runs your custom shell script21:33
Bray90820TJ-: i am kinda a nube21:34
TJ-Bray90820: "man udev" and see the section "Rules files"; use that as a basis for searching for examples on the web21:34
TJ-Bray90820: "udev" is the userspace device daemon, it receives device events from the Linux kernel and acts on them21:35
Bray90820TJ-: Well i am not even sure if this is what i want21:35
Bray90820I'll enplane my issue21:36
TJ-Toph: I don't know of any PC that displays video output on a serial port! I suspect you really mean a VGA port (15-pin d-sub connector)21:36
TophTJ-,,, sorry,, i do mean a VGA port21:36
samertmphil-ns: I found a similar problem on askubuntu21:37
AbbottThank you very much TJ-!21:37
samertmthey said that they had to remove the fglrx-legacy driver21:37
TJ-Toph: System Settings > Displays21:37
samertmand I'm using an ATI card21:37
samertmhere goes nothing~21:37
TophTJ-,,, yes,, i followed online suggestions there.. without any luck21:38
Bray90820I have a bash script for the scrolling on my Wireless mouse and i basically want it to run at start up. If i set it to run at start up it doesn't work because i need to click a button on the mouse to get ubuntu to recognize it21:38
=== patmanRR is now known as pattakosn
rustuptwistTJ-: that last command wasnt downloading anything from net was it?21:39
TJ-rustuptwist: the "sudo dd ..."? no, it is copying the 3.97GB sda4 over to the USB21:39
Bray90820TJ-: I have a bash script for the scrolling on my Wireless mouse and i basically want it to run at start up. If i set it to run at start up it doesn't work because i need to click a button on the mouse to get ubuntu to recognize it21:40
rustuptwistTJ-: ok didnt think so, had to restart net connection21:40
TJ-Bray90820: by 'startup' do you mean after the mouse has connected?21:41
Bray90820I meny when i start the computer21:41
rustuptwistTJ-: finished copying21:42
jcrzaIt seems like whenever I wget something on my ubuntu server it's corrupt21:42
jcrzaI have no idea what's going on21:42
Bray90820TJ-: i ment when i start the computer21:42
TJ-Bray90820: It is possible to call custom scripts from "/etc/rc.local" at start-up, that is the last script-file to be processed.21:42
rustuptwistedTJ-: 40+1 records in 40+1 records out 4260716544 bytes (4.3 GB) copied, 559.922 s, 7.6 MB/s21:42
TJ-rustuptwist: OK ... now let's ensure there is no corruption; we'll generate a hash which must be identical on both: "sudo md5sum /dev/sda4 /dev/sdb1"21:43
Bray90820TJ-: i know how to start a bash script at startup but if i do that then the script fails because I need to click a button on my mouse for it to be recognized21:44
TJ-rustuptwist: That'll take a few minutes, but the 2 lines should contain identical MD5 hash values... if so, we can go ahead with manipulating the partition table21:44
rustuptwistTJ-: ok21:44
samertmphil-ns: turns out that x crashes when I sign in through recovery mode21:44
TJ-Bray90820: So, the mouse won't have connected at that point. That was why I asked. Is it the case that pressing the button on the mouse causes it to connect to the PC?21:45
samertmbut it takes me back to lightdm21:45
ubottuVince74: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».21:46
Bray90820TJ-: from the information i can find apparently it's in sort of a sleep state21:46
glitsj16Bray90820: why not add the script to your session 'Startup Applications'?21:49
TJ-Bray90820: I suspect then that it does a bluetooth connect when you press the button, which takes us back to using udev. You can monitor it to find out. Have the mouse off/disconnected/asleep, then at a terminal do "udevadm monitor --kernel --property --subsystem-match=bluetooth" and then connect/wake the mouse. You should see a bunch of events which tell you what is happening. It it is connecting, you can use those as the basis of a udev rules file in "/etc/udev/21:49
TJ-rules.d/" that will execute your own script21:49
LauxleyHi, i'm trying to upgrade my ubuntu 12.04 but when i do do-release-upgrade i get an error : "An unresolvable problem occurred while calculating the upgrade." how can i find out what's going on ?21:50
Bray90820glitsj16: The script will fail because it the mouse isn't really connected21:50
glitsj16Bray90820: you can programmatically let it click the button you need with xdotool21:51
rustuptwistTJ-:   the two numbers are different, vastly different21:51
Lauxleyhere is the end of the log : http://dpaste.com/1575786/21:51
Bray90820I'm not sure if the script will execute before the button is clicked21:52
donvitois it possible to change cpu frequency from 3.0 to 2.4 on ubuntu machine?21:52
Bray90820glitsj16: I'm not sure if the script will execute before the button is clicked21:52
TJ-rustuptwist: aha, that's my fault! sorry, just realised that the sdb1 partition is larger than the source partition!21:52
bekksLauxley: Pastebin the entire output of "sudo apt-get update" please.21:52
rustuptwistTJ-:  yeah I was kinda wondering about size difference. ok what next21:53
glitsj16Bray90820: i might be misunderstanding the issue, but i mean you can let the script itself click your mouse without your manual intervention21:53
