MakyoI can't reproduce these CI errors at all locally.00:21
hatchMakyo you are creating an environment then doing nothing with it in one of your tests00:39
hatchmaybe that's it?00:39
MakyoOh?  Hmm..00:39
hatchline 1001 in test_environment_view.js00:40
MakyoOh, right.  Hmm.  I got yelled at by jshint for that.00:41
MakyoEr, for assigning it to a variable I never used.00:41
MakyoBut I bet I can find a way around that.00:41
MakyoOh, there's already a global x.x00:42
MakyoIf this works, I owe you.00:42
hatchhaha, guess we'll see00:43
MakyoDamn, I bet that's it, too.  Just causing weird cascading issues.00:44
Makyo... ... ...00:50
MakyoDisregard that, I'm an idiot.00:50
MakyoIt worked locally because of untracked templates.00:51
hatchhey, at least you can now reproduce it locally00:51
MakyoThat'll teach me to use commit -a00:51
hatchahh yeah I always do git add -A00:52
hatchran into the same issue with untracked files00:53
MakyoIt was that.00:53
MakyoI'm an idiot.00:53
MakyoWould appreciate a review/QA tomorrow, if you get a chance, hatch 00:55
hatchMakyo yeah no problem00:58
hatchMakyo are you still around?02:04
MakyoYep ^^02:08
MakyoWhat's up?02:08
hatchQA OK02:09
hatchI keep getting relation change errors 02:09
hatchit happens in trunk, just wondering if you noticed them too?02:09
MakyoI get them with simulator on, yeah.02:09
hatchok so you think it's a simulator bug? I haven't been able to pin down the trigger02:10
MakyoI thought we had intentionally added them to the simulator for testing the inspector.02:12
hatchwell only if relations are created02:14
hatchso maybe the change is coming in thinking the relation is still there02:14
hatchok well that at least makes some sense :)02:14
hatchit doesn't appear to have any effect on the app so I was just trying to pin it down02:14
MakyoOh, hmm.02:14
MakyoAlright, yeah.,02:14
MakyoI mean, I'm in there plenty, of late, I'll keep an eye out,02:15
hatchsounds good, well review and qa are done02:15
hatchnow I'm thinking on how to add databinding to the viewlet manager02:16
hatchI'm thinking composition of some how02:16
hatchit just wasn't written with that in mind02:16
hatchjust sitting on the couch with my laptop....probably a mistake hah02:17
hatchwhat work/life balance02:17
MakyoGo away!02:18
MakyoGo away.02:18
MakyoI have gin, that's my sign to go away.02:18
MakyoWill get to review tomorrow.02:18
hatchhaha sounds good, have a good night02:24
rick_h_frankban: ping, have you seen Import from "ghost-charm-master.zip" failed.<br/>invalid request: invalid YAML contents: unacceptable character #x0003: special characters are not allowed in "<unicode string>", position 2 09:33
rick_h_in deploying a local charm? It souded like gary_poster|away had tested the ghost charm but hitting that and not seeing any unicode chars in the config/metadata files?09:34
rick_h_oh bah, I didn't use the latest core in this env09:34
rick_h_ignore me, will rebuild the env and try again09:34
frankbanrick_h_: never seen. ok. FWIW, I am trying to release the charm09:35
frankbanrick_h_: in manage heartbeat the Last ingest job seems to just return datetime.utcnow or similar10:02
frankbanrick_h_: charm released10:14
rick_h_frankban: oooh cool I'll try that first then thanks10:29
frankbanrick_h_: worked here with the ghost charm and core trunk revno 2295: juju boostrap && juju-deploy juju-gui && juju expose juju-gui && juju set juju-gui juju-gui-source=https://github.com/juju/juju-gui.git10:35
rick_h_frankban: thanks, just back from lunch and working on starting it now10:48
frankbanrick_h_: cool10:48
frankbanrick_h_: the local charm deployment is awesome10:49
rick_h_frankban: yea, I'm excited to show it off. 10:49
rick_h_I've got let hatch know it worked out well because the field guys gave a talk on "juju and tools issues"10:49
rick_h_and one thing that came out was lack of local charm deployment support and I got to say "We've got it this week"10:50
rick_h_which lead to Mark S saying "...you should ask for a unicorn in a month"10:50
rick_h_was cool to have that ready to go/say in front of everyone10:50
rick_h_now we just need a better offline/not connected story10:51
rick_h_but those were the two issues they mentioned10:51
frankbanrick_h_: it would be cool to have the deployer file accept URLs to zip files and/or git branches, and the deployer to download the file (e.g. from git) and to use the API to upload and deploy the local charm10:53
