RAOFapachelogger: Yo!01:14
RAOFapachelogger: Would you kindly re-upload muon to saucy-proposed, with both changelog entries in the .changes file? Thanks.01:14
infinitycjwatson: Okay, seed shuffling done to remove kernel ABIs.01:48
infinitycjwatson: In the end, the diff between old and new looks like so: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6876424/01:48
infinitycjwatson: That will put two tiny < 1k packages on the CD, I suppose, but otherwise, looks harmless and generally correct, so I'm happy with it.01:49
infinitycjwatson: (To be clear, that's a diff of germinate output, not the seeds)01:49
dupingpinghow to contigure window reponse timeout?01:50
infinitydupingping: This isn't a support channel, you want #ubuntu01:50
YokoZarinfinity: I intended wine-mono to be multiverse alongside wine-gecko03:04
YokoZarcjwatson: and I believe that note is already there03:04
YokoZarThe debian equivalent would be contrib (free software with a nonfree build dependency/build step, in this case the step on windows)03:05
infinityYokoZar: Kay.  I'll re-review with that in mind, then.03:06
infinityYokoZar: (would have helped if you had multiverse or non-free in debian/control, so the queue would have sent it there instead of universe by default, but I'll override)03:08
YokoZarI didn't know the control file could contain that metadata03:09
YokoZarsorry about that03:09
infinityYokoZar: "Section: non-free/otherosfs" would be the Debian way (and out queue automatically does s/non-free/multiverse/) or, of course, "Section: multiverse/otherosfs" if it's just for Ubuntu.03:10
infinityBut no big deal for me to override it.  Would have just been nice to have the hint of intent. :)03:11
infinityYokoZar: Do I want to know why the debian directories in these are almost as large as the orig?03:17
infinityYokoZar: Or is that where the prebuild .msi lives?03:18
* infinity is still downloading... Having bandwidth issues tonight.03:18
StevenKinfinity: Did you move back to Australia and not notice?03:19
infinityStevenK: I sure hope not.03:19
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YokoZarinfinity: unless I accidently left stale files around again...03:30
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YokoZarinfinity: but yes the prebuilt .msi file is in the debian changes03:32
infinityYokoZar: Kay, that accounts for the hugeness, thanks.03:36
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cjwatsonmhall119: I never understood the sense behind doing anything else in the first place :-)04:32
mhall119thanks cjwatson04:32
cjwatsoninfinity: yay, cute04:32
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pittiGood morning05:25
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apacheloggerRAOF: muon with both entries uploiad to saucy-proposed07:48
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pittiSearching for GRUB installation directory ... found: /boot/grub08:09
pitti/etc/default/grub: line 1: syntax error near unexpected token `('08:09
pittirun-parts: /etc/kernel/postinst.d/x-grub-legacy-ec2 exited with return code 208:09
pitticjwatson: ^ is that known?08:09
pittithat happens on our i386 trusty VMs since yesterday, and breaks a number of tests08:09
pittie. g. https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/trusty-adt-ubiquity/164/ARCH=i386,label=adt/console08:10
cjwatsonnot known08:10
cjwatsonwhat's in that file?08:10
cjwatsonalso grub2 hasn't changed for about a week08:11
pittiok, if you didn't see it yet then this might be local to our VMs/cloud-init; I'll check08:11
cjwatsoncertainly possible08:12
cjwatsonthat seems like an unlikely kind of general problem08:12
pitti/etc/default/grub is binary garbage in that VM08:13
pittiok, that certainly looks like a weird qemu/sun rays/whatever issue08:13
* pitti rebuilds that VM08:14
pitticjwatson: ok, sorry for the noise08:14
cjwatsonno problem08:14
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asaccjwatson: hi ... slangaseks protobuf upload broke the ABI accidentially i think08:37
asaccjwatson: http://ci.ubuntu.com/smokeng/trusty/touch/mako/164:20140205:20140115.1/6457/dialer-app-autopilot/735638/08:37
asaccjwatson: see once.h change here: https://launchpadlibrarian.net/164839352/protobuf_2.5.0-5ubuntu2_2.5.0-7ubuntu1.diff.gz08:37
asacseems a sneaky ConstructorImpl through inline function exposure08:37
cjwatsonasac: I saw the scrollback in #ubuntu-ci-eng, but I kind of ought to be focusing on 12.04.4 today, so I'm not sure I have the bandwidth to come up to speed on a C++ library08:37
smoserxnox, were you able to get anything functional for overlayroot08:37
cjwatsonperhaps somebody else could be found?08:38
asaccjwatson: yeah. just looking for someone to confirm that this was a SONAME bump oversight and help to back it out :)08:38
asacso we can refactor this or bump SONAME08:38
cjwatsonbacking out will be very complex as it had to go in together with a bunch of other things08:39
cjwatsonat least I think that was that upload08:39
asaccjwatson: hmm. whatelse?08:39
cjwatsondon't remember08:39
cjwatsongive me a few minutes08:39
asacthanks. just check if there is a quick way out... otherwise let me know who I could ask :)08:39
cjwatsonoh, 2.4.1-3ubuntu4 -> 2.5.0-5ubuntu2 was the complex soname-bumping one08:41
cjwatsonwe shouldn't bump soname without careful thought as this is used by rather more than just touch08:41
smoserxnox, this is what i tried, but didn't seem to work: http://paste.ubuntu.com/6877895/08:42
cjwatsonasac: so now would be a great time for the suggestion I made of having a PPA used by touch which is allowed to be deliberately behind the primary archive for short periods of time, so we could copy the old version into it to get touch moving again while we diagnose the issue in the primary archive08:46
cjwatsonasac: which I don't suppose anyone's implemented :)08:46
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cjwatsonit ought to be possible to stitch some kind of compatibility arrangement back in while still respecting the intent of the changes made for Debian #736801 (and maybe make sure symbols files cope with this, while we're there), but my C++ really isn't up to it08:52
ubottuDebian bug 736801 in libprotobuf-dev "[libprotobuf-dev] __ATOMIC_RELAXED on ia64, sparc" [Normal,Fixed] http://bugs.debian.org/73680108:52
cjwatsonperhaps xnox might have time to take a look?08:52
cjwatsonor we could sort out a touch-specific reverting PPA real quick and punt the problem to the Debian maintainer08:52
asacxnox: like some C++ magic hackery in the morning? :)08:52
cjwatsonsince we should have such a thing anyway08:52
asacwe can talk about that in todays meeting08:53
cjwatsonI don't think I can make today's, I got three hours of sleep and I still have a bunch of stuff to do for 12.04.408:53
cjwatsonalso we've talked about it in previous meetings.  why more meetings?08:53
asaccjwatson: are we sure that this problem is really touch confined? i sense we might have breakage all over the archive now08:54
asacjust that we see it here clearly08:54
cjwatsonI'm upgrading to see if mumble is affected, since it's a reverse-dep08:55
cjwatsonah yeah, mumble fails to start08:56
asacdont worry about the meeting. and dont worry about this problem if you are doing allnighters...08:56
cjwatsonas does ccsm08:56