Bray90820glitsj16: is that possible with a bash script?21:53
sup3rmananyone know which package has the acer special keys support?21:53
glitsj16Bray90820: yes, look at xdotool21:54
Lauxleybekks: http://pastebin.com/gaGh37RZ21:54
TJ-rustuptwist: let's redo the MD5 on sdb1 but use the correct length! "sudo dd if=/dev/sdb1 bs=4096 count=1040214 | md5sum"21:55
bekksLauxley: Use ppa-purge to disable all non-default repos, and remove all packages installed from those repos. Note down the repos and the packages you've installed, and try the upgrade again.21:55
rustuptwistTJ-: the USB is only 8gb21:56
sup3rmanthey seem to come with ubuntu, but not some ubuntu-based distros21:56
TJ-rustuptwist: Yes, which is twice as big as the partition we copied. So this new command reads the exact amount of data in the file-system21:56
Lauxleybekks: thx for your time, will try that, is there a way to automatically remove them though, because there is no way i can tell what package i installed from what repo21:57
glitsj16Bray90820: the comand would be something like "xdotool click 1" .. Left mouse is 1, middle is 2, right is 3, wheel up is 4, wheel down is 521:57
Bray90820glitsj16: that may not work because it won't be able to find a mouse to click21:58
TJ-glitsj16: I think the objective is to auto-run the script *after* the bluetooth mouse has connected21:58
Bray90820glitsj16: that is a soft click i may need a hard click21:58
King_DuckZhello, can somebody help me starting idmapd (for nfs4) on ubuntu please? on some website I see I have to add NEED_IDMAPD="yes", on my system I just do systemctl enable rpc-idmapd... how to do that on ubuntu?21:58
glitsj16TJ-: Bray90820: ow okay, ignore please, apologies for the confusion21:58
Bray90820TJ-: I am a complete noob with this stuff as you can tell21:59
King_DuckZI added the NEED_IDMAPD to /etc/default/nfs-common but when I mount the nfs share I still see the wrong uid/gid21:59
rustuptwistTJ-: how long do you think before we are ready to do the install?22:00
TJ-rustuptwist: Once this MD5 is confirmed, it should take no more than 10 minutes to re-partition and put the data back in a logical partition, and then you'll be able to install22:01
rustuptwistedTJ-: 1040214+0 records in 1040214+0 records out 4260716544 bytes (4.3 GB) copied, 183.606 s, 23.2 MB/s 48db8a8382033443892b921e5a1bca07  -22:01
TJ-rustuptwist: Does that MD5 sum match the one for sda4 you generated earlier?22:01
rustuptwistTJ-: yes22:02
TJ-rustuptwist: Fab! we can get on then! You can start gparted again Alt+F2 then "gksudo gparted"22:02
TJ-rustuptwist: First, ensure you have the sda hard disk selected (not the USB sdb!)22:02
TJ-rustuptwist: Next, delete sda4 (the 3.9GB) primary partition22:03
TJ-rustuptwist: Now Create a new Extended partition (you'll have to figure that out as you go, based on what you see)22:03
amelTJ: ive done sudo service lightdm restart but all i got was a black screen22:04
bekksLauxley: you can use ppa-purge and log the output.22:04
TJ-amel: Check the logs at "/var/log/Xorg.0.log" for indications of (EE)rrors22:04
rustuptwistTJ-:  select the unallocated one, that we created earlier 104.gb or the sda2 174gb?22:05
Bray90820TJ-: Can you explain udev a bit more22:05
amelTJ: i was forced too do sudo apt-get remove --purge nvidia*22:05
TJ-rustuptwist: The 104GB, the space we created22:05
amelthat was the only way to get back on here22:06
ameli also did sudo apt-get remove --purge22:06
rustuptwistTJ-: ok i am deleting the sda4 (HP TOOLS) 3.97 partition, correct22:07
TJ-rustuptwist: Once you've created the Extended to use all that space, then Create a Logical partition inside it and set its "New size" to 4064 MiB22:08
TJ-rustuptwist: Correct; (delete sda4 HP TOOLS)22:09
Lauxleybekks: the packages i'm supposed to purge are in /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ right ?22:10
bekksLauxley: The repos, not the packages.22:10
Lauxleybekks: heh yeah the repos22:10
rustuptwistTJ-: ok let me be certain: 1. delete 3.97 first, then 2. create a new extended partition somewhere, or in the 104gb unallocated space?22:11
amelTJ: i didnt see any errors on the logs22:11
jackDanielsSonHello guys I may have some questions in a few if you all dont mind. but for now I'm just chilling here22:11
TJ-rustuptwist: Correct. 1. delete sda4    2. create Extended partition in the 104GB free space    3. Create Logical partition of 4064MiB22:12
King_DuckZso, nobody knows how to start idmapd?22:12
Lauxleybekks: sorry i can't figure out what the repo name is ..22:12
Lauxleyfrom the file name22:12
bekksLauxley: Then look into the file.22:13
Lauxleyand now i feel stupid..22:13
rustuptwistTJ-:  so in the new 104gb unallocated add a new parition of 4064mib that is logical22:14
samertmphil-ns: turns out my ~/.Xauthority was owned by root:root22:14
ameldid anybody here manage to install the nvidia gtx660m driver on ubuntu successfully???????22:15
samertmI changed it back to me and now it works22:15
TJ-rustuptwist: Correct22:15
