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jtvrvba: does Django give Network.clean() any way to know whether & which field validations may have failed?10:33
jtvOr do I need to either re-compute or cache the knowledge inside the model object?10:34
rvbajtv: not sure about that.  I would think so because model validation is modelled after form validation.10:34
jtvI think I can just generate a double error in this case — one for the netmask field, and one global one.  Not ideal, but...10:35
rvbajtv: are you landing the validation branches?10:46
jtvYes, but there were some conflicts to be resolved.10:46
rvbaAh, okay.10:46
jtvHence the Django problems: even if all your fields fail validation, Django still wants you to validate your model.  Even if all of _that_ fails, it still wants you to validate uniqueness.10:47
rvbaThat's weird.10:48
rvbaAre you sure that's how it works?10:48
rvbaDoesn't make sense.10:48
jtvPretty sure — from observation _and_ from reading the code.  :)10:48
jtvThe documentation doesn't mention the whole issue AFAICS.10:48
jtvHave a look at /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/django/db/models/base.py10:49
jtvLook for full_clean.10:49
jtvAnd be warned that exception.update_error_dict(errors) means “exception, add your errors to my errors dict,” not the other way around.10:50
rvbaOkay, you're right, apart from the fact that only fields that didn't fail the previous validation go through uniqueness validation.10:51
jtvAh, that's what "exclude" is for!  Thanks.10:52
tomixxx3hi, if i want to add virtual nodes to my maas-environment, how much effort is this compared to add a single physical machine which is quite simple13:57
jtvtomixxx3: it's doable, but maas won't actually _create_ the VMs for you.14:05
jtvSo you'll have to take care of that part yourself.14:05
tomixxx3jtv, ok i udnerstand14:05
tomixxx3jtv: would be nice if maas would do this :-)14:06
jtvYes, and believe me it has come up!14:06
jtvBut it's not really a priority since the way we see it, it's mostly something you'd want for debugging.14:06
jtvThe point of MAAS is bare metal, after all.  :)14:06
tomixxx3jtv: at the moment, i have still the problem that my nodes cannot access the internet14:10
jtvtomixxx3: was it not an option to set up routing with your server as a bridge?14:13
tomixxx3jtv: yes, but i dont know exactly how to achieve this14:14
* jtv searches...14:15
tomixxx3jtv: if eth0 is the private network and eth1 connects the server to the internet, can i put the route-statements to eth0?14:16
tomixxx3jtv: and what aobut the "router ip" in the cluster interface settings?14:17
tomixxx3jtv: i guess it is not sufficient to simply add the IP of eth1 ?14:17
jtvThe router IP is not really a setting... just let MAAS discover it during commissioning.14:17
tomixxx3jtv: ok14:18
jtvHmm...  A search came up with a video guide.  Not the ideal format for this stuff, but it may help: http://www.irongeek.com/i.php?page=videos/ethernet-bridge-ubuntu-linux14:18
jtvI think many people talking about setting up a bridge mean a bridged ethernet interface for virtual machines...14:18
jtvtomixxx3: if you need NAT, it's probably a bit more complicated.14:19
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tomixxx3jtv: but when i bridge eth0 and eth1, does my prviate network resp. the dhcp server of my private network NOT interfere the internet-network?14:20
tomixxx3jtv: i mean the university network?14:20
jtvIt depends a bit: did you use a network range that is unique within the university network?14:21
jtvIf you hook up routing where multiple machines could have the same IP address, then that would cause trouble of course.  And it just plain wouldn't work very well.14:22
tomixxx310.0.0.100 to
jtvIs that range still free on the university network?14:22
tomixxx3jtv: assuming, i bridge eth0 and eth1: should i use dhcp then or static configuraiton in "interfaces" file14:23
jtvImportant to know.  If you have a range that the admins give you to use as part of the uni network, then it's relatively simple — you can just hook up the networks.14:23
