douglhey fellas and gals - my 13.10 is pooched and I am hobbling along in 14.04 can anyone help me with a  ppa I am having issues with?00:10
Beldardougl, Does it have a trusty release in the ppa?00:13
douglno... but I know it works and lost contact with my irc source running an earlier version with 14.04 with no issue Beldar ...00:15
BeldarI only see up to saucy packages in that ppa, what you do in that customizer can be done manually so....etc00:15
douglI was wondering if someone could hlep me edit the sources file?00:15
Beldardougl, sources.list or sources.list.d and what exactly is needed?00:16
douglthe source for the saucy release00:16
Beldardougl, To use in trusty, be specific here including end goals and what you do not understand.00:17
Beldardougl, Do you understand that 14.04 is a development as of now, and is not included in many PPA's as of now, and that PPA's are technically not supported to some extant.00:18
douglBeldar, I did the command at... appologies - I know I am  trying to get along with a failing box and was hoping for compassion, did not mean to waste your time.00:20
douglI can wait til april winter lasts 10 months here in canada where we help each other - LOL00:21
Beldardougl, I may be able to help you, there are just some parameters that are needed to make sure we are communicating. Details are the first, and your abulity to reflect on whether your goals are in a logical line.00:22
douglmy goal is to change the resolution and background of my grub menu then correct a booting issue with my 13.10 then the issue... and I know saucy works so want to edit the ppa resulting in 404 error to use saucy source - does that make sense?00:25
eligoshi. is this dist-upgrade normal??? https://gist.github.com/thermosilla/881586101:27
eligosbasically, it will remove almost all xserver packages01:28
roastedhello friends05:06
roastedrandom thought, has there been anything spoken about gvfs in terms of the new file manager/unity 8 discussions?05:06
kereltisHi guys07:23
kereltisI updates 14.04 with the latest kernal update but unity is now broken. AMD open and proprietary drivers. I can log in but with a blank desktop.07:25
kereltisI've tested it on a desktop with AMD proprietary drivers and a laptop with AMD open drivers but unity is broken on both.07:28
kblinnot running unity, can't help there07:29
kereltisNo worries07:31
bazhang!info eclipse07:51
ubottueclipse (source: eclipse): Extensible Tool Platform and Java IDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.8.1-5.1 (trusty), package size 15 kB, installed size 122 kB07:51
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BluesKaj'Morning folks11:12
damasceneHi, keyboard layout switching is not working in screen lock after I locked the machine12:02
DaekdroomSo... is compiz not working for anyone else?12:26
obsidianAlright, so I'm using 14.04 and installed some updates last night. After the install, I was prompted to re-boot. No big deal, right? Well, I re-booted and logged in as normal but got a blank desktop (no launcher, or menu bars) just a couple of stray files on the desktop which I'd created a couple days ago. I opened up a Terminal and tried re-setting Unity (~$ unity --reset) and some other commands I found on google (i.e., ~$dconf13:16
obsidianreset -f /org/compiz/) but nothing worked. If you could try to picture someone pinching an imaginary penny that's how close I came to re-installing Ubuntu and rolling back to 13.10 --BUT-- miraculously just a half hour ago I right clicked on the desktop clicked 'Change Desktop Background' which gave me access to all of my System Settings including System Details which has a button to 'Check/Install Updates.' I thought what the hey13:16
obsidian and figured maybe the developers had fixed the problem, and sure enough all it took was a quick update and my system is working fine again. I know this is a mouthfull and no idea how helpful it is but in case anyone has similar problems with Unity in 14.04 after installing updates, just right-click on the deskop and use the 'Change Desktop Background' to access your system settings and then install the LATEST updates which will h13:16
obsidianave your system back up & running. Like I said, no idea how helpful this is, no doubt most of you are fairly advanced but if you're like me and relatively new and just messing around with the latest alpha release -- hopefully this helps!13:16
obsidianGood luck :-)13:17
DaekdroomUpdating still hasn't fixed my Compiz/Unity, but I'm glad yours is working, obsidian13:44
BluesKajno probs here on KDE 4.12.214:15
DaekdroomIt's most likely compiz. Running it on both GNOME Flashback and Unity won't work.14:21
obsidianWhen did you last update?14:30
obsidianDaekdroom, when did you last update?14:30
Daekdroomobsidian, after you posted that message.14:31
Daekdroom(there were only lightdm updates)14:31
DaekdroomAnyway, after Compiz didn't work for me I did an update right away, including the compiz package, that didn't fix it.14:31
obsidianYeah, it's definitely compiz. I couldn't get the Compiz Manager to load.14:31
obsidianDid you reboot?14:32
obsidiancompiz (core) - error: failed to load plugin: ccp14:32
obsidianThat was the problem I got14:32
DaekdroomYeah. It's what's happening to me.14:33
obsidianI tried updating all through the night. The update that worked, I tried literally a half hour prior to my post - so it's fairly recent.14:33
Daekdroom!info compiz14:33