Lauxleybekks: there is only urls in those files22:15
Bashing-omjackDanielsSon: Sure, Hang loose and see what you can learn, all questions are welcome, - thoughtfull questions even more so.22:16
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phil-nssamertm: ha! I went through the same thing just last week.22:16
rustuptwistTJ-: align to: MiB or cylinder or none22:16
phil-nsI should have remembered that...I just had to blow it away and reboot.22:16
samertmphil-ns: haha thanks for the help22:16
=== Guest55210 is now known as Tony_Stark05
samertmphil-ns: also, would that be an X bug or that the expected behavior?22:17
TJ-rustuptwist: MiB22:17
phil-nssamertm: happened to me when I decided to get rid of gnome and go to xfce to get real lightweight.22:17
rustuptwistTJ-:  filesystem: ? ext2?22:18
TJ-rustuptwist: No, NTFS. Once you've Applied the changes tell me the name of the new logical partition, I'm expecting it'll be sda522:18
tpchuckles@seek genji22:19
amelTJ: is there nothing we can do to fix this gfx driver issue?22:19
Lauxleybekks: nvm got it22:20
rustuptwistTJ-:  lets make sure all the setting are correct. Free space preceding (MiB) 1, New Size (MiB) 4064, Free space following (MiB) 102935, Align to: MiB, Create as: Logical Partition, File System: ntfs, Label: blank22:20
rustuptwistgood to go?22:20
=== aljosa_ is now known as aljosa
TJ-rustuptwist: Correct22:20
TJ-amel: The log files will usually reveal some issue if it fails, they're very verbose.22:21
amelTJ: when i add them in the terminal nothing comes up.22:22
amelTJ: and when i checked manually in the folder locations i didnt see anything then eather22:22
microshello. i am sending my process sigterm and the handler runs as expected. the last line of the handler is exit(0); yet the exit status $? seems to indicate 137 (128+9 = sigkill) any ideas? the process sending sigterm is a child of the parent. the parent exits and then the child prints the return code and exits as well.22:22
TJ-amel: can you pastebin the result of "ls -latr /var/log/Xorg*"22:23
amelTJ: sure22:23
microswould it matter if sudo calls the parent and the return status is from sudo?22:23
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rustuptwistTJ-: ok sda5 is 3.97gb, sda3 (recovery) is 14.56gb, sda4 is 104.49gb, sda1 is 199mib, sda2 is 174gb, unallocated 100.52gb but that unallocated and the sda5 seem to be under the sda4 partition, hierarchically speaking. All good?22:24
amelTJ: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6840521/22:25
TJ-rustuptwist: That's great. You can exit gparted now, and then use the terminal to copy HP file-system back using "sudo dd if=/dev/sdb1 of=/dev/sda5 bs=4096 count=1040214"22:27
glitsj16amel: you need a space between ls and -latr22:27
TJ-amel: can you pastebin the result of "ls -latr /var/log/Xorg*"  --- upper-case X22:28
=== jduro_ is now known as cantoma
TJ-glitsj16: thanks :)22:28
patarranyone know if I can hook up 3 displays to Ubuntu using 2 off a PCI Nvidia, and one off the onboard Intel?22:29
glitsj16TJ-: np :)22:29
amelTJ: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6840538/22:29
neredsenvyUsing Gnome Tweak Tool or something else is it possible to change UI Scaling for specific monitor. I have two monitors one is 15" 1444xN and other is 32" 1920xN on my second monitor the UI Scaling is at 100% and it looks ok but it's nasty for work.22:30
TJ-amel: Those log files indicate you've managed to start multiple X servers at different times (by the numeric suffix). I'd guess the ".0" log-files are the initial X server startup and the ".1" might be the fail-safe log.22:31
neredsenvyNow Gnome Tweak tool allows you to set UI Scaling under Desktop but it does this for all screens so I endup with good looking UI/Text on 32" screen and very small text in main screen.22:31
Lauxleybekks: sorry i'm stuck again, http://pastebin.com/rXbW9czm, ppa-purge ppa:jcfp/ppa worked, but i can't figure out the other repos name :/22:31
TJ-amel: Can you try pastebin-ing "Xorg.0.log"22:32
amelTJ: the file it self or from the terminal?22:33
bekksLauxley: Just try https://private-ppa.launchpad.net/commercial-ppa-uploaders/steam/ubuntu as the repo name to be removed by ppa-purge22:33
TJ-amel: The contents of the file... you should be able to do "pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log"22:33
Lauxleybekks: could not find package list for PPA22:34
bekksLauxley: Can you pastebin the entire output please?22:34
amelTJ: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6840572/22:34
glitsj16King_DuckZ: did you restart imapd after making the changes to /etc/default/nfs-common? sudo service imapd restart should do it ..22:35
Lauxleybekks: http://pastebin.com/tVzV6iJq22:35
bekksLauxley: you could try removing the PPA from the software-center, as you installed it from there.22:36
Lauxleybekks: but then it won't purge the packages i installed from it ?22:37
bekksLauxley: correct22:37
Lauxleybekks: ill try that anyway22:37
bekksLauxley: you could use synaptic then to remove all packages that are "locally" installed afterwards.22:37
