bschilkeanyone know of a small mousepad-like texteditor that will keep the indentation when you create a new line, similar to how a code editor works?01:01
FilyDear friends, I was able to install Xubuntu 12.04 on my virtual machine. The more modern versions are impossible to install01:05
David-Abschilke: in mouspad you have Options>Autoindent, but maybe you specifically do not want mouspad01:05
David-Abschilke: otherwise gedit and kate are quite featurerich01:07
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bschilkethanks David-A01:49
bschilkeDavid-A: thanks again - the autoindent is exactly what i was looking for02:05
David-Abschilke: (mousepad) how could you not find it before? it is not exactly hiding in an infinite forest of options02:10
bschilkeno, i obviously didn't look for it, but i didn't think it was common enough of a feature02:24
bschilke..to be included in the default basic text editor02:25
David-Aused to notepad? :)02:26
bschilkedoes notepad have that feature? i can't stand that little app for some reason lol02:40
David-Abschilke: i think it does not. and theorized about why you wouldnt expect features in a default editor02:41
bschilkeoh - gotcha -- yea - notepad (like windows) has lowered my expectations02:42
bschilke: )02:42
MykillQuick question. What kind of upgrade path would be required to go from 14.04 alpha2 to xubuntu 14.04 release? Is it just an update to the packages?03:34
holsteinMykill: any normal update..03:39
Mykillso do-release-upgrade?03:40
Unit193Mykill: Just normal updates.03:40
holsteinMykill: thats not necessary.. any normal upgrade.. using the update manager, or sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade, or via the package manager of your choice03:41
Mykillgot it, so it's just a regular apt update03:41
MykillThanks. I'll be trying out alpha2 this weekend. Will report any issues I find. Good night all.03:42
LJSeinfeldHaving some issues -- can't boot to a desktop ... assuming due to a borked software update that messed with my video driver04:15
LJSeinfeldget the login screen loop04:15
LJSeinfeldalso can't login to gui with the guest account.... kinda stuck04:15
LJSeinfeldI can ssh into the machine just fine though04:15
LJSeinfeld(on Saucy, BTW)04:17
holsteinLJSeinfeld: you can remove the graphics driver, if thats what you think is the issue, or if you want to try and just boot an older kernel, that might help you troubleshoot04:23
LJSeinfeldhow do I go about removing the graphics driver?  I did a dpkg uninstall of the offending software... still not working04:24
holsteintheres a recovery kernel, and there are tty's... and the ssh is helpful04:24
holsteinLJSeinfeld: you removed *assumed* offending software04:24
LJSeinfeldit was splashtop btw04:25
holsteinLJSeinfeld: what was splashtop?04:25
LJSeinfeldbasically an optimized VNC-type clone04:25
LJSeinfeldboasts of better performance04:25
holsteinLJSeinfeld: im familiar with what the software is, what are you referencing it about?04:26
LJSeinfeldissue started after installing splashtop,04:26
LJSeinfeldtheres a little more..04:26
holsteinLJSeinfeld: you said a graphics driver update caused it04:26
LJSeinfeldsaid "assuming due to a borked software update that messed with my video driver"04:27
holsteinLJSeinfeld: sure. how does splashtop fit in here?04:27
LJSeinfeldinstall had errors04:28
LJSeinfeldproblem happened on reboot directly after..04:28
holsteinLJSeinfeld: after what? installing splashtop? or upgrading the video driver?04:28
LJSeinfeldI never upgraded video driver04:29
holsteinLJSeinfeld: neither of those address whatever errors the install had04:29
LJSeinfeldafter installing splashtop04:29
LJSeinfeldwhich Im assuming installed some kind of video hook driver04:29
holsteinLJSeinfeld: i would run "sudo apt-get update" and see that there are no errors.. then, sudo apt-get dist-upgrade and see the same04:29
holsteinLJSeinfeld: dont assume. ask them if it installs anything. i dont remember splashtop installing any graphics modules04:30