rick_h_frankban: interesting. We had a talk on new symantics added to bundles today that would be useful info for. 10:53
rick_h_I think there's a mission to try to keep the deployer simple, so not sure that the git thing would work, but zips seems like something we could do. 10:54
frankbanrick_h_: yeah, that would allow people to deploy their topology even if they are launchpad allergic10:56
rick_h_frankban: can you file that as a bug/feature request on the deployer?10:59
rick_h_hazmat: expressed some interest in getting feature requests to help discuss/go through use cases and I think it's a good one11:00
frankbanrick_h_: sure11:01
rick_h_frankban: for that source you can just do "develop" got the source and it'll pull that repo like you had in your command11:10
rick_h_frankban: just fyi11:10
frankbanrick_h_: so  juju set juju-gui juju-gui-source=develop ?11:11
rick_h_frankban: rgr11:12
frankbanrick_h_: that's cool11:12
rick_h_it's the replacement for the idea of 'trunk'11:12
frankbanrick_h_: filed bug 127653211:12
rick_h_as a shortcut11:12
rick_h_frankban: awesome thanks11:12
rick_h_frankban: heads up, going to add #1276541 to the board regarding the recent password text updates11:28
rick_h_frankban: you're supposed to just drop it on the cavas right? To deploy the local charm?11:32
rick_h_I'm getting Import from "bookie-charm-master.zip" failed. invalid charm archive: bundle file not found: metadata.yaml11:32
frankbanrick_h_: are you using trunk?11:39
rick_h_frankban: yes, 220511:40
rick_h_and the charm's version.js is trunk of the gui11:40
rick_h_well so juju --version shows 1.17.3-trusty-amd6411:41
rick_h_I went into the GOPATH/src/launchpad.net/juju-core folder to check the bzr rev11:42
frankbanrick_h_: I'll try to reproduce11:42
rick_h_frankban: what charm did you deploy?11:42
frankbanthe ghost zip from github11:42
frankbanrick_h_: where do I find yours?11:42
rick_h_I tried https://github.com/hatched/ghost-charm with the 'download zip' and https://github.com/bookieio/bookie-charm the same11:42
frankbanrick_h_: uhm... weird11:43
frankbanrick_h_: output from /var/log/upstart/guiserver.log?11:44
rick_h_getting 400 Bad Request from tornado11:44
rick_h_[W 140205 11:43:41 web:1635] 400 POST /juju-core/charms?series=precise ( 358.62ms11:44
rick_h_[W 140205 11:43:47 web:1635] 400 POST /juju-core/charms?series=precise ( 350.50ms11:44
rick_h_is all it says11:45
frankbanrick_h_: if you set builtin-server-logging=debug it will show the whole requests/responses11:45
rick_h_frankban: rgr, updating11:46
frankbandeploying the charm now11:46
rick_h_frankban: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6878648/ is my updated log11:48
frankbanHTTP error before end of send, stop sending11:50
frankbaninteresting, so you are on ec211:50
rick_h_what are you on?11:51
rick_h_just local?11:51
* rick_h_ wanted to get an ec2 setup all prepped for the demo running and can leave it overnight ready to go for the morning11:52
frankbanrick_h_: lxc yes11:53
rick_h_frankban: hmm, I created an lxc to build core in so didn't want to try to do lxc in lxc11:53
* rick_h_ wonders if that'll work :/11:53
rick_h_frankban: ok, will add a card to investigate ec2 error. If you get time can you see if you can replicate?11:54
frankbanrick_h_: sure11:54
rick_h_thanks, just to make sure I'm not doing something wrong. Will see if I can get a lxc env setup with juju trunk and try again11:55
frankbanrick_h_: FWIW your bookie charm works well here in a local env11:55
frankbantrying ec211:55
rick_h_frankban: ok yea must be provider I guess11:55
frankbanrick_h_: are you using quickstart to deploy the GUI?11:56
rick_h_frankban: no, I didn't11:56
frankbanrick_h_: ok11:56
rick_h_I've got to setup that demo as well. When I tried to use qiuckstart in lxc I ended up with two machines still11:56
rick_h_had figured it might work on lxc since it's not sudo enabled now11:57
frankbanrick_h_: asking because quickstart uses /usr/bin/juju, so it always uses stable juju11:57
rick_h_frankban: ah, no I did juju bootstrap && deploy juju-gui11:57
frankbanrick_h_: yes qs + lxc installs the gui on a new machine, because the bootstrap node in that case is localhost11:57
frankbanrick_h_: right, that's the same I am doing11:58
rick_h_frankban: ah that's right11:58