tiblockHi. Im newbie in linux and i have question about how it works. Official drivers for video cards dont work in latest ubuntu because they is not opensource and made for "current" xorg server/kernel/dependencies. So you need dependencies that was "current" when driver was made. Is that correct?22:38
microsif a child sends a parent sigterm, and the parent handler catches it and calls exit(0); shouldnt the exit status $? of the process be 0?  I am receiving 137 (128+9 == sigkill). very strange. ideas? thanks.22:38
shinobi_oneQuestion: Will it be easier to upgrade from 12.04 to 14.04 or from 13.10 to 14.04?22:38
Lauxleybekks: ok thx ill check it out22:38
bekksmicros: why do you think that's strange?22:39
shinobi_oneI'm going to be installing a Server version of Ubuntu, just need to know if 13.10 to 14.04 is easier than 12.04 to 14.04 :)22:39
bekksshinobi_one: It's basically the same - just one step.22:39
glitsj16shinobi_one: both will need 1 jump so it shouldn't make any difference22:39
microswell, i sent sigterm and called exit with 0. so i would have expected the exit status to be 0. if i hadnt exited, i would have expected 143 (sigterm)... not sure how 137 (sigkill) got involved.22:40
daftykinsshinobi_one: LTS releases can only be upgraded between once 14.04 gets a .1 release usually i think22:40
rustuptwistTJ-:  net connection on laptop dropped so cant paste results. what are we looking for?22:40
TJ-amel: Right! You've got a dual GPU PC with an Intel+Nvidia 'bumblebee' configuration. The Intel driver is loading but the nvidia driver is no-where to be seen, possibly because you're deleted it. I also don't see the open-source nouveau driver, which suggests it is blacklisted still22:40
TJ-rustuptwist: Did you start the 'dd' copy from sdb1 to sda5 ?22:40
shinobi_onedaftykins: I don't understand what you mean, sorry.22:40
amelTJ: i i deleted it a few minutes ago cause i had a black screen22:41
shinobi_onebekks, glitsj16: you're saying it I won't have to do extra work in either case? Both have a straight upgrade to 14.04?22:41
bekksshinobi_one: correct.22:41
microsso is this strange, or normal behavior?22:41
daftykinsshinobi_one: so after some time, 14.04 will reach a 14.04.1 (sort of like Windows getting a first Service Pack) - that's when 12.04.x can be upgraded directly to 14.0422:41
TJ-amel: That isn't the correct approach, you can't fix it if you remove the driver ;)22:41
bekksmicros: I'd consider that to be "normal".22:41
microshow come?22:41
rustuptwistTJ-: the last command you gave me sudo dd if=/dev....22:41
amelTJ: true lol, how can i fix it?22:41
shinobi_onedaftykins: ahhh gotcha.. but 13.10 should go direct to 14.04 ?22:42
shinobi_onedaftykins: without this wait?22:42
amelTJ: and hopefully now that you know i have 2 graphic cards itll be easier to fix it22:42
rustuptwistTJ-: 4.3gb copied 197.538 s, 21.6 MB/s22:42
bekksmicros: I consider everything else rather than the child exiting itself with exit(0) to be forced somehow, resulting in a non.zero exit code.22:43
daftykinsshinobi_one: ultimately, what are you setting up a server for?22:43
shinobi_onedaftykins: a code repository among other things, needs to be a server :P22:43
microsin this case, it was the parent though22:43
daftykinsshinobi_one: ok - and how many times do you like doing things, to get them working?22:44
TJ-rustuptwist: Great! OK ... you can "Install Ubuntu" now and it'll see there's that 104GB of unallocated space to use22:44
microschild sent the parent sigterm, parent caught it and exited with 0. so why 137 when i echo $?22:44
Lauxleybekks: so i disabled the repo, removed the 'local' packages in synaptic (there was only skype and steam), and still get the same exact error when i run do-release-upgrade22:44
microsthat doesnt sound expected at all22:44
bekksmicros: sigterm is non-zero.22:44
bekksLauxley: Then pastebin the output again...22:44
shinobi_onedaftykins: once 14.04 comes out i'll just stay on LTS22:44
bekksLauxley: along with sudo apt-get update22:44
TJ-micros: Are you sure your signal-handler caught the signal; 137 is the SIGTERM exit code when there is no handler22:45
bekksshinobi_one: Just use 12.04 and decide until 2017 wether you want to update or not.22:45
microsok, lets rephrase. if you dont catch a signal like sigterm and exit, then $? would be 143, sigterm, right?  if you catch the signal and then exit with exit(0) from the context of the signal handler, would the program return status be 0 or something else? maybe my expectation of exiting from a signal handler is wrong22:45
micros137 is sigkill22:45
shinobi_onebekks: but it's only ~ a few months until 14.04 :D22:45
micros143 is sigterm22:45
=== gbyers[Away] is now known as g_byers
TJ-micros: sorry, I meant 143 is the exit code for SIGTERM ... so something is KILLing your process22:45
microsdefintely caught. i see logoutput22:45
bekksshinobi_one: And?22:46
microshow can i come to know what?22:46
microsi cant imagine why22:46
