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smbppisati, Hah! One time beat you to it. :)07:50
ppisatismb: my bad, these days i'm really slacking... :)08:01
smbppisati, Meh, I really had to work hard to not do the same. :)08:02
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apwxnox, most peoples don't ...09:12
xnoxapw: hipsters =)09:12
xnoxapw: in other news, why is my intel graphics / uefi boot is so flickerfull ?! also is the grub generating a "malevich black square" with "aubergine frame" for you?09:13
apwxnox, i don't think my efi boxes do that, though i can check after i have updated09:14
xnoxapw: hm.... i'll do photographs then, or maybe video cause the boot is fast.09:15
apwit cirtainly isn't intentional09:16
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xnoxargh! kernel patch spam! =)10:49
henrixxnox: just use the 'X-Extended-Stable:' header to solve that spam prob :)10:52
xnoxhenrix: if only gmail had custom header support. and i seem to fail configuring imapfilter to filter stuff inside labels =(10:54
henrixxnox: i haven't been using imapfilter for a while, but i'm pretty sure it supported that.  regarding gmail... never used ;)10:56
apwxnox, i use imapfilter against gmail labels no problem11:20
apwxnox, and i think smb uses it exclusivly11:26
smbapw, huh?11:26
* smb is not on gmail11:27
apwoh never mind then, my mixup11:32
apwsmb, https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/protobuf/+bug/127653112:08
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1276531 in protobuf (Ubuntu) "ABI regression" [Critical,Fix committed]12:08
smbapw, Thanks12:08
smbapw, Ok, I also got a desktop back. Though I had to restart lightdm once to get a version which accepts keys... Might be random fluke though. 12:19
* smb reboots that laptop again12:19
smbHm, again12:21
smbJust this time something seems to have unwedged it without restarting12:22
smbapw, Do you get something liek that?12:24
smbSeems initially not accepting keystrokes in the pw dialog box.12:25
smbBut when I open and close the reboot menu with the mouse, then the password box accepts keys suddenly (with a bit of an initial lag)12:25
seb128is there a known issue with linux-image-3.13.0-7 i386 in trusty? my laptop wlan0 (dell laptop, i5) stop being listed after today's update 12:41
smbseb128, Did you manually upgrade libprotobuf8? 12:54
seb128smb, no, I stayed away from that abi change12:54
seb128it makes compiz not start12:54
seb128smb, booting kernel -6 makes my wifi work12:54
smbYeah, we went through that12:54
smbHm, not that I know of some wifi issue. What type of wifi hw?12:55
seb128it's a dell latitude e6410 with intel card, where can I see the exact model for it?12:56
seb128[    9.465536] iwlwifi 0000:02:00.0: Detected Intel(R) Centrino(R) Advanced-N 6200 AGN, REV=0x7412:56
seb128smb, ^?12:56
smbBut I think the numbers posted should be enough12:57
seb12802:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation Centrino Advanced-N 6200 (rev 35)12:57
smbseb128, Is that from the -6 kernel? If so does it show up in dmesg with -7, too or not13:00
seb128smb, http://people.canonical.com/~seb128/kern.log13:03
seb128smb, the Feb  5 12:32 boot is with -713:04
seb128the 12:35 one with -613:04
seb128smb, I'm at a sprint but I can find an eth cable and reboot on -7 to debug more if needed13:05
smbseb128, Ok, let me read through this. 13:06
seb128smb, thanks13:10
seb128smb, seems like I'm missing linux-image-extra-3.13.0-7-generic if that makes a difference (did some partial upgrade to avoid the new libprotobuf)13:12
smbseb128, Ah, so you should really install that13:14
seb128smb, sorry for the noise, I'm going to upgrade after lunch (new protobuf should be in) and reboot and see how it goes13:15
smbseb128, ok13:15
rtgapw, do we have a bug for the CVE patch you applied ? 'x86, x32: Correct invalid use of user timespec in the kernel'14:14