rick_h_frankban: ok, yea it's less impressive demo since it takes a bit to setup the second machine but maybe will do a bundle with the quickstart/gui part already running. 11:58
frankbanrick_h_: to demo quickstart you might want to use juju-core 1.16 (the new version with "sudo" changes for newer revisions is not yet released11:59
rick_h_frankban: well I'll probably just 'show off' the -i and that it does bundles from a url. 12:00
rick_h_I've only got a couple of mins for that and for the local charm deploy12:00
frankbanrick_h_: cool12:01
frankbanjuju-core trunk definitely improves debug-log readability12:10
frankbanrick_h_: e.g. http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6878732/12:11
frankbanrick_h_: what's the output of your ec2 "juju status"?12:14
rick_h_frankban: ah sorry, destoryed it. Give me a sec12:15
frankbanrick_h_: ok, so could you please try to bootstrap it with --upload-tools?12:15
rick_h_frankban: ah will do12:16
frankbanrick_h_: I see agent-version: 1.17.2, and that could explain the errors12:16
frankban(recursive zip inspection is on 1.17.3 IIRC)12:16
rick_h_frankban: yea I had
rick_h_rebootstrapping with upload tools12:17
frankbanme too12:18
rick_h_gotta love living on the bleeding edge12:18
frankbanIt's what we're always here to do12:20
rick_h_oh yea, I mean glad we're finding this stuff and working it out now vs later12:21
frankbanrick_h_: FWIW for the demo, given connection oddities etc. I'd feel more comfortable using lxc12:22
rick_h_frankban: yea, I just have to resetup juju-core on the base machine vs an lxc container. I wanted to be able to blow it away when I was done 12:22
frankbanrick_h_: cool12:22
rick_h_my mistake12:22
rick_h_the setup is annoying with the gopath trying to get it to match where I want my src/etc12:23
rick_h_as it creates directories where it wants and does it's own source checked out and all12:23
rick_h_so     agent-state: started agent-version:
rick_h_working on getting gui up and running12:24
rick_h_frankban: the other thing for the demo is that the charm network stuff can happen over ec2's network vs mine if I use ec212:24
rick_h_change of getting the charm/up/running quickly seems better that way, but then there's the 'can you connect/upload the charm' issue12:25
frankbanrick_h_: that's right12:25
frankbanrick_h_: re core trunk vs stable versions, I ended up using stable and using the brutal script in http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6878807/ when required12:26
frankbanrick_h_: I am sure there is a better way, but that does the switch job12:26
rick_h_frankban: ah cool, thanks that's helpful12:26
rick_h_yea, my first time getting trunk and just getting a feel for some sort of workflow12:27
frankbanrick_h_: exec /bin/bash there is brutal, but I preferred it rather than having to do the source/eval thing each time12:28
rick_h_frankban: ooh, that worked12:38
rick_h_frankban: with --upload-tools12:38
frankbanrick_h_: cool, so that's solved, weird that if you use a local env --upload-tools is not required12:39
rick_h_yea :/12:39
frankbanrick_h_: so the steps are http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6878853/12:40
frankbanrick_h_: I presume tools are always copied over in lxc containers12:42
frankbanrick_h_: I confirm I was able to deploy both bookie and ghost from local charms on ec212:43
frankbanthis thing is beautiful12:44
rick_h_frankban: woot12:46
rick_h_hah, got ghost up and exposed and hit the page12:48
frankbanrick_h_: heh http://ec2-54-195-51-213.eu-west-1.compute.amazonaws.com:2368/12:49
rick_h_now to delete service and see if I can dupe it. Wonder if that works12:50
frankbanrick_h_: it should, I remember it is possible to upload the same charm multiple times12:50
rick_h_yea, I'll leave this up and running. Looks like demo moved to friday so will keep it up for a couple of days and work on lxc setup and have room for something to go boom12:51
frankbansounds good12:52
frankbanrick_h_: http://ec2-54-220-72-34.eu-west-1.compute.amazonaws.com:6543/ ;-)12:54
rick_h_frankban: :) surprised it's ready to go already. Long install time on that one12:54
* rick_h_ needs to get support for a bundled release/offline-cache in the charm12:55
rick_h_that's sweet to see someone deploying that :)12:55
frankbanrick_h_: so, it's sqlite by default?12:56
=== _mup__ is now known as _mup_
rick_h_frankban: yes12:57