daftykinsshinobi_one: i personally don't like upgrades at all, so you could play with whichever you like, make notes as you go for what you do, then if the worst comes to the worst, starting from scratch with 14.04 will be smooth playing \o/22:46
shinobi_onebekks: i'm a stickler for new and improved ;)22:46
bekksshinobi_one: Then why do you want to use LTS? :)22:46
=== fl_0|afk is now known as fl_0
shinobi_onebekks: because new and improved on *sever* means i want LTS but the latest LTS, not necessarily the latest ubuntu, just latest LTS22:47
* Korny scratches his head22:47
bekksshinobi_one: The latest LTS is 12.0422:47
shinobi_onebekks: for a few more months yes22:47
bekksshinobi_one: And thats it. Currently, 12.04 is the latest.22:47
shinobi_onebekks: if 12.04 to 14.04 is the same jump (amount of work for me) as 13.10 to 14.04, i'll probably roll 12.04 until 14.04 comes out22:48
Kornyits not like 12.04 is so far behind anyhow, it has the latest kernal and all security upgrades.  Big difference in the UI honestly22:48
shinobi_oneKorny: which I don't mind because I'm talking server22:48
bekksKorny: Shiny new colors in the PTY - it is going to be a server :)22:48
Kornymeh my "server" still has a ui22:49
rustuptwistTJ-:  message: 'Unmount partitions that are in use?' The installer has detected that the followiing disks have mounted partitions: /dev/sdb'  what to do unmount before continuing22:49
amelTJ: any ideas?22:49
shinobi_oneKorny: mine doesn't. unless you consider what bekks is saying lol22:49
TJ-rustuptwist: Yes, umount the USB, its not needed any longer22:49
Lauxleybekks: http://pastebin.com/yq7febgD22:51
TJ-amel: Ensure the drivers are correctly installed (again), reboot to clean things up, if/when the GUI doesn't start correctly switch to TTY1 with Ctrl+Alt+F1 (which should get you a text console) and then investigate the most recent log-files for Xorg. If there is no text console, just a black screen, you'll need to force the uvesafb driver to load from the GRUB menu option in order to have a console framebuffer.22:52
bekksLauxley: Remove the backports repo and all packages from there.22:52
KornyIs it sad that I let my son play with an old computer that I just took apart as a toy :)22:52
TJ-micros: Are you running your process in a container?22:53
shinobi_oneanyone got a link for 12.04.3-server-amd64.iso ?22:53
jhutchinsrustuptwist: I'd probably just reboot the installer, that shouldn't happen.22:54
shinobi_oneWhen I wget the link from ubuntu.com it ends up here http://isos.ubuntu.mirror.constant.com//saucy/ubuntu-13.10-server-i386.iso22:54
shinobi_onewhich sccares me22:54
bekksshinobi_one: Why?22:54
neredsenvyWhy do I have to run nautilus as sudo from terminal anytime I wish to copy files to one of my folders22:54
Lauxleybekks: could i avoid this with a bootable up to date cd ?22:54
shinobi_onebekks: it should be 12.04.322:54
neredsenvyIs there a way I can make it so that anytime I run the file explorer it starts as sudo22:55
shinobi_onebekks: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/server/thank-you?distro=server&bits=64&release=lts that's the URL i am wget-ing22:55
TJ-shinobi_one: http://releases.ubuntu.com/precise/22:55
bekksshinobi_one: http://cdimages.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-server/precise/daily/current/22:55
jhutchinsLauxley: pastebin.com is blocked.22:55
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.22:55
k1lneredsenvy: that should not be needed. you are doing something wrong in general22:55
k1lshinobi_one: there is some issue with some java or whatever you need for the homepage when wgetting22:56
amelTJ: lol oh how i wish i knew what all that means. I can switch to TTY1, that how i deleted the drivers in the first place..but as far as investigating  Xorg idk what im looking for or what to do there :/22:56
k1lshinobi_one: just use the direct image links22:56
neredsenvyk1l: I don't understand why this is happening because I'm using the acc I created on installation shouldnt it have root access22:56
k1lneredsenvy: no22:56
shinobi_onek1l: yeah that's what I was looking for, thanks TJ- and bekks22:56
TJ-shinobi_one: At the link I gave you, there's a plain download link for 64-bit server image22:56
neredsenvyk1l: So I have to make my acc root : P22:57
k1lneredsenvy: that is a user. and running blindly everything with sudo is a bad idea.22:57
k1lneredsenvy: no. you dont need to put files in the gui, where you need root permission. and using sudo for gui is twice as bad22:57
donvitohow can i see processess how much cpu are using?22:58
k1lneredsenvy: you are really really going to break your system22:58
shinobi_onedonvito: `top`22:58
TJ-amel: That's good. With the nvidia drivers installed, and having done a reboot, if the GUI doesn't properly start then switch to TTY1 and then "pastebinit /var/log/Xorg.0.log" so someone here can see the actual live problem22:58
k1ldonvito: see top (or htop) in terminal. or use the systemmonitor in gui22:58
neredsenvyk1l: It's annoying because every time I need file explorer to copy/move files in my var/rails/www directory I need to run sudo nautilus but after 10min I will forget I launched it from console and then i close that console and GUI window closes with it22:58