rtghmm, bug #127475414:15
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1274349 in linux (Ubuntu Trusty) "duplicate for #1274754 Fix-compat_sys_recvmmsg-on-x32-archs" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/127434914:15
henrixrtg: i believe what you're looking for is bug #127434914:16
ubot2`henrix: Error: Could not gather data from Launchpad for bug #1274349 (https://launchpad.net/bugs/1274349). The error has been logged14:16
rtghenrix, ack14:16
apwbug #1274349    14:16
rtgapw, I'm fixing up the commit log for trusty14:16
apwa pox on you launchpad14:16
apwrtg, to get that one to close ?14:17
apwnot necessary, it is a CVE bug, the tracker will close it14:18
rtgapw, is it in the correct format ? it does not look like it to me14:18
apwif the cherrypicked from XXX is there it will be handled14:18
rtgah, ok14:19
apwthe cve-autotriager will see the commit sha1 and move the tracker to 'pending' and 'released <XXX>'14:19
apwand that is picked up by the kees scripting which jjohansen1 runs and that closes the bugs14:19
apwnot that putting it in there as a BugLink: is an issue, it will work just fine14:20
rtgapw, I'll push it anyways so it is easier to find the bug from the commit log14:20
rtgsforshee, can you give https://bugs.launchpad.net/intel/+bug/1265436/comments/9 a quick test ?14:22
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1265436 in intel "Saucy SRU: update firmware for 7260 / 3160 devices (Wilkins Peak) " [Undecided,New]14:22
sforsheertg: sure, let me wrap something up then I'll try it out14:23
rtgno rush14:23
apwrtg, 3.13.2 is looking like a monster14:24
rtgoh, I'm sure. 100+ ?14:24
apw140 already14:24
rtgapw, thanks for fixing my upload FTBTS by the way. I just ran out of time to figure it out.14:26
apwrtg, np, typical orig tarball carnage14:27
rtgah, that is why my test builds succeeded14:28
henrixapw: and it doesn't include all the stable patches from -rc1 ;)14:30
apwrtg, yeah, the empty kbuilds i made get lost, i've fixed it in a better way in the tip14:30
sforsheertg: that linux-firmware update was essentially a noop. The files were unchanged, and the new files aren't used by saucy's kernel.15:10
rtgsforshee, hmm, I thought it used the .8 API  - perhaps I misremembered15:11
sforsheertg: .8 is only 3.13+15:12
rtgsforshee, didn't a stable update enable the .8 API ?15:12
sforsheertg: the verification-done tag was already on the bug though, so I'm not sure if I need to do anything so the sru team will know it's been verified15:12
infinityapw: Hrm.  Now that lowlatency is in master, would it be a reasonable thing to suggest that maybe we should produce a linux-signed-image-$(ABI)-lowlatency from linux-signed?16:32
infinityapw: (And obviously push the required bits to the EFI tarball to make that possible)16:33
jsalisburyhenrix, Is there a script that builds the kernels at http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/linux-3.11.y.z-queue/ ?  Or do you do it manually?17:21
henrixjsalisbury: that's the same build scripts used to build mainline kernels17:21
henrixjsalisbury: they are built automagically17:21
jsalisburyhenrix, Do you know the name of it off hand?  I'm wondering how it handles the case of a patch not applying?  Does it just skip it, and then you have to go back and backport or skip it manually?17:22
henrixjsalisbury: i believe they are in kteam-tools, in mainline-build17:23
henrixjsalisbury: but they use the git tree directly, the scripts don't apply the patches 17:23
henrixjsalisbury: they use git://kernel.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/linux.git17:24
henrixjsalisbury: (and the corresponding -queue and -review branches)17:24
jsalisburyhenrix, ack.17:25
jsalisburyhenrix, Is there a script that updates the linux-3.11.y.z-queue branch?17:26
henrixjsalisbury: that branch is updated manually, i.e., that's where i push the patches for the next stable release17:27