rick_h_frankban: sqlite, whoosh, served with waitress12:58
rick_h_the goal is to introduce elasticsearch or solr for fulltext, use charms for that, get the charm to support pgsql (bmark.us is postgres)12:58
frankbanrick_h_: cool, grabbing some food, see you later13:00
rick_h_have fun, thnks for the help!13:00
=== gary_poster|away is now known as gary_poster
bactrusty has not earned my trust13:19
gary_posterrick_h_: hey. glad demo prep is going well.  per "now we just need a better offline/not connected story": you can also announce that today's charm that frankban released (assuming it includes the newest GUI as well) fixes the Google font issue for offline environments if you `juju set juju-gui cached-fonts=true`.  This is connected with work we already did this period to make the charm build by default without any 13:19
gary_posteraccess outside the Juju network.  The only remaining bits that we know of to improve this story are to build proxy support for the charm, which frankban prototyped in CA, and to have a juju-local charmworld, which is a bigger topic than the GUI and already discussed at Capetown.13:19
rick_h_gary_poster: cool, will add it to the demo notes. 13:20
gary_posterAlso, per local fonts, I suggest having an answer worked out with Wm Reade about local charm icons before the demo, because I strongly suspect that will be a question.13:20
gary_posterrick_h_: finally, it might be worth reviewing page 6 of the old Juju GUI plans doc for the local charm demo.  Specifically, you can mention the folder drag-and-drop, and the drag-and-drop-local-charm-on-service-to-upgrade13:23
gary_postersince I siad that maybe you don't need to review page 6 :-)13:23
gary_posterhey frankban, when you get back: does the new charm have a new GUI release also?13:25
gary_posterI suspect it doesn't, since latest release of GUI in LP os 0.15.113:26
gary_posterwhich is great: I know this release was about fixing the broken instruction bug13:27
gary_posterfor login13:27
gary_posterthe non FIFO queue still has quickstart in there... https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/trusty/+queue13:30
gary_posterbut there's action at least13:30
rick_h_gary_poster: cool thanks for the heads up. 13:35
frankbangary_poster: I confirm the new charm release doesn't include the new GUI. new charm is 1) improved login help, 2) imrpoved bundle deployments feedback, 3) support for local charms deployments and 4) cached fonts. 3) and 4) are only effective if you switch juju-gui-source to develop.13:39
gary_postercool thank you frankban13:39
frankbangary_poster: I am looking for a next card, the charmworld proxy you mentioned could be one, local charms on the fake backend is another. 13:47
gary_posterfrankban: let's not do the proxy right now--let's help get the current features out the door13:47
frankbangary_poster: sounds good13:48
gary_posterfrankban: there's a new card in local charms project ("Investigate failing on ec2...").  That's resolved (it just needs --upload-tools), right?13:49
frankbangary_poster: yes, that's invalid13:49
gary_postercool thx deleted13:49
gary_posterfrankban: also bug 1276541 is annoying but real-ish13:50
_mup_Bug #1276541: password instructions fails to scroll or fit on laptop screen <juju-gui:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1276541>13:50
gary_posterI'm not sure if we support screensizes that small officially13:50
gary_posterbut it is true that the current instructions go on for days (my fault, kinda, because ISTM we need to say all that stuff!)13:51
gary_postermaybe the right thing to do is to ask Rick to get an opinion from luca on the right approach, frankban?13:52
frankbangary_poster: yes we need all those instructions, but they are displayed only to users of the old-juju new-charm configuration, which can be considered transient IMHO. yes I agree Luca can help there13:54
gary_postercool frankban.  rick_h_, do you think you and Luca have time to talk about his opinion here on the bug you filed, given the transient nature etc.?13:54
frankbanrick_h_: transient nature because the message if you use juju >=1.17.3 the message is shorter, and should fit your screen13:56
frankbangary_poster: another card is quickstart 1.0.1, but that's not urgent, it just needs to be released before 1.18.13:58
gary_posterfrankban: <shrug> if that's what you feel like doing, it needs to be done. :-)13:59