tomixxx3jtv: because eth0 is configured static now, and eth1 is configured dhcp14:23
jtveth0 should remain static, but the nodes should use dhcp.14:24
jtvThat's because if your server also becomes the gateway to the internet, it had better stay at one fixed address.  :)14:24
tomixxx3jtv: so the bridge looks like: auto br014:24
tomixxx3iface br0 inet dhcp14:24
tomixxx3  bridge_ports eth0 eth114:24
jtvI must admit, I no longer have any knowledge of how this part works.14:25
jtvIt's been a long, long time.14:25
tomixxx3jtv: or: i need simpley to add the line "bridge_ports eth0" to eth1 ?14:26
jtvIf you ask the admins "hey can I use thru" (actually it works in powers of two, so probably not exactly that range) and they turn a light grey, breathe in sharply, and start to swear at you, then you can't just bridge and you'll need NAT (or a different range).14:26
tomixxx3and with NAT, i can NEVER destroy my uni network?14:29
jtvNever say never!  If you work hard at it, I'm sure there's a way.  It's not my position to make promises.14:30
jtv(In case any lawyers are listening...)14:30
tomixxx3jtv: i mean, when i route dhcp-broadcasting out of my prviate network, does this not harm the network?14:30
jtvThe main thing is never to pass DHCP requests between your network and the university's, and to make sure that the address range you expose externally is available for your use.14:31
jtvYou should not route _that_ traffic.14:31
jtvI'm not sure (did I mention it was a while ago?) but I don't think you'd usually want to route broadcast traffic anyway.14:32
tomixxx3jtv: so i should avaoid that broadcast-stuff is send?14:33
tomixxx3jtv: some kind of package filter?14:33
tomixxx3jtv: damn, it get quite complex then.....14:34
jtvYes, networking is hard.  :)14:34
tomixxx3jtv: my vision was that maas takes care of this things :D14:34
jtvI guess that's why software-defined networking is becoming more popular.14:34
jtvI bet it'd be easier with an off-the-shelf router, but that costs you a router as opposed to a network card.14:35
jtvMaybe ufw ("uncomplicated firewall") can make this easier.14:35
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tomixxx3jtv: ok, if we go back the roots: i have my 3 nodes and they are connected to the university network. maas is not managing dhcp and dns. the nodes has accees to the internet but the problem is, that they boot from another dhcp server, namely from that of the university14:36
tomixxx3jtv: is there not a simple "trick" to let nodes boot from the maas-server images?14:36
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tomixxx3jtv: ahh14:37
jtvThere is a way to do that, but it requires a configuration tweak to the main dhcp server.14:37
tomixxx3jtv: ok, i thought the following: i boot from the maas-dhcp server, as soon as the nodes are deployed to maas in state "ready", i turn off the dhcp settings of maas server, nodes get now IPs from university and has access to internet14:38
jtvThe MAAS documentation has something about this, but it will depend on the type of DHCP server.14:38
jtvOoo clever, but also slightly nasty.  Two problems with it that I can see:14:38
jtv1. Other machines belonging to innocent PhD students may request addresses just while you're doing this.14:39
jtv2. When a machine has an address from DHCP, it will need to talk to the DHCP server periodically to renew it.14:39
jtvAh, here's the documentation I was looking for.  Not a lot, because it all depends: http://maas.ubuntu.com/docs/configure.html#manual-dhcp-configuration14:40
jtvActually I'm not even sure that's complete...  I thought there had to be a setting to make PXE get the images from the MAAS server, too.14:41
tomixxx3jtv: about 1.) i don't get it. all 3 nodes in my cloud get unique IP addresses as far as i know14:41
tomixxx3about 2.) so the machine is not able to recognize that the dhcp server changed?14:42
jtvTrue... but then it'd probably change its IP address.14:43
jtv(Also, you need this while booting the machine, not just while commissioning it)14:43