asaci just think the backout is the problem we should solve :) ... e.g. figure a way to find whatelse got uploaded alongside so we can just get all that car wreck off the autobahn while we investigate how to fix the protobuf patch08:57
cjwatsonok, let me see if I can just back this out with a reupload; it wasn't a new upstream or anything08:57
cjwatsonthere was nothing else alongside, that was my mistaken memory08:57
asaci think it wasnt a SONAME bumop08:58
asacso only what was built after or alongside could be affected08:58
cjwatsonindeed not08:58
cjwatsonxnox: (stand down, I'll deal with this until slangasek gets back)08:59
asacwe have invested heavily in getting folks out of ppas... its very hard for me to get a ppa back and then figure reasonable black and white rules that will ensure we use this ppa only exactly for the right cases08:59
cjwatsonyou didn't raise that point in the last meeting when we talked about this :-(08:59
cjwatson"may only be used to copy old versions from the primary archive pending better fixes" seems pretty clear08:59
asacyeah sorry. not sure when we last talkeda bout it though08:59
cjwatsoncouple of months ago I think09:00
asaccjwatson: that sounds better. let me think about that09:00
cjwatsonafter saucy, at least09:00
xnoxsmoser: was busy uploading message-less shutdown, will look into overlayroot more today.09:00
* xnox read the rest of scrollback.09:01
cjwatsonthe change in nm -C -D output (with the addresses removed) is http://paste.ubuntu.com/6877972/09:02
cjwatsonso I don't think we risk converse breakage by backing out the change09:02
asaccjwatson: we should check all reverse build deps that got uploaded afterwards i guess09:03
asacbut beyond that it looks safe to me (but then i am very out of this)09:03
asacwonder why we have a + AND -09:04
cjwatsonasac: well, if there are no new symbols (other than weak copies of libc stuff) we aren't going to break things by going back09:04
cjwatsonand that appears to be the case09:04
cjwatsons/weak copies of/references to/09:04
cjwatsonthe only + is a reference to pthread_once - that's not something libprotobuf *exports*, it's something it *imports*09:05
asacyeah you are right09:05
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asacguess not bumping with - is generally scary as seen through the inline header leakage here ... this protobuf should really hide symbols that are Impl/Internal :)09:05
cjwatsonyeah, no doubt, too late now for this soname though09:06
cjwatsonha, there's already a 2.5.0-8 in experimental which I think backs this out09:07
cjwatsonbacon sandwich then I'll check that09:08
asaccjwatson: can we backout anyway? believe its better if steve can look at that with fresh eyes? :)09:08
xnoxcjwatson: i wonder if protobuf breakage transitively leaked into libmirprotobuf0 as well.09:08
asacbut your call09:08
asaccjwatson: was that uploaded after?09:08
xnoxcjwatson: which is not easy to check, since mir is not using .symbol files =(09:08
asacxnox: ^^09:08
asacxnox: i can have someone try09:08
asacsee if tests still pass etc. after downgrading09:09
asaci think tvoss was on that task09:09
cjwatsonasac: 2.5.0-8 *is* the backout, might as well just mereg it09:09
asaccjwatson: righty09:09
cjwatsonxnox: I'll poke it with nm in a bit09:10
asacok if the rest of the changes are safe (which we dont know)09:10
asacbut whatever is good :)09:10
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cjwatsonthey're safe.  our gcc is already 4.809:11
asacso yeah09:11
cjwatsonI bet the dialer-app tests don't work usefully in the emulator or on grouper09:15
cjwatsonxnox: mir was uploaded before the latest protobuf, so it should be fine09:17
pitti(FTR, I tested the dialer-app tests on mako and in a trusty amd64 live environment, they ought to work)09:18
asaccjwatson: all other AP tests also fail09:18
asacexcept the unity8 one09:18
asaccjwatson: http://ci.ubuntu.com/smokeng/trusty/touch/mako/164:20140205:20140115.1/6457/09:18
asaccjwatson: pick whatever works on emulatoor09:18
asacxnox: ?09:18
xnoxcjwatson: weather_app is known to have been fully passing on the emulator.09:19
didrocksasac: http://people.canonical.com/~ogra/touch-image-stats/20140205.changes09:19
asacxnox: gallary?09:20
didrocksI don't know if location-service is getting worse than in 16309:20
asacdidrocks: saw my mail?09:20
didrocksasac: yeah09:20
didrocksbut it's not protobuf, I guess, is it?09:20
asacdidrocks: tvoss is having a one line fix to get rid of the systemsettle part09:20
asacdidrocks: thats in a mail from yesterday09:20
asacdidrocks: we just didnt know how to allocate a silo fo rhim09:20
asacdidrocks: ping him09:20
didrocksasac: tvoos isn't around09:20
asacdidrocks: he is ... guess he dropped off freenode09:21
asache is indeed gone :)09:21
asactalked to him a minute ago09:21
asacno he is online09:21
asacon canoni09:21
didrocksyeah, I didn't see him on chans when joining09:21
ogra_curious, the first protobuf update worked fine09:21
didrockspinged him09:21
didrocksogra_: right, what I answered09:22
asacogra_: protobuf broke abi09:22
asacogra_: withotu SONAME bump09:22
didrocksbut what's the diff between 163 and 64?09:22
asacogra_: is a sneaky symbol leak through inline header09:22
didrockswe know location-service broke 16309:22
didrocksnot sure what broke 164 even more09:22
asacdidrocks: protobuf broke all the stuff09:22
ogra_asac, protobuf bumped its api on monday09:22
asacdidrocks: http://ci.ubuntu.com/smokeng/trusty/touch/mako/164:20140205:20140115.1/6457/gallery-app-autopilot/735187/09:22
cjwatsonogra_: different09:22
asacdidrocks: /usr/bin/gallery-app: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/libmirprotobuf.so.0: undefined symbol:09:22
ogra_cjwatson, k09:22
didrocksasac: ok, not at that level yet09:23
knomeseb128, hey, you around? what's up with xubuntu-docs; apparently 12.04.1 is not uploaded to precise? :/09:23
didrocksso something built against the new protobuf09:23
cjwatsoncan we stop talking about protobuf now?09:23
asacdidrocks: no..09:23
ogra_there was a new Mir09:23
asacdidrocks: the new protobuf dropped symbols by accident09:23
ogra_and new xorg09:23
cjwatsonI'm working on it and it's distracting to have to try to follow everyone catching up09:23
ogra_(see backlog in -relkease)09:23
asacdidrocks: leave it to cjwats :)09:23
didrocksok ok09:23
ogra_i dont get why i see neither of them on -changes09:23
didrockslooking at location-service09:23
asacdidrocks: you might want to wade through the other failures that dont have the same symbol error in log09:23
asacdidrocks: and help tvoss land location-service09:24
asacso tvoss confirmed that the AP test for addressbook at least starts if going back on protobuf09:24
didrocksasac: wait, I'm trying to get back people on shape first09:24
didrocksI can't do all analysis09:24
asacdidrocks: sure, read the backlog on irclogs to catch up if you want. otherwise we are working on the parts that we understand09:25
asac(which probably is all)09:25
* ogra_ still wonders where the new mir went09:25
asacdidrocks: so i am going through all the failed tests... so far all bail out on this symbol09:25
didrocksasac: thanks09:26
asacdidrocks: location is breaking systemsettle only (we saw that last night)09:26
asac163 has only ss09:26
didrocksogra_: don't even start on that one, another discussion… :p09:26
ogra_didrocks, well who would have guessed that xorg just gets updated in the middle of the landing09:26
seb128knome, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise/+queue?queue_state=1&queue_text=xubuntu-docs09:27
