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atomxNow I noticed that Ubuntu does not use INIT, but upstart18:21
atomx... even if I've been using it for 7 years18:21
atomx(at least 7(18:21
ionWhat’s INIT?18:21
ogra_ion, a very loud pid 0 18:23
atomxthe standard process called by the kernel as the last step of tyhe boot18:23
ogra_pid 1 18:23
ionatomx: Upstart comes /sbin/init.18:24
atomxI tried a few times to read the init scripts, and saw that inittab misses, and I noticed that something unusual is there18:25
atomxIn fact, upstart represents the new init scripts of init ? Is there some change in executable init ?18:25
* ogra_ points to http://upstart.ubuntu.com/ 18:26
atomxI saw on that huge page the link to this channel, this is why I am here, probably somebody here can explain me in 2 minutes how 1. to write a new script 2. what are the changes from the classic System V scripts 3. if I can study the new system in less than 1 hour, and completely understand it.18:29
ogra_see the cookbook link at the top of the page 18:30
ogra_and no, 1h is likely not enough18:30
atomxbut if your system explodes in a ball of fire or becomes unusable as a result of a suggestion from this document, you alone have the intellectual pleasure of fixing your systems18:34
atomxI started to read the introduction, and upstart seems great 18:41
jodhatomx: the best place to start is the Upstart Cookbook: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/. The first few pages should explain what you need - you don't need to read it all to start with :)19:04

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