gary_posterto rephrase: it needs to be done, so if that's what you feel like doing, go for it.14:00
frankbangary_poster: :-) I think I'll start investigating the fake backend stuff. never worked on that code so: am I right assuming we need to open the zip and parse all the metadata and config we need to simulate we have that charm in the store?14:00
gary_posterfrankban: yes, exactly.  We'd plan to use a zip JS library, of which there are at least one and maybe two.  I'd suggest treating this initially as an investigation.  If it looks like it will take more than a couple of days to implement, we should re-evaluate priority.14:02
frankbangary_poster: ack, http://gildas-lormeau.github.io/zip.js/ seems cool14:06
gary_postercool, frankban.  other one was http://stuk.github.io/jszip/ , as I suspect you also found14:07
frankbangary_poster: a first card could be just re-organizing the code so that we have a xhrHandler passed to the environment, and implementing a real one and the base structure of fake one14:08
gary_posterfrankban: sounds reasonable.  I spoke briefly about this with Jeff, so he may have some thoughts.  We'll certainly need to share the fakebackend instance with the one used by the websocket.  I think I said that one approach would be to have the websocket wrapper that we already have for prod and sandbox grow a "PUT" API--so it could grow xhr methods or an extra xhr object or they could be completely separate.  That's 14:12
gary_postermaybe a bit odd, so if there's a better way +1.  AFAIK the only state is in the fakebackend, so as long as you are sharing that instance you are good.14:12
frankbangary_poster: ack thank you14:14
rick_h_bac: benji can either of you review https://code.launchpad.net/~rharding/charmworld/demo-icons/+merge/204970 please? I'm having lbox issues, but it's a small branch. 14:58
bacrick_h_: sure14:59
rick_h_bac: ty much sir. If it's ok, can you land it? I'm going to EOD in 10min14:59
rick_h_and busy tomorrow and hate to leave it hanging14:59
bacrick_h_: will do.  any reason you chose "None" instead of "False" for default?15:02
rick_h_bac: no, not really15:03
rick_h_just tend to go None for kwargs but could be changed without issue 15:03
bacrick_h_: ok, i may change that if you don't mind.15:03
rick_h_bac: yep, wfm thanks15:03
bacrick_h_: otherwise code looks good and doing qa.  have a good evening!15:03
rick_h_bac: thanks, have a good day all15:04
gary_posterhey hey jujugui call in 1015:50
benjiwe should change our "team ping" phrase to "hey hey"15:54
hatchor how about 'engage' 15:55
benjiI think that would be "bridge to away team"15:56
hatchOoo that's a good one15:56
hatchbridge to away team call in 1015:57
* gary_poster had to watch a youtube of hey, hey, hey it's fat albert15:57
* gary_poster is back now15:57
benjiBill Cosby is in talks to reboot Fat Albert15:57
hatchnowadays that show would never make it on air again15:57
benji(I kid you not.)15:57
hatchit would be considered racist and insensitive 15:58
gary_posterI had to google it to see if you were joking15:58
gary_poster'course that reboot thing goes back to 2004 on imdb15:58
hatchit's new name would be 'Degrassi' 15:58
gary_posterbridge to away team jujugui call in 215:58
hatchlove it15:59
gary_posterhatch you coming?16:01
Makyobenji, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MYP56QJpDr416:22
hatchjujugui FYI benji is quite a bit better than a rubber duck16:29
* benji updates his resume16:30
gary_posterI always suspected as much...16:30
bacbenji: good news is you can no longer accidentally 'lbox submit' on charmworld.  bad news is it gives you an incomprehensible, red herring error message when you try.16:31
hatchsince the end of 2012 we have removed 157,713 lines of code from the GUI :-O16:34
hatchnot sure if that's depressing or not16:34
gary_posters/removed/removed or rewritten or otherwise touched/16:34
hatchohhh kay16:35
hatchacording to github my blog has referred 1 person to our repo16:35
hatchgo blog go!16:35
hatchso my mouse was going all over the place and clicking things.....dog was sleeping on my mouse in the other room....lol16:36
hatchMakyo is it cold there now?16:39
hatch-24C here lol16:39
hatchI win!16:39
hatch82% humidity (somehow)16:40
MakyoFor certain definitions of "winning", sure.16:40
hatchafter about 15C the dogs no longer like to run around outside it seems 16:40