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jtvA node in a MAAS is not supposed to change its IP address... that's an assumption we've used in several places.14:44
tomixxx3jtv: and if i let the node get the same IP like from the other dhcp server? ^^14:44
jtvIf you can make it do that, then I think that would work.14:45
tomixxx3jtv: puhh14:45
jtvNot very simple either.  :/14:45
tomixxx3jtv: because i can only define a range and not concrete IP addresses?14:48
tomixxx3jtv: i will ask my admin if i can have a free range for my nodes, so that i can bridge the network interfaces. but assume i have bridged them: is then guruanteed that my nodes will access my prviate dhcp server and not the university- dhcp server again?14:50
tomixxx3jtv: but at least, i guess, i'am right if i say: AT LEAST the JUJU bootstrap node need a internet-connection?14:53
jtvtomixxx3: I don't _think_ it does, if your juju version is recent enough...  Then I think the machine where you run Juju needs internet.14:55
jtvIIRC it will upload its tools to MAAS, which has a file store.14:55
jtvOf course any machine where you want to issue juju commands to the environment will have to be able to access it.14:55
tomixxx3jtv: the problem is, i want to deploy multiple juju charms on a single node, so i need lxc-containers. but creating those lxc containers fails because the node answers" cannot get file http://cloud-images.ubuntu.com/..."14:56
jtvAh!  I'm not sure but I think that may be lxc needing access to the archive.14:57
jtvWhat should work is to make it use your MAAS server as an http proxy.14:57
tomixxx3Yeah, sounds cool14:57
jtvShould also give you the benefit of caching!14:58
jtvAlthough... university network in the heart of Europe... probably not that important to you.  :)14:58
tomixxx3jtv: yeah, good network here :D14:59
tomixxx3jtv: but, nevertheless, i take it if it is for free ;)14:59
tomixxx3jtv: do u know how i can configure juju so that it uses the maas server as a proxy?15:08
jtvNo, sorry, haven't tried that.15:08
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tomixxx3jtv: referring this article: http://askubuntu.com/questions/310153/how-do-i-get-maas-and-juju-to-recognize-proxy-settings-in-a-deployment is "my.proxy" the IP of the maas server?15:13
jtvSounds like yes... let me read that.15:14
tomixxx3jtv: k, ty15:14
jtvtomixxx3: that looks like exactly what you need... but Gavin says he wrote an updated answer that makes it easier.15:16
jtv"In the settings page (the cog near the top right)" etc.15:16
jtvHe uses http://example.com/ as the example, but your MAAS server should go in its place.15:16
jtvThe format is: http://<host>:<port>15:17
* jtv looks up the port15:17
jtvI think it was port 3128... you can try that out by telnetting to it:15:18
jtvtelnet <maas-server-address> 312815:18
jtvYes, that would be port 3128 by default.15:20
tomixxx3it says "connected to"15:20
tomixxx3jtv: ok15:20
jtvYes it won't tell you much, but if it's listening there, good chance it's the proxy.15:20
jtv(Fun tip: many TCP-based internet protocols are text-based so you can try them out manually through telnet.)15:21
tomixxx3do i have to reboot now sth, after clicked "save"?15:22
jtvIt could be that you need to re-commission the nodes with that setting in place.15:22
tomixxx3oh , hopefully, it fixes the lxc-creation problem then xD15:23
jtvLet's hope so!15:23
tomixxx3ok, i will do it... as u said: let's hope the best15:24
tomixxx3cause it tried to deploy a juju charm and i got the same error15:25
jtvYeah I think that method would take hold while installing the node.15:28
tomixxx3kk at least while booting the nodes will become able to resolve archive.ubuntu.com etc. so at least one thing is "fixed" ;)15:30
jtvProgress!  :)15:31
tomixxx3ahh the node cannot resolve again "http://archive.ubuntu.com/..15:40
tomixxx3there is still a chance for Juju to succeed ^^15:42
tomixxx3btw. "stopping landscape ..." is the only task always "FAIL"15:43
jtvMay be worth having a look in Landscape's logs then.15:44