LJSeinfeldjust updated to saucy in hopes of fixing issue04:30
holsteinLJSeinfeld: wow.. so, this happened on another distro? and you upgraded?04:30
LJSeinfeldI was kinda grasping at straws after trying all other login-loop fixes to no avail04:31
holsteinLJSeinfeld: can you login via tty?04:31
holsteinLJSeinfeld: i know what i would do.. backup, and fresh install04:31
LJSeinfeldI'm trying to avoid that.... but yes I can login via ssh no problems04:32
holsteinLJSeinfeld: how about tty?04:32
holstein!tty | LJSeinfeld04:32
ubottuLJSeinfeld: To get to the TTY terminals 1-6, use the keystroke ctrl + alt + F1-F6 respectively (Alt+F7 will get you back to your graphical login).  To change the resolution for your TTY, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ChangeTTYResolution04:32
holsteinnot ssh.. but, tty instead04:32
LJSeinfeldI need to go grab a keyboard for the machine and check04:33
LJSeinfeldrebooting.. stuck at blank screen...04:35
holsteinLJSeinfeld: there are recovery kernels before you get "stuck"04:35
LJSeinfeld(tried to login guest account)04:35
LJSeinfeldI'm at login screen now04:35
holsteinLJSeinfeld: how about tty with your normal user?04:36
LJSeinfeldjust did a ctrl-alt-f104:36
holsteinok.. try logging there..04:36
LJSeinfeldgot some stuff on the screen... doesn't seem to let me type04:37
LJSeinfeldPBUS MMIO read of 0X000008 fault at ....04:38
LJSeinfeldstuff like that04:38
holsteini would test the hardware as well.. you could have had a hard drive issue causing whatever you were talking about before04:38
LJSeinfeldnow I can type... but nothing seems to happen when I hit enter except a line feed04:39
holsteinok... so try other tty's.. til you see a login prompt.. that is the quesiton. can you login from a tty04:40
LJSeinfeld2 gives me a login screen04:41
LJSeinfeldnot screen... tty login04:41
LJSeinfeldand I can login04:41
holsteinat this point, i usually create a test user, and try loggin in04:41
LJSeinfeldsudo user add testuser works?04:43
holsteinLJSeinfeld: try logging in the GUI as the new user you made04:43
LJSeinfelddo i need to reboot to pull this off?04:44
holsteinLJSeinfeld: no.. return to the normal graphical login and try loggin in04:44
holsteinalt F704:44
holsteinLJSeinfeld: can you login to the graphical desktop as the new user you created?04:46
LJSeinfeldnope... back to login screen04:47
holsteinok.. so, its a system issue, or something with your hardware. not in your user /config04:47
LJSeinfeldscreen goes black, then back to login screen04:47
holsteinbut, i dont see this as an issue with any graphics driver04:48
LJSeinfeldso... is there a relatively easy way to troubleshoot this04:48
holsteinLJSeinfeld: we are04:48
holsteinLJSeinfeld: you would test the hard drive and the ram04:49
LJSeinfeldI saw some garbage on the screen --like block graphics at one time....04:49
return0Anyone know a personal scheduler that's xfce friendly, or some generic tray thingy04:49
LJSeinfeldchopped up icons, etc04:49
holsteinLJSeinfeld: right.. thats why i said i would test the hard drive. if its bad, then its bad.. you cant fix it with software04:49
LJSeinfeldwouldn't that be a huge coincidence that this thing died the moment I messed with installing/uninstalling splash top?04:50
LJSeinfeldbut I'm game for anything (and thanks for helping)04:50
holsteinLJSeinfeld: try purging splash top04:51
LJSeinfeldI installed with dpkg -i  and uninstalled with dpkg -r04:51
LJSeinfeldhow do I go about purging?04:51
holsteinLJSeinfeld: into another version as well04:51
holsteinLJSeinfeld: i know, it takes me about 8 minutes to install.. and thats where i would be, right now, after testing the hardware04:52
LJSeinfeldtrust me its not the install of the OS that I'm trying to avoid... its the setting up of everything else...04:53
holsteinLJSeinfeld: everything else will get lost when that hard drive fails, so back it up now04:53
LJSeinfeldI've got an older backup that's should be OK04:54
holsteinLJSeinfeld: otherwise, just keep troubleshoooting.. have you tested the hard drive? or the memory? does a live CD boot?04:54