gary_posterHey Makyo, the icons Spencer gave us were ongs, not svgs.  Is that ok?16:43
* gary_poster thinks "not really"16:43
Makyogary_poster, they should be fine.  If we run into issues later, though, swapping them out is a 30 second branch.16:43
gary_posterok fair enough16:43
Makyogary_poster, I suggest asking for the SVGs, yes, but the swap will be easy.16:43
gary_posterMakyo: ok, will do.  So I should keep these pngs separate from the once that we sprite-ify, right?  'cause I'll want to add them as images, not classes16:44
Makyogary_poster, yep. They should go with the exposed/landscape/etc indicators.16:45
gary_posterack thanks16:45
gary_posterbac charmworld icons appear to be down?17:05
gary_postermust be something weird locally17:05
gary_posteroh, I still have that annoying demo=true thing turned on locally17:06
gary_posterMakyo, ok, so I have a small change that always shows the green icon (http://paste.ubuntu.com/6880180/).  Where's the best place to look to see if I should show green red or grey?17:10
hatchOO now that's the big question17:12
hatchgary_poster you can see how I did it in the inspector17:12
hatchone sec I"ll find the right place17:13
gary_posterI think he has it stashed away somewhere already17:13
Makyogary_poster, the email I sent huw, though it looks like he didn't get to it.  that attr() call would take a function as the second argument.17:13
hatchohh ok17:13
MakyoThe first argument to the function is the relation, and you can get relation.aggregatedStatus.17:13
hatchMakyo did you hook up aggregatedStatus already?17:13
MakyoIf we name the files relation-icon-{healthy,error,subordinate}.png, then we can just return "relation-icon-" + relation.aggregatedStatus + ".png"17:14
Makyohatch, no, that was the email I sent to huw.17:14
gary_posterMakyo: ack thanks sounds perfect17:14
hatchin viewlets/service-relationi.js:38 I generate that, so if we are adding it to the relation model then we should fix it there as well17:14
hatchjust FYI17:15
Makyohatch, this is the RelationCollection wrapper, but that'll be helpful for the aggregatedStatus attribute.17:15
hatchyeah - we should keep the aggregate status up to date in the relation 17:16
hatchthe issue is that each side of a relation could be bad/good17:16
Makyohatch, this is not a relation, this is potentially several relations.17:16
MakyoBut if that gets set once, cool.17:16
hatchright, but wouldn't it be easy to go relation.get('status') :)17:17
MakyoSure, but this isn't a relation, is all I'm saying, it's an array of relations.  If you want to move that to an attribute on relations, then RelationCollection.aggregatedStatus can take that into account, but they're separate models.17:18
hatchugh somehow my changes to viewlet manager are causing other tests to fail :/17:21
MakyoThis whole torrents as legitimate distribution channels is great until you forget to throttle. 17:30
MakyoGot this humble bundle through torrents and brought my network to its knees.17:30
hatchyeah I've found when I upload my network goes to crap17:31
hatchprobably the ISP's stickin it to us17:31
gary_posterMakyo: I was confused why aggregatedStatus always was healthy even when there were rel errors until I found the code and associated XXX :-) .  So, my entire branch is http://paste.ubuntu.com/6880301/ .  Is there a precedent/pattern for tests of this, or should we be happy with tests of aggregatedStatus, and I should propose?17:32
Makyogary_poster, I think that's good; the tests will be around aggregated status, don't think we need a test for the image element existing.17:33
gary_postercool.  proposing17:34
gary_posterMakyo: https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/108 fwiw17:38
MakyoLGTM :)17:38
benjihatch: I'm looking at the "Create dialogue for selecting series when dropping charm archive" card.  I assume the best way to construct the dialog is as shown here: http://stage.yuilibrary.com/yui/docs/panel/dialog.html Right?17:43
hatchbenji that's actually what I was working on before this viewlet manager card17:43
hatchso it's going to be blocked until then because it needs to render a new inspector17:43
hatchsorry I should have marked it as blocked17:43
benjiah; ok17:44
hatchI don't really have any cards to do now that frankban picked up the fakebackend one17:44
hatchI'm very close to being done the one I'm on now17:44
