NoskcajLogan_, any chance you could review something for me?00:24
NoskcajIt's needed for ubuntu-gnome00:24
Logan_Noskcaj: why not Debian?00:47
NoskcajLogan_, Debian won't take stuff with CC-BY-2.0 licenses02:50
Logan_Noskcaj: what have other MOTUs' responses been?03:04
Logan_and can I see the discussion in Debian about the license?03:04
Logan_since it seems to be maintained in a Debian repository03:04
NoskcajI've not contacted other MOTUs yet, but debian and the ubuntu-gnome head dev suggested this way/03:05
Noskcajhttps://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=703150 is upstream bug03:07
ubottuGnome bug 703150 in general "Please relicense art to CC-BY-SA 3.0" [Normal,Unconfirmed]03:07
NoskcajCould someone please review lp:~noskcaj/+junk/gnome-weather06:13
darkxstanyone able to upload lp:~noskcaj/+junk/gnome-weather to trusty NEW?08:29
darkxstits a sync from debian SVN, but can't go into debian due to CC-BY licensed artwork08:30
geserdoes Ubuntu accept this license?08:52
geserany reason why you didn't preserve the debian changelog? (or didn't exist any?)08:53
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darkxstgeser, plenty of CC-BY stuff in ubuntu09:33
darkxstthere was a changelog for 3.8, no idea why Noskcaj didnt include that09:34
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mitya57darkxst: plenty of CC-BY *2.0* licensed stuff?09:48
* mitya57 wonders if optimization done by pkgbinarymangler is a derived/collective work09:51
darkxstmitya57, ok, don't know about plenty, but have definitely seen some in universe09:52
mitya57Can that artwork be just patched out?09:53
darkxstmitya57, its weather icons, app is nothing without them!09:53
mitya57OK, as a short term solution I think it's fine to have these in Ubuntu.09:59
mitya57I will maybe upload it in the evening, if noone else does that before me.09:59
mitya57By the way you really should use the sponsoring queue :)10:01
darkxstmitya57, I only have really limited upload rights, just desktop-extras10:01
mitya57But you still can file a bug and subscribe ubuntu-sponsors...10:02
darkxstwhere exactly would one file a bug on a non-existent package though?10:03
mitya57Against "ubuntu" project.10:04
geserdarkxst: against Ubuntu, like all the RFP lingering there10:04
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mitya57Noskcaj, darkxst: uploaded11:46
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ESphynxhey guys, is there a way by now to mark a build-dependency as optional?19:38
jtayloryou shouldn'T do that19:39
jtaylorbuilds should be reproducable, optional dependencies would negate that19:39
ESphynxin an ideal world upx-ucl would be available on arm and not break my builds :P19:39
jtaylorit is only used for bootstraping for staged builds19:39
ESphynxjtaylor: I would like optiona if it exists at all on the platform.19:39
jtayloryou can remove arches from build depends19:39
ESphynxbut gotta do that one by one and that's annoying as heck19:40
jtayloryou can also list the ones it works on I think19:40
ESphynxso how would I add that19:40
ESphynxupx-ucl [!ppc64el] [!arm64],   ?19:41
jtaylorif it never built on an arch just don'T care19:42
jtaylorit doesn'T harm migration19:42
jtaylor[!ppc64el !arm64] I think19:43
ESphynxit built before on arm64 and on powerpc19:43
jtaylorsee gcc source that should have a few examples19:43
ESphynxnot sure how ppc64el is related19:43
ESphynxah, no it never built on arm64 that's new19:44
ESphynxstill, I'd like the opportunity to have the build attempted so I can fix any problems19:44
ESphynxour project is a cross-platform SDK after all so it has to be as portable as possible ;)19:45
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ESphynxthanks jtaylor :P20:02
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