LJSeinfeldmaybe 1 month04:54
LJSeinfeldI'd need to go grab one /  make one... that will have to be for another day.04:55
LJSeinfeldI'm really doubting hardware issues...04:55
LJSeinfeldjust because of the timing04:55
holsteinLJSeinfeld: i dont doubt at all. i test, then im sure, and i move on04:56
LJSeinfeldI understand...04:57
return0Anyone know a linux form of ical? I jsut want a really simple todo list and scheduler04:58
LJSeinfeldso, is there a way to migrate my current account back to a fresh install?04:58
LJSeinfeldor what step would you suggest to do when everything checks out OK hardware-wise?04:58
holsteinreturn0: i use google calendar.. there are many in the repo.. try searching "calendar" in the package manager of your choice04:59
holsteinLJSeinfeld: you grab your /home04:59
return0holstein: hmm i completely forgot about google cal, i'll try that if i don't find anythign in the repo, right now the only thing i've found is korganizer but it wants em to isntall 150 packages, almost all useless KDE deps :(05:00
LJSeinfeldhow about startup stuff, cron jobs, etc?05:00
holsteinLJSeinfeld: what cron jobs have you setup?05:01
LJSeinfeldlol, I'd have to look.. its' been a year since I set the machine up05:01
holsteinLJSeinfeld: you are talking about moving them? i would rather reinstall at this point.. since you have tried to update the distro through a problem like that05:01
LJSeinfeldits my Sab/sickbeard box05:01
holsteini mean, from waht i read, it didnt load x and you did a distro upgrade from 13.04 to 13.1005:02
return0Anyone else here playing on 14.04? Working for me so far.05:02
holsteinreturn0: try #ubuntu+105:02
LJSeinfeldso there are things that I spent a lot of time learning to get stuff up and running (VPN stuff, mounting shares at login, etc)...05:02
LJSeinfeldnot sure if I remember how to do all that... it'll be a day of research (which I will do if it comes down to it)05:03
holsteinsure.. and you will lose them all *when* that hard drive fails, so take this time to backup those things05:03
holsteinotherwise, try other graphics drivers.. force the vesa driver with a custom xorg.conf if you feel its graphics driver related05:04
LJSeinfeldI do.05:04
LJSeinfeldcould you help me with that part?05:04
holsteinwhat part?05:04
LJSeinfeldbox has Nvida ION graphics, btw so it's proprietary drivers05:05
LJSeinfeldforcing vesa driver05:05
holsteinLJSeinfeld: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1270209 is one way05:06
holsteinLJSeinfeld: i would have already removed the proprietar drivers, if i thought that was the issue.. which is what i suggested before the splashtop thing05:06
LJSeinfeldmust have missed that part... how would we remove the proprietary drivers?05:07
holstein!nvidia | LJSeinfeld is what i refer to05:07
ubottuLJSeinfeld is what i refer to: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto05:07
holsteinor, i just search a package manager for them. or "sudo apt-get autoremove nvidia*05:08
LJSeinfeldworking on xorg.conf now...05:10
LJSeinfeldthere was nothing in there except for references to VNC displays05:11
holsteinLJSeinfeld: in where?05:11
holsteinLJSeinfeld: you should have whatever the nvida driver made when you installed it05:11
LJSeinfeldit was not in there..05:11
holsteinLJSeinfeld: how does the vesa driver work for you?05:12
LJSeinfeldno joy... login screen loop05:12
holsteinyou dont have a graphics card issue.. i think you have extreme system failure05:13
LJSeinfeldmaybe so05:13
holsteinLJSeinfeld: what about "sudo apt-get update". i know i asked you to run it and report erors.. but you never said you ran it05:13
LJSeinfeldI ran it, no errors05:13
holsteinLJSeinfeld: and "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" ?05:14
LJSeinfeldno errors there either05:14
holsteinim telling you, i would have already reinstalled, and have it back up. otherwise, just keep tesing things and removing things from the equation05:15