didrocksogra_: I did, I pinged people to coordinate09:27
seb128knome, somebody from the SRU team needs to approve it09:27
didrocksogra_: *before the landing*09:27
ogra_didrocks, on the day the landing happened ... this should have been planned weeks ahead on both sides09:27
didrocksogra_: yeah, but it was read apparently and ignored09:27
ogra_we lack a communication path for such things it seems09:28
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didrocksand lack of willness to fix things it seems, but anyway, I tried, I passed the messages between both parties09:28
ogra_well, by the looks of it it all went fine in the end09:28
didrocksanyway, moving on, we "just" loose a day for Mir09:28
ogra_but sadly the packages didnt actually make it into the archive09:28
knomecjwatson, any way you could approve the xubuntu-docs SRU?09:28
didrocksogra_: no, Mir is still not published09:29
ogra_didrocks, right09:29
asacdidrocks: so i discussed this yesterday... what we need is communicating transitions in prep so folks know and can either wait or join the silo09:29
ogra_is there still a MIR missing for some xorg deps ?09:29
asacdidrocks: and of course improve tools to auto bump stuff we pulled into silo for a transition09:30
asacbut that invalidates testing09:30
asacso best coordinate/communicate09:30
tjaaltonogra_: no, but all the drivers need to be rebuilt09:30
cjwatsonknome: for 12.04.4?09:30
knomecjwatson, yes, i know it's late...09:30
cjwatsonknome: does it need to be on your images?09:30
ogra_tjaalton, ugh, why didnt that happen in a PPA09:30
cjwatsonrather, is that package on your images?09:31
ogra_so you can release the whole chunk09:31
knomecjwatson, the .1 release is a regression fix for .0 SRU09:31
knomecjwatson, yep09:31
cjwatsonknome: let me finish this protobuf thing first, then I'll look at it.  I guess you'll want a respin then09:31
tjaaltonogra_: it did, but with version numbers not fit for the archive09:31
didrocksasac: we can't autobump09:32
asacso weather test failure doenst show this symbol thing http://ci.ubuntu.com/smokeng/trusty/touch/mako/164:20140205:20140115.1/6457/ubuntu-weather-app-autopilot/09:32
didrocksasac: or we will revert the work done in distro09:32
asacdidrocks: I think we can ... lets talk about that later though :)09:32
didrocksasac: the check is there on purpose09:32
knomecjwatson, sure, thanks09:33
asacremind me when we talk next time; i think i know what to do to be able to do that09:33
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seb128didrocks, asac, cjwatson: btw that protobuf issue is making compiz fails to start in trusty09:43
cjwatsonseb128: I'm dealing with it09:43
seb128cjwatson, thanks09:44
asacguess defcon 4 :)09:55
ogra_unity8 still starts fine ... time that desktop switches :P09:56
cjwatsonWar Games has rendered me irrevocably confused about which order defcon levels go in09:56
ogra_cjwatson, asac uses the real numbering, not the movie one09:57
asaci think 5 is nuclear war :)09:57
cjwatsonright, but knowing about the movie confusion means I can't remember which is which :)09:57
ogra_(i still wonder why they reversed it ... obstruction by confusion ? )09:57
asacyeah me too09:57
asacso i was wrong09:57
asac1 is nuclear war09:57
ogra_"Movies and popular culture often misuse the DEFCON system by "going to DEFCON 5" when a nuclear war is imminent."09:59
ogra_hmm, but nobody says *why*09:59
asacso war games might have teached us wrongly?09:59
jpdsogra_: Do you need an excuse?09:59
ogra_jpds, well, i would love to know why that seems to be done in *all* movies and tv series this way10:00
ogra_(seems thats the case)10:00
ogra_i.e. if some authority ordered it like that to confuse the enemy or some such :)10:00
jpdsWell, noone used the old British one: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BIKINI_state10:01
* ogra_ bets there is a funny story behind it that just never leaked10:01
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dokozyga, brendand: you seem to be checkboxuploaders ... there are at least 7 MIR's missing10:03
dokoyou guys really need to better prepare such uploads10:03
brendanddoko, i guess this might relate to the branch roadmr prepared10:06
brendanddoko, is there a branch/bug specifically you're talking about?10:06
dokobrendand, before you start guessing, have a look at http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/component-mismatches-proposed.svg ;p10:06
brendanddoko, oh i see10:07
brendanddoko, yes one of our binary packages depends on some sdk packages10:07
spineaudoko: Not sure if it's related but I filled two MIR for checkbox future deps, #1276164 and #127618310:08
brendanddoko, i don't think we actually need to depend on cordova-ubuntu if that's the issue10:08
brendanddoko, we can look to remove that dependency10:08
dokobug 1276164, bug 127618310:08
ubottubug 1276164 in checkbox-support (Ubuntu) "[MIR] checkbox-support" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127616410:08
ubottubug 1276183 in plainbox-provider-resource-generic (Ubuntu) "[MIR] plainbox-provider-resource-generic" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127618310:08
dokobrendand, sure, that's an option10:09
brendanddoko, but can you help us with which source branch is being used which is generating those errors?10:10
brendanddoko, is it lp:ubuntu/checkbox?10:10
dokobrendand, spineau: is checkbox running with python3?10:10
pittiseb128: speaking of MIR, could indicator-datetime stop recommending indicator-applet?10:10
brendanddoko, yeah10:10
seb128pitti, it doesn't10:10
pittiRecommends: indicator-applet | indicator-renderer10:10
dokobrendand, no branch, it is the package which was uploaded to the archive10:10
pittiseb128: it does :)10:10
seb128pitti, indicators recommend and indicator-renderer, with unity being our default option10:10
brendanddoko, yeah roadmr probably did that from lp:ubuntu/checkbox10:11
pittiseb128: ah, so perhaps this should either become just "indicator-renderer" or "unity | indicator-applet | indicator-renderer"?10:11
seb128pitti, unity provides indicator-renderer so it should be fine10:11
seb128pitti, only a virtual is wrong, unity | would be right10:11
seb128pitti, the issue atm if you look at component-mismatch is that unity didn't build yet on ppc64el10:11
seb128pitti, so it resolves to indicator-applet10:12
pittiseb128: ah, I understand10:12
pittiseb128: thanks for pointin gout10:12
seb128pitti, yw10:12
dokospineau, looks like these two MIRs are just about code re-organization. so shouldn't be an issue10:12
tsdgeoshmmm, something weird is happening with all qt4 bsed programs since today10:13
tsdgeosi get10:13
dokobrendand, spineau: please make sure that checkbox runs with python3.4 , and that the tests pass10:13
tsdgeosCompiled for arch: ::Vc::AVXImpl10:13
tsdgeosFeatures supported:10:13
tsdgeos         "SSE2"         ---      yes10:13
tsdgeos         "SSSE3"        ---      yes10:13
tsdgeos         "SSE4.1"       ---      yes10:13
tsdgeos         "AVX "         ---      yes10:13
tsdgeosany idea?10:13
tsdgeoswhat is bringing that to my shell?10:13
brendanddoko, we were actually wondering that - thanks10:13
spineaudoko: ok, thanks. but after looking at the svg map the problem is elsewhere. we'll check what to do with this cordova package10:13
cjwatson/wg 3910:14