henrixjsalisbury: this means that the will be what's in that branch ;)17:27
henrixjsalisbury: everything from v3.11.10.3 the HEAD in that branch will be included in the next release17:28
jsalisburyhenrix, Ahh, ok.  So that's where the heavy lifting is done ;-)  So you follow the stable mailing list and apply anything that comes in with the stable cc.17:28
henrixyep, correct :)17:28
henrixthat branch already contains everything you're looking for17:29
jsalisburyhenrix, cool, now I understand.  Thanks.17:29
henrixno prob17:29
jsalisburyhenrix, so do you actually compile a list of the patches from the stable mailing list, or do you pull in what lands in the stable-queue repo?17:31
henrixjsalisbury: i pick patches from linus tree that are tagged for stable (i.e., that contain the 'Cc: stable' on the SOB section)17:32
henrixjsalisbury: and additionally, i pick patches from the stable mailing list17:32
henrixjsalisbury: let me get you an url...17:32
jsalisburyhenrix, Ok, so the stable-queue repo(git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/linux/kernel/git/stable/stable-queue.git) is just GKH's repo for his kernels?17:33
henrixjsalisbury: yep, those the the official stable kernels17:33
jsalisburyhenrix, ok, got it.17:34
henrixjsalisbury: here's a detailed description of the process we follow for stable maintenance (in case you're bored and want to find out more :) )17:34
henrixjsalisbury: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/Dev/ExtendedStable/Maintenance17:34
jsalisburyhenrix, awesome, thanks again!17:34
henrixjsalisbury: no prob17:35
henrixjsalisbury: anyway, if you want to create saucy kernel with the patches, you just need to get them from our stable git tree (with e.g. git format-patch), and apply them on top of the latest ubuntu saucy tree17:36
henrixjsalisbury: and this is where some of them may fail to apply (e.g., they have already been included)17:36
jsalisburyhenrix, Ok, thanks for the info.  Just wanted to understand the way we do upstream stable maintenance.  The wiki you pointed to has all the details :-)17:38
henrixjsalisbury: yeah, i guess its all in there17:38
apwbjf, how would i figure our which kernel the current 2.6.32 kernel when 12.04.3 was released 17:43
bjfapw, mainifest file? don't know if that has the version #17:44
apwbjf, it seems that edubuntu doesn't use the hwe kernel17:44
rtgapw, was that a mistake or a conscious decision ?17:45
apwthey chose it deliberatly as they have a lot of h/w which is non-pae17:45
bjfapw, i'll see if i can tell17:46
apwthe manifest has 3.8 (raring lts) cause it is the master not the slave arrrgle17:47
bjfapw, so you'd have to install the .3 release of edubuntu to know what they used?17:48
apwmaybe, or someone is confused what it contains17:48
bjfi'd think stgraber would be able to tell us17:49
apwbjf, sorry yes, and he is over on #ubuntu-release 17:50
bjfapw, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/edubuntu/releases/12.04.3/release/edubuntu-12.04.3-dvd-amd64.manifest says it was raring17:50
apwyeah seems the ltps bit is shipped as a damn squashfs so you cannot tell without extracting it, win17:53
ogasawaraapw: how much to you know about apt?17:58
apwsome, whatsup17:59
ogasawaraapw: I've got a question coming from one of our support dudes, which I'm not sure I know the answer17:59
apwforward it over17:59
ogasawaraapw: ack, thanks17:59
ogasawaraapw: sent18:02
apwogasawara, got it, thanks18:10
seb128smb, I just rebooted, wifi works, so it was my fault for partial upgrading, thanks!18:43
jsalisburyapw, I see there is a linux-image-extra package for 3.13.0-6, but I don't see one with "lowlatency" in the name.  Does the lowlatency kernel not need the linux-image-extra package, or does it just use the same one as the -generic kernel?18:45
rtgjsalisbury, there is no extras package for lowlatency. 18:47
jsalisburyrtg, ok, thanks18:47