k1lneredsenvy: you are using the atom bomb to shoot onto a bird. make a setup with users and groups that works in that case22:59
greetergreetings NetCatty23:00
neredsenvyOh well it's back to Windows 8 for me this is to much of productivity bummer23:00
amelTJ: but when i get into TTY1 how will i get back here if the screen is black. i literally cant see a thing.23:00
Lauxleybekks: no luck, but now that i think about it, i had to manually install a backport for my network card to work, could this be the problem ?23:01
bekksLauxley: yes23:01
k1lneredsenvy: no, just take 2 minutes to think about it and put your user in a group that got write access in that folders23:01
geniineredsenvy: If you have a console open to run it this way, why not just move the files you need by: sudo cp    or sudo mv    ...?23:01
Lauxleybekks: in my kernel or something, not sure23:01
kingfisher64what do others use as a system backup/snapshot? I've downloaded timeshift to try.23:02
k1lneredsenvy: dont blame ubuntu when you break all security systems just because you dont have a clue23:02
donvitohow to kill users in sshd?23:02
neredsenvyk1l: I don't really have anything on Ubuntu/This PC I just use it for RubyMine IDE and nothing that important on it so a failure would not present any loss23:03
Lauxleybekks: this is what i did http://paste.ubuntu.com/6840725/23:03
TJ-amel: Use a command-line IRC client23:03
* Korny hides in a corner after setting his storage directories to 777 :/23:03
Jordan_Udonvito: I don't understand your question. Could you please rephrase it, *and* tell us your end goal?23:03
donvitoi need to kill active users logged via sshd23:03
Kornywhy not just restart the sshd dameon?23:04
k1lneredsenvy: user and groups rights are really basic linux stuff. if you dont like that dont use linux, that is all.23:04
TJ-amel: irssi or weechat are popular23:04
donvitohow to restart sshd daemon?23:04
neredsenvyWhat annoys me is I run sublime text via GUI and then I can't save/edit any files under my var/www folder ...23:04
k1lneredsenvy: again: put your user in the group that is owner of that folder and files23:05
k1l!permissions | neredsenvy23:05
ubottuneredsenvy: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions23:05
=== nsh_ is now known as nsh
Kornysudo service ssh restart ?23:05
glitsj16kingfisher64: i use timeshift, very happy with it .. as with all backup software it's a good idea to do some testing, including the restore functionality so you know what to do when needed23:05
TJ-neredsenvy: Then you need to amend ownership permissions. Your editing user needs to be a member of the group that owns /var/www/, and that directory and its contents all need "chmod -R g+w ..." permissions23:06
donvitonope the users are still loged in23:06
Kornysudo service ssh stop ?23:06
amelTJ: installing irssi now... after that then ill install sudo apt-get nvidia-current 331?23:06
jayarhow do i put sudo apt-get install b43-fwcutter firmware-b43-installer on a usb flash so i can install it on my laptop?23:06
Kornyif you stop the service it should disconnect them23:06
kingfisher64i'm saving over a local network, I imagine that's ok with timeshift glitsj16?23:06
donvitoit will disconect me too23:06
Kornywell that restart should have as well23:07
kalekip1_Does anybody know how I can make my gnome terminal semi-transparent? I'm on 13.10 and I don't have the "background" tab everybody talks about.23:07
donvitothats not the answer i want23:07
glitsj16kingfisher64: sure, that's a supported backup location23:07
Lauxleybekks: at this point i think i should just format my system drive and install from a fresh CD right ?23:07
Lauxleyi basically lost all my apps anyway ..23:07
TJ-amel: No, "sudo apt-get install nvidia-331"23:08
KornyYou didn't say you were remote....23:08
kingfisher64there's a ton of options in Ubuntu. Enjoyed my first week with the system glitsj16.23:08
kalekip1_My terminal was previously semi-transparent, but not anymore. I can't remember what I did to make it transparent.23:08
amelTJ: okone last question.. how will i use pastbinit on TTy123:08
Jordan_Udonvito: Korny: Just stopping sshd doesn't close existing connections.23:09
glitsj16kingfisher64: :) true, options might make it confusing at first, but that'll get better every day as you get to know your system23:09
TJ-amel: just as I showed you earlier, no different. It'll report the pastebin URL, which you can type into the IRC session. Remember, you can start the IRC client on TTY2 or TTY3 etc.23:09
glitsj16kalekip1_: gnome-terminal?23:09
kalekip1_glitsj16: Yes, the transparency :/23:10
Jordan_Udonvito: Why are you trying to log off all users (except yourself?) that are logged in via ssh?23:10
donvitomy username was logged 3 times23:10
kingfisher64only other thing I've got to get is a power management app with a GUI (if possible). any recommendations?23:10
donvitoso i killed 2 sessions of me23:10
donvitoi found solution23:10
donvitoJordan_U i can do whatever i like in my server, if u know the answer just asnwer it23:11