robert_ancellbdmurray, hi, do you plan on doing a mass "wont fix" marking of bugs on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/raring? Laney / seb128 suggested you'd do that10:15
zygadoko: thanks, we'll look into this10:15
zygadoko: I think we had a misunderstanding about how MIRs work and we dind't propose MIRs for recommends at all10:15
zygadoko: we are working on those now10:16
brendandzyga, well the problem packages are not ours10:16
brendandzyga, they're sdk packages10:16
brendandzyga, anyway we don't need to depend on it10:16
zygabrendand: that's our problem if we're MIRing something that needs them10:16
zygabrendand: we just need to figoure out what we need to depend on and what needs to be in main10:16
mitya57tsdgeos: *All* Qt programs? That looks like calligra output.10:20
tsdgeosmitya57: yes, even bzr qlog does output that10:20
mlankhorsthow often is the check running when doing dput uploads to ubuntu?10:21
cjwatsonevery minute10:22
cjwatsonbut LP was just doing a master database switch in preparation for a machine upgrade, so it might be slow just now10:22
mitya57tsdgeos: Hm, for some reason I still think it's caused by yesterday's Calligra update10:23
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tsdgeosmay be10:23
mlankhorstok xorg 1.15 transition should be complete then when it switches over10:23
mlankhorstif the tegra drivers are still in the archive they should probably be deleted, I haven't had much luck with getting my tegra working on saucy, let alone trusty..10:24
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dokorbasak, jamespage: with your server/puppet hat on, could you have a look at the ~200 php build failures in the test rebuild? http://people.ubuntuwire.org/~wgrant/rebuild-ftbfs-test/test-rebuild-20140127-trusty.html10:36
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mitya57tsdgeos: indeed, http://sources.debian.net/src/calligra/1:2.7.5-1/libs/pigment/compositeops/KoOptimizedCompositeOpFactoryPerArch.cpp?hl=98#L9810:43
mitya57I think you should poke Riddell about the bug10:44
tsdgeosohh qdebugs in code10:44
tsdgeosand i wonder why is that getting everywhere10:44
mitya57Note that the code above is older version.10:48
Sweet5harkHeeere's Jooohny!10:50
mlankhorstwell it's building but still acting funny, stuck on 'uploading build' for a lot of packages ,even though the builder is obviously building something else now. :P10:54
xnoxmlankhorst: it takes a long time to upload a build, sometimes. Was it big?10:55
cjwatsonwhich suggests that alphecca's cron jobs might not be running10:55
cjwatsonmlankhorst: package name?10:55
mlankhorstcjwatson: xserver-xorg-video-ati10:55
Riddelltsdgeos: question is why a calligra lib causes debug output on starting e.g. dolphin10:57
tsdgeosRiddell: that is a good question10:58
cjwatsonmlankhorst: looks like it's catching up now.  #launchpad-ops thinks it's because of backlog + temporarily on slow master db11:04
mlankhorstit's between 26 minutes and 13 minutes behind now O:-)11:08
mlankhorst19 minutes11:13
wgrantmlankhorst: It's caught up now.11:25
mlankhorstyeah :)11:26
mlankhorstogra_: ping11:47
mlankhorstcan we drop nvidia-graphics-drivers-tegra(,3) from the archive?11:47
ogra_dunno, havent done anything with it in 1.5 years11:48
ogra_you could mail the ac100 ML ... they are the main consumers of it11:48
mlankhorstit's blocking the xorg 1.15 update, and I haven't had any luck getting saucy to work on mine11:48
Sweet5harkricotz: around?11:49
ogra_(or ask in the #ac100 channel)11:49
* apw suspects compiz is borked in trusty, no longer connected to the x display and no windows displayed11:52
ogra_apw, it is11:53
ricotzSweet5hark, yes11:53
ogra_apw, new libprotobuf should hit the archive soon (it is in proposed)11:53
ricotzSweet5hark, did you receive my messages?11:54
Sweet5harkricotz: unlikely, Im travelling right now.11:54
ricotzSweet5hark, regarding the missing translation files11:55
Sweet5harkricotz: The l10n package is broken, a fix is currently building ...11:55
ricotzSweet5hark, all translations ..., alright11:55
ricotzSweet5hark, precise users already complained :\11:55
Sweet5harkricotz: https://launchpad.net/~bjoern-michaelsen/+archive/libreoffice-staging/+builds?build_state=building11:56
ricotzSweet5hark, http://people.ubuntu.com/~ricotz/libreoffice/4.2-l10n.diff11:56
Sweet5harkricotz: someone zipped l10n files after the beta release, this broke the l10n packaging (upstream, but only us are using it right now)11:57
Sweet5harkricotz: I also got private mails about it, but no bug reports on launchpad or fdo. When will people ever learn ...11:58
ricotzSweet5hark, alright, i hope this fixes it ;)11:59
ricotzSweet5hark, be aware you need to change the version while you changed the tarball content12:00
Sweet5harkricotz: huh, I did not regenerate the tarballs yet, so they dont need a new version?12:01
ricotzthis can't be uploaded12:01
ricotzhmm, the diff indicate a lot of zips changed12:01
ricotzSweet5hark, you had two different tarball versions!12:02
Sweet5harkricotz: Ill do a 4.2.0 final for trusty archive anyway ...12:02
ricotzthe prerelease ones and the archive ones12:02
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ogra_Mirv, so i got some new scripts for rootstock that actually allow to build proper system-image images from ppas ... not 100% done yet, but i should be able to give you something tonight12:04
ricotzSweet5hark, btw what is the reason not using sytem's libcmis?12:05
ricotzSweet5hark, ah forgot about 0.4.1-312:07
Sweet5harkricotz: getting to the list of non-system libs just now. first getting out a release at all was priority.12:07
ricotzSweet5hark, right12:08
ricotzSweet5hark, not sure if things can get automatically demoted to universe again ;)12:08
ricotzif there are no consumers in main12:09
ricotzSweet5hark, you might want to create a 4-2 ppa soon12:11
Sweet5harkricotz: right12:12
cjwatsonknome: xubuntu-docs is ready for a quick test now12:18
davmor2tseliot: :(  this morning lp tells me I got hit by bug #123168912:24
ubottubug 1231689 in xorg-server (Ubuntu) "Xorg assert failure: X: ../../dix/dispatch.c:3937: DetachUnboundGPU: Assertion `slave->isGPU' failed." [Medium,Expired] https://launchpad.net/bugs/123168912:24
davmor2tseliot: purging nvidia-331 and nvidia-prime have me at a working lightdm but no unity :(12:25
tseliotdavmor2: in trusty?12:26
davmor2tseliot: yeap12:26
tseliotdavmor2: also, what does "no unity" mean?12:26
cjwatsondavmor2: the protobuf ABI regression took out compiz, hence no unity.  fix in -proposed now, in trusty shortly12:27
davmor2tseliot: I log into lightdm I get the desktop background but no unity.  So I can hit ctrl+alt+t and then get a terminal but no shell12:27
davmor2ah cjwatson awesome12:28
davmor2tseliot: could the nvidia issue be based on that too then?12:28
cjwatsonhmm, ubuntuone-storage-protocol autopkgtest failure12:29
cjwatsonlooks like that may have already been forced somehow though12:29
tseliotdavmor2: I have no idea about the protobuf ABI regression cjwatson mentioned, but usually when I get stuck and only get the background and no unity, I type "dconf reset -f /org/compiz/" and restart lightdm, and things work.12:30
cjwatsonok, this ubuntuone-storage-protocol autopkgtest failure seems to indicate a real bug12:33
davmor2tseliot: well I'll wait for the fix to land and keep an eye on things and let you know12:33
cjwatsonthough one that was also in 2.5.0-7ubuntu112:33