hatchbut then I was going to continue the branch I was working on before this 17:45
hatchyou may be able to do the zip lib17:45
hatchbecause frankban  will need to set up the fakebackend infrastructure first17:45
hatchbefore he needs it17:45
hatchwhat do you think of that? 17:45
hatch^ benji 17:45
hatchor of course you could pick something else entirely :)17:46
gary_postergit power: If I make a PR, then discover I have to make a change, and then make the change and do a rebase with squash, how do I push it back to the PR?  the rebased/squashed branch does not match up with the remote branch17:46
benjihatch: sounds good to me; what does "do the zip lib" mean exactly?17:46
gary_posterthe only thing I know to do is push with :, which seems to delete the branch and close the PR, and then push again17:47
hatchbenji https://plus.google.com/hangouts/_/76cpim786onei1vh0evrn2ds30?authuser=1&hl=en17:47
gary_posterwhich I will do unless someone stops me soon17:47
frankbangary_poster: push -f?17:47
hatchgary_poster `git push -f`17:47
gary_posterfrankban: yes thanks17:47
gary_posterhatch ^^^ thanks also :-)17:48
hatch:) 17:54
hatchgary_poster you can also `git push origin <yourbranch> -f` then assuming you have your branches set up properly you can be more-sure that it's pushing to the proper place17:55
hatchgary_poster you can find out if you have it set up properly by running `git remote show origin` and make sure the urls point to your fork17:56
hatchY.mix() I'll never remember your syntax18:08
hatchjujugui looking for a review https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/10918:26
hatcheasy qa!18:26
gary_posterI will take it in 15 or 20 if there are no takers by then18:26
hatchsounds good, I'll go grab some lunch now then18:27
bacgary_poster: i've been getting lots of churn on the calendar for daily standup.  are those real changes or is my calendar screwy?  i don't see any real changes.18:33
gary_posterbac, i hain't done nothin.  18:34
hatchbac yeah I get those too18:35
MakyoI want my clock widget back :(19:25
Makyogary_poster, ping.  Np if not worth it today, don't have anything except cards.19:36
gary_posterMakyo: hey.  I got my clock widget back after software update and reboot fwiw19:39
Makyogary_poster, Oh, okay.  Will try reboot soon.19:39
MakyoJust did update.,19:39
gary_posterI don't have anythingto talk about if you don't.  I'm lame duck manager, Makyo :-)19:39
MakyoIt's a sign of a smooth week, I say :D19:39
gary_posterheh ok19:39
gary_posterhatch :shipit:19:55
hatch:) thanks19:55
hatchhey benji any progress on the zippyness?19:56
hatchi'm very curious :)19:56
benjihatch: notthing significant; it looks like it'll work19:56
hatch*phew*  :)19:56
rick_h_cool, looks like we'll want the zippyness for bundles in the not so distand future as well20:05
hatchrick_h_ shouldn't you be sleeping? :)20:07
rick_h_hatch: not yet, only 9pm20:07
rick_h_just got back from team dinner20:07
hatchohh I thought it was a bigger difference 20:07
rick_h_so it go through today's notes/email the family time20:07
rick_h_well, from est20:07
rick_h_oh sorry, it's 10pm20:08
rick_h_I can't do math...tired. Guess I should be in bed20:08
hatchhave you done the Table Mountain trip too?20:09
rick_h_no, I don't think I'll get out to it. 20:09
hatchaww darn, the pictures look awesome20:09
hatchis it far away?20:09
rick_h_yea, it's like 45min and you've got to arrange a car to drive you out/back20:10
rick_h_and the last gondola leaves around 7pm or someting20:10
hatchahh so not very convenient with work and stuff20:11
rick_h_yea, unless you bail right at 5pm which some folks did20:11
hatchso does the area feel safe? 20:11
hatchthe internet is awash with "oh it's so dangerous there"20:12
rick_h_well, we're in groups. All the houses have walls and spikes with electic fence tops on top20:12
rick_h_so it's a bit 'wtf'20:12
hatchyeah that's a little crazy20:13
hatchrick_h_ are you going to have any time this week to chat about the left panel (browser area) ?20:17
rick_h_hatch: should be able to. 20:18
hatchcool just let me know whenever, I'll be available 20:18
rick_h_hatch: ping me when you get in and I'll try to find a slow20:18
rick_h_I don't usually have something every half hour20:18
hatchI start at....4PM your time20:19
rick_h_hatch: hmm, got time and konw what yuo want now? 20:20