amelTJ: ok ill try my best23:11
glitsj16kalekip1_: right-click should give you 'profiles' > profile preferences .. then it's the background tab iirc23:11
TJ-rustuptwist: Is it installing now?23:11
kalekip1_glitsj16: Yes, but I don't see that tab. :/23:11
kalekip1_glitsj16: I looked everywhere on the internet, I can't seem to find it.23:12
kalekip1_glitsj16: I have every tab except that one -.-23:12
Jordan_Udonvito: The answer depends on your end goal. See http://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html#goal23:12
glitsj16kalekip1_: odd, did you try purging the settings and start afresh yet?23:12
kalekip1_glitsj16: A fresh version?23:13
glitsj16kalekip1_: not of the app itself, but its settings23:13
kalekip1_glitsj16: No, where can I do that?23:13
glitsj16kalekip1_: hang on, i'm on a different terminal emulator so i need to check where it saves its prefs23:14
kalekip1_glitsj16: OK, take your time ;)23:15
NetCattyhas someone managed to install the otter-browser on buntu13.10? I cant get it to work. I allways shows me error messages regarding broken dependencys( qt5) and so on although qt5 is installed :/23:15
rustuptwist_TJ-: Got disco'ed for a minute. Did you ask me a question23:16
TJ-rustuptwist: Is it installing now?23:16
=== rustuptwist_ is now known as rustuptwist
glitsj16kalekip1_: ah, the settings of gnome-terminal are in gconf, so you'll need something like gconf-editor to get at those, you might need to install that if you don't have it yet23:17
rustuptwistTJ-: Yeah. Quite slow. I should have use edubuntu disc as that is the ultimate goal but...23:18
kalekip1_glitsj16: I have it. I will look into that. Any idea where I should look at?23:18
glitsj16kalekip1_: apps > gnome-terminal23:19
TJ-rustuptwist: At least its working! I'm off now, hope it completes OK.23:19
kalekip1_glitsj16: Nope, not found D:23:20
glitsj16kalekip1_: /apps/gnome-terminal/profiles/Default/background_type to be exact23:20
rustuptwistTJ-:  yes your right. And thanks so much. Forget to. Thank you23:20
rustuptwistThank you TJ-23:20
kalekip1_glitsj16: I don't have it at all :/23:20
kalekip1_glitsj16: I found something in /Org/23:21
glitsj16kalekip1_: dconf?23:21
kalekip1_glitsj16: Yes :323:22
SweetGuMhi. i just installed Ubuntu 13 on my laptop... and theres no Enable WIreless networking option in the network icon (its an empty triangle).. there are no properiety drivers. can someone help?23:22
kalekip1_glitsj16: /org/gnome/terminal/legacy/profiles:/(hash)23:23
glitsj16kalekip1_: could be i still have a version of gnome-terminal with some mold and it apparently moved over to dconf, sorry for the confusion23:23
Bashing-omSweetGuM: Maybe, I can help. Do you have a wired connection on that laptop ?23:23
kalekip1_glitsj16: I have no idea what to do now. I see "background-color" and "backgroubd-binding".23:24
kalekip1_bgcolor is rgb(0,0,0)23:24
wotan147People I am under 12.04 KDE 4.12 when I connect external Harddrive and mount it with the graphical utility of KDE it will mount as root23:24
wotan147this is an ext4 harddrive another one, ntfs will belong to user23:24
wotan147how do I tell the utility to mount as user23:25
glitsj16kalekip1_: not sure, i only know the old key, that was called background_type --> transparent23:25
Bashing-omSweetGuM: try: terminal command -> sudo apt-get update , sudo apt-get upgrade ; activate the "Additional Drivers" utility and install the recommended driver(s).23:25
NetCattycan someone plz have a look at it: http://pastebin.sabayon.org/pastie/1635423:25
kalekip1_glitsj16: Can I just add the key?23:25
SweetGuMBahsing-om: Oops, I understood you wrong. There is a ethernet port in the laptop, although its not connected...23:26
SweetGuMBashin-om: or is it that sudo apt-get update doesnt need a connection?23:26
k1lSweetGuM: sure it does need internet23:27
SweetGuMyeah.. no wired connection in this room23:27
ofhcmy sound stopped working, can someone help?23:27
glitsj16kalekip1_: that would be much help i think, as the schema wouldn't know what to do with it if it isn't there .. puzzling for such a small change .. trying won't hurt though23:27
ofhci can play front_center.wav from the terminal23:27
ofhcbut nothing else works23:27
kalekip1_glitsj16: It doesn't seem to have the ability to add a key :/23:28
Bashing-omSweetGuM: Sorry, I do not have the skills to advise you how to install the wireless driver from an external means/ The easy thing is as described ( maybe take the laptop to a wired connection ??).23:28
SweetGuMok, ill do that23:28
kalekip1_glitsj16: I found something else. background-color23:28
SweetGuMso i just run sudo-apt get update23:28
samertmhey all23:28
samertmmy keyboard doesn't have a super button23:28
kalekip1_glitsj16: it's a HEX(?) with 12 characters23:29
samertmare there any other dash shortcuts/is there anyway for me to set a dash shortcut?23:29
SweetGuMBashing-om: how do i  activate "Additional Drivers"23:29
glitsj16kalekip1_: that won't give you transparency23:29
k1lsamertm: its the windows key23:29
kalekip1_glitsj16: Then I'm lost. :(23:29