cjwatsonso I think given that this is critical I should force it through anyway, but I'll try to fix it12:33
tseliotdavmor2: ok12:33
asacwill gcc 4.7 be "supported" in trusty? or do we only support 4.8?12:36
asacdoko: ?12:36
dokoasac, I assume so, but it is for the android stack only. xnox should know better12:37
cjwatsonit's still there at least until such time as nothing we ship requires it to build12:37
cjwatsonand I haven't yet switched our default boot loader to 4.8 ...12:37
cjwatsonI bet there are various other odds and ends too12:38
asacdoko: seems we have some troubles with libstdc++ compatibilty bewteen 4.7 and 4.8 or something ...12:38
asacdoko: can you check with tvoss about his troubles there?12:38
asachi tvoss :)12:39
tvossasac, o/12:39
asac13:38 < asac> doko: seems we have some troubles with libstdc++ compatibilty bewteen 4.7 and 4.8 or something ...12:39
asac13:38 < asac> doko: can you check with tvoss about his troubles there?12:39
dokoasac, he should not mix ...12:39
tvossdoko, that's what I'm working on right now12:39
asacdoko: its not really clear how to not mix i think... e.g. where do we draw the line12:39
asactvoss: do we have a clear line?12:39
tvossasac, don't mix in c++ world12:39
tvossasac, C is fine (mostly)12:40
asactvoss: so do we have a layer that protects us? is that platform api? e.g. everything below is 4.7, everything above is 4.8?12:40
cjwatsonubuntuone-storage-protocol> oh, never mind, it's explicitly running tests under PROTOCOL_BUFFERS_PYTHON_IMPLEMENTATION=cpp12:40
cjwatsonso not really a protobuf regression in the sense I was thinking12:41
tvossasac, yup12:41
tvossasac, although we should really pull platform api to gcc 4.812:41
asactvoss: so should we systematically go to 4.7 for everything below platform API that is C++ what about MIR? isnt that below and above?12:41
* asac scared that we infect the world :)12:42
cjwatsondobey: would it make sense to drop the PROTOCOL_BUFFERS_PYTHON_IMPLEMENTATION=cpp run from ubuntuone-storage-protocol/run-tests?  looks like protobuf doesn't support that any more12:42
asactvoss: whats the prob with platform api and 4.8?12:42
asacjust not building?12:42
tvossasac, there are two things as far as I understand it: make sure that toolchains across the libc boundary match, and then make sure that the floating point conversion works/is not required anymore by transporting floats in structs12:43
asactvoss: thats what blocks platapi on 4.8? or thats what causing 4.7/4.8 mixing havoc?12:45
asacanyway, do what you need to do :)12:45
tvossasac, that's what blocks papi on 4.812:45
tvoss@havoc: still figuring that out12:46
udevbotError: "havoc:" is not a valid command.12:46
knomeseb128, the image files are still not updated, even if they are marked as changed in the debdiff. how can we fix this?12:47
seb128knome, I don't know12:47
knomeseb128, is that a known problem of debdiffs?12:48
cjwatsondebdiffs don't represent binary files12:48
seb128knome, binary changes can't go in diff12:48
seb128if that's what you are asking12:49
knomeseb128, no, i understand that12:49
cjwatsonknome: does this pertain to xubuntu-docs/precise-proposed?12:49
seb128if images are svg that's text formatted and can go in diffs12:49
knomehow do we propose a SRU that changes binary files?12:49
knomecjwatson, yep; the looks is now fine, but image files are still not there12:49
cjwatsonattach the actual source files not a debdiff12:49
cjwatson.dsc and .tar.gz in this case12:49
cjwatsonalso, you had eight days to check this in the queue :-(12:50
knomeyes, i'm very sorry12:50
knomeit's not a huge catastrophe if the SRU goes as it is now12:50
knomebut i'd of course rather fix the images as well12:50
knomeand yes, i know we had time, i'm very sorry12:51
knomehmm, i said that already. well i am sorry! :)12:51
cjwatsonlet's push it round again, we just about have time12:51
knomesure, i'll try to catch the right people ASAP12:51
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knomecjwatson, added the files to the bug report; unfortunately, the version is 12.04.0 as this is how i got the files from somebody who knows better than me; i will not touch them to not break anything :)13:02
knomecjwatson, i'll be around to verify that it works, just ping me13:03
eLpmHello, is there someone in here?13:04
eLpmI would like some help with lp #127656213:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1276562 in ubuntu-meta (Ubuntu) "Xserver removed after upgrade (2014-02-04)" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127656213:05
cjwatsonknome: ok, ideally it'd be some sponsor other than me so that I can legitimately do the SRU shuffling13:05
mlankhorsteLpm: erm did you have -proposed enabled by any chance?13:05
eLpmThe bug is not necessarily about the meta package (sorry if this is the wrong channel)13:05
eLpmYes :D13:06
eLpmmlankhorst, Yes13:06
mlankhorstwell there you go13:06
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mlankhorstit broke and now you get to keep the pieces :-)13:06
eLpmAnd do you know the possible causes already?13:06
cjwatsonof course the compiz failure was probably due to protobuf which was in trusty13:06
cjwatsonwe're publishing a fix for that at the moment13:07
ogra_eLpm, never ever enable -proposed on a devel release ... it isnt what you might think it is13:07
eLpmcjwatson, Awesome I'll wait patiently :-)13:07
eLpmogra_, It's OK I wanted to help testing. I am dual booting currently, so no problem.13:08
cjwatsonplease don't enable -proposed to help testing13:08
cjwatsonit doesn't help13:08
cjwatson(in the development release, that is)13:08
ogra_eLpm, -proposed is not for testing in dev treleases13:09
cjwatsonit actively hinders us by creating noise from people running into problems that machines would have caught13:09
cjwatsonI understand you mean well, but please disable it, it will be better for us13:09
eLpmOh, I didn't know. I'll disable it then.13:09
ogra_in dev releases -proposed is part of the automated infrastructure ...13:09
eLpmAnd thanks.13:09
ogra_in actual releases you can use it for testing possibly broken packages13:10
eLpmogra_, OK :-)13:10
cjwatsonat some point maybe it'll be worth creating a separate pocket for it, it's just that new pockets are painful to create13:10
cjwatsonthey're all very very hardcoded13:10
LaneyWe should make it NotAutomatic :P13:11
cjwatsonusing -proposed meant that I could make the system work in days rather than weeks or months13:11
mlankhorstwell -proposed was always used for that, even before the automatation was put in place :P13:11
cjwatsonnot very much13:12
cjwatsonthe odd hack around release time13:12
knomeseb128, would you do yet another favor to get the docs SRU in as it should?13:15
seb128knome, is the bug updated?13:16
knomeseb128, yep, i attached .dsc and .tar.gz files (with the same shortcoming as the last time; the version is .0)13:16
seb128knome, ok, can do once launchpad is back to working13:17
seb128it's oopsing13:17
knomeseb128, yeah, was for me too :/ but thanks again, and my humble sorrys for bothering you with this constantly13:17
seb128knome, no worry, mistakes happen13:18
* knome makes sure it's people who understand packaging/related stuff do the work next time... grumble :)13:18
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mptIs anyone familiar with “Section: oldlibs”, so they can answer my last questions in bug 1166230? Thanks.13:38