tomixxx3k, i get the following now: "bad archive mirror" when i deploy juju bootstrap node15:49
tomixxx3the http-proxy: which IP address is it? the one of the interface connected to the nodes or the the IP of the interface connected to uni-network?15:51
jtvIt's the one on the nodes' side.15:52
tomixxx3ok :(15:52
jtvBecause this tells the nodes: "here's where your http proxy is."15:52
jtvI'm afraid I'll have to leave it at that for tonight!15:52
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tomixxx3k, ty for help and hints!15:53
tomixxx3nooooooo, now i always get this bad archive mirror when i try to isntall the bootstrap juju node.... even if i remove the http proxy....16:20
tomixxx3matsubara: hi, are u online?16:30
matsubaratomixxx3, hi, I'm online. How can I help? (I'm a bit busy so expect some delay in my answers)16:33
tomixxx3matsubara: ty! i'am a little bit depressed: i have set the option "http proxy" in the maas dashport to be the maasserver+port 3128. then i tried to add nodes again. They become ready. however, when i try to setup the juju bootstrap node, i get a "bad arhcive mirror" now while booting.16:34
tomixxx3matsubara: and the problem is: even if i remove the http proxy in the dashboard, from now, i always get this "bad archive mirror" excpetion when a node in the cloud boots16:34
tomixxx3matsubara: i tried to set the proxy, because i need juju to create lxc-containers and they need internet-connection but the nodes have no internet-connection, so my hope was that the maas-server could be the proxy...16:35
tomixxx3matsubara: i dont know if u remember my old problem: private network (3 nodes) + university network to get internet-connection16:36
matsubaratomixxx3, so, let me see if I understand, you get the 3 nodes in the Ready state, then run juju bootstrap and juju returns with a "bad archive mirror" error? Or is that in the node console/screen? How did you setup that proxy? Is it a regular squid proxy or a squid-deb-proxy? (given the port it looks like it's a squid proxy)16:41
tomixxx3matsubara: yes, 2 nodes in ready state, 1 node is maas-server, the node which become the juju bootstrap server get stuck with a "bad archive mirror" in node console screen.16:42
tomixxx3matsubara: i set the proxy via the maas-dashboard : settings -> "Proxy for HTTP and HTTPS traffic" ->
tomixxx3matsubara: in order words: the address of the proxy was the address of the maas-server16:43
matsubaratomixxx3, and how did you configure that proxy running on
tomixxx3matsubara: i did not configure it at all...16:43
tomixxx3matsubara: i tried telnet 3128 and it was able to connect...16:44
matsubaratomixxx3, what do you get as the responde from that telnet? If you point your browser to do you get a squid error message?16:46
tomixxx3matsubara: i get "the requested URL could not be tretrieved"16:47
matsubaratomixxx3, can you paste /var/log/squid/access.log ?16:48
matsubarayep, sorry16:49
matsubaraand error.log too16:49
matsubarabut I think you'd need to configure squid properly. I don't think MAAS, by default configures the standard proxy for you, just the squid-deb-proxy, which uses port 8000, IIRC16:49
tomixxx3matsubara: and even, if i remove the http proxy, remove the nodes from maas, and re-commission all nodes, i get this "bad archive mirror" in console output of the nodes16:50
tomixxx3matsubara: i never got that before!16:50
tomixxx3matsubara: sorry, i mean, i get this message in the console output of the juju bootstrap node16:52
tomixxx3matsubara: i have not tried so far the other nodes16:52
matsubaratomixxx3, sorry, don't know what could be wrong, maybe this might help: http://askubuntu.com/questions/295999/maas-juju-still-get-bad-archive-mirror16:54
tomixxx3matsubara: i have already written through this article16:55
tomixxx3matsubara: i always had "manage dhcp and dns"16:55
matsubaratomixxx3, does your maas server route traffic to the internet for your nodes? Maybe your nodes are trying to reach the external world through the MAAS server but that's not working?17:19
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