rick_h_hatch: because I've got a design thing at 4pm tomorrow right now and think we'll be closing up by 4pm on friday20:21
hatchcool sec I'll grab a link20:21
hatchthere we go20:22
rick_h_k, we'll see how the mifi does20:22
Makyojujugui one more review (no QA needed) would be nice: https://github.com/juju/juju-gui/pull/10720:27
bacMakyo: i'll do it20:28
Makyobac, cheers, thanks20:28
hatchrick_h_ yeah the stream tanked20:35
hatchbut I got what you were saying20:35
rick_h_hatch: sorry, yea tanked and mifi needed a charger20:38
rick_h_hatch: cool, appreciate your input on that. It may not work out and be crazy, but think it's worth a look20:38
hatchyeah no problem20:48
bacMakyo: done20:59
Makyobac, thanks21:03
Makyojujugui got gaierror: [Errno -3] Temporary failure in name resolution in functional tests21:18
MakyoOn CI, sorry.21:18
MakyoAny ideas?21:18
hatchtry it again, see how temporary it really is :)21:18
gary_posterheh +121:19
MakyoI forget, did we figure out a way to re-trigger tests?21:19
gary_posteryes, was getting it for you 1 sec21:20
gary_posterMakyo: ^^^21:20
Makyocool, thanks!21:21
* gary_poster <3 github doc rendering21:21
hatchyeah it's pretty isn't it21:21
* gary_poster thinks github > git21:21
hatchgithub made git :)21:22
gary_posterdid not21:22
gary_posterah ok :-)21:22
hatchhaha yeah21:22
* Makyo blasts Britten's War Requiem to make Jenkins console watching a little more dramatic.21:27
MakyoTests passed that time, but the PR didn't pick up on it.  Alright if I just link the passing tests in a comment?21:51
Makyojujugui ^^^21:52
hatchyeah that should be fine21:53
hatchit'll rerun the ci on shipit 21:53
hatchhey huwshimi 22:05
hatchhuwshimi I assigned you a card (which is blocked until tomorrow) to style the new 'select series' inspector for local charm. Will you have time to do it tomorrow?22:20
huwshimihatch: I can22:21
hatchawesome thanks, when you get in tomorrow we can have a quick chat so I can show you what it is22:21
huwshimihatch: Great, that'd be handy :)22:22
hatchhaha, I was trying to get it done for today but no luck, too much typing :P22:22
huwshimihatch: Have you used the GUI on Safari?22:24
hatchI have22:24
huwshimihatch: Have you noticed many problems?22:24
hatchit's a little borked22:24
hatchlooking again22:25
huwshimihatch: Care to elborate? :)22:26
huwshimiAh thanks :)22:26
hatchhah sorry just need to switch modes22:26
huwshimiI've noticed some minor presentation issues, but nothing major22:26
hatchI could have sworn there were issues22:27
hatchwell bundle export is broken22:27
hatchbut you know about that one I think22:27
hatchsomehow I got all of the charms to show at the top of the screen22:28
hatchtrying to repro22:28
hatchok I can't get that one to repro but I have another22:29
hatchClick a charm in the charmbrowser and look at the tabview content slide down, click another charm, see it again22:29
hatch^ huwshimi  can you reproduce that one?22:30
hatchthere is also a mask of some sort that's rendered in the middle of the window when switching between charms in this regard22:30
hatchoh that happens in chrome too22:30
hatchbut the sliding down bit is only in safari22:30
hatchI'll create two bugs22:30
huwshimiYeah, I see the sliding down.22:31
huwshimiThe tabview is the most broken thing in Safari it seems22:32
_mup_Bug #1276844: Switching charm details views in Safari causes details to scroll <juju-gui:Triaged> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1276844>22:33
hatchtabview bug22:33
_mup_Bug #1276845: Switching between charms renders modal mask in center of window <juju-gui:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1276845>22:34
hatchother chrome modal mask bug22:34
hatchyeah other than that safari bug and the bundle export I can't see anything wrong on sandbox22:35
hatch...well Rachael Ray what are we making for supper...22:56
hatchhuwshimi https://www.evernote.com/shard/s219/sh/8c0f1d1f-31ad-4da0-a1bf-ac30ad178306/a843eb38ae9cf7eb188094ac6c0b3065 this is what you're going to be left with :) sorry23:03
huwshimihatch: Do we have designs for this bit?23:12
hatchhuwshimi nope23:12
hatchhaha, yep23:12
hatchyuss it works....ok I'm off, will write tests and get this landed for you for tomorrow huwshimi 23:16
huwshimihatch: Thanks, have a good evening23:16
hatchhave a good day23:16

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