ubottubug 1166230 in update-manager (Ubuntu) "Updater lists many transitional dummy packages" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/116623013:38
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knomecjwatson, i assume the .2 version should land in -proposed any minute now, right? or do you still need to push a button?14:04
cjwatsonI already did14:04
knomeas i imagined, thanks14:04
cjwatsonit should publish once the cron jobs are re-enabled following the LP database server switch14:04
cjwatsonin the meantime I'm having lunch :)14:04
knomebon appetit!14:05
dobeycjwatson: did it fail again? it ran fine for the last protobuf build from slangasek14:08
davmor2tseliot: with protobuf fix in place nvidia && prime seem to be behaving again \o/ cjwatson I now have unity again too so the fix worked :)14:18
cjwatsondobey: https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Trusty/view/AutoPkgTest/job/trusty-adt-ubuntuone-storage-protocol/ARCH=amd64,label=adt/14/console - seems fairly expected given what it's running14:18
cjwatsondavmor2: cool14:18
tseliotdavmor2: excellent. What package/version is that?14:18
cjwatsondobey: I mean, run-tests is explicitly asking for the cpp backend, which protobuf no longer ships14:19
dobeycjwatson: that's a bug in protobuf (the _pb2.py are generated by protobuf-compiler)14:19
davmor2tseliot: for what sorry? Nvidia or the protobuf?14:19
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tseliotdavmor2: protobuf14:20
cjwatsondobey: how is it a bug in protobuf that ubuntuone-storage-protocol explicitly runs PROTOCOL_BUFFERS_PYTHON_IMPLEMENTATION=cpp u1trial tests ?14:20
davmor2tseliot: 1 second14:20
dobeycjwatson: it's a bug in protobuf because the protobuf generated code is trying to import something that is no longer there because slangasek removed the module from the package14:20
cjwatsondobey: and AFAICT the correct answer is not to attempt to run the tests with PROTOCOL_BUFFERS_PYTHON_IMPLEMENTATION=cpp any more, because that implementation is no longer available14:21
dobeycjwatson: running the tests with that environment variable set shouldn't cause a failure, especially if there is no cpp support14:21
cjwatsonwell, I guess slangasek can adjudicate, I was only doing a drive-by anyway *shrug*14:21
dobeycjwatson: i think we should run it, because it exposes bugs in protobuf that are a result of upstream removing a feature half-assedly :)14:22
davmor2tseliot: libprotobuf7 == 2.4.1-3ubuntu4 libprotobut8 == 2.5.0-8ubuntu1 python-protobuf == 2.5.0-8ubuntu114:23
tseliotdavmor2: ok, thanks14:23
shadeslayerpitti: ping ping14:27
shadeslayerpitti: can you map kcm-driver-manager.pot to the kubuntu-driver-manager package?14:28
pittihey shadeslayer, how are you?14:28
shadeslayeror atleast that's what https://wiki.kubuntu.org/Kubuntu/l10n asks me to do14:28
shadeslayerpitti: recovering from FOSDEM ;)14:29
pittishadeslayer: err, I can't do that kind of mapping -- the source should just build such a .pot file14:29
shadeslayeroh ... hm, documentation needs updating then14:29
pitti(the mapping is built in LP translations on import)14:29
shadeslayerI see14:30
pittishadeslayer: oh, actually it seems I ca14:30
shadeslayerheh :D14:30
pittishadeslayer: but that's really a workaround in LP; doesn't the package build a .pot?14:30
shadeslayerpitti: it does14:30
shadeslayerso if I just build a pot, it'll all work?14:31
pittiI thought that workaround was for the LP bug that exports don't contain universe14:31
pittishadeslayer: do you see it in translations.lp.net?14:31
pittibug 104855614:32
ubottubug 1048556 in Ubuntu Translations "Language pack translations export needs to add universe packages to domain map" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/104855614:32
* shadeslayer is looking14:32
pittithat's why I have a locally patched hack on macquarie (the langpack building host)14:32
* pitti taps foot, that bug is slow to load..14:33
shadeslayerall of launchpad is slow today :)14:33
pittibut it supposedly got fixed in LP, so it shouldn't be necessary any more14:33
shadeslayerpitti: so basically, I just upload my package to the archive, it'll have the pot, and then then Launchpad does the translation work and stuffs it into the package?14:34
pittishadeslayer: it seems that doesn't even exist yet?14:34
pittishadeslayer: yes, that's the usual workflow14:34
shadeslayerpitti: yep, I'm about to upload it14:34
shadeslayerlast checks14:34
pittiit should then appear on https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/trusty/+source/kubuntu-driver-manager14:35
pitti(might take a few days, AFAIK new templates still need to be manually approved in LP)14:35
shadeslayerthanks for explaining that ;)14:35
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pittishadeslayer: yw14:35
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=== freeflying is now known as freeflying_away
jdstrandtkamppeter: hey, I just filed bug #127663014:45
ubottubug 1276630 in cups-filters (Ubuntu) "cups-browsed upstart job does not load the apparmor profile for cups-browsed" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127663014:45
jdstrandtkamppeter: I attached a patch. I'm happy to upload the fix if you want14:45
roadmrdoko: hello! hey, sorry about the screwup with checkbox's build-deps :( I'm adding brendand's fix now14:45
roadmrdoko: a question though, since this applies only to ubuntu-specific packaging, would it be reasonable to version this as 0.17.4ubuntu1? (the bad version was 0.17.4)14:46
cjwatsonknome: publisher's taking annoyingly long, very cold caches I think14:55
knomecjwatson, no problem, i have time :)14:55
cjwatsonknome: mind you I think for this purpose I'd be fine with you just fishing it out of LP.  Let me score up the build so that it actually happens ...14:56
cjwatsoncompeting with KDE it seems14:57
knomecjwatson, i can fish it out of LP as well and test14:57
cjwatsonit's just building now14:58
knomeokay, that works as well ;)14:58
xnoxjdstrand: doing it old-school, or is the "apparmor load usr.sbin.cups-browsed" not good enough?14:59
xnoxjdstrand: i guess precise's upstart will reject that job and a reboot would be required... so i'll schedule switching away from profile-load post-trusty?14:59
jdstrandxnox: precise' upstart does not know about the apparmor stanza15:00
jdstrandxnox: so if it is important to have the backwards compatibility in the upstart job, then should do it old school15:01
xnoxjdstrand: right. ok.15:01
cjwatsonknome: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xubuntu-docs/12.04.2/+build/5556954 built15:04
knomecjwatson, works for me. shall i mark the bug verification-done?15:08
dokoroadmr, sure, you can do this15:08
knomecjwatson, also, will there be a respin for other things anyway before the release?15:09
roadmrdoko: cool, perfect! ok, so I'll upload the fixed version. Again, sorry for the mess-up15:09
slangasekdobey: I don't think you should be running with PROTOCOL_BUFFERS_PYTHON_IMPLEMENTATION=cpp when that implementation is no longer included; as far as I can see that's an XFAIL15:09
cjwatsonknome: yes please; hadn't planned anything else but I'm OK with respinning just for this, esp since you folks are well ahead of everyone else on testing15:09
knomecjwatson, okay, thanks again15:10
dobeyslangasek: and i don't think protobuf should be shipping internally broken code, either15:10
knomecjwatson, marked as verification-done.15:10
