subuntuanybody available to help with an installation quirk?04:54
subuntuok, so i have ubuntu studio running live off this usb -- but the install launcher is not working --- what could be the case?04:54
Unit193Try running from the terminal, see if you get any output.  Also, may want to look in ~/.xsession-errors or .cache/upstart/startxfce.log04:56
subuntuUnit193: not sure i understand -- run the installer thru the term?04:57
Unit193What exactly is it getting stuck at and which version?04:58
subuntui'm such a dweeb. how do i check the version -- i only wrote studio on the usb04:58
subuntui want to say its 120404:59
holsteinsubuntu: check and see05:00
subuntuomg. i wonder if this is a 64 bit .iso05:00
Unit193lsb_release -c05:00
subuntujust saying precise05:01
subuntunot telling me if 32 or 6405:01
subuntuits an acer laptop with amd athlon 64 inside05:02
holsteinsubuntu: which did you get? which do you want?05:02
holsteinits loading live, so its not like you have the wrong one05:02
subuntuacer aspire 551505:02
subuntubut the installer won't launch -- i din't even ask it to run live -- i selected 'install' from the start, but it just went to live05:03
subuntuit was 'burned' or copied using unetbootin, so i got the unet splash that starts with 'default' option, and then the others. i selected install, but it went live.05:04
holsteinsubuntu: unet can break that05:05
holsteinsubuntu: just select install from the menu05:05
subuntuwhere in the menu?05:05
holsteinif that is what is failing, then elaborate about how its failing05:05
subuntui see it in the menu -- its 1204.305:06
subuntulet me try running05:07
subuntunope, not doing anything05:07
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD05:08
holsteinsubuntu: you can use one of those, and add what you want to it05:08
holsteinor, the xubuntu live iso if that is working better for your needs05:08
holsteinsubuntu: could be something in the way you made the stick... or it could be a bad iso05:09
holstein!md5 | subuntu will help you test05:09
ubottusubuntu will help you test: To verify your Ubuntu ISO image (or other files for which an MD5 checksum is provided), see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM or http://www.linuxquestions.org/linux/answers/LQ_ISO/Checking_the_md5sum_in_Windows05:09
subuntuholstein, before i go doing that, can you help me determine which is the right iso, whether it should be 32b or 64b?05:11
holsteinsubuntu: sure. do you have a system that is 64bit capable?05:11
subuntuas i mentioned the computer is an acer aspire 5515, and there is a sticker with 'amd athlon 64' on it05:12
Unit193How much ram?05:13
subuntuhow do i query that05:13
holsteinsubuntu: its in the unit05:13
holsteinsubuntu: you can run "free -m" in a terminal if you like05:14
subuntutotal 2757 , used 1088, free 1669, swap 623605:15
holsteinso, i would to 32 there.. 4gb's is where i consider 64bit05:16
subuntuok -- so back to what you were saying about using a minimalist cd -- those packages listed on the page you referenced don't say they are studio packages05:17
subuntuat https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD05:17
holsteinsubuntu: there are just main ubuntu repos.. all the official flavours use them05:19
holsteinsubuntu: the mini iso's are as advertised.. just minimal.. you add what you want to them after install05:19
holsteinor, you try making the stick a different way, after checking the md5 sum.. etc05:20
subuntuisn't there an ubuntustudio 700mb cd .iso?05:20
holsteinsubuntu: no05:20
holsteinsubuntu: there is a smaller xubuntu iso, that i suggested, that you can also add what you like to from the studio stuff05:20
subuntuyes, but then the installation doesn't look like studio, and i don't know all the packages to make it so -- the file that i downloaded to make the usb has been deleted, so should i start over with a new download, i guess? and then, you are suggesting that i NOT use unetbootin?05:23
holsteinsubuntu: you install the ubuntustuduio ones05:24
holsteinyou can literally run "apt-cache search ubuntustudio" and install those.. but, yes, you can do whatever makes you comfortable05:25
holsteinsubuntu: did the md5 sum fail on the download you had?05:25
subuntuthe download has been deleted, so i guess i can't check it? or can it be checked against the usb? i'm not a  coplete noob, but i'm not either proficient or knowledgeable05:26
subuntualso -- is 1204 the best version to get now (is it lts?)05:27
holsteinsubuntu: "best" is always a matter of opinion and use case05:27
subuntuyou seem tired, your speaking over my head05:27
holsteinsubuntu: yeah?05:28
holsteinsubuntu: "best" is not something i can say in reference to that question05:28
holsteinsubuntu: 12.04 is the LTS version.. lts stands for long term support05:28
holstein13.10 is the latest.. its newer, but is not supported as long.. not nearly as long05:28
holsteinthe best will be which ever of those fits your needs best05:28
holsteinsubuntu: clear? i'll go into more information if you need05:29
subuntuseems like lts is the 'best' option then05:30
holsteinsubuntu: if you want 5 years support over newer packages, it is05:30
subuntuwhat would a good alternative to unetbootin be if i download 12.04 32 bit for copy/burn to usb?05:31
holsteinsubuntu: you can dd copy all the iso's05:32
holsteinsubuntu: but, unetbootin works for me05:32
holstein!install | subuntu lists options05:32
ubottusubuntu lists options: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - See also !automate05:32
subuntui thought that your earlier inference was that unetbootin 'breaks' the installer?05:33
holsteinsubuntu: i have experienced first hand that it did, yes05:34
holsteinsubuntu: i have selected "install" as you did, and gotten to "live" as you said you did05:34
holsteinsubuntu: but, i have always been able to work around that, and install05:34
subuntuthats what i was hoping to do, is work around, since i already have a usb 'burned' or copied05:35
holsteini usualy just select "default" from the unetbootin menu first05:35
holsteinsubuntu: have you tried "default" ? or another option from that menu?05:35
subuntuno, i went right to 'install'05:35
holsteinsubuntu: so, try "default"05:36
subuntuif you do nothing, it goes to default, right?05:36
holsteinsubuntu: i dont know, i just select "default" manually.. but, try anything different and see05:36
subuntuok, guess i'll restart and see05:37
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cubAnyone here used Garageband on iPhone? And know of a similar solution one could run on the Ubuntu Studio installation on a small pc?14:24
AsusF3sci sono italiani?14:37
AsusF3sho problemi con ubuntu studio e i pixeldel monitor..14:37
AsusF3sl'ho appena riistallato da zero perchè aggiornando i driver mi si era impallato tutto...14:38
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grelohow can I upgrade to 13.10 using the console?21:16
grelohellow guys21:16
holsteindo people lag a version behind like that because they think its more "stable" by then?23:20

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