LJSeinfeldprobably what's going to happen... but it'll be days before I get a chance to work on the machine to re-do everything05:16
holsteinyeah? you could hve done it in the time it took in this chat.. and the setup in the time it took the upgrade from 13.04 to 13.1005:17
LJSeinfeldlol maybe you could have done it...05:17
LJSeinfeldit will take me a day to reinstall and configure all the software that runs on this box.... but either way, it's a learning experience05:18
LJSeinfeldseeing some errors in .xsession_errors....05:43
LJSeinfeldother than what I think are 'normal' ones05:43
xubuntu034anyone know if I can get the lap top camera to work in ubuntu05:46
holstein!webcam | xubuntu03405:49
ubottuxubuntu034: Instructions for using webcams with Ubuntu can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Webcam - Supported cams: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsMultimediaWebCameras05:49
holsteinxubuntu034: all the ones i have left just work  out of the box.. i like to use "cheese" to test them easily05:49
holstein!info cheese05:50
ubottucheese (source: cheese): tool to take pictures and videos from your webcam. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.8.3-0ubuntu1 (saucy), package size 51 kB, installed size 388 kB05:50
holsteinLJSeinfeld: yes.. x is failing after the login screen.. its not something in your user account, or xfce session, since we already tested for that05:50
holsteini mean, you could try reinstalling xubuntu-desktop.. or whatever x stuff you can think of05:51
holsteinyou could try the main #ubuntu channel, since there is more traffic thre05:52
holsteinif you havent checked for and purged all that splashtop installed, that might be nice.. maybe ask them what their installer does or did to your system, if you feel that was the cause05:53
holsteingood luck! im out for a while05:53
LJSeinfeldThanks very much for your help :D05:53
JMT4Before I get to the desktop screen there's some flash of text as well as log-in via terminal, it wasn't there before when I had a fresh install of Xubuntu. Can someone assist with checking my logs and see if everything is working properly?10:32
xubuntu943to upload picts?12:02
xubuntu943per uppare foto?12:04
knomexubuntu943, please be a bit more specific12:04
xubuntu943i need to upload one picture here in this chat..12:05
xubuntu943i need help12:05
krautxubuntu943: http://www.directupload.net/12:06
MyrttiIRC is a text only medium, so upload a picture where ever you normally upload them and then share us the URL12:07
JMT4Can anyone assist me with checking my boot logs? I suspect there's something wrong.12:07
xubuntu943http://www.directupload.net/index.php?mode=upload http://www.directupload.net/index.php?mode=upload12:07
xubuntu943hope is fine like that12:07
xubuntu943the problme is not the kernel but the time i'm trying to clik on ot12:09
xubuntu943second picture show the action that i don't know :/12:10
xubuntu943any idea?12:12
elfyJMT4: tell the issue you think you have and include a pastebin of the logs you want people to look at - if someone can help they will12:13
JMT4Before I reach XFCE desktop there's a bit of flashing of text, can't tell because it's only there for 0,1 sec as well as log in to terminal at first before booting. It wasn't this way when I had fresh install of Xubuntu. I found a lot of dkpg warnings from bootslog, but not sure if that's the reason: http://pastebin.com/Jvuattee12:16
JMT4Anyone got suggestions on some forum I might get help?15:24
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aceycan someone help me15:40
Myrttido you need help in learning how to knit and purl with the European method? no?15:45
Myrttijust ask the question, then we'll know if we can help you15:46
geniiJMT4, acey : Best to just present your question to the channel in general and then see if someone takes up answering it15:46
baizon!ask | acey15:46
ubottuacey: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:46
