zequencecub could be different reasons08:24
cubnah I was mistaken. I thought it had been failing for several days in a row, which it didn't. Built last night again it seems.08:26
cubIs Parole shipped as default video player for Ubuntu Studio as Xubuntu?08:28
cubI can't remember if I installed it myself on my Trusty or if it was already there08:30
zequenceCheck the seeds08:33
cubIf it's a "recommend", then it's not installed by default? I never got that when adding gnome-orca08:38
cubParole is listed as "* (parole)" which according to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuStudio/Seeds means it's a "recommend". However both gnome-orca and brltty is added the same way and they are installed by default08:41
zequenceIt's a bit messy in our seeds, I think09:02
zequenceLots' of recommends instead of depends09:02
zequenceNot sure what the logic is now, have forgotten.09:03
cubI thought so when I started out for the 13.10 release09:03
cubbut was told by smrtboy it should be like * (brltty), I don't know why but I think he would know.09:03
zequenceCheck out seeds for other flavors, to see how they do it09:04
cubour default video player is Totem though09:06
cubI confirmed the Bug 1272994 that skellat mailed to the xubuntu devel list09:23
ubottubug 1272994 in parole (Ubuntu) "Parole does not play mp4 video with h264 codec" [Medium,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127299409:23
astraljavazequence: Most of the packages in seeds were changed to recommends around the time when apt-get started installing recommends by default.09:58
zequenceastraljava: I wouldn't say most, and also, there's no consistency10:01
zequenceOvenWerks: I see that you have added some stuff to seeds, but as recommends. Any particular reason to do so?10:01
zequenceOvenWerks: also, no need to add comments to the actual seeds, unless there's something really specific about a package - the bzr comment is there for that reason10:02
cubastraljava, interesting. A bit weird though that it automatically installs recommendations?10:09
zequenceOne can install with a no recommends option10:11
astraljavacub: It was changed several years ago, IIRC. zequence: What I mean with most is that most of what were depends at that time were changed to recommends. But of course that's a long time ago, my recollection might be faulty by now.10:41
holsteincub: you are asking about ubuntustudio on portables?19:54
holsteincub: i think that would be up to ARM support.. or projects wanting to get in the iStore or whatever19:55
holsteincub: i use similar tools on netbooks, though, i bring projects to the bigger machine when i edit19:55
cubNo I was more thinking of something similar application wise that I could run on my eee pc instead of using Garageband on my iPhone20:04
cubwhat tools do you use holstein ?20:04
cub'm looking into if lmms would work for me20:05
cubI'd like to be able to create and toy with ideas while I'm commuting and then bring it over to my main laptop at home to work with later on20:06
holsteinlmms seems kind of like a toy to me.. but, then again, so does garage band20:07
holsteini just use jack and ardour20:07
cubbut in ardour, can you create music without recording something live?20:07
holsteinlmms seemed interesting, but, back when i was checking it out, it was crashy with jack.. i got it up and tested it enough to find that it wasnt for me20:07
holsteincub: ardour3 has midi support, but, if i were interested in midi like that, i would do qtractor or rosegarden20:08
cubGB is sweet in such way that the auto-isntruments there sound alright and it's wuite easy to build a background and add a melody to it20:08
holsteinif you want to work with samples like that, like frooty loops style, i think lmms is the tool20:08
cubyeah qtractor sprung to mind. I'm not sure how midi works without a midi instrument or proper soundcard20:08
holsteinthere are many soft synths in the repo20:09
holsteinand lots of linux instrument plugins20:09
cubbut the midi tools I have olooked at was sounding way too bad20:09
holstein[lsd] in #opensourcemusicians is my go-to guy for this stuff20:09
holsteini mostly just do analog stuff20:09
holsteincub: "bad" sounds is a matter of opinion20:09
holsteincub: and, im sure i can open GB and make something that sounds bad, or find sounds that i dont like20:10
holsteincub: as a matter of fact, if never heard one i thought was acceptable20:10
holsteinbut, im sure it all depends on one's needs20:10
cubyes but in mma for instance everything sounded like my atari in the 80s20:10
cubI need something better than that to be creative. :P20:11
holstein"better" is again a matter of opinion20:11
holsteinthere are many instruments in the repos and available for download/purchase20:11
holsteinas you konw, there is no "linux" making sure all professional musicians purchase the products availalbe for it20:11
cubas plugins for qtractor and such?20:11
holsteini mean, apple is always welcome to create and release GB for linux with jack support20:12
cubthat would be nice but I would prefer a FOSS alternative20:12
holsteinbut, since thats not likely going to happen, you should try and find folks (like [lsd]) who are using ubuntu to do exactly what you are taking about20:12
holsteincub: thats asking a lot though20:12
holsteinits like, i want something *perfect* for my workflow, thats just like what big corporate folks put out with giant budgets.. but, it must be free and underground20:13
cubyou never know, somewhere there might be a developer wanting the same thing as me you know how to write the application20:13
holsteinand, personally, i find lots of those projects to be very much on par with commercial ones, but one must go and find them20:13
holsteinthere is not commercial entity pushing them20:13
cubexactly, they might be out there but just hard to find20:14
holsteinits not even "hard".. its just, not being marketed in any way20:14
holsteinwhy do i know about garage band? ive never ever owned it.. and ive only ran it on a few friends machines to help them set it up20:14
cubfor many of my friends, going online to irc to chat with people is "hard"20:15
holsteini see commercials for it, and apple pushes it20:15
holsteinanyone is welcome and encouraged to push and commercialize any of the foss tools, but since there is no $$ coming in for it, it likely wont happen20:15
cubmy friends use it on their macs and ipads, so I tried it out on the company iphone. Quite handy to document ideas quickly20:15
holsteinsure.. but, i can do the same in FOSS, and with jack support20:16
cubthat's what I'm hoping for20:17
holsteinbut, these foss tools are open, and can be looked at to be ported to whatever.. like the iOS20:17
holsteinand, the commercial tools are welcome to be written for linux20:17
holsteinso, really, either way is possible.. just not financially probable right now20:17
cubI need to read up on lmms and qtractor and have time to mess around.20:22
cubamong all the other things I want/need to accomplish. :P20:22
holsteinor, just ask [lsd]20:23
cubwill do20:24
holsteinhttp://wootangent.net/2010/10/linux-music-tutorial-seq24-part-1/ for example20:24
holsteinthats his site.. 20:24
cubI'll watch his tutorial first before asking stupid questions that might be answered in there.20:27

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