Bashing-omSweetGuM: Yeah, after establishing a wired connection -> update/upgrade and Additional Utilities. Will find the driver ya need and install it.23:30
Jordan_Uwotan147: Ext4 filesystems have stanadard *NIX permissions, the cleanest solution to this problem would probably be to allow world read+write to all files / directories on this external drive, but it depends on what type of files the drive contains. Do *not* simply chmod -R without thinking about the possible negative consequences.23:30
samertmk1l: I don't have a windows key :P I'm on a model m23:30
SweetGuMk thx23:30
ofhcanyone able to help?23:31
k1lsamertm: hmm, well23:31
kalekip1_glitsj16: Do you know any gnome-terminal alternative? Or can I reinstall it or something?23:31
glitsj16kalekip1_: did you try purge/reinstalling gnome-terminal yet?23:31
kalekip1_I'll just google on how to do that ;p23:32
glitsj16kalekip1_: sudo apt-get purge gnome-terminal && sudo apt-get install gnome-terminal23:32
=== adamx is now known as am0nrahx
Bashing-omSweetGuM: I run xfce4 not familiar with the standard install, try software Center ->Software sources -> drop down menu option (??).23:32
kalekip1_oh ty :P23:32
glitsj16kalekip1_: fyi, you can install any terminal emulator you like, gnome-terminal is only the default one23:33
kalekip1_glitsj16: I really like it with transparency. That's all I want, but even that seems to be quite hard.23:34
samertmkalekip1_: if you need suggestions, apparently people like terminator23:34
samertm(I don't, but apparently other people do :P)23:34
glitsj16kalekip1_: xfce4-terminal also does transparency, to name one alternative .. most do23:34
elias_join #pool23:35
elias_#join pool23:35
=== samertm is now known as samertm_afk
kalekip1_Argh, I wish somebody just knew why I don't have the background tab.23:37
kalekip1_*sigh* https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=69854423:39
ubottuGnome bug 698544 in Profiles "Background configuration is missing in terminal profile editor" [Normal,Resolved: duplicate]23:39
glitsj16kalekip1_: nice find .. i'd try xfce4-terminal and forget about the gnome one, in usage you won't see any difference23:41
kalekip1_Why isn't this just a standard feature?23:42
kalekip1_Everybody likes a transparent terminal, right?23:42
=== fl_0 is now known as fl_0|afk
glitsj16kalekip1_: ask the gnome devs :) i know i do yes23:42
=== wickedpuppy2 is now known as wickedpuppy
bpromptkalekip1_:    many terminal apps out there for you to do just that, I have konsole and it allows that, it's just not my terminal app, I use mrxvt, though it allows that too, I like black :P23:43
=== sysadmin is now known as Guest81167
kalekip1_I think I know why now. I upgraded from 13.04 to .10 >.<23:44
kalekip1_I regret it. Yes, just because of this. haha23:45
BetaSoulHas any one very gotten an ATI Radeon  HD 5650 mobility/intel combo to switch inputs?23:45
=== nsh_ is now known as nsh
UltimateNateHey how do i login into mysql database? Do i need to install something for SQL Database?23:48
phil-nsmysql client23:48
phil-nsthen its mysql -h server -u username -p password23:49
UltimateNatedo i need the server aswell?23:49
phil-nswell, the point of using a database client would be to pull or manipulate some data.23:50
phil-nseirgo, you'll need a database of data to play with, if you don't have a public one (or part of a hosting package you own) then yeah, you'll need to install the server part too.23:51
phil-nsif the idea is to learn sql, then install the whole mysql package23:51
=== GTB3NW is now known as GTB3NW_AWAY
phil-nsmake sure to install mysql-admin, its a pretty decent front end for setting up fields/tables/databases23:52
UltimateNateWell im trying to set up Unrealircd23:52
kalekip1_glitsj16: Can't I just downgrade the gnome-terminal? Christian Metz removed it in Ubuntu 13.10, because he thinks that it's useless. -.-23:52
stuppyHello. In the process of upgrading my 'test' partition from 13.04 to 13.10 before testing another change, and durring the large, long download the screen locked and now it's stuck. Will not respond to offer password prompt. I tried A23:54
=== samertm_afk is now known as samertm
daftykinsstuppy: tried a CTL? ?23:56
stuppyctl+alt+F1 > < ctl+alt+F7 switching to see if it would kick it out but no luck. Anyone have a23:56
stuppylead on a fix for this?23:56
stuppysorry about the broken lines. First time with andIRC for android.23:57
=== CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob|Away
glitsj16kalekip1_: you can try, i don't know the actual dependencies of gnome-terminal .. if you can you'd need to put the package on 'hold' to keep it from upgrading, you can do that with sudo apt-mark hold <package>23:58
daftykinsstuppy: can't SSH in?23:58
kalekip1_glitsj16: I'll just download xfce4-terminal. I'm done with this.23:58
kalekip1_glitsj16: Do you know the command? :P23:58
kalekip1_I can't find the terminal. I only find the whole thing.23:59
stuppyI can get in with ctl+alt+F1. I assume ssh but seems local would be as gopd.23:59

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