rtgjsalisbury, the extras package is for the virt server. 18:48
jsalisburyrtg, cool. 18:48
Prf_JakobWe (VMware) would like to backport some hw enablement code to the 14.04 kernel.18:54
rtgPrf_Jakob, is this code already in Linus' upstream kernel ?18:56
Prf_Jakobrtg: yeah18:56
Prf_JakobI think the wrong version tho18:56
bjfPrf_Jakob, are you looking to get it in before the 14.04 release?18:56
Prf_Jakobyou are going to use 3.13 right?18:57
rtghow about sending the list of commits to the kernel team mailing list ?18:57
Prf_JakobThat would be nice18:57
rtgyep, 3.1218:57
Prf_JakobGood to know18:57
Prf_JakobI'll let Thomas know18:57
Prf_JakobWhere is that list btw?18:58
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bjfrtg, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/6880938/ is a kern.log from a CI system that is running apparmor tests on a Trusty kernel19:38
jjohansenbjf: which kernel?19:39
bjfjjohansen, 3.13.0-7.2519:40
bjfjjohansen, the latest19:40
jjohansenbjf: okay, I believe I might have the patch for that one19:41
rtgjjohansen, 2 occurrences of apparmor="KILLED" have a stack dump right afterwards19:42
bjfjjohansen, i'm seeing errors when i run the test but not the same panic that CI is seeing   http://kernel.ubuntu.com/testing/test-results/rizzo__3.13.0-7.25__2014-02-04_22-48-00/ubuntu_qrt_apparmor/results/ubuntu_qrt_apparmor.test-apparmor.py/debug/ubuntu_qrt_apparmor.test-apparmor.py.DEBUG.html19:42
bjfpsivaa, ^19:43
jjohansenbjf: yep, this looks like bug 126872719:43
ubot2`Launchpad bug 1268727 in linux (Ubuntu Trusty) "AppArmor changehat regression in 3.13.0-2.17-generic" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/126872719:43
psivaabjf: thanks19:43
jjohansenbjf: patch incoming, its only had light testing19:44
bjfjjohansen, it's not my kernel yet :-)19:45
apwsmb, just a heads up stgraber has identified his issue as being 'test bed' related, which kinda hints at a KVM networking issue ... which sounds ominious19:48
apwrtg, if you are gonna flip that config over for the lts-backport-raring, there is some machinary we use in lowlatency for that19:57
apwsmb, heads down, stgraber has found his issue a local MTU issue on his kvm host19:58
rtgapw, what are you talking about ? that config option was for trusty20:00
rtgthe AA config option, I assume20:00
apwrtg, i assume it becoming an option so you can turn it on on trusty and off on lts-trusty20:01
rtgapw, yep, already done20:01
rtgapw, I am gonna upload trusty to fix an AA oops in CI testing. no ABI bump this time.20:27
apwrtg, ack20:29
apwrtg, these config updates you are doing CONFIG_FOO=n ought to not work, it ought to be putting in # CONFIG_FOO is not set20:29
rtgapw, which one in particular ?20:30
apwrtg, all of the ones in the rebase script for lts-raring20:30
rtgapw, no, which config ?20:30
apwin the scripty bit where you switch them from y to n, you just make =y into =n, but the format is # XXX is not set for =n20:31
apwand the similar ones above20:31
rtgapw, doh! - you're right. I wouldn't have noticed that until this next rebase.20:32
rtgapw, actually, that will work when going from =y to =n 'cause updateconfigs is run right after that20:32
apwwell only if there is a default and it don't then ask, as your =n ought to do nothing, ie be invisible20:33
apwi wish =n did work, it would make most of my scripting simpler20:33
rtgupdateconfigs always rewrites it as '# CONFIG_FOO is not set'20:33
apwrtg, i am not sure it does make =n -> not set, i believe it makes as if you have no setting at all20:39
apwrtg, which may mean it defaults to n or not20:39
rtgapw, I'll check for sure20:40
infinityzequence: Will you have a chance to do a quick lowlatency/saucy rebase to pick up the latest changes there?21:23
zequenceinfinity: Sure. I'll look at it first thing tomorrow21:35
infinityzequence: Cool, thanks.21:36
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