JMT4genii: I did that 7 hours ago and didn't get a answer, as well as 3 hours ago. You got any suggestions on forums I might visit for help?15:46
geniiJMT4: Many people have parted and joined. It is OK to keep asking perhaps every 15 minutes or so. I, for instance, have not seen your original question.15:47
poopuserHi. I am using 13.10 and for some reason it does not recognize my usb storage in the phone. It works on rhel on my other pc. lsusb does not return antything regarding the device, don't see much in dmsg either. No usb modules loaded, thou I loaded usb-storage but with no result.15:48
aceyhi i bought a laptop with xbuntu on it and i like it but i was wondering if I could dual boot windows 7 on it also15:49
poopuseracey: sure you can15:49
JMT4genii: I am suspecting something might be wrong with my system, when I boot up I get a flash of some text followed by log in via terminal, this happens at the instance of a flash of course. Here's my bootlog: http://pastebin.com/Jvuattee15:49
poopuserpoopuser: you have to make a partition for it, install it, and then reinstall grub using live cd/ usb15:49
aceyok sounds fairly simple till i get to the grub part15:50
geniiJMT4: As for additional avenues of support: http://xubuntu.org/help/ shows the mailing list and forum links15:50
JMT4genii: Alright, then I will check out the ubuntu forums, as suggested from your link.15:51
poopuseracey: should help http://howtoubuntu.org/how-to-repair-restore-reinstall-grub-2-with-a-ubuntu-live-cd#.UukjYbOVuxk15:51
poopuseracey: np, just get a usb install the iso using unetbootin, use something like gparted to make a partition, boot windows install windows, go back to liveusb and install grub accordingly to tutorial.15:52
aceyyea im trying to use gparted now how to i get root access15:56
aceywell trying to launch it i mean15:57
geniiBah, JMT4 left.  Was just examining his pastebin and had some things to try too.15:57
poopuseracey: open terminal, type sudo su afterwards type gparted15:58
aceyok looks like i cant create a partition while using (mounted) so how should i do this?16:02
aceybrb i think i got it16:06
bgardnerMorning all.  This has been going on for a while, but my curiosity has finally gotten me to ask.  After upgrade from 12.04 to 13.10 I now get this displayed for about 5 seconds right after POST at boot: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6838646/16:17
bgardnerWhile it says "Press any key", it doesn't actually wait.  Can't find anything in dmesg or logs - any suggestions where to find the source of these messages?16:18
holsteinbgardner: after upgrading that many times, i expect a few glitches.. is that right after grub?16:59
bgardnerholstein: Yes, right after.  Incidentally, I can't tell that this does any harm at all, I just want to find where it's coming from.17:00
holsteinbgardner: what do you mean, "it doesnt really wait" ? like, you dont have to press a key? it just goes past that?17:13
bgardnerholstein: Yes, it says "Press any key", but doesn't actually wait for my input - it boots right on up.17:14
holsteinbgardner: i personally disregard those.. i have some messages on certain hardware that post, but, i dont worry if things are running as they should17:14
holsteinbgardner: could be something odd from the 3 upgrades though17:14
bgardnerholstein: I hear you.  Like I said, mostly curiosity and a little OCD that doesn't like error messages that I can't clear.17:15
holsteinbgardner: you cant clear it?17:15
holsteinbgardner: it automatically goes away? or is posting in one of the tty screens, correct?17:15
bgardnerholstein: Sorry, poor phrasing.  It disappears once boot completes, I just would like to remove the root cause so it doesn't happen at every boot.17:16
holsteinbgardner: on different hardware, and different distros, with certain graphics drivers, for example, i'll see all kinds of output.. but, i just keep in mind its a windows sticker on the unit and not a linux one, and dont worry much about debug messages, etc17:17