ubottucompiz (source: compiz): OpenGL window and compositing manager. In component main, is optional. Version 1:0.9.10+13.10.20131011-0ubuntu4 (trusty), package size 3 kB, installed size 112 kB14:33
obsidianYou know how to access your System Settings from the Desktop, right?14:33
DaekdroomI don't need to. I'm using GNOME Flashback session for now.14:34
obsidianAhh .. I see14:34
obsidianWhen was the last time you tried updating?14:35
DaekdroomRight now.14:35
DaekdroomI have the most recent compiz (according to ubottu) already.14:35
obsidiantry running ..14:36
obsidianexport DISPLAY=:014:36
Daekdroom...? it worked o.o14:36
obsidianDid it work?14:37
DaekdroomYes. CCSM is working now.14:37
DaekdroomI'll try restarting the session and checking Unity.14:37
DaekdroomThank you.14:37
obsidianYou're welcome!14:37
obsidianWell? What's the verdict?14:40
obsidianDaekdroom you get Unity working?14:44
obsidianNow you don't need to use GNOME Flashback14:45
elvisdHi all, after updating my system today and a subsequent restart No login appears, the system remains stuck at console. Some tips?15:08
elvisdI have tried to reinstall lightdm and already done an dpk-reconfigure of the package15:11
BluesKajupdate, upgrades then startx15:12
elvisdBluesKaj, done and I have the following error: /etc/X11/xinit/xserverc: 3: exec: /usr/bin/X: not found15:17
Daekdroomelvisd, 'sudo service lightdm start'15:28
elvisdDaekdroom, message: «start_ Job failed to start»15:29
jpdselvisd: /var/log/lightdm/15:30
arielsanfloi am from colombia15:32
elvisdjpds, Sorry can't paste the whole log file15:32
elvisdjpds, But i see an interesting error line15:32
jpdselvisd: Well, find out what it's complaining about.15:32
longviewbitselvisd: paste.ubuntu.com ;)15:32
longviewbitselvisd: and if you install pastebinit, it's very easy... pastebin /var/log/<logfile>15:33
arielsanflomy problem is no speack english15:33
elvisd«Can't launch X server X -core, not found in path»15:33
BluesKajno Xserver15:34
arielsanflorecovered graph as part of my ubuntu 14.04 unbootable after upgrading me15:35
arielsanflorecovered graph as part of my ubuntu 14.04 unbootable after upgrading me15:35
arielsanflono incia la parte grafica15:36
elvisdarielsanflo, Hola Ariel. Have you tried in channel #ubuntu-es15:36
arielsanflono soprte15:36
arielsanflopara 14.0415:37
elvisdBluesKaj, 'no Xserver'? Waht you mean? Xserver is here (writes log files) but in logs I can't find anything useful...15:38
BluesKajlooks like it's not launching15:39
jpdsAnd looks like arielsanflo's complaining about the same thing.15:46
* jpds wonders if something somewhere broke.15:46
elvisdOk rebooted and installed pastebinit15:50
elvisdHere my lightdm.log http://paste.ubuntu.com/687974315:51
elvisdTrying to install xserver-xorg returns me error http://paste.ubuntu.com/687977615:59
douglshould my wobbly windows and cube work without nvidia drivers in 14.04... I have no eyecandy15:59
douglare the nvidia drivers even supposed to work in 14.04?16:00
elvisdSorry I have to go... I'll connect later to see if we found a solution. Thanks16:02
elvisdI just launched an apt-get update followed by an apt-get install xserver-xorg and finally tha package could be installed16:09
elvisdI rebooted and the Desktop appears but without unity (no launcher and no top panel)16:11
elvisdUsing unity --replace & from a terminal window unity starts.16:13
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roastedhas anybody caught any discussion about gvfs and the unity 8/new file manager topic?18:06
roastedone thing I like about nautilus/gtk is gvfs, allowing you to treat file shares on servers as local directories in a weird way.18:07
SonikkuAmericaWhen is Beta 1 due in?18:28
ubottuA schedule of Trusty Tahr (14.04) release milestones can be found here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ReleaseSchedule18:31
bazhangSonikkuAmerica, ^18:31
SonikkuAmericabazhang: Thanks :)18:32
BluesKajdougl, yes, make sure you have OpenGL and raster chosen in desktop effects>advanced>Composting type and Qt graphics system18:51
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douglis plymouth supposed to work too?20:03
douglso are the nvidia drivers suppossed to work in 14.04 alpha?21:17
douglhmmm I cannot seem to get the propietary drivers installed21:19
bekksapt-get install nvidia?21:19
douglusing jockey-kde21:20
douglI should use apt-get?21:20
bekksI never used that jockey stuff. I just installed nvidia-331-updates.21:20
douglsudo apt-get install nvidia-331-updates?21:22
bekksThats what I did.21:22
douglsays is already installed :)21:23
douglis plymouth supposed to work?21:24
bekksFor me, it works fine.21:24
geniidougl: Not currently with Kubuntu21:24
douglok - thanks genii ... other than that 14.04 seems to rock!21:25
douglgenii, is the a source for information on plymouth on 14.04?21:26
geniidougl: Not sure. Mostly I know because I see them occasionally discussing it in the kubuntu dev channel21:27
douglgenii, nice - thank you, is that an open channel?21:28
geniidougl: Yes, unless you bother the devs too much ;) #kubuntu-devel21:28
douglof course  genii - thanks :)21:29
douglmy 13.10 install is broken so I am happy to be forced into using 14.04.21:31
xubuntu248Hi, I using 14.04 daily build, my laptop touchpad is being detected as a pointer "evdev pointer catchall" InputClass, with the result that there is no multitouch. I tried commenting that class out hoping that it would default to the touchpad but then the touchpad was non functional. Any suggestions ?22:27

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