dobeyslangasek: transitions shouldn't generally break things like that by having internal regressions15:11
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knomecjwatson, will you request the respin when it's landed on the archive?15:12
cjwatsonyes, well, I'll *do* the respin15:13
cjwatsonbut either way15:13
knomeheh, yeah, ta :)15:13
cjwatsonthough I guess I should use the shiny webby tools15:13
knomemhm, always!15:13
knomeyou can even ping me once again when the respin is done and i'll make sure somebody other than me looks at the respun image as well15:14
tkamppeterjdstrand, thank you very much. As Debian is also using AppArmor now, I asked the Debian maintainer to upload it so that it gets into our synced package.15:15
pittitkamppeter: oh, it does? nice!15:16
cjwatsonhmm, kubuntu alternate is busted15:17
cjwatsonamd64 anyway15:17
Riddellcjwatson: for 12.04?15:18
cjwatsonyeah, complaining about lack of kernel modules15:18
cjwatsonchasing now15:18
cjwatsonit's just an out-of-date abi for some reason15:19
Riddellthanks for chasing, I'm starting on testing the live images now15:19
cjwatsonXubuntu alternate broken in the same way, not that it's on the tracker15:20
cjwatsonwhich is odd given that we released it with 12.04.315:21
cjwatsonoh, bah, I see, more seeds than I remembered15:22
knomecjwatson, probably just a mistake that.15:23
cjwatsonno, it was necessary due15:23
cjwatsonto the enablement stack differences15:23
cjwatsonpretty sure I perpetrated it15:23
cjwatsonknome: oh, wait, you mean it not being on the tracker?15:24
knomeyep, that15:25
cjwatsonyeah, I'll look into it once I've fixed the seeds15:25
cjwatsonok, hopefully that's Xubuntu alternate * active again15:31
knomecjwatson, in terms of the tracker or something else?15:31
cjwatsonrebuilding Kubuntu and Xubuntu alternate15:32
cjwatsonthe tracker15:32
deniswis there a vUDS scheduled for this month? if there is one every 3 months as originally announced, it would be time again, but haven't found anything about it when Googling15:32
cjwatson(actually I may need to do Xubuntu alternate a second time, forgot to wait for -docs)15:32
knomecjwatson, i can't see alternate enabled15:32
cjwatsonit's active, there just aren't builds filed for it yet15:33
knomeah, right, that makes it invisible. magic!15:33
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hallynok, so guidance on when -sa needs to be passed to debuild.  is that only when the .orig.tar.gz changes?15:53
davmor2tseliot: hmm suspend works great, resume not so much :D15:53
tseliotdavmor2: you might want to file a bug report and to debug it a bit to see what's going on15:54
cjwatsonhallyn: if the .orig.tar.gz changes but the top and second-from-top changelog entry have the same upstream version15:55
hallynok - so never if .orig.tar.gz doesn't change15:55
cjwatsontypically happens when merging15:55
davmor2tseliot: sure ubuntu-bug xorg or something more specific?15:56
hallyngot it, thanks15:56
tseliotdavmor2: maybe ubuntu-bug nvidia-331 or nvidia-331-updates if you're running the nvidia driver15:56
davmor2tseliot: will do15:57
cjwatsonknome: ok, that's in, respinning all the xubuntu images now16:09
cjwatsonknome: (I'm not going to be extra-strict about testing given that it's just this change, but a quick smoke-test of each one would be good)16:10
davmor2tseliot: bug #1276674  I'll grab an image and attach it now if I can.16:11
ubottubug 1276674 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-331 (Ubuntu) "Suspend works flawlessly however resume leads to a checker board screen rather that lightdm" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127667416:11
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davmor2tseliot: oh interesting logging in via tty has enabled me to get logged in again however the desktop is now checkerboard16:13
margaslangasek, I'd like to discuss a network manager bug with you, could you let me know when you are around?16:14
tseliotdavmor2: did resume use to work with nvidia?16:14
tseliotalso grr at ubuntu-bug for not attaching useful data...16:15
davmor2tseliot: no idea a friend pointed me at it, I don't normally suspend on or off for me :)  It does work on intel though16:16
tseliotdavmor2: can you reproduce the problem and generate an nvidia-bug-report file please?16:17
davmor2tseliot: yeap give me 5 minutes16:17
tseliotdavmor2: sure16:23
cjwatsonknome: argh, sorry, that respin didn't work because the mirror was locked, I'll retry in a bit16:24
davmor2tseliot: that should be added now16:26
davmor2along with an image16:27
knomecjwatson, okay16:28
tedgstgraber, Is there a way that I could run "make test" in a cgroup that had like a tenth of a CPU to emulate running on Jenkins?16:30
jdstrandtkamppeter: cool, thanks!16:32
stgrabertedg: yes, create a new cpu cgroup, echo your shell's PID in it, set cpu.shares to whatever value you want and run your test16:34
stgrabertedg: you'd have to go read the documentation for the cpu cgroup though as I'm not entirely sure of what happens on a system that's not under heavy load (as in, does the kernel grant you extra resources or not)16:34
tedgstgraber, I read that as "you need to play more counter-strike at work"  ;-)16:35
tedgstgraber, Thanks for the pointers16:35
tseliotdavmor2: it's actually the intel kernel module that fails when suspending16:36
davmor2tseliot: Yay16:36
tseliotdavmor2: so a kernel issue. Let me update the bug report.16:36
davmor2tseliot: thanks dude16:37
davmor2tseliot: hmm I also wonder if it is because I changed the mode in nvidia-settings to powersaving  I'll try it on performance and see if I get the same result16:39
davmor2I'm assuming I will16:39
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cjwatsonknome: ok, I think I've finished rebuilding now16:45
cjwatsoncdimage@nusakan:~$ zgrep xubuntu-docs cdimage/www/full/xubuntu/precise/*/current/*.{list,manifest}16:45
cjwatsoncdimage/www/full/xubuntu/precise/daily-live/current/precise-desktop-amd64.manifest:xubuntu-docs 12.04.216:45
cjwatsoncdimage/www/full/xubuntu/precise/daily-live/current/precise-desktop-i386.manifest:xubuntu-docs  12.04.216:45
knomecjwatson, yep, already confirmed the images are fine16:45
cjwatsonjust need to wait for the public mirrors to catch up with that16:45
davmor2tseliot: yeap it's the same :)16:47
tseliotdavmor2: did you get a second nvidia-bug-report file?16:48
davmor2tseliot: no but I can easily enough16:48
tseliotdavmor2: please do, and explain what you changed when you attach it16:49
davmor2tseliot: done16:54
psusiwe didn't decide to support upgrading directly from 12.10 to 13.10 since 13.04 went eol first did we?16:57
tseliotdavmor2: both reports seem to suggest that you were using the discrete card. I see no evidence of intel being used16:57
pittipsusi: that should work now; update-manager etc. have been updated recently for that16:57
infinitypsusi: We did, yes.16:58
davmor2tseliot: hmmm let me try again then on intel16:58
psusioh boy....16:58
infinitypsusi: In theory, it should all go perfectly, since we have to support 12.04->14.04, so all the right upgrade code is in place already.  Right?  Right?  *cough*16:58
davmor2tseliot: it could just be the nvidia settings app lying ;)16:59
tseliotdavmor2: I was referring to both dmesg and the X log, which usually don't lie ;)16:59
davmor2tseliot: hence saying that maybe the nvidia-setting app was :)17:00
tseliotdavmor2: ah, to you then :). But did you log out to switch between cards?17:02