holsteini would be interested, personally, in seeing how a fresh install behaves.. not interested enough to wipe the machine, but, maybe to switch hard drives and install, or do a USB stick/drive install and test17:18
bgardnerholstein: Well, this is actually a System76 box, so not even a Windows sticker.  :P  Either way, I won't sweat it.  As you said, three upgrades later, who knows what's going on.17:18
holsteinbgardner: system76 will talk with you about it17:18
holsteinbgardner: they have sources they expect you to install and use, ,AFAiK.. are you using those?17:19
bgardnerholstein: Good point, I'll see if they have any insight17:19
bgardnerholstein: Yup, all by the numbers17:19
holsteinbgardner: yeah... even just a casual email to them about it wouldnt hurt17:19
bgardnerholstein: Will do, and I'll report back if it turns out to be informative17:20
holsteinbgardner: :)17:20
bgardnerholstein: Be darned, the System76 forums did in fact have a specific note about this issue.  Reference: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/grub2/+bug/73383617:25
ubottuUbuntu bug 733836 in grub2 (Ubuntu) ""Error: file not found" when booting, then boots up anyway" [Undecided,Invalid]17:25
holsteinbgardner: nice. they are on top of support, and i think they like to work upstream when they can17:29
bgardnerholstein: Thanks for the advice, not sure why my initial search didn't find this but they have a solution on the bug report that I'll try out.17:30
bgardnerholstein: brb, trying the solution and at the reboot stage.17:42
bgardnerholstein: Back, and I can confirm that the solution on that bug report works as advertised.  Thanks again for the assistance.17:49
holsteinbgardner: glad you found what you needed17:50
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jarnosWhy it does not work? https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10152597724934778&l=7826428704 Someone reported that by SUSE + Seamonkey it works.19:23
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xubuntu353alguien me puede brindar ayuda?19:31
makachuI've eventually join xubuntu channel. Isn't that great?19:36
holsteinmakachu: try /join #xubuntu-offtopic for chat.. thanks!19:36
holstein!es | xubuntu35319:37
ubottuxubuntu353: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y presione intro.19:37
makachuI'm still wondering how to chat PROPERly. Spare me please.19:39
bazhang#xubuntu-offtopic is the place to chat makachu19:40
bazhangthis is support.19:40
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aceyok if anyone is willing to help im trying to install xubuntu alongside windows 7 but after many failed attempts grub does not load after install.20:23
holsteinacey: i usually suggest just reinstalling grub after the install.. have you tried that? are you sure the install is working? do you have something in the bios like secure boot preventing what you are trying to do?20:24
Sysiare you installing grub to right device20:25
aceymaybe not i have to drives an sda and sdb20:25
aceyi seem to have a 100mb reserved space for boot on sda120:26
aceybut windows is on sdb20:26
aceyso i would install bootloader on sda1 or sda?20:27
acey"Device for boot loader installation" im refering to20:27
Sysiwell, which one you have as primary device in bios20:28
aceyis there an easy way i can check heh?20:30
Sysiif that 100MB boot thing is from windows, sda20:30
aceyyea i tried that last attempt and still didnt work so should i still tr to reinstall grub manually?20:31
SysiI would think so20:32
xubuntu596hello, i can't open Audio Setting ( up rightbotton ) i would like to post you one picture of it20:33
xubuntu596this one http://s12.postimg.org/ntobe98ql/Istantanea_20072013_10_55_52.png20:34
xubuntu596just expired :/20:34
aceySysi would i need a /boot partition I am doing this manually20:35
Sysiacey: no, having boot in root partition works for that too20:35
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peter_foProblem: my droid sans mono bold font gets chopped (top) at size 1123:57

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