davmor2tseliot: ah now it seems to be on intel correctly and isn't doing the checkerboard effect17:02
psusisigh... I was looking at bug #1276669 and wondering why it was skipping a release in the upgrade.. unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a damn thing in the logs that gives any indication *why* the upgrade failed17:02
ubottubug 1276669 in grub2 (Ubuntu) "package memtest86+ 4.20-1.1ubuntu5 failed to install/upgrade: ErrorMessage: subprocess installed post-installation script returned error exit status 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127666917:02
davmor2tseliot: is it worth grabbing another nvidia-bug-report.sh?17:03
tseliotdavmor2: after reproducing the problem, yes17:03
davmor2tseliot: I've gone through the steps but the problem isn't happening now17:03
tseliotdavmor2: then you can only reproduce it when the discrete card is enabled. You might want to update the bug report about this17:04
infinitypsusi: Could be update-grub losing its mind?17:06
infinitypsusi: Not that that's terribly helpful as to why...17:06
xnoxpsusi: infinity: i'd say that /boot is full.17:11
xnoxpsusi: infinity: given the earliear:17:11
xnoxFailed to process /etc/kernel/postinst.d at /var/lib/dpkg/info/linux-image-3.11.0-15-generic.postinst line 1010.17:11
xnoxdpkg: error processing linux-image-3.11.0-15-generic (--configure):17:11
infinityxnox: kernel/postinst.d also calls update-grub ...17:15
davmor2tseliot: thanks for the help and the bug is updated17:15
tseliotdavmor2: thanks17:15
infinitySetting up grub-pc (2.00-7ubuntu11) ...17:16
infinityInstalling new version of config file /etc/kernel/postinst.d/zz-update-grub ...17:16
infinityInstalling new version of config file /etc/kernel/postrm.d/zz-update-grub ...17:16
infinityInstallation finished. No error reported.17:16
infinityGenerating grub.cfg ...17:16
infinitydpkg: error processing grub-pc (--configure):17:16
infinityxnox, psusi: It's pretty clearly update-grub failing on that machine.  But, like I said, that doesn't answer why.17:16
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Nafallohrm. is click supposed to be running constantly on trusty desktop?18:03
Nafallowith running I mean being in cpustate running.18:03
dokomterry, https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+archive/test-rebuild-20140127/+build/5512647 (you touched it last)18:11
mterrydoko, curious.  Can put it on my todo18:12
psusiinfinity, xnox, right, but there is no output logged from update grub to indicate why...18:15
xnoxpsusi: yeah, a syslog would be helpful. (e.g. if it was out of disk space)18:17
psusixnox: or just the output from running update-grub18:19
psusiI wonder why that isn't logged in the aptterminallog18:20
Riddellcjwatson: meh kubuntu still broken for encrypted install http://people.ubuntu.com/~jr/tmp/d-i.png18:21
Riddellunencrypted is fine18:21
seb128infinity, cjwatson: Laney would like to join ~ubuntu-archive to help there, should he email the team list for that or...?18:57
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dokoroaksoax, any progress on bug #1268915 ?20:00
ubottubug 1268915 in python-dns (Ubuntu) "[MIR] pycountry and python-dns, b-d's of python-formencode" [Undecided,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126891520:00
dokojamespage, zul: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/component-mismatches-proposed.svg tells me that paste recommends mochikit20:01
zuldoko: ill have a look20:01
dokozul, and please bug #1270831 too20:02
ubottubug 1270831 in ntdb (Ubuntu Trusty) "[MIR] ntdb, build dependency of samba" [High,Incomplete] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127083120:02
zulyeah ill probably get to it tonight20:02
stgraber@pilot in20:21
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Noskcajstgraber, Could you look at lp:~noskcaj/+junk/gnome-weather ? It needs uploading for ubuntu-gnome20:23
NoskcajCan't be uploaded to debian due to use of the CC-BY-2.0 license20:24
Logan_one moment20:25
* Noskcaj leaves to get food20:28
roaksoaxdoko: i'll take care of it right now! Thank you! but if you are reviewing MIR's, crochet is there waiting for review :)20:30
stgraberNoskcaj: well, for starters this branch contains a copy of libgd which I wouldn't be happy at all to let enter the archive when we already have a packaged version of it, you also forgot to mention said library in debian/copyright20:30
Logan_Noskcaj: uscan warning: In /tmp/tmpkKu6RI no matching hrefs for version 3.10.1 in watch line20:32
Logan_  http://download.gnome.org/sources/gnome-weather/([0-9.]+)/gnome-weather-([0-9.]+)\.tar\.xz20:32
Logan_also 3.11.5 is available upstream20:32
Logan_stgraber: yeah, that should probably be stripped from the tar ball20:34
NoskcajLogan_, bzr pull then debian/rules get-orig-source20:43
Logan_there's no get-prig-source target20:44
NoskcajI just pushed the fix, bzr might not have processed it yet20:45
Noskcajnow to try and remove libgd20:45
dokochrisccoulson, https://launchpadlibrarian.net/165084902/buildlog_ubuntu-trusty-amd64.icedtea-web_1.4.2-1ubuntu1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz issue with a firefox header?20:50
Noskcajstgraber, I've deleted the libgd/ directory, still builds fine. Do i need to add a README.source or something?21:04
stgraberNoskcaj: so if it's entirely unused, it's probably not a big problem keeping it in the orig tarball, I don't think it's worth repacking the upstream tarball for that. However a note in README.source or similar that libgd/ isn't used at all is a good idea, so it doesn't freak out archive admins and security people.21:07
roaksoaxdoko: bug #1268915 is done!21:07
ubottubug 1268915 in python-dns (Ubuntu) "[MIR] pycountry and python-dns, b-d's of python-formencode" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126891521:07
roaksoaxNoskcaj: what is it that you wanted me to take care from testdrive?21:08
Noskcajstgraber, ok.21:09
Noskcajroaksoax, release 3.25, gtk3 port, python3 port21:09
roaksoaxNoskcaj: are these merged?21:09
roaksoaxNoskcaj: 3.26 is released21:10
Noskcajroaksoax, danchapman and i have both tryed to do the gtk3 port, both of us failed.21:10
Noskcajand python3 needs the gtk3 port i think21:11
roaksoaxNoskcaj: there's a port to gtk3 that needs improvement already: https://code.launchpad.net/~jbicha/testdrive/port-to-gtk3/+merge/7236921:11
Noskcajyeah, so there's three of them then21:12
Noskcajlp:~noskcaj/testdrive/gtk3 should have all the python side of things done, i just couldn't get glade to work21:13
roaksoaxNoskcaj: ok, i;ll try to take a look at it later today21:14
Noskcajstgraber, Should be all fixed. I think a libgd-dev bdep is enough21:15
dokojtaylor, pycxx tests still don't succeed :-/ what did I do wrong?21:32
jtaylordoko: looks fine? https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/view/Trusty/view/AutoPkgTest/job/trusty-adt-pycxx/21:34
dokook, maybe I did look too early21:35
ari-tczewstgraber: got time to sponsor?21:50
cjwatsonRiddell: it would help to get the installer syslog in such cases, especially with limited time left to reproduce anything ...22:05
cjwatsonNafallo: no, it's not, it's meant to run briefly to run any necessary hooks and then go away22:05
cjwatsonRiddell: (I have to go to bed soon before I just fall over)22:06
stgraber